Slip Showing – Nikki Haley Endorses Swampy Kelly Loeffler Over Doug Collins in GA Senate Race…

One of the biggest fears I have is that in 2024 people will not understand just how bad Nikki Haley is.

Electing Haley after President Trump in 2024 is the equivalent of electing George Bush following Reagan in 1988.  This scheming, conniving, lying and corrupt politician is worse than John McCain, George Bush and Mitt Romney combined.

Nikki Haley is bad news.  Very bad news.

Today Romney in a skirt, aka Nikki Haley, endorsed Kelly Loeffler over Doug Collins for the Georgia senate seat.

[…] Haley, a Republican governor of South Carolina before serving as the Trump administration’s U.N. ambassador, headlined a campaign event in Marietta, Georgia, and officially endorsed Loeffler’s election bid. The rally, which was billed as Loeffler’s biggest since being appointed to the seat, was aimed at shoring up GOP support for her campaign. (read more)

Kelly Loeffler was appointed by Georgia Governor Kemp because Loeffler is married to Jeffrey Sprecher; a GOPe party insider, mega-donor, and multi-millionaire CEO of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).  Jeffrey Sprecher is the founder and CEO of ICE, which now owns the New York Stock Exchange. Kelly Loeffler’s company, the financial platform Bakkt, is a subsidiary of the Intercontinental Exchange.

No doubt Mr. Sprecher (pictured above circled) leveraged his network and political influence upon Governor Kemp to get his well-connected wife appointed.  Jeffrey Sprecher likely also worked with with Mitch McConnell to install his wife, onto the Senate Agriculture Committee.  McConnell made the appointment.  Loeffler now has oversight over her and her husbands’ stock exchange interests.

Corrupt as hell.  All of it.  Insider party schemes, combined with Deep Swamp politics and personal influence puddling for financial interests.  The familiar network of personal financial benefit.   In 2012 Mrs Loeffler donated $750,000 to Mitt Romney’s Super PAC.

Political connections is why Kelly Loeffler was selected by Governor Kemp, and that same pay-to-play political network is exactly why Nikki Haley has endorsed her in the upcoming election.  I have ZERO doubt Loeffler’s husband will be providing considerable financial payments to Nikki Haley in her run for the presidency.   Transparent swamp dealing.

Jeffrey Sprecher owns the largest stock exchange in the world: the New York Stock Exchange. It has more than 2,400 listed companies and has a market capitalization of about $22.9 trillion.   Gee, and Nikki Haley endorses…. go figure.

GEORGIA – […] In recent interviews, nearly a dozen ethics experts in Washington said the entanglement of Loeffler’s public and private interests has few, if any, recent precedents in Congress.

ICE deploys lobbyists to influence federal regulatory agencies and Congress, including committees on which Loeffler now sits. Loeffler’s husband and other ICE executives often testify at congressional hearings. And, when she was ICE’s senior vice president for corporate communications, Loeffler herself publicly criticized the company’s primary regulator, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, for proposing “excess regulation” during the financial crisis of the late 2000s.

That commission answers directly to the Agriculture Committee’s commodities subcommittee, of which Loeffler is now a member. (link)


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258 Responses to Slip Showing – Nikki Haley Endorses Swampy Kelly Loeffler Over Doug Collins in GA Senate Race…

  1. Magabear says:

    I’m sure I’m not the only one here to get endless emails from various GOP groups asking if I want a copy of Haley’s book. No matter how many times I unsubscribe from the emails, they keep showing up.

    No doubt the repubs have her pegged as their 2024 candidate. Sorry, Nikki, but you’re not gonna be the nominee.

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    • WVPatriot says:

      I donate only to individual candidate’s campaigns, and she will NOT be on my list.

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    • mike says:

      Nikki is a lot smarter than Omarosa, but cut from the same kind of cloth. Trump has been able to neutralize her overt opposition and gain some (self seeking)services from her in a field of thin choices. The American public has until 2024 to catch on…

      I believe Nikki will out her self, too.

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    • lieutenantm says:

      total agreement. NEVER NIKKI

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    • jakee308 says:

      I think I would vote for her depending on who the other choices were. That said we need to make sure we have some better choices for 2024.


