Peter Navarro Discusses The U.S. Supply Chain Amid Chinese Coronavirus Effects…

White House Trade and Manufacturing Advisor Peter Navarro has an interview with Maria Bartiromo to discuss potential U.S. supply chain issues and the need to reorient our medical equipment manufacturing back to North America.   As Navarro highlights the Chinese communist govt recently nationalized an American medical manufacturing company and commandeered all of their products. An important discussion.

Additionally, Navarro discusses the ongoing administration effort to combat incoming fake products from China still estimated to be over ten percent of all imports.

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77 Responses to Peter Navarro Discusses The U.S. Supply Chain Amid Chinese Coronavirus Effects…

  1. noswamp says:

    The truth is way more surprising than fiction. Start making the USA’s antibiotics in America and not China. Do it now!

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    • Preach it brother, this shit has to STOP!

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    • lgstarr says: makes a LOT of things (ALL in the U.S.A.) including acetaminophen and ibuprofen and few others…even during the time when store shelves were empty of Tylenol and Pepcid Complete because of the yellowish mold due to China’s crappy ingredients!! (I remember wondering why all the shelved looked so empty!)

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      • Shark24 says:

        This 67 year old has lived by the motto: “If an aspirin and a 6 pack of American beer can’t cure what ails me, so be it!” (ok, sometimes you need anti-biotics.)

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        • Dwayne Diesel says:

          Exactly Shark. Or a little joint here and there.

          Growing up poor my drug addicted / alcoholic and abusive mom rarely took my siblings or I to the doctor. Only the required visits for school. As I entered HS she was never home (when she was- she was loaded and high on pills or coke) and therefore we never had an opportunity to go to the doctor. This despite my dad having insurance as a welder (he lived about 4 hours away and was clueless due to my mom’s lies to him).

          I remember one time using a razor blade to cut something out of my foot that I stepped on and it was causing issues. My younger brother held the flashlight, I cut myself open with the razor and used tweezers to get it out. I then poured peroxide into it, watched it fizz…then put a cotton ball on it and wrapped my foot up with tape. Amazingly I’m still here.

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        • ATheoK says:

          I’ve always considered aspirin the most reliable pain killer and anti-inflammatory and by far the least damaging pain killer one can take.
          It’s a shame that they can’t use it for major surgery.

          Mankind has used aspirin (salicylic acid and acetylsalicylic acid) by chewing twigs from willow and birch trees during mankind’s existence.

          Most of the other pain killers, including opioids, acetaminophen and ibuprofen, do bad things to the kidneys and/or liver when taken with alcohol. Some of them are always bad for the kidneys and/or liver.


    • Mark L. says:



    • Frankie says:

      Take no meds
      Made by dog-eating Reds.

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    • Zippy says:

      “Start making the USA’s antibiotics in America and not China. Do it now!”

      Then there needs to be a -LAW- that such strategic things MUST be -100%- US made. PERIOD!

      I heard a recent interview with the ONLY N95 mask maker left in the US and he said during a previous scare shortage he invested in new equipment and hired over one hundred people. As soon as the scare was over, he had to fire those people and was left with expensive equipment he no longer needed because everyone bought form China again. He almost went bankrupt.

      That’s why THERE NEEDS TO BE A LAW! See if you can manage to get your worthless, corrupt, OWNED pols to pass one.

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      • Zippy says:

        Those OWNED pols have been warned about this strategic vulnerability for YEARS.

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        • Pale rider says:

          So much in this interview.
          Russia Russia Russia is a joke, I don’t believe I have anything from Russia but China is on everything and apparently on these drivers licenses now. How is that not election fraud? Follow the China money.
          The ‘elephant in the room’ is China has caused more damage to us than Russia, and our congress is covering for them especially the democrats.
          I don’t know where this virus came from but what I have heard about China is it’s a wonder epidemics of diseases and death are not constant over there. My neighbor spent two weeks there on a project, came home to get well. His respiratory system was full of fluid from so much pollution, that was everyone who went. Had to wear the masks and stay inside. Can you imagine? And they scream ‘climate change’?


