Barr’s “Outside Prosecutors” and the FISC Sequestration Agreement…

When the FISA Court responded to the DOJ Inspector General report in December and January 2020 they requested an action plan from the DOJ and FBI to respond to the issues raised about misrepresentations to the court.

The DOJ/FBI replied to the FISA Court admitting the last two FISA renewals (April, June ’17) used against Carter Page were insufficiency predicated while withholding opinion on the original application (Oct ’16) and first renewal (Jan ’17).

To address the consequences of fraudulently obtained FISA warrants the DOJ and FBI informed the court they would begin a process to “sequester” all collected evidence from all four FISA warrants. [FISA COURT LINK]

Sequestering the evidence is essentially a search for what investigative material the FISA warrants were used to obtain; ie. the search for the fruit of the poisoned tree; and then a review of all DOJ/FBI cases that may have utilized that investigative material.

In late January the DOJ contacted the FISA court and asked for an extension to the deadline.  The FISA court granted an extension until February 5th [LINK]  The response from the DOJ has not yet been declassified or released by the FISC for public review.

However, with recent media reporting of AG Barr using “outside prosecutors” to review current, former and ongoing cases, it simply makes sense this ‘outsider’ effort is part of the DOJ/FBI sequestration review.

If you consider that several DOJ offices may be involved with the material under review, including the Southern District of New York; The Eastern District of New York; The Eastern District of Virginia; The Washington DC District, and even Main Justice itself; it makes sense that outside DOJ personnel would be needed for this review.

Additionally, all of the various FBI field offices who may have used the FISA authorizations as the underpinning evidence to gain separate Title-1 and/or Title-3 warrants, wiretaps or National Security Letters, in their various investigative cases would also need to be reviewed.   This is an aspect the media is not discussing while they write opinions about AG Bill Barr bringing in outside DOJ attorneys.

The media are framing the use of outside attorneys as Bill Barr working on behalf of President Trump to undermine current and former prosecutions.  However, understanding the FISC order requiring the sequestration effort, the use of outsiders is absolutely necessary.

The same U.S. Attorneys, prosecutors and FBI agents who used evidence gathered from the FISA warrants cannot be the same attorneys, agents and prosecutors making decisions about what parts of the warrants were used to gather evidence and how each part of any case was assembled by the use therein.  It is a simple matter of a conflict of interest.

Additionally, the Robert Mueller team of FBI investigators and special counsel prosecutors certainly used the fraudulently obtained FISA warrants as part of their investigative evidence collection.   Common sense would tell us this had to be the case or the FBI and Mueller team would not have requested renewals of the FISA warrant.

If the FBI & Special Counsel were not using the FISA warrant(s) to capture information, they would not have needed them renewed.  Despite media spin to the contrary, the simple truth of renewals holding investigative value is evident in the renewal itself (ie. common sense).

Under this rather extensive effort to find exactly which investigations -over the course of three years- were touched directly, or indirectly, by the four FISA warrants; and/or which investigative paths may have been influenced downstream or enhanced -by varying degrees of importance- by evidence stemming from the FISA warrants; a reasonable person could see how AG Bill Barr would need to put a team together to retrace the investigative steps and make the sequestration determinations.

Obviously, for reasons of biased intent, corporate left-wing media would like to ignore why outside prosecutors are needed under this framework.  Ignored in part because honest reporting would require an admission the FISA warrants were fraudulently obtained; and in part because the left-wing media have never informed the public of the DOJ/FBI sequestration effort in the first place.  Likely more than half the country has no idea the DOJ and FBI have been told to go find the material.

There have been numerous articles, thousands of words, and endless hours of pundit protestations about Bill Barr using outside DC lawyers to review all of the previous DOJ Attorney activities; yet not a single time have they ever acknowledged the originating order from the FISA court requiring the DOJ/FBI to conduct the review.   Imagine that?

New York Times – Mr. Barr has also installed a handful of outside prosecutors to broadly review the handling of other politically sensitive national-security cases in the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, the people said. The team includes at least one prosecutor from the office of the United States attorney in St. Louis, Jeff Jensen, who is handling the Flynn matter, as well as prosecutors from the office of the deputy attorney general, Jeffrey A. Rosen. (more)

Lastly, perhaps within this process we can finally get an answer as to what legal justification Robert Mueller and the Special Counsel team used in order to gain access to all of the Trump transition team communications; which included attorney-client privileged material.

This issue from late 2017 was ignored by the mainstream media at the height of their willful blindness toward any corruption within the Mueller team:

FULL letter outlining the issues:



FISA Court Order – Requiring DOJ Response

FISA Court Order – Granting extension until Feb 5, 2020.

LINK to FISA Court Public Records

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383 Responses to Barr’s “Outside Prosecutors” and the FISC Sequestration Agreement…

  1. aProvider says:

    I do admire the tenacious reporting done here by the CTH folks. Honestly it has become so convoluted to me that I have pretty much given up trying to follow the many, many instances of corruption and criminality and the blatant lying that has gone on by US government officials.

    And as good as the folks here are I am still not convinced that the American public will ever know the complete story of this coup. The marxist cabal that is in charge of our education system will never let the story be told to the generations that follow.

    I, along with millions of others, have lost faith in the so-called justice system in the U.S. So I won’t be surprised if a very violent outcome ensues. And I will applaud it. The DC swamp need to be gone—forever. But of course, I dream.

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    • strateshooter says:

      Don’t wish for violent outcomes buddy. Civil wars are the worst wars of all.
      But when people lose faith in the leaders , fairness, rule of law….history does suggest that violence ensues.
      The responsibility this current AG is carrying on his shoulders is historic.
      Personally though , I doubt he is up to it based on his work history. Really hope I am wrong though.
      My bet is Trump gets re-elected , and this cover up crap continues.
      The Swamp will contain and outlast Trump and re-assert itself when he goes in 2024.
      The danger (or hope) is that the American people se the threat and act , hopefully at the ballot box but if not their frustration will be volcanic.

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  2. As a man thinkth says:

    Excellent….the most important phase of scheduling is the “backward” pass…It identifies glitches and illustrates the Critical Path…Your tireless work continues to shine light on the Critical Path of the greatest coup attempt in the history of the world…

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    • rondonmonson says:

      Anyone else see what I now see via Sundance’s fine work ? This supposed outrage is nothing more than playacting, we already knew that, NOW we know why, they were losing their grip on the cases, an outside review was in order before they pulled this stunt, which is why they pulled it, they know the 302’s they are hiding will expose their criminality to the whole world.

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      • Rowdyone says:

        While it’s tactically necessary for Barr to farm out investigations to outlying districts to avoid the influence of the previous investigators in the swamp a negative impact is that it will take more time to do so. Fortunately, at this point, PDJT would appear to be on his way to a second term when most of the conclusion to this sorry episode would most likely conclude. But it goes without saying that he must be re-elected or this will all go away.

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        • dimbulbz says:

          I dont care if this takes decades. ( i personally dont have decades…) but, I am in this for the long haul. If Barr fails, try again with someone else, if that fails, keep trying. They want the lovers of our constitution discouraged, they want us to give up, they want to keep things as they are. Once Trump goes someone else will take his torch – if they fail and we get another Obama then we start again. This will always be a fight worth fighting. The people who administer justice must also be accountable to justice, and as long as we keep trying a great leader like Donald Trump will only be one election away. Nopw that we did it once – It will forever be possible. As soon as we say I quit, its back to the same garbage. we are the sieve that screens out the inhumanity. Stop trying and you’re just a useless piece of garbage they can ignore. Choose you this day who you will serve… Its not like they are going to stop. Why should we?

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    • fhb says:

      1.soros and other have made “their fortunes” by redirecting US FOREIGN AID, bongino only gets a partial of “obama put the US up for sale. 2. there are infiltrators in our government.

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  3. All Too Much says:

    Sounds to me that 1,000 judges are disqualified from hearing any Trump case.
    Nice hole they dug. No more Never Trump judges deciding things.

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    • mimbler says:

      These are all retired. Active DS DOJ and judges aren’t identifying themselves.

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      • Shelley Childs says:

        “Well, let’s just say Bill Barr is probably laughing at these idiots right now,” he said. “They’re former DOJ people for a reason.”
        “If you look back under the Obama Administration and their hiring practice … what they did was, although you’re legally not allowed to ask party affiliation when you hire people for those jobs, it was clear based on the resumes of the people Obama’ administration overwhelmingly hired in the DOJs — attorneys and otherwise — that they were hardcore leftists, all of them.”

