Iowa Updates: Bernie Sanders Declares Victory – DNC Club Chairman Tom Perez Calls for Recount…

A stunning (not really) shift in late Iowa caucus results overnight caused the New York Times to flip their predictions.  Few noticed but Tue/Wed the NYT predicted 97% certainty that Pete Buttigieg would win Iowa.  Last night as more caucus results were released that predictive model flipped and now Bernie Sanders is 54% predicted to win. [LINK]

What’s happening is clear to anyone who knows the Club’s objective.  The DNC Club is attempting to diminish Sanders and elevate any non-Bernie candidate.  Sanders has won the popular vote in Iowa and will likely split national delegates with Buttigieg.

Knowing the ongoing purpose, Sanders, declares victory today and holds a press conference. Immediately after Bernie’s declaration, DNC Club Chairman Tom Perez requests an Iowa recount in an effort to keep ‘never-Bernie‘ Pete Buttigieg elevated.

[NYT Graphic Link]

[CNN Graphic Link]

Three Satellite Caucuses went heavily for Sanders and the fourth is expected to put him over the top on SDE’s (State Delegate Equivalents].

Politico – […] The leader of the Democratic National Committee called for an immediate recanvass of the Iowa caucuses Thursday, dealing another blow to Iowa’s reputation and further extending an already delayed process to tally votes from Monday night.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez‘s announcement came shortly before Bernie Sanders claimed victory Thursday in a race that officially remains too close to call.

[…] Incomplete state party results show Pete Buttigieg with a slight lead in the state delegate equivalent count, but Sanders argued that he has a significant advantage in the popular vote and accused the media of putting too much stock in standard delegate equivalents — the results that the party and most media organizations are using to crown the winner.

“Even though the vote tabulations have been extremely slow, we are now at a point with some 97 percent of the precincts reporting where our campaign is winning the popular initial vote by some 6,000 votes,” Sanders told reporters at his New Hampshire headquarters. “And when 6,000 more people come out for you in an election than your nearest opponent, we here in northern New England call that a victory.” (more)

All of this heavily insider effort is simply a reflection of internal Club dynamics where they are attempting to keep a viable ‘never-bernie’ alternative on all ballots, and then position the final conflict for a moment when the Club leaders (big donors and influence agents) deploy Michael Bloomberg as their alternative.

It’s a mess, and likely to get a lot worse before it gets better.

The Club is in a precarious position because in their zeal to retain power and attack President Trump they have allowed the creation of a socialist grassroots movement to bloom.  The Club doesn’t control that wing (Occupy WS, Antifa, etc.) and they cannot directly confront it or an epic war will break out that could fracture the Democrat party apparatus forever.

This internal chaos is the real reason why Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so fraught with distress and lashing out.

Oh, and yes, the candidacy of Joe Biden is irrelevant.  It was always a ruse, and now the media is stuck trying to reconcile their proclamations against reality…

….It will only get worse.

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210 Responses to Iowa Updates: Bernie Sanders Declares Victory – DNC Club Chairman Tom Perez Calls for Recount…

  1. History Teaches says:

    Be careful about what you wish for.

    Leading up to the 2016 vote Democrats were hoping that Trump be the nominee. They thought he was a joke, only in it for ego and easily dismissed and humiliated by Hillary.

    They wanted chaos and internal revolt amongst the Republicans with Trump the last man standing. After having been ground into pulp by the other sixteen candidates, Rinos and media.

    They got the outsider they thought would be an easy pushover.

    Didn’t work out as they expected, did it?

    The big difference with Bernie is that he doesn’t have nearly the grass roots, ‘silent majority’ support the President had. Support that wasn’t accounted for by the Democrat/MSM elite.

    I think Bernie just cannot tap into anything like that. His vision only resonates with a narrow base. We all we who that consists of. There may be ideological sympathy from the communist/socialist university types and a younger, naive demographic, but look where that got Eugene McCarthy! And he at least was a naive idealist, not a hypocrite like Bernie.

    The only variable that could shake things up is if the Democrat elite and money machine goes all in with him. But there is too much built in conflict between their objectives and those of the Bernie radicals.

    If it does come down to Trump versus Bernie I think it will be a landslide, but you can’t discount the unintended consequences of communists almost tasting the reins of power. Unfortunately, violence and ansrchy will likely be part of their game plan.

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    • jnr2d2 says:

      Sundance, Notice the footnote in the table: There is 4000+ less vote on the second ballot! Either that many left the caucus, because things ran too late, or their candidate like Yang with 6000 + voters had many leave and not participate in the 2nd ballot in a fit of pique, or that many Bernie ballots were destroyed!! Add that to Bernie and his final popular vot goes to 29% — which was about his own group’s initial estimate, as well as about DFP and Emerson’s last polls (28%).
      DNC strikes again!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • jnr2d2 says:

        New chant for Bernie Bots: “BERN IT DOWN!!!!!”