    • mopar2016 says:

      The Coronavirus was probably intentionally cooked up in a lab in China.
      The desired effect is seen in our stock market and others.


  2. Jim in TN says:

    I love that “in Trump time”.

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  3. necsumadeoinformis says:

    Make Antobiotics Great Again

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  4. Jim in TN says:

    And at the end is a perfect example of regulatory capture. Is there some regulatory agency causing you problems. Take control of it. Problem solved.

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    • Sherri Young says:

      The UN allows an Islamic group to certify people to give them eligibility for resettlement. A remarkably tiny number of Christians, Jews, and other Non-Islamic persons receive the necessary certification. I wonder why. /sarc

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  5. Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

    Bad tooth paste ban pet pet food lead in toys but woohoo let china make our drugs.

    Twice in a year 2 of my generic drugs have been recalled for contaminants.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      I tell the Pharmacist to check now. Won’t take anything manufactured in China. Had the same problem.

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      • GB Bari says:

        So when there is no other source but China, then what do you do?

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        • Alligator Gar says:

          I haven’t had my hypertension meds for a year. I got fed up with Valsartan, then Losartan being contaminated with carcinogens. Cancer or stroke? Stroke or cancer? Hmmm. I just take cinnamon and turmeric now and try not to blow a gasket over the foolish and greedy “leaders” of industry.

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          • jmilamdeal says:

            There are many better things a person can take that are natural instead of drugs. A little search on the internet for natural remedies, like herbs and plants, will show many things to take that do not have all of the side effects of drugs. I have even seen a number of folks that have testified that they have used an oil made from marijuana that will cure cancer and other illness. Maybe that is why it was outlawed many years ago?? It was infringing on the big drug companies profits?? Some of the natural items are not as quick and easy as some of the drugs, but the truth is drugs generally do not heal you, only mask the symptoms! Have you ever known anyone healed of type 2 diabetes by insulin? Many have been healed of it in 30 – 60 days by changing their diets and getting some regular exercise though!


  6. Vince says:

    Back in the 2016 campaign, Candidate Trump would say something that would have the entire press erupt at him, and the republican candidates would condemn him. But then, usually only within a few weeks, something would happen in the world and prove Candidate Trump’s point. Then the republican base would say, “Yup, he’s got a point.”

    Revealing only when the world is in the beginning of a pandemic that we don’t have the capacity to produce drugs anymore is the biggest case of this, where people will hear it and say, “Yup, he’s got a point about bringing manufacturing back.”

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    • Esperanza says:

      Not just in the US, was just with a French student, French doctors are very aware. She had high blood pressure, unusual for her. They looked through her drugs, yep a problematic Chinese one. He prescribed a made in France one, got a call from government health insurance threatening him with a 300 e fine, he replied he’d write a check now but he refused to endanger his patients.

      My student totally gets it now. She’s very worried about Corona Virus, her family are Italian.

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  7. Tiffthis says:

    I’m sorry, did I just hear at the end the China wants to head the UN intellectual property police? What a joke!

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    • Randolph Scott says:

      The Chinese are a very very very corrupt society. This is all because of the CIA. The CIA corrupts everything it touches. This agency needs to be destroyed permanently.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Randolph Scott, thats a fairly sweeping charge.
        Please provide a credible source for your assertion that the CIA is solely responsible (“This is all because..”) for China being so corrupt.

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        • zekness says:

          the bigger point here is that CIA both active and “retired” have as a federal class of employees been involved in more financial and drug and arms corruption that any other federal agency, apples to apple. It’s a close match for state department and congressional members.

          I just don’t have the enormous space here on the internet to list and cite every single example of it.

