President Trump and COVID-19 Taskforce Press Conference on Coronavirus – 6:30pm Livestream…

President Trump and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force are scheduled to hold a press conference today at 6:30pm Eastern.  The COVID-19 taskforce was established on January 29th.  A quarantine and travel entry ban was announced January 30th, and ongoing proactive efforts to mitigate U.S. risk from the coronavirus outbreak are ongoing.

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The task force is being led by HHS Secretary Alex Azar and includes: Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health; Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Deputy Secretary, Department of Homeland Security; Matthew Pottinger, Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor.



Members of the President’s Coronavirus Task Force:

  • Secretary Alex Azar, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Robert O’Brien, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs
  • Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health
  • Deputy Secretary Stephen Biegun, Department of State
  • Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Deputy Secretary, Department of Homeland Security
  • Joel Szabat, Acting Under Secretary for Policy, Department of Transportation
  • Matthew Pottinger, Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor
  • Rob Blair, Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff
  • Joseph Grogan, Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council
  • Christopher Liddell, Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy Coordination
  • Derek Kan, Executive Associate Director, Office of Management and Budget
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453 Responses to President Trump and COVID-19 Taskforce Press Conference on Coronavirus – 6:30pm Livestream…

  1. Stephen F. Paul says:

    The President doesn’t want to focus on this in public, but i have no doubt The democrats and the never trumpers and anyone else who hates this president (or all of us ) want to try and use this crisis to harm the president anyway that they can. If they could crash the economy somehow by having their media wing put out stories that make it look 10X worse they will. They would all welcome a complete crash of the economy. If we all lost our jobs because of a contrived media made crisis they would revel in it. they would be high fiving each other and chest bumping each other. Saying we did it ,we finally won!!!!!

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    • Agreed. I also believe that if we all contracted COVID-19 and half of us died, they would be high-10ing each other and doing happy dances. They are angered by POTUS’s prescient and quite proper early travel ban which heretofore has limited the US infection rate as well as stymied their seemingly desperate desire for this to be POTUS’s “Katrina” or “BP/Horizon” moment,


  2. M W says:

    Note that Rosensteins sister and her CDC waited until AFTER the President addressed the Nation about Wuhan Diseas to release the info that there may be a case of Community spread in the US. In Mexifornia of course…Anything deception or perfidy is used to discredit the President they hate so virulently.


  3. I just watched this over at cspan and I thought it went really well. I thought the media was fairly well behaved and actually asked questions on the topic instead of anything negative they could come up with. I do think P/Trump could have had the doctors go over the self-care stuff (washing hands etc) but he did cover that himself. Media was fairly well behaved.

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  4. dutzie60 says:

    Hoo La La, those homeless encampments aren’t known for cleanliness. If there’s a pandemic in the US, that’s where it starts and California has many. Wonder how much of the 8 billion Gavin will ask for?

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      All of it. With it he’ll be able to build 80 state-of-the-art hotels with the most modern and luxurious conveniences available, all for the poor homeless people. And he also will not require them to give up their drug habits or go into rehab to live in them. 200 per hotel.

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  5. Texian says:

    Common Sense.. it’s what birthed this Nation..

    All the education and accolades in the world are useless without it..

    Schooling.. degrees.. doctorates.. they are just tools.. appliances.. like a shovel.. or a dishwasher..

    You have to know how to use them.. how to apply their principles.. especially when facing the unknown.. decisions.. decisions..

    Common Sense.. a wavelength that cannot be taught.. yet it is a catalyst.. that can determine the rise and fall of Nations..

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  6. maggie0987 says:

    We were watching a Gordon Chang interview today and he referred to two Canadians charged with smuggling coronavirus from a lab in Winnipeg. So we googled it and found this –



    • ATheoK says:

      The biohazard laboratory in China that works with this kind of biohazard is in Wuhan feet away from the seafood market.

      It also turned out that a worker at the biohazard laboratory was selling the remaining animals from the animal tests at the seafood market.

      China, since then, banned the sale of animal test subjects.


  7. T2020 says:

    It was a great press conf. POTUS has his sh** together.

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  8. CNN_sucks says:

    The demon rats are hysterical SOB. They want to spend 8.5 billion for 42 people infected? The president is only asking for 2 billion. Let’s start from there. Monitor this money. Don’t let hacks steal the money for re-election. Let us not make this another puerto rico relief debacle.

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    • James F says:

      Just for some perspective:

      Flu Costs The U.S. More Than $87 Billion Annually

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      • Carol Joy says:

        Yes, James F, much consideration and perspective is needed. A few yrs ago, we authorized some 2.5 billion for the Zika virus, which also was gonna wipe out most of humanity on the planet. And what was the result? A lot of overly pesticided pregnant women, whose babies were born deformed or else were still born.


      • thedoc00 says:

        Further perspective is needed on that $87 billion and all the money given CDC. Was it even spent or was it socked away as a slush fund?? Where and how was the money spent?? Was any (or how much) of the money distributed outside the CDC as it is supposed to be?? Then there is Carol Joys great point about Zika.

