CNN Wonders Why Distrust in Media is High – Same CNN: Saying “The Coronavirus Originated in China” is Racist…

Elania Plott is a CNN analyst who notes in her conversations with supporters of President Trump the disdain and distrust in media is worse than any time she can remember:

Perhaps this short recap video will help explain.  CNN is now claiming that anyone who uses the term “Wuhan Virus” or “Chinese Corona Virus” is being xenophobic and racist.  The Media Research Center looked into it and captured some rather stark hypocrisy:

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169 Responses to CNN Wonders Why Distrust in Media is High – Same CNN: Saying “The Coronavirus Originated in China” is Racist…

  1. hawkins6 says:

    I hope this video is posted at regular intervals from now until the election. I don’t know how these shameless hypocrites at CNN can continue selling out their “profession” and disgracing themselves on air no matter how many times their duplicity and hypocrisy are exposed.

    TDS is a mind numbing disease.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Fake News and the Socialist democrats are also harping on the “:lack of tests” available.

    Have any of these wahoos reported the Cleveland Clinic is performing their own same-day testing in-house?
    If Cleve Clinic can do this, why are no other facilities doing this? Are we North Coasters the only ones with intelligent medical professionals?

    No. Our “elites” and Fake News devote their lives to hurting Our President, no matter the cost to the American people.

    Tell your medical people about Cleve Clinic. Cleve Clinic are professionals who share knowledge.
    “Cleveland Clinic validating tests for coronavirus to get results back within a day”

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    • Cleveland Clinic is indeed one of the premier facilities in the nation. Mayo is also doing their own testing now, as are a few others. But most states are still tied into the CDC kits, or are contractually constrained to use only the tests their local labs (Quest etc.) demand. And you still can’t get an order from a doctor unless you already have symptoms, and then only after you go through tests to rule out seasonal flu and other diseases.

      We need to start testing individuals in proximity to cases more proactively now, to get the ratio of tests per million way up from where they are, or we won’t be able to project for or anticipate new clusters of incidences. South Korea’s rate of testing is about 4,000/million persons, and their case rate has plateaued. The USA’s rate of testing as of yesterday was a mere FIVE/million persons. Hopefully, the increase in available tests happening from the administration’s most recent actions will help. This fight is still ramping up.

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  3. kleen says:

    China is not a race. It’s a country.

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    • Re-Farmer says:

      Ironically, it’s the people who can’t tell the difference between a geographical location and ethnicity that are the ones showing their racism.

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      • eagle931 says:

        This lack of differentiating between a geographical location and ethnicity has been a pet- peeve of mine. As a first-generation Cuban, it really is annoying to hear people call me “Hispanic” as if that term defined everything about me, from race all the way to culture. Well, no. Because of our geographical location, our demographics, our history and our life experience, other than speaking Spanish, we have no more commonality with other Latin American countries than they have with us. There are white Cubans, black Cubans, brown Cubans, plus Chinese Cubans, Jewish Cubans and others. Until the Castro dictatorship took over, Cuba was the recipient of a large European immigration inflow, including one of the largest Chinese and Jewish communities in the western hemisphere.
        In discussing this issue with a friend, he asked that if ‘Hispanic” was not a proper appellation, what was it then. I replied that the proper term was “Cuban” because that’s where I came from.
        The point is that I find the effort to caricature Latin Americans into a (non-existing) racial and monolithic block not only demeaning, but also insulting.

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        • mugzey302 says:

          Same could be said for “white”, “caucasian”. They are categories for census-type reporting.


          • eagle931 says:

            If so, what is the “Hispanic” category for Census purposes if the term encompasses so many different people, races, ethnicity and backgrounds? Now, if the Census wants to find out how many Americans speak Spanish, then yes,it makes sense; otherwise its only use if for identity-politics only.


    • jeans2nd says:

      Actually, the Han Chinese, the largest ethnicity in China, are some of the most racist people on the planet. If one is not Han Chinese, one is inferior.
      The CCP is working to eliminate some Chinese ethnicities altogether, especially the Uygers and Tibetans. The rest of the Chinese ethnicities undergo systemic racism by the Han.

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  4. thedustmaker says:

    Distrust in media high…. Right now in New Mexico big 3 local media says all schools are closed for 3 weeks.
    Granddaughter’s school just emailed us to say that that is not true, and she will be expected there on Monday. (off today & tomorrow for teacher conferences)

    Can’t trust Albuquerque Public Schools either…… so, we’ll see who wins on Monday!

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  5. decisiontime16 says:

    Insanity has become a global pandemic. Corona Nuts News helps to spread it.