          But it’s there, and it’s enormous if you are willing to spend the years upon years of study and research both on US websites and non-us websites to collect all of these facts.

          the reality is that only some of the corrupt dealing were sanctioned by official US policy makers and presidents. the vast majority of these cases involve solely personal level and small group enrichment examples that have direct links to foreign policy, arms trade deals, drug wars and other similar foreign policy matters. These kinds of financially rewarding “projects” closely parallel and often precede just moments before major official engagements. It doesn’t take genius level or conspiratorial theories to connect the dots.

          and then we have the military officers and senior civilian employees within the DOD sphere…good god, it’s ridiculous how amazingly wealthy some of these people have become just by having the opportunity to exploit the special knowledge and contacts they have established in their “normal course” of work in the defense of this country.

          I could go on..but you get the point.

          when we say pay for play and focus on things like clinton and even flynn (I DO NOT want to conflate the two at all…just to illustrate some of the same issues that surround these two examples), that is just the tip of the iceberg.

          acting on behalf of and doing business with foreign interests and hustling business as brokers for some mainline arms and drug dealers has been enormously cancerous to the whole national security concept. Be it, weapons, drugs, technology all the way up the scale to delivering critical and otherwise secret knowledge about certain products, this has not made the US safer. That seems to be lost to many of these actors. It doesn’t even register. It’s not just an abuse of the power of their special position of power and access…it abuses the very oath of the office and erodes security.

          this has happened for a very long time. A classic example is how DOW company was supplying germany with critical refined materials AND knowledge about certain kinds of explosive technology AND chemical and biological weapons information…all that way up to and just into the first year when the US president declared WAR with germany!

          I have a little interesting knowledge about that particular piece of history…My father, a military officer, was assigned to a US Command in the very building where most of these german science and development was conducted…

          during the 70’s.

          The stories he would tell based on records they located…and had friends, CIA spooks, who would elaborate the special arrangement ignored by the US government by DOW. You know the sort of thing that happen in your spare time, stirring coffee and trading war stories….but these were not some crazy fringe conspiracy theories. These were factual evidence based events that illuminate how corrupt even back in WW2 corporate america was to the US national security principle.

          It makes my skin crawl.

          I often contemplate, how many lives were snuffed out using some of these chemical and biological weapons…and how many families got massively wealthy dealing with the evil nazi empire. Some things, you can not un-see.

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      • kleen says:

        The CCP reminds me of our very own swamp. Same tactics, same information control, harassment, blackmail, threats, imprisoning political oppositions… same thing.


    • Justin Burch says:

      Why are you surprised when nations like Saudi Arabia lead the status of women group and Cuba and Venezuela decide what human rights they will look at?


  8. Rynn69 says:

    Trump campaign should include these kinds of things in Trump’s rallies to educate the public to the dangers of globalism. Not purporting isolationism, but discussing the insidious agenda of globalists writ large as compared to the unparalleled success of a sovereign nation.

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    • CarolynH says:

      I would rather he talk about this than the media for half an hour or more. I’m pretty sure we all know the media is corrupt, but medications and vitamins are another story.

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      • not2worryluv says:

        I agree. I love our President but at the last Rally you could tell everyone got bored with POTUS bringing out stuff on his polls in 2016 and harping on two TV “journalists” that they could have cared less about.
        Let’s talk about the Administration’s Accomplishments and what the future holds for America now and in the future under a Trump Administration. Laud the praise on the Cabinet Members who hare worked to get the Trade Deals down and the Economy skyrocketing again, wages going up for everyone. Better educational choices and come up with a healthcare plan that puts the Bern to shame.
        Let the DEMS drone on about everything that is wrong with the USA and Trump needs to focus on how globalism has hurt the citizens of America directly with bad drugs from China and street drugs addicting our population.


        • CharterOakie says:

          Some of it is an intentional keeping powder dry for the general election campaign. And some things are just not within reach until there are fewer enemies in Congress, in particular when the ‘Rats lose the House.


    • sunnydaze says:

      Agree whole heartedly w/this, Rynn. Highlight this at rallies.

      Seriously doubt that most Americans would have a problem w/ pharmaceuticals not being manufactured in China, among a host of other products – especially anything you put in your mouth.

      The clothes are sh*tty quality, but at least they (probably?!) won’t kill you if you make sure to wash before wearing.

