White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro Discusses Coronavirus as an Actual and Economic Contagion…

White House Manufacturing and Trade Advisor Peter Navarro has been advocating for a return to U.S. production of medical products as a matter of national security.  With the spread of the Chinese Coronavirus and a rapid depletion of medical response products, Navarro’s concerns carry more weight than ever before.

President Trump has tasked Navarro with lead position coordinating the administration response to U.S. supply chain impacts.  In this interview with Charles Payne, Peter Navarro outlines the ongoing efforts to address all Coronavirus impacts.


On the economic front President Trump has positioned the U.S. to withstand supply chain disruption better than most consumer economies. Starting from a position that the U.S. was too dependent on Chinese products; over the past two years Trump has pressured companies to return to the U.S. or find alternate suppliers outside China. During the two-year tariff battle many companies did exactly that. As a result those companies are not dependent on Chinese component goods. A proactive position is now helping many U.S. companies avoid the China economic contagion, and insulating their business interest.

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  1. clulessgrandpa says:

    The unfortunate part of this is that US business sought cheaper labor to lower the COGS sold vs looking at their business strategically and in a global supply chain. No one thought to answer the question “What happens to supply, if the supplier gets cut off?”

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    • lieutenantm says:

      It is certainly time for Trump to force the return of all strategic manufacturing
      to the continenmtal US……we’ve waited too long, looks like. Simply restart all the processes here now…even if facilities cannot be quickly or wholly moved.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Until someone with firsthand experience tells us differently, we must assume that the Panda-faced Chinese officials with whom the corporate leaders negotiated likely assured the foreigners with smiling faces that China would not allow that to happen. And the US corporate big whigs probably received a BIG payday for signing the contracts.

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  2. seasidemommy says:

    Praying for my nation. Praying for my President. Praying for the humans who are not important to the elite globalists.

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  3. sundance says:

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    • David Vicknair says:

      This is a great discussion. Disruption of supply chains, counterfeit goods, nationalization of US companies and theft of technology are all making business in China more risky. As risk increases companies will require higher returns or, other thing being equal, will seek out lower risk alternatives. China’s arrogance and greed, along with a push from COVID-19, has killed the Golden Goose.

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      • spoogels says:

        Maybe India could supply the US with drugs it needs
        It has a really vigorous drug making industry
        With US supervision and quality testing of course

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        • H.R. says:

          You can bet your sweet bippy that President Trump will discuss that topic during this visit.

          But getting drugs manufactured in India is a short-term solution and not necessarily a sure thing. India may wind up needing certain drugs related to this pandemic and might not be able to deliver.

          We still need to re-shore pharmaceutical-making capability or we’ll wind up right back in the same situation, but with India instead of China.

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      • Bugsdaddy says:

        This is indeed a great discussion.
        Scary thing is, my 16 year-old brought up these very same points about diversification of supply about 2 weeks ago.

        We must have some really stupid MBA’s out there leading these companies!


    • zekness says:

      or pandemic like intellectual property theft and transfer.
      or enabling the pandemic fascist state of china and pretending it isn’t a threat to a national security.
      or the pandemic nature of the militarization and illegal island snatching by the PRC
      or the pandemic of chinese hacking efforts that threaten US national security
      or the pandemic of china’s long term “new” silk road project to rule the entire continent that threatens all US allies in the region
      or the pandemic of a nuclear arms race the PRC has engaged in
      or the pandemic of the PRC using PRK as a proxy terror state to lever policies in the region and a direct open threat to US forces
      or the pandemic threat of PRC to continue making very low quality unsafe products sold in every damned big box in the US.
      or the pandemic threat of PRC to take away from its own people, the very thing that America values the most: freedom and a reasonable bill of rights.
      or the pandemic threat of PRC to become a haven for money laundering and investment frauds that makes ukraine look like a simple case of running moonshine.

      yeah, if it takes actual deaths from a disease to wake up american officials to engage in a more meaningful foreign policy and trade restriction to protect our economy and national security given the documented evidence of all of these other threats we have ignored for decades..I can safely way, we have been doing it all wrong.

      sadly, it’s probably going to take alot more deaths from covid-19 to actually realize a truly effective way to back out of china and stop this dope show.

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  4. Publius2016 says:

    Its incredible when you “game plan” possible responses to America First and the reality is a bioweapon like Wuhan 400 was one of the responses…in addition, Wuhan 400 is making Japan Olympics are possible failure without “cure”…

    Fake News is beating the drums of hysteria…

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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      They might have to be put off for awhile. You keep your tin hat on and keep your mask on.


      • Publius2016 says:

        whoch is more realistic: Wuhan 400 virus escaped lab through negligence or Wuhan 400 was released for GeoPolitical reasons like China US Trade/Japan Olympics?

        Personally, the enemies of Xi are more likely.

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        • Dennis Leonard says:

          Give it up,your argument holds no water.

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          • Publius2016 says:

            Senator COTTON: “Hugh, I have to say that the fake news media seems angrier at me for raising questions about the origins of the Coronavirus than they are at the Chinese Communist Party for contributing to this huge mess to begin with. So from the very beginning, after China, remember, finally acknowledged that they had a problem in Wuhan, which they hid for many weeks, which would have, if we had known, would have allowed us to get further ahead of the virus. The Chinese Communist Party said it originated in a food market in Wuhan.

            Yet an authoritative study in the Lancet, the respected international science journal, by Chinese scientists, refuted that almost conclusively. 14 of the original 41 cases had no contact with that food market whatsoever. So we still don’t know the origins of this Coronavirus.

            And I have merely pointed out for several weeks now that China’s only biosafety level 4 laboratory dealing with human infectious diseases is just a few miles away from that laboratory. I don’t know where this virus originated. Natural causes somewhere other than that food market is still the most likely hypothesis.

            But given the Chinese Community Party’s record of dishonesty and incompetence in managing this crisis, we at least have to ask the question whether or not it’s connected to that laboratory and demand that international scientists be admitted to study the evidence of both in the food market and the laboratory and in those original cases, especially the original 14 cases that had no contact with the food market if we want to get our hands around how this virus originated and what that can tell us about diagnosing it and trying to treat it.”

            From: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2020/02/18/sen_cotton_fake_news_angrier_at_me_for_raising_questions_about_coronavirus_origins_than_at_chinese_communist_party.html

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            • Amazed treetop downlooker says:

              EXCELLENT info, THANK YOU, PUBLIUS, AND…

              Also a SUPERB example of how to rebut a disrespectfully snarky, opinionated, unsubstantiated response from Dennis Leonard, from whom, BTW, I don’t recall seeing any postings to TCH in the past several years.

              Thx again, P2016, for your regular, very helpful contributions, very instructive & helpful for me &, I am certain, many other Treepers as well. KUDOS !