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  6. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    They wonder why they are distrusted? Here’s an oldie but a goodie. How did Hillary manage to get the debate questions the “media” was going to ask ahead of the debates. Donna Brazil and the fake news media provided them.

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  7. Rj says:

    At what point should the constitution stop protecting people who are an enemy of it and this country ?

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  8. namberak says:

    CNN: the clown car that never empties.

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  9. Komrade Retslag says:

    We should call it the CNN virus.

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  10. capetribulation1 says:


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  11. mr.piddles says:

    This is like a dream scenario for CNN. They get the Disaster News Event that they so love to latch onto… AND they get to blame and criticize Trump at the same time! It’s Cable News Gold!!!


  12. Laurie Walker says:

    From the comments I’ve read on this post, a lot of schools across the country are shutting down. This is going to be a hardship for working two parent families and a loss to the real economy.

    Likewise, the shutdown of the arenes to major sports events will have the most economic impact on the vendors in and around the events, while the franchises will still make money from their media contracts. Also the taxpayers will suffer from the publicly funded stadiums that get a cut of the ticket revenue.

    Disney might be the only franchise to suffer from this manufactured hysteria, but their vendors and the surrounding businesses that profit will suffer much more.

    I think we all knew the globalists and the dems were going to try to tank the economy in this election year, but I didn’t realize the lengths they would go to accompish their objectives.

    I just hope and pray that enough people are aware of what’s going on.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Disney has the walk-through misters set up for the hot summer months. I say: load those Bad Larrys up with disinfectant and fire ’em up. Then go ride those Tea Cups, damn it.


      • Laurie Walker says:

        Although your response is highly amusing, the Covid-19 is a lung virus, so, you know. But, the thousands of vendors that will be hurt is a dent in the real economy.


    • AustinHoldout says:

      Besides the hardship, I don’t understand the scientific basis for sending kids, who appear to experience only very mild symptoms if the do get the virus, home. Are parents going to keep them home or take them out to parks, movie theaters, malls, etc. where they will rub shoulders with people who are susceptible to severe symptoms?

      Ditto for sending millions of college kids home. How does it make sense to tell millions of people in college communities to redistribute themselves all over the country, many by plane, in the middle of trying to contain the spread of a virus? This seems to be designed by universities to avoid liability rather than a decision made for public health reasons.

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      • Laurie Walker says:

        That’s a very insighful comment.

        The thing I miss about being a leftist is my insighful ideas. Obviously, I had only about ten percent of the truth, and I’ve come to realise Conservatives have been fighting a non-stop war from all sides for decades, but I really miss being able to exchange ideas freely.

        Hopefully the insightful tables will turn.


      • steph_gray says:

        Dan Bongino looked back at the swine flu where your common sense points were borne out by actual studies. Keeping kids home was a wash statistically.

        And that was for a virus kids actually caught. This one they don’t, it appears.


      • mugzey302 says:

        Absolutely! Retired folks have to pay for home delivery of groceries or risk going to the store where food shopping is now a family event with one or both parents and all 3 kids in tow. And there’s the toddler in the cart, gnawing and drooling on the handle with green snot running out of his/her nose. What a sight to behold!


  13. Mary Ann says:

    The media bickering and causing hysteria only adds fuel to the fire..
    It makes way for price gouging, when people are so freaked out they will pay $20 for a $4 mask..
    The only mask that will “possibly” protect you is N95 or higher.. but this truth is left out of the listing.. It shows we should all be prepared in advance for any world event.


  14. Shirley says:

    Maybe they should take some time off and listen to all of the alphabet news channels for one day. You can listen to any of them and like parrots they all spew the exact same words. Coincidence? NO. They get their talking points from the Dems. Very obvious.


  15. wodiej says:

    Not only did it start in china, I believe it was purposeful. Now they are threatening to cut off our drug supply. 80% of drug components come from communist china. You can lay this at the feet of offshoring. It is not only the fault of wealthy corporations, It is the lack of leadership that has been going on in our country for DECADES.

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  16. mugzey302 says:

    “Lack” of leadership? No, paid off/bribed “leadership”.


  17. thedoc00 says:

    The race card was actually being played in January by CNN, immediately following China Inc. calling the President racist for offering aid to assist them. Then CNN followed it up with a new race card about folks not helping Chinese businesses who had major drops in their predominantly Chinese clientele. This is actually race card number 3.


  18. viator2 says:

    I favor calling it the Xi Jinping Virus.


  19. viator2 says:

    Or maybe the Chinese Pangolin Bat Soup Virus


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