BOOM – President Trump Assigns Wolverine Watchdog, CG Rear Admiral Peter J. Brown, to Lead Puerto Rico Aid and Recovery Effort…

All those corrupt local Puerto Rico officials who have used U.S. disaster response aid to enrich themselves had better watch out.  President Trump has just assigned Coast Guard Rear Admiral Peter J. Brown to take charge of all U.S. efforts on the island.

Rear Admiral Brown is an excellent man with a servants heart, but he is also a very deliberate and serious man.  And this man knows the island; we have crossed paths….

[White House] President Donald J. Trump has named U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral Peter J. Brown of Florida as his Special Representative for Puerto Rico’s Disaster Recovery. In this capacity, Admiral Brown will coordinate United States Government efforts to build the infrastructure and resiliency of Puerto Rico.

The island of Puerto Rico was devastated by Category 4 Hurricane Maria in September 2017, suffering significant loss of life and catastrophic damage to infrastructure. In January 2020, Puerto Rico was struck by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake and hundreds of additional aftershocks and tremors, damaging hundreds of homes and infrastructure.

Multiple Federal agencies continue to respond to the needs of the people of Puerto Rico, and billions of dollars in Federal funding have been allocated responsibly to response and recovery work. Admiral Brown will be the White House coordinator for those ongoing efforts at the national level, in collaboration with other White House components, including the Office of Legislative Affairs, Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, and Office of Management and Budget.

In addition, he will work with senior officials in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Congress to ensure that their concerns are communicated to the appropriate departments and agencies and to ensure the resources of hardworking taxpayers are effectively used to help the people of Puerto Rico.

On Wednesday, February 5, Rear Admiral Brown met with Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vazquez Garced, along with Puerto Rico’s Congressional Representative, Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon. Admiral Brown, Governor Vazquez, and Congresswoman Gonzalez-Colon discussed the Administration’s commitment to the people of Puerto Rico and Admiral Brown’s new role to help further Puerto Rico’s ongoing recovery.

Before joining the White House in July 2019 as the Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor, Rear Admiral Brown was the Commander of the Seventh Coast Guard District headquartered in Miami, Florida, where he was responsible for all Coast Guard operations in the Southeast United States and the Caribbean Basin.

A career Coast Guard officer with more than 34 years of service, Rear Admiral Brown’s first duty station in the Coast Guard was in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and he has served more than half of his career in the Caribbean. Originally from Somers, New York, Rear Admiral Brown is a 1985 graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy with a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He also earned a Master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Miami and a law degree from the University of Connecticut. (link)

President Donald Trump and Rear Admiral Peter Brown

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95 Responses to BOOM – President Trump Assigns Wolverine Watchdog, CG Rear Admiral Peter J. Brown, to Lead Puerto Rico Aid and Recovery Effort…

  1. cow wow says:

    TySD! Excellent news indeed!!

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    • Steve Herman says:

      Hopefully this suggestion flies into the Admiral’s ear.
      All infrastructure needs to buried, no more towers for power. all transmission and distribution lines are buried. That will mitigate spending $100M after every major storm.. Same with Comm lines

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      • Alfred Barnes says:

        I’m sure power and comms grids hardening will be part of the equation, underground were it makes sense, etc. “All infrastructure” seems to be a bit excessive, considering the cost. Also, power and comms are typically owned by private companies. Who do you propose should pay for these improvements? What’s the ROI? Lot’s of questions to be answered before making emphatic demands, although I agree in a general sense.

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        • Steve Herman says:

          The USG has paid at least 4 times in the last 25 years for the total restoration of power alone and approx 4-6 for partial restoration due to storm damage. But they are all operated as a “from hand to mouth” business.


  2. yearningabstractly says:

    Finally there will be some responsible oversight and organization down there.

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  3. bethabcd says:

    Fantastic news!

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  4. amwick says:

    we have crossed paths.🤔
    Now there is something to that. This is a great. He will straighten things out.

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  5. Clydeen says:

    Flights out liable to be overbooked!

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  6. delighteddeplorable says:

    Things are happening FAST! Sure looks like the gloves are off.

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  7. FofBW says:

    The regular folks on Puerto should be very happy!

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  8. JohnCasper says:

    I guess President Trump couldn’t find any General/Admiral in the far larger Obamafied Army and Navy he could trust to do the job. N surprise.

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    • willthesuevi says:

      While I get what you are saying, I would bet that Rear Admiral Brown is uniquely and highly qualified for this very mission.

      A mission the regular military does not want or need right now.

