Elbow Room – AG Barr: “President Trump Tweets Make It Impossible For Me To Do My Job”…

An interview by AG Bill Barr today is making a lot of headlines. Within the interview Barr indicates that President Trump’s style of communication makes it more difficult for him to do his job.

Here’s the captured interview without pundit opinion. Watch the full interview yourself and decide:


Here’s my take…

It seemed possible yesterday, when AG Bill Barr agreed to testify to the House Judiciary Committee on March 31st, that one of the motives for Barr to coordinate a schedule two months in advance was to gain elbow room.

There never has been any coordination between President Trump and AG Barr on the agenda of the DOJ. However, by placing the testimonial date publicly on his agenda Barr seemed to be stating to those in/around the White House his intent for a disconnect from contact pending questions from highly partisan Democrats.

Given the nature of the highly partisan scrutiny; and considering the rabid media waiting to jump on any narrative engineering opportunity; and with the John Durham investigation outcome looming closer on the horizon; it makes sense for AG Barr to try and create an openly visible disconnect.

In essence Bill Barr is working to emphasize there’s no undue influence, and also emphasize the appearance of no undue influence.  The problem, however, is that the media will create the impression of influence even if, and despite the reality of, no Trump influence.

Nothing Bill Barr does and/or says will stop the media from falsely creating a narrative that says President Trump and Bill Barr are colluding to target their political opposition.

With that reality in mind, the answers in the ABC interview as delivered by Bill Barr only pour fire on a furnace of media intent to controversialize President Trump’s communication approach.

Barr’s intention may have been good (albeit selfish), but declaring that President Trump’s free speech and opinion as an impediment to Barr’s ability is just nonsense.

The emphasis is on the wrong syllable.

President Trump has the right to express his opinion and share his views with The People, the American electorate, who put him into office.  The President may do so in any form, manner, venue, method or presentation that fits his needs. Period. Fullstop.

It is not President Trump tweeting that makes Barr’s job more difficult; it is the DC beltway response and media apoplexy directed to the AG that makes things more difficult.

If lawyers have their feelings hurt; or if the sensibility of judges is wounded; and if the judicial system of the U.S. government is so tenuous as to be affected by words and criticism; and if AG Barr cannot simply address the issues therein by appropriately positioning a mirror to highlight that nonsense; well, that is not President Trump’s issue.

The consequence he describes, the issues underpinning Barr’s expressed concern, only further emphasizes President Trump’s point about how the justice system is being compromised by politics and media. The simple application of law is being ignored; and the system, of which Bill Barr is the apex participant, is corrupted and diminished by man-made manipulation based on politics and other factors…

If President Trump saying “this case sucks” via Twitter is enough to collapse the institutional objectives of a modern judicial system… and impede the ability of the U.S. Attorney General to do his job, well, what does that say about how weak and compromised the guardians have allowed that system to become?

Then again, that level of institutional compromise explains exactly why a fraudulent impeachment attempt was even possible.


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701 Responses to Elbow Room – AG Barr: “President Trump Tweets Make It Impossible For Me To Do My Job”…

  1. askandgettruth says:

    what ??? barr must be on a lsd trip


    • Emily Summer says:

      When you finally realize Barr is deep state, it all makes sense.

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      • aarmad says:

        My suspicion a short time after he took the job. Another situation where there was talk of how great he is, how honest and ethical he is and how he will take control of the doj. IMO he has not done much. Which was why he enjoys support from the deep state as well as others not aligned with the President. Of course the dems and the media turn this around as usual. IMPEACH him mad maxine, IMPEACH him!

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      • arsumbris says:

        Everyone Trump hires gets called “Deep State” eventually around here. Everyone Trump hires, ie, people hired by Trump, ie, Trump. Makes you think. 🤔


      • AUSTIN BYERS says:

        Add to this the just released info that McCabe will not be prosecuted and it is becoming clear that the “Justice Department” really is the “Deep State”!!

