Lindsey Graham Outlines Deep State Defense – Ukraine Corruption is Likely Russian Propaganda…

People must be catching on to Graham’s wimpy kick-the-can routine of empty promises; and apparently he’s feeling the heat from his compulsive do-nothingness.

Today we get the outline of the DC Deep State defense strategy within a CBS interview of Senator Lindsey Graham.   Within the interview Graham notes he talked to Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr and U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr about documents Rudy Giuliani has recovered from Ukraine outlining Biden corruption.

First, SSCI Chairman Richard Burr was a participant in the coup effort; and is an ongoing member of the cover-up; so why would anyone direct anything to Richard Burr and Vice-Chair Mark Warner?…. Unless cover-up was the intent.  Beyond sketchy.

Additionally, Senator Graham conveys that he has spoken to AG Barr who has cautioned Graham that Giuliani’s information could be Russian propaganda.  How convenient.


[Transcript] SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Good morning.

MARGARET BRENNAN: The president’s up. He’s watching, apparently, because he sent out a tweet this morning about you appearing on this program. He said, “DeFace the nation will tell Lindsey Graham they must start up the Judiciary and not stop.” I’m not exactly sure quite what that means, but it sounds like he’s giving you marching orders.

SEN. GRAHAM: I think what he’s talking about is oversight of the FISA warrant system that failed. I can promise the president and your viewers that I’m going to call witnesses about–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Foreign surveillance warrants–

SEN. GRAHAM: Yeah. The Horowitz report. You know, McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, Yates. How did you miss it so badly? How could you issue four warrants against an American citizen based on information that was unreliable? But here’s what I want to tell the president. I’m not gonna be the Republican Christopher Steele. So Rudy Giuliani last night said he’s got the goods on Hunter Biden. I called the attorney general this morning and Richard Burr, the chairman of the Intel Committee, and they told me take very cautiously anything coming out of the Ukraine against anybody. So what I will do is I will get to the bottom of how the FISA warrant system failed and make sure we reform it, doesn’t happen again. I think questions about the conflict of interest regarding Hunter Biden in the Ukraine need to be asked. The State Department had warnings and they ignored the conflict of interest. The whistle blower episode needs to be investigated by Richard Burr. But if Rudy Giuliani has any information coming out of the Ukraine, he needs to turn over the Department of Justice because it could be Russian propaganda.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You last time you’re on this program now in December, you said Giuliani should come to the Judiciary Committee with what he said was a suitcase full of documents he picked up in Ukraine on the Bidens. Are you saying you don’t want any part of this anymore?

SEN. GRAHAM: After talking to the attorney general and the intelligence chairman that any documents coming out of the Ukraine against any American, Republican or Democrat, need to be looked at by the intelligence services, who has expertise I don’t because Russia is playing us all like a fiddle. And Christopher Steele was played by the Russians that started the Russian investigation against President Trump.


SEN. GRAHAM: It was all garbage.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Are you saying Rudy Giuliani–

SEN. GRAHAM: I don’t want to do the same thing.

MARGARET BRENNAN: –Rudy Giuliani is getting played by the Russians?

SEN. GRAHAM: I don’t know. I’m saying that the attorney–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Well it sounds like that’s what you’re suggesting.

SEN. GRAHAM: I’m saying that anybody who’s got any information coming from the Ukraine needs to turn it over to the intelligence community. As to Senator Schumer warning Parnas and the audience, if you don’t understand–

MARGARET BRENNAN: This is one of Rudy Giuliani’s business associates.

SEN. GRAHAM: Yes, crooked as snake–

MARGARET BRENNAN: –who’s been indicted.

SEN. GRAHAM: –facing indictment. So Schiff gets called by Russian hoaxster. I’ve got photos of President Trump in a compromised situation. To every American politician, you should be very cautious about receiving information coming out of the Ukraine–


SEN. GRAHAM: –and other countries that may be backed by Russian misinformation.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Does the president know that? Because he–

SEN. GRAHAM: I hope so.

MARGARET BRENNAN: –apparently has continued to–

SEN. GRAHAM: Well, if he’s watching the show, here’s what I would tell the president.

MARGARET BRENNAN: –believe that Ukraine had a role here.

SEN. GRAHAM: I’m going to get to the bottom of the FISA work process because it was an abuse of power of the Department of Justice, the FBI. And we’re to make sure that Hunter Biden’s conflict of interest is explored because it’s legitimate. How could Joe Biden really fight corruption when his son sitting on the Burisma board?

MARGARET BRENNAN: Can you clarify? You said you talked to Attorney General Barr–

SEN. GRAHAM: This morning.

MARGARET BRENNAN: –this morning. Has the Department of Justice been ordered to investigate the Bidens?

SEN. GRAHAM: No. The Department of Justice is receiving information coming out of the Ukraine from Rudy–


SEN. GRAHAM: –to see. He told me that they’ve created a process that Rudy could give information and they would see if it’s verified. Rudy Giuliani is a well known man. He’s a crime fighter. He’s loyal to the president. He’s a good lawyer. But what I’m trying to say- to the president and anybody else, that the Russians are still up to it. Deterrence is not working. So let’s look at Hunter Biden’s conflict. Let’s look at Joe Biden. Vice President Biden, what did you do when they told you your son was on Burisma’s board? It undercuts your ability to fight corruption. Did you take it seriously? Obviously he didn’t. But when it comes to documents coming out of the Ukraine, to Republicans and Democrats, be very cautious turning–


SEN. GRAHAM: –anything over you got over to the intel community.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Have you ever said to the president when he repeats things like the idea that there’s the DNC server- server hidden in Ukraine, that this is Russian propaganda that he is repeating and apparently believing?