      • tacocat43 says:

        If you saw how Haley handled SC in times of crisis, major flooding in the State, you would do a turnaround. She is a great leader. She’s ambitious. Don’t hate her for that.


        • Samual says:

          Haley is cut from the old school of open border globalism, amnesty, and globalist wars. Rooting for her is like chanting death to America.

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          • Samual says:

            I am fed up with Breitbart’s censorship. One of the worse for restricted political speech.


            • sat0422 says:

              Breitbart used to be my go to commentary site. But, when Obama was elected the second time, the entire site FLIPPED and it will only carries Andrew’s name to gain readers. Anyone who followed Andrew Breitbart will quickly realize that they are NOT the real deal and certainly don’t represent his legacy. I hate that we have so many in this country that don’t realize when Communism is knocking on their door.


            • sparkymcbiff says:

              Yep. You will be immediately banned there if you criticize Israel even in the slightest. They are completely Zionist controlled.


        • sat0422 says:

          She began her governor position strong. She finished weak. She is like a lot of women and not very deep when it comes to looking beyond the trees.
          I truly have always like her personality and her posture as a leader but some of her comments and thoughts made me take a second look. No, not Haley for Prez. Never!

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        • Hillary is ambitious too- AND a woman! Oh the joy! And here in Coastal SC we know all about Miz Haley. Her public spectacle of stalking a married man, her scamming us ocean homeowners for “a week of rest and research” in our beach houses. Her nasty, catty treatment of “the little people” like the waitress and the security guard. She’s a brown noser of the first order and I’d sooner have my yard man as president than her.

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        • fireflamestoves says:

          BS. She’s a scheming and conniving RINO; caved immediately after Charleston.

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        • Bob says:

          She’s a piece of shit. I saw everything I needed to see about her. She will never be president.

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  2. I’m not screaming that USA needs a woman President, and I’m a woman. But if the right one came along…

    There have been some great, tough, smart women in politics. Not just in the USA. Prime Minister Golda Meir, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Governor Sarah Palin.

    Nimrata is not fit to try on these ladies shoes, much less obtain the presidency. As a matter of fact she brings to mind Imelda Marcos.

    So she is a NO and I will say so anytime I find the opportunity.

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    • Flight93Gal says:


      Since you commented on “Imelda”…did you see the Imelda Marcos documentary KINGMAKER?

      It’s definitely worth viewing.
      It’s all about Imelda and her burning desire to “mother” a/k/a show love for Philippino citizens by:
      • Importing wild animals to live on and displace 254 island inhabitants;
      • Displaying state-sponsored dinner pictures of Hussein, Kaddafi and others kissing her hand when greeting her;
      • Having cameras capture her generosity by handing out candy to kids in a cancer ward;
      • Showing off the buildings she purchased in NY and CA;
      • Displaying her incredible gown and shoe collection;
      • Promoting her “smarts” by hiding jewels inside diaper bags when she fled the country, used to pay off needed lawyers;
      • Working to influence voters to choose her son “Bong Bong” as a Vice President

      Amazing display of love, indeed!

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    • She is not interested in what is right for the people of the US. Interested in the power and lining her pockets only. Not a genuine bone in Haley’s body. Just like the Marcos and the Philippines, they cared not an iota about their country.

      The list of why NEVER NIKKI is long.

      You can research it here at this site and other places if you so choose.


    • tacocat43 says:

      what do you have to prove your point that she is Imelda Marcos?


    • spencerhsite says:

      Condoleezza Rice is the ONLY woman of the last 30 years that I would have considered voting for in pursuit of almost any office, including President. Unfortunately, she is simply too smart to run for those political offices, as she values her privacy, and her well being too much.


    • sat0422 says:

      Most women in the USA carry the old Democrat party line and the others have jumped onto the Socialists/Communists line of BS. Yes, I am a strong Republican woman and will be until they take me out in chains. Yes, it can happen.

      Just yesterday I was invited to play a famous board game with a group of ladies, three of which I had never met.
      I left after an hour and in my mind I said GOOD-BYE because they made the error of speaking for a Democrat for president and apparently thought I would be on board.
      Look at who is left in that sorry race. Shame on them for not realizing that the Dems are a joke when it comes to protecting the USA or dealing with other world leaders.
      Vote Republican and help MAGA.