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        • jnr2d2 says:

          They will never finish the last 3% talley because they will do a canvas that won’t be complete till after NOV!! You see they will have to go physically to each house of all the voters to a signed affidavit as to who they voted for, and give it to Crowd Strike to tabulate on a Laptop that they will proceed to “lose!” But trust them they got it right — Butti in a landslide!!!!!

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      • MGBSE says:

        The DNC practiced their vote cheat in Kentucky and Louisiana when they stole both Governor elections from Republicans… what they forgot to factor into the Iowa cheat …all the RATS were cheating against all the RATS.

        That’s why the first result was 0% for all of them…they ALL deleted their estimate of votes to other candidates, so their candidate would win…and canceled out ALL the votes…LOL!!!


    • Larry says:

      Re 2016 primary, I think they knew Hillary could only win the way Bill Clinton did, with a heavy splitter candidate. Trump was supposed to be the Ross Perot equivalent. Hillary probably even invited Trump to run. While he was running against Republicans, Trump got great press coverage. Until they all dropped out which was probably an ‘Oh S..t’ moment for Hillary. Then the press turned 180 degree against Trump ever since.

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      • Yy4u says:

        Larrymis right. During the primaries this Trump house watched MSNBC because they gave the most balanced coverage of Trump. Fox was all in as a Never Trumper. We knew once the candidate was chosen MSNBC would go all in against ANY Repub. We never went back to Fox News. We watch Fox Business noa

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Bernie has far more support than you’d think. Worse still, there are many who think he is too far right!

      I am worried about the huge number of far left young people we are seeing. They are unhinged and delusional


  2. Leftnomore says:

    “Balloon-Comb” Bernie will get the Seth Rich special if he’s not careful.

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  3. sDee says:

    We had a Socialist Party candidate on the Presidential ballot 1904 through 1932. The Socialist party, along with the Progressive party, merged into the Democrat party as part of FDR’s New Deal coalition.

    These factions, ever since, stayed united to win, dividing the spoils of big government after.

    The globalists then co-opted the Republican party, and with the help of their media control we have suffered decades of Uniparty corruption, theft and tyranny as it did the bidding of the Globalists

    Godspeed Donald J Trump

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  4. L4grasshopper says:

    I’m going to be very curious to see if Bernie fights back this time around, or…like he did in 2016, just bends over and takes it from the DNC once again.

    Big debate tomorrow. Wonder if the DNC will have “certified” their vote rigging in Iowa by then????

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  5. Troublemaker10 says:

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  6. Og Oggilby says:

    Iowa Democrats Snub DNC: We’ll Recanvass if Any Campaign Requests It:

    “The Iowa Democrat Party on Thursday seemingly rejected a request from Democrat National Committee (DNC) chairman Tom Perez to recanvass its caucus amid growing concerns over the accuracy in its delayed results….”

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  7. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • Judith says:

      Of course the Enemedia can’t “declare.” Just like
      on election eve 2016, they must wait .. and wait.. and wait ..until their masters tell them exactly what lies to repeat. And they’ve been jumping the shark ever since.


  8. J says:

    The timing of all of this couldn’t be better…
    Trump is bringing the Republican party together and bringing in more Hispanic and Black voters than ever before. All while the democrat party is imploding and quite possibly on the verge of an actual split between progressive socialists and the more moderate wing of the party.

    Happy Days indeed…

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    • hokkoda says:

      If some of the polling is accurate, he could get Eisenhower-levels of black votes. If he gets even HALF of that, the Democrats will be wiped out on levels never before seen. I’ll believe it when I see it, but Trump has a way with people that is truly unique and gifted. We’ve all heard the broken record about how the GOP nominee is pursuing black voters, and it always turns out the same: a halfhearted, non-serious effort mainly designed to curry favor with the media that ends in disaster.

      Bernie Sanders is not going to attract minority voters. His base is disaffected white Marxists who struggle with basic personal hygiene.

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  9. hokkoda says:

    Sanders is following the same “uniparty rebellion” arc that Trump followed. This is the “ignored and abused” Socialist/Marxist Left resisting the Borg that is the Official Government Party to which they are joined at the hip. Trump’s election was accurately described by many observers as a full-on rebellion against the Government Party by American voters. The GOP has slowly been forced to come around to Trump-ism. Some were fired. Some “retired” from Congress. Some died. But the end result is that GOP is becoming Trump’s party, and the government is slowly but surely being restored to the People.