      I like the pick. Even better since he comes with a recommendation from our resident blogger.

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    • boogywstew says:

      Maybe he did, but Rear Admiral Brown was still the best.

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      JohnCasper, I suspect you are right. My Dear Husband is a retired career Coast Guard officer who graduated from the Academy about a decade before Rear Admiral Brown. He says the Obamamilitary is typified by the Colonels Vindman–soft, pudgey weinnie, beta males. What can one expect after 8 years of a prancing nymphette Commander-in-Cheif? I imagine it is hard for the President to know who he can trust. The Coast Guard is absolutely the right choice for the task, and Rear Admiral Brown seems imminently qualified from his previous experience. And I certainly trust Sundance’s assessment of his ability. As Reserved said above, SD is a major community participant in hurricane relief, and his area has had some bad ones in the last few years. They’ve probably worked together.

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  9. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    Some folks will be nervous starting a couple of hours ago. Give them all a lie detector test and then move forward.

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  10. BoreMole says:

    I am sure he will do right by PR. Would it be too much to ask that we have someone in there investigating and weeding out anyone whose hands were in this cookie jar? I guarantee its not just a couple low level warehouse managers.

    Make a show of going after government corruption!

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  11. Impeachment was like a clog in a drain – dirty, nasty, and gross – but once it’s gone stuff really gets moving. #MoreWinning 🇺🇸😃

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  12. Sharon says:

    I owe Puerto Rico nothing.

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  13. JohnCasper says:

    Wasn’t Hunter Biden at least considered for the job? He knows far more about corruption than this Coast Guard guy.

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  14. montanamel says:

    His first requisition will be for “maybe” 4 or 5 bales/hanks of NEW ROPE, 1/2″ in dia, and a couple of “old salt’s”….(Boats’) that know how to tie a proper “KNOT” for one-time service from each light pole along the main roadway, eh?…. They will insure to tie them “high enough” so the dogs can’t reach their feet… 3 or 4 days of these decorations being hung will insure that all such actions cease at once…..or, he’ll order more rope as needed…. Comprende’ ?

    Rock’s and Sholes is the old term, with 34 years in service he might just remember them as such.


  15. iwasthere says:

    Well we need Puerto Rico to prosper. Hopefully a good man can get it done.

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  16. Davenh says:

    Glad to see PDJT striking while the irons hot. He has the high ground right now. Democrats are reeling from this past week, they are frustrated and confused. The Dems leaders are corrupt buffoons who are concentrating on continuing the coup. Trump somehow has the ability to juggle a seemingly endless number of issues, I just pray some of his energy is devoted to dragging some of the ring leaders before a judge. It is beyond time to drop the hammer

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  17. kleen says:

    How long before some paid anarchist accuse him of rape?


  18. Mike in a Truck says:

    Go one better. Make Adm.Brown Military Governor Grand Poobah of the Caribbean and throw all those Corrupt Communist Democrats in prison. For starters.

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  19. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “the Administration’s commitment to the people of Puerto Rico and Admiral Brown’s new role to help further Puerto Rico’s ongoing recovery.”

    Within the past hour, I heard some criticism of the PDJT Administration in this regard from CBS thru the local affiliate. Of course there was no mention of those airstrips, warehouses, etc. with unused/hoarded water & supplies that were never distributed from previous disasters.

    Which means that this was the right call by our President.

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  20. Og Oggilby says:

    Drenar el Pantano!!

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  21. trapper says:

    Have to get Puerto Rico straightened out so we can trade it for Greenland.

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    • Ninja7 says:


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    • Birobart says:

      Or, per Schiff, give it to Russia.

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      How about we trade DC for Greenland?

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    • That’s a joke because who own Greenland right? #suckatgeography


      • DV Meca says:

        Denmark owns Greenland. However, I doubt Greenland is overjoyed with their current arrangement. Greenland has long been mired in poverty, alcoholism, domestic abuse & various other problems that tend to be attached to those issues. Yet, Denmark’s “mainland” (i.e. the pointy isthmus that serves as a bridge between German engineering and Swedish hedonism) is one of the most upscale places on the globe. Apparently, there are so few people actually living in Greenland, at least within the context of what this sort of land deal would cost, that we could greatly improve quality of life for everyone there as almost a “why not, we won’t really notice the expense” add-on with any agreement to purchase the land from Denmark. Much of the controversy over Trump suggesting we were interested in buying Greenland had to do with morons on TV whining about how Trump couldn’t just “buy people” and the residents of Greenland would have to agree. Duh. I bet they’d agree if they all got a bump up to a far nicer lifestyle as part of the deal. And that would almost HAVE to be part of the deal, I’d imagine.