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      • Sat, in the past five years I have cut EVERY democrat friend out of my life. And I’m ok with it. Sad, yes, as some had been friends for many years. I have no desire to be friends with people who in reality hate me and our country. They can’t or won’t see what’s happening.

        Unfortunately my professional life and particularly my “hobby”/partly professional life exposes me to a majority of lefties. I hate it. But ….it is what it is. Retirement is fast approaching. Like you said, “GOOD BYE.”

        I now have more time for the people who really matter.

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      • Kate Douglas says:

        It’s okay with you that Loeffler is engaging in a clear conflict of interest? Okay with you that in violation of the law, that she engaged in insider trading after receiving confidential briefings? Is it okay with you that while doing so she was tweeting out reassuring messages about the strength of our markets to the public? Or is corruption, law breaking and other “BS” only a problem when it’s a Democrat? Shame on YOU. Where’s your strength? Can you stand up and object to clear corruption when it occurs in your own party? It takes courage. And yes, strength.


  3. dallasdan says:

    “This scheming, conniving, lying and corrupt politician is worse than John McCain, George Bush and Mitt Romney combined.”

    Boom! I need not read anything else about her.

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  4. Rynn69 says:

    There is NO WAY Haley has a chance. None. America is tired of the virtue signaling because a possible candidate “checks all the boxes” on the outrageously bigoted concept called identity politics. America’s agenda is what is important to America. ‘Nuff said.

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  5. Frank says:

    Nikki Haley was a NeverTrumper from the start. She’s just trying to change her spots until he’s out of office. To hell with her. And to hell with that Kelly Loeffler. Most Georgia Republican voters had never even heard of her before. We voted for Brian Kemp because Trump said he was the guy to vote for. Then Trump tells Kemp that Doug Collins is the right appointment to make, and Kemp ignores him. Ignores us, too. Appoints Loeffler. Everybody knew something fishy was going on. And Loeffler has been campaigning nonstop since she got in office, trying to sell herself as a legitimate candidate, because she and her people know that nobody in their right mind will actually go out and vote for her in a free election. I expect to see Doug Collins defeat her later this year. And it would be nice to see a better option than Brian Kemp for governor. I don’t trust him, either.

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    • SherryS says:

      Amen brother! Will not be voting for Loeffler this fall. And I am sorely disappointed in Brian Kemp. I wish we could find a good candidate to primary him next go around.

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    • Pat says:

      Kemp appointed here for ONE reason. That high paying job after he leaves office.

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    • dbobway says:

      We have gotten rid of a lot of slavers down here in Dixie land.
      Gov. Haley, Gov. Kemp, rep. Loeffler, Senator Burr, Tillis and Graham.
      All belong to the open borders ‘slaver’ party.
      But make no mistake Nikki Haley has skills and she is a smart person.
      She just plays for the wrong team.


  6. WSB says:

    Nimrata is not eligible. Period. Do not support her agenda.

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  7. TJ says:

    NeverNikki is a metwo activist.

    Roger Stone: Nikki Haley ‘stuck a knife’ in Trump’s back

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  8. Dick_Turpin says:

    I remember listening to this psycho in the UN where she came across as having a personal hatred for all things Russian and was actually insulting to the Russian ambassador.
    She does not know how to behave in diplomatic circles and was an embarrassment in my opinion.
    She spewed out a lot of rhetoric about the UK novichok poisoning but offered no facts to the world just like the UK didn’t.
    But she was very high on emotional content!!!
    Skirpal, the poisoning victim is a former associate of Christopher Steele (!!!)

    She sounded like she was ready to start a war if she had the power, hope she fades into political obscurity for all our sakes.

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  9. Snellvillebob says:

    Kelly Loeffler is the reason I am not donating to the RNC this year as they will give some to her and not to Doug Collins who deserves it. I will also never vote for our governor Brian Kemp again.

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  10. Kenneth Felton says:

    Nikki Haley is a running dog lackey to the global plutocracy. She supports open borders, cheap labor, bad trade deals, and disastrous foreign policies. She’s not interested in putting America first. Her one saving grace was faithfully carrying out Trump’s instructions while she was Ambassador to the U.N. But she will never be able to hold the Trump coalition together. All the #neverTrump in the GOPe support her and that’s why she will never be the repub nominee.

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  11. Bigly says:

    I actually hope she runs.