    The problem Sanders has is that once you get past his very narrow OWS/Antifa base, there’s just not a lot of support there. We are not a Marxist/Socialist country. When the media hooks those meter things up to American voters, one of Trump’s most powerful lines in any speech is when he says, “America is not a Socialist country and never will be,” and the meters go through the roof.

    Whereas the GOP could boot some people out and shape-shift into Trump-ism (even if they disagree with it), they are shape-shifting into something that is traditionally American. Democrats cannot shape-shift into Bernie Sanders because Sanders’ policies are unapologetically UN-American. He’s a Marxist, and his core followers are Marxists (Antifa) and Anarchists (OWS). There are Marxists in the Democrats’ party, but they (collectively) are not Marxists. There can be no peaceful reconciliation like the GOP has more-or-less experienced. (We’re basically down to 1/2 of Mitt Romney, and some of the vestigial NeverTrumpers on TV like Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, etc..)

    On the whole, I’m happy with what Sanders is accomplishing because Sanders is ALSO attacking the Government Party…from the Left Flank. The Government Party cannot sustain a 2-front war. Not when they’ve got Trump overwhelming them on the Western Front. The death of the Government Party is the Big Strategic End Goal…and this I think will accelerate this summer (Durham), this fall (GOP runs the table in the Nov elections), and in Trump’s 2nd term when he will have clear sailing to gut the Bureaucracy and decimate America’s enemies-within.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Log this comment!


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    • I think you’re right, but if the GOP Majority can’t unite enough to get anything done (like 2016-2018), they’ll put the socialists back in congress in 2022… and we’ll have non-stop impeachment again. The skeptical part of me sees this as prophetic, because there will be a faction of useless Republicans that block anything of consequence unless we run the table huge this fall.


    • I think you’re right, but if the GOP Majority can’t unite enough to get anything done (like 2016-2018), they’ll put the socialists back in congress in 2022… and we’ll have non-stop impeachment again. The skeptical part of me sees this as prophetic, because there will be a faction of useless Republicans that block anything of consequence unless we run the table huge this fall.

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  10. Becky says:

    I just keep thinking the Dems have got the candidate they deserve. How did they expect to spend decades preaching and teaching the glories of socialism to young and old, and not eventually create a popular communist candidate who could rise to nominee?


  11. WSB says:


    I finished this just in time for the Iowa festivities!!!!!

    AAA Battery not included…because Bernie’s too cheap!

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  12. scottmc37 says:

    Going to be tough, the Dems only have 10 toes and 10 fingers…..


  13. Sammy Hains says:

    Democrats don’t believe in competition or winners.
    They all get to be losers. That’s equality.

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  14. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    All they have to do is have hillary threaten to repossess bernie’s house.


  15. CoHoBo says:

    The DNC is desperately trying to cover up corruption with incompetence, but they are too incompetent to fake incompetence to do the coverup. What a dumpster fire!

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  16. CNN_sucks says:

    Sanders is a loser. Bloomberg is making his money works, bribing and buying the presidential slot nominee.


  17. JohnCasper says:

    So Democrats cheat in vote counting with other Democrats. Golly, I sure hope they will never cheat in vote counting in general elections with Republicans.

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  18. Tom Perez: “Enough is enough. In light of the chaos we caused trying to steal this election from Bernie, we need a recount so we can continue trying to steal this election from Bernie.”

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  19. convert says:

    **munches popcorn while watching DNC call for do-over just as Bernie pulls ahead*** 😂😂

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  20. Raptors2020 says:

    What rough beast, its hour come at last, slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?

    The cheating by the Democrats in November will be staggering in its audacity and proportion.

    Look at the Kavanaugh atrocity: simple human decency will no longer contain them.

    Watch CNN or MSNBC: they declare Trump and all his voters to be racists on a daily basis. The Deplorables deserve whatever unfairness they get.

    Note the lack of any Democrat platform for the 2020 election: who needs issues when you plan to simply steal the election?

    Literally no one has been punished for all the shenanigans surrounding the 2016 election, so why would they fear doubling down in 2020?

    Bernie will simply sit and take this, like Trump has taken it for three years. Hunter Biden is a victim, James Comey is a hero. That’s the moral universe they inhabit.

    The Presidential Medal of Freedom will be presented at the 2021 State of the Union Address by President Hillary Clinton to the Democrat who found the most votes in the trunk of his car.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I said it at the time (here) and will say it again – the 2018 election was pressure testing for algorithms to be used for fractional vote shaving as well as other electronic based vote theft like the Shadownet app.