        – Bongino

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        • mimbler says:

          Yes, I remember when one of the top blacks in in the DOJ quit because Eric Holder had made it too biased and too racist for him to continue in it.

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        • IGiveUp says:

          We should have done the same–to the extent possible given the liberal control of EVERYTHING. It’s not enough to be handed power, you have to wield it effectively.

          It will take a long time to deNazify America. There are many committed believers out there from every spectrum of the people. Somehow they must have their belief shattered beyond repair if we’re to even get started on this task. This might be the best argument yet for declassify/indict everything and everyone.

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          • Dave Radetsky says:

            IGiveUp – You’re absolutely right, but unfortunately I am highly doubtful that the Deep State will allow that to happen. We can think that POTUS has complete power to have these things done, but there is a level of power that the Deep State holds that even ties the hands of POTUS. We may see some declassification and even some indictments, but it’s quite likely we will not see all that is needed. Half of POTUS’s potential time in office is almost over, and we’ve seen how slowly this stuff moves (which should be no surprise to anyone familiar with the justice system), and 4 more years is not a lot of time to get it done. The ultimate resolution to these problems can only be had if the voters wake up and vote the UniParty out of office. That means replace all the Democrats and replace 90% of the Republicans in Washington. It will take a focused effort for a long time, many, many election cycles.

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            • John-Y128 says:

              If PT was going to do anything on his own about the Hoax, Coup or FISA Abuse, he wouldn’t of given the ‘declassification’ authority to AG Barr.

              President Trump knows he’s good for a 2nd term and he probably won’t worry too much about justice for America; it’ll be an interesting 2nd term with no rallies to pump up the base, it’ll be a quick 3 years, the 4th being mostly ‘lame duck’ status.

              The next big race will be who will follow PT and fight off Bloomberg in 2024.


              • 55praises says:

                President Trump’s last year in office may surprise you and many more. He is not a ‘typical’ politician, and thinks outside the box. I myself am hoping and praying for a lot more surprises and bunnies out of the hat.

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              • lftpm says:

                One point: In delegating declassification authority to AG Barr, PDJT still retains the power to declassify anything he chooses. It’s like giving a front-door key to a trusted housemaid, so she can come in an clean when you’re not there. But you can also clean as much or as little as you want. If you get in the mood to mop the kitchen floor, you can, it’s your house.

                It is true that Trump does not want to spend a lot of time reviewing documents to decide what to declassify, so he assigned the job to Barr (and Barr assigns subordinates the info-gathering and primary review tasks), but The President can declassify anything at any time he chooses.


              • trialbytruth says:

                I can’t believe how many misunderstand why Trump gave declass authority to Barr.

                He did not give his own authority away he simply extended it to bar. It was to allow Barr’s people to open the files and see what was there without redaction . At every turns Barr’s investigative team was going to be met with “sorry, need to know basis and you don’t need to know. This move cut that off at the knees.

                We know enough to demand accountability and answers we just need to continue to keep the pressure up.


              • Joan Horning says:

                Bloomberg in 24? Dead of old age by then if there is any justice at all.


        • swampfox999 says:

          The indication that a lawyer worked for DOJ during a particular administration is intentionally misleading. It is dispositive of nothing. Comey, Yates and McCabe “worked for” Treasury during the Trump administration. You can bet that the lawyers on the hit list are mostly ideologically lefties with a never Trumper sprinkled in here and there.

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      • zekness says:

        not all of these people are “retired”….they are “former” DOJ Prosecutors and judges. I would imagine quite a few of them are held/retained for contract work with various government legal services (think: lawflare)..

        in my legal definition, when a corrupt attorney “retires”…that means he is pushing daisies.

        and unless verified as dirt sleepers, assume they continue to defecate on the fabric of the flag and citizens.

        nuke them from orbit….twice! it’s the only way to be sure.

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      • YeahYouRight says:

        The judges are very much identifying themselves! Even better, thanks to Mitch and Trump, we are seeing a lot of great options getting confirmed and moving into the promotion pipeline, a solid judicial foundation for the future.

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      • TradeBait says:

        Ah, but the attorneys/staff that worked for and aligned with them have been noted for years. Their open opposition exposes more than just them and enables the white hats to continuing their quiet vetting.

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    • Adjudicator says:

      Arguably, they all committed an ethics violation of the Judicial Cannons. This controversy is rooted in a pending case before Berman. Judges are to refrain from commenting about a pending case and to avoid publicly taking a political position for or against an issue.

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      • zekness says:

        it’s been noted and formal complaints have been filed.

        thank you..

        precisely what kind of information I was suggesting is needed for our vigilance against these corruptors.

        notice who they are, what they do, where they live, what business they are involved, and all other communications we can collect…

        these are formidable players…lets take them down a notch at least.

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    • rondonmonson says:

      This is being left by a Billionaire/ non proffit says Mark Livine, Mona Charen, Linda Chavez, Matthew Dowd all sit on the board. Never Trumpets all.


  4. dcnnc says:

    If this were a Democrat AG and there were several former Democrat officials being railroaded by the DOJ for political reasons, all of these cases would’ve been shut down immediately already, and very publicly.


  5. Manufactured News Network BREAKING NEWS: “Chief Justice John Roberts: ” This is not an Emergency Meeting of Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges. What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to keep Andrew Weissman’s corrupt ass out of jail.”…Developing…

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Weismann is in deep trouble, it’s not like he is a sitting SSCI Senator like Mark Warner or anything. Little fish get fried, big fish like Warner, can influence corrupt Prosecutors in order to make a deal for Wolf and keep all the dirt he has hidden.

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  6. Publius2016 says:

    According to reports, a FISA was turned down during 2016 Election…what did it cover?

    With first Carter Page FISA, these two need to be RELEASED UNREDACTED!

    remember, RNC Cleveland was weaponized!!

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  7. Kristin DeBacco says:

    Reading aloud to my husband most of Sundance’s exposés helps me greatly to understand the issues written there.
    I can emphasize the words and thoughts and repeat them.
    I can feel and hear my cold anger rising as I proceed the reading.
    Any normal inquiring mind in journalism
    ( I am not even saying smart, intelligent or talented journalist) should pause and say:” Why am I not digging into this?” Or “ Why am I not allowed digging into this?”…
    But they do not even have that honest question popping into their blind hatred mind.
    A Lindsay Graham promising and promising again he will have investigations should be ashamed sitting on all this and doing nothing; It is on us!!
    Actually 90% of all Republicans and 100% of Democrats sitting and watching all this going on and be mute; it is on us people!
    I am so infuriated.
    Organizing my stuff for the Phoenix Rally tomorrow. 🤞for getting inside.

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  8. Bogeyfree says:


    In anticipation of Barr’s 3/31 under oath testimony before HJC and with Jim Jordan now being added, would you consider reaching out to him and providing him with your key top 10-20 laser questions.

    Yes Jim know a lot already but preparation is everything and I think between your “ask the right fing questions” couple with Jordan’s ability to setup and deliver these question whereby the American people can follow, this would be a true Super Bowl Team.

    We have one shot coming up and this will be televised by all networks I would assume.

    The right Fing questions are CRITICAL!

    Case in point is Lou Dobbs following your lead? Replicate that with Jordan, please.

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  9. thedoc00 says:

    So, to from a more “Institutional Perspective, AG Barr wants to understand the scope of liability to ALL DoJ cases that used FISA. This has zero to do with Mueller and all to do with a potential tidal wave of appeals citing corrupt DoJ and FBI procedures that may or may not be coming. Such a tidal wave would literally “swamp the swamp” with inquiries, request for documents and testimony from agents and/or attorneys, past and present. It would also rope in FISA judges, who would have to answer some pretty embarrassing questions about procedures they followed.

    Personally, I hope the tidal wave does come and it would behoove media and legal personalities to encourage the tidal wave in public.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      There has to be 100’s of ambulance chasing lawyers out there just looking for potential pay days from this kind of “corruption”. They just need somebody to wake them.

      This is the reason AG Barr is upset with the President’s tweets. The President is actually ringing the dinner bell for the ambulance chasers.

