More Dr. Fauci Nonsense: Social Distancing (Lock-down) Will Continue Until New Coronavirus Cases Cease….

….Sometimes within a 24 hour period Fauci will make a statement, then contradict the initial assertion, then attempt to cloud his own conflict with obtuse and wordy explanations…

CTH noted yesterday that Dr. Fauci was once again talking nonsense on a level that is almost incredible; but we needed to see it in the official transcript to be certain.

During the coronavirus briefing on Wednesday April 1st, Dr. Fauci stated -and no media challenged him- that CDC guidelines for “stay-at-home” directives would remain in place until all new cases ceased, & deaths were no longer happening.  This could take years.

[Transcript (emphasis mine)]  – Q Thanks, Mr. President. A question for Dr. Fauci. Looking beyond, when we’re on the other side of this curve, are we looking at living with some sort of social distancing guidelines essentially until there’s treatment or a vaccine? For example, people looking forward to the summer talk about, you know, going to baseball games, going to concerts. We have political conventions over the summer. Are things like that possible or safe without a vaccine or a treatment in place?

DR. FAUCI: Yeah, I think if we get to the part of the curve that Dr. Birx showed yesterday when it goes down to essentially no new cases, no deaths at a period of time, I think it makes sense that you’re going to have to relax social distancing.

The one thing we hopefully would have in place, and I believe we will have in place, is a much more robust system to be able to identify someone who’s infected, isolate them, and then do contact tracing. Because if you have a really good program of containment that prevents you from ever having to get into mitigation — we’re in mitigation right now. That’s what the social and physical distancing is.

The ultimate — the ultimate solution to a virus that might keep coming back would be a vaccine. In fact, I was on the weekly conference call with the WHO-sponsored group of all the health leaders in the world who are dealing with this. And we all came to the agreement that we may have cycling with another season. We’ll be much better prepared. We likely will have interventions. But the ultimate game changer in this will be a vaccine, the same way a vaccine for other diseases, that were scourges in the past, that now we don’t even worry.

THE PRESIDENT: And, Tony, how are they — how are they doing with the vaccines, Tony?

DR. FAUCI: I mean, the vaccine is — is, as I said, it’s on target. We’re still in phase one. There were three doses that we had to test. We’ve been through the first two doses. We’re on the highest dose now.

When we get that data — it’ll take a few months to get the data to feel confident to go to the phase two. And then a few months from now, we’ll be in phase two. And I think we’re right on target for the year to a year and a half. (End Transcript)

Setting aside that Fauci loves him some vaccines… (along with Bill Gates)…  the fact Fauci would advocate for social distancing until new cases of COVID-19 are no longer happening is essentially keeping the country locked down for many months, possibly years.

That is just nuts….  However, that type of over-the-top gibberish is identical to other statements made by Fauci during this crisis which we first noted on March 17th.

There’s been a debate about possible political motives surrounding the panic he has created; the massive economic damage he has inflicted; and the conflicting assertions of National Institute of Allergy and Infections Diseases (NIAID) Director Dr. Anthony Fauci.

CTH identifies the motives as sketchy. He appears to use his position to advance theories and yet position himself to avoid scrutiny.

Sometimes within a 24 hour period Fauci will make a statement, then contradict the initial assertion, then attempt to cloud his own conflict with obtuse and wordy explanations. After watching for several weeks, we called it out HERE.

Perhaps one way to help see through the professional obfuscation, and identify just exactly how political Dr. Fauci is, would be to: compare and contrast Dr. Fauci under President Obama in September 2009 after 3,000 to 4,000 H1N1 deaths in the USA -vs- Dr. Fauci under President Trump in March 2020 after 200 to 300 COVID-19 deaths. WATCH:


Now, to better absorb the information…. According to the CDC final estimate of 2009 U.S. H1N1 cases (published in 2011): from April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010 approximately 60.8 million U.S. cases, 274,304 U.S. hospitalizations, and 12,469 U.S. deaths occurred due to H1N1. That’s the empirical data.

After: (1) watching that 2009 video; and (2) comparing the 2009 H1N1 response to the current 2020 COVID-19 response; and (3) reviewing the empirical data; we must admit to ourselves there is a VERY BIG difference. So now, with the baseline established, we look for why such a big difference; and to do that we (4) evaluate the politics:


A few months later:


Now, pause for a moment – reread that again – don’t skip past it. Think about what type of mindset would send such a letter and communication. Apply common sense. Trust your instincts…

Would a person of reasonable disposition send such a letter or email to anyone in their professional network? Would you ever consider writing a letter to your employer, or the family of your employer, declaring your undying love and devotion toward them?

“rarely does a speech bring me to tears”?… “please tell her I love her more than ever”?.. “please tell her that we all love her”… etc.

Seriously…. think about it. If you have ever engaged in a large system, large business, or large network of professionals, how would you react to a person inside that organization who was sending such non-professional communication? What exactly does that say about the emotional stability of such a person?

And this person, right now, with this inherent sensibility, has the most consequential and direct influence over the decision-making for the worlds most powerful nation. Stunning.

Now reconsider:

The concept of “flattening” the virus curve; the presumptive reason for social distancing and shutting down the U.S. economy; is based on a theory to extend the spread of COVID-19 to a lesser incident rate over a longer duration, thereby lessening the burden on the U.S. healthcare system. Hence, ‘flatten’ the spike in infections.

Put another way: “Flattening” means the same number of people eventually contract the virus, only they do so over a longer period of time, and the healthcare system can treat everyone because the numbers do not rise to level where the system is overloaded. In theory that seems to make sense.

However, no-one is asking: what is the current stress level on the healthcare system right now? Where are we in that capacity?… and what is normal capacity level during a high-level flu outbreak?… and Where are we when compared against that baseline?

♦ Remember in 2009 there were over 61 million cases of H1N1, more than 274,000 hospitalizations and 12,469 additional deaths specifically attributed to that strain of flu virus in the U.S. [DATA HERE]

The premise to extend the virus duration in an effort to lower the infection rate and spread the virus over a longer period of time needs to measured against: (a) where the healthcare system is at any given moment; and (b) under traditional high-flu seasons where are we during those historic events.