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    • clulessgrandpa says:

      Part of it is to send to the cities and states. Coincidently, the appeals courts today said that Trump can withhold money from sanctuary cities. Schumer then ups the request to help the D cities and states. Now the Democratic cities will now get the withheld funds thru this appropriation.

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      • GB Bari says:


        Schumer is so transparently dishonest…it is breathtaking to watch the DemonRATs lie through their teeth about EVERYTHING..

        If President Trump accepts the 8.5 billion, let’s seriously hope he (his team) can control exactly where that is spent.

        The DemonRATs have “six thousand ways from Sunday” to steal taxpayer money and funnel it into their political war chests and benefactors’ bank accounts.

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      • thedoc00 says:

        The president can only withhold money of Justice related items unless cooperation is written specifically into a spending bill. Fat chance either p[arty will allow the proviso be added but I would like to see the Administration at least try to add it.

        As for money sent from the CDC to states and municipalities, you have hit upon a major issue with the CDC getting any money. They do not like to share any money outside their walls, so Congress (both parties) will ear mark it to force the issue and we all know how ear marks work. Plus, the money will not be spent to combat the issue at hand as the labs, response teams and medical folks dong the treating will very little if any of the money.

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        • Les D says:

          Yesterday, the 2nd Cir Fed App Ct (covers NE states) issued an Opinion on the AG w/holding Grant money from Sanctuary cities that says the AG can, headed to S Ct now because other Fed App Cts held you were right. Whatever the S Ct decides, and I think they will go 5-4 to yesterday’s opinion, it isn’t going to change the major city’s Sanctuary policy.
          The Grant money at stake is app $250 million per annum, but for the entire US, every law enforcement entity that applies. So assuming for discussion NYC loses 5 million a year from this special AG controlled Grant, NYC won’t change their sanctuary status. NYC loses that much money every week servicing their debt. So, sarcastically, a few less new SUV’s, whatever else, etc etc.


  9. hawkins6 says:

    An excellent “Presidential” press conference by P Trump. It was a perfect balance between keeping your cool under pressure but preparing for the worst. PT’s answer to the ludicrous Pelosi comment was a perfect shaming of her; but the House Dems have no shame left in their rattled brains.

    Note–Thanks to sundance for providing easy access to important videos like this one, the India visit ones etc.

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  10. CNN_sucks says:

    Even Michael Savage is a hysterical SOB and shouting on a crowded theater today. He should take a deep breath. PDJT got this.

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  11. cyberfoy says:

    I hope he can trust his HHS Secretary. Too many saboteurs among him.


  12. Troublemaker10 says:

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  13. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • gnadfly says:

      What specifically have the Dems suggested by done? The only thing I’ve heard from them is criticism.

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    • gnadfly says:

      What specifically have the Dems suggested by done? The only thing I’ve heard from them is criticism.


    • gnadfly says:

      What specifically have the Dems suggested be done? The only thing I’ve heard from them is criticism.


    • thedoc00 says:

      I had close relatives working in a state’s public health office and they relayed the same message to me based on their work on this and past public health issues. They also discussed how the CDC fails miserably to actually fulfill the obligations they take on with the federal funding they are given, to improve “local” response capabilities.

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  14. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • kleen says:

      I am scared not because of reporters but because what I see happening, The unknown is scary.

      Watch the videos out of China it is scary.

      Even if you could care less about the elderly dying and the virus itself, economically it will be devastating, Globally.

      Japan said there’s no way they can contain it. So their efforts will be dedicated to controlling ‘Harm Reduction’ aimed at limiting deaths.

      Schools are closed in Japan and China to prevent spreading the virus.


      • Les D says:

        I’m w/ you Kleen. High possibility our normal pleasurable lives will soon be curtailed until the virus self-mutates to less deadly, which is the history of the few pandemic virus’ over history. Eg, H1N1 virus worldwide pandemic Spanish Flu peaked 1918 in the US w/ est 675k dead, 40 million+ worldwide. No vaccine, ended by mutating to only a bad flu. H1NI came back 90 years later as Swine Flu, H1N1-9, vaccines were in the making the previous 20 years, all of this yours to google, lots of lit.

        Vaccine for Corona-9 is not coming along quickly or however PT said, and I am a fan. But it will come. This year’s flu shot missed way too many because it annually targets mostly Type A flu, and this year out of nowhere Type B went thru the roof, so there’s that factor.
        The whole world needs a dose for Corona. Mandatory, not optional like me never getting a flu shot.
        From development to approval to mass production to distribution to inoculation to every billion is going to take longer then we want to admit. IMHO, the best we can hope for as an aspirin type temp solution is that it mutates to a non-deadly virus quickly.