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          • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

            If anyone saw my post yesterday (Sunday), I said the markets were going to turn down this week. There’s much bigger things going on than the coronavirus. Repo crisis (huge deal), along with investors being spooked by a possible Sanders win.

            Whether you believe or not, does not matter, it’s what the big boys know and believe.

            When the the markets rise along with the dollar, that’s capital flowing into our markets from around the globe but… when gold rises too at the same time (rare), thats global concern. Gold plays a minimal role nonetheless and big investments don’t buy gold and hold it, no money in that.

            The Fed has lost control of the rates and that was proven in September when they stepped in to knock it back down from 10% (free market) and it ain’t QE (30 year), they lost control of the short term and that ain’t good, they are stuck.

            We must close above the Dow at month end of 28415. Otherwise look to the 25000 area for possible support.

            Markets never lie, only people do!

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        • Snellvillebob says:

          It might have been the only way the CIA could wreck President Trump’s economy.

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        • TreeClimber says:

          My very first thought when I first heard about it was along the lines of “funny this comes so soon after the trade deal was signed…”

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          • tucker7518 says:

            President Trump warned them to move the manufacturing back to the United States, and use other countries as supply chains. Trump is right!


        • Sunshine says:

          My take on it: It was released from the lab intentionally in a very tiny amount for testing on humans re contagiousness.

          Let’s not forget that China has an unmanageable and excessive population of 1.4 Billion citizens to control. It was released during the Hong Kong protests. China’s economy was also entering a phase of contraction. Many companies were also planning to resettle their operations in other countries, thus many would be jobless.

          China had to abandon its one child per family policy because boys are preferable to girls in their culture. So, they ended up with too many boys, all of military age and unhappy living in a dictatorship aka an obvious upcoming threat to the Regime. Families were either killing or abandoning newborn girls to their death.

          Since China had little knowledge of the virus’ s effect on humans, they hadn’t anticipated how fast and easily it would spread.

          Communism settles the here and now problem without thinking two steps ahead.

          My only question: Did they develop an anti-viral before releasing it?


  5. warrenjay13 says:

    Trump Time!

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    • gymcy81 says:

      …time will tell us whether that is term ot embrace,
      or to ridicule.

      Navarro is in damage control mode…

      The people are talking about ‘we are going to’ … improve production’…
      …well, if not mistaken, the virus is migrating….now …and some of the quarantines have been softer, excused, in implementation, than being advertised.
      (not ‘virus is going to be migrating’…)
      It is…

      [sadly, some want that to happen…guess whom…
      And no, as in other schemes, they do not advertise it….they implement it ..]

      a billion masks produced would be available … when… ?
      Ans. it’s not now…

      the 20/20 hindsight folks pointing out our soft self-defense, while the virus expands ….(out-sourced medical supplies)

      Go ahead, plot the number of reported U.S. cases of coronovirus,
      2 weeks ago,
      1 week ago,
      today (35 )
      and then extend the line….

      And a vaccine, might, maybe, be availabe in June…?

      Guess whom ( “not letting potential chaos go to waste” )
      are honing their election year rhetoric, and pointy fingers these days….?

      And yes, that partial plane load of coronovirus patients should have been kept from boarding …and stayed where they were…quarantined.
      But, some knew better, and yet that still did not happen… they boarded and flew…
      [ if not fixed, it will happen again, and again… most times, it is likely to occur without us knowing, in advance … ]

      be vigilant, buy time…
      wash hands,
      avoid large crowds / confined spaces …


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  6. kleen says:

    China said today “It’s more complex and more severe than we anticipated.

    Oh oh… They know the truth is about to come out because that virus is now being monitored around the world and they can no longer control the information.

    So, oooopsie! This is thing is really bad and we had no idea.

    Sounds like our swamp.

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  7. WeThePeople2016 says:

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    • PInky1920 says:

      This is the best news the demonrats have had in 4 years.

      Disgusting, but true.


      • Dennis Leonard says:

        Actually ,quite the opposite. It proves that what POTUS has been saying is correct, make it here.

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        • PInky1920 says:

          Demonrats are happy about this; if it’s bad for Americans, it’s good for them. They’ll do all they can to blame PT and foment fear and chaos.

          PT will win, but the rats will make this an election issue, which they will lose, but they’re not going to be able to keep themselves from politicizing it. It will backfire badly, but they’re too insane to know that.

          We need to pray for America and PT.

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        • amazed treetop downlooker says:

          AGREED !

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        • Roni says:

          Disruption of pharma supplies, meds is an immediate problem bc you can’t manufacture a product without factories/workers already in place, here. They have to be built.


          • WES says:

            Roni:. You don’t expend your existing energy building new hospital s like the Chinese are doing!

            You repurpose existing plants with similar equipment! There are still existing plants in country capable of making medicines! Sometimes it is getting specific machinery that delays things.

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            • chiefworm says:

              Wes, I don’t think we should forget about Puerto Rico pharmaceutical manufacturing. I know they were fairly big in the early 2000’s but I’m unsure where the last 15 years and China have currently placed their abilities.


        • David A says:

          …and control your borders and immigration.

          Orange man was right, again!

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      • CarolynH says:

        Wrong, it was the Democrats who moved drug manufacturing offshore, not Trump.

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    • CC says:

      We are supposed to have regionally placed National Strategic Stockpiles of medications and medical supplies, set aside for this purpose or an event known as “An Event of National Significance”. The potential problem, is the integrity of said products.

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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      Well we should have thought about this a long time ago. Now we get busy starting to ramp up making it here.Believe me the big drug makers are not going down. I myself am more worried about food supply, way too much has to be brought into the US. I find it funny no one seems to say how this thing manifests on the human body.

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      • Johnny Boost says:

        We produce far more food than we need. Food supply isn’t an issue. Medicine and medical supplies may be.

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        • Unsk says:

          Food Supply could be an issue. Most urban local markets only have a 3 day supply. If the situation becomes similar to China, our food supply chains may be hampered and food may become quickly in short supply.


  8. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  9. nimrodman says:

    Remember that evacuation flight from Japan (I think it was) where the US State Department official there overruled CDC / President Trump’s policy of “no infecteds” to be flown to the US?

    … that flight with the clear plastic sheets being the only thing separating them from other passengers?

    The CDC reportedly opposed the State Department’s decision to allow 14 individuals who were confirmed to be infected to travel on the evac flight after their cases were confirmed just before takeoff, thanks to one of the many botched, drop-the-ball moments attributed to Japanese health officials.

    This is exactly what they warned about: In addition to the 14 people who were already infected, it appears another 25 were infected on the flight back – where the sick individuals were separated by the rest using duct tape and a thin tarp-like sheet.


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    • margarite1 says:

      Now defying POTUS will potentially get deadly. Just insane.

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    • Texian says:

      That decision shows the utter contempt U.S. Government Departments and Agencies have against its own people..