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  2. Padric says:

    I think many on this topic are missing the larger picture about Barr. He’s intensely against the politicization of the DOJ and has stated as much on many occasions in clear, unambiguous terms.

    So when he says that the president’s tweets make it impossible for him to do his job, that’s what he’s referring to: trying to the job in a hyper partisan atmosphere without making it look like he’s being hyper partisan. He pretty much stated as much in the interview.

    He also said that they’d already put in motion the necessary filings to clarify their position on Stone’s sentencing before the tweets were even out, so in that regard he is correct. What could have been done in a non hyper partisan fashion suddenly became a hyper partisan when it didn’t need to be.

    While I understand Barr’s POV on this, he’s gotta know that the tweets come with the territory and they’re not about to stop, NOR SHOULD THEY. I honestly think the whole purpose of the interview was to diffuse the situation and give him the elbow room that Sundance talks about.

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    • arsumbris says:

      You recognized that Barr has to defend DoJ appearance of non-partisanship in order to achieve his goals, then you criticized him for a maneuver to distance himself from Trump’s (necessarily so) partisan tweets. Trump has to do what Trump has to do, and Barr has to do what Barr has to do.

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  3. James F says:

    Barr/DOJ inaction and dereliction of duty has made the President’s job impossible.

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  4. cheryl says:

    All the Democrat rhetoric doesn’t bother him but a tweet does. Really? Barr is coming across as a whiny-baby.

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  5. Ernie Hemway says:

    Truth can no longer be delivered by our government in an effectual way. We can only demand light and in that sense Trump is prophetic. Keep forcing the conversation, Donald.

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  6. JimWV says:

    My view, for what it’s worth, Barr’s “impossible” comment was a breach of his duty as AG. President Trump was elected to represent the US citizens. The US citizens are AG Barr’s client in this matter. If AG Barr has advice to give to the President on the US citizenry’s representation in any matter, he should do so privately and he is bound not to publicly disclose his legal advice unless authorized by the President.


  7. Bill Hollinger says:

    Barr is doing “his job” alright, he just let McCabe off – no prosecution. Disgusting, and unbelievable.

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  8. JimWVa says:

    And another thing: AG Barr should have already been investigating what the four insubordinate prosecutors in the US v Stone trial knew about the anti-defendant bias of jury foreman Tomeka Hart? Barr needs to worry more about the DOJ and stop worrying about his next DC Swamp job.

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  9. Donzo says:

    My first instinct upon watching this interview was to consider it a ploy to create space between Barr and PDT. It allows Barr to appear independent and unflappable and it allows PDT to keep on doing what he’s been doing in exposing the swamp with his tweeting.


  10. jello333 says:

    No way does anything Trump says or tweets make it “impossible” for Barr to do his job. But I’m sure at times it DOES make him have to work a little bit harder. Let’s say that Barr was already prepared to comment on and do something about the ridiculous sentence recommendation. But then just before he does, Trump tweets out his opinion on the matter. I can imagine Barr thinking, “Oh my God! Now when I announce my decision the idiots in the MSM are gonna say I did it because of this tweet.” And of course he’d be right.

    At the same time, I absolutely understand why Trump said what he said, and was angry about the whole deal. And for the most part, I hope he keeps right on being himself. I’m certain that Barr knows that the whole reason Trump sometimes says and tweets things he (Barr) finds “unhelpful” is legit anger at MSM, the coup plotters, and just haters in general. But at the same time I think he’s being honest when he says it sometimes makes stuff more difficult, considering the slime in the Swamp that needs to be navigated through.

    So on the whole, I don’t have a real problem with what Barr said, and I think it’s got the potential to make some fence-sitters think, hmm… I guess Barr really IS independent, and Trump really is NOT trying to interfere. That’ll become important once the indictments start coming down. (I’m also glad to hear that Trump isn’t angry about any of this… which tells me this is gonna be a net positive when it’s all over.)

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  11. Mr deplorable says:

    I haven’t seen you do shit except let swamp creature mccabe walk. Stop whining you little bitch.


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