  15. teabag14 says:

    PDJT called Pelosi incompetent! TWICE! 👍😍
    Excellent presser. I thought it pretty much validated everything Sundance has been reporting to us since the beginning. Great job, as always, Sundance. Thank you. ❤

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  16. Retired IG says:

    President Trump is a MASTER of CALM. So glad he is dampening down the HYSTERIA over a virus. Loved that he stated the FACTS about the flu. Can’t take a flu shot myself and am not dead yet. And neither will anyone else die if that don’t want that shot.
    Not to make a pun or a funny, but the hype around this virus makes me sick. At HEART my SPIRIT. Have lost two family members from cancers caused by exposures to toxic chemicals and lethal materials. Still angry about that.
    Do not remember the Teacher, but when there is a topic in the forefront of the “NEWS” there is another background story going on that is even MORE important that is not being talked about. Since the Russia, Russia, Mueller, Mueller, Mueller saga FICTIONS are winding down for the most part, this new hysteria is concerning. What is the REAL STORY?
    Have been reading John Rappaport for about 20 years or so, and get his posts in email. The once I received yesterday resonates true with me. Sounds and feels true for me.
    The Farmer’s Almanac has a shopping bag for sale: ROMAINE CALM AND CARROT ON!

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  17. pocaMAGAjunta says:

    While President Trump and his administration were focusing on putting together the corona task force and implementing measures to protect Americans, what were Schiff, Pelosi and Schumer focused on? Oh yeah, attempting to distract our president and wasting America’s time and resources on the fake impeachment!

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  18. abel says:

    At the risk of sounding like a jerk, I’d like the president or his staff to go on the offensive and draw the contrast of open border/no border dems who would import pandemics with little to no concern for the american public. It’s time to tell why our policies of not being fully reliant on foreign lands to produce our antibiotics, drugs, and products are the right policies. There’s no way the dems should be allowed to even comment on Trumps handling of the pandemic a month and a half after the fact, while they were too busy trying their 3rd or 4th coup to even acknowledge the pandemic when it started. Time to go on the warpath and draw the contrast to these useless globalists.

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  19. Ludo says:

    Good to know that the whole corona virus thing is a hoax by the left and that there is no cause for concern. Trump got this.

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  20. Fools Gold says:

    Common Sense question, Can insects, birds, animals and fish be contaminated with this virus?


    • StuckInBlue says:

      If they’ve been used to test the virus, then most certainly.


    • Fools Gold says:

      And spread this virus to humans?


      • Fools Gold says:

        And visa versa?


        • Maquis says:

          This is believed to be a zoonotic disease, meaning it developed in animals and was passed on by animals. China is currently clubbing stray animals to death… Have seen nothing regarding animals as vectors here. Considering that the origin of this disease is murky behind the Bamboo Curtain we really don’t know what animals might possibly even be capable of becoming infected.

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    • Scarlet says:

      Hubby is a veterinarian. We’ve had equine and bovine Coronavirus in this country for decades.
      The transmission to humans has been zero.
      He believes it could’ve been weaponized in a China lab to be hazardous to humans.

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      • Zippy says:

        Several Western biowarfare defense (formerly offence 😉 experts who know what to look for in bioweapons disagree.

        Here’s what most likely happened: a western P4 facility expert warned in 2017 about the Chinese even -HAVING- a P4 facility, the one being built in Wuhan at the time, considering their authoritarian, -COVER UP- culture. They’d previously leaked the SARS virus accidentally while studying it. SARS-CoV-2 was probably accidentally leaked via an infected worker who didn’t know they were infected, the local (and perhaps even higher) Chinese Communist Party apparatchiks covered it up and thereby allowed its MASSIVE spread in China and then elsewhere which has most likely enabled it to become a world pandemic.


        • Scarlet says:

          Yes, but with all due respect, that doesn’t explain how THIS Coronavirus became genetically mutated to be able to affect humans.
          Zoonotic Coronavirus was never transferable to humans.
          That explanation only defines the transmission of the already mutated virus.


  21. MustangBlues says:

    Well, there you see it demonstrated: The Esteemed Mr. President, El Jefe, El Patron, The Man, Boss Man, The Man in Charge;

    Yes, that is Donald J. Trump–a majestic gift of a leader in the worst of times for the damsel America, so abused and misused by communist democrats for personal venal gain.

    We The People are Lucky. President Trump, The Best is Yet to Come.

    Vote, encourage all to vote for the American Warrior, President Donald J. Trump.

    MAGA KAG, Always.

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  22. Eric says:

    Im confused. I thought AIDS was going to wipeout mankind. I find it laughable that anyone believes anything coming from a communist country. I would of thought the climate experts would be ecstatic at the thought of 10 to 15% of the world’s population dying off hence saving mother earth. Wake me up when the Corona, (not the beer), virus kills at least 75% of the number of babies murdered right here in the good ole USSA every single year.

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    • Esperanza says:

      Interesting thoughts, according to figures printed in the French press (therefore underrepresented in my opinion), the virus kills mainly older men. Personally I think the world was tending to a war with China BT (Before Trump), whether naturally or pushed by the elites, because what else do you do with a surfeit of young men? Now that won’t be necessary. I believe the virus escaped from the lab, and I think the Chinese authorities have, in essence, admitted that.

      Secondly, on the world supply chain reset, Wuhan is a major automobile parts hub. Now, since nothing practically is moving out, where are companies getting parts? From the US I hope.

      France just had a teacher die, with no known contact with the virus. We are currently at 3 deaths from 17 confirmed cases.


