President Trump Adds MAGAnificent Seven to Impeachment Defense Team…

The gang is getting back together again.  Representatives Jim Jordan, John Ratcliffe, Mark Meadows, Debbie Lesko, Elise Stefanik, Lee Zeldin and Doug Collins have been selected as additions to President Trump’s impeachment defense team. UPDATE: and Mike Johnson

The MAGAnificent Seven

WHITE HOUSE – Today, President Donald J. Trump announced that the following Members of the House of Representatives will serve as part of his team working to combat this hyper-partisan and baseless impeachment. This initial list includes the following Members:

♦ Congressman Doug Collins
♦ Congressman Jim Jordan
♦ Congresswoman Debbie Lesko
♦ Congressman Mark Meadows
♦ Congressman John Ratcliffe
♦ Congresswoman Elise Stefanik
♦ Congressman Lee Zeldin
♦ ¹Congressman Mike Johnson

Throughout this process, these Members of Congress have provided guidance to the White House team, which was prohibited from participating in the proceedings concocted by Democrats in the House of Representatives. The President looks forward to their continued participation and is confident that the Members will help expeditiously end this brazen political vendetta on behalf of the American people. (link)

UPDATE – Oh man, they messed up my “MAGAnificent Seven” slogan by unexpectedly having eight. LOL.  Oh well, “Elite Eight” (pictured below) because it makes sense to include an actual constitutional attorney ¹Mike Johnson.  This is a big honor.  These names will appear in history books generations from now.

…And not Matt Gaetz LOL

“The Elite Eight”

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408 Responses to President Trump Adds MAGAnificent Seven to Impeachment Defense Team…

  1. DebbieSemms says:

    Elise Stefanic is excellent in a court room I just wish she wasn’t such an advocate for mass importation of aliens and mass illegal alien amnesty- Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2019, H.R. 4916.

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    • Elsie has made more negative comments about PDJT than Matt. Don’t know her immigration policies well enough to comment. However, the last round of hearings she was involved in made me think she may have turned more toward agreeing with PDJT.

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      • 1togetready says:

        Her only turn is toward her own political ambitions. After her good showing during the hearings, I began to get email from her begging for money. I don’t trust her.

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        • I get emails from many R candidates so I can’t use that to judge. If she shows increasing support for PDJT and his policies for the next 5 years I will be happy.

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          • owtolunch says:

            Her opponent is getting millions $$$$ from out of state democrat supporters… The economy of Northern New York is all but destroyed. No industry remains.. 60% or more on government benefits. Small towns are needing to consolidate their school systems to function. Property and school taxes reaching half of a social security recipients yearly benefits, over the counter meds and the winter heating bill takes the rest.

            The town I grew up in no longer even has a gas station (almost 7 miles away). No local stores. It had many until the late 70’s when the last of industry closed up … Alcoa, General Motors, Reynolds Metals, St. Joe Minerals, International Paper, Nakoosa-Edwards Paper, Governeur Talc, Niagara-Mohawk Power…. On and on… businesses closed and jobs went away….leaving only a consolidation of corporate family dairy farms and government employment… As a result the voting public is mostly those who want more for nothing and are currently getting government benefits.

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        • gigi says:

          Me neither. Not really because of the tasteless request for money. I just don’t cotton to johnny-come-latelies.

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        • madeline says:

          I would have replaced her with Turner or Stueb(?) from FL. They really were the ones that crystalized the misinformation during the house hearings.


        • bentley1blog says:

          1together…sorry to say me too.


        • lisa burns says:

          she was great in the House inquiry….


      • Peoria Jones says:

        Honestly, it’s a hot mess with this Congress. Let’s take what we can get, and work to make it better.

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      • Hans says:

        It’s not so much criticism , people criticize PDT all the time. It was a time of great stress and the attack was on PDT executive powers a fundamental area of responsibility. Stefanik voted with the president Gaetz did not.