      This is a great interview. Navarro’s a good guy.

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  9. Perot Conservative says:

    I suggest new Executive actions:

    1. This list of “X” critical drugs – 50% must be made in America.
    2. Say 30% of every drug will be REQUIRED to be made in America. If not, lose your ability to import or face a large import tax.
    3. TRIPLE inspections on imported products. Actual inspections. (Not paper pushers, not bureaucrats.)

    Trump Time.

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    • Zippy says:

      Where’d you get these ideas? The US Chamber of Commerce?

      “This list of “X” critical drugs – 50% must be made in America.”

      WILL NOT WORK. China dumped drugs on world markets after being ALLOWED the associated tech mainly from the US and drove everyone out of business. Must be 100% US made including -ALL- ingredients.

      “Say 30% of every drug will be REQUIRED to be made in America. If not, lose your ability to import or face a large import tax.”

      WILL NOT WORK. See above. What happens when China suddenly bans the export of that 30% or can’t export it because they are using it internally in a health emergency of their own (or uses that as an EXCUSE not to ship it).


  10. Magabear says:

    This is really when the fallacy of “free trade” hits home. Cheap imports really don’t do you much good when the supply is cut off from you.

    The wisdom of Washington, Hamilton, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and others was tossed away by Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obozo. That’s 28 years of stupidity PDJT has to reverse.

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    • grumpyqs says:

      Am I hearing people question the “Throw-away” society where quality is not desirable? Cheap crap is soon gone, so I can shop and buy even more, on credit of course, on web-sites built by foreigners, selling foreign product with no guarantee or liability, making mega-billionaires who control our politicians and have no discernible soul or conscience.

      If our POTUS Trump can steer in that direction, we need another Mt Rushmore!

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    • CharterOakie says:

      Magabear – exactly right. In fact EVERY leading Republican from Lincoln until Eisenhower supported tariffs on imports in order to nurture domestic manufacturing.

      In addition to the American statesmen that preceded the formation of the GOP, such as Washington and Hamilton, as you point out.


  11. Maquis says:

    ReShore and Decouple!

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  12. CC says:

    This one is for Sundance…

    pulling on your expertise….what can you tell use about the National Strategic Stockpiles…How often are the medications examined for expiration dates? Can we assume that the medications, such as strategic antibiotics, came from China? Is the rotation schedule of the different products, commonly available (open source)?

    It used to be that in some regions, if my memory is correct, regional hospitals were responsible for them and the “maintenance”?

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  13. Sherri Young says:

    A lot of this garbage necessarily would try to flow through McKesson since McKesson is the great hub in a tremendous portion of the distribution chain in the US.


  14. ARTHUR says:

    US mask manufacturer had their goods confiscated and their factory in China nationalized by the Communist Chinese Government? That’s a huge bombshell! But which company? I’ve been searching for information on this but can’t find any. You’d think it would get someone reporting about it but nothing but crickets. I’d appreciate it if someone had the goods on the facts that could corroborate this huge story that nobody has information about. We all know White House Trade and Manufacturing Advisor Peter Navarro wouldn’t lie about something so huge but what’s the name of the company?


  15. GB Bari says:

    The counterfeiting story may be the most underreported story of all. Yes we’ve read about counterfeiting before, but here we are in 2020 and Congress STILL ignores this or the FTC and or CPFB still ignores this?

    Where are the harsh costly penalties that should be imposed on retailers who sell this garbage to consumers? When costly penalties begin to occur frequently and is publicly announced by the Administration, maybe this problem will begin to subside.

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  16. Zippy says:

    Central Bankers will use COVID-19 as the scapegoat to deflect blame for the next imminent global economic crisis which will actually be the result of their massive, worldwide debt-based stimulus to produce via massive amounts of leveraged debt in the private sector a PHONY recovery from the global financial crisis of ten years ago which was caused by… wait for it… massive amounts of leveraged debt in the private sector.

