UPDATE: Puerto Rico Governor Fires Two More Officials Over Hidden Emergency Relief Supplies…

Updating a story we shared last night; and the latest information only makes the situation seem much worse.   To say this story is infuriating would be an understatement.

As an individual with some personal knowledge of how the recovery process works, the actions by these government officials in Puerto Rico are beyond tragic.  There are people in desperate need, and these stupid claims by officials do nothing to ameliorate ongoing suffering.  This is disgusting and heartbreaking at the same time.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Gov. Wanda Vázquez fired the heads of Puerto Rico’s housing and family departments Sunday in the latest fallout over the discovery of a warehouse filled with emergency supplies dating from Hurricane Maria.

The removal of Housing Secretary Fernando Gil and Department of Family Secretary Glorimar Andújar came a day after the governor fired the director of Puerto Rico’s emergency management agency.

[…]  Vázquez said she decided on the additional firings after meeting with leaders of her administration Sunday morning and officials were unable to provide information she requested about other collection and distribution centers.

“They weren’t able to personally tell me specifically where these centers were located, what they contained and whether an inventory was completed,” she said.

Vázquez did not elaborate on why Gil and Andújar were singled out, saying only that she had lost confidence in them. (more)

Inés Rivera, spokeswoman for the city of Ponce, told The Associated Press that the warehouse is owned by Puerto Rico´s Company of Commerce and Export. Officials with the company could not be reached for comment.  “The mayor of Ponce, María Meléndez, said he had not known about the warehouse and its contents.”

These are direct lies, demonstrable lies, and they only serve to make matters much worse.

[Hat Tip to Guyver1]  The discovered warehouse is owned by the government of Puerto Rico, through a govt. run ‘public corporation’ called the ‘Compañia de Comercio y Exportación de Puerto Rico’ (Puerto Rico Trade and Export Company), founded on December 23, 2003.

The Govt. owned ‘Compañia de Comercio y Exportación de Puerto Rico’ (Puerto Rico Trade and Export Company), is headquartered at the south end of the *SAME* warehouse parking lot.

As you can clearly see above, the government offices (above left) literally share a parking lot with the warehouse (above right) at the Port of Ponce. Any Puerto Rico government official, or Ponce local official, who attempts to deny they knew the location of these supplies and that warehouse is simply lying.

The blogger, Lorenzo Delgado, said he had received a tip about the warehouse but did not specify when. A group of people broke into the warehouse and began distributing supplies to those affected by the recent 6.4 magnitude quake that killed one person and caused damage across Puerto Rico’s southern region. More than 7,000 people remain in shelters as strong aftershocks continue.

Ponce Mayor María Meléndez said she was outraged, noting that she and other mayors were trying to find basic supplies since the quake.

“I spent several days requesting cots and water,” she said. “They sent me to Cabo Rojo for the cots and to San Juan for the water. If I had known that those supplies were there, I would have demanded that they be taken out immediately. ”

When asked how it was possible that she did not know about the existence of the warehouse, Vázquez replied, “That’s what the head of agencies are for … to inform the governor.”

Again, here’s the video.


My estimate as to the size of the warehouse was correct. It’s over 200,000 square feet.

The video shows thousands of pallets, double and triple stacked, of key and essential emergency supplies. Bottled water, shelf-stable food, diapers, baby formula, blankets, tarps, tents, propane grills, propane, emergency lights, 24hr candles, batteries, flashlights, emergency radios, portable charging stations, potable water cans, cots, mattresses, at least four industrial kitchens designed for mass feeding stations and much, much more.

To give you an idea of the scale, there’s at least 100 semi truck loads of supplies in this video, in this single warehouse.

Logistically each trailer would haul 22/24 single stack pallets, 44/48 doubles, or 66/72 triple stacked. With more than a dozen staged pallet jacks, this warehouse is holding serious money.

It is unfathomable these supplies were not distributed; and worse yet were likely being re-sold on the black market.