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        • Amy2 says:

          I don’t like how he voted, but he voted his conscience. We give Rand Paul credit for doing that all the time. Gaetz has been in there fighting for a long time and doing a pretty good job of it. I would rather have him than Stefanik. She’s performed pretty well, but my gut says, “opportunist.” ‘Hope I’m wrong.

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          • Bendix says:

            She’s a Ryan protege, subjected to bad influences at a tender age, but well-educated and killer smart.
            I really hope she is learning a thing or two under our president’s tutelage.

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        • tucker7518 says:

          What was with Gaetz, not voting with Trump?

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          • Jimmy Jam Jiggly says:

            I was also disappointed with Matt Gaetz voting against POTUS. But I then read comments that it may have been a way to push the mainstream media into covering the Dems resolution to limit Trump’s “war powers.” I don’t know but it’s confusing to me since I support President Trump and I ignore the MSM.

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        • bodieisland says:

          Hans, when I first heard about the law I was thinking more about someone like Obama going into Libya and killing Qaddafi. This still upsets me. I did not see it as an insult to POTUS/war. I knew he wasn’t going to war, and he had the power to do what he did, and NOT tell the leakers-in -chief. After reading others opinions I can see the conflict. I also have a problem with Lou, Sean and Laura rudely sniping at good people and cutting them off. I am like Gaetz, I will just shut down instead of arguing with someone I admire. Save it for another day.

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        • not2worryluv says:

          Gaetz is now trying to spin his way back into the favor of Florida voters. It’s not working.

          The Clone of Eric The Fart showed his true colors when he voted against President Trump with Nancy Pelosi’s Posse.

          Glad President Trump is having nothing to do with Gaetz. He made his choice now deal with it Matt!


          • tacocat43 says:

            Gaetz is a hothead and has been reprimanded by the bar and Supreme Ct of FL for some of his unprofessional tweets and comments. The charges were dismissed but I’m thinking they need a calmer influence by attorneys during this process> I would jump over the table and strangle Schiff so I would have to dismiss myself from the process.


      • Iron Lady says:

        After listening carefully, I think she may be coming our way. A lot of these “moderates” seem to think the way to go is walk a tightrope down the middle. I truly hope she has wised up and embraced our brave president fully. I sent a small but convincing contribution.

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        • Those that “come our way” are convinced by great leadership. Let’s hope they continue to follow the way great leadership showed them.

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        • bentley1blog says:

          Just the fact that Stefanik is in favor of amnesty and illegal entry into our country is enough to turn me away from her. How many more murders, rapes etc. does she need to convince her that her thinking is twisted and so very wrong. The illegals will surely take over our country and turn it into a hell hole if this travesty is not tuned around very soon. Send them back to their countries pronto! Just saw on FOX that another parade of illegals are on the way north. God help us.

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          • Bendix says:

            She got that garbage from Bush and Ryan.
            She was not a supporter of our president, except to the extent people in her district support some of his policies.
            She was all but a carpetbagger when she first ran; obsessed with Ryan’s goals about doing away with Social Security and Medicare, which people in her district depend on.

            She is however, a very fast learner and extremely intelligent. I think she was the right choice for this team, as no one can put anything past her.

            BTW, her win as the youngest woman elected to Congress was the inspiration for the audition and selection of that a few months younger AOC.


            • bentley1blog says:

              According to your definition of her history she does not seem too intelligent at all. Her resume described by you sounds shady at best.


      • 1190ftalt says:

        I saw the interview with Matt Gaetz on Lou Dobbs show, I always like Matt but he did not look sharp, he looked like someone approached him with pictures or data, he looks compromised, he went from being Strong to being Weak, this is how they get to you ,something is not right, Hope I am wrong .

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      • YvonneMarie says:

        Rep Matt Gaetz voted a boner at a time when the President needed Republican unity.
        Foolish decision on Gaetz part.
        It just looked bad.
        Still does.