      PFC. Bergy has confirmed my concerns about Shadownnet app type theft.

      If you go back and look at these 3 elections (could be more but this is where I noticed it and looked into it) – AZ, TX and FL they seem to all have elections that were off in the single digit margins for key elections and all had other elections on the same ballot that did not fall into those single digit differences which is unusual in general. Despite people being mad at Cruz in Texas there is no reason why there should have been the size of the margins you saw between Cruz and Beto with reference to Abbot’s winning % of the vote.

      Pray for light on these massive vote theft we are facing. I am going to try to see where I can volunteer on the ground as well to true the vote.


  21. billybob says:

    .”From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” That’s what you believe in Bernie . Share the votes you communist swine . Practice what you preach . If the party needs to steal your delegates it’s for the greater good .
    P.S Tell your whining crying supporters that this is the way it works in the utopia you are working for . Brother Billybob


  22. Sepp says:

    How many NON-citizens participated caucuses in Des Moines?


    • Gork says:

      (entering Hillary Clinton mode) What difference, at this point, does it make? They deserve every last one of their voters. We all know that the Democrats don’t care what happens in the primaries.

      I’m saving my beer and popcorn for the DNC convention. It ought to be quite a show, both on the floor and outside the building.


      • Jimmy Jack says:

        The DNC convention is going to be an abolute S-show. I wonder just how many of these unhinged bird dogging anarchist lunatics are planning violence on top of general chicanery and left wing foolishness.


        • Lester Smith says:

          Can any one say 1968 dem convention. I feel this is going to be 68 on steroids. Let them screw over Crazy Bernie make our day. His tin foil hat lunatic crazy ass followers already got their torches lit and pitch folks sharpened. The dems will get what they deserve and hopefully more. Wisconsin hey they will be serving plenty of flame broiled grilled cheese. As Elmer Fudd sings Grilled cheese please. Pull up your favorite chair and get corn pop ready it’s going to be a hell of a show. oboy oboy oboy I can’t wait.


  23. Gork says:

    Don’t worry, the DNC is busy working out ways to set up superdelegates to ensure that Bernie will not get the nomination. I’m not sure who they’re gonna vote for, as Joe Biden is radioactive toxic waste right now. Maybe they’ll introduce Bloomberg on the floor of the convention, he’ll make a massive donation to the party and they’ll nominate him regardless of what the primaries say. I’m sure this isn’t the last election they’re going to botch.

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  24. Theckman says:

    Hillary Clinton’s actions speak to forcing her way in. She was in Iowa trashing Bernie. Has a series coming out on HuLu in early March.
    It’s not too late and they have already laid out how they will cheat Trump in key states using Soros voting technology bought by democratic govenors. This lack of reliable, stable, voting tabulation being an issue in 2020 is by design.
    National elections should be run in a national way. I agree state by state lends itself to way too much hands caught in the cookie jar.
    Look at the Florida 2018 race. The county was finding cartons of ballots in closets, trunks of cars, under random tables, ect… It’s funny, but it literally would have cost Trump’s chances for Florida if Rick Scottt had not put a stop to it.
    They must call these counties and say “yo, we need you to really go all out, and yes that envelope will have triple in it.” These counties are prepared to deliver. It’s disgusting that no one is ever held accountable when it happens so regularly.
    The only reason Trump won was be as?use Hillary was arrogant and stupid enough not to realize Trump was demolishing her. Hillary wants to come back for more, she’s delusional.
    Can you imagine being a fly on the wall in a conversation between Pelosi and Hillary. Two nut jobs that should both be in Orange. Would be interesting to hear some of their viscious schemes!!


  25. dallasdan says:

    “It’s a mess, and likely to get a lot worse before it gets better.”

    Yep. The wild horse jumped the corral fence and is running freely. I clearly sense the Dems have lost control of their own dishonest process and may not be able to recover it without suffering catastrophic embarrassment and violence at their convention. The voters will punish them in all races.

    It sucks to be them, but my sympathy does not match the length of a micron.


  26. Graham Pink says:

    Does he look like a man ready for a gruelling national campaign?
    The DNC better have a backup backup plan.


  27. Padric says:

    Been saying this exact same thing since late 2018. The Dems are screwed in so many ways. They sold their base on “Orange Man Bad” and now their base actually expects them to do what they said they would do. As I said, it’s not unlike when the Tea Party portion of the base got activated on the notion of getting rid of Obamacare and cutting spending and then actually expecting the House to do those things. One need only look at what happened to Eric Cantor for a lesson in ignoring and/or lying to ones base.