STRESS LEVEL – The healthcare ‘system’ per se, is expending an awful lot of time on mitigation efforts. As Dr. Birx noted: the current negative test rate for coronavirus among those showing symptoms who are tested is 94 to 98 percent. That means of all the people taking coronavirus tests, 94/98 out of 100 are symptomatic (they are sick) but they are not infected with coronavirus. They are normal flu cases.

Our healthcare “system” is expending an incredible amount of resources on a mitigation effort. According to Dr. Birx and the current U.S. test results, 94 to 98 percent of those mitigation efforts are not engaging with coronavirus. They are dealing with regular flu (perhaps a strong flu).

If you extract the mitigation effort from the overall effort, the current stress level on the healthcare system doesn’t seem to be overwhelming. What is stressing the system is a coronavirus mitigation effort with a rate of 94 to 98 percent testing negative.

Dr. Fauci’s theory is self-fulfilling.

If the viral spread never exceeds the capacity of the healthcare system to deal with it, he can claim success. Look, our flattened curve worked.

However, when contrast against flu outbreaks, no-one knows what the COVID-19 capacity threshold is within the healthcare system. There’s no way to disprove Fauci’s theory.

Given the nature of the baseline for overall U.S. sanitation and hygiene, which is significantly higher than Italy, S-Korea and China; and given the higher standards of food safety (U.S. is the world leader); again significantly higher than Italy, S-Korea and China; and given the nature of the U.S. healthcare system (more capacity per person); is it really a fair comparison to overlay a COVID-19 outbreak, without also overlaying a traditional flu outbreak?

♦ Remember in 2009 there were over 61 million cases of H1N1, more than 274,000 hospitalizations and 12,469 additional deaths specifically attributed to that strain of flu virus in the U.S. [DATA HERE]

We did not shut down the U.S. economy in 2009.  Any theory that cannot be scientifically tested; and is simultaneously self-fulfilling; is, by its nature, a false theory.

This is not to say that Dr. Anthony Fauci is intentionally misleading anyone; however, it is absolutely true that no-one will be able to quantify if trillions of dollars of economic wealth lost; and trillions more in economic activity lost; and trillions more in deficit spending; and that might all be done just to follow the fantastical whims of a doctor who is directing the mitigation of an ordinary flu-virus/season, and appears to be quite full of his own sense of self-importance.

You decide….

I think I already have.  WATCH:

Yeah, it can’t be because those states have residents that are socially distant from their immediate neighbors already…. and living far apart from each other…  No, not that.

According to the Fauci logic every state must be treated under the same directive that applies to a highly dense population like New York City… or something.

Somebody get this guy away from national public policy; he’s destroying the economy, and it looks to me like Dr. Fauci-Mengele is doing it intentionally.

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646 Responses to More Dr. Fauci Nonsense: Social Distancing (Lock-down) Will Continue Until New Coronavirus Cases Cease….

  1. freepetta says:

    Senile Hillary lover

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  2. sundance says:

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    • lieutenantm says:

      I suppose Trump is showcasing him to show us his [Fauci’s] incompetence, but HELL YES. HE NEEDS TO GO

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      • Zack says:

        If not, hope someone can convince Trump soon.

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      • 4sure says:

        Well, if POTUS Trump is showcasing Herr Fauchi to show us his incompetence, it’s time to stop the show.

        I figured this idiot was incompetent the first time he started talking about how many Americans would die from the chi com virus and poo pooed any cure already available that POTUS Trump talked about. He crashed the stock MIT.
        every time he talked. The stock MIT. trades on the future, and Herr Fauchi was painting the future as doomsday.

        He was dead set against any inexpensive drug already available as a cure. His cure was some vaccine that would have to go through 47 stages of clinical trials and might be available in a few years. He has never been anything except doom and gloom based on some BS model.

        Get him out!! And take his coat!


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      • Your Royal Highness says:

        Yes…but at what cost?!!


      • Den says:

        Trump needs to bring in a scientist with the credentials of Peter Navarro to oversee Fauci. That pontificating BS would stop in a heartbeat. Did you see how Navarro has taken command of the situation and how he handled those reporters the other day. He was so far ahead of them in his explanations they didn’t know whether they were afoot or horseback when he was done with them.

        We need a Peter Navarro type virologist of scientist running the show. There must be someone out there in the private sector that can clean up this mess. Trump can surely come up with an individual that has more experience than this pontificating bureaucrat.

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    • California Joe says:

      61,000 Americans died last winter from the common flu at the rate of 10,000 to 15,000 a month. Where was Dr. Fauci and his plan to save America then???

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      • bertdilbert says:

        My sense is this is going to be over in 2 to 3 weeks max. It is going to be politically untenable to continue this shut down path. I feel it in the air….

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        • I’ m not sure Pres Trump.could or would override Democrat Governors .
          T he Governors have the country shutdown.
          The Democrats will fight reopening with their media allies.
          They intend to destroy America.
          I think the only hope is for the drug trials to work and bring all those doctors to the daily presser and then do a national address.
          The American people favor the shutdown because the media has set the narrative.
          The average Joe does not know anything about the drug trials or have been told its all conspiracy theories.

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          • bertdilbert says:

            Trump is in the clear by leaving it to governors. The pressure will come from the states to turn it. When the polls indicate the dems are losing badly, The dems will fold.

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            • Jenevive says:

              This..This is why the Dems and Media are pushing so hard
              for a NATIONAL SHUTDOWN..cuz then POTUS gets the blame.
              POTUS is doing what a boss does..he is delegating the work to
              the states therefore it falls on the Governors. When POTUS reopens
              things those states that stay closed will be on the Governors.

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        • EweTurn says:

          has anyone heard of a plan to reopen?


      • WhiteBoard says:

        Fauccis didnt matter then…

        there was already a flu vaccine company in business..

        Faucci’s financial disclosures would be interesting – his speaking fees.

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      • 4sure says:

        Last year was not a presidential election year and his services were not needed until this year. Coincidental?

        There are no coincidents in politics.