  23. Tim Holden says:

    I have been following the issue for some weeks. Let me lay out some figures obtained from the World Health organisation, but first let me make it clear that I am sceptical of everything that is being announced.

    It was obvious that the figures from China were completely unreliable. I therefore followed figures from the rest of the world.

    On February 7th there were 270 cases outside China.
    On February 15th the number had increased to 750.
    By February 19th we were up to 1120 reported cases.
    By February 25th the number again increased to 2800.
    Today, February 27th reported cases are 3800 total Rest of World.

    Some of the countries (for example Iran) where the virus occurs are probably more unreliable for data than China, but I selected the following Countries as potentially reliable enough to consider for reaching any kind of conclusion, listed in order of case numbers:
    South Korea, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, U.K., Switzerland, Canada.
    I omitted the USA – which would list after Hong Kong in the above list – in order to draw comparisons.
    Those countries on my “reliable” list report 2800 cases. At this stage 30 deaths have occurred. Of the 2800 cases, 80 are reported as “serious”. This sounds not too bad, but there is a problem: Only 200 cases are reported as “recovered”.

    At this stage we plainly do not know enough. If we were to take “Western” countries, which are half of the countries on my list we have 550 cases, as at 10am GMT, 12 deaths all in Italy, 35 serious all in Italy.

    The good news, perhaps, is that figures for Germany, Australia, UK, Canada, Switzerland, amount to 81 cases (as at 10am GMT today),with no deaths and 41 reported as “recovered”. See below in conclusions reached.

    Current conclusion:
    1. The real issue is that we currently have 3800 cases outside China with only 200 cases reported as “recovered”.
    2. The apparent alarming rate of spread is almost certainly an issue of catching up on something already widespread. Test kits have not been available, meaning the virus is more widespread than reflected by reported cases.
    3. Current figures reflect sharp disparities compared to figures from China. Any speculation is valid for the situation there, but it appears that measures taken in China have started to reduce the spread. My concern is that there may be more than one virus on the loose in Wuhan, and that they continue to be less than honest about it.
    4. It’s taking non-Western countries a long time to declare a case to be “recovered”. There may be several reasons.
    5. We are still several weeks from being able to draw any reliable conclusion about any of this. There are statistics but they are not reliable yet, even those from outside China. Fatalities in the West indicate that good care works well. My knowledge of Italian hospitals is limited, but I’m informed that they’re not good at patient care.
    6. One statistic that is broadly consistent is that 6% of the reported cases become serious. Another reasonable consistent factor, compared to Western countries, is that the USA is in line with these. At the moment.
    7. Given the sudden growth of cases over the last three weeks and the fact that it seems we are only on the edge of clarity as far as stats are concerned, it is likely that we need another two weeks to really get any idea of what is going on. At the moment, in balance of what can be seen, this conspiracy theorist sees both cause for concern and some hope in the numbers at hand.
    8. It worries me that reportedly this thing kills older males more than others. Start thinking the way I think, and you may see my point.

    Please take my apologies for this lengthy discourse, but I thought people might be interested in the numbers, if not the conclusions.

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    • apocalypsetest says:


      The combined lack of clarity on incubation time and recovery continue to give me pause on the virus itself and its ability to directly disrupt our lives. But western health, medicine an open communication will keep us from being impacted the way China or Iran is regardless.

      The supply chain and economic disruption are where the real risk lies here in the US. Trumps crossover support is based on two things IMO: how bat crap crazy the left has become, sure; but most importantly how his economic policy has touched groups not normally reached during boom times.

      It’s hard to see how we don’t have a major contraction around Q3 based on supply chain disruption and hits to the travel industry. Thats just in time for the election.

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    • Zippy says:

      The best stats may come from the accidental, somewhat controlled experiment that was the Diamond Princess, at least as far as the case fatality rates (CFRs) are concerned after compensating for age groups and preexisting conditions.

      An epidemic expert who was involved in the MERS, SARS, and Ebola epidemic has said that, because of their SARS experience, Singapore has by far the best network in the world for epidemic control and if they can’t control it, no one will. They seem to be succeeding and their data should be excellent.

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    • Dixie says:

      A treeper (sorry can’t remember who) posted this link yesterday so I thought it might be of interest again today. It is updated information on the world numbers by Johns Hopkins: (If you click on the link, you will need to refresh the page in order to get the updated numbers).

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      Tim: Thank you very much for a ‘reasoned’ post. We certainly need more time to obtain the necessary stats to accept “panic” or sensible “care”. As a former Nurse’s Aide, I firmly believe that the focus on “hand washing” is one to pay close attention, always. It is such common sense, and yet I observe a fairly large percentage of persons exiting public washrooms without exercising this easy ‘prevention’ technique. (a pet peeve)

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  24. Conservative_302 says:

    Trump is a rockstar. He and Pence looked/are smart and competent. Thank goodness they are in power. They must win reelection. We can never have open borders in this country. The corona virus or any virus threat is a perfect example of why we must have secure borders. The dems story line is getting very old. They are all crackpots. Thank you God for giving us Trump and Pence.