      The Federal Department of Health and Human Services.. A Department responsible for the health and safety of the whole country.. intentionally deployed an agent of destruction against the People of the United States..


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    • CarolynH says:

      Whoever the person was who thought just putting them into a contained part of the plane was adequate needs to be fired for idiocy – planes recirculate cabin air, they still exposed everyone on that flight, I would be furious if I was on that flight.

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    • Esperanza says:

      The 25 need to sue.


    • bristlecone says:

      Yeah, but the plane recirculates 60% of the air…

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    • zekness says:

      with an incubation period that ranged 2-24 days (officially being reported and recognized as just, 14) it would be plausible these people were infected before leaving the flight.

      the timeline matches up on the envelope math.

      a more comprehensive study of recent activity would reveal when first infection happened.

      I am not saying it didn’t happen or could not have happened as you have described…that’s plausible too.

      but from what I gather this special aircraft was configured to be on the same level of isolation safety as any standard screening and isolation facility and probably even tighter controls given they were aware of the risks, not simply to the pax, but the crew and pilots, whom would be considered highly valuable to protect…you just don’t have to many qualified and properly trained pilots and crews to fly these special missions..

      so, unless there was some accidental breach of configuration, which seems unlikely given the risk and the steps that would be taken to ensure against this kind of failure..I am going with “had it before they fly but were asymptomatic”..

      and note..the same sort of thing recently was revealed in Hawai’i..there was an earlier report this traveler had been infected IN HAWAII as first contact….that turned out to be quite untrue…He had first contact well before traveling but was asymptomatic and the screening (that we have now in place) was not active in Hawaii at the airport he arrived at.

      the larger point here, is that often the press, as we have witnessed with so many other so-called threats, can often be qualified as just really bad reporting, speculative, sensationalized to monetize traffic, or just complete made up fake news.

      the hawai’i story sure did sell alot of papers and masks….as well as taking a more than small hit to tourism….

      hawai’i is going to take a much bigger hit as this threat realizes a risk they cannot allow to materialize…isolating a remote island chain in the middle of the pacific is easy…but when your economy is heavily dependant on tourism from china and eastern asian nations…well…things are going to get really difficult and then we will see how great the journalism quality adjusts to the realities. I’ve live there. They have a terrible record of under-reporting real threats…and reporting threats that don’t even exist…..

      love the islands and the people..but that group at the top is just full retard and always has been.

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      • nimrodman says:

        “but from what I gather this special aircraft was configured to be on the same level of isolation safety as any standard screening and isolation facility and probably even tighter …”

        dunno bout that

        the photo I saw was shot from a high, overlooking vantage in what looked like a big, open hold, like in a military C5 transport

        a few rows of regular airline seats bolted to the floor in rows (not jump seats against the walls) and toward the back of the hold there was clear vinyl plastic sheeting hung in a sort of walled “house”, probably more seats inside but couldn’t quite tell, it wasn’t entirely transparent

        I’ve been in C-141 and C5 military transports, the camera vantage looked too high up for the 141 so I’m guessing C5

        It didn’t look too sophisticated to me. the only good control I can imagine is if they had a fresh-air feed into the hold and a suction / exhuast inside the tent so all air would be drawn thru the rest of the hold first and finally into the containment area under negative pressure and then exhausted outside the plane.

        but I only saw 1 photo or bit of footage that left that impression, I didn’t see extensive coverage on it or any sort of colored diagram that’s so common in news reporting these days


        • nimrodman says:

          ah, don’t think I can find that photo I’m mis-remembering, or maybe it was a moment of video footage

          but I did find couple articles w photos

          the plane isn’t a C5, I don’t think, but it is a similar big-fatty

          and this article has 15 photos

          more photos in subsequent comments, shooting for no more than 3 links per comment so they don’t get diverted to spam jail by the wordpress spamfilter


          • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

            The white Kalitta Airlines plane in these two photos is a Boeing 747 jumbo jet commonly used for long distance flights across the oceans etc..


        • nimrodman says:

          … and inside they didn’t just have plastic sheeting, looks like they had an entire mobile-home kinda structure for the containment section;

          it IS in a big cargo hold with high ceiling like I recalled. this probably is a big commercial cargo plane.


        • nimrodman says:

          another inside shot of the containment trailer; again, it’s a high-ceilinged cargo hold

          a couple outside the containment area; maybe they’re 2 of the “25 others who caught it on the plane”; or maybe they actually caught it before then, like when they were still on the ship

          … and off they go; it’s a big fatty of a plane


        • nimrodman says:

          another article with really good photos of the containment trailer but I can’t copy them out in a format that’ll post here; just go to the article

          14 Americans who got the coronavirus from the quarantined cruise ship in Japan were flown home in an ‘isolation box’ at the back of the plane


      • nimrodman says:

        zekness said: “with an incubation period that ranged 2-24 days (officially being reported and recognized as just, 14) it would be plausible these people were infected before leaving the flight”

        if you meant “before leaving FOR the flight”

        I’m tending to agree after seeing the containment structure, presuming they kept cabin air separate or filtered

        quite possible those extra 25 folks already had the bug from on the ship and didn’t actually contract it in-flight


        • zekness says:

          yup….infection prior to departing…asymptomatic or tested negative on nucleic (although this does not adequately explain that all of them would have “passed” the test negative for the disease…applying the known statistical data where nucleic tests might result in a false-negative, one would assume that even those asymptomatic would still test positive even in a small group…maybe that did happen…who knows…there isn’t enough open source to determine how this group was tested and the results.)

          A/C type is a special configured 747. The pax compartment was converted, with stow bins removed a center stands repositioned and galleys repositioned for a more open tube.

          I got the registration from images open source.

          and flight history from this lines up to the open source reporting for this special flight for the COVID-19 recovery mission


          In this a/c, according to some sources who have performed ops checks here in the states, there is in fact, several temporary walls that are more than just simple plastic sheeting. There are three zones…plastic sheeting is installed as the outer sandwich around each wall…this is where decom is performed on entry and de-entry from one zone to the next.

          this would be similar layout to standard disease control decom strategies located in almost any standard hospital level screening, isolation, and monitoring regime.

          One space is dedicated to pre-screen..those persons who are waiting to be screened. the next space is the screening area. within that space is a isolation area. You place sick people there. They do not leave this area until all pax disembark and are carefully transferred to another ground facility. the last space is for non-sick person. the first area then becomes the working area for health crew…and it is frequently decom’ed to prevent contamination.

          I’ve seen how the WHO and CDC does it with smaller aircraft, and this is the typical layout.

          In addition, there is layers of non-recirc air supply in each of the spaces, so this mitigates airborne and contact contamination. The filtration system is composed of closing the standard re-circ ducting…the cockpit is also independently supplied and re-circ ducting there is also closed.