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    • allhail2 says:

      He must go, by hook, by crook, or by boot in the ass

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    • dufrst says:

      I’ve been saying this forever. But Mike Pence has allowed this man along with Birx to lead them by the nose to economic catastrophe, not to mention his initial 15 day mitigation failed. Instead of junking it, they allowed Fauci to come up with his crazy model showing 100-220K deaths when no other country on the planet has seen such with this virus. The global deaths after 4 months of this is less than 55K, yet we are suppose to have 100-200K deaths by June??? Insanity.

      This guy is begging to get canned. He’s already leaked that he advise the president back in Dec to lock down the country (lie), he’s already put out to the media that he’s getting death threat (poor baby) and now he’s blatantly undermining the task force by going on CNN advocating nationalizing his failed mitigation. He wants to get fired because he knows he’s presiding over and is the author of the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression and this one has a chance to surpass that!

      Mr. President, please shift gears. Follow your instincts. Promote serology testing to get the real picture and treatment with hydroxychloroquine and don’t look back! Let the people out of their homes in the states that are stable with strict guidelines to social distance, maintain hygiene and wear masks/gloves. Quarantine all elderly over age 80 and all individuals over 50 with a list of underlying conditions that have been susceptible to this disease. But most of all get the American people back to work, school and church! Otherwise, this man will bury your re-election chances because he would have driven our economy straight to the grave!

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      • 4sure says:

        This wolf in sheep’s clothing, as you say has crashed the economy and put President Trump in a bad situation re the election.

        I don’t think any president has ever been re-elected with millions unemployed and the economy in a recession or worse. Fauchi and the dims know this. Let’s hope the economy recovers quickly.

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      • ezpz2 says:

        …..which makes me (re)question VP Pence’s motives, agenda, trustworthiness, and/or competence.

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      • annieoakley says:

        All of the elderly independent enough to go to a dining room in their facility are locked in their rooms and the kitchen delivers the meals. Costs big bucks to live at one of these and socializing is their whole life. Seems mean to deprive people of this simple joy when this disease has a cure.

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        • jello333 says:

          I said this early on, when it was mainly nursing homes that were being locked down:

          Isolating a person in a nursing home, keeping them from seeing family or anyone else from the outside world (even if they wear masks, etc) is CRUEL! The depression such a person is likely to fall into is every bit as dangerous, and quite possibly FATAL, as this virus might be.

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        • kjhumphrey33 says:

          My father is 94 years old and lives in a facility like this. The residents average age is about 85, with several over 100 years old. His meals are delivered to his room, the communal dining area is closed. He eats all his meals alone. No relatives or friends are allowed to see him. He is not allowed to go outside to enjoy the spring weather. He is normally quite the social butterfly, and eating with his friends has always been a big part of that. None of these measures were taken earlier in the flu season … you could the front desk with a wave and no sign in. His facility was too lax before (for the regular flu season) and is now too stringent. The pendulum has swung hard in th opposite direction. He has out-lived two wives (my mother was the first). Please say a prayer for him. His name is Loren.

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      • Your Royal Highness says:

        Fauci is getting death threats??? What the heck is he giving us….actual death!! Do I feel ANY sympathy for him…..NEVER! WE NEED TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK….TODAY!!!!

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      • Your Royal Highness says:

        Dufrst….See…YOU are still willing to give up other people’s rights too!!! Quarantine the sick…not the healthy. PEOPLE DON’T NEED THE GOVERNMENT TELLING THEM WHAT TO DO!!! ARE WE A REPUBLIC ANYMORE??


    • Shelley Childs says:

      Just up at Gateway,

      ‘USNS Comfort in NY Harbor Sits Idle with 3 Patients — USNS Mercy in LA has Only 15 Patients’

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      • nimrodman says:

        yeah, but that’s largely by design, I assume you’re aware

        the hospital ships are NOT taking virus patients, those are being funneled to the regular on-shore hospitals

        the hospital ships are to treat regular ailment and injuries, freeing that patient load from the hospitals

        … and at the same time, preventing on-board infection
        we don’t want to end up with infected hospital ships

        the low number of patients might indicate that urban “teens” have cease-fired for awhile and aren’t sending each other to trauma treatment as much as usual

        that’s probably a good development

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    • Old enough I am to have lived through the polio pandemic and what is going on here is BULLSHIT.

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    • toolnut says:

      Anybody else notice how he never talks about potential treatments, hydroxychloroquene etc., and always focuses on a vaccine that is at least a year away. They don’t want a cure. They want this to last. If he was really interested in stopping this he would have recommended to the President to give every sailor aboard the Roosevelt the hydroxychlorequene cocktail and monitor the results. Nice controlled group try it out on. Bet it would have worked too. But then the crisis would be over way too soon.

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    • JohnCasper says:

      ” Describing the forced unemployment of tens of millions as “inconvenient” is obscene. “

      It is depraved.

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    • 7delta says:

      I don’t think POTUS would do that, but I don’t see any “emergency” powers granted by the Constitution to the federal government that could be contorted into an order for everybody to stay home…because of a virus. One size fits all doesn’t fit all. That’s why States are sovereign in their power too.

      It’s a State decision. The 10th Amendment is still there…but then, so is the rest of the U.S. Constitution, as well as each State’s Constitution and still, nearly the only thing not violated by Dems is forced quartering of soldiers in your home. I guess they decided to use illegal aliens to get around that one.

      Lastly, it’s a terrible idea. It’s a medically dumb idea. It’s a tyrannical idea Ben Franklin saw coming before the ink was dry on the Constitution. And, it’s proof Fauci is a willful, Constitutionally-illiterate Democrat on a mission. He reminds me of a mini-Tony Podesta.

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  3. sundance says:

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    • Den says:

      The way to handle this situation is to bring someone new in as his superior. Or create a new position with some well known virologist from the private sector. Then let that person redirect the program. Yeah, that’s the ticket. This guy is nothing more than a government civil service lifer collecting a big secure paycheck.

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      • andre says:

        Give him a new position as Ambassador of Communicable Diseases Worldwide. Send him to Wuhan to consult with the authorities there and put someone with a positive view in his place. Must get rid of this evil fool or the nation will drown. Pray for the president to have wisdom here.