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  25. TJ says:

    Every question was answered by the panel assembled in the first 15 minutes.

    Kudos to the Indian journalist. That was the only genuine question in the whole conference.

    Kudos to President Trump for giving him a brief, but sincere answer and for bringing attention to stupid people spreading political FUD.

    Thanks to CTH for providing great coverage of India during TEOTWAWKI.


  26. XO says:

    Can we stop referring to this as coronavirus and call it what it actually is – a Chinese biological warfare agent?

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  27. FreedomLover says:

    On display was the complete idiocy of the American press. Foreign press people made this even more evident.

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  28. rich hahn says:

    I give him an incomplete. I wanted to know what is being done to make face masks available, to talk more about prevention, what is being done to address supply chain issues with drugs, and to address known holes in the quarantine process. I don’t believe in trust me, I’m with from the government, which was what the press conference turned into.


    • XO says:

      Face masks really don’t do anything other than keeping you from sticking your hands in your mouth and nose.


      • Zippy says:

        NO, they also prevent droplets from entering your mouth or nose if you are not infected (you need goggles, too, to prevent them from getting in your eyes). If you are infected, they prevent the spray of droplets when you cough.

        What they don’t do is stop individual viruses, especially after the mask becomes moist from breathing and the fibers swell and expand. There is a study I found of a mask that stops individual viruses that uses a salt-impregnated middle layer, but I doubt it’s in production and if it is, it’s probably made in China.


      • rich hahn says:

        Then why do medical professionals wear masks?


        • XO says:

          From the CDC website:

          Unlike NIOSH-approved N95s, facemasks are loose-fitting and provide only barrier protection against droplets, including large respiratory particles. No fit testing or seal check is necessary with facemasks. Most facemasks do not effectively filter small particles from the air and do not prevent leakage around the edge of the mask when the user inhales.
          The role of facemasks is for patient source control, to prevent contamination of the surrounding area when a person coughs or sneezes.  Patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 should wear a facemask until they are isolated in a hospital or at home. The patient does not need to wear a facemask while isolated.


  29. kleen says:

    I disagree with most and POTUS. We are in a crises and this is as serious as it gets.

    China would not shut down for some Flu or even to save people’s lives, They don’t care about lives.

    If they are willing to shut down the country is because it’s really bad.

    What I am most concerned about is the unknown. Apparently this virus is like the HIV virus as far as its composition and it looks like it stays in the body forever, causing re-occurrences.

    No for sure, but apparently China is having issues with returning patients getting sick again. So if the virus doesn’t stay ion the body then you catch it again.

    That’s bad.

    Prepare for a nationwide lockdown. It’s coming.


    • Zippy says:

      Yeah, POTUS made the decision to hold that conference on the plane coming back from India, almost certainly because of the multi-day market nosedive. I didn’t catch the whole thing, but after POTUS gave the seasonal flu stats in the usual whataboutism, someone in the media brought up the fact that on average, the death rate from seasonal flu is about 0.1% and that’s far lower than the 2% that has been calculated so far for COVID-19. He didn’t say it, but that’s 20 times lower. To which the POTUS said it’s not 0.1%.


    • James F says:

      China’s economy was already heading for imminent collapse after being dominated by Trump in the trade war.

      Now they can save face by blaming it all on the virus.


    • PatriotKate says:

      i had the real Swine Flu in 1976 and was quite sick. I no sooner got over it then I relapsed and had it a second time. I ended up being sick for almost a month. However, I haven’t had the flu since then more than 40 years later.

      I refuse to be driven to hysteria. I trust my instincts and those say this is not the disaster it’s being made out to be. We’ve heard similar things in the past over Swine, Sars, H1N1, Zika and now this. I firmly believe if you do all the right things to make sure you are healthy and have a strong immune system. I am not a vaccine proponent so won’t be looking for that.

      On a personal note, my DIL mom’s best friend is a Virologist and she’s apparently already been contacted and tapped to be on a team to work on the threat.

      My biggest concern is the supply disruption.

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  30. glissmeister says:

    Looking at the timing and logically carrying it forward while listening The Mighty Wurlitzer blasting grand orchestrations of Opus Doom across the media, this has all the markers of a False Flag. The incidence and distribution of the incidence of infection and it’s potential for economic impact is conspicuously timed for the 2020 US Presidential election cycle. Are there criminal, subversive and 5th Column interests domestically and globally that would do such a thing to sabotage Trump’s reelection and change the trajectory of governments? Of course there are.

    Aspects of the virulence identified so far do raise reasonable questions of weaponization, but this is not particularly sophisticated process for those fluent in the science. There is no particular need for direct government involvement in the creation such an agent, or its seeding into target populations.

    Paranoia aside, the greater risks are posed by malpractice and incompetence in the governments whose populations are impacted. Hysteria is a threat. By all appearances to date, ordinary influenza is much more dangerous.

    Otherwise, this is just another virus that infects humans causing morbidity and premature death in some. This is not to trivialize but to remind such viruses routinely cause human death and suffering. It did not begin with the designation of COVID-19. There is nothing particularly new or special about the virus itself, it’s morbidity or mortality among humans.