SEN. GRAHAM: Well, I’ll–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Have you ever said that directly to him?

SEN. GRAHAM: Well, I don’t have any information about the server being in the Ukraine.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But you just said–

SEN. GRAHAM: It was the Russians—

MARGARET BRENNAN: –things coming out of Ukraine should be looked at with high scrutiny–

SEN. GRAHAM: Here’s my point–

MARGARET BRENNAN:– because of Russian interference.

SEN. GRAHAM: –my point. It was the Russians who hacked into the DNC, not the Ukrainians. But there are people in the Ukraine that were pulling against Trump because they hated Manafort. To suggest there was no political interference coming out of the Ukraine directed toward the president, I think would be- would not withstand scrutiny.

MARGARET BRENNAN: When- you have a role as chairman of Senate Judiciary to have oversight–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –of justice department.

SEN. GRAHAM: I’m not in charge of the whole government.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But- I understand that. However, when you’re talking about being asked to do these things in a channel being open between Rudy Giuliani and the Justice Department, this sounds a lot like this is in some ways a taxpayer funded oppo-research operation against Joe Biden. Isn’t this exactly what was at the heart of the impeachment probe to begin with?

SEN. GRAHAM: No, not at all. There are plenty of people being contacted by folks from the Ukraine. Adam Schiff got contacted by somebody thought to be a Russian and he was willing to get on a plane apparently and go find the documents. Schumer believes that Parnas has got the goods. Parnas says I’m in on it. I’ve never met Parnas. So Democrats are being played and I’m not going to be played. So we’re going to look at the Hunter Biden, Joe Biden connection to the Ukraine. We’re going to ask the State Department, why didn’t you do something about the conflict of interest. When the- John Kerry’s chief of staff was warned about Hunter Biden’s conflict on Burisma, what did you do, if anything? That’s all legitimate. Rudy says he’s got the goods. All I can tell Rudy and anybody else, if you got some information connected to the Ukraine against anybody, go to the Intel Committee. Not me.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You- you don’t want a part of it right now. We need to finish this conversation–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –because you brought up a number of things. So we’re going to have to take a quick break. I do want to- to- to say, though, that to this point, nothing has been in any way substantiated in regard to corruption when it comes to Joe Biden himself. His son served on the board and was paid for it.

SEN. GRAHAM: I just think the media is so in the tank over this issue–


SEN. GRAHAM: It makes me sick to my stomach.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You just said–

SEN. GRAHAM: We’ll talk about it in a minute.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Right but you were saying it needs to be investigated–

SEN. GRAHAM: Yeah nobody’s investigating it.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You’re acknowledging there’s no proof of it–

SEN. GRAHAM: CBS hasn’t sent- sent one reporter.

MARGARET BRENNAN: To Ukraine? Yes we did.

SEN. GRAHAM: Yeah. I don’t think you take it seriously.

MARGARET BRENNAN: We are, so we’re taking a break and come back to talk to you about it–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –on the other side of it. So stay with us, all of you.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Senator Graham is going to stay with us. We’ll continue in a few moments.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Welcome back to FACE THE NATION. We continue our conversation now with South Carolina Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham. Senator, we were talking about the president’s tweet this morning, the requests that have been made of you in terms of continuing investigations. This morning on Fox, Rudy Giuliani is continuing to say, quote, you are telling him, “Not my job. Not my job, man” when it comes to information he says he’s handing over. You were just saying that any information coming out of Ukraine needs to be dealt with carefully and skeptically because it’s likely the product of some kind of–

SEN. GRAHAM: It- it–

MARGARET BRENNAN: –Russian intelligence operation.

SEN. GRAHAM: Have we learned anything from Christopher Steele dossier? It was all a bunch of garbage fed to Christopher Steele to go after Trump.

MARGARET BRENNAN: And that’s what you think Rudy Giuliani–

SEN. GRAHAM: And I’m telling Schumer–

MARGARET BRENNAN: –is delivering? Garbage?

SEN. GRAHAM: I don’t know. I’m telling Schumer, don’t vouch for Parnas.


SEN. GRAHAM: Don’t put him in the gallery. I’m telling Rudy, you think you got the goods? Don’t give it to me, because what do we know? We know that the Russian disinformation campaign was used against President Trump. They hacked into the DNC system. Not the Ukrainians, and they’re on the ground all over the world trying to affect democracy all over the world.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Who’s paying Rudy Giuliani?

SEN. GRAHAM: I don’t know. Here’s my message to Rudy: If you’ve got something coming from the Ukraine, turn it over to the intelligence people, the Department of Justice, to any Democrat.


SEN. GRAHAM: You think Parnas has got something on me? Well, then go to the Department of Justice and the Intel Committee. Do not pass this stuff on.

MARGARET BRENNAN: OK. I want to ask you as well, because you have served in the U.S. Air Force. You are a military lawyer, a JAG. Do you support President Trump’s decision to dismiss Alex Vindman, the lieutenant colonel who was serving on the National Security Council, who was compelled by a subpoena to go under oath and testify against the president?

SEN. GRAHAM: I think his reassignment was justified. I don’t think he could be effective at the NSC. As much as I support our military people telling the truth when asked, it”s important they do, what have I learned in the last two years? CIA agents, Department of State, Department of Justice lawyers, FBI agents have a political agenda and they acted on it. And we found that out through the FISA investigation. As to Colonel Vindman, who was not allowed to be asked questions about his connection to the alleged whistleblower, to people working on Schiff’s–

MARGARET BRENNAN: He was asked, and he denied having any–

SEN. GRAHAM: No, he was not.


