Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden Tied in National Poll of Democrat Likely Voters…

The DNC Club, and specifically the super-delegates who hold ultimate power, have been very smart in how they are playing out the final DNC candidate for the 2020 presidential race.   While the polling shows a dead heat; if you ask the club voters if Joe Biden will be their candidate, a much bigger majority admit he will not.

Interestingly, the vast majority of Bernie Sanders supporters, including those who are admittedly in the never-biden camp, would welcome Andrew Cuomo as the alternative.

The objective, as it first appeared to become clear, was/is to position NY Governor Andrew Cuomo as the reluctant ‘consensus’ nominee.  A candidate maneuvered by necessity into position; a radical departure from the traditionally controlled voting system within the club; but not really as radical as one might think considering private club rules.

RASSUSSEN – […] The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 46% of Likely Democratic Voters still believe Biden would make a better presidential candidate for their party this fall. But just as many (45%) opt for Cuomo instead, even though he isn’t even in the race. Nine percent (9%) are undecided.

Among all likely voters, it’s Biden 38%, Cuomo 38%, with 24% not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Fifty-three percent (53%) have a favorable opinion of Cuomo, who has been in the news battling the coronavirus’ devastating hit on New York State. Just 33% view him unfavorably. This includes 25% with a Very Favorable opinion and 14% with a Very Unfavorable one. Another 14% don’t know enough about Cuomo to venture any kind of opinion of him.

As recently as August 2018, just 29% of voters shared a favorable opinion of the New York governor. Sixty-seven percent (67%) disagreed with Cuomo’s comment at the time that “we’re not going to make American great again. It was never that great.” (read more)

If Andrew Cuomo doesn’t exit the DNC convention (however it is held or handled) as the consensus nominee… well, I’ll eat a rice cake.

The ‘good cop bad cop’ routine with NY City Mayor Bill deBlasio just seemed a little too scripted… Then the framework of a usefully constructed contrast narrative started to become clear… Then, as if on cue, all national broadcasts started being interrupted for maximum exposure; again a little odd.

A deep, very deep, connection to Bloomberg reappeared as a little flashing light in the corner of the picture… Then the Murdoch’s started to shape the landscape; curiosity piqued… Followed by positioning that seems a little too centrally located in the political sphere.. Then Hannity and Bannon started singing his praises.  Well, Bannon doesn’t exactly have a good track record of judgement… I digress.  But it really wasn’t until the CIA started publishing their endorsement that things possibly started making sense.

It would take the construct, at least the optics of, a reluctantly drafted candidate to pull it off. Then again, what is all this – if not that.  Watch Cuomo’s eyes:


Notice how the graphics appearing on the screen are timed to prompt the oration; and all of it is targeting heart message, emotion over logic.

There is a teleprompter directly in front of and below Cuomo so he can reference the graphics as he gives his press remarks. You can see him checking the monitor for the next prompt. This is all rehearsed. Everything about this is a production.

A prepared script, graphics with points of emphasis, along with national media interrupting all broadcasts to run these messages, this draft nomination effort is brilliantly designed.

Meanwhile, voters in Ohio, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, California and Michigan are wondering why they are watching a New York governor presser every day on their televisions.

You have to admit these are brilliant political operations.

Andrew Cuomo cannot hint he would be open to such a convention possibility because the democrat voters, who don’t understand private political club rules, may suddenly realize their precious “democracy”, vis-a-vis an election process, is really not what they think…

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250 Responses to Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden Tied in National Poll of Democrat Likely Voters…

  1. Sammy Hains says:

    This is why they want Bernie out of the race.
    The DNC even has Bernie’s own advisers telling him to drop out now.

    The DNC needs Bernie out of the race so that they can force Biden out AFTER he has reached a majority of delegates.

    Bernie is an obstacle to their plan. Even more critically, if Bernie stays in until the convention, then it complicates replacing Biden with someone who isn’t even running (Cuomo). With Sanders still in the race and with a large reservoir of delegates, himself, he would be the logical, obvious nominee, rather than some dark horse with zero delegates of his own.

    But if Bernie drops out, as they are pressuring him to, then when it comes time to replace Biden, Bernie will be out of contention and thus not considered. The DNC will have a convenient excuse for screwing Bernie again: “he dropped out.”

    Bernie surely must understand all of this, which is why hopefully he will be going the distance.


    • Sammy Hains says:

      There is one other thing to consider, regarding Bernie Sanders as the Democrat nominee.

      If, come November, the US has 25% or 30% unemployment because of the Coronavirus shutdown, a socialist who is promising Universal Basic Income and Universal Healthcare, and free everything else, could appear quite attractive to voters. Unlike Biden or even Cuomo, Sanders could prove to be a real existential threat to our Republic in such drastic times.

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  2. Tulips Moran (@tulipsmoran) says:

    Cuomo’s candidacy is just an added benefit to the false flag CCP flu. Although China executed their population reduction plan, globalists and deep state piggybacked on the crisis to execute debt resets and transition to digital global currency. Cuomo’s theatric responses to Trump’s Fed assistance were clearly soundbites to appear in campaign ads. The discovery early last week of 4,000 ventilators stored in an Edison NJ warehouse leased by State of NY while Cuomo was assaulting Trump’s handling of the CCP flu FF was confirmation of Cuomo’s candidacy. Hopefully PDJT is executing his agenda behind the scenes that not only will foil the globalist/deep state objectives but will usher in a nationalized currency, claim that our Fed debt is an odious debt and will not be paid, numerous foreign policy changes will be made and America will re-emerge as a federated republic once again with rule of law and hopefully prosecutions of the criminals involved in this ongoing silent coup d’ etat.


  3. SueR says:

    So, we have an older white guy who says America was never that great and an even older white guy who wants to turn the country into Venezuela (but he’s put his campaign on hold waiting for a buyout) and a third older white guy who is way past his sell-by date. So says the party of diversity and tolerance. What a winning strategy.


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