    What is new is the sudden organization and unleashing of The Mighty Wurlitzer blasting grand orchestrations of Opus Doom, as the political opposition to Trump lines up with an apparent intent to politically weaponize the infection as a device to spread hysteria and unfounded paranoia for personal gain and political advantage. It’s as if they relish the spread of the illness, hoping for the worst of economic impact and well-timed downturn, again, for personal gain and political advantage. Opus Doom has been propelled to number 19 on the charts, with a bullet.

    “These people are sick” — as they were long before we began to hear about COVID-19.

    Who could have imagined a viral outbreak could trigger an explosion of opportunistic parasitic activity among the predatory political class? Let us not be naive about their manifestations of depravity, bad faith and their appetite for wrongdoing and ruin of innocent lives.

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    • RobInPA says:

      This is the obvious “Round 2” of Braaaaack Hussein Soros’ nefarious plan to INFECT the population of the USA with illnesses to harm the citizens of this country and sow the seeds of misery and disruption.

      My point of reference is Braaaaack’s secret program of flying in illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America (2014 ish), and depositing them mostly in ‘conservative’ areas, unbeknownst to the leaders and citizen’s of those communities.

      In addition to bearing the costs of the invasion, including increases in crime, education costs, etc., these communities saw sharp increases in infectious diseases some of which have not been seen in the USA in many many decades.


      • says:

        Yes. And look at history. Why did they go the trouble, complexity and costs of building and operating Ellis Island?

        Nothing new here. The fundamentals don’t change.

        Drug resistant TB was just the tip of the iceberg. The suspected Soros great border rush of many thousands of infected foreign infiltrators pouring over our southern borders was first and foremost a biological attack on our schools, families and communities.

        Socialist and globalist foundations and conspirators mainlined thousands of disease delivery bipeds from the petri dishes of the 3rd world, across the southern border to be injected directly into the classrooms and schools of our nations children.

        Now that’s some truth than needs to be made part of the emerging politics of the craven bastards who enabled and covered up this perverse biological “experiment” inflicted upon the kids and their taxpaying families.

        I cannot think of a more cynical and profound betrayal of the American family. Compared to drug resistant TB, COVID-19 is like a pimple compared to a chainsaw wound.

        Check this out. It’s another faction of the parasites and predators that have been assailing our VSGPDJT from the beginning. This is yet another arm of the hydra:

        Oh. And that 30 Trillion USD in debt we’re supposed to have. I’ll wager most of it flowed into the pockets of NGOs, their lawyers and consultants, via crooked and perverse DoS, UN, WMF and EU grants and programs collectivized to build a new world order and resulting world government to replace those damn Americans and their Constitution.

        These people are sick. Their political movement is part criminal syndicate and part plague of zombies that will not die. This is what they are selling off and betraying our nation to create while they fill their pockets with perversely funneled taxpayer monies.


  31. Zippy says:

    Anyone with a knowledge of the data could have guessed this already:

    FEBRUARY 26, 2020
    Coronavirus screening ‘missing more than half of cases’: study

    Global screening efforts to prevent the rapid spread of coronavirus are likely to fail, according to new research warning that even best-case screenings of air travellers will miss more than half of infected people.

    Researchers in the United States and Britain in a study published in the journal eLife used computer models to predict the impact of screening, based on the latest data of how the coronavirus behaves and how long it takes for patients to show symptoms.

    Building on similar work in 2015, they found that many cases would inevitably be missed and called for a re-think in how nations screen passengers.

    “If someone doesn’t realise they have been exposed, and doesn’t yet show symptoms, then they are fundamentally undetectable,” Katelyn Gostic, a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Chicago and lead author told AFP.

    ***”We estimate that on average, screening will miss about two thirds of infected travellers.”***

    ***Gostic stressed that these misses were not the result of human error, but rather an inevitable by-product of how the virus behaves.***

    The WHO says that the typical incubation period—that is the time between a patient contracting the virus and symptoms showing—is around 10-14 days. [actually as much as 27 in rare instances – Z]

    This means that patients could be contagious without even knowing it, rendering temperature tests searching for a tell-tale fever and even self-reporting of exposure largely useless.

    Upon screening, travellers fall into one of four categories: symptomatic but unaware of exposure; aware but asymptomatic; symptomatic and aware; and neither symptomatic nor aware.

    Gostic and the team found that the final category were completely undetectable by traditional screening methods, and travellers in the third category could only be caught if they were willing to self report.

    Even assuming a best-case scenario where only one in 20 passengers were “subclinical”—that is, infected but not showing symptoms—the models predicted that 53 percent of cases would be missed.

    “Substantial fractions of the people who have tested positive in quarantine… did not show any detectable symptoms at the time of diagnosis,” said Gostic.


  32. railer says:

    Trump is the best ever, bar none. Nobody could have been as prepared for a presentation as he was. He sits with experts, who he’s helped choose, listens, gets the status and information he needs, processes it, then goes in front of the world and leads a full presentation for the world, brilliantly delivered.