SEN. GRAHAM: They did not allow him

MARGARET BRENNAN: –he was asked during the testimony.

SEN. GRAHAM: They did not allow the Republicans to go down that road. Two things–

MARGARET BRENNAN: His brother was also marched out of the White House–

SEN. GRAHAM: All I can say is–

MARGARET BRENNAN: His brother also serves in military–


MARGARET BRENNAN: And had no connection–

SEN. GRAHAM: He has no- he has no right–

MARGARET BRENNAN: –to this impeachment.

SEN. GRAHAM: Nobody knows this. I can promise you this. He’s never been asked questions did you leak to the whistleblower people in his chain of command have been suspicious of him regarding his political point of view?

MARGARET BRENNAN: The national security adviser to the president sat in the chair you’re sitting in last week and said he was confident that there were no leaks from the National Security Council.

SEN. GRAHAM: Well, I am not. I want the man to be asked about what he did with the information. I appreciate his service, but there are FBI agents who took the law in their own hands. There are CIA agents who took the law in their own hands. There are Department of Justice lawyers who lied to the court. There has been a movement since President Trump was elected by people in our government–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Is this retaliation–

SEN. GRAHAM: –to take him down.

MARGARET BRENNAN: –because the president has tweeted, basically saying that Vindman was forced out, not because of–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –any kind of policy issue, not because of anything else except for–

SEN. GRAHAM: Well, MARGARET, we’re going to get–

MARGARET BRENNAN: –what he said was listening in on his phone calls and giving–

SEN. GRAHAM: We’re not going to be intimidated in- against asking–

MARGARET BRENNAN: But doesn’t this–

SEN. GRAHAM: –asking questions to the whistleblower.


SEN. GRAHAM: Who is the whistleblower?

MARGARET BRENNAN: He is an officer, and he is not allowed to speak out on his own behalf. Neither are his fellow military officers allowed–

SEN. GRAHAM: He was shut down.


SEN. GRAHAM: I don’t know what role he played with the whistleblower, if any, but we’re going to look. I like Joe Biden. He’s a fine man, but we’re not gonna give you a pass because you’re–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Should Gordon Sondland have been fired as well?

SEN. GRAHAM: He’s a political appointee. He serves at the pleasure of the president. He came before the country–


SEN. GRAHAM: under oath–

MARGARET BRENNAN: –but it was retaliation.

SEN. GRAHAM: Gave- gave the story as- as he said it. We’re not gonna live in a world where the Department of Justice, the CIA and the FBI can cut corners, go after Trump, and nobody gives a damn. As to Colonel Vindman, thank you for your service. But I’m going to- hopefully somebody will ask questions of you about the role you play with the whistleblower, if any. And if there’s nothing there, fine.

MARGARET BRENNAN: All right. Senator Graham. Thank you–

SEN. GRAHAM: Thank you.

[Transcript Ends]

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380 Responses to Lindsey Graham Outlines Deep State Defense – Ukraine Corruption is Likely Russian Propaganda…

  1. Azrajo says:

    Graham is as dirty as mud. His but buddy McCain was totally involved in the fake dossier. Like Graham was not ?

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    • MJJ says:

      Quite amazing Intentional Senate Judiciary Waste of Time in my view. Joe Biden Campaign is on the Ropes right now and may be one more done and gone. Hunter Biden has his own Problems better left to DOJ. Graham is Trending Water for Joe Biden a former senate colleague, friend and his family and that is OK with me. This will just upset Democrats, Media & Public to go after more GOP Senate 25 Seats up for Election now.

      The Only People that will benefit from this are the Democrats Candidates running against Biden and Bloomberg will make sure to use Attack Ads against every GOP Senator on Graham’s Committee?

      This will also delay all investigations on Schiff’s Impeachment Committee, that Congressman Nunes has been calling for with the IG Atkinson faked Whistleblower Incompetence & Violations of IG Rules? Throw in Delays on FISA Court Investigations as well with DOJ, FBI, & NSC Admiral Rogers Audits Evidence.

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    • John-Y128 says:

      It’s all still all just talk from Sen. Graham, who’s up for re-election in Nov…
      I’m beginning to dislike AG ‘cover-up’ Barr, the ‘dirty’ DOJ and our ‘crooked’ republican’s; we are all being BS about everything Russia, Russia, Russia, it’s being used as cover.

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    • johnnybiface says:

      I don’t know Graham to be dirty, if so he’s probably baseline for RINOs but cleaner than Dems; however, I do know that that Margaret is an amazingly nasty, all-in Democrat party slut and GOP hater. She has gone publicly calling Kelly Ann Conway a pathological liar. Brennan sells hate.

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  2. Lespristy says:

    Wow. This clarifies it for me.
    There is a place that Lindsey doesn’t want exposed. Outside of that place, he defends the President.
    Can I call him Joe Dirt?
    I’ve been reading here since the Zimmerman disaster, and while I’m not conservative per se, damn if Sundance and the CTH wolverines don’t have it mostly right.

    WTF Lindsey Graham?

    I’m backing PDJT and MAGA. Cheers, y’all.

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    • MJJ says:

      Graham knows exactly what he is doing by using such delays! The best that will happen is Hunter Biden will pay some Fines & Back Taxes, and that is OK with me too. Joe Biden is no longer a Presidential Contender but this kind of Investigation will come back on Senators & Trump Campaigns as well.