          Before, during and after the flight multiple samples are taken to all the common areas for analysis when bird is on the ground and this is passed to ground medical teams to determine what level of contamination and of what type exists on the a/c….and of course, from human sample….the population count of the virus is therefore known pretty well and helps to understand what level of risk to monitor and control for the people, including the special health teams.

          the flight crew is also carefully monitored and samples taken throughout the flight before and after….typically a blue and gold team…one awaiting to be cleared while another does the next flight..or on standby. Given the limits of these special crew that exist in the US and abroad, and the incubation period of 14 days (or more) and the kinds of severe symptoms observed every effort is prioritized to keep the crew completely well and not in contact with the disease. There are probably fewer than 50 crew that have training and experience working these special missions. If things go south, the military will be key to providing additional crew …in that community, there are far more well trained personnel and crew for this kind of mission. We hope they are not activated, but I have this feeling there are all on standby right now given the inevitable spread of this disease to some of the more vulnerable nation states. There are certain classes of people who will be transported out of these areas if or when the infrastructure falls apart. (health professionals, key officials, succession officials, etc) The cockpit is where the real isolation happens in terms of priority. I would really like a look at that, but I doubt I’ll find that open source.


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  10. nimrodman says:

    California home quarantines jump to 8,000

    12:08 p.m. 8,000 in California now self-quarantined: Some 8,000 people across the state have quarantined themselves, the California Department of Public Health told The Chronicle. That’s up from 6,700 last week. The federal government has asked people who returned from China, which has the highest number of coronavirus cases, to stay home from work and avoid big crowds.

    11:38 a.m. Pelosi visits Chinatown: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is touring Chinatown to assure people that it’s safe to visit despite the coronavirus. She visited the Tin How Temple, followed by the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, whose owner Kevin Chan, says his business and others are down 70%.


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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      Could not think of a better place for her to be ,Stupid is ,Stupid does.

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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      From that article, talk about fear mongering,”Conference organizers also cautioned against having contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms, which can be signs of the virus.”


    • David A says:

      Please stay home, and only go where there are small crowds! More “help” from the Government I guess.

      How about mandatory stay at home and testing, and avoid all human contact. We will bring food to your door. I agree with at home quarantine, as China doing group quarantine with thousands of beds in a row is quite literally with zero hyperbole, murder.

      On the other hand it is very likely that some of the 8000 plus are very untrustworthy, and should possibly have ankle bracelets.

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    • spoogels says:

      What about all the homeless and illegals?
      And the poop on the streets?

      This is a terrible catastrophe waiting to happen
      Bececause corona causes diarrhoea and thats how it spread on that ship

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  11. joebkonobi says:

    America can respond. Example, WWII, when necessary we produced more, better and faster, than any other country. The war was won on the backs of US ingenuity, willpower and manufacturing. We can do the same here. We still have the best scientist, free thinkers and free market in the world. I refuse to believe we cannot respond and defeat this virus and at the same time learn a much needed lesson on self dependence in regard to national security. The question now is not how did we get here, we know. It’s how we make sure we are not in this situation again.

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  12. nuwildcat1977 says:

    The tide is really turning! Ten years ago, directors of large multinational corporations would be criticized for not moving production to China and other low cost countries. Thanks to President Trump, the risks of offshore manufacturing (esp. in China) are abundantly clear. The risks are many-losing intellectual property, nationalization and now you have disease. Things have come full circle…those same directors of multinational corporations will now be held accountable for the risks of manufacturing offshore. The costs of keeping manufacturing here in the good old USA are not as high as they seem.

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  13. TarsTarkas says:

    I stopped by my doctor this morning to re-up a prescription. Signs went up on the door last week that all people with respiratory problems must wear masks. Today two people in the crowded waiting room were wearing medical masks. This is in Southeastern PA.

    Personally I don’t think Wuhan flu has made it here yet, but people are worried.

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    • Kirsty I says:

      …and the panic and selfishness that comes with it, are the real disease.
      Let your neighbours know that if they need anything, they can come over and take it, be the safe place, be the place where they can find warmth and food and comfort.
      Sing and rejoice,
      for death is the beginning to the very, very best part of your life!

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    • spoogels says:

      Stock up on dry and tinned goods and medication
      You dont want to be standing in queues
      I see on the news shops in Itay are empty

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  14. kleen says:

    BREAKING: Fourth Diamond Princess cruise ship passenger dies of coronavirus – NHK

    NEW: South Korea reports 60 new cases of coronavirus, raising total to 893

    BREAKING: Spain reports 3rd case of coronavirus in doctor from Italy

    NEW: Kuwait reports 2 new cases of coronavirus, just hours after reporting the first 3

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  15. Kirsty I says:

    When I cast my jaundiced eye to the “invasion” from the South, my first thought was dictated by my profession.
    I saw a viral soup, a virulent open wound from North Africa and South America and the Middle East.
    I remembered Christopher Columbus arriving in peace, being accepted in peace, and then one of Columbus’s team sneezed.
    56,000,000 died.
    It was called, “The Great Dying”.
    You’ll need a different search engine than Google if you want to find out anything more.

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    • Snellvillebob says:

      However, syphilis was unknown until Columbus returned.

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    • Paprika says:

      —“56,000,000 died” when Columbus arrived.—
      I had no idea that there were 56,000,000 in North and South America combined in 1492.

      Back in the dark ages went I went to school in the 60’s and 70’s the population estimates for late 1400’s was 4-8 million. Taking a quick gander at “Modern estimates” around the net it seems now the estimates range from 4m-120m. That is a wee bit of a range, eh?

      I wonder what scientific methods are now used to come up with the population and “die off” estimates. Hope they are better than our current American Consensus methods.

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      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        That 56 million number is for effect by the myth-pushers since there is no actual proof of how many people were there and how many died of European diseases. It’s ALL speculation anthropology and it almost always condemns colonialism as the scourge of the planet. And it’s about as irrational as the Coronavirus Mania being pushed by Fake News today.


  16. formercrookcountyresident says:

    Have any of you actually shopped for face masks either in-store or online as of late? I’m telling you ….. they are all but sold out! In fact, after looking around online at all the obvious sites like pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS) and medical supply stores online, I bought a couple packages of sanding masks at the nearby Lowe’s just yesterday with them being the last two packages. The store helper said that the Chinese living in THIS COUNTRY have swept through OUR stores and bought up all the available supply to ship home to family and friends!

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    • Snellvillebob says:

      We need someone to teach us how to make them from everyday stuff. Old tee shirts, bedsheets, paper towels etc. we can use figure out how to hold them on. We just need an introspection on what material blocks it.