    1. The CDC woman is a dedicated public health physician, the one standing to Trump’s left. She’s all business. Not distracted by the nonsense. I see the hand of Trump here. He’s all about the American people and their health and safety. So is she. That’s one part of this, the immediate actions and information to be provided to everybody. Pity Washington doesn’t do its job and broadcast this information to all

    2. The NHS doctor “Fauci” (sp) is all business. Laid out the timeline for a vaccine clearly. Trustworthy. I believe him. That’s the second half of this, what are we doing longterm? Answered. Simply.

    3. The border. Who gets in and how? Trump made the obvious point that he closed out certain countries immediately, and the dementia patient Biden even attacked him for it, the poor confused soul. Thank goodness Trump foresaw all this and acted so quickly. We may be able to minimize the spread and fewer clusters of infection allow resources to be concentrated. Trump will stay in contact with other countries and further close borders as necessary. Solid plan.

    4. The economy. A well thought and honest analysis by Trump. A strong economy can withstand a dropping DOW, but a drop wouldn’t be unusual here.

    5. The infection could spread, or it could be a minor issue. No promises. No claims. No bull. Simple statement.

    Wonderful bit of public service, by all those people up there, especially le grand fromage at the podium.

    Liked by 2 people

  33. Eric says:

    And now….everyone wants a wall. To bad it’s not built completely around our nation AND 50,000’ high. All those boarder jumping buses with wings still bringing people in from hot spots DAILY. Obviously not that big of a deal except for the parasite class wondering how much grift they can get their hands on with the latest end of the world Ponzi scheme. Currently an American citizen has 5x the chance of death from being hit by lightning, getting buried in an avalanche, or drinking Coronas in Mexico than Corona but hey, let’s throw billions at the latest boogeymen so our faithful servants in the Goobermint can get their hands on it. Yes I’m a cynic. Yes I completely made up that statistic. It’s more like 10x. I still have a couple generators and cases of MREs from Y2K if anyone’s interested. Pay attention to what our government with the help of other nations is willing to do to bring down the bad orange man. Did I say I’m cynical?

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Rudy says:

    The stock market decline is occurring in an odd fashion to me. Pretty much the same percentage drops every day. Bond funds rising only slightly but short and long term Treasury yields are as stable as they’ve been for several months. No rush to buy treasuries which is what I would have expected.. So whoever is selling stocks seems to be holding the cash in reserve. One scenario that occurs to me is this unwinding (seems institutional driven) is taking great pains to avoid a Stock panic. If we get a very large sudden drop in the next few weeks, guess who has a better chance of winning the next Pres election. Wall Street is full of crooks but they’re not quite ready for a Commie President. I don’t think so anyway. One thing that sucks is the PresIdent has one less bragging point as of right now. Let’s say the market declines 25%. Just picking a number as an example. It has to them rise about 33% to get back to even. That’s a lot for the time remaining until November. Oh well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dixie says:

      One scenario that occurs to me is this unwinding (seems institutional driven) is taking great pains to avoid a Stock panic

      I completely agree.


  35. minnesotamike55 says:

    Pay attention everyone to this next anti Trump plot. Pelosi and Shumer will send through a virus bill loaded with wasteful spending and when Trump or anyone comes out against it, the media and lefties will claim Republicans want people to die, anti healthcare, racist, etc.


  36. The CDC lies about the number of “flu” deaths so they can justify the millions they get for funding and selling vaccines.


  37. zekness says:

    little secret, not so secret:

    the market will play out no matter what a president has to say…or anyone for that matter.

    global markets just don’t work like that.

    so bear this in mind while you applaud the president’s rhetoric about the markets.

    ACTION will have effects on the markets…not words.

    here is the ACTION right now.

    a real supply crisis is unfolding..that will cause scarcity AND pricing.

    stock markets and equity holdings depend on growth…or the illusion of it (“markets” have been detached from the reality of supply and demand for since…always….inspecting the p/e ratios would be one of many clues about this reality.)

    throwing money at this problem will not realize any effects in the short term to solve supply issues.

    investments…real effects that demonstrate a path to recovering supply issues will inspire confidences.

    the DOW index is as good of a real indicator as any market reflection of realities.

    Selling PUT options is another indicator about where the market is headed.

    inspect that. There’s some truth about what direction to expect.

    we haven’t even gotten close to the bottom yet.

    recovery will take a long time.

    plan for it.

    don’t be a sucker.

    carry on.


    • zekness says:

      expect major markets to halt trading in a few days of week ahead. that will also be an indicator of what real effects this crisis is headed.’

      southbound and down.

      be safe….be realistic….observe food practices and pay attention to health advisories in your local area and regions nearest you….

      this crisis is far from over.

      not fear mongering here! reality and practical risk planning.


      • zekness says:

        *good practices (meaning be aware of risk areas and what you can do right now to minimize the risk should this threat visit your area, place of work, food stock, medicine you need, fuel, self independence is a isolation or containment order is alerted)


    • Zippy says:

      “the DOW index is as good of a real indicator as any market reflection of realities.”

      NO, actually it is not and never has been. Also, much of the trading these days is done by automation – AI “algos” – and not humans. Among other inputs, they actually read headlines.