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      • zekness says:

        yup….that’s a very real danger to the “institution”….a strong argument beyond even papaD, manafort, flynn and stone can be made from actions taken and cases built by any prosecutors that may have been involved, even trivially with this extreme level of abuse.

        even if the DOJ conjures some easy wrap up, there is nothing preventing a good defense counsel from making the argument to some aspect that calls into question whether former cases were handled correctly.

        sort of like parallel construction…in reverse.

        i like it.

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      • Ninja7 says:

        Doc, I am going to repurpose “…with the President ‘s tweets. The President is actually ringing the dinner bell for the ambulance chasers. ” 🤔🤔🤗😊 Never thought about it that way but you are correct. 🤗😁

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    • This FISA tainted evidence process reminds me of the famous FBI Forensics lab scandal.


  10. When Dems attack Barr we rush to protect him, yet, what has he actually delivered?

    It is an age old game where “the other side” attacks you and then you think that our guy (Barr in this case) is actually good.The Dems also “attacked” Bush, but behind the scenes both sides are globalist Uniparty pushing for many of the same goals.

    Barr is not on “our side”, same as most of DC, even if he is better than a Democrat AG would be (that is very, very low bar).

    As Sundance likes to say, chaffs and counter measures.

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    • Thinblueline says:

      Please provide proof that he is not on “our side”. With the current events and reactions underway, your opinion simply doesn’t hold water – it’s made more of emotion than anything.

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      • Huh?
        1. Barr declared Epstein killed himself
        2. Not a single indictment against the coup plotters
        3. Trump supporter Flynn indicted on false charges and falsified information from the DOJ and FBI.
        4. Almost nothing declassified. NO transparency.
        5. Judicial Watch almost always has to sue both DOJ and FBI to get information and then it is still redacted. (Just watch some of their videos, it is totally disgusting)
        6. Barr declares Russia interfered in our elections, when Mr. Wikileaks himself said it was a DNC leak.

        and on and on and on.

        Barr worked for CIA, his wife is best friends with Mueller’s wife, etc. He is a swamp creature.

        Other than getting the Mueller sham investigation to an end, what did Barr actually accomplish?

        Please back up your statements with facts rather than emotion.

        Don’t get me wrong: Even Rinos are better than Dems (who have gone just completely insane), but that still makes them Rinos.

        Same as Senator Graham Lindsey, who says all the right things and then nothing ever happens.

        I am sooooo glad that we have President Trump who actually does his job and keeps his promises.

        But it is up to us to pay better attention rather than just the herd mentality. Bush was also “Republican”, Romney is also “Republican”.

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        • Dan Patterson says:

          Get off your damned ass and f’ing DO something you insufferable sloth! There is zero reason not to pursue effective justice in the high offices of the bullshit artists that populate the swamp. In most other adult orbits the behavior Barr et al have shown would get their asses handed to them; conference room blowhards immune from Constitutional law and justice that they are. Piss on Barr and his damnable posing and stalling. What’s his direct line and I’ll tell his stupid ass myself if no one else will.
          Where are the declassified documents Mister? Why have you not DONE anything about ANYthing? What is it you DO around here, anyway, buddy? How about cleaning out your cave and getting your pale ass out the door if all you are going to do is take up space. Hell, we have good looking dancing girls that can do that better anyway and they don’t pretend to be important. All we have to do is buy them a “fireball”, tell them they are cute, and they’re happy? You? Who KNOWS because no one can penetrate that thick skull of yours with logic and reason! And you sure as hell are NOT cute.
          Somebody let me know when the “cold anger” front passes; I’ve developed an allergy to self-important nonsense. Show me some damned results and recover the Constitutional republic you thugs destroyed and do it now, or history will repeat on your oversized butts and history doesn’t care who it hurts.
          I am so sick of this.


          • dimbulbz says:

            Dont stop, dont give up. you can rant, but dont quit. We dont need any more quitters on our side. Either you are for this constitutional republic, or you aren’t helping. Sure we will have disappointments… didn’t you ever raise kids? Do you understand the price of giving up? Are you willing to pay it just so you can wash your hands like Pilate?

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        • lolli says:

          trumplandslide 👍


        • Elle says:

          nice synopsis Trumplandslide. Just my 2cents on the this and the comments to it: Barr is a fixer. Epstein did not kill himself and Barr (like eveyone else alive) knows it. Why would he even say suicide when it is so obvious? Why? Because they know we know, and there really isn’t any point in trying to pretend with lame excuses. No reason to weave a tangled web. “Meh- he hung himself. I’ll say no more. Deal with it.”

          We can be sure that someone has material from Epstein and that is far worse than photos of Prince Charming with a smiling girl who looks almost old enough. What I suspect is that there is a behind the scenes of mutually assured destruction going on. They will work together to remove the corrupt players from power, but they won’t all go to jail. But we don’t get to see who was raping and torturing children. Maybe that’s okay. It will just give ideas to psychos around the world.

          So where am I going with this? There is an article today about how Trump pardoned the 49’ers guy because he failed to report to the govnt that he was bribed by the governor. That seems like a tell by Trump on where we are headed next. As Trump would say, “This is not warning but a threat”. The point being made is that Trump doesn’t consider the act of being bribed as the crime to be prosecuted. We shall see if it fortells more resignations and removals without us hearing exactly why. Maybe they can all resign in mass “protest”…as they have recently threatened to do.

          Trump is a deal maker. Barr may be the devil, or not, but I would imagine that if anyone can make a deal with the Devil, Trump can probably work out a fairly decent agreement between the two of them.


      • Fwiw, i agree with trumplandslide. Barr is slow walking this and his results will be minimal. POTUS hopefully will appoint a new Special Prosecutor (R Giuliani?)after he is hopefully reelected, to take down the DC mafia.

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        • zekness says:

          yes, barr is compromised..but these issues are still dynamic…and I am sure he must feel the real threats coming from all sides.

          interestingly the best way out for him, is to actually do what he has done.

          a formal new team and set of eyes to locate any issues before proceeding.

          He has to realize a simple white wash is not going to be possible….

          some say this is about locating the weak spots and then creating a reasoned legal argument not to square it all up…that might happen, but it puts all of the responsibility back on his should this happen..back to square one.

          I think he is trying to shift responsibility for lots of reasons…

          in my view, barr is likely going to have to play ball and do the right thing here.

          and he will get beat to hell by the corruptors…but this also means he has “leverage” against the corruptors also…a point many people here at CTH fail to recognize.

          by showing his power…he announces it in a way that cannot be ignored. And should he choose at some point to flex that ultimate power and go after some very important and powerful corruptors…that is what will allow him to be big league and gain some respect….

          respect in the sense that the corrupt left right now, does not respect his power…they are attacking him because they believe this can influence his power. But if he starts using that power, and indictments are made…and totally unfair and corrupt cases are dismissed…then they start to get a keen understanding that maybe this guy isn’t going to be pushed around and more importantly it’s probably not in their self interest to try and D$ck around with him. Of course I am simplifying and but the point is, this makes the corruptors weak….and in that weakness they will expose more of their organizational soft bellies and misconduct.

          the benefactor in this of course would be Trump….His stock goes sky high when real justice is applied..even if it doesn’t precisely fit the the type he has announced is needed…one or two hits to the corrupt DOJ/FBI and some high level profile cases would be sufficient to give rocket fuel to an explosive popularity…

          I do believe there is a growing sense of skepticism among the left voters and definitely the independents. They see the problems even if they don’t understand all of the details..they smell it….It’s unavoidable at this point. It becomes more than just newsworthy if developments lead to even more evidence (direct or not) of a very damaged justice system.

          I think even the young voters are starting to key on this.

          the other day, I had an opportunity to meet with some european small business people…just chatting..socially…without provoking the subject, the conversation led to “what is going on in your country is very bad…why are the voters not understanding this was a setup?” imagine that….visitors, objective and otherwise totally unaffected, can see the problem so easily because it just screams injustice…and these were people who literally cannot stand donald trump….I thought it was compelling.


          • TarsTarkas says:

            In other words they are starting to realize that if the Establishment is willing to do all this to take down a President, how much less effort would it take to frame and destroy them? One reason I keep a low profile on-line. Not that I’m more than a piss-ant in the great scheme of things, but I have some friends and family that I wouldn’t want destroyed because I accidentally stepped on the toes of a vindictive career bureaucrat (not that I expect that to happen, have very little interaction with government officials at any level).