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      • pageoturner says:

        I was glad Gaetz name is not on the list. This shows he screwed the pooch, no matter how many times he says he & Trump are friends with no hard feelings over his lone “no vote” slapping down Trump for taking out murderous Soleimani.

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    • sharon goodson says:

      You probably know there are 12 Chinese zodiac animals used to represent years, 2020 is the Year of the Rat. Zodiac signs play an integral part in Chinese culture, and can be used to determine your fortune for the year, marriage compatability, career fit, best times to have a baby, and so much more.

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  2. paintbrushsage says:

    Haha. Sending the people who know about the hidden transcript.

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  3. Rotor says:

    Gaetz is certainly shaking in his boots about getting primaried.
    Pres. Trump won his district (Fl-1) by 40 points.

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    • William Taylor says:

      Something up with Matt Gaetz he was on tv defending the throple congress woman who resigned and its rumored he’s was in on a game naming hook ups among staff and members
      He also voted for the democrat war powers bill
      He’s compromised IMO

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    • Tl Howard says:

      I hope not.
      I hope we’re not turning into Democrats, you know, those folks who vote the way Nan and Chuck want them to, all the time.
      This vote was largely meaningless.
      Matt has been one of the most vociferous, most articulate backers of POTUS, and was so when there were very few such people.

      Have you forgotten all that?

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      • Cow wow says:

        I agree TI Howard.


      • IGiveUp says:



      • Ray Runge says:

        An opportunist is so noted.


      • MNBV says:

        Gaetz’s appalling judgement won’t be forgotten.
        It was a critical time in the media after Soli had been dealt with, no good saying the vote was meaningless, the result of the vote was Gaetz’s disloyalty to the Don was put in spotlights by the media. As if Matt didn’t know that would happen.
        The disloyalty was the news not the vote.

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      • littlequilterkitty says:

        I’m not making excuses for anyone, but on the day of that silly vote, Rep. Gaetz had just returned to the House after an emotional funeral at the Arlington Cemetery. From his pre-vote floor statements, it appeared to have an effect on him. Perhaps that event influenced his vote that day. Just an observation.

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        • Masterman says:

          Cry me a river. President Trump is working hard to make sure our service men gets to come home and get out of wars. Is Gaetz dumb enough to think he can achieve that by taking powers from the executive branch and giving them to corrupt Congress?

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      • ms doodlebug says:

        It’s interesting how quickly people turn on someone with thoughts outside of groupthink. Almost as if one is a traitor.


    • sunnydaze says:

      We need to keep Gaetz. He’s been a good guy.

      And Florida doesn’t need to be dealing with that BS that happened in AL. a couple years ago.

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      • Ray Runge says:

        Who will claim Gaetz for your personal fox hole?

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        • Peoria Jones says:

          Ya takes what ya can gaetz?

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        • Amy2 says:

          I will! He certainly has a million hillarious analogies, and you need humor in the hole!

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        • Sherri Young says:

          I’d take him.

          Gaetz showed up and stood on the lift on the back of a box truck and rallied the protestors in front of the Broward County elections administration office during that drama after the 2018 voting. The RNC sent attorneys to argue the court cases. As far as I can tell, they didn’t do squat to help the demonstrators in the parking lot at the elections office. Ali Alexander and Laura Loomer were the two main individuals who took leadership roles there. Broward County was not in Matt Gaetz’s district, but he took the initiative to go down there and energize the people who were maintaining a presence outside to help bring attention to the maladministration within.

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          • sunnydaze says:

            Thnx, Sherri. Gatez has done a hundred good things. I’ll give him one mistake.

            He’s been a great rep. for Florida. And pretty damn good for the whole U.S.A., too.

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            • bertdilbert says:

              Gaetz grew up in a house that was used in The Truman Show, a film about a man who is always on television. As of 2018, his parents still live in that house, in Seaside, Florida. A sign on their white picket fence says “THE TRUMAN HOUSE”


  4. Jus wundrin says:

    The house patriots unite!

    Gaetz would have been a good addition though.