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    • Val says:


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    • thinkwell says:

      Social distancing, hand washing and masks help slow the spread of COVID-19, but none of this, especially stay-at-home orders, should be by force of law in contradiction to our Constitutional freedoms and rights. Citizen education is the key here, not tyranny.

      On the other hand, fine and imprison people who purposefully try to spread the SARS-CoV-2 virus (touching other people, touching public surfaces needlessly, licking and spitting on surfaces and foodstuffs, coughing on people, going out while exhibiting symptoms, not quarantining while sick or exposed to someone who has become sick).

      What we are lacking (but it is rapidly changing for the better) is a supply of millions of quick and reliable COVID-19 tests (the deep state CDC really dropped the ball on this one). We desperately need better information about the infection rate (via random tests) and about anyone who thinks they might be sick, not just when they are in the ICU.

      Households with infected people should be quarantined, but areas free of infection should not. With cheap, available quick and accurate tests, infection control could be adjusted dynamically as local conditions dictate.

      Also, people who have been infected (and perhaps don’t even know it), have fully recovered and now test negative should be identified and be free to resume their normal activities (i.e., go to work).

      People who are identified as infected early on should immediately receive anti-COVID-19 treatment such as hydroxychloroquine (or other effective treatments as they become widely available). If the cure rates prove out to be very high then nearly all of America could go back to work.

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      • Your Royal Highness says:

        thinkwell….are you really thinking????? Imprisonment for spreaders….what a slippery slope! Oh if I stay home and a family member gets sick can they have me arrested because I didn’t quarantine to my garage?? THINK PEOPLE THINK!!!!

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    • MAGA Minuteman says:

      So true Sundance. It is one big media hype hoax. As I posted here the other day, when all is said and done, this pandemic will go down as one big MOAB (Mother Of All Bulls#it).

      Dr. Fauzi Bear is part of the opposition. Our VSG knows it and We the People know it. The good doctor has solutions, but his solutions are not in the vested interest of the USA, they are in the vested interest of a World body. Causing more and more chaos and disruption to US society pushes US citizens towards the miracle cure of the “Vaccine”, his actual goal. Our VSG short circuited that plan with the cheap and easy hydroxychloroquine therapy. Plan foiled!

      This pandemic is following the same pattern as other Big Govt power grab events. Once you see the pattern, you can’t unsee it. Think Obama Care, Global Warming, Gun Control, etc.

      Our VSG knows it is a politial hit job and has know from day one. He is making lemons out of lemonade. Master negotiators get the opposition to demand and convince you to have it your way. That’s exactly what’s going on here. Our VSG is fighting on behalf of “We the People”.

      Think about when individual states have a natural disaster. Once a State of Emergency is declared, that triggers the Fed Govt to open up the Fed Govt wallet to help out. In this case, the Fed Govt has decalred a State of Emergency. This has triggered the Federal Reserve to open the Federal Reserve (Central Banks) wallet to help out.

      The front story in all this is the virus. The back story is the trillions of $ getting pumped into the US economy and where all those $ are coming from. Knowing the answer to this question may solve the riddle of why our VSG is letting the good doctor drone on about keeping the economy shut down for extended periods of time. Maybe behind the scenes, our VSG is flattening another curve, killing multiple birds with this one stone (never let a crisis go to waste Trump style).

      I believe our VSG knows the death rate from this virus won’t come close to the predictive models being presented. He is letting the doctors present their high casualty rate graphs, while he knows full well it will be far below those predictions. The casualty rate will be even futher reduced when the “Trump Cure” therepy is put into use. As a result, the US will be open for business once again very soon. When it does, it will be Bigger, Better, Stronger and Faster!

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    • TwoLaine says:



  4. He’s getting nightly updated instructions from the old hag ……….
    bet cha!

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  5. steph_gray says:

    Once you hear the contradictions Fauci spouts…

    You can’t un-hear them.

    (Sundance taught us well.)

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  6. L4grasshopper says:

    Fauci is LITERALLY the classic clueless professor in an ivory tower who has no idea what the real world is and how it works.

    He’s approaching this issue as a purely academic exercise. Pieces on a chess board, and he’s using GIGO models to plot his moves.

    He really needs to be removed from public encounters.

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  7. allhail2 says:

    That’s it. Play time over. Run him out of town or there is going to be a MASSIVELY PISSED OFF populace of all stripes that will not be contained. It is coming.

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  8. RJ says:

    He’s a Jeff Sessions and Paul Ryan combo – not to be trusted.

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  9. Don McAro says:

    Should we install the pipes from our car exhaust into our homes Dr Mengele?

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  10. starfcker says:

    I get the feeling his rope is much shorter than he realizes. He ain’t the guy who gets to decide when the plug gets pulled

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    • starfcker says:

      Fauci seems like he’s trying to get fired, in much the same way that Mueller tried to get fired, with his statements in the bottom clip. “I don’t understand why we’re not doing it (locking down the entire nation).” That’s a direct insult to President Trump.

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      • starfcker says:

        Fauci and his crew keep having to predict more and more enormous carnage in order to keep the ruse going. But there’s going to become a time pretty quickly that reality and those numbers are so disparate that the ruse will no longer be tenable. And we are getting really close to that moment.

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  11. California Joe says:

    THERAPEUTIC….meaning having a beneficial effect. Sounds exactly like Dr. Brix was sabotaging President Trump along with her Leftist computer model from IHME which is 100% funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Throw in the fact that 80% of the deaths reported to the CDC are people over 80 years old with a terminal illness already like lung cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, heart failure and COPD (which even the New York Times acknowledged). Why doesn’t Fauci and Brix tell President Trump that most of the deaths being reported are people already terminally ill and death’s door step!

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  12. MAGADJT says:

    I love President Trump and will vote for him no matter what, but he is very bad at the one thing I was certain he would be good at – picking good people for his administration.

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  13. Phil says:

    If the end goal is mandatory vaccination for all, then no thanks. I will not get one, but I will take a few with me.