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      • nimrodman says:

        yeah, it might be a while until those face masks get re-stocked:

        Trump Trade Adviser Navarro: China Put Export Restrictions on N95 Face Masks
        – Then Nationalized a United States Factory that Produces Them There


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        • paper doll says:

          ” Then Nationalized……. ”

          This is always a danger with a commie regime. After you build the thing, they just up and steal it from you….

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        • WES says:

          Nimrod:. I am no expert but to be effective filters need to be able to filter out very small particles to stop the virus. How small, I am not sure. Probably very small, like micro!

          Judging by the high numbers of medical personnel getting infected in China, most filters probably don’t work very well.

          I have even read that proper face filters need to be changed every 4 hours or they become infection incubators due to moisture!

          Scary stuff!

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          • N100 Filters:

            Checked 2 days ago online: Only ONE source and only Boxes of 40!
            … for $400.

            Checked yesterday: NO sources for Boxes of 40.


            • nimrodman says:

              I ordered some N95 masks today, not 100s but I can spend a lot of time in my apartment, I’m retired and don’t need to be in an office or in public much

              I’ll be taking surface-contact precautions, latex gloves to go shop or pump gas, handwashing, etc

              last scare I read that you want specifically “bleach wipes” – chorox brand has a model and other manufacturers too

              the more common wipes are alcohol-based and that won’t kill viruses is what I understood, you need chlorine bleach

              consider that most hand-sanitizing gels are alcohol and ….

              you may wanna have bleach-wipes in a zip-lock bag instead of the hand sanitizer, gnomesayin’?

              you can make your own with paper towels and a dilute bleach solution, I reckon


          • zekness says:

            I’m not going to say these lab level masks are not worth the effort, but also be aware that this c-virus has a surface survival capacity….that it can and does live in almost any environment that a human being would find comfortable and common.

            at some point you have to eat….that’s the point…where do most people eat?

            home – gets groceries from store…virus on surface from that other shopper…you touched it…possible infection event.

            restaraunts – I can’t even list the number of possible routes.

            and that is just something we do about three times a day…eating.

            I can’t even list the number of other activities and situations where other possible vectors/path of virus infection beyond simple the air/sputum/cough/sneeze-respiratory routes/path risks exist.

            this is a virus..it’s highly contagious…

            wearing a mask is a good idea…but one has to accept not to start thinking you are going to be totally safe by that alone.

            I think this is something we are going to find out soon enough as this disease goes from endemic to pandemic.

            and about that transition….it’s a heavy subjective way to describe escalation.

            I would say that the realities suggest this is in fact right now a true pandemic …

            a. it has sufficient r naught trends that suggest it will continue to spread
            b. it’s novel, so early isolation efforts were too “late” to prevent a wide path of spreading
            c. incubation periods have been heavily corrected as case studies show 14 days will not be sufficient for isolation
            d. asymptomatic features and transmission in this state is known and represents a significant level of spread that would otherwise have been monitored and recognized
            e. many of the nations states do not have solid control of their borders and major centers of trade and commerce
            f. china and other countries like it are likely not reporting accurately the true threat
            g. there is a economic risk and pressure right now, to conceal the threat..this will help achieve the kind of paths this virus cannot perform on its own. sad, but true.
            h. the PCR for this disease is not reliable to test covid-19…many false positive will happen…and this means, the data will be tracking the wrong thing..and that creates noise and chaos in the monitoring strategies and will guide the policies in some ways that will have unintended consequences…
            i. Like its cousins, SARS and MERS, this COVID-19 will likely mutate and go weak…it could also go the other way and become much more deadly…but what we do know about this class of c-virus, is that they have all changed over time. What this means, is that a vaccine is unlikely to ever be developed …efficacy and performance tests for vaccines are like snap shot…this vaccine or any other will not wait around to be killed off…nature of the virus just doesn’t work that way. Hopeful, we can create a vaccine that is effective against the most deadly strains of it..but my money is developing good symptom treatments for pneumonia….blood plasma transfer looks promising…I would not count on vaccines though…
            j. and lastly, but not the least reason this is pandemic, is because china is actually one of the top tier center for emerging disease research in the world..the fact that this disease is likely to expand very rapidly in that country could paralyze one of the major authorities on how to deal with it. Hopefully, there are some plans in the works right now, about transferring some of the talent out of that country before things go south…a broken society and infrastructure problems there would have a serious effect in the thousands of very excellent researchers who live there right in that epi-center of this outbreak. Moving these teams to a more secure location has got to be worked out before the reality of the risk prevents it later on. We talk about the dependence of medical products and medicine, but in an epidemic/pandemic situation..it is the brain trust that needs to be taken into consideration as a top priority…perhaps this contigency plan has been worked out..I hope it has. a black swan event in china would really be devastating a very long term effect to many areas of medicine and vaccine development. This is one of those very rare moments in history when the US and China (and the rest of the world to be serious) must collaborate openly and cooperate to a common interest. It should be an interesting test of political willpower with the US and the PRK “forced” to reconcile some serious differences in agenda. Maybe this will pave a way to something that is less….adversary….maybe.

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          • nimrodman says:

            Wes said:
            Nimrod:. I am no expert but to be effective filters need to be able to filter out very small particles to stop the virus. How small, I am not sure. Probably very small, like micro!

            thanks for that Wes.

            yeah I ordered some N95s, probably not virus-stopping but maybe will stop aerosol liquid droplets the virus might be in

            my main precaution is just to isolate in my apartment, I’m retired and don’t need to get out much


        • That was a 3M factory that China NATIONALIZED!

          Globalists are about to see China NATIONALIZE EVERY factory of value, as their ability to export-for-Dollars dries up … and that China Market of a Billion people will go up in smoke, as the Nationalized Factory DISPLACES the Globalist Products and Brands that built it!


          • zekness says:

            that is certainly going to drive some special agendas….given the risk to multi-national corporations (globalist), the key to avoid this is to dedicate as much resources to contribute to china the very best means to combat this disease. Likewise, given PRK history and legacy and the ongoing real pressure of trade restrictions (and for good reasons) the PRK will likely take those resources and slow walk a full measure of control of this disease…for the ultimate goal of protecting it’s own interests lay at the crossroads right now. Nationalizing (stealing) private companies that operate their will ensure it can survive and also have a leverage against both the effects of this disease in the short and long term, and it will give it leverage by direct control of these products and thus the market revenue during and after this disease event. (if it ever truly ends)…

            the risk in doing that of course, is that china would likely be subject to some very aggressive trade sanctions.

            but as we are learning (too late) the trade sanctions are not nearly effective in reducing this china threat to multi-nationals..that train has left the station..the amount of logistics, time, resources, supply chain, infrastructure, training, and buildup to compete with china, as is right now, would devastate the global economy.

            this disease is going to be a real test of the globalist model that has established china as the numero uno hub for all production that the world requires to achieve economic viability.

            and watch out when this small fire start roaring in india and mexico…

            we haven’t seen anything yet.

            i pray we don’t….ever.