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    • DebbieSemms says:

      In regards to the impeachment he was perhaps Trumps best and most effective defender in the House.

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      • starfcker says:

        Was. I remember 10 years ago Don Jr said on The Apprentice that his father taught him that loyalty was the most important trait of all

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        • Les Dee says:

          Oh ya, Trump = loyalty. You’re with him till you’re not—his choice. Corner stone of his entire adult life.
          And if he says once more he’s clearing the swamp, I’m gonna choke. Burr? Wrey? All the rhetoric about declassifying Fast and Furious and Crossfire, etc? 0 will happen, Clinton Foundation fizzle free pass for starters.

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  5. History Teaches says:

    Lawfare will be reduced to a sorry, sad puddle of sewer slime.

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  6. chojun says:

    All of these people have at least one thing in common: they’ve all seen evidence and heard testimony that is exculpatory for President Trump.

    Further, much of the same exculpatory evidence is inculpatory for many people involved in the Ukraine scandal.

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  7. davidberetta says:

    As far as I am concerned – President Trump has nothing to worry about with this Coup. Let these congressional members do their thing… When it’s all over – send in the Military and “gather-up” the traitors in Congress (and their co-conspirators)…every single one of them. Public hangings are in order folks!

    This is OUR Nation and SF Representative, Nancy P and her Klan do NOT get to decide the outcome of their Over-throw of the Nation.

    Every one of these Animals are in violation of US Law (over-throw of the US Government), arrest ALL of them.

    They are at least Obstructing Justice with what Durham is investigating. This two-tier Justice System NEEDS to end.

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    • Solomonpal says:

      What rank and below do we start to send in the Military?


    • Lucille says:

      “Public hangings are in order folks!” No trials, no due process, nada, huh? Sounds like you’re planning to hang the United States Constitution right next to them.

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      • Dad's son says:

        Public hanging is very different than public lynching.
        Just sayin’….

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      • davidberetta says:

        You clearly sound like you want to argue. The POTUS was given NONE of what you claim to be a “United States Constitution right”, yet you are fine with it for nearly 3 years now.

        Get your thoughts into reality.

        Extreme (and illegal), actions require extreme measures to solve them. PUBLIC HANGINGS are a Salvation to the severe and damaging Misdeeds We The People have witnessed (and lived through), since November 2016.


    • Sherri Young says:

      The first line of defense should be the ballot box. The San Fran GOP chairman is running against Nanzi in California’s jungle primary and working hard. If he can come in second to Nanzi in the primary, he will have a spot on the ballot in November.


      • swissik says:

        I live in the SF Bay Area and there is nobody that represents my interests. Moreover I am not affiliated with a party, never was in fact. However, I will say that Republicans are finished around here. If the SF GOP chairman is as hard working as is claimed why haven’t I and a handful of others like me not heard anything about it? I listen to the local news channel and I read a small local, somewhat neutral, daily paper. No mention anywhere of a GOP chairman.


        • Sherri Young says:

          Would the media out there give him free publicity by covering him?

          His name is John Dennis.

          He is on Twitter everyday and usually on Periscope too. Here’s a tweet so you can dig through his timeline and follow him.

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      • davidberetta says:

        There are ZERO requirements to vote in California (actually illegal to ask for ID). With that said..Democrats (or any criminal mind(s)) can control the outcome of any “voting” district throughout the State.

        A foreigner can be on vacation here and vote in our elections-just for a “souvenir”. MILLIONS of Illegal Aliens do it for business and for fun.

        An absolute unsecured voting system throughout much of the Nation.


  8. Landslide says:

    Thank you, President Trump for another brilliant decision! The element of surprise works so well for you. Davos should be fun! You’re on a roll. 😂👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸

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  9. Right to reply says:

    Perhaps we will see Schiff carted off, finally!

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  10. DebbieSemms says:

    Anyone else notice Atkinsons backroom testimony ha been hidden from all?