      After all, Fathers are supposed to help Sons that get into trouble with Drugs or Bad Behavior or Help with making a Living. Every American Voters know that too! The Kennedy’s Families were known for many problems and the Media & Public accepted that too after Joe Kennedy used his Hollywood & Media Ownership Power Advisors?

      Bloomberg News Media will do the same thing in defending the Biden’s to attack Trump & Family & GOP Senators Reelections too? Graham is too little and too late and doing the Washington Two Step Dance!


  3. treestar1313 says:

    This interview was the most disheartening thing I’ve seen in a long time. If LG did speak to Barr and is telling the truth, Or if LG fabricated it, it doesn’t matter. He has given the swamp their marching orders. It’s all propaganda. You can’t believe Rudy.
    BTW I didn’t think any republicans were set to o go on the morning shows. Was this last minute so he could get his point across? He made such a big deal about the propaganda angle and repeated it enough.

    I hate that Barr might have said this. I hope he comes out tomorrow to clear this up. Yeah right. This has caused me to lose faith, and I have been trying really hard not to.

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    • Julian says:

      No. No White House Staffers were invited on the talk shows.

      Btw – is Miss Lindsay really a Republican? Seems like a spineless RINO jello fish to me.

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    • Lespristy says:

      “This has caused me to lose faith, and I have been trying really hard not to.”

      The swamp is deep, and wide. This is a generational, and even moreso, an existential and spiritual fight.

      Laugh at me if you will, but I figured this out – or realized the extent of it – just tonight. Wow…

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    • inspectorudy says:

      You are right. His equivocation of “Everything from Ukraine is Russian propaganda” means that the msm can now use that to defend the Bidens and anyone else involved with the money laundering scheme that was located there. I’ve still have a small place in my heart that has hope that Barr will do his job but it is getting smaller every day.

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      • Jan says:

        #Ukraine-FinalPiece on The Glenn Beck, who is a nut job, has a 4-part lesson on all things connected to the Ukraine impeachment hoax. Sometime this weekend, he put forth the “Final Piece” in which he makes some interesting conclusions that also back up some of the things Giuliani has said.

        I think Lindsay is covering his a** because he’s in an election this year. He doesn’t want any appearance of a conflict of interest to rise, nor does he want “kickbacks” from Ukraine to get any attention.

        You can run, Lindsay, but you can’t hide. And your “support” for the President is very transparent.

        You’ve promised to investigate the FISA mess, but I don’t see any hearings scheduled. IOW, you suck.

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      • Mr e-man says:

        You know what didn’t come from Russia or Ukraine? Joe Biden bragging he got the prosecutor. that was investigating his son and the corrupt company he worked for, fired. Biden used taxpayer money to extort that concession from Ukraine to stop that investigation.

        That came directly from Joe. It can’t be Russian propaganda.

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    • Issy says:

      Barr did make a statement Monday morning and it was carefully phrased but it seemed to back what Lindsey said. I agree any info coming from people in Ukraine has to be looked at carefully, but what if anything is the doj doing. The only thing they have said they are looking at is the predicates for the fbi investigation of Trump and all the spying.

      Does anyone see any connection with that investigation and what Rudy has on all the government corruption in Ukraine? I don’t think Barr wants to touch that even with many knowing there is something very wrong going on with the state department and the foreign aid. Don’t even think of mentioning Crowdstrike.

      So much corruption, so little being done about it.

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  4. Lespristy says:

    Seriously, this just changed my worldview… to put it in tha vernacular… I done got some thangs that I didn’t thank, now I’m thankin’, so thanks…


    • thomaspsyche says:

      Gentleman’s club in the Senate. We won’t embarrass any “member” too much. Just innuendo will do! Enough dirt on them all of power or little on those of no power. Those promoted have dirt that is used to get votes from! And people like Rudi well he goes through “channels” via DOJ. That should bury it! I say Rudy leave your lap top with info in your car like John Solomon. Maybe word will get out to Washington Examiner or Wikileaks ( if any one left can be trusted). LG is even supporting Russian hack CRap of DNC. Internal job. That means he accepts Crowdstrike analysis since they alone have seen DNC server, but Crowdstrike Is associated with Burisma in flow of cash? Coverup looming some will be selected but not enough to be convicted as suggested. Could be pre election greasing the palms to again avoid undue publicity.

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      • Patrick Healy says:

        Did you notice that snake said twice at least “the Russians hacked the demoncrats computer” and where is the server?
        That is all I could make of the constant stream of interruptions masquerading as an interview.
        Is all American current affairs this bad?
        Impossible to read transcript so live on air must be a nightmare.

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    • thomaspsyche says:

      Gentleman’s club in the Senate. We won’t embarrass any “member” too much. Just innuendo will do! Enough dirt on them all of power or little on those of no power. Those promoted have dirt that is used to get votes from! And people like Rudi well he goes through “channels” via DOJ. That should bury it! I say Rudy leave your lap top with info in your car like John Solomon. Maybe word will get out to Washington Examiner or Wikileaks ( if any one left can be trusted). LG is even supporting Russian hack CRap of DNC. Internal job. That means he accepts Crowdstrike analysis since they alone have seen DNC server, but Crowdstrike Is associated with Burisma in flow of cash? Coverup looming some will be selected but not enough to be convicted as suggested. Could be pre election greasing the palms to again avoid undue publicity.