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  14. Bob, Esq. says:

    Do you remember a law that Obama enacted in December 2016 called the “Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act”?

    President Signs Portman-Murphy Counter-Propaganda Bill into Law

    Portman-Murphy Bill Promotes Coordinated Strategy to Defend America, Allies Against Propaganda and Disinformation from Russia, China & Others

    “The first priority is developing a whole-of-government strategy for countering THE foreign propaganda and disinformation being wages against us and our allies by our enemies. The bill would increase the authority, resources, and mandate of the Global Engagement Center to include state actors like Russia and China as well as non-state actors.”

    Have you seen any efforts at countering the flood of Chinese propaganda by the State Department and the Global Engagement Center during the pandemic?



    “Now, let’s look at Ukraine’s intervention into the 2016 presidential election on behalf of Hillary Clinton. It is known that the following individuals are key players in the coup against the President: Christopher Steele, who authored the dirty MI6 dossier against Trump; Victoria Nuland, who supported Steele’s activities from the State Department; Dmitri Alperovitch, Chief Technical Officer of CrowdStrike, who fabricated the myth that the Russians hacked the DNC; Fusion GPS; the Atlantic Council; and the propaganda apparatus that attacks President Trump worldwide every day. They all played significant roles in the Ukraine coup. We will situate them as we tell the story of the Ukrainian intervention.”

    The same people who ran the Russia collusion coup and Ukraine impeachment scam are executing plan C — destroying Trump’s greatest achievement — the economy— while forcing us to socialism via great Depression.

    Our own intelligence apparatus and state department are not only waging psychological warfare against us, they’re “making us comfortable” while they kill our republic and replace it with the Marxist Matrix of their wildest dreams.

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  15. Zy says:

    Did Dr. F take any classes with Cloward-Piven?

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  16. jeans2nd says:

    Steven K Bannon is saying the exact same thing as Fauci, every day on nationwide radio.
    Exactly the same thing.

    Steven K Bannon was fired for cause. Dr Fauci needs to join Steven K Bannon.
    “They don”t have your good in mind” A wise man said this. At one time

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  17. dufrst says:

    Mike Pence needs to regain control of the Coronavirus Task Force and no, that doesn’t mean bring in Jared Kushner. It means shifting focus away from mitigation which was extended way too long and to mass serology testing to get a real picture of what’s happening and who is immune and to treatment with the only anti-viral that’s shown any promise in helping people fight this virus – hydroxychloroquine/azithrymicin/zinc (HAZ).

    It’s time to go all in on that because if they think the polls will stay positive by standing pat and mitigating for all of April, only to have Dr. Fauci again push for further extension until June, they are crazy!

    I would cut the mitigation time down for most of the country to two more weeks at most except the obvious metropolitan areas with the biggest international airports that fly to China and Europe such as Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Dallas, etc. and the states with the highest proportion of tests that are positive such as Louisiana, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California. Then for the rest of the country, get the Surgeon General & FDA to put out guidelines on the use of HAZ as a prophylactic for health care workers and responders and as treatment for positives cases. Get the Surgeon General to also allow the public to wear masks and gloves and to isolate the elderly and any person over age 50 with an underlying condition. The FDA needs to approve serology tests and the task force order the CDC and hospitals to get sampling back within one week across every state. From there we will get a true picture of what’s the true mortality rate and immunity in the population. Lastly, flights to and from NYC, NJ, Boston, and LA should be banned until the positive cases subside.

    All this should be done before the end of this month and frankly should be done in the next two weeks, so that the ridiculous models projecting 100-200K deaths can be trashed. Mitigation has been an abject disaster for our country. In less than a three week span, the globalist with Fauci’s help has reverse all of the stock market and job gains of the past 3 years! This is absolutely unacceptable and that Fauci continues to appear on CNN without control of the task force while spewing his nonsense is truly unreal. Trump should fire the twerp, but in the least Mike Pence should reign him in and shift gears just as he shifted from prevention to mitigation. It’s time for testing and treatment. You get that rolling, then the logistics of resources because far easier to manage.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. James Carpenter aka "Felix" says:

    If sheep could talk, none in the herd would dare say that their Tony Shepherd was working for wolves.
    Sheep are notoriously adverse to news that challenges critical thinking.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Bob, Esq. says:

    The Dems have been using Ukraine as a base of operations for psychological warfare and surveillance against the United States since the coup in 2014

    Ukrainegate, or the Coup Against President Donald Trump—Phase Three (Part III)<i>The LaRouche PAC website has already reported in depth—Part I, Part II, and Part III—on the anti-Russian information warfare apparatus which was birthed out of the Ukraine coup and includes Britain’s 77th Military Brigade (embedded in social media companies throughout the world), the Integrity Initiative, NATO’s Strategic Communications Center in Latvia, and the State Department’s Global Engagement Center.

    All of these military-grade psychological and information warfare groups operated and continue to operate on behalf of the coup in Ukraine and have been critical in the “perception management” surrounding various false-flag atrocities attributed to Russia, such as the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 over Ukraine and the Sergei Skripal poisoning hoax. Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS, the primary propagandists in the 2016-2017 operations against Trump, also operated in Ukraine, with Steele providing Victoria Nuland and John Kerry frequent operational updates through many memoranda concerning developments in that country. In fact, the British Integrity Initiative’s documents, seized and published by the hacking group “Anonymous,” point to a propaganda initiative and censorship effort aimed squarely at Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, conducted, in part, right out of the State Department.

    In describing this modern form of information warfare, Joel Harding, who went to work for Ukraine’s newly established “Information Ministry” during the coup, and formerly worked for Hillary Clinton at the State Department, describes a regime in which all information, other than manipulated propaganda, is denied to the target population. A compliant media apparatus publishes daily talking points about key events, over and over again. The talking points are aimed at the “psyche” of targeted populations, with high emotive content, designed to produce desired action. Dissenting views are to be censored or debunked as “conspiracy theories.”