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  11. jeans2nd says:

    All are proven excellent on television, in hearings, and in dealing with Fake News. About half are Freedom Caucus, half are proven litigators.
    All are loyal MAGA.

    Sucks to be Gaetz, huh? Didn’t pay attention to details – that vote was non-binding, for show only – and we all know Pres Trump’s position of taking care of the details.

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  12. sunnydaze says:

    Glad to see Stefanik on there!

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  13. bacillus says:

    I wonder if any of Rudi’s findings will show up in all of this before it’s over. It’s a good bet he has feeding them to Trump’s team for a while.


  14. Og Oggilby says:

    The MAGAnificent Seven, plus one….

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  15. Gaetz positioning himself as a future Joe Scarborough? I remember Scarborough playing the “contract with America” “conservative” FLA congressman back in the day. Before long he was an early regular guest on Bill Maher… then complete backstab status.

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  16. Piper says:

    Kickass team!
    Popping the corn now!

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  17. Mike L says:

    Regarding Matt: In warfare, sometimes you have to pick practicality over principles.


  18. Retired IG says:

    Wondered about Devin Nunes not being included here too. But heck, he has been under fire long enough over his truth telling and a hot potato. Mean that in a good way. And Matt G. dear goddess, I wonder what is in his “control file?” And how about Maxine Waters spouting we will continue to investigate this “@#$%^&” elected President “NO MATTER WHAT?”
    After all of to come in the next, week, month, whatever, I want all legal scholars in America to come up with a legal precedent when it comes to the HARASSMENT of the President. So tired of this endless litany. In this situation there is a REAL MEANING to the term “Fish or CUT BAIT!”
    I want the peaceful enjoyment of my home again. Isn’t that in the Constitution as well.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      I thought Nunes has recently said he has some investigatory leads to follow. It may be while everyone is otherwise occupied he can operate more freely.

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    • Teresa's Daughter says:

      Nunes… Witness?

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      • Jan says:

        I suppose Nunes could be a witness if the Senate brings in Parvas. I think Nunes investigating while Schiff is busy with impeachment is a good thing, especially since he’s taking on the media.

        During this process, no House intel work is going on. That’s not necessarily good.


      • Sherri Young says:

        If witnesses are called, Nunes needs to be in the clear as much as possible so that he can testify without reasonable objection. If Nunes can be called to testify, the next move should be to call Schiff. I don’t care if Schiff is a House manager. That is Nanzi’s problem. If Nunes were to be questioned about issues pertaining to how the investigation was run, Schiff might want to be allowed to testify to “set the record straight”. Schiff does not strike me as a person who would consider any other attorney to be completely up to the task of defending his “honor” and “innocence” but mostly his prospects to be re-elected in his district. There are seven other candidates running against him in the March 3rd jungle primary. Four of them also are Dimms. If Schiff doesn’t get eliminated in the primary, he might be facing a Dimm in November.

        Other than that, Nunes would be out of the running for this team that will be interfacing with the media since he has active lawsuits against some of the MSM.


    • fred5678 says:

      Nunes is not a lawyer, “just” a super patriot farmer.

      he was the bloodhound and bulldog digging up all the dirt — let the lawyer-types argue the case and give Devin a few days rest. he has earned it.

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  19. WES says:

    What? Only House members? No bloody Senators?

    Oh, I forgot! They are the jury!


  20. CountryDoc says:

    I’ve been thinking. There are both dirty republicans and Democrats. Many of these are at risk of being asked questions under oath. It is election year. If witnesses are called, everyone dirty is at risk of exposure and loss of reelection.

    Even RINOs who are never Trumpers may use their threat of a vote to keep their dirty truth from being exposed. MAGA patriots can use the threat of exposure to get votes. All are at risk if witnesses are called. Probably the least at risk for witnesses being called is POTUS.

    It is a complicated chess board, but it presents opportunities.

    It is an excellent opportunity to allow RINOs to slink out peacefully without being exposed, letting the MAGA patriots continue to restore the alliance of the Republican party to the constitution, acquire more power, and restore the nation to its founding principles.