            • Decoupling from China won’t “devastate the global economy” … it will IGNITE and ENERGIZE it with the competition needed to Make Nations GREAT Again.


              • zekness says:

                the financial crisis of 2008 was an estimated 1-2% of global GDP risk..

                this disease right now is estimated as 1-2% of global GDP risk…with a few special features the financial crunch did not. It is not restricted to credit financial services and lending. This is about an entire universe of products that are key to the viability of the global economic market.

                the credit crisis was solved by throwing money at it. This disease isn’t going away simply by throwing money at it.

                the credit crisis recovery was lengthy for many reasons..a major factor was low confidence from borrowers and the credit industry as a whole. It was a recession in every sense of the meaning of the word. Years upon years to stabilize and get back to “normal”…this had a profound effect on the global economy.

                this disease and its effects are far more serious, because it affects people directly and cannot be easily controlled. It’s the manufacturing of products that will take a hit.

                even if tomorrow we get china fully 100% back on line and every other nation state does too…there will be a drain on the global economy that everyone will feel….scarcity for some time…not complete…but enough to drive pricing for some more than trivial goods.

                and while I LOVE THE IDEA of the US “re-shoring” production and re-manufacturing and pulling out of china…this will be exorbitantly expensive, products WILL cost more, scarcity will happen, competition will dry up as only the most capitalized companies can pull this off, and it will take a very long time to fulfill that goal..

                take into consideration, just one example, to give this thing the scale it deserves:

                the typical auto,..any, has over 400 parts that are manufactured in china (and/or mexico)…these are parts that look rather mundane …but these parts require the facility, the people, the training, the funding and the tooling and a brand new supply chain infrastructure ….and that isn’t even getting into the actual making the damn parts.

                now apply this same example to just about everything we would desire to pull back and re-shore here in the states.

                Sure it would send rocket fuel into jobs…but the flip side, is that this development across the spectrum would create the biggest pricing bubble that would probably last a very long time.

                and for those on fixed incomes….good luck with that.

                I am not saying these things are not possible to solve.

                I am just being realistic to the consequences to the everyday consumer in the US…you start messing around with that, you end up injuring the economy is ways that are unintended consequences to the problem you are trying to mitigate.

                ironically, we are going to find out soon enough if all these “green, save the earth, global climate change” folks are intellectually honest when we make the products in a far more efficient way…I doubt it…but it will be interesting to see how they spin this.

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                • Very well laid out, zekness … in terms of the challenge.

                  Let’s consider Outside-the-Box approaches to the solution – because that’s what it will take.

                  President Trump will necessarily – and preferentially – use a Private-Public Partnership approach … because it will work and because that’s how he rolls.

                  He’ll tap the Titans of Industry and will organize them like the world has never seen … because his life’s work has prepared him like no other.

                  Examples that have worked … FAST.
                  • WWII Mobilization
                  • Marshall Plan … which sadly never ended
                  • USA Man-on-the-Moon Space Program

                  Funding that’s “available” … because this isn’t optional and because it’s FAR more pressing and because the Demo☭rats have set the standard for Massive Government Spending:
                  • Mideast Wars
                  • Wall Street & GM Bailouts
                  • QE ad infinitem
                  • Shovel-Ready Jobs
                  • Cash for Clunkers
                  • Green New Deal
                  • Free Healthcare
                  • Free Education
                  • Forgiven Student Debt
                  • Free Housing
                  • Free Welfare
                  • Unchecked Illegal Immigrants/Migrants
                  … instantly eligible for all of the above


                • RE: …this will be exorbitantly expensive, products WILL cost more, scarcity will happen, competition will dry up as only the most capitalized companies can pull this off, and it will take a very long time to fulfill that goal..

                  IMO, Re-Shoring will MULTIPLY global capacity … because China sure as hell won’t allow globalists to transfer their factories back to the USA, which will REDUCE prices in the longer run. In the short run, prices will go up for ESSENTIALS but not for discretionary products … and this will happen regardless of whether we Re-Shore or not.

                  BTW, Re-Shoring will NOT be OPTIONAL … just ask 3M how China’s NATIONALIZATION of their Mask Factory worked out for them.


            • … and stifle the Siren Song of Globalism.


          • spoogels says:

            IT. SERVES. THEM. RIGHT.

            Chinese workers will wrok for a bicycle and a bowl of rice
            The meat –they eat mie, frogs, vermin, snakes, insects,bats…

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      • progpoker says:

        Ask, and you shall receive!


  17. Val says:

    I remember when the President tweeted “ordering American companies to leave China..”, August 23, 2019


    • Val says:

      The first two tweets:

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      • kleen says:

        He has been saying those things (the truth) for decades. He campaigned on it. He is right once again.

        On the other hand, Mini Mike goes around praising China like they are our best friend in the world.

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    • spoogels says:

      What if China contaminates all its exports with fentanyl in a major act of spite?


  18. trapper says:

    But we have NOT stopped flights from China. Tucker had a guy on tonight, reporting from Dulles airport, reporting that people are still traveling to and from China. He said he asked some how they were going to get back into the US and was told “none of your business.” PDJT’s orders are NOT being followed.

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    • nimrodman says:

      Thanks, trapper, I tuned in a couple minutes late and didn’t hear where it was, but I did catch the “none of your business” quip and commented about it on one of the threads.

      Do you recall if the broadcast mentioned INCOMING flights? Your quote sounds like it was a guy departing for China.


      • trapper says:

        He stated that travelers coming in from China were breezing through customs. It seems their way around it is to fly from China to another country, then fly here from there. We have to start checking those visa stamps (if they even still do that?), and if there is one from China in the last two weeks they don’t get in.

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      • spoogels says:


        In NZ the Chinese are coming into the country by using PRIVATE planes and flying to regional airports


    • The PRIVATE JET business has DOUBLED as the safest and slickest way to sneak out of China and into the West.


  19. nerveman says:

    Navarro says he has had an epiphany. Here’s more. Let’s get a bipartisan infrastructure bill that includes “economic security is national security” as a focal point to protect our supply lines.

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  20. WESo says:

    This is what little I know about the coronavirus. How much of this is true, I have no clue!