These emergency supplies and materials were delivered in 2017.  In January a magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit Puerto Rico and President Trump authorized an additional $8.2 billion in aid….  When inspecting the building for quake damage the hidden relief supplies were discovered.

I did a Twitter Thread [SEE HERE] with some more specific details of what is identified in that warehouse.   Also as a person who has invested a lot of my life in/around these relief efforts it is prudent to be very clear….

The people of Puerto Rico, the actual victims of these terrible disasters, are not to blame for the corruption by government officials.  When those in desperate need receive the basic supplies they need to reestablish their lives I have never witnessed anything except profound thankfulness, kindness and sincere appreciation.

That a government, any government, would intentionally withhold these urgent supplies is a representation of them, not the victims from whom those relief supplies are withheld. It breaks my heart to think of the countless families who have suffered at the hands of corrupt government officials.

There is a basic level of humanity and decency that connects all of us, regardless of our geography.  In the aftermath of natural disasters there is no class distinction.  I have witnessed the very best in people amid relief efforts and seen incredible acts of selflessness from those who -as a daily outlook- have the very least.

What has happened in this example in Puerto Rico does not represent the ordinary people who are doing the best they can each day to keep one foot in front of the other.

I pray those government officials will repent; however, in the meantime just get the supplies distributed…. and if there are more warehouses, get them open and emptied now; deal with the accountability issues later.

First things first – Get the darn help to those who need it.

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171 Responses to UPDATE: Puerto Rico Governor Fires Two More Officials Over Hidden Emergency Relief Supplies…

  1. freepetta says:

    RATS 🐀 are disgraceful and disgustingly corrupt wherever they are.
    This is beyond disturbing.

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    • pageoturner says:

      Democrats promise utopia and deliver corruption.

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      • freepetta says:

        Excellent and very true point.

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      • ms doodlebug says:

        Remember how democrats blamed PDJT for not doing enough for Puerto Rico? Guess they didn’t get their kick-backs from the sale of all the stuff sitting in warehouse(s).

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        • Yyru says:

          No doodlebug, they were USING thia as a weapon against the hated Trump and the media are complicit. This amount of aid wasnt releported into Puerto Rico. Any reasonable media would have reported it being unloaded. Oh no call me cynical but I think the Dem gov of PR and tge Dem media were willing to sacrifice those poor people in order to get Trump. Bolsheviks dont care who dies if they can keep their power

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    • Santiago 1314 says:

      Oh, but Trump is a Racist, for pointing out the Corruption going on down there… they’ll probably try to impeach him for that next.!!!… He was Right then, and he was Right about Ukraine… Ambassodor Yankobitch in her Closed Door SchifT Dungeon Testimony said there is $40 Billion (yes that’s a “B”) missing in Ukraine… Pg32: Line 24 or Pg24: Line 32.???

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    • freepetta says:

      Yes also mucho bucks missing from our State Dept during Hillaryskank 🐷 tenure. Related? Wonder which of the corrupt foundations the money went into?


  2. Patricia Weir says:

    By all means, let’s make PR our 51st state. Give our country more corrupt politicians and two more “progressive” US senators. /sarcasm

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    • cbjoasurf says:

      NEVER ANNEX as a State

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    • Orygun says:

      Puerto Rico is a failed government and should have a military governor just like any adversarial nation after defeat. The entire government needs to be shelved until the corruption has been rooted out.
      Just as America just wanted jobs for 40 years we should take a look at finding honest work for the Puerto Rican people.
      Our government likes to throw money at problems and now I know why. I watched it destroy an Indian tribe I was born and raised with by just throwing money at them.
      Crime, drugs and alcoholism=death.

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  3. beaujest says:

    Alex Cora,Red Sox Manager and cheater,where are you now ? Quiet as a mouse !

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  4. Comrade Mope says:

    Someone should look in those three buildings across the road from the warehouse in question. Those buildings look like warehouses too. Just sayin’.

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  5. ATheoK says:

    “The people of Puerto Rico, the actual victims of these terrible disasters, are not to blame for the corruption by government officials.”