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    • WSB says:

      Or pannicking dirty Republicans to appear under oath…


    • Newhere says:

      Interesting. Along the same lines as your theory — adding Freedom Caucus House members to the team like Jordan, Meadows, Ratcliffe and Collins is the ultimate psychological warfare, both for Schiff and Nadler (and implicitly Pelosi) but also for McConnell, Romney, Graham …. all the compromised RINOS.

      There’s a reason McConnell doesn’t want them on the floor, and it’s not just snobbish institutional norms. It’s because they risk a real loss of control. All while the Senators must sit their silently, stripped even of their devices.

      Burr was so afraid of Ratcliffe, he joined Warner to block his appointment as DNI. The mere threat that he or Meadows (both of whom know just about everything) would take the floor and question witnesses under oath with the Senate stuck as a captive audience must be just a little terrifying. Perhaps terrifying enough for McConnell to condense the trial to 48 hrs (24 for each side) spread over 2 days, followed by a very swift vote ……

      I’m suddenly interested in this again. It might actually have a few good moments. As worried as McConnell and company must be — imagine Schiff, wondering at what point he may be called as a witness. The very fact of Republican members on the defense team has to throw him off balance. I LIKE IT.

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  21. Newhere says:


    The team is now equipped with a full bench, ready for whatever may come.

    This is the best development in this whole sordid mess.

    I wanted Gaetz. I take his explanation for the War Powers vote at face value; still think it was the wrong call; having him sit this one out seems like fair political payback even among allies.

    All these Congress members know the record and the context inside-out, are loyal to the President and razor sharp, and know the drill with creating “viral” scenes at these hearings. Jordan, Collins (and Gaetz) are the quickest talkers, so if our distinguished members of the lower chamber do end up hitting the Senate floor, I’m hoping it’s one of those guys. Just having this team in the legal “war room” will make a huge difference.

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  22. Zydeco says:

    The Gaetzless Eight have a date with history. Death and Destruction to the Democommunist Party.


  23. Julia Adams says:

    Thank you Elmer Bernstein. Your score is most memorable

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  24. TradeBait says:

    There’s a difference in building your brand on your own and building it on the company’s, in this case the Boss’, dime. The A team will be heard from and We the People will be getting rowdy.

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    • DesertMoon says:

      Perhaps Matt has been grandstanding a tad too much recently. I found it interesting when Doug Collins was questioning one of the Lawfare lawyers, Matt interrupted and yelled at the lawyer. Mr. Collins tapped Nadler to hit the gravel. Collins was not impressed with Matt’s behavior.


  25. MustangBlues says:

    Really good job of selecting American constitutional warriors for President Trump’s A Team, with some alternates not named.

    And super congratulations to the holy first finders of fault with the list,

    you always succeed in the quest to find some bad in all things good.

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  26. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    The Team will fill their 24 hrs. very well compared to The Nadler Schiff Comedy Marathon

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  27. Paul Cohen says:

    Never forget Halper and the CIA/FBI/Pentagon scum who worked to set up and ruin Team Trump:

    Svetlana Lokhova


    This man told to the FBI the biggest lie in the history of America. He reported that the Head of American Defence Intelligence Agency was COMPROMISED BY RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE. He lied to the FBI, and leaked the lies. Yet NO QUESTIONS, NO CHARGES, just PROTECTION. #WhereIsHalper ?

    5:12 PM – 20 May 2019

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  28. CharterOakie says:

    Perhaps an interesting sidebar:

    Ratcliffe addressing the senators who sit on the SSCI and opposed his nomination for ODNI.

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  29. boomerbeth says:

    The Remake of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington“ will be “Mr Trump drains the DC Swamp,”

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  30. BigTalkers says:

    Best news yet!


  31. Ackman419 says:

    This news really helped me get through the past couple hours of work.
    I was slowing down, getting ready to pack up the tools an finish in the morning.
    Then I heard this news. Worked another 3 hours and got r done.