    2024 will be trump II – the more RINOs running will be defeated by the wake of trump. 2032, not solo much.

    Ivanka vs Haley

    Bring it.

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  12. popsfromvienna says:

    I’ve been saying the same thing for 3 years. She’s dangerous! It’s also upsetting when conservatives sing the praises of Tulsi G.

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    • dr D says:

      I haven’t seen any conservative singing praises of Tulsi G., only acknowledgement that she’s not as hateful or insane as most other dems.

      She’s the only one brave enough to go on a show like Tucker’s and unlike most dems who are hoping for a painful death of Rush Limbaugh, she sent him a nice get well tweet. She also seems to be hated by Hitlery (who accused her of being a Russian asset), so she has that going for her.

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  13. Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

    Haley told us everything we need to know about her when she ordered the Confederate flag removed, subsequent to some dingbat sociopath shooting up a church.

    Dangerous doesn’t begin to describe it.

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    • Scott B. says:

      Dunno why POTUS tossed her a lifeline in the first place. The Confederate flag flap alone would have cost her a second term in SC.
      Memories are long in the South…

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  14. humaweiner says:

    The female version of Mitt Romney will never be President.

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  15. Questioning says:

    Not an issue; Nikki is ineligible to run for President (Not NBC).

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    • That didn’t stop Obama from winning 2 terms nor Cruz and Rubio from running in 2016. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed. Nowadays, if you’ve been in the country for 15 minutes, you’re deemed eligible. The way things are going, it wouldn’t surprise me if one of Vladimir Putin’s grand kids moves here and runs for president some day.


  16. jeans2nd says:

    On the bright side, Lou Dobbs is on the side of, and is heavily promoting, Doug Collins, and it appears Hannity is doing the same.

    Perhaps we can generate enough Deplorable enthusiasm for Rep Collins over the Womyn GOP Pencil-Neck to make a difference, if we pray and work hard enough.

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  17. Nikki is a Bigger Globalism can’t Trust her,I never like her,

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  18. digleigh says:

    This Georgia girl says Collins all the way!! They have smear ads running nonstop here.., and the great pro-life Trump supporter ads pro -Loeffler nonstop…1590 am radio like 4 in an hour…People are getting sick of the ads imho….I have a relative who asks me, and I say she’s a fake with bought seat, a neocon for sure…This will get around albeit slowly…they ate slick, and club for growth who hated Trump pushing her… Now, with Kemp endorse, he’s toast in his next election. ( barely lost to the marxist Abrams )..Heed well, Perdue…She keeps dropping the Perdue affiliation…Shessshh!!

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  19. digleigh says:

    This Georgia girl says Collins all the way!! They have smear ads running nonstop here.., and the great pro-life Trump supporter ads pro -Loeffler nonstop…1590 am radio like 4 in an hour…People are getting sick of the ads imho….I have a relative who asks me, and I say she’s a fake with bought seat, a neocon for sure…This will get around albeit slowly…they ate slick, and club for growth who hated Trump pushing her… Now, with Kemp endorse, he’s toast in his next election. ( barely lost to the marxist Abrams )..Heed well, Perdue…She keeps dropping the Perdue affiliation…Shessshh!!


  20. Don says:

    It falls on Doug Collins to expose the cronyism- swampy PAY-for-Play corruption we say we despise in Quid Pro Joe’s Burisma actions, et. al….
    If Doug Collins cannot wage this fight – and voters cannot be swayed to see the downside of this corruption in government…. than we should get the government we deserve….

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  21. kokopuf says:

    The news that Doug Collins will quarantine for 14 days because of the corona virus can’t be good for his campaign.


  22. leslievb3 says:

    Thank you for that analysis, my gut check on Loeffler told me she isn’t who she said she is. However, I didn’t realize the extent of the corruption here. That Haley sold herself to the devil is no big surprise but this Governor must have done the same. I think Doug has a lot of name recognition and a big voice, he will along with Sundance and others spread the information. As always you can lead a horse to water… Loeffler just signed on with Marsha Blackburn (who I like) on a bill this week.

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  23. Caius Lowell says:

    My heuristic after reading CTH is that Nikki Haley is a female Mitt Romney — got it — thanks SD!

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  24. Bob Parker says:

    Good Gawd,

    Haley is a white female B*tch McConnell except several decades younger than ol’ B*tch hisself!

