The Chosen One Rises…

The ‘good cop bad cop’ routine with deBlasio just seemed a little too scripted… Then the framework of a usefully constructed contrast narrative started to become clear… Then, as if on cue, all national broadcasts started being interrupted for maximum exposure; again a little odd.

A deep, very deep, connection to Bloomberg reappeared as a little flashing light in the corner of the picture… Then the Murdoch’s started to shape the landscape; curiosity piqued… Followed by positioning that seems a little too centrally located in the political sphere.. Then Hannity and Bannon started singing his praises.  Well, Bannon doesn’t exactly have a good track record of judgement… I digress.  But it really wasn’t until the CIA started publishing their endorsement that things possibly started making sense. WATCH:


Are they positioning NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to exit the DNC convention as the consensus nominee; the chosen one?  It would take the construct, at least the optics of, a reluctantly drafted candidate to pull it off.  Then again, what is all this – if not that.

Think that’s crazy?…. Let’s keep watching.

After all, we have to admire any opposition strategy so Machiavellian as to create an outcome where President Donald Trump would voluntarily dismantle the U.S. economy after being painted into a corner by some of the most effective narrative engineering ever witnessed.

Add a large dose of “six ways to Sunday” with a heaping pile of Clintonian revenge, and one could almost bring themselves to a place where all this starts to come together.

Nah,… that’s crazy talk.




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777 Responses to The Chosen One Rises…

  1. NY Post, Aug. 2019: “The Cuomo administration pumped $750 million into building the solar factory, part of his controversial “Buffalo Billion” program to revise the upstate economy. With just 750 jobs created at the plant that would come to $1 million to create each job. Even when factoring in thousands of other jobs created by Tesla, the subsidy would still be well into six figures per job.
    The project was tarnished from the get-go after becoming embroiled in a massive federal bid-rigging scandal that led to the downfall of top Cuomo advisers and donor-contractors.
    Louis Ciminelli, president of LPCiminelli, and Alain Kaloyeros, head of a state-affiliated development corporation and considered a “rock star” in the Cuomo administration, were convicted on bid-rigging charges for their roles in the awarding of the contract to develop the $750 million facility to house Tesla’s solar panel manufacturing facility.”

    This Kickback Cabal is what Coumo spent the money on instead of ventilators. He did, however, establish a color-coded rationing system to assign a value to each patient’s life. No wonder he wants President Trump to own his bad decisions

    Maybe his Fox fluffer Paul Ryan could do some reporting on this for a change..

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  2. dufrst says:

    I think Cuomo is the “break this in case” scenario for Dems. I do not think he’s the first resort or has always been the person to be the nominee. I think they want Biden, but if Biden cannot go because of his mental state or health, then Cuomo is a leading contender at the convention for sure.

    But Cuomo has very low name identity and he’s from New York. He inherently has great flaws as a Dem nominee and it was why he declined to run for president to begin with, even though there were 20 candidates initially in the field.

    With that said, I definitely see Cuomo positioning himself for 2024 with his leadership here. I actually applaud him for how he’s working with the President. It harkens back to the partnership that Giuliani and Bush had after 9-11. I just see two New Yorkers coming together to save NYC.

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  3. PVCDroid says:

    I read the comments on a semi positive Trump article from The Hill yesterday and was stunned at the negative comments. I’m beginning to think there are many paid trolls out there trying to take down Trump. It doesn’t make sense.

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  4. jay says:

    Cuomo is just another communist a** kissing RAT. In 2015, he was singing praises to the Castro Brothers.
    Cuomo talks good, sounds compassionate and ‘presidential’ but he devotedly plays for the 🐀 team. Period. Everyone, please keep your RAT radars functioning properly. Let’s not let this hiccup in time blur what we know to be true: “The only good communist is a dead communist.”

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    • Signreader says:

      As a matter of look at Italy by getting on CCP Belt & Road Initiative they have screwed the country big time w/ CCP virus!
      Cuomo has affinity w/ Commies!


  5. The_Ace says:

    This contagion will prove to be the solidifying factor in Trump’s reelection in November. He will have proven to the American people that his abilities extend beyond economic expertise. This was another blunder that Trump turns around and takes control of. All Trump’s public talk about the malaria drug and the media’s attempts to spread even more fear in this regard – is a battle between those that want this outbreak to last as long as possible and Trump who wants it ended quickly. Trump’s winning that one handily.

    The virus danger ends well before November and so does the election. Cuomo. Psh!

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    • efilnikcufecin101 says:

      God guides our POTUS therefore everything he does will prosper. Weapons may be formed against him, but none will prevail, Our God will Never Fail.
      KAG Trump2020!!
      America Bless God and God bless America!