    Chinese Workers Refuse To Go Back To Work Despite Beijing’s Demands
    23 Feb 2020

    … unless China reboots its economy, it faces an economic shock the likes of which it has never seen before in modern times. Yet it can’t reboot the economy unless it truly stops the viral pandemic, something it will never be able to do if it lies to the population that the pandemic is almost over in hopes of forcing people to get back to work. Hence the most diabolic Catch 22 for China’s social and economic system, because whereas until now China could easily lie its way out of any problem, in this case lying will only make the underlying (viral pandemic) problem worse as sick people return to work, only to infect even more co-workers, forcing even more businesses to be quarantined.

    Naturally, China’s massive population – while bombarded by propaganda on a daily basis – is hardly naive, and is very well attuned to what is really going on. And what is going on is that China’s economy has ground to a halt because nobody trusts the government anymore!

    Even Bloomberg admits it: “the push to get production rolling again risks a renewed spread of the virus, about which much is still not yet known” (it’s certainly not known where it came from after Chinese scientists disproved the widely held propaganda narrative that it miraculously emerged from some bat at the Wuhan seafood market during the peak of bat hibernation season).

    “A peak may come at the end of this month for the whole country but it won’t necessarily indicate a turning point,” Zhong Nanshan, a respiratory disease expert who led research into a treatment for SARS, told reporters in Guangzhou earlier this week. “The epidemic could have a new peak after people travel back to work.”

    The last sentence is predicated on two major assumptions:

    that workers will decide they want to return to work; and
    that they will consider the outsized risk to their lives from returning to work as lesser than the threat to their livelihood from not receiving a salary.

    And what happens if they all refuse to come back? What if China, sick of the lies and fabrications of its government, creates the largest, if completely unexpected, labor union in history and one which refuses to work and demands handouts from the government until the coronavirus pandemic is well and truly halted, something which can not be ascertained for a long, long time in light of the government’s flagrant and ongoing lies?

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    • Zippy says:

      Oh, and once we start seeing community outbreaks of COVID-19 here in the US, watch what happens to sales of all Chinese products here when some citizen believes they were infected by some of the virus present on some product from China. It won’t need to be true, it will just be their claim. Then, you’ll see how much people HERE trust their government when they claim that can’t be.


  17. Zippy says:

    Health officials worry as untraceable virus clusters emerge
    February 22, 2020

    In South Korea, Singapore and Iran, clusters of infections are leading to a jump in cases of the new viral illness outside China. But it’s not the numbers that are worrying experts: It’s that increasingly they can’t trace where the clusters started.

    World Health Organization officials said China’s crackdown on parts of the country bought time for the rest of the world to prepare for the new virus. But as hot spots emerge around the globe, trouble finding each source — the first patient who sparks every new cluster — might signal the disease has begun spreading too widely for tried-and-true public health steps to stamp it out.

    “A number of spot fires, occurring around the world is a sign that things are ticking along, and what we are going to have here is probably a pandemic,” said Ian Mackay, who studies viruses at Australia’s University of Queensland.


  18. kleen says:

    NEW: China’s National Health Commission says more than 3,000 medical staff members among those infected with coronavirus – Reuter/;.¬s

    UPDATE: Italy reports 26 new cases of coronavirus, or 64 new cases and 2 new deaths so far today, raising total to 219 cases and 5 dead

    Coronavirus updates:
    – 5 new cases in Hong Kong
    – 2 new cases in Taiwan
    – 1 new case in Singapore

    BREAKING: Iraq reports first case of coronavirus after Iranian student crosses the border

    NEW: U.S. military in South Korea raises risk level to “high” due to coronavirus, says someone who visited Camp Walker’s Post Exchange on Feb. 12 and Feb. 15 tested positive for coronavirus

    NEW: Iranian lawmaker claims at least 50 people have died of coronavirus in the city of Qom; the official death toll stands at 12 – ILNA

    BREAKING: Afghanistan reports first case of coronavirus – TOLO

    Kuwait’s first 3 cases of coronavirus are people who recently returned from Mashhad in northeast Iran

    BREAKING: Bahrain reports first case of coronavirus in citizen returning from Iran


  19. Zippy says:

    Coronavirus: Wuhan to quarantine all cured patients for 14 days after some test positive again
    – Recovered and discharged people were sent to designated centres from Saturday onwards
    – Decision follows several instances in which recovered patients were found to be still carrying the virus and able to infect others
    23 Feb 2020


  20. kleen says:

    “Medical system focus on the patients in serious condition.” Japan government announced their plan from now on.
    Called for the ones with mild symptoms not go to see a doc and to stay home for recovery.