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            • zekness says:

              precisely…there are no great options for barr..

              at some point he is FORCED to take sides…

              there is no middle road.

              there is great risk to him and others should be decide to be a daisy and not commit all the way down.

              ultimately he will have to determine what forces provide the best protections..

              and while we all sit back and suggest that adhering to the doctrine of the constitution and only that rule of law…the reality is that he has to live according to his actions…with real enemies left and right at the ready to make his life and those around him a complete failure or worse.

              now there are a few things he has to consider, the most important and immediate is that Trump is likely to get elected…this is trump’s game to lose. He will not lose.

              this places the pros and cons solidly on supporting this president and restoring the integrity of the DOJ to correct misconduct that resulted in the president’s associates getting fraudulent charges.

              the risk is minimal as the corrupt left and a thorough cleanup at the DOJ is he can pull it off.

              I think we will see this drip drip drip at best. I think barr believes he can achieve some unspoken balance between the two threats to his power….he isn’t nearly as instituion oriented as most people think he is. ultimately, and in this case, he is moved significantly to the risk to his own power..or reputation as some people like to refer it.

              I think we will get “some” wins from barr…but don’t be surprised if this president dumps him anyway. And wray. This president isn’t ONLY angling for a election boost. This president knows that if barr is unwilling or fails, the DOJ corruptors are left in place to assault him and the agenda he promised.

              trump is a winner…a big winner..he is not going to accept mediocre performance.

              we can validate that fact with the way he handles his former employees….trump has no hesitation getting someone to perform a thing..and when that is complete…he collects another to perform another thing….with extraordinary successes.

              again, this is one of the reasons why trump is such a radical and a threat to the politique.

              they want tenure and associate powers….trump doesn’t see it that way at all.

              complete the mission at hand…then recruit the next team to attack the next. trump’s genius is understanding the need to place just the right people for the right task.

              he is running some school board….he’s running it like a business person would where bottom line results define personnel selection.

              barr has to acknowledge that even his vaunted AG position cannot be truly protected from trump’s mission…especially when that same DOJ stands in the most antithetical and aggressive way to block and impugn the president at the highest levels…

              trump will win…barr will probably get a few good things done, but he will be kicked to the curb when the second term begins for trump….it would be the correct thing to do….barr has created entirely too much hand waving about what his job is….


              • DoD says:

                If what you are saying is true, then barr would have know all this from the beginning and wouldn’t have likely took the job..


                • zekness says:

                  that assumed barr has some alternative agenda such as protecting the DOJ as a cleanup….things change. the mueller was a failure..the impeachment was a failure…and there are unavoidable corrupt actions only recently highlighted in a very public way noticed by few at the moment but now blaring like a air raid siren. I would tend to agree that Barr likely accepted this position with some idea of how he could navigate …But he has more than likely realized…this conspiracy is not some illusion he can dismiss out of hand or cover with snappy media pressers….. or furnish a “no prosecutor would reasonably consider a successful trial”…etc…etc…those excuses are worn down and don’t play anymore.

                  he finds himself in a situation he never truly imagined. He was chosen to do the very thing he believed he would be able to avoid.

                  and now…his character will be tested..and we will know…

                  is he the agent of change and the fair and objective rule of law guy…or is he just a muppet..

                  I think we will find he is a little bit of both.


      • BigTalkers says:

        No offense, but please provide proof he IS (…which I would construe as prosecuting lawbreakers, in this instance esp those employed by our Govt).


    • dawg says:

      Yes I have to think there is at least a 50% chance that this is all just for show. Considering there has been basically no progress towards real justice for the criminals by Barr, I have no real reason to believe anything else until and unless proven wrong.

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    • aarmad says:

      I agree Barr may not be on ‘our’ side. I was suspect of him from the beginning. This new effort with outside prosecutors/investigator will draw this out for years. This probably is just another Huber, and we know where that went!!?? I was totally hopeful Barr would do the right thing. I still am, but there is that lingering doubt because nothing has happened. I am sure many of us feel this way, but I can’t speak for anyone but myself. I would like to see this over and PDJT move on to his second term and do an even better job than he has done so far!

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  11. wtd says:

    Warning: Russian collusion hoaxer
    ===>(David Laufman) Proud to join over 2000 of my fellow Justice Dept. alumni in expressing our alarm over recent actions by Attorney General Barr, and the vital importance of protecting the rule of law and the impartial, nonpartisan administration of justice

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    • Pale rider says:

      Trump has been a master genius (if there is such a thing) about ‘outing’ the traitors. He pushes some hidden button on these psychotic imbeciles and they yell ‘it was me’ to the world.
      I think he did it again!

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    • 2,000 swamp rats who are afraid that their boss might actually be the one to expose what they’ve done. “The impartial, nonpartisan administration of justice” simply means (to them) that you will go to prison for 9 years while they get a pass. The thought of an AG who actually does his job is terrifying to them.

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    • zimbalistjunior says:

      wasnt Laufman the fella who was looking to get the ‘best’ agents to interview HRC re email server case so as to achieve ‘the best outcome’?
      i mean thats what strzok texted page.

      i wonder what that meant. i wonder if someone will ask Laufman what that meant.

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      • Linus in W.PA. says:

        I think this Laufman feces-head was also involved with “Two-Door” Balsey Ford.

        Liked by 5 people

        • John Obidienzo says:


          “It’s not clear who the mutual friend and national security attorney was whom the analyst turned to for additional help after meeting with Schiff’s staff. But people familiar with the matter say that former Justice Department national security lawyer David Laufman involved himself early on in the whistleblower case.
          Also a former CIA officer, Laufman was promoted by the Obama administration to run counterintelligence cases, including the high-profile investigations of Clinton’s classified emails and the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia. Laufman sat in on Clinton’s July 2016 FBI interview. He also signed off on the wiretapping of a Trump campaign adviser, which the Department of Justice inspector general determined was conducted under false pretenses involving doctored emails, suppression of exculpatory evidence, and other malfeasance. Laufman’s office was implicated in the inspector general’s report detailing the surveillance misconduct. ”

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      • Zy says:

        Kaufman was also involved in the Blowsy Two Door Ford hoax. You could say he was one of the “beach friends”. This hypocrite was involved in multiple hoaxes.

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    • BigTalkers says:

      It was his use of the number “2,000” which floored me… That could mean the actual count of former DOJ employees who had no issues utilizing “questionable ethics” in the workplace may be unimaginable!

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  12. litlbit2 says:

    There is a God. Well I am so impressed, three years minimum into this! It is now decided it would be a great idea to replace corrupt investigators! Just think of maybe next time documents are requested and the request is placed into the non-active bin someone’s a$$ goes to jail! Only from the Barr Justice System!

    IMHO, I really am praying that AG Barr can step up to the plate! 8 years of Bush, 8 years of Soros followed by three plus years of Obama wannabes does not give one a great feeling of honesty.

    Making 2020 exceedingly more important than 2016 to now remove the Soros/Obama criminals from the taxpayer funded crime family operating out of Washington DC! MAGA/KAG

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  13. doc you bring up a good point.the potential for appeals in the fisa court could/would tie the courts up for quite some time.sounds like now would be a good time to shut it down and go back and review all those cases for possible fraud etc.
    But will roberts go for it?more than likely not as it comes back on him..barr needs to drop a bomb and force roberts to do it.maybe he will retire like conyers.or step down as CJ.

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  14. ChampagneReady says:

    And to say nothing about the fact that Barr has just also assigned the UKRAINE BIDEN investigation to a Pittsburgh US Attorney.

    That is only due to the INCREDIBLE persistence of Rudy Giuliani. He just would not give up. And for sure, an honorable shout-out mention goes to OAN for their stellar undercover investigation to corrorobrate everything Rudy had uncovered.

    Joe and Hunter have to be wetting their BVDs. Never in a thousand light years did they think a DOJ investigation would actually occur.

    If you haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY recommend going to YouTube and searching “Rudy Guliani Common Sense”. This is a 6-part podcast that Rudy has done laying out the prima facie case beyond any doubt of the Biden’s corruption and Biden selling his office through quid pro quos, BRIBERY, and indisputable money laundering in staggering amounts.

    It is SUPERB. And Rudy makes it so easy to understand in the series, a 10 year old could understand it.

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    • zekness says:

      thanks…was not even aware this was up…I plan on watching to see.

      here is the link for anyone interested

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      • GB Bari says:

        Good interview!

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      • ChampagneReady says:

        That’s an interview he did but that wasn’t what I was referring to. This is a 6-part series he did–part’s one thru six. You will see them if you do the search I stated above.