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  6. trapper says:

    Gotta get this below the fold. This will be the kill shot on Cuomo’s presidential hopes.

    As governor Cuomo refused to buy the recommended 16,000 ventilators he was told to buy in 2015. Instead he opted for triage officers to ration ventilators, death lotteries to determine who gets one in case of a pandemic.

    The hypocrisy of these people is breathtaking. They are monsters. Cuomo is a monster.

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  7. glissmeister says:

    Well done, SD. Another compelling synthesis of fresh thinking.

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  8. WSB says:

    OMG!!!! Bill ‘Warren Wilhelm Jr.’ DeBlasio is now primarying Cuomo for VP candidate at the subsequently cancelled DNC Convention!!!!!!

    DeBlasio spoke to…wait for it…Fauci!!!!!

    On Fox News now!

    He is now going Through emergency numbers in SPANISH!


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  9. sundance says:

    He will lead the way…. WATCH

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  10. fred5678 says:

    I have been betting on Terry McAuliffe coming to the rescue — maybe still as VP ??

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  11. harleyd says:

    It looks like the “Big Ugly” is here.

    It’s just not the “Big Ugly” we expected.

    Until further notice, I’ll assume the virus is real and we should take it seriously. Just like many other geographically sourced viruses that we struggled through.

    Much of this world is “sub human”. Mainland China leads the list. We must point out where these diseases come from to support border control. Not identifying the geographic source implies it came from Mars, which is what the open borders crowd wants.

    The hysteria is now the risk to PDJT and is driven by the media and the Deep State. It is:

    – basically destroying the PDJT economy
    – and taking away PDJT’s best reelection platform

    Gov. Cuomo is positioning himself as the “voice of reason” savior. The Dems know Biden is incapable of running. He did his job to destroy Bernie and will now be quickly “retired”. He and his family’s payoff is to skate with respect to Ukraine and China.

    PDJT is surrounded by a few really good people and a lot of people with Deep State agendas. Start with “Dr. Faucci”.

    I pray for PDJT. He is basically a warrior alone.


  12. HellInAHandbasket says:

    Does anyone know that Dr. Fauci is a YUGE EvilTwatHillary Clinton fan…?
    Here’s the search results from WikiLeaks, search criteria I used:
    Anthony S. Fauci MD NIH NIAID

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  13. Beau Geste says:

    A cuomo-newsom ticket? (both have ‘been nice’ to PDJT lately)
    with hillary as secretary of state to collect all the kickbacks again.
    and obama to replace ginsberg on the supreme court
    and loretta lynch back as AG to discuss grandchildren with kickback receivers and lobbyist-‘donors’


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    • harleyd says:

      Interesting speculation.

      But they need a woman and/or a minority on the ticket. And stupid and patronizing doesn’t qualify as a minority position in the Democrat party.

      And Obama will never take a Supreme Court position. He would actually have to show up regularly and do something. This would get in the way of him and the Mooch traveling around the world on someone else’s dime.

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    • All Too Much says:

      Newsom’s west coast ratings have never been higher than right now.
      He’s the take action, reassuring, father figure, being lapped up by media and the last wing sheeple. Newsom is giving Trump high marks on an almost daily basis, and projecting a moderate stance to voters. This is the moment Team Newsom has dreamed about.
      Newsom is being groomed to run for POTUS. He has a team dedicated to that, and only to that purpose. Not a lot of secrets from those close to the administration.

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      • swissik says:

        His ratings are low with my family and we live here (Silicon Valley). He doesn’t need to be groomed as his purpose when entering politics always was to become president of the US. He is truly as slimy as they come, some years ago made a lot of money buying a string of liquor stores with an interest free loan from the Getty family. IMO he is absolutely the worst governor this state has had since I can remember and memory goes back to the late fifties. But Newsom has his admirers. For a supposedly highly educated population, as we are always told, it sure makes no sense when one looks at what and who people vote for.

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  14. Jeffrey Webb says:

    The first news conference he did and was not bing an asshole, I knew something was up. He has to have a very good reason to not be an asshole. God help us if he eve gets elected POTUS

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  15. All Too Much says:

    Cuomo’s drug trial is happening only because of Trump’s highlighting the Q/Zpack combination at the daily task force briefings. Trump’s role is a talking point for the media. … … … Oh, maybe not.

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    • WSB says:

      This is a question…what if suddenly these drugs ‘kill’ people?

      Just watching these two pressers today has been surreal. I understand PT is having a presser at 5. Should be interesting!