  5. Streak 264 says:

    Senators Grassley and Johnson subpoenaed Hunter Biden’s travel records immediately after the impeachment. They are continuing to look into “potential conflicts of interest” with Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and China.

    Just a reminder
    So forget about Graham

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  6. kirgistan says:

    Funny. In reality Ukraine corruption is mostly made by russian and pro-russian people. After the Russian Revolution they replaced Ukrainian Bureaucrats by Russian based russian loving one. Holodomor was later organized by this horrible people.

    Until 2015, this colonial control over ukraine was unchallenged. Every movement befor was destroyed and assissinated later. People dissapeared, where beaten up, bribed.. The “deep state of ex-sowjetunion” was life and well. Ukraine was and mostly IS still a colony of the russian Empire, just like Whiterussia and Georgia.

    They still take the ressources out of the country including humans for slavery. Ukrainian Girl somewherr in the world dancing in the nightclubs? Mostly controlled by russian mafia.

    Many ukrainian have a negative view of themselfs as ukrainians, due to 90 years of propaganda. Stockholm syndrom is big in the east (also because many ethnic russians where placed there in 1935 after the Holodomor where Stalin massacred and starved millions)..

    It will be fun. If Ukraine is strong enought and has nukes, they will be able to cut of russia from their only warm port. And Russia knows this.


  7. gussuk says:

    I don’t believe the russians hacked the dnc e-mail. it was a local inside job by Seth then he was murdered for it!

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    • TwoLaine says:

      The hacks running the DNC server were idiots who stupidly lowered firewalls and all sorts of other dumb sh1t no real techie would do. Anyone and everyone could have gotten in, and DID. It was probably kept in ILLary’s bathroom.

      Bernie’s team invaded ILLary’s data on the DNC server, allegedly to show how easy it was to be hacked. They called it to their attention, then apologized, but people were still fired. The DNC shut down Bernie’s access to everything for days costing Bernie’s team big campaign buck$. The young man who filed the lawsuit on Bernie’s behalf was found dead.

      Bernie eventually dropped the lawsuit and got a house in the deal. Why? Because the DNC didn’t want anyone looking at their server in that case either. It would expose their Russia-Russia-Russia scam for what it was, and Bernie was only too happy to oblige for a big payday on the side.

      I’m guessing it was the Awan’s who set it up, left themselves a back door, and took the data, as they did so much more. That’s also why they got sweet deal.

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  8. gussuk says:

    The reporter at every turn tried leading graham to say something against the admin and make everything look phoney.


  9. the CBS heavy HAD to talk about it so of course she chose to spend the entire interview debunking everything un-Russia. She’s so damn smart but she missed this I guess.
    Bunch of familiar faces there too.
    I remember watching Roller Derby on Sundays. I think Margaret would be better at that, and I certainly would appreciate her talents more doing that.
    Get with it Risch!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Last week, during the 16-hour question-and-answer section of the impeachment trial, Risch and Idaho U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo, also a Republican, jointly asked two questions pertaining to Burisma:
      “Does the evidence in the record show that an investigation in the Burisma Biden matter is in the national interest of the United States and its efforts to stop corruption?”

      “The president’s counsel has underscored the administration’s ongoing anti-corruption focus with our allies. At what point did the United States government develop concerns about Burisma in relation to corruption and concerns with Russia?”


  10. Lyndsey was clearly PISSED and scowling on both sides of the break… I LIKE seeing that and I dnt thnk it was fake. Im not trying to defend Graham, but he did pass the buck to foreign relations committee some time ago. CBS knows this, why not have Risch on??


  11. Fools Gold says:

    Lindsey believes folks believe in him now since POTUS said good about him. IMHO he seems to forget about what folks thought about him in the 2016 primaries….

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  12. Al Myers says:

    Margret Brennan blew it. She is another misinformed journalist who asks a question and doesn’t hear the answer. She continually try’s to steer the narrative away from Mr. Graham’s point. People are frustrated with the necessary slow process of fact finding which inept journalism creates. Do we want/deserve truth? If not we end up with Fake News.


  13. BigTalkers says:

    I called the Senator’s office to try and get some clarification about all this…

    And the person answering the phone said, “Good morning. This is Rod Rosenstein, how can I help you?”

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  14. slopoke1 says:

    In our little version of Animal Farm “The Russians” have now assumed the role of Snowball.

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  15. Brian Baker says:

    One day a guest should ask Margaret Brennan, “is there a way that I can adjust my chair to be as high as yours?”

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  16. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Lindsey ALWAYS seems to ask the right questions……

    only NEVER to the right people.

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  17. John-Y128 says:

    “Ukraine Corruption is Likely Russian Propaganda…”
    So did Biden know he was fighting the Russians when he had Ukraine fires it’s prosecutor, or was he unaware, caught up in his own personal propaganda on behalf of his son?
    Suddenly, Giuliani’s just a rube for the Russians… BS – were the rubes for our DOJ.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Un-freaking believable! Muh Russians again…..Don’t these Swamppers just ooze contempt for American Citizens and our intellect. I’ve had it with being treated like a 4 year old.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. TwoLaine says:

    Is Barr setting up Lindsey and Burr to see if they will do the right thing this time?


  20. mark says:

    Jessie Lu to treasury, Miss Lindsey saying Russia not Ukraine and Rudy should give all evidence of money laundering corruption to DOJ. Yeah that sounds about right. How many times did Miss Lindsey say Republicans and Democrats and why would he say that? Friodian slip, yep.

    If President Trump wasn’t on to Miss Lindsey and Lu he should be now.