        He shows the documents, the witnesses state what happened, he shows the laws violated. It’s all there, and a masterpiece of work like a Rembrandt.

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        • zekness says:

          yes, you are correct sir…my apologies for providing the wrong link. I had too many windows open and clanked the copy paste from clipboard.

          Rudy Giuliani Common Sense EP. 1: Since No Crimes Exist, It Must Be Dismissed

          still about half way through the series…..pretty good stuff.

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      • Pale rider says:

        I don’t know how many caught Bannon’s remark on Bloomberg’s cash increases but he said it came through Obama’s banking interference. Again banking to topple our government used by a socialist plant backed by Soros. Soros needs to go.
        Maybe Bill Clinton was right when he said world war three will be fought with computers. When 1’s and 0’s determine everything today especially everything in money and banking. Hackers like Kim dot com become dangerous war machines.


        • Peppurr says:

          Soros will be 90 yrs old in August of this yr. I’ve lost many good friends who’s lives were cut short because of illness and accidents, and then, there’s crud like this, who beat the odds. Pure evil.


      • topavalley says:

        Thank you for posting this. I would not have seen it if you had not.

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  15. BigTalkers says:

    Well, at least we now know that the FBI is investigating the FBI. So besides what US Atty Durham may be uncovering, it’s a start.

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  16. ezduzit63 says:

    The use of Lawyers outside of Government is what the organic 13th Amendment secured when barring Lawyers (Esquires) within Government. Great work as always Sundance

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  17. dawg says:

    As sundance has alluded to, I think it is important that our senators congressmen, AG, etc…. KNOW that WE know what happened and what is continuing to happen in order to cover it up.

    I think it is also important that (forgive me but no easy way to say this) THEY know that WE know that THEY know what happened and is continuing to happen as far as the cover up.

    So given that we know they know, if justice doesnt happen, we can only conclude that they were complicit in the cover up.

    This is basically what I told Lindsey Grahams office recently. I told her to give him the message that

    1) WE KNOW what happened.

    2) WE knows THEY know what happened.

    3)Therefore if we dont get justice, then WE know THEY will have been COMPLICIT in the cover up.

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  18. Mortimer says:

    A potential bright spot. I have a lot of respect for Dan Bongino. He doesn’t know everything, but he is well studied.

    Yesterday on his show:

    “I’m kinda upset with all the people piling on Bill Barr. I’m convinced that Barr is a friendly. I’m hearing this from a lot of people who are in the know.”

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    • :-) says:

      Many people thought Jeff Sessions was a friendly too. Trust the plan’, etc.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Barr may be a “friendly”. He may even be a decent man at the core.

      But that doesn’t necessarily guarantee he is able to step outside of his DC-center-of-government paradigm, put aside his decades of experience working inside that bubble, and truly comprehend the breadth, width, and depth of the corruption through the major government agencies PLUS the judiciary.

      No experienced politician would have ever seen the need to attempt to clean up the corruption that exists within the federal government. They had learned to accept it and live with it.

      Only an observant outsider like President Trump is able to see the Swamp for what it truly is, and understand that it needs to be stopped and drained to preserve the nation as founded. Likewise, I’m not sure Barr is up to the task because he, too, learned to accept and function within the Corrupted Swamp.

      I do hope Barr surprises me and takes bold positive action to pull the plug on the corruption by identifying and prosecuting the lawbreakers who up to now believe they are above the law..

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      • Pale rider says:

        It’s more than that, they are adept at navigating the corruption and that’s why they come out in high places. Sundance warned us all about Barr ‘bondo Bill Barr. His office will look all smooth and shiny but it’s hiding damage and he is the ‘bondo’ hiding it.
        His mistake was going on the interview criticizing Trumps tweets. Always the dog that yelps got hit. again President Trump knows how to ‘out’ these people.


      • glissmeister says:

        I think the preponderance of the evidence shows Barr already has and is continuing to press forward with “bold positive action.” Further he does so in an extremely complex hostile environment. There is good reason for us to be cynical. But neither should we fool ourselves into becoming masters of the obvious — if corruption prevails, of course their best efforts will fail and all our cynicisms will be affirmed.

        We need to remember who Barr works for; who Barr has agreed to work for, who came to an agreement to do so under the very adverse and controversial circumstances we find ourselves in today. Barr working under other bosses doesn’t tell us much about Barr working under Trump.

        I’ll continue standing with our president, Donald J. Trump. Barr is there at Trump’s pleasure. Barr is Trump’s choice in ways very different from Sessions. By all appearances they independently are working well together amidst the malignant mess they are endeavoring to make right.

        If our hunches are right about the magnitude and severity of wrongdoing they continue to uncover, then I think they will prevail. Trump and Barr represent a near perfect combination of competence, intelligence, experience, authority and will-to-truth.

        SD’s analyses are an essential tool to help us measure the perils and extent of their progress; tools that validate the purpose and effort unfolding. Most of it remains cryptic and that can be tremendously frustrating to our collective impatience.

        So I pray that things may properly ripen so that Justice is best served when ripeness comes and corrective action is formally taken. My faith remains unshaken; such action will come and because of skillful and meticulous gathering as such it will also prevail.

        The criminal intent and human failings in government service are much greater than we currently appreciate. So much bigger. There is an enormity of detail to complete and to master before ripeness comes. But ripen it continues to do.

        May we befriend the ripening as we also express our fears.


  19. Richie says:

    Someone needs to produce a well advertised Movie on this, the greatest scandal in US history. Maybe Dinesh? All the source material can be supplied by CTH.

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  20. amwick says:

    I thought I made a comment, but I am so old, I must have not posted it.. anyway..

    This bothered me.
    To address the consequences of fraudulently obtained FISA warrants

    It seems to me that they would have to end up by trying to sequester the Mueller report itself… and if that is true,,well, I just can’t follow that train of thought,, it is too big.

    The other thing that bothers me, I don’t believe the general public have a clue about any of this.

    Complicated business, indeed.

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    • trapper says:

      They will pull all the evidence gathered pursuant to the two tainted Page FISA renewals, then determine how and when and in which cases it was used, then try to assess what effect it had, if any, on the outcome in those cases. It is that last part that is tricky.

      Ideally, that assessment will NOT be made by the lawyers gathering and sequestering it. Instead, they should present their findings as to where the evidence was used and what further evidence was obtained using it to the judges in all cases in which it was used, and to the lawyers for those defendants, and let the judges decide whether it had any impact on the case, and whether the convictions or plea arrangements should be overturned as a result. JUDGES should make those decisions, not the reviewing DOJ lawyers.

      By the way, this is a BIG mess, and this is just the beginning. Durham is already looking at this same issue as to the original warrant and the first renewal. If those are determined to have been obtained illegally (which they should), then everything is fatally flawed, the Mueller investigation, the prosecutions of Manafort, Papa, Flynn, all of it. PLUS, how many smaller cases we have never heard of sprung from evidence illegally gathered under the Page warrant and its renewals? ALL of it has to be opened up. FUBAR.

      And that doesn’t even begin to get to figuring out who was just over zealous and who, if anyone, was politically corrupt.

      Barr stepped through the door and found a DOJ and FBI on fire. He is gigantically busy with a gargantuan mess no AG has ever had to confront and try to clean up. Some slack would, I am sure, be appreciated.

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      • amwick says:

        TY, you hear stories about dozens of cases that had to be tossed, because someone was “dirty”. The press will just say it is interference, the Ds will call for resignations. I don’t see it stopping.. In the post I thought I made, I mentioned the term cluster eff…..


        • trapper says:

          You know it. And then there is the next level: anyone who participated in fraudulently obtaining the warrant — all the cases they ever touched are now suspect. A SINGE dirty cop in a precinct can generate a decade of case reviews. So, wrap your mind around the size of this mess. I guarantee you Barr understands full well the magnitude of what he is staring at. This is gonna take a while. You can see how he might get a bit testy over tweets from behind.

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      • zekness says:

        the sad reality is that even if justice is completed correctly and solved the former corruption and reputations are restored, the damage has been done to many people who will have to weigh AGAIN the risk of approaching the federal court system and making damages claims…if not to just collect their expenses and claims…but to re-capture their own reputations. This will be a long road to hoe for them.

        so I predict if this thing gets wheels and justice is preserved (finally) we ought to be thinking right now, how we can help out with the legal expenses they will encounter to mount those suits to help make them whole again.