    1. An infected person can show no signs of infection ever!
    2. The longest known time from infection to symptoms is 94 days (except for above).
    3. Other proven longer known times are 34, 29, 27, 24, 23, 21 days.
    4. You can be re-infected with the coronavirus a second time. The second time usually ends in organ failure like heart attacks due to being weakened by drugs used fighting first infection.
    5. The virus spreads from urine and fecal matter into sewage systems.
    6. The coronavirus can last up to 9 days on surfaces.
    7. The coronavirus is very contagious spreading by all possible means.
    8. The US and Canada have very few test kits. They can not test 100 people a day!
    9. That is why nobody is being tested! Instead everybody in the US and Canada are being asked to self quarantine to hide the lack of test kits!
    10. People need to be tested multiple times before being declared negative. One person was tested 6 times before testing positive despite CAT scan showing lungs full of infection!
    12. Quarantine periods of 14 days need to be extended to at least 30 days, maybe longer to catch 2nd and 3rd waves of infections.
    13. Best guesses regarding coronavirus are: 82% suffer mild symptoms, 18% reguire serious medical intervention to survive.
    14. Half of serious infections result in death. The death rate is 9%.
    15. Time required to recover from serious infections is unknown. Likely weeks.
    16. Recovery time before testing negative is unknown.
    17. China is doing nothing to prevent the world wide spread of this virus by it’s citizens. It punishes any country that tries to close it’s borders to China. Thus we still have regular air travel to Iran, Pakistan, Africa, etc!
    18. China is no longer trying to contain the coronavirus. It has already lost that battle.
    19. China has nowu chosen it’s economy over the virus. That means the CCP is going to let the virus run its course come high or low water!
    20. In China, if you show any symptoms, you will simply disappear. If you recover, with little medical help, then you can re-appear!
    21. China sent their most ruthless security person to Wuhan. Notice we are getting fewer leaks from Wuhan! The PLA is now in total control! Local internet reporters have all disappeared!
    22. Coronavirus news will now shift away from China, as the virus is now everybody’s problem!
    23. Cremators in Wuhan are breaking down due to 24/7 over use. 40 mobile cremators were recently moved to Wuhan.
    24. The coronavirus is no longer containable. That battle has already been lost.
    25. Rich people are only travelling by private jets now.

    Sorry, but I just don’t want to add any more bad news. This list is already too grim as it is.

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  21. trapper says:

    I posted this comment this afternoon:

    This is very disturbing. Look, in a normal flu year, after the season is over, you calculate after the fact, after all the cases have been resolved. So an average of 45 million people caught it, of which an average of 68,000 died. The rest of the resolved cases survived it. A fatality rate of a tenth of one percentage point.

    You calculate using resolved cases. Here, looking at the Johns Hopkins numbers, 25,215 recovered and 2,628 deaths, that’s a total of 27,843 resolved cases. Doing the math, that is a fatality rate of 9.44%.

    WHO estimates that the fatality rate for the Spanish flu was 2-3%. Regular annual flu has a fatality rate of a tenth of a percent. Coronavirus : 9.44%.

    Since this afternoon the numbers have been adjusted to 27,563 recovered and 2,699 deaths, for a mortality rate of 8.92%. Of course, these numbers are skewed by Chinese cases, where they treat them with ground rhinoceros horn and eye of newt, or some such traditional Chinese nonsense. But still. This is alarming.


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  22. trapper says:

    Oh, and while I am at it, the new cases in Italy and Iran have generated a search for their “patient zero.” But the video coming out of China shows guys in hazmat suits spraying disinfectant all over everything, indicating that person-to-person is not the only threat. Person-to-THING-to person is also a problem, at least the Chinese think so or they wouldn’t be disinfecting everything in sight.

    So those new hot spots that have sprung up might have been generated not by a person who arrived there, but by an infected object that arrived there. Are you still ordering stuff from China over the internet?

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    • Meanwhile Amazon has become China’s TROJAN HORSE to INFECT the USA.


    • Perfect moment for President Trump to issue a regulation holding any Importer-from-China accountable fort any COVID-19 found on their products and for the DAMAGES incurred during Hospitalization and/or Death.


    • Esperanza says:

      This. I just took reception of a Chinese made piece of furniture. I think it left before the outbreak.


      I’m thinking more and more it’s man made. It’s just too perfect. If viruses this good evolved naturally, humans wouldn’t exist.

      What’s the Black Death figures?


    • lolli says:

      I am still waiting for the US to start testing.

      With no one here being tested, unless you have been to China, no test kits available, we have no possible way to know how many cases are here in the US.
      Yet, we are told it is contained here in the US? What a joke.

      Some of the current “flu” cases could very easily be the covid19. How would we know? They were not tested for covid19. No one is, unless you returned from China.

      The clinics here in San Antonio, are seeing a lot of “unknown” flu cases. The swabs don’t match any of the flus they can test for. The dr just sends the patient home with a note saying to try to not infect others. Ha (my adult son was given this diagnosis last week)

      IMO, it is everywhere, already. Foreign exchange students returned during Cmas break, according to B Kolfage, we get 1k Chinese a month through El Paso, flights around the world continue to bring in infected people who may not have any symptoms.
      self quarantining is fine, until you order a pizza and hand over an infected 20 or a tip, or just run to CVS to get prescription.

      Plus, those self quarantining here in San Antonio, only the people in the household who have been to China are asked to self quarantine. The other family members in the household are free to go about their business. That is unbelievable, to me.

      Also, lucky San Antonio, Lackland AF base is hosting some people coming in from China waiting out the incubation period. Well, the positive cases are going in to our local hospitals.


  23. trapper says:

    RFP’s for a billion N95 face masks to the 4 companies in the US that make them. Anyone know who they are and where their plants are, because I expect they are going to be hiring for second and third shifts soon, like now.


    • kleen says:

      Wow, that will create many jobs.

      Jobs not mobs!!!!

      Apparently tomorrow I think… Senate Intel Committee is having a classified meeting (I think with CDC?) about this virus.


  24. leavemygunsalone says:

    It isn’t called germ warfare for nothing. Generic Advil is made in China, name brand Advil is made in Argentina. And we wonder why so many Americans are “sick”, not to mention deranged. What are these countries putting into the OTC meds?

    Yesterday someone mentioned that Fairfax hospital in Northern VA does not have adequate supplies to treat patients. Supplies are various items, basics like gloves, gowns, masks and then some medicines like antibiotics and flu medication. The person that told me was passing along info that I have no reason to doubt what they were saying isn’t true. I have noted my own pharmacy being weird about filling certain medications due to what is in stock w/supply and demand. They are a small mom and pop pharmacy, but still it is unnerving when they can’t get the meds you need for treatment.

    It might be good to re-stock your medicine cabinet w/some of the basics.


  25. mtk says:

    I work as a sterile processing tech, so I speak with expert knowledge and a wealth of experience.

    I am the tip of the spear on the front lines fighting the battle of nosocomial vectors of infection.

    So what I about to say should be viewed in this light.

    Blue OR towels.

    There are two types, those that come sterilized either by gamma radiation or more likely ethylene oxide (as a digressing and interesting side observation many of the main domestic sources of sterilizing mass bulk medical products by ethylene oxide are currently under a cloud by the States that host these businesses and are being shut down).
    And, those that come as in unsterilized gross(144) bails of towels packaged in bulk that are used in many applications of preparing equipment and instrumention for steam sterilization.