    I hope it works. We all know the problem is crowded hospitals. But on the other hand, people having to diagnose themselves and treat themselves at home is scary. Poor people!


  21. kleen says:

    Hospital bills, lockdown/unemployment/recession don’t go together. God help us!


    • Zippy says:

      Along with no mostly made-in-China meds and medical personal protective equipment (PPE). CDC says US hospitals already rationing PPE in preparation.


  22. kleen says:

    I hope POTUS goes against the WHO and declares pandemic.
    He needs to lead the way.


  23. kleen, says:

    I’m afraid we are about to see mass unemployment, bankruptcies, hardhip globally.

    China is getting monkey hammered, I feel for the Chinese people in the hands of the brutal CCP.


  24. Zippy says:

    Coronavirus Fallout Shows Dangers of Over-Reliance on China

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  25. trapper says:

    Stay on this. THIS is the story of the decade.

    The corona virus outbreak will be the single most important catalyst for re-industrializing America. Period.

    Already an article at TNI this morning by Gordon Chang, and … whoops!!! … the Dow is down 1,000 this morning as everyone on Wall Street was up all night figuring out which global companies have China in their supply chains, in other words, which companies to short this morning. Watch big box stores for empty shelves.

    THIS IS IT, boys and girls. And we are all watching it unfold in real time.

    File the story below not in your “Corona Virus” folder, but in a new folder named “Re Industrializing America.” So it begins.


  26. zekness says:

    it’s simple….make china an UNPREFERRED trading partner…trade restrictions.

    * I’ve probably used the wrong trade speak, but placing conditions on what kind of business can operate in china is obvious. Specifically, what kinds of products and services are classified as critical national security high value assets. Take your pick there are many of them.

    ** The existing corona virus crisis and supply chain disruption may not be sufficient to keep such a trade restriction alive permanently, so the best way to argue for a permanent CONUS only manufacturing model can be negotiated successfully by naming certain products and serviced UNIQUELY critical to national security high value assets…

    and then be done with this stupid idiotic arrangement that congress has allowed these corporations and the chinese government to profit at the expense of our national interest.


  27. zekness says:

    pay attention: a major outlet for COVID-19 virus data is not displaying …”not fully configured”

    it’s probably related to a server buffer issue as this website is probably being visited by a record breaking (pun intended) number of unique hits.

    I will be tracking this and finding out where the host servers are located, where it is registered and what the existing host(s) are doing to get it back up and available.


    • zekness says:

      forgot to point the link…

      yup…full lock down folks….yup, they have closed the walls…no more reporting factual data from johns hopskins….never mind it receives MILLIONS of dollars of YOUR TAXES to support virology, emerging disease and even this specific website.

      I’ll be contacting my elected official right now and asking why the unusual blackout.


      who are the closed wall users?

      why the change from an open host to the public to a closed wall?

      I’m gonna hack it…

      and then mirror it….

      like a responsible hacker would want to do.

      sue me.


    • trapper says:

      Please keep us informed on this.


      • zekness says:

        update….I just checked and the johns hopskins server is BACK UP.

        communicated with the githib developer team…the login wall was configured temporarily to only allow access for those requiring access to work on the website…It was not walled to prevent public viewing. That’s an awkward way to set a website in suspension while work is done as typically something more detailed can be used to alert users the reasons why the website it temp down.

        it works now. They would not tell me exactly why it was down …just for maintenance.

        probably to correct some scripts that point to more durable dns handling.

        presuming the website is getting heavy unique hits…which is likely.