        I have put this on the WH staffers “murder board”…I want them to advise the president to reach out in twitter very soon and point to some gofundme accounts to drive this point home. The president has a dog in this fight…It would be an excellent opportunity to show his empathy for those that were targeted just because they worked near him.

        and make some obnoxious corruptors eat some Sh$t at the same time.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Including the infamous grand jury material Schiff and Nadler were so hot to get. In order to publicize it before it was sequestered.

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    • hokkoda says:

      Eventually, the FISA Court and the DOJ are going to come to the conclusion that the illegal FISA warrants didn’t lead to illegal prosecutions. It’s that there were illegal investigations that required illegal FISA warrants to sustain them. They’ve got it exactly backwards right now. The FISA’s are evidence that the “Russia collusion” investigations that started (allegedly) in July 2016 were completely bogus…so bogus that they required illegal search warrants.

      Once the FISC and the DOJ reach that very obvious conclusion, everything from the Flynn/Stone/Papadopolous/Manafort prosecutions becomes bogus. None of them would have faced Federal prosecution in the absence of the Russia hoax led by the FBI and then Mueller. If Manafort’s prosecution had originated outside of Mueller, that one might have stuck, but it didn’t so he should be freed immediately along with the others and all charges dismissed.

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      • dwpender says:

        This whole business of having of “super-secret” courts order GOVERNMENT PROSECUTORS to figure out and report back to FISC (secretly) on what prosecutions were “tainted,” simply reinforces the utter incompatibility of such courts with our Constitution.

        The lawyers for potentially wrongly convicted defendants should be getting immediate access to all the fruits of the illegal warrants. THEY are the ones who should be reviewing the materials and making determinations whether their clients’ convictions must be overturned. Defense counsel might well discover and call to the attention of the Court instances of “tainted evidence use” that even newly appointed “independent” prosecutors might miss. The defendants have a constitutional right to such assistance, and the Court needs to hear from both sides, not just one.

        I hope the blatant unconstitutionality of “super secret,” purely ex parte courts starts to dawn on a majority of our Supreme Court Justices.

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        • hokkoda says:

          Totally agree. But like I said, if I was on the Defense side, I wouldn’t be looking just at how the FISA wire taps were used against my client. I’d be asking why the FBI needed to lie to get a warrant to justify their completely bogus investigation that was devoid of evidence of “Russia collusion”. Without the “Russia collusion” investigations, none of these people would even have been interviewed by the FBI, let alone faced prosecution for lying. They might have been interviewed by the FBI about FARA or some other thing, but that would have been separate from the Russia collusion investigation. In fact, Manafort had been looked at by DOJ before, and legitimately.

          But once the bogus investigation got going, and that bogus investigation required illegal search warrants, everything that followed was in service to that fraud. Therefore all the prosecutions should be thrown out.

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      • As a man thinkth says:

        From the outset of this journey thru Hell, way back when we were disecting the process of FBI 702 warrants (before we ever heard of FISA…SUNDANCE mentioned the president (oboma) could authorize an all out, no holes barred investigation of any citizen…As a grand conspiracy, at this point I will surmise that Oboma did in fact approve such an Investigation and this is why there is so much pushing and shoving is to cover this up with FISA discussions…Why tell the professional law enforcement officials “By the Book”…

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    • Pale rider says:

      It happens on the posting issue!
      But seriously, if you just started raiding houses and throwing all of these people in jail would it be too much or overkill?
      If Hillary was in office I can’t even imagine where we would be in that regard.

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      • amwick says:

        Ask yourself what you want. This is a complicated question. I want a great country in the future, for my nieces and nephews… Some people want vengeance… thunderbolts of justice. Maybe there is some kind of middle ground..


  21. trapper says:

    Can’t tell the players without a program. Here is a rundown of the Mueller team with some bio info and what aspects they were involved in.


  22. landon says:

    Can Barr move cases outside of DC for grand Jury and trial proceedings against the deep state?

    The pool in DC is totally corrupted


  23. Zy says:

    Getting Barr to do the what is good, right, and just is a matter of us exposing the truth to as many people as possible and putting pressure on the DOJ and the pols by letting them know that “we know”. Each one of us can be a Lou Dobbs.

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  24. An says:

    CNN is claiming that Stone’s sentencing will go ahead as scheduled despite the controversy. That seems… odd.

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    • steph_gray says:

      Well, consider the source. CNN = total garbage.

      The only person whose information on what is about to happen with Flynn that I trust is Sidney Powell. Thankfully she sometimes posts here!

      (And sundance usually has it simultaneously.)

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    • steph_gray says:

      Whoops, I read “Flynn” where this said “Stone.”

      But my statement on CNN stands regardless!

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    • hokkoda says:

      If all the paperwork is submitted on time, and nobody asks for a delay, then the schedule holds. Since DOJ submitted a revised sentencing recommendation – leaving it up to the judge – then the judge can move forward. What will be interesting is whether she, being a hard-core partisan Obama judge (yes Chief Justice Roberts, there are Obama judges), will give the quitter US Attorneys what they wanted…7-9 years. Or, if she will also recognize that absurdity and give him 30 days and probation or whatever less.

      I wouldn’t put it past the judge to follow through on what those Mueller attorneys originally submitted.

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    • dwpender says:

      What — if anything — has Jackson done with Stone’s latest motion for a new trial (the one based on the latest evidence of the outrageous bias of the jury foreperson)?

      She needs to address this before sentencing.

      If she denies the motion, pronounces sentence, and refuses to stay her sentencing order pending appeal, I think she may be get a very rare interim rebuke by a DC Circuit panel, overturning her stay order.

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  25. Funny–I don’t recall an Emergency Meeting of Judges when Obama insulted the captive Justices at State of the Union Addresses.

    There have probably been two million DOJ employees in the last few decades. I’m not surprised the Empress was able to summon two thousand of her Flying Monkey Mouthpieces to throw chaff and countermeasures.

    No open letter when Loretta Lynch met with the Clinton Crime Family on the Tarmac.

    No open letter when el Chapo was caught with a .50 caliber machine gun given to him by Eric Holder.

    But when an old man is sentenced to a decade in prison for a process crime designed as a Pardon trap to remove a president, we finally get a letter.

    You know what you bums can do with your letter?

    Yeah–you know.

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  26. California Joe says:

    The other misinformation program from the news media is that President Trump had the DOJ investigate McCabe when it was the Obama appointed IG Horowitz who made the criminal referral for prosecution to DOJ for lying under oath to the OIG investigators three times! You’d never know that from watching cable news channels.

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  27. askandgettruth says:

    please research barr and now these outsiders ?? more recycled ex-dc croonies ?? we shall see but don’t hold on to much faith that barr will do the right thing. in order to let mccabe off without not even an a$$ chewing means that a deal has already been reached ?? the swine rosenstein needs to feel the taste of justice. he is behind much of this coup.there are more BIG FISH LEFT TO FRY.


  28. Is it really too much to ask, that “the US Department of Justice should be just?” 🤦‍♀️

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    • Well, according to Barr, what is happening to Stone is “just”..he said it was a righteous prosecution. So, there you go…


      • GB Bari says:

        Barr is taking a heavily-blinkered approach to Stone’s case. He seemingly has not and will not step up and look at the case from 30,000 ft.and see how that case was manipulated as part of the larger, heavily-biased DemonRAT aggression against anyone in President Trump’s positive periphery.

        That does not bode well for whatever else Barr is looking at.


  29. litlbit2 says:

    The emergency meeting will be held via conference call with officers and members of the executive committee of the 1,100 member Federal Judges Association because, association president Judge Cynthia Rufe (a Bush 43 appointee)
    ….Bush 43appointee is my concern little like Swamp(McConnell, McCarthy, Graham….)


  30. Troublemaker10 says:

    I wonder what Barr is going to do with all that evidence sequestered from the fruit of the poisonous tree?

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  31. Spurwing Plover says:

    All the Obama appointed judges should all be removed from the bench their doing to will of the Globalists and the United Nations not the U.S. Constitution

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  32. jimboct says:

    What is sad is that what is happening today was relegated to the spy thriller movies of the past. For those who remember the Will Smith movie Enemy of the State, the full spy apparatus of the US Government was turned against one man. While all great stories have a grain of truth to them, it seems that there is more truth than fiction in today’s story

    I’m glad that Barr is using outside the beltway attorneys to get to the bottom of all this. Whether he is actually doing good or is being “bondo Barr” remains to be seen.
    My personal take on Barr is that while he is for justice and truth, he is also for the institutions that he controls. He wants the right thing as long as it doesn’t burn down the institutions he cherishes. I get where he is coming from and he is a bit more loving of those institutions than I am. (I’m ready for it all to come out, damn the torpedoes). Barr is finding a way to punish the guilty without punishing the institutions. The only way that happens is if he gets a compliant media. I don’t see the media working with Barr unless the dems tell them to.