    There is one very, VERY glaring difference between then and now, however. In 2010, the opposition to Obama was based largely around policy.Spending, Obamacare, foreign policy, you name it. But there was no one, or at least very few, who were trying to defeat him on the basis that he was an evil person, a bad man. Bad for the job? Certainly. A bad person? Not really. But the idea of Donald Trump being an evil person, a bad person, is at the heart of their belief. We joke about “Orange Man Bad” but it’s a real belief and for them the emphasis is on the word “bad”.

    That difference is a massive one. You see, when a person thinks someone is evil, the ability to reason with that person goes out the window. There will never be a moment in which they are open to logical argument because for them it’s not a political argument, it’s a religious one whether they realize it or not, whether they put it in those terms or not. They’ve made a moral judgement and the removal of that evil becomes a religion unto itself for them.

    Now, as shocked and horrified as we may be at that sort of mentality, take a step back and remember: That’s what the establishment of the DNC has to deal with from within their own ranks. I don’t pity them in the slightest because it’s a monster of their own making. They began making it back in 2008 when they insisted that anyone that opposed Obama was a racist, which is a vile accusation to make. Here’s the problem for them though: The people you accuse of being evil are so used to the accusation that it doesn’t carry weight with them anymore BUT the people who are still upset by it get even more upset that the left is being so unsuccessful in removing what they consider to be a rudimentary, slam dunk, obvious to anyone evil person.

    Which gets you the modern Democrat base: In a never ending state of grievance agitation but quickly losing patience with the people who said they’d fix it all.

    Lastly, Sundance and I differ, if just ever so slightly, on one point. It’s really not a question of whether or not Pelosi or the establishment is afraid of opposing the base because in the end the result will be the same. If they continue to fear and appease the base while simultaneously failing to oppose the president in any significant way, the base will revolt for lack of progress. If they oppose the base it will still revolt. Either way the Democrats are in for a world of hurt.

    Oh, and if the Dems want someone to blame for all of this? His name is Barack Obama. Take a look at articles between 2013-2015 regarding him and the future of the party. They all said the same thing, that he ran up massive debt on the DNC which was never repaid and never would be, that he wasn’t doing anything in the way of growing donor lists or the party itself and that he was taking all of his campaign stuff and keeping it all to himself. He screwed the DNC while attempting to set himself up as a future kingmaker all while his fellow Democrats were protecting him and setting the stage for where they are today because of their accusations.

    Like I said, they’re screwed, in for a world of hurt and have no one to blame but themselves.


    • jeans2nd says:

      Well said, Padric, but this all did not start with Obama. Before Obama there was Clinton. Before Clinton there was LBJ/Kennedy. Before that was FDR, then Wilson, then …

      You get the idea.

      A more succinct way of describing the differences in party beliefs is, we believe they are people with bad ideas.
      They believe we are bad people with ideas. ‘-)


  28. jeans2nd says:

    This thought is difficult to coalesce (non-SQL coalesce).

    Socialist leaders always rise to power through military force. The military may be gubmint or non-gubmint. Nevertheless, every Socialist has risen to, and retains, power through force, force in which he does not participate..

    Bernie knows this. Bernie will never inspire enough people to win much of anything. But Bernie knows how to attract the militant. That, Bernie does well.

    A very good many of Bernie’s devotees have, after 4+ years of fuming, begun calling for revolution. They are angry with Bernie for not fighting the DNC and have decided to take matters into their own hands.

    In a perverse way, it appears the DNC have done to themselves what they and their media groupies have attempted to do to the MAGA party.
    Regardless, the much-desired-revolution will occur, just not in the way the DNC believed they could control.

    Watch the Club hide behind their calls for police protection and more laws to control the gun-wielders.. Enter Mini Mike/Crooked.

    Still think it will be Crooked taking over, this time with Mini Mike’s money behind her. Mini Mike has too much history as a Republican turned Independent turned Democrat, with Mini Mike being credited with creating stop-and-frisk (Mini Mike did not create stop-and-frisk), not to mention the way Mini Mike made his billions (exploitation, of course).

    The only question remaining is, how much violence will ensue? imo


  29. john edward lorenz says:

    Do I have this right? A group that can’t manage results of 170,000 people want to manage the healthcare of 330,000,000?


    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Yes, the same group of people who couldn’t handle producing decent school lunches wants control of health care and prescription medications.


  30. Jimmy Jack says:

    Am I the only one who truly can’t stand Mayor Cheat Buttigieg? I find him particularly insidious.

    I can’t stand Meghan McCain and I know she was trying to help him on The View but her questioning him about late term abortion has provided us with useful meme material on him. Meme warriors unite!


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