        I’ll be tracking this, because the data is about as precise and real time as any other

        don’t bother going to cdc and who for near real time data…they only share carefully groomed content ….I prefer to see the numbers….that is where the rubber meets the road for me.


        • trapper says:

          This is very disturbing. Look, in a normal flu year, after the season is over, you calculate after the fact, after all the cases have been resolved. So in an average year 45 million people caught the flu, of which an average of 68,000 died. The rest of the resolved cases survived it. Always a very low fatality rate, about a tenth of one percent.

          You calculate using resolved cases. Here, looking at the Johns Hopkins numbers from your site, 25,215 recovered and 2,628 deaths, that’s a total of 27,843 resolved cases. Doing the math, that is a fatality rate so far of 9.44%.

          WHO estimates that the fatality rate for the Spanish flu was 2-3%. Regular annual flu has a fatality rate of a tenth of a percent. Coronavirus so far: 9.44% fatality rate.

          Got your attention now?


  28. trapper says:

    Hot spots in Italy

    “Virus investigators in Italy suffered a setback when a person who recently visited China and was thought to be the “patient zero” for the Italian outbreak tested negative for the virus.”

    This is not that hard to figure out. My prediction: We will soon be told that the hot spots popping up all over the world did NOT come from person-to-person transmission (there WERE NO “patient zeros”), but person-to-THING- to-person. Sneeze on a thing, pack it in a shipping container, ship it across the world. I expect the Chinese already know it, judging by their total quarantines and factory closures, and are desperate to keep it secret, because when THAT is revealed, everything stops.


  29. zekness says:

    North Korea just detained 380 foreign persons visiting the country..under the guide they are infected with COVID-19…

    note: the ONLY reasons why know this fact is BECAUSE these are foreign persons visiting who have not been allowed to travel back home. PRK has NOT reported officially any infections…

    we can start connecting dots here….

    this is going to be a very interesting development in some of these tyrant closed countries.


  30. RAM says:

    The Trump administration did US industry a favor months ago by starting the trade negotiations and revising the tariffs with China. That warned them all of a potential need to move much of their manufacturing out of China. Those that heeded may have plans that would reduce the overall impact of the coronavirus mess.


    • zekness says:

      I agree this might be a good motivation for these corps to draw back and “re-shore” (shout out to another CTH member..great word)….

      but the reality is that about 94 percent of businesses that have manufacturing facilities WILL experience a supply problem that will furnish a global effect to economies at every scale.

      even if nothing changes, and tomorrow, every single person gets healthy and the plants start cranking back up to full capacity..ya’know like magically …the estimate is that the global economy will experience about 1-2 percent hit. The US GDP alone is expected to get a 1-3 percent hit. These are not trivial impacts.

      and this is just what is going to happen, that we know will happen.

      if this virus goes sideways(which is very likely against not likely), the impact will be both more serious and more importanrtly will persist over a long period of time.

      there is every reason right now, that people should be starting to prepare their families for a black swan event. I am not saying this will happen, but it has a potential for it. And the thing with black swans?

      small unrecognized threat, lack of preparedness, with huge consequences.


  31. walt39 says:

    It’s all very well to say “everything should be made in America” but if we’re not making a bunch of it now, it’s one-two years before we can. It takes both a factory — do we make the machines and instruments it needs? Or must they be ordered from overseas at a time when other countries too are saying ‘we should make that here’? — and trained people

    Everything can be done. My guess would be that some very smart people started looking for a bunch of money several weeks ago. But it’s going to take time and between now and then there will be serious shortages.

    A SPECULATION: The Chinese will have the first vaccine for their virus because they don’t have to do a carefully controlled series of gradually stepping up tests before large scale human trials. If they find something that works in animals and it doesn’t kill the first ten Chinese they stick it in, they can start vaccination programs as soon as they can scale up production to 1000-dose batches.

    You can’t even say that would be wrong: It’s likely that many thousands of people will die there, either way. Early confirmation of a working vaccine could save many even if hundreds or thousands die in the testing phase. But — all that is pure speculation.


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