      Witness two HUGE examples of our markets not being an indicator of reality – the Dot Com and Subprime Mortgage bubbles. Right now, due to the mostly DEBT-based “recoveries” WORLDWIDE from the 2007 Global Financial Crisis, we are now in “The Everything Bubble”… and its’ just waiting for a pin. The pandemic and supply chain disruptions due to China may just be it.


      • zekness says:


        as good as any…

        can you show me one index anywhere that is as good as a real indicator of DOW?

        Yeah, I didn’t think so.

        next…the dot com and the credit crisis huh? like comparing apples to the smell of perfume.

        those two events NEVER experienced a real global supply chain of REAL PRODUCTS. It was certainly a factor in many mortgage frauds and derivatives and it certainly did cause global FINANCIAL markets to collapse. But those were related to BUBBLE (speculative tulips!)..

        what we are seeing play out is a real supply crisis of real products….literally the bread and butter of the underpinings of the global supply…for consumers of ALL types..not only the segment of dot com investors who gambled into a ridiculous zero product sham. Or morgagers who should never have been able to gain a loan in the first place had it not been for severe fraud created by large insitutional banks….

        the effects are related to completely different causes. A little history is important.

        we have now, for all technical descriptions a pandemic disease that has caused a major disuption in the world’s largest manufacturing and production countries (china), with well over 90 percent of major corporation across the globe having significant dependence of that production. At this moment in time, it’s expected to have 1-3 % global GDP hit…and that is right now, and tomorrow everything goes right back to normal. and that number is conservative….

        the realities of this global supply coupled with a real possibility it will be extended and will eventually create a inter modal transportation reduction of significant proportions….how do you move things that are not being created? How do you move things when regional centers of commerce are effectively limited to isolate and contain a disease? yeah….that.

        ok, so lets just assume I’m just shooting out of my rear end….lets pretend the markets is somehow completely insulated from the realities of supply and demand..lets’ pretend this crisis is some manufactured side show that is just some corrrection from a dot com or credit crisis derivative market that was fraudulent.

        lets go with that assumption.

        look at market ports of shipping and rail…and road carriers..and airline freight.

        and the price of oil…understand why oil is dropping? yeah…it’s not a fluke.

        yeah….okay, so you don’t like looking at the DOW….fine

        lets look at reality.

        this is going away just because we want it to. This will go away when real manufacturing and production resumes and the markets stabilize and recover.

        we are not even close to seeing any of that right now. we are just now, seeing the effects of the first stages of a global supply disruptions….

        not fear mongering..

        truth based on facts and evidence.


  38. Zippy says:

    24 Feb 2020 correspondence to the prestigious UK medical journal The Lancet – retracted… and we know why.

    Chinese medical staff request international medical assistance in fighting against COVID-19


    The conditions and environment here in Wuhan are more difficult and extreme than we could ever have imagined. There is a severe shortage of protective equipment, such as N95 respirators, face shields, goggles, gowns, and gloves.

    Due to an extreme shortage of health-care professionals in Wuhan, 14,000 nurses from across China have voluntarily come to Wuhan to support local medical health-care professionals. But we need much more help. We are asking nurses and medical staff from countries around the world to come to China now, to help us in this battle.


  39. Zippy says:

    Very clever. Some companies are turning on their equipment which consumes electric power so their remotely monitorable power consumption makes it appear they are back to work.


  40. Zippy says:

    Pope Cancels Event Over “Slight Illness” After Shaking Hands With ‘Mask-Wearing’ Public In St. Peter’s Square
    27 Feb 2020

    After breaking with his typical practice of waving and instead making a point to shake hands with revelers during his Ash Wednesday audience in St. Peter’s Square, media reports claim Pope Francis has fallen ill with a “slight illness”.

    However, observers noted that he sounded hoarse and already appeared to have a slight cold during the Ash Wednesday service, quieting fears that he might have picked up the virus during the public audience, that was attended by thousands despite the outbreak in Italy sparking fears of public gatherings. The pope reportedly coughed during the service repeatedly.


  41. Zippy says:

    Coronavirus Epidemic Update 27: Testing accuracy for COVID-19 (CT Scan vs. RT-PCR), California Cases
    27 Feb 2020


    • Zippy says:

      BTW, according to that entirely apolitical MD, the unconnected to China travel or proximity to known infected case in CA indicating community spread was -SERIOUSLY- botched by -ALL- officially involved including medical personnel as far as preventing themselves and others from becoming infected. This doesn’t bode well…


  42. Doppler says:

    In a pandemic, the recovered become the “new normal.” China has some 30,000 recovered now, and should put them to work first serving the sick and quarantined. Later they can lead the reopening of factories and other places of work.


  43. Eric says:

    Did Theconservativetreehouse turn into Lots of cutting/pasting going on.


  44. CM-TX says:

    While I can’t fully agree with the aspect of hyping up fears in this article, there are some valid points to be gained from it…

    | Trump insists America “very, very ready” for any coronavirus pandemic, fails to mention virtually NO ONE being tested in America… the “Trump TRAP” is now set by the CDC |


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