    Harding and the Atlantic Council put this into operation in the United States shortly after the election, when the Washington Post published the signal piece, “Propaganda or Not.” It listed every website in the United States that had been deemed to be insufficiently anti-Russian—most of which provided the only independent journalism in the United States—as requiring immediate censorship. No one can doubt that this is what has been at work since election day in the collaboration between the Obama intelligence community and the news media.</i>

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Bob, Esq. says:

    Faucci is being fed info from folks like Joel Harding, Glenn Simpson, John Rendon…

    Perception Managers.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. TreeClimber says:

    Hey, Dr. Fauci. I’ve never had a flu vaccine in my life (not even in 2009.) I have had the flu twice in my life – both times, caught from family members who had been vaccinated for flu (but have moderate/poor hygiene.) Never have I cowered in my home for fear of getting sick (not even in 2009.) So you can take your stay-at-home orders and your vaccines, and stick them where that beautiful disinfecting sun don’t shine!

    Liked by 7 people

    • Your Royal Highness says:

      People can spread viruses from live vaccines…..things that make you go hmmmm!


      • TreeClimber says:

        I did, in fact, know that. Hygiene and a degree of germophobia is nicely effective. xD I exasperate my husband and all around me (or have until recently) because for the most part, I always take all the precautions that are now common.


  22. Giant_Meteor says:

    Yet, our dear leader gives him the stage day in and day out to conduct his dog and pony show.

    Never thought I would question Trumps judgment, but damn it is getting harder and harder to trust him.

    I know I’ll catch flak, but wake up people! Could we have been fleeced all along?

    Liked by 4 people

  23. stenwin77 says:

    Trump sure can pick them. He’s a beauty.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Rock Knutne says:

    Sundance warned us all these people were evil and things would be tried that we couldn’t imagine at the time.

    Who would’ve guessed this 3 years ago?

    I’ve copied and pasted these articles and emailed them to almost everyone in my contacts list.
    Retweeted them on Twitter too.

    I don’t think for one second this is innocent on Fauci’s part. He’s as much a tool as Blasey-Ford was and is willingly accepting the role given to him.

    If we know it, I think President Trump knows it.

    I know a gracious God will mete out justice. I wish I could see some here on Earth before I leave it!


    Liked by 5 people

    • Grammy850 says:

      I agree Fauci was exposed here on this website. Why was he brought back
      I Can’t believe he’s still up there being allowed to spew his nonsense I don’t think this country should have been ever closed down. Timing too perfect for everything

      Liked by 1 person

      • ezpz2 says:

        Grammy850, that’s a question I wish someone would ask of Mike Pence. Actually, I hope President Trump is asking his VP why Fauci was chosen, were/are there no other scientists that won’t crash our economy, and why is he being kept on?


  25. Bob, Esq. says:

    After all, we have to admire any opposition strategy so Machiavellian as to create an outcome where President Donald Trump would voluntarily dismantle the U.S. economy after being painted into a corner by some of the most effective narrative engineering ever witnessed.

    Add a large dose of “six ways to Sunday” with a heaping pile of Clintonian revenge, and one could almost bring themselves to a place where all this starts to come together.

    Nah,… that’s crazy talk.


    Liked by 4 people

  26. King Arthur says:

    Bingo, Sundance. The concert comment yesterday perked up A LOT of ears… “Did he just say that?!” Yes, he did. The Fauch wants permanent National lockdown until we all get vaxxed sometime next winter and damn sure Birx is right there too. Think of the ramifications. Think of why the President is listening to this garbage. You’re looking at Nuclear holocaust level destruction of the economy and that is NOT an exaggeration.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Silas says:

    I wish it were possible to see some of his emails to other people to discern whether or not he sends these over-the-top patronizingly flattering missives as part of his personality. The alternative is too horrific to contemplate.


  28. fangdog says:

    What is it Trump seems to go along with this guy? There has to be more to it than meets the eye. What is it Trump would allow his greater than ever US economy to be destroyed?

    My guess Trump is letting the people experience what it is like under a communist-style government.


    • Giant_Meteor says:

      I am starting to think we have all been conned…

      Sad to say but it is looking more and more likely by the day.

      Liked by 1 person

    • King Arthur says:

      Perhaps to show the ramifications of relying on China for our Supply Chain and shine the light on them as an enemy. Get the people to overwhelmingly shame non nationalist multinationals (3M) and hopefully whip the door open Mid April with a mandate. Hoping The Fauch is a pawn in all of this!! This is next level dangerous business though to tank the economy. He’s planning for a V recovery. Noway you do this in an election year unless you’ve got a sidetrack running.


    • margarite1 says:

      Lives are at stake…POTUS is worried about costing lives unnecessarily. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes an adjustment. If we get the treatment down pat seems to me the emergency is over. Maybe that’s why Fauci is so hesitant about the malaria drug. I think the Dr seems quite full of himself.

      Liked by 1 person

      • fangdog says:

        Fauci is a perfect example of what it is to think as a democrat. ………no common sense.

        He definitely sees what he believes rather than believing what he sees.

        Liked by 1 person

    • dufrst says:

      Trump’s economy built over 3 yrs has been utterly rolled back in less than 3 weeks. It’s a travesty.

      Liked by 1 person

  29. King Arthur says:

    Bingo, Sundance. The concert comment yesterday perked up A LOT of ears… “Did he just say that?!” Yes, he did. The Fauch wants permanent National lockdown until we all get vaxxed sometime next winter and damn sure Birx is right there too. Think of the ramifications. Think of why the President is listening to this garbage. You’re looking at Nuclear holocaust level destruction of the economy and that is NOT an exaggeration.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. evergreen says:

    When your protective shield is policy and procedure, well, what ground does he have to give? If procedure dictates months to year+ to produce an output, that’s what he’s familiar with, so he states it as fact. In his view, that fact is largely immutable, so it must be the case that the world changes to accommodate that reality.

    In another universe, trials and procedures would be subject to acceleration in accordance with the risk at hand. If Fauci were on his deathbed from the virus two weeks ago, he probably would have opted for the malaria cocktail. However, he is safe from criticism for propounding the cocktail’s unsubstantiated effectiveness because….it hasn’t been officially tested yet. So, again, in his world, absent the time and testing, you don’t have a sanctioned solution yet. Key word sanctioned. He lives in a sanctioned universe.