    Now to answer Sundance’s question who is it in the President’s sphere that’s giving him BAD advice? I believe Vikingmom has it right VP Pence.

    We’re chomping at the bit for indictments and convictions but we’re the enlightened ones. President Trump has got this and I trust him.

    Bogeyfree has some great ideas and there is always the 210 day rule for filling nonappointments. But reelection is 1st priority. All who are involved in the coup ( not running for office) can be indicted on the way to 2020. Will that open some more eyes or will it be a hindrance to 2020? You tell me, I don’t know.


  21. 6x47 says:

    I try to avoid conspiracy-speak, but Lindsey Graham is controlled opposition. He’s actually good on certain matters, but when it comes to holding the so-called “Deep State” accountable he talks a good game but then nothing comes of it. He pays lip service to the outrage, reassuring us justice is coming, as he quietly sits on all the investigations. Because reasons.

    “I hear your concerns, and it concerns me, too. This is wrong! This is outrageous! This should never happen in America. That’s why as soon as [insert reason here] I’ll be [holding hearings which won’t amount to anything more than theater in the unlikely event they do happen].

    Liked by 3 people

  22. Troublemaker10 says:

    Maybe Ukraine issues are actually being investigated at the DOJ and they don’t want Lindsay Graham anywhere near it so told him to stay away from it. Just a thought.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We know that the Ukranian government – recently elected by an overwhelming majority on a “drain our swamp” ticket – is very actively fulfilling their campaign promises. And we also know that the US DOJ is making full use of the ratified treaty that we have, which promises mutual cooperation on law enforcement (particularly concerning corruption). These are professional investigators and criminal prosecutors. Criminal indictments have been handed down in Ukraine and are in the trial phase even as we speak.

      The prosecutor that Biden had fired has given a sworn deposition about exactly what happened, and that deposition is readily available public knowledge.

      And this is what now has Washington, DC terrified. You know many, many names of people who were deeply involved in illegal activities there: Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Biden, and Obama. But today there is no POTUS to “give them six hours.” Yes, there was a reason why they all flew off the handle when “the U-word” was first spoken.

      Liked by 1 person

  23. kleen says:

    He is such a good Democrat!
    Doing all the dirty work for them.
    If he keeps that up, Democrats might as well take a long vacation and enjoy themselves. Lindsey is spreading their disinformation all by himself.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. kleen says:

    Ahhhhh so much to hide about his own involvement in the corruption. He said nothing about the video of Biden threatening to withhold funds. And the Pravda agent didn’t ask about it either.

    My fellow patriots:

    If you use twitter, FB etc please spread around the pictures of Lindsey Graham in the Ukraine with McCain and the impeachment crowd.

    Everyday, share it with the world.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Future political hopefuls (and existing career politicians) need to know this: “We, the People, plainly see and know about the corruption, and we are going to purge it.” If you position yourself to facilitate this effort, you might win office. But if you position yourself, or allow yourself to be positioned, as someone who is attempting to protect it, you will lose.

      “We, the People, want more from our nations. And we are very aware of just what official crime has cost us.”


  25. kleen says:

    So now, investigating the corruption will be labeled as Russia interfering in the election “again”

    Liked by 2 people

  26. Darren says:

    ‘Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right’
    The corruption is sickening. You’ve got establishment types attacking the narrative from the left and establishment types attacking the narrative from the right. Graham is playing the role of decepticon. Sadly this trick will work on the masses. The establishment is likely going no where. I doubt if justice will be done in the attempted coup and FISA abuse.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. libertydemandsmemory says:

    bondobarr continues to protect Criminal Institutions of America, just as he did during Ian-Contra.

    Jesse Liu covered-up awangate.

    suffer-mongers profit by causing human suffering and protecting criminals.

    profiteers of evil – puppeteers – hide in swampy shadows while puppets do their dirty work.

    “You might be a sucker
    if you believe we are safe
    with nanzi pilferosi’s
    being third in line to
    the Presidency.”

    puppet nanzi pilferosi
    wrote her own political epitath during President Trump’s SOTU Address.

    Description of any Thief State coup d’état traitor:
    accessory to invader crimes
    baby killer
    California neglector
    coup d’étater
    criminal protector
    drug agent
    fake Christian
    invader sponsor
    justice obstructor
    violence enabler

    How can we change the organized crime of corruption?

    Examine our own faulty beliefs that enslave us and hold us hostage to abusers, predators, and Whinos – White-hats-in-name-only.

    white knights are paraded before us with great fanfare and promise then become protectors of criminals and Criminal Institutions in America.

    How many attorney generals, inspector generals, directors of intelligence agencies, and CONgressional committee “watchdogs” and “investigators” have been hailed as heroes then exposed to be Thief State protectors and sellers of false hope – hopium – all bark, no bite.

    betrayers protect evil by being Black Holes for Truth.

    criminal protectors, “fixers”, including redactors and FOIA-blockers, are integral parts of the organized corruption – black markets, coup d’état attempts, deception, extortion, grift, invader crimes, mass murderers, propaganda, ratlines, shampeachment, sedition, theft, treason, voter fraud, wars-for-profit.

    “You might be a sucker if you believe that Sinator lyin’ grumm wants Truth to be revealed.”

    “You might be a sucker if you still believe that mcCON was an American hero.”

    “You might be a sucker if you believe that bondobarr has stopped covering up for the same criminal outfit, ceyea, he did during Iran-Contra.”