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  32. drdeb says:

    Very happy to see that my congressman, Doug Collins will be on this team.

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  33. David R. Graham says:

    FWIW, I think Russia, Flynn, Ukraine, Steele, Impeachment, etc., are misdirection to shield from view and scrutiny the ruinous — to them and to their victims — domestic surveillance conducted by D-R UniParty / EU-USA Foreign Policy Establishment personalities over the last . . . how many decades(?), and especially between 2009 and 20018.

    Ironically, domestic surveillance by their own servants in government — along with the draft — was the chief complaint of Americans against their government servant-officials during the effort to stop US military activity in Vietnam. There was also a strategic-tactical reason for that effort, but it was not what was uppermost in Americans’ minds. Uppermost were the draft and domestic surveillance, the latter of which meant then and means today fundamental treachery by government servants against their masters, the electorate. “The Butler did it.”

    Now we have the ironic image of an American legislature and governor literally fencing themselves off from Americans, and mounting armed force on the fence line to protect themselves, who know and are loving that they are being bad. This is the very model of a modern venal tyranny.

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  34. Bob says:

    With Gaetz it’s the nasty nine.

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  35. Newhere says:

    This was also genius political timing by the President. He waited until McConnell completed and announced the rules for proceedings.

    In other words, he held fire and went along with Mitch’s wishes while Mitch was huddling with RINOs about rules and procedures. Once the ink was dry, Trump announced his dream team of House Members. Nice.

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  36. A2 says:

    Eight is the most auspicious number in Chinese tradition.

    Happy Lunar New Year. Going to be epic.

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  37. mtk says:

    I have an interesting take on VP ‘Pointman/Bagman’ Biden vis vis Ukraine.

    Call it an outline. An outline that in the end has one simple, and verifiable measure(presented at the end of my analysis)

    First Ukraine’s landscape is a very corrupt political environment, has been since the mid 1990. Following the break up the Soviet Union much of the former movers and shakers(former Communists leaders) in their political body followed much of the same path that former party members in Russia used to gain control of state enterprises.
    By 2009, Russia started exerting demands for Ukraine to start paying their energy bills.
    We’re talking Natural Gas.
    Ukraine had a heavily discounted Natural Gas rate that was 1/5 of what Germany was paying for the same Natural Gas being transported through Ukraine and still the Ukrainian(not ordinary Ukrainians but powerful emerging Oligarchs) were not paying their bills.

    This resulted in the EU broker a deal to have Russia turn back on the gas flow. While grossly simplied yet still over laying with the progression of events that transpired from 2011-13. My hunch is the Podesta/Dept ofState and Soros NGO preyed on historical grievances between Ukraine/Russia(we are talking about the 1930’s Stalin inspired death of millions of Ukrainians) to hamstring the deal being put together to met the energy needs of Ukraine.
    Which is to say, marshaling these historical greivances and pushing the political spectrum to reject the political deal being worked out abeit by rejection of ties with Russia and placing Nationalistic desires to align towards Western Europe.
    While at the same time working behind the scenes to profit off the eventually REJECTION of the deal. Which is to say, the second Ukrainian political revolution.

    There is too much political inferences to wade into here at this point, where it quicky becomes a matter of political intransigence of mucking up any investigative pursuits.

    However there is one fact that remains UNCHALLENGEABLE, and has the ability to address one exposing simple fact.
    How is Ukraine currently meeting its Natural Gas energy needs?
    During the Ukraine/Russia ‘hub to do’, the reality is how does a Nation like Ukraine meeting it energy needs.

    Enter in the Western energy giants.

    What was their solution… F’ing a’right Fracking for Natural gas. Now enter Burisma.
    Just what was Burisma doing on its face value It was advocating the vogue words of the day, ‘Substainable and Renewables’. Counter cross productive to real world solutions highlighted by ‘Fracting’ that actually have proven results to meet demands for energy.
    I shall just digress a bit by saying that much of the areas of interest for fractingare in areas of Ukraine that curreny border or fall in zones of Russian controll.