    That universe will implode when it tries to wrestle real people under its control beyond a point at which those people determine the time for goodwill obeisance to government edicts is over.

    Balance is damn near everything. Infinitely strict edict vs. immovable population: who wins? Clearly, the population, as the edict is a piece of paper, and the paper only works when the populace accepts it face value.


  31. neilmdunn says:

    Dr Williamson is a Gynecologist in Oklahoma City. He has some public heath background and has some comments about Dr. Fauci–namely, that his job at NIH is to work to prevent such diseases as the Coronavirus infection and he has failed. Start the video at 8 min 36 sec for his Fauci commentary.


  32. Fools Gold says:

    I’ll just say this. I trust POTUS and Fauci want be around long if not before the 4th quarter rebound and new year.


    • ezpz2 says:

      Problem is that he’s been around long enough to do serious damage to our country and it’s citizens…more damage than this virus would do, imo.

      So even if he goes tomorrow, he’s been around far too long.

      Is this the best Pence could find?

      Are there no other *scientists* to advise the President?


  33. Screaming Eagle says:

    Fauci and Corn Teeth say we need more data. Then they buy more time by saying the Chinese held back data, so now we gotta re-model. Buys another month. Then comes the ventilators update. WTF ? If you are on a ventilator your in ICU, surrounded by sick people, good luck with that. Then the mask update. Meantime, Congress is shut down, no circuit judges being appointed,even if Ruth Hater croaks. This is all upside for the Gimmydats, and they are having a totalitarian orgasm along with their Marxist propagandists………..They are taking away our freedoms at an exponential rate. Trump has to put his foot down, order people back to work, invoke Marshall Law, use the Military. We’ll be Venezuela in 3 months if we don’t get back to work., if I die, so what? There’s 330 MM of us. First thing to collapse will be our hospitals, then fuel production, then food distribution. Jungle Law takes over. They have turned the lights out at a sold out night game, just what they need. I don’t like what the morning sun is going to bring.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Silas says:





    Liked by 6 people

  35. islandpalmtrees says:

    Fauci, loves Hillary Clinton – do you really wont the lives of your love ones in his hands?

    BREAKING: New York Data Confirms Once Again – 99% of Coronavirus Fatalities Have Pre-Existing Conditions – 94% of Fatalities Over Age 45! …Open The Economy!
    April 2, 2020, by Jim Hoft

    Liked by 4 people

    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Just protect the people with “Pre-Existing Conditions” and go back to work.

      Just give the people with “Pre-Existing Conditions” Hydroxy-Choloroquine or Choloroquine and go back to work.

      You know, your in short supply of Hydroxy-Choloroquine or Choloroquine. The FDA said so today. So, take it away from the members of congress and give it to the sick people!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yadet says:

      And from that New York data, only 3, THREE persons over the age of 65 died with no underlying medical issues. If you are a healthy senior, from current data you should be fine.

      Liked by 3 people

    • California Joe says:

      ….serious pre-existing conditions like lung cancer, brain cancer, liver disease, heart disease, COPD, kidney failure and dementia mostly terminal! These are elderly people who are already on death’s doorstep and Coronavirus just shoves them through the door. Even the New York Times quoted the director of a Manhattan Hospital who pointedout that most Coronavirus patients on a ventilator were already terminal!

      Liked by 2 people

  36. Bubby says:

    “DR. FAUCI: Yeah, I think if we get to the part of the curve that Dr. Birx showed yesterday when it goes down to essentially no new cases, no deaths at a period of time, I think it makes sense that you’re going to have to relax social distancing.” I’m retired but even I know/remember that “social distancing” is impossible at work. He can’t be serious? If you’re not social distancing at work makes no sense to do it after work. The virus is in the “wild” in the wind right now. The problem is there is ample evidence that there’s a very decent cure using hydroxychloroquine in a cocktail like Dr. Vladimir Zelenko recommended but it’s been ignored by the corrupt msm and by Fauci and Brix. The next crisis will be a shortage of hydroxychloroquine just like the respirators. My fear is HCQ will be hoarded by those in charge of prolonging this virus attack/fear under the pretext there is only enough just for doctors, nurses, medical staff and first responders. Meanwhile those suffering from the virus will be told to just quarantine at home until hospitalization is needed. By then it’s almost too late especially for us senior citizens with existing health issues. This whole virus warfare stinks of a Chinese, Democrat, corrupt msm cabal! I pray for those currently infected and those that will be that they can a prescription for HCQ! Godspeed President Trump!

    Liked by 1 person

  37. islandpalmtrees says:

    Sundance writes:
    Somebody get this guy away from national public policy; he’s destroying the economy, and it looks to me like Dr. Fauci-Mengele is doing it intentionally!

    And, for whatever it’s worth, I agree.

    Liked by 3 people

  38. Magabear says:

    People talk about PDJT being great in owning the downside of an issue. Well this is the perfect time for him to do just that. He simply needs to say, yes, I’m aware that opening back up the economy full swing may lead to a few more deaths potentially, but the cost of not doing so will have much worse ramifications economically, socially and medically. He has to do it sooner than later. He waits to long and the economy is gone.

    If he does this, he just won over millions of new voters. Sure, the fake news and demonrats will go non-stop attacking him as being a murderer, but they’ll attack him anyway.

    This is a winning argument. He needs to push Fauci and Birx slowly out of the picture and use Carson and other health experts in who see thru all these fear mongering tactics. There’s plenty of them out there.

    Liked by 2 people

  39. Tiffthis says:

    Trump keeps saying a hard “2 weeks” coming up. My guess is this is over after 2 weeks no matter the curve. How could it go on?

    Liked by 2 people

  40. Yadent says:

    The good doctor talks of a vaccine. There has yet to be a successful vaccine against ANY Coronavirus in humans. Maybe it will happen this time. Maybe. We are 40+ years from that HIV vaccine that was promised. You cannot have sound policy based on maybe. As was noted, flatten the curve WON’T reduce the total number of infections. That number will be a constant this month or 6 months from now. Flatten the curve doesn’t care IF you get infected, only WHEN. Social restrictions are the means to achieve that goal.