    These towels are mostly produced in China and Pakistan. To the tune of nearly 85+ percent of market share.

    They are a perfect formite vector for the Coronavirus to enter into the Country under the radar.
    And, if a viable vector will take out the very people, society will depend on to fight this pathogen.

    So yes, medical equipment procurement other than China is a National Security issue.

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  26. Kaco says:

    Is there anything actually being done about the medicines? it’s not like the President can stop all shipments from China, lives are dependent upon them. Have there been any signs of production actually being moved or are they ignoring the President’s request?


  27. Conservative_302 says:

    Trump is a genius. His read on China two years ago makes him a visionary. Thank you God for giving us President Trump.


    • rioosodog says:

      And yet… all the geniuses in the last 50 years have done what with China? Let them steal intellectual property and make trade deals that have unnecessarily resulted in the selling of America for monetary gains. Soooo… compared to them… he is!


  28. Phil McCoxwell says:

    I work in. Fortune 50 company. Long term goals have been replaced by short term-12 week goals focused primarily on financial metrics that improve stock price. The destruction of real value in the organization is staggering. We have people with some of the most prestigious pedigrees from the most coveted institutions making decisions that a teenager would deem stupid. Improving short term profits ie “outsourcing” is goal number one. The irony is, the very market that has made them wealthy is the market they are hollowing out. The jobs that have been eliminated and “relocated” are the very core that creates the wealth that makes it possible to sell their products to said market. It is a race to the bottom. Just like the exploitation of China and low labor and component costs. The goal has been, up until recently, to grow in China. How do you do that and why would you? Every chinese dollar equivalent, once converted to USD, which is the currency your company is financially evaluated in, is worth 1/8. So, $0.12 for every dollar earned. Add to that, the price pressures to compete in that market are insane give all competitors in primary industries are supported by the communist government and their losses are subsidized. Tie this together with the theft of intellectual property and you find you are competing against the chinese govt with a printing press and no profit and loss columns. We need to get back to the basics of business and focus on real engineering as opposed to financial engineering. The lowest cost provider will provide for near term improved profitability, but by the time the tidal wave of crappy quality catches up, the executives have cashed in leaving the mess for all left behind. This is what happens when you have all upside and no downside risk and are playing with the houses money. A small company run by its founder with a long term vision will run circles around the big behemoths in the years to come. Quality and customer service will always be job numero uno. The best thing any publicly traded company can do for its future is go private,


  29. rioosodog says:

    All the running around with your hair on fire about the Coronavirus is, for the most part, nonsense. In a normal year in the United States has roughly 29,000,000 cases of the flu with 450,000 hospitalized and 60,000 deaths and these stats change radically from year to year. The mortality rate of a typical flu outbreak is roughly 2%. Getting the flu in China where the average 25 year old citizens has the lungs of a 60 year old due to the vast amounts of absolutely corrosive pollution is not a surprise. There were 852,000 premature deaths in China in 2017 due to poor air quality. Go there and you will be shocked at the level of pollution so any flu is a pandemic in China.
    Really, people need to realize that this nonsense if brought to every by the “fake news” generators that have every intention of bringing down President Trump.


    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Agree 100%.
      The crooked media is hyping this common cold outbreak to epidemic proportions for Ratings and to help induce a temporary Recession later this year. That is their only hope, slight as it may be, of getting a Democrat elected to the White House.
      Don’t buy the hysteria. Keep calm and carry on.
      MAGA 2020


    • Unsk says:

      Spoken like a true Chinese Agent.
      How many people do you know in your lifetime have died from the Flu. Me – none. Not a single one.
      2% mortality rate- not on your life. 0.1% and those are very elderly and sickly.
      Read the posts up about. Death rate may be approaching 10%. In the original Lancet study the mortality rate was over 15%. The mortality rate is very hard to calc at this moment in time, because you have to calc how many died from the time period when people were infected- which means weeks earlier. So one cannot take the official number of deaths now and divide by the official number of cases now – which is where the 2-3% number is coming from because that calc overestimates the number of cases by a lot which means the actual mortality rate is much higher.


  30. James W Crawford says:

    The good news is that the Coronavirus is infecting Iran.


  31. Zippy says:


    Hot Topic #5: COVID Stealth Pandemic?
    24 Feb 2020

    This episode of Hot Topic features panelists Jim Bianco, Mike Shedlock, Dr. Ben Hunt & Dr. Chris Martenson. Erik and the panelists discuss:

    – Why a silent global contagion may have already occurred
    – Why draconian lockdown measures may be the only effective remedies against #COVID19’s high Ro
    -Contrasting views on the range of possible economic and market outcomes from our expert guest panel



  32. Yvain says:

    The CDC updated their brief today with the following bullet point which I posted below.

    “However, it’s important to note that current global circumstances suggest it is likely that this virus will cause a pandemic. In that case, the risk assessment would be different.”

    My take on the CDC researchers are a bit more friendly than some of the others here. If you look at how the MSM is currently running headlines like “growing backlash to Trump administration’s response to coronavirus,” my take is that they’re going out of their way to make nuanced statements that minimizes potential media sensationalism.

    Between this, Reddit implementing draconian censorship under the guise of preventing “misleading” or “inappropriate” content (I was given a permanent ban for commenting that the state department official that circumvented the CDC (and Trump’s orders, which for some reason these media outlets seem to miss) just earlier today), and how places like twitter is clamping down on wrongthink, it sickens me that they hate America this much.

    Not sure what else I can do beyond trying to communicate to people immediately adjacent within my life IRL and post in places like this, but you know what they say, sharing is caring. For people all too happy to criticize the US I really would like them to look at what other countries are doing. In no particular order, ignoring China.

    SE Countries functionally head-in-the-sand and refusing to test for virus.
    Italy breaking down, people panicking and clearing out the shelves.
    SK paralyzed by indecision, massive civil unrest, governmental employees wandering off in disgust, one suicide out of stress.
    and the crowning achievement of incompetence after all this (likely beating out China) is Japan. I can write an entire page on what’s been happening, but Shinzo Abe’s spike from like 5% to 40+% disapproval over three days speak volumes.

    Meanwhile, we’ve been mobilizing resources like the military and the CDC since January. Yesterday Trump & the CDC wants 2.5 billion to escalate the situation, and what does the Ds do?

    “You aren’t taking it seriously enough, this needs more”

    How about approving that budget first 😛

    Sorry for the rant.


  33. billmonnie says:

    Let me add an anecdotal incident which is probably not germane to the broader AND more intelligent discussions on this page. When I became aware of the center of CORONAVIRUS contagion in Wuhan, I immediately attempted to order N99 category face masks. Happily I found a number of sites selling the masks at very reasonable prices, yes, from Chinese sources. So I placed a $30 order for 100 masks. Shipping was $800! True story! No I did not finalize the order for the masks.


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