Stark Contrast – Bernie Sanders Says He Will “Look At” Tearing Down Existing U.S/Mexico Border Wall…

Wow, this is quite a contrast. The number one policy initiative that helped President Trump win election in 2016 was his promise to build a southern border wall. Several hundred miles of the new border security barrier have been completed with several hundred more in various stages of construction.

During the VICE News Brown & Black Democrat Presidential Forum today, 2020 candidate Bernie Sanders said he would “look at” tearing it all down. WATCH:

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154 Responses to Stark Contrast – Bernie Sanders Says He Will “Look At” Tearing Down Existing U.S/Mexico Border Wall…

  1. Zachary Navarre says:

    Some racist black and brown people did something.

    What do you think the response in this country would be if there were a “White Democrat Presidential Forum”?

    So sick of the doublespeak.

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    • ms doodlebug says:

      For a Brown and Black Democrat Presidential Forum it looks more like a couple of white guys and one Black guy speaking before a predominately White audience.


  2. MD says:

    The reason he has to think about it is that walls work both ways. Communist countries use them to keep people IN.

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  3. decisiontime16 says:

    How about we have completely open borders, Bernie? A global free for all. All the systems in the US would fail within 30 days if that long. What was once a country would be no more.

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    • shirley49 says:

      That is exactly what the commie Dems and some Rhinos want.

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    • Ralph Kramden says:

      But, but cheap farm labor for corporate farms.

      Trump’s Phase.One China Agreement benefits Farmers and Ranchers by increasing DEMAND, thereby increasing market prices. It puts upward pressures on hiring models, by increasing throughput numbers. It necessarily increases investment to keep up with increased demand. Coupled with USMCA it is a incentivized the US economic picture.

      The DemocRATS and the US Chamber of Commerce want to increase VOTES by importing a permanent under-class.

      See the difference?


  4. William the Comptroller says:

    Bernie’s wife is a black cloud of economic disaster but is on some economic advisory board. Burlington College closed after a messed up fundraising campaign to procure an old Catholic diocese property. Maybe Bernie gets advice from her.

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  5. Mojo says:


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  6. namberak says:

    What’s interesting to me is it seems to me that if the Bern were a True Believer he’d just say straight out he’d tear it down. If he’s still pulling the ’16 schtick he goes with the non-committal, non-answer.

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  7. WES says:

    Old Bernie is just holding the fort for Hillary!

    Has to keep the sheepwle entertained and engaged until she shows up!


  8. Marc says:

    What happened to this Bernie?

    and this one?


  9. why is this guy given a forum? he’s got zero chance of becoming president.
    why not talk to the building janitor? he has a good a chance at becoming president as bernie.

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  10. Patricia Weir says:

    Of the 7 billion people on Planet Earth, which ones would Bernie deny entry into our country to live off of the US taxpayer? Someone should ask him that.

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  11. mike diamond says:

    Bernie is a communist,and he’s nutty as a fruit cake!

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  12. Sammy Hains says:

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why I’ve NEVER ONCE seen anyone point of that ILLEGAL GUNS are smuggled across the border. They talk about drugs, but never GUNS. And we know that guns are illegally smuggled over the border be ause 0bama’s Fast & Furious operation told us so.

    This would be the Democrats’ Kryptonite. How could they be against stopping the illegal flow of dangerous WEAPONS OF WAR into our country? They would have to decide if they’re for the Wall or illegal assault weapons. Because they can’t be against both.


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