    This where there is a substantial ability to prove one simple observable outcome of the arch of corruption.

    How is Ukraine meeting their energy needs these days?

    WHY COURSE by GAS LIQUIDIFICATION of COAL using Chinese technology transfer.

    See how the intersection Burisma/Hunter enters the picture.

    HMmm, that should completely meet objective investigative analysis that rises above political constructs that put together a simple OBSERVABLE OUTCOME.

    Did the POINTMAN through agency with family show up as BAGMEN to profit off an arrangement to meet Ukrainian energy needs through ‘DIRTY COAL’ technology?

    If so, did the Obama Adminstration seeking to alleviate long standing Russian sensibilities/rhetoric about war on terrorism over OUR ability to prosecute, conspire to to sell out Ukrainian National Interests to Russian REALPOLITIK interests.
    Now that is BIG UGLY territory.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mtk says:

      The truth CAN Never surpressed. it always finds away.
      How it does so, “Is their fear, not mine.”

      I have long looked into the abyss and glimpsed from the intangible, that is how!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  38. dallasdan says:

    “…And not Matt Gaetz LOL”

    My retired Army friend called to share a military expression that applies to Gaetz: “He **** in his own mess kit,” explaining that “mess” is a military term for food. It’s not pleasant but very appropriate.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Ackman419 says:

    Matt Gaetz will have to live with his votes. He’s young, and has a long political or media career ahead of him. He’ll be fine. His loss, not ours, for this impeachment battle.
    The Congress critters we have just announced are going to get a YUGE boost politically from this.

    Yes, I’ve been happy with his support of us and our Lion throughout this coup.
    But no, I don’t think he’s that big a loss to the team.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. JimFromNH says:

    Sounds like a good group to me…
    I don’t think we need a MAGA-purity screening test as much as people who can step up to the plate and defend our President on solid grounds.
    There were other good Reps who made cogent points (OH, TX, OK come to mind), but this team seems really plugged in enough to make crisp and substantive responses.

    Liked by 3 people

  41. Julian says:

    No Devin Nunes or Andy Biggs either


  42. Gary Lacey says:

    Intelligence is knowing when to strike when the iron is hot.
    M. Gaetz learned ‘stuck on stupid’


  43. Terra Rayner says:

    They should have had Mike Turner on that instead of Zeldin!


  44. TwoLaine says:

    F & F is saying the President added 8, but have not said who the 8th is. Doug Collins on soon.


  45. Top_10 says:

    Oh my ! Look at Johnson’s pic, he’s absolutely a constitutional lawyer. Solid defense team capable of swinging some heavy lumber.
    God bless Pres. Donald J. Trump.


  46. thedoc00 says:

    Off the beaten trail somewhat, but in line with comment about “where are the senators”. There was a very interesting interview last night by Senator Tim Scott about the Romney Clan and their acting foolish because of election vulnerability. His comments were interesting because I took them as a backhanded slap to the Romney Clan. Tim runs hot and cold in my book but this was a very peasant surprise and maybe an indication the Romney Clan is not just running open loop with some pressure form fellow Republicans.


  47. willthesuevi says:

    “…And not Matt Gaetz LOL”

    I am starting to wonder just how smart these supposedly smart guys and gals in DC really are.

    It’s not like he didn’t see what happened when Rubio banished himself to the wilderness.

    I have never understood people that sit down on a stump and stab themselves in the crotch with an ice pick. Of course I am just a dumba$$ country boy from SW Colorado. Not nearly as sophisticated as these DC post turtles.

    Sometimes, the moral high ground is nothing more than a head on the end of a long pike.

    And I was just gettin’ used to that feller.


  48. sarasotosfan says:

    Greg Steube deserves an honorable mention. As a freshman he has been stellar in the defense of the president.


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