    The deep state is getting nervous because Barr is getting closer. I’m certain Barr doesn’t like VSGPDJT tweeting about the unfair nature of what the DOJ has been doing because it keeps Barr from making a deal with the swamp to trade low level crooks and keeps the big fish out of trouble. I don’t want a deal, I want justice to prevail. The guilty should be charged and punished. The innocent should be made whole again.

    Hannity has tick tock in full swing. While I believe Hannity has the best intentions at heart, I feel he is trying to get an outcome by proclaiming the tick tock. Those in the driver seats (not you, I or Hannity) will work at their own pace in their own ways. The only person keeping DOJ honest is VSGPDJT.

    Mr. President, keep the pressure up and maybe one day, one of Hannity’s tick tocks will actually ring true. Hannity will be more surprised by that then any of us :).

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  33. Troublemaker10 says:


    The Justice Department has tapped two U.S. attorneys to review records and documents related to Ukraine, a department official wrote Tuesday in a letter to Congress.

    Richard Donoghue, the U.S. attorney in Brooklyn, has been tasked to review all Ukraine materials that have been turned over to the Justice Department. Meanwhile, Scott Brady, the U.S. attorney in Pittsburgh, is assisting that review by conducting a preliminary analysis of new information related to Ukraine.

    Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd revealed the federal prosecutors’ role in a letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, New York Democrat. He said both men had been selected by Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen.

    “The deputy attorney general implemented this policy to avoid duplication of efforts across Department Offices and complements, to facilitate information sharing, to ensure there are no conflicts among potentially overlapping matters, and to efficiently marshal the resources of the department,” Mr. Boyd wrote.

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      Why is it that on all this crap it always seems to be touched by someone in NY.

      Thrilled about Pittsburgh but will he be offset by Brooklyn

      PS would love to get Rudy’s opinion of the US Attorney from Brooklyn.


    • Bogeyfree says:

      I’m not a tweeter so could somebody tweet Rudy and ask if he knows the Brooklyn and Pittsburgh US Attorneys and is he happy with Rosen’s decision to gave him the Ukraine investigation to these two guys?

      His reply IMO would speak volumes.


  34. JohnCasper says:

    The FISA Court, FBI and DOJ are all Integrity Free Zones. Talk about an Axis of Evil. All 3 must die or the Republic will die.


  35. Bogeyfree says:

    Can we just zero in on the letter from PT’s Attorney dated Dec 2017 titled Unauthorized Review of Private, Privileged Materials by the Special Counsel’s Office.

    To me this is huge and either I have missed this for 2+ years and just never put it together.

    Questions for Sundance:

    1) Since this letter references government statues and if the gathering of PT transition team’s information happened as stated, isn’t this a crime?

    2) Isn’t this pretty black and white and easy for someone like Durham to validate if the GSA folks were snookered or not?

    3) And also if #1 is true doesn’t this show unequivocally clear intent to get PT and his team from the get go?

    4) And if so, isn’t anything gathered and used from this illegal capture of information more fruit of the poisonous tree?

    5) And for Sidney Powell, was there ANYTHING that was gathered from the GSA folks and given to the Mueller team about PT’s team that contained information about Gen. Flynn?

    5) And if this was out back in Dec 2017 where both key Republicans and Democrats in Congress knew then clearly Sessions had to know as well and what did he do about this?

    6) So clearly Barr has been aware of this document since Feb of 2019 and now doesn’t this give him, Durham and us two examples of the DS plotting to damage the President via this unauthorized release of transition team personal information and the known Fake Dossier used in the FISA to spy on a sitting President?

    I hope we can get a specific thread on the implications of this letter tied together with the known bogus FISA requests and is that enough to see that this was ALWAYS IMO a SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY to “cripple a duly elected government” and sitting President to use Barr’s quote?

    Liked by 2 people

    • As a man thinkth says:

      AN oldy but a goody: I am still concerned about the FBI raid and confiscation of Cohen’s files relative to PDJT…Client’-Attorney prilvage? The FBI twisted that poor guy into a pretzel, in the end he was a mumbling idiot.


  36. Okay gang, I need a little enlightenment here because my brain matter has become somewhere between over easy and scrambled reading SD’s post.

    I’m, trying to interpret his comments:

    “Sequestering the evidence is essentially a search for what investigative material the FISA warrants were used to obtain.”
    “In late January the DOJ contacted the FISA court and asked for an extension to the deadline.” “The response from the DOJ has not yet been declassified or released by the FISC for public review.
    And “……..AG Barr using “outside prosecutors” to review current, former and ongoing cases, it simply makes sense this ‘outsider’ effort is part of the DOJ/FBI sequestration review.”

    In my simple mind, it looks like:

    1. AG Barr is COMPLYING with the FISA request.
    2. Declassifying the material MIGHT inhibit a “real” investigation like Durham’s.
    3. AG Barr is using out-of-town prosecutors to keep the dishonest local Deep Staters out it.
    4. AG Barr may really be on “our” side but is playing it safe and by-the-book.

    Am I on the right track or should I head to the gin mill and continue frying my brain cells?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bill Barr was granted selective declassification authority, not to make the materials public, but to allow him to present it to a Grand Jury composed of people who don’t have high-grade security clearances.

      These materials are criminal evidence which must remain secret from the general public. You also will, by law, hear absolutely nothing about “grand juries.” You also will not hear Barr nor Durham nor any other professional “leaking” anything at all. These materials and others must be used to prepare cases that are absolutely airtight and bulletproof, because they will be relentlessly attacked by the highest-paid defense lawyers in the world.

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  37. George Dixon says:

    CBS – Feb 14, 2020 “Attorney General William Barr is bringing in an outside team of prosecutors …”

    With all of the spontaneity of a well prepared ‘Oh Sh*t’ button:

    NY Times – Feb 17, 2020 “More than 1,100 former federal prosecutors and Justice Department officials called on Attorney General William P. Barr on Sunday (Feb 16, 2020)to step down …”


  38. and who was behind rounding up those signatures?lawfare.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. rjones99 says:

    I’ve got into the bad habit of ignoring and discounting everything they say…good lesson here in the value of swallowing your own vomit and listening anyway..


  40. Troublemaker10 says:

    Liked by 2 people

    • Only two men in American history have served as Attorney General twice. The first man’s career was interrupted by the US Civil War.

      I believe also that it was no accident that certain people obviously sought this man’s return. As former chief counsel for American Express Corporation, Barr didn’t exactly need the money. He plainly knew that he would be stepping into a political fire-storm. And he decided to do it anyway.

      Bill Barr is the US Attorney General. “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

      Liked by 1 person

    • OhNoYouDont says:


      Look who are on “Bagpipes” Barr team!


  41. TreeClimber says:

    I said the other day, that Barr would have to bring in outside prosecutors and investigate every employee in the DOJ (and FBI, CIA, etc.) I must admit to being surprised and impressed that it appears that that’s exactly what he’s doing. I now have more hope than I have since it turned out Sessions was a mushroom.


    • As a man thinkth says:

      Outside prosecutors does not necessarily guarantee “clean” prosecutors…Most of the guys are DEEP STATE junior varsity…educated at the same law schools, and in some cases tied to Democrat appointments…Networks are Deep and long lasting…

      Liked by 1 person

  42. SSI01 says:

    I can’t believe there were only two FISA warrants that were in question here – I believe there to be many more. But as Sundance has related, other investigations were initiated elsewhere in the Federal court system, in many districts, employing information ultimately surfaced through the use of those original improperly obtained FISA warrants. There may be as many as ten or twelve “generations” of cases involved here. Each of them can trace its origins back to those improperly-obtained FISA warrants, courtesy of the out-of-control FBI and the US Attorneys operating in conjunction with it – and then that criminally-flawed, cowardly “fork in the road” decision. If that be the case, each of those individual investigations and, perhaps, ongoing cases now has to be reviewed by an experienced senior US attorney to determine if it can be salvaged in some manner. All I know from 23 years in LE is the “fruit of the poisonous tree” doctrine is inviolate and every prosecutor and case agent who takes a case to court that is a spin-off of a case started somewhere else prays the guys who started this whole thing knew what they were doing when they initiated the “originating case,” the granddaddy of them all. If that originating case has a flaw or, worse, a deliberate falsehood in it and it’s discovered either during the discovery phase, or upon post-trial appeal, that’s going to positively raise doubts about EVERY spin-off of the original case. A slick defense attorney is going to make hay with that. A lot of acquittals could be coming down the pike.