    “You might be a sucker if you believe that bondobarr has stopped covering up for the same criminal outfit, ceyea, he did during Iran-Contra.”

    We can change our beliefs to protect us from being hopium junkies and buying the snake oil of puppeteering profiteers of evil.



  28. kleen says:

    Only Sundance picks up on all of this tricks and exposes them.

    I don’t watch TV, it’s all garbage. Fox is turning into garbage. So I just can’t!

    I used to watch Hannity but he gives Democrat plant Graham air time so he lost credibility with me and I don’t watch it anymore. I’m done with Hannity, thanks to LG.

    No TV, no Movies. It’s insulting really. It’s meant for low IQ stupid people. Specially the Hollywood garbage. It’s produced by drug addicts, alcoholics, sexual predators and prostitutes. They don’t qualify to lecture me about anything. The lowest of the low. High school drop out, hippies.

    So, I’m glad Sundance is out there selecting the goodies and sharing the relevant information with us to exposed them.

    I could never do that, it’s irritating to hear these people talk. They really think we are stupid.


  29. kleen says:

    Lindsey G. is doing the work of a 1000 demoncraps all by himself.

    Thats’ probably worth a billion dollars in attack ads against Giuliani, Trump and MAGA movement.

    What a valuable donation to the swamp!

    There’s no corruption… is just Russia interfering in our future election. So, be careful and drop the investigation.

    The left will run with this.

    Will this be impeachment 2.0 and this time LG will be for it?

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Mojo says:

    At 7:00 she spews the party line, “we should point ou,t absolutely no evidence of Hunter Biden and corruption “……except the OBVIOUS!!!! Dad was VP, Hunter put on the BoD with zero to offer except access to dad, dad w/h $1+B to dismiss the Burisma prosecutor, aid got delivered.

    Uhhhhh even a rube like me can see that….so what’s that make you sweetie?

    My question: Of the $1B in aid, how much went to Burisma?

    Liked by 1 person

    • steph_gray says:

      It amazes me that Biden boasted of his corruption on video for the world to see, and that these characters still have the bald-faced effrontery to pretend that video doesn’t exist.

      Maybe treepers should en masse email Lindsay with a link to the video.


  31. kleen says:

    Primary him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dump him, there’s still time!


  32. icanhasbailout says:

    I haven’t been surprised by Graham since he took a noble stand during the Kavanaugh affair.
    Am I the only one who seeing Graham tightly coordinated with the Trump team and other allies?


    • Zippy says:

      Look upon problems which you have no chance of fixing, like a hopelessly corrupt government and justice system, as tragic comedies. There’s a famous quote about that, but I can’t recall it at the moment.


      • Zippy says:

        And, BTW, that sense of humor was displayed -IN SPADES- in popular Soviet Russia era jokes… always said in private and hopefully out of range of the NKVD and, later, KGB.

        Please note: nothing you “say” online is “out of range” of the modern US surveillance apparatus which would be the envy of the NKVD/KDB.


  33. TwoLaine says:

    Barr is explaining this now:


  34. mike diamond says:

    Listen close the face the nation lady asked gram,if the DNC,server is in Ukraine,what in the world!?she is trying to throw,gram off,what he is saying!


  35. Don says:

    This corrupt American DNC media s the enemy of a FREE people.
    Complicity on the behalf of any ‘politician” should raise eyebrows…….
    NO ONE will dare question Lindsley about his new found protection of Steele and the Mueller people…… sheeesh…..
    TRUMP CAN TRUST NO ONE….. even after all has been exposed……


  36. Armegeddon T. Thunderbird says:

    Hey Mr. Obvious, (aka Lindsey Graham Cracker) you’re doing a poor CYA for you and your deep state BFFs. You are a blowhard lying POS.


  37. donnyvee says:

    He is trying to get as much camera time as Adam Schiff.


  38. Nobody listens to Graham any longer. He’s ineffective and does nothing. Just all talk.


  39. Bogeyfree says:

    Since Barr is skeptical on Rudy’s Ukraine evidence then I have another suggestion for PT.

    Tell AG to appoint Patrick F. Philbin as a Special Prosecutor into Ukraine Corruption and possible money laundering of taxpayer monies.

    Philbin was brilliant in PT’s trial and has the background and credentials IMO to be stellar in this role.

    Plus PT has already said with the treaty the US has with Ukraine, he has an obligation to investigate corruption and especially if it involves possibly the stealing money from American taxpayers.

    So we have threes very actionable moves for PT to do now and no Senate approval is needed just the stroke of his pen!

    1) Make Sidney Powell the WH Presidential Appointee or Justice Czar between the WH and DOJ/Barr with full authority to read and review all documents unredacted and report back to PT and sit in all Barr, Durham and US Attorney meetings.

    2) Make Rudy the WH Presidential Appointee or Law Enforcement Czar between the WH and FIB/Wray with full authority to read and review all documents and report back to PT and sit in on all Wray and Staff meeting.

    3) Tell Barr to appoint Patrick F. Philbin as the Special Prosecutor on Ukraine Corruption. Since Lindsey and Barr seem to be suggesting the narrative on Ukraine as more Russia BS it is time to put Philbin in. This way the Senate can not interfere in a Special Prosecutors investigation (just like nobody could interfere with Mueller’s investigation)

    Also with Patrick Philbin in as Ukraine Special Prosecutor it stops IMO the Lucy Liu counter move into Treasury as Patrick would be the Sheriff now.

    And I guarantee you, We the People will see significant movement whereby accountability, truth and justice are paramount.