    President Trump PLEASE keep her as FAR AWAY from you & the White House as possible!!


  25. Russ says:

    Nikki Haley is the spark that set in place the destruction on the Confederate Flag and as it followed the desecration and removal of historical monuments. This won’t stop now until all history of this country is erased, and you can thank her. I’m sure she cares nothing about our historical past.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      She doesn’t even appear to *understand * it.

      Man, she lit a fire under that whole anti- South, etc. movement w/ her despicable statements.


  26. Learned Hat says:

    Not sure who else can/will win. Typically there is momentum towards the out of office party. The choice might be between Haley and whomever the Democrats nominate. Pence can’t win it. I’d vote for Cruz but he won’t win either. Maybe someone from the outside but they better bring some check the box traits, unfortunately. Unfortunate because it be really nice to move away from that but conservatives cannot afford to not afford to pull punches. If it is going to be somebody else, they need to start moving slowly onto the stage somehow.

    I guess my point is: I don’t want the perfect to be the enabler of the catastrophic. If you think 2008-2016 was bad, the next Democratic Admin is going to put us on rocket sled to the point of no return.


  27. Right to reply says:

    She is highly unlikable. A mix of Clinton and Harris. She won’t become POTUS, I doubt many will vote for the woman who tears down American history while crying about it. I would be very disappointed if Trump endorsed her.

    I’m hoping Donald Jr, or Eric stands in 2024

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  28. Doug Amos says:

    It always comes down to who is the smartest. Criminals and liars are not stupid; either you are smart enough to know who they are or you are not; there is no in between. People fall for the Gowdys, Grahams, Haleys on CTH all the time; frustrating!


  29. drdeb says:

    Doug Collins is my Representative and our N GA conservative groups are saddened by what they are doing to him! It is difficult to beat the RINOS running the Republican Party of GA. Loeffler’s PAC ads are littering local television (Atlanta) and cable television: OANN and FOX News Network. Some of these PACS are Mitch McConnell-related. President Trump offered Collins the position of DNI Director. I hope Doug did the right thing when he turned it down.


  30. WRB says:

    Life is unfair. Gov Blago of IL goes to jail for trying to sell a Senate seat, and Gov Kemp of GA makes lots of money when he sells a Senate seat.

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  31. fillemup01 says:

    I hope Doug Collins beats her so badly that it’s an embarrassment. She proved to the country that Senate and House seats are definitely “For Sale”. I also hope that fed-up Georgians show Kemp the door come re-election time. The stench of corruption in Washington is unbelievable. It’s way past time for a thorough enema for our Federal bureaucracy!

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  32. sunnydaze says:

    Nikki’s a total RINO and was a crap Gov. of GA. She should *never* be President.

    (Unfortunately)….because of her reasoned and well-spoken responses while at the UN, many Americans are (wrongly) impressed by her in general. These are the people who paid no attention to more “local” (ie. State) politics .

    And for the “Identity Politics” people here (yes we do have them on the Right and some of these posts are proof of that): it’s got NOTHING to do with her being a woman. My gawd. That’s like saying every man ever elected was a shining star. Get a grip, people. Some people are just plain rotten and some are not. Got nothing to do with sex, race, etc. Can’t believe this needs to be explained. ugh.

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    • winky says:

      She was not well reasoned at all….she sounded like she wanted to got o war at all times..I hate her and always have. She is no better than Clinton.


    • jumpinjarhead says:

      I agree with your excellent post but have the slightest quibble.

      I think she is more accurately deemed a “CINO” (conservative in name only) since by endorsing the “shake and bake conservative” Loeffler she is actually being a very good Republican given the party’s apparent support to Loeffler instead of Collins. Another reason I remain a staunch Christian conservative independent rather than a Republican.


    • Dixie says:

      Sunnydaze, she was governor of South Carolina and we are all entitled to our opinions. We’ve “got a grip” and we know just how we feel and why.


  33. Chuck Arnold says:

    Of course, Haley’s a Rino, who did you think she was going to support. Rino’s always support Rino’s.


  34. rebelinme2 says:

    If President Trump succeeds in cleaning the swamp, why would we vote in a swamp critter? If she got in, the conservative party would just start looking like the democrat party. No more swamp critters.


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