    More importantly than the lost cases, again as Sundance states, is the perception this reinforces of a secondary justice system at work in this country where rules of evidence and courtroom procedure are ignored if the target of prosecution is out of favor with those who manipulate that judicial system for hidden purposes. It’s been suspected for a long time. For years the obviously-guilty in Congress and elsewhere escaped just punishment. Then Hillary started her series of screw-ups and was given a pass on things that others are now looking at jail time for. Now it’s no longer a tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory but increasingly visible for everyone to see. Certainly President Trump is well aware of it – he’s been the victim of it as well. Now his AG is trying to sort through it. It would be foolhardy in the extreme for Mr. Barr to think we the thinking conservative, Constitution-respecting and abiding electorate are in ignorance of what has happened or can not figure this out for ourselves. We are a great deal smarter than our opponents give us credit for being.

    It is an externally-directed power grab for the reins of government occurring in our country as we watch in real time.

    To be fair Mr. Barr has just started his inquiries and has some assistance in the form of a number of experienced senior US attorneys who have fanned out to review a number of cases in various federal judicial districts. No doubt they are looking at the evidence obtained through tainted warrants and prosecutions arising therefrom – all flowing from that “deep state” motivated fork-in-the-road decision. He and his should be given reasonable time to assess what’s going on.

    That being said – it’s never easy to explain when a US attorney’s office has an improperly conducted, incompetent prosecution occur or worse, a malicious one. It’s going to be downright damning for the entire DOJ when potentially dozens of them are discovered, widely scattered. It goes beyond honest error. It becomes obvious it was deliberately done, and was a conspiracy. And those have to be directed from somewhere.

    Who knows – the release of the Durham report may even take a back seat to this.

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  43. As a man thinkth says:

    AN oldy but a goody: I am still concerned about the FBI raid and confiscation of Cohen’s files relative to PDJT…Client’-Attorney prilvage? The FBI twisted that poor guy into a pretzel, in the end he was a mumbling idiot.


  44. Theckman says:

    Lisa Page celebrating, McCabe playing the victim instead of being viewed as the criminal he is, over 2,000 Signatures from DOJ employees or prior ones these are all blatant, in your face warnings to Trump and the few that want justice that “you can’t touch us!”
    That’s how I view this.
    Lisa Page if she had any pride, integrity, sense of responsibility when given the opportunity to work for the FBI would not be sending out smiling posts, practically bragging about how she conducted herself. Gee Lisa any women that aspires to work for the FBI currently you are the most infamous women to come to mind. That stinks!!!! Monica Lewinsky is a much better example of when faced with adversity how to ultimately conduct oneself.
    It’s so much more difficult for females to be taken seriously in traditional male institutions and Page and Hillary certainly have not helped playing the poor me female victim card.
    Comey, Brennan, Rosenstien, ect. they can all choose how they want to be perceived. Victim, patriot (had to do it since Trump was a threat as president), deer in the headlights (what I didn’t do anything wrong).
    Typical, government agencies not getting any work done. I started laughing as I read Sundance and the subsequent above remarks.
    Think about it, all these corrupt intelligence agencies, decades breaking the law was business as usual.
    Now in order to investigate the investigations and the investigations ability to investigate (FISA abuse) it will take multiple special investigations whose integrity will then be questioned as well. Which means they may need to be investigated subsequently. Hahaha, come on, forget it!!!
    That ship sailed when the initial corruption started on a small scale it was only going to get worse. Technology made it easier, more tempting, more lucrative, and it literally defines our intelligence agencies.
    it’s not like one of the Intelligence branches has stayed above the corruption. The reason is obvious, this is how they all operate. It appears under Obama they all got sloppier more open about the pay to play and spying on Obamas adversaries.
    Hillary was a supposed, sure win, so they all became downright brazen (Biden bragging about threatening to withhold funding in Ukraine for example). Look at Bidens income, it didn’t go way up until the last year or so of the Obama administration.
    Obama and Biden cashed out.
    Hillary sobbed telling Obama she was so sorry she lost is the story. I bet she did.
    Hillary knew all the loose ends that were out there that would be impossible to cover up since she wasn’t going to the White House after all.
    Barr was brought in to protect Trump from getting kicked out of the White House. Barr was able too reel in the out of control swamp faction that wants Trump out, but, it cost Trump.
    Question is does tge dueling swamp faction want to give Trump another four years.
    I am not so sure that’s even been decided. What will it cost Trump to serve another four years.
    Just look at what Obama posted about it was all his doing that the economy is booming.
    So now that’s what all MSM will be talking about the left will now take credit for that.
    No the public knows better, but it’s my belief it’s the democrats way of explaining that’s how Trump lost in 2020, when they cheat their way (voter fraud, you saw Iowa, providing IDs to illegals, prisoners now voting) into Bloomberg and Hillary winning.


  45. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    We’ll see. At this point, I’ll just wait for the verdict. The three year cynic in me wonders how far outside these outsiders really are. The more of them, the more I worry.


  46. Troublemaker10 says:

    Sick and dangerous mind.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Republicanvet91 says:

    “and then a review of all DOJ/FBI cases that may have utilized that investigative material.”

    This may never be publicly known, but I think it would be very eye opening to know just exactly how many cases, and how many people were caught up in this entire FISA basket resulting from essentially 1 FISA against 1 individual.

    Page supposedly led to Flynn, Manafort, Stone, and maybe a couple others. People would be outraged if a single fraudulently obtained FISA resulted in 40-50-70 or more other people being looked at because they may have been connected to a person who was connected to a person who was connected to Page.

    If FISA 3 and 4 were illegal, at a time when they should have had much better evidence, that would suggest FISA’s 1 and 2 were even weaker.

    Exactly how many people were affected by this sham? The answer to that being more than one person should be infuriating.


  48. Chewbarkah says:

    A big thank you to Sundance for laying this out for us. I was flabbergasted that Horowitz claimed to investigated the FISA abuses, and as always couldn’t pin down intent and motives, WITHOUT comprehensively examining the material that the FISA warrants yielded and what was done with it. Thank God Judge Boasberg (?) found this to be a problem too. This avenue might be the only hope for dragging this crime spree into the open. No wonder the Dems are in full panic and fury. ow dare Barr follow a court order???? “Must ‘peach!”


  49. neev1031 says:

    Barr’s House Judiciary Committee hearing (3/5?) will definitely involve Dems questioning the Giuliani evidence review & the ‘outside prosecutors’ assignments. On the Giuliani evidence, Barr has a good argument (ABC interview). On the prosecutor assignments, Dems / NYT ignoring the FISC order means that they can only position this as Barr doing what PDJT wants. What better forum could there be to state that the FISC, not PDJT, ordered it?

    I thought Barr had turned on PDJT when McCabe walked. Now, I think I was wrong. Instead of focusing on every prosecution, destroy the common foundation. Every prosecution stemming from the Russia collusion hoax will be suspect & reviewed for legitimacy. Correct the wrongs, then target the wrongdoers. Barr may yet prove to be brilliant!


  50. De Oppresso Liber says:

    I was somewhat concerned to learn that the “outside prosecutor” assigned to review LTG. Flynn’s case is named Jeff Jensen.

    In 2005, Andrew Weissmann was confronted for egregious prosecutorial misconduct related to the infamous Enron case. One of the abuses was witness tampering, or intimidating defense witnesses.

    One of the “FBI agents” (according to the affidavit) involved in the witness intimidation was named Jeff Jensen. Is it possible this “FBI agent” and the current U.S. Attorney in St. Louis simply share the same name?

    Margot Cleveland over at The Federalist wrote a piece in March 2019 which outlines Weissmann’s conduct in the Enron case, and also lists Jeff Jensen as an FBI agent/Prosecutor involved in the witness intimidation. IF this is the very same Jeff Jensen, the revelation is troubling to say the least.


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