        Land that provides access to the arctic is going to be REALLY important in the near-future for scientific and military reasons. More so to a major international player like the US than a small European nation that’s busy reveling in oblivious luxury for another three decades, while on schedule to be majority Muslim by 2050. We could help the Danes make those last 30 years before the hammer comes down even more of a sensory overload indulgence parade. And we could basically adopt the Greenland natives they’ve done jacks*** for and give them all much better lives. And we could do all that at a price tag that will almost surely look like it was the bargain of the new millennium in hindsight. I hope we can make a deal to bring Greenland into the USA. It makes sense for everyone involved.


  22. Gadsden says:

    Haven’t heard of this Admiral, but if he’s a good as you say, he should be the next Commandant, as the current regime is tripling down on PC and diversity nonsense. Let the damn fleet focus on the friggin mission!

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    • willthesuevi says:

      Uh, he is Coast Guard. It is part of their mission.


      • Gadsden says:

        I never said he wasn’t CG. What is part of their mission? What are you even talking about?


        • willthesuevi says:

          Your statement read like you were talking about Big Navy. If you were not I apologize.

          As for their mission, the USCG is called frequently to help with humanitarian missions during National disasters. While the US Navy has has helped with disasters in several instances the USCG is better suited with staff more appropriately trained to perform this mission.

          That is what I was talking about. YMMV

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  23. A2 says:

    Semper Paratus

    U.S. Coast Guard teams up with Royal Navy to keep $140M worth of drugs off America’s streets
    Thousands of pounds of narcotics were seized from suspected smugglers in the Caribbean Sea.

    Author: Dale Greenstein (WTSP)
    Published: 11:44 AM EST February 5, 2020
    Updated: 11:44 AM EST February 5, 2020
    It’s a never-ending battle that plays out every day on the open ocean. Members of the U.S. military risk their lives to arrest drug smugglers and confiscate their cargo, and traffickers try to find ways around the dragnet.

    This time, the Coast Guard came out on top.

    It teamed up with the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy for two big busts in the Caribbean Sea.

    According to a release from the Coast Guard, a Royal Navy ship detected two fast boats about 74 nautical miles south of St. Croix, and a Coast Guard helicopter team arrested seven men.

    They seized 42 bales of suspected narcotics.

    Then, a marine patrol plane detected another fast boat off the coast of the Dominican Republic, and a cutter’s boarding team arrested two men on board.

    They confiscated 13 bales of drugs.

    “These efforts, underpinned by our unwavering resolve to stop drug smuggling vessels at sea, greatly contribute to safeguarding our citizens in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and protecting our shared interests of a safer and more secure Caribbean,” W. Stephen Muldrow, U.S. Attorney for the District of Puerto Rico said.

    In total, the international partners seized 3,086 pounds of cocaine with a wholesale value of $46 million.

    According to MSN, that would have been worth about $140 million on the streets.

    The drugs were offloaded on Tuesday in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    The accused smugglers will be prosecuted in federal court.

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  24. carterzest says:

    That’s a great picture of you, SD 😉


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  25. 335blues says:

    Clean some freakin’ Puerto Rican house Pete!

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  26. Jeff says:

    “Wait till your father comes home!”
    “Uh, I think he just pulled into the driveway….”


  27. Ausonius says:

    This will not be popular: Juan and Julio and Hayzoos will no longer be able to do their usual skimming to support their 47 cousins…each.

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  28. Sundance,

    This comes at a good time. Yet another warehouse filled with supplies brought there from the Mainland right after Hurricane Maria was found today. The materials are now “useless”.


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  29. Fools Gold says:

    Big salute to both the Executive and the Admiral!

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  30. graficgod says:

    MOABS are being dropped across the District of Corruption. Expect many more – also expect much more #KMAGA
    We’re a long way from ‘keeping’ America great – still in the MAGA phase.

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  31. JonS says:

    “Originally from Somers, New York, Rear Admiral Brown is a 1985 graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy with a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He also earned a Master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Miami and a law degree from the University of Connecticut.”


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  32. Rj says:

    Anytime our taxpayers money is allocated in the form of aid to any country there should be a watchdog included in that aid. The USAID program in the state department needs to done away with because there is to much corruption involved and our own tax money is being used to flood our country while protecting borders of other countries.

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  33. Rj says:

    The globalist elitist are evacuating the islanders to Florida so they can make it their new base of operations. One big reason why millions of dollars worth of aid was covered in tarps on runways and stored in warehouses.

