Amy Klobuchar Bails Out….

Senator Amy Klobuchar has suspended her campaign for President ahead of tomorrows big super-tuesday vote.   The timing tells a story here…. Quitting the race today means Klobuchar’s internal polling showed she was going to lose her home state of Minnesota tomorrow to Bernie Sanders.

It’s likely Bernie Sanders is going to crush Klobuchar and the rest of the field in Minnesota.  Quitting today allows Klobuchar to avoid the embarrassment of a big defeat.

Following the Club strategy, Klobuchar is expected to endorse Joe Biden.


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192 Responses to Amy Klobuchar Bails Out….

  1. StanH says:

    Gosh darn. And what is this thread about again? Oh, that’s right Amy Klobuchar is dropping out of the race. B-B-B-Biden must be pleased that the snow queen has dropped out now both of her voters can vote for him.

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    • Rodney Plonker says:

      C’mon Man. Hillary Klobuchar from the great state of Milarky, will be my Secretary of War in our war of Independence from the Romans.

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  2. AnotherView says:

    Starts off in a blizzard–not a good omen…..LOL

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  3. Abolition Man says:

    Looks like Mean Amy was speaking out about Glowbull Warming. Maybe Al Gore was in attendance and attracted the solid, white climate change as he so often does. Why does any one worry about these assorted clowns and jesters; the only way the DemoKKKrats can win in 2020 is massive voter fraud! All patriots need to take their phones and cameras to record who is voting and how many times! Also keep an eye on Stacey Abrams; she seems to be the spokeswoman for the DNC Voter Fraud Division! Trump 2020! Taking back the House!

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  4. publilius syrus2 says:

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  5. ILOT says:

    Trying to get into the minds of and the strategy of the left is not only a mistake, it is not time well spent. Who cares about what they are doing and why with the drop-outs? The key is to capitalize on splintering the left wing, nothing else. We know it’s crooked, we know there are payouts, we know there will be delegates and super delegates bought and sold. At the end of the day the dem party is a mess. Keep it a mess and split the moderate (20%?) dems in one camp and the commies 980%) in the other. In the end, they are all (100%) socialist commies and the party is most weakened when divided. PDJT has it right, push for Bernie no matter what, he represents most of what they want but their biggest fear is to be ACCURATELY labeled socialist. Most of my neighbors would NOT admit to being socialist, but they would vote for a democrat that governs like a socialist. Expose them….


  6. Carrie says:

    🙂 Some of these people just understand what’s going on.


  7. jnr2d2 says:

    Like I said in the very beginning of the Democrat’s primary, everybody except Bernie, and Biden were running for VP. The only establishment “women” standing at the end was Klo. The only establishment(?) gay standing was Butti… As expected they endorsed Biden.
    Now we have the Sanders/Warren lane, and the Establishment lane of Biden. Bloomberg is a non-controllable, politically confused candidate — neither fish or fowl. Demos will always chose the “true believer” and the dirty little secret is that Totalitarian Socialism is 70 % of the party. Bernie is the real deal, Warren is a “pale” image(LOL), and Bloomberg is even a paler image with no discernible personality. Biden is basically a confused Zombie at this point. Since he was a VP we can impeach him now using the 25th amendment (or corruption, but he’ll say he has dementia and can’t remember! LOL).
    It’s too late for Warren to drop out now. She had leverage because she was generally polling 8-12 %, and if her voters got behind Bernie it’s all over!!! But she missed her chance for VP on a Bernie ticket by waiting till Super Tuesday. She did as Bad as Butti… in SC, and Sanders is ahead of her in her home state! She’ll be out after Tuesday, an after thought for VP. Bernie will find now a black female because that lane is where he is weakest.

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    • ILOT says:

      It’s no joke on the impeachment front. It’s one reason why HRC wants on the ticket…she’ll take him out in a heartbeat and won’t have to Arkancide him. Her payback to America will be impeach biden after 260 days, become potus and serve 2 additional full terms. It’s the main reason why PDJT wants bernie on the ticket…


    • Jan says:

      It looks like Bernie wants Omar. She was out campaigning with him today. And yes, he is that dumb.


  8. clipe says:

    Amy should have run on a plan to stop Global Whatever’s coming.


      • DaughterofLiberty says:

        Absolutely ridiculous optics. I initially became aware of her during the Kavanaugh hearings – she was the typical demon hit man – but at least articulate (prepared questions) – but good grief, she’s exposed herself as the total fool she truly is. Reminds one of the saying, “better to be thought of a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”.

        Bye Amy. And BTW – no one – absolutely NO ONE ever, ever would have voted for a president who goes by “Amy”. Stupid messaging. No alpha male world leader would have ever taken you seriously. Especially standing in the snow babbling about global warming. What a dope.


  9. Lanna says:

    Ha haha — just saw an Amy Ad! 6:37 CO time.


  10. visage13 says:

    They are all endorsing Biden but is is sad really. He no longer has the mental capacity to be a Senator let alone a President. He must have early onset Alzheimer’s or dementia. It isn’t even funny to me, it is just sad how they are trotting him out there to be a fool. I am pulling for Bernie, it is time once and for all to have the battle socialism/communism vs capitalism. There is no middle ground it is time to put up or shut up. I know capitalism will win but it needs to be shown as the crushing defeat it will be because well all know deep down, the Democrats are socialists they have just been hiding it all this time. Funny thing about social media and the internet you can’t hide from the truth anymore. It is all out there and always found.

    Literally the million dollar question, is Bernie going to fight or cave like he did last time?


    • Jan says:

      There’s a good chance that the # of people showing up for his rallies (to hear the band afterwards) has persuaded Bernie that he has a pretty good chance to win the presidency. IMHAO, he thinks he’s going to win so he won’t sell out, unless he catches the Romney bug.

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  11. mopar2016 says:

    The party of diversity.


  12. sunnydaze says:

    Good vid. on why Warren- the biggest loser pf ’em all – is still in the race.


  13. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    If she can’t even win a democratic primary as a senator in her own state, what does that tell you? Sounds like MN may turn red this election.


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