    Liked by 2 people

  41. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “He appears to use his position to advance theories and yet position himself to avoid scrutiny.”

    We know a lot of people in elected offices that do the same thing. It seems that the people able to inflict the most damage are the ones that also escape accountability for their actions – in this life, anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Mike In a Truck says:

    This wont go on much longer. Theres one demographic in this country that will not play this game. One that we dare not speak of. One famous for burning down thire own neighborhoods. It wont take much. Police responding to a party in progress and someone pulling a firearm and the cops respond by shooting them dead. “Pigs be gunning the people!” Then its on.

    Liked by 2 people

    • thehawkeyehoneypot says:

      Its already happening. My ghetto buddy text last night said we gotta get out of here its a war zone. I responded with. Summers just getting started. Thugs run wild in 70+ temps. Not so many drivebys in december.


  43. Greg says:

    You can bet the Eric Ciamarella and Field Marshall Vindman’s of FEMA and the medical world are already contacting Schiff. Will Gauci be the Bolton in this exercise? The DNCMSM are already fine tuning the narrative. Trump is going to have to go through hell again.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. bacillus says:

    I do not have a problem with modernizing our disease surveillance system and responsive capabilities. The “big one” is sure to come eventually and it is wise to be prepared.

    What I do have a problem with is the myriad ways the current situation has been used for profiteering – both political and financial. Along with the more nefarious outcome of isolating the elderly inside their homes under the auspices of protecting them. I don’t believe for a moment that the outcome of that “protection” will not be to make the elderly appear entirely useless and a huge financial burden on society. Euthanasia by neglect for the coming generation, by force for the one behind.


    • annieoakley says:

      It isn’t as though we elderly are important anymore but a lot of us do vote Republican or for President Trump. I guess Soros and Gates would like us gone ASAP. Fauci will be gone too as he is a useful idiot. Young people will vaccinate easily and by the time they realize what they gave up it will be too late.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Your Royal Highness says:

      Yes, just we need MORE SURVEILLANCE!!!


  45. RedBallExpress says:

    I hate Doctors. For 45 minutes I warned an arrogant SOB Doctor that anesthesia doesn’t work on me. I told him to get my records. He said “I don’t need them”. For my detached retina he sprayed liquid nitrogen on the back of my eye over and over. TOTAL and unbelievable pain. (there are more nerves in your eye than anywhere) He wouldn’t stop. The nurses ran out of room. My only regret is I didn’t deck him. I won’t sue him but if I ever see him again he will be sorry.


    • thinkwell says:

      My wife and daughter do not respond to conscious sedation. It’s a genetic thing that effects about 0.1 percent of the population. When my daughter had her wisdom teeth pulled the oral surgeon didn’t believe us and did not check my daughter’s medical records.

      During the surgery, all the medications did was make my daughter agitated and raise her blood pressure to dangerous levels. The surgeon kept giving her increasing doses up to the maximum allowed by law. He totally freaked out then switched to Lidocaine and did not pull all of her wisdom teeth then sent us home.

      He called ever few hours to make sure she was still okay (and to save his own rear end). Now my wife and daughter know to bring their medical records. For me, conscious sedation works great and is very pleasant.


  46. GB Bari says:

    A hoax, Absolutely.

    But worse, it’s turning out to be a treacherous opportunistic plot to destroy the President and the nations federal republican capitalist system. To be replaced by a totalitarian centralized socialist government. Bernie Sanders and AOC’s mutual wet dream.


    Liked by 2 people

  47. Jorizabeth says:

    This will all resolve organically, then, looking back, we’ll KNOW. For now, these people are doing their best. Try to remember that science is still about trying to know what we do not know. That’s what science is, what we don’t know.


  48. JustScott says:

    Ground report, last night, from daughter in KCity med grad school.
    The hospital attached to her school has had five incoming suspect CCP19 cases. All five tested negative, but all five tested positive for Flu-B.


  49. joebkonobi says:

    VSG POTUS needs to add some thought diversity to the task force, with emphasis on treatment (HCQ). Politically difficult to kick Fauci and Birx off but POTUS could bring in treatment experts and spend an entire news briefing on treatment (HCQ others). Thus Fauci & Birx would not need to be there and POTUS could begin to turn the focus towards hope (treatment) instead of fear & dread (mitigation). At least bring in a treatment “expert” to update in every briefing. Sell some hope along with the fear.

    The entire task force seems to be focused on mitigation (social distancing & shut downs) until the magical curve bottoms out or a vaccine is developed 1 1/2 years down the road. I don’t think the task force should be 100% government sponsored experts and don’t understand why treatment is not equally represented with mitigation on the task force. Dr. Smith might be a good choice.

    IMO, with Fauci publicly promoting a national shutdown, President Trump needs to step in quickly and disavow the need for that and keep focusing on hotspots. IMO, Fauci and Birx are becoming too powerful on the task force and need to be at least counterbalanced.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Peter says:

      Exactly as per my comment bring in Dr Corsi to represent Physicians and get the focus away from the “theoretical” and get it back on the front line who can prevent the hospitalizations with the HCQ+AZ.

      Liked by 1 person

  50. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    April 1 at 11:59 PM
    Monterey county stats:

    1,014 tested and 53 positives.
    Two deaths and five have recovered.

    That’s about 94 percent that were tested and didn’t have covid.

    Using SD’s hypothesis that these people were tested because they displayed flu symptoms, leads to 94% have seasonal flu. Based on reporting that around 94% flu is 2009-H1N1, I think Fauci has a conundrum. He really failed us in 2009, and there are obviously new deaths from the 2009-H1N1 even today. For 11 years, he never suggested the lock down of society. Why now?

    I have a little problem with the assertion that all tested exhibit symptoms as I think some are tested due to contact with a covid positive person.

    I received notification that I had contact with a covid positive person and I might get contacted by local health department.

    Wash your hands! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yadent says:

      Of course without an antibody test, we don’t know how many of the negatives have seroconverted, have already been infected and recovered.


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