      • Beau Geste says:

        What if chloroquine and Cepharanthine pills or other ACE2-blockers are given to all health care providers who do not have contraindicting conditions, and then to all older citizens, and than to all americans for a couple weeks? (crooked congresscrooks excluded)
        If this is even partially effective, in synergy with the ‘social distancing’, the transmission rate would be slowed dramatically (Transmission rate Ro is much less because of interference with ACE2 entry into lung and otehr epithelial cells). A slowed, and less-virulent infection will provide antibody immunity so that Ro goes even lower.
        The side effects and contraindications are few, and very well known, and can be avoided. One side effect is that Cepharanthine increases hair growth, which could adversely affect the Urlacher-hair-transplant advertisement industry…)

        Why is fauci blocking this? He KNOWS that chloroquine and Cepharanthine have decades of use without ‘killing people”? Perhaps because they are very cheap, ‘off-patent’ drugs which would not make billion$ for Big Pharma? Maybe if he read some of the published scientific work, instead of writing disgusting love letters to hillary clinton, he would not call scientific studies and data “anecdotal”. Maybe if he even only read the title of scientific work?:
        Vincent MJ et al, “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread”, Virol J. 2005 Aug 22;2:69.

        Maybe fauci could learn about how much “clinically approved” drugs “kill people”, because this has already been determined as part of the approval process and LONG HISTORICAL USE:
        HH Fan et al, “Repurposing of clinically approved drugs for treatment of coronavirus disease 2019 in a 2019-novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) related coronavirus model”, Chin Med J (Engl). 2020 Mar 6. doi: 10.1097/CM9.0000000000000797. [Epub ahead of print]

        Something is wrong with this fauci guy saying he is just for science (and PDJT is only a ‘layman’) when he ignores science.

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      • skaebne says:

        Chloroquine is pretty toxic, and it’s given in very high doses — something like 500mg. It has nasty side effects like detached retinas and hemolytic anemia — so your speculation isn’t so far-fetched.
        However, I read the French paper, and if I understood the protocol correctly, the clinical dose was 900µg — you’d get that in a glass of tonic water. I may have misunderstood the context for that number, but the mechanism for killing the virus is fundamentally different than for a protozoan, so maybe the clinical dose isn’t so toxic.

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  16. efilnikcufecin101 says:

    God’s got this.

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  17. harleyd says:

    Here’s a fun fact.

    I just saw a Fox talking head interviewing one “Jim Steyer”. He looked like he could be the twin of “Tom Steyer”. Hmmm.

    He was touting the emerging industry of distance and stay at home learning, and the internet based companies that support that industry. He was a very happy guy. Just drooling over the opportunity to tell the masses that there was a new, emerging investment opportunity.

    He thought there was a wonderful opportunity to reinvent the way children learn. In effect, the virus was creating new business opportunities that deserved investor and government support.

    Too cute by half. Remember Solyndra. Here comes the progressive money seeking to capitalize on a health crisis.

    The Fox interviewer was not up to the task. Did not ask one meaningful question about who owned these companies, who would profit from their growth, etc.

    We are being played. When will we realize?

    PS: Sounds familiar. The lovely Senator from Georgia, to her great surprise, reported that her “blind trust” sold a lot of travel and leisure stocks before the virus crisis was widely known (despite the “heads up” she reportedly got confidentially), and (drum roll please) that same blind trust reportedly just magically reinvested some of those proceeds in emerging internet learning and communications companies. If you think that’s just a coincidence, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

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    • itsahoaxfolks says:

      Interesting… it’s as if these swamp creatures had a script already rehearsed just waiting for the show, and we are the ones being played.

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  18. oldersoul says:

    It’s a big TV extravaganza at the moment. But we are way too far into the primaries for the DNC to just hand this to Cuomo now. Too many delegates have already been parceled out by the voters.

    Certainly not as the top of the ticket. Not without a single voter-designated delegate involved. He’s not even a declared candidate. That’s a bridge too far, even for today’s totalitarian DNC. And that’s a guaranteed general election blow out if there ever was one.

    No, it still looks like Biden, propped up, juiced up, and nursed up as a mere figurehead. A hood ornament candidate for the DNC Bus. It’s a ’44 FDR play all the way now.

    Remember, Bloomberg spent nearly a Billion on TV, and look where it got him.

    But perhaps Cuomo works as a laboring oar VP on Biden’s ticket. THAT makes far more sense.


  19. atomichillbilly says:

    Curiously, the death toll doesn’t seem to match the response….

    It’s all based on actions started in China, amplified by globalist holdouts in the bureaucracies and bolstered by pro china propagandists in the media.

    Maybe we’re all getting played by the globalist establishment?

    Would they go so far just to maintain control?


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