Impeach This – Gallup: American Satisfaction Poll Highest Since January 2005…

As we start to head deeper into the 2020 presidential election year, there is some very good news for President Trump about how Americans rate their satisfaction; and some very bad news for Democrats who are trying to impeach this success.

According to the latest data from Gallup: “Americans’ average satisfaction rating for the 27 issues Gallup has tracked consistently since 2001 is now 47%. This is up three points from a year ago and is the highest since the January 2005 poll.”

In the measures of satisfaction covering the first three years of President Trump in office there are some remarkable increases in key measures:

(data link)

As President Trump prepares to deliver his State of the Union speech to congress, these results will likely provide some measurable data for him to highlight.  Satisfaction with the U.S. economy has jumped a whopping 22 percent since President Trump took office.

As noted above, the economy, national security, military and state of race relations all provide double-digit increases in American satisfaction during President Trump’s first three years in office.

Additionally, 84 percent of Americans are satisfied with the overall quality of life, and 72 percent are satisfied with the opportunity for a person to get ahead if that person works hard.   Those are exceptionally strong numbers reflecting an overall optimistic outlook for the majority of Americans.


WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump’s upbeat view of the nation’s economy, military strength, economic opportunity and overall quality of life will likely resonate with Americans when he delivers his State of the Union address to Congress next week. Most Americans say they are satisfied with each of these aspects of the country as 2020 begins. The majority also feel positively about the positions of women and gays in society.  (read more)


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161 Responses to Impeach This – Gallup: American Satisfaction Poll Highest Since January 2005…

  1. I’m getting here late and only read through half the comments. So if its already been stated forgive me: going from an increase in level of satisfaction in the us economy of 46% to 68% is not a 22% increase in satisfaction, it is a 48% increase in satisfaction. Almost twice as many people feeling satisfied now.


  2. Rose Evans says:

    Just wasn’t to say, how disrespectful it was to America our country, with Nancy Pelosi ripping up his speech at tbe end. I think SHE should be impeached!


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