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  34. fractionalexponent says:

    CWO4 USCG retired here. 27 years Navy and Coast Guard. The Coast Guard is populated with wolverines and workaholics, as is the Navy.

    In the Navy and Coast Guard, if you run a ship aground, you get Court Martialed.

    The Vindmans’ goal was to run the ship of state aground. They should get 30 years hard labor and then be deported.

    Banishment across the Potomac River to the Pentagon is insane.

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  35. jus wundrin says:

    Semper Paratus!

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  36. jx says:

    Interesting tidbit, the mayor of San Juan, PR is a national chair for the Sanders campaign. –

    I wonder how long she’ll be in that role, or if she will get caught up in the corruption probe.

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  37. Big Jake says:

    Seller Paratus.
    Leave it to a Guardian when you want things done right.

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  38. California Joe says:

    Giving Puerto Rico back to Spain is even a better idea!

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  39. zekness says:


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  40. Guyver1 says:

    Interesting- I was stationed at the Coast Guard base in San Juan (back when it was known as Greater Antilles Sector, Gantsec) from Oct. 15, 1984 to Nov. 1, 87 (got the dates from my personal records, which I am holding right now). I was the EM1 (electricians mate, 1st class) for Gantsec. I don’t remember dealing with Rear Admiral Brown- it was a long time ago, and he was probably only a Lieutenant JG at that time. However, there is a very important reason I am bringing this up. If he was there at the same time I was, he is very, very aware of the corruption in the Puerto Rican Government. President Trump chose the right guy. What happened back then- the Coast Guard was going to do a land swap with the PR government. The old CG housing area just south of the Isla Grande airport was very old, too small and falling apart. The CG wanted to build new housing in a different area, and the PR government wanted the old housing area to develop it. So they agreed to a land swap- the old housing area for a plot of land in an area called San Patricio. The day came for the paperwork to be signed. And next day, the base Commanding Officer called an all hands meeting- to let us know the deal had fallen apart. Why? Because when the time came for the PR government officials (if I remember right it was 2 of them) to sign the paperwork, they stated they would only do so if they were each paid 200,000 dollars under the table 😨😠 (taking into account inflation, 200,000 dollars in 1985 would be how much in 2020 dollars 😨😨😠😠?). The Coast Guard representative told them that the CG does not operate like that. So the two Dim allied corruptocrats then said, ‘So then, no deal’. And they walked away. Their party lost the next election. The new government, republican allied, agreed to a clean deal. So the CG got to build the new San Patricio housing, and the government built the San Juan Convention Center where the old CG housing used to be.

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  41. Spryte says:

    Yippy skippy, fully exposing Puerto Rico’s swamp, heck, let’s drain that one too!!!


  42. pyrthroes says:

    We recall construction of the innovative, lock-based Panama Canal, completed 1914 following de Lesseps’ 1880s failed sea-level passage. Following episodes of “gunboat diplomacy” separating Columbia from Panama, Pres. Roosevelt’s appointees John Findley Wallace, an esteemed Illinois Central Railroad engineer, and the U.S. Army’s Col. William C. Gorgas, completed the project on-time and on-budget while conquering the “jungle cut’s” immemorial malarial-mosquito plague.

    Kudos to Pres. Trump: Given political cover, it’s amazing what honest, professional supervisors can accomplish. (No Clinton Foundation here!) Once past Puerto Rico’s entrenched kaffeklatcher apparat, post-Boomer Adm. Brown (Coast Guard Academy, 1985) will likely cut through San Juan’s Caribbean schlamperei in Wallace-Gorgas mode.


  43. Paprika says:

    Just in time as the US House just passed HB 5687–which contains another $4.67billion for PR.


  44. Impressive resume. Good news for the suffering little people of PR.
    Now send the FBI white collar people to live there until they can RICO the whole rotten bunch of pols in charge, and Trump can assign a Conservator to run the place for a year or two, until new and presumeably more honest decision-makers can be found.


  45. 4EDouglas says:

    The Admiral has been on the boat, in the helicopter and the Hurricane. He’s no “Perfumed Prince.” of the Pentagon..I Wish my old friend and Boss could see this- he was a Coastie Master Chief..
    there are few Puerto Rican Dems hunting their hole right now..


  46. itsy_bitsy says:

    The lesson to take away from Puerto Rico is that we should never put money and supplies directly into the hands of the Island officials again, EVER! From now on IF we are sending money and or supplies it should be handled totally by American officials (trustworthy officials – no democrats). The military is a good choice although even there you must guard against slack judgement and waste.


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