    And if Barr and Wray want to quit, then let them. PT moves the next person up in the succession hierarchy so no Senate issues but Sidney, Rudy and Patrick stay in place.

    If you like these three suggestions, please tweet as I don’t, to anyone who who may help get these suggestions to PT.


  40. Troublemaker10 says:

    Let’s see what Grassley and Johnson come up with after they review the Treasury info they received recently. Maybe things will expand from there. That’s US documents, not Ukrainian documents.

    Here’s the problem…

    Normally, Lindsey Graham’s actions after Barr’s warning on Ukraine documents would be a reasonable course of action to take (let experts at DOJ handle this).

    However, the problem is that we have just lived through three plus years of corruption and abuse from within DOJ/FBI/CIA. There is no trust in leaving anything up to them.

    If Giuliano’s documents are fraudulent or Russian propoganda….you need to tell us “why”. How did you come to that conclusion? It’s not enough to sweep it under the rug in such a vague manner as to simply infer “nothing to see here” because Giuliani has given you witnesses by name, and documents supported by the witnesses. If they are frauds then tell us how you know that.

    Liked by 3 people

  41. Braveheart says:

    I fully understand the mistrust & pessimism towards LG but the equivalent comments toward AG Barr surprise me. Barr is skeptical of the Rudy info and rightly so. If Rudy is so certain what he has, turn it all over. Otherwise, it’s looking much like the Shifty Shift claims.


  42. Scott says:

    The good that I see out of an interview like this is…perhaps some people who rely on worthless programming like what you find on CBS are hearing some things about the FISA abuses and deep state corruption that they’ve never heard before. I understand that it is unlikely Senator Graham will actually do anything meaningful about the corruption, but voicing it on some non-Hannity news show can do some good. That’s just me being optimistic.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. CharterOakie says:

    At least LG b!tch-slapped CBS and the MSM in general for being in the tank on all of this.

    As for sending Ukraine-related docs and info to “The Intelligence Community,” does he mean the bastards who conspired against our POTUS??
    Only if by doing so POTUS and team can expose Warner and presumably Burr if they try to bury or discredit Giuliani’s evidence. And that would be a nice turnabout.

    And when will Graham be clued in to the fact that the Russians did not hack the DNC? Or is he playing a specific role by parroting that DNC / FBI propaganda?

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Alfredo says:

    What’s certainly NOT “Russian propaganda” is the FACT that Joe Burisma’s cokehead son was being paid big bucks to fill a position for which he had zero expertise but plenty of political pull via his crooked dad. Try to explain away THAT, Miss Lindsey.


  45. ChampagneReady says:

    Whoever nominated him to be Judiciary Committee chairman should be waterboarded.

    It’s downright disgusting how many interviews and new shows he was on yapping about what he was “gonna do.” He hasn’t done sh*t.

    I’d challenge him to name me one subpoena he issued for anybody for his “deep dives.” Not ONE that I know of. He’s no better than Burr. And I despise Burr.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Issy says:

      The chairman of a committee traditionally goes to the longest serving member. The senate is big on tradition. It works well with corruption. Mitch appoints senators to the committee, so he well knows who will be chairman. Lindsey is the chair by design.


      • ChampagneReady says:

        Yes, I know that Graham was blathering before the mid-terms that he was going to be Grassley’s successor and was looking forward to it. No wonder.

        The Republicans as a whole for the vast majority, operate like a bunch of Meerkats. They all scatter in different directions and could care less who leads committees. Or even worse, appoint total losers.

        I’m no fan of McConnell even with the impeachment maneuvers. That was a given and any idiot should have got the same result or slapped down Pelosi even harder.

        McConnell is and always was, a borderline Establishment Trump hater.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Issy says:

          The senate is as swampy as it gets and Mitch would like nothing better than Trump gone. He knew that openingly fighting him with his republican popularity was futile and works with him some. He still controls who gets appointed and blocks him and takes a jab if he gets a chance.


  46. TPW says:

    Lets not forget “Mueller is a decent and honorable Man”…..and LG is still spouting this. Remember this was another threat LG made….to call an investigation into the investigators only never happened. Then after Mueller’s fake senility came through during testimony ….LG used his pitiful performance to say….see there… thats why I did not call him before our committee…..everyone seems to forget that comment . LG talks out of both sides of his mouth concerning Mueller.LG was the most vocal proponent for Mueller on the Republican side. If I am not wrong wasn’t it the Republicans calling for a SC before the dumacrats?

    Liked by 1 person

  47. rebelinme2 says:

    From the following, I deduce that Miss Graham is the disinformation spokesperson. With all the evidence of the DNC and deepstate players that it was americans pretending to be Russians behind all the corrupt efforts to overthrow our votes, these fools keep yelling Russia,Russia,Russia. Even Russia has had to reveal evidence to the contrary by revealing the DNC corruption first hand, and the LG continues the misinformation. I for one would like to hear what Ukraine has uncovered that the corrupt don’t want revealed.

    SEN. GRAHAM: After talking to the attorney general and the intelligence chairman that any documents coming out of the Ukraine against any American, Republican or Democrat, need to be looked at by the intelligence services, who has expertise I don’t because Russia is playing us all like a fiddle. And Christopher Steele was played by the Russians that started the Russian investigation against President Trump.

    SEN. GRAHAM: I don’t know. Here’s my message to Rudy: If you’ve got something coming from the Ukraine, turn it over to the intelligence people, the Department of Justice, to any Democrat.

    Let the people decide… we seem to be the only ones not trying to cover up the corruption.


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