    A statement that reminds us that House democrats went to Puerto Rico to party during the government shutdown.
    Even then, it was suggested that many of those democrats were getting kickbacks from the pseudo relief efforts as the goods get sold on the black market.

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  6. FL_GUY says:

    I believe the aid was hidden on purpose at the requests of the d-rats in their attempt to make the hurricane response a phony “Trump Katrina.” Any state side d-rats involved in hiding the aid should be identified and prosecuted. JMHO

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    • j says:

      It’s sad that it’s plausible.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      Fl Guy:
      Eric Hoffer said the purpose of propaganda is to justify the actions of the liars to themselves, not to convince others.
      The Puerto Rican Democrats believed the Trump Administration would not send much aid after their hurricane. They started out hiding what they thought would be a small amount of aid. I recall the female mayor of San Juan (later charged for her corruption, I believe) standing in front of pallets of bottled water insisting that no aid was coming through. It was obviously their pre-conceived plan to deny Trump was assisting them.

      Like a fat girl in a bikini, they chose the wrong cover.

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    • Willy Nilly says:

      That was my initial thought too, but they would not deny their own people just to make a cheap political shot, would they? Whereas the siren call of money is more compelling. But how long has it been, 2 years? If it was being sold off, why would it still be there 2 years later? It’s all quite bizarre.

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    • James F says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      “By any means necessary!”

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  7. zurizara says:

    I feel for the population, however, they continue to vote for these criminals and fall for the empty promise of something for nothing, sad.

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    • 4sure says:

      Sounds just like us.

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    • Irish19Kilo says:

      It really bothers me when people are so quick to blame the voters. When will you realize it’s who counts them not who casts them. You seriously think a place like Puerto Rico has legitimate elections. Look into how much money passes through that country annually by offshore banking interests, or how it was a transfer point for the C-A for drug running. With that type of activity elections are most surely rigged.

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    • WSB says:

      Not one of us knows if our votes are really counted properly. I actually expect they have not been for quite some time.


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  8. justlizzyp says:

    This is one of the most shocking and sickening displays of corruption I’ve ever seen. Those poor people.

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  9. Skeeball says:

    The Democrats’ solution would be to launch an investigation into what happened and immediately form a new task force. Not to distribute supplies, just to investigate.

    They would arrive at the conclusion that a new government agency should be formed to ensure that supplies are procured and distributed properly. This agency will be funded in perpetuity regardless of need and a separate government watchdog group would be announced to hold the agency accountable for any wrongdoing.

    Oh wait, we already have that.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Unfortunately, quite accurate, but you left out one key detail;

      Just as PDJT is directly responsible for triggering the I ranians into shooting down the Ukranian airliner he is responsible for these corrupt Drat pols hoarding these supplies,….somehow.

      They will appoint yet ANOTHER, seperate commission to study the matter, and come up with an explanation of how he is responsible,…but rest assured, its all TRUMPS FAULT.

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  10. Kathy says:

    I hope the new Puerto Rican Governor will make Puerto Rico Great Again

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  11. hokkoda says:

    I realize PR is a US territory, but this is exactly why Trump is suspicious of aid and is right when he says it gets wasted in a sea of corruption.

    And they called him a racist for pointing this crap out…

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  12. Akindole says:

    And, the Dhimms keep pushing statehood.
    Basically, Ukraine lite for them.

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  13. Neil M. Dunn says:

    Wonder if anyone involved with “PuertoRicoGate” will go to jail–or have they learned enough from watching our various “Gates” that no one will get convicted for “PRG” crimes.

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  14. Sammy Hains says:

    They hid the supplies as part of the smear campaign they ran against President Trump in the aftermath of Maria, when they were trying to make it Trump’s Katrina.

    The level of suffering the Democrats are willing to inflict on their own constituents in order to engineer a narrative is disgusting. This is their nature. Pursuing power at the expense of people. The only way they will ever be stopped is by removing them from power, and never forgetting what Democrats really are.

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    • jonhabart says:

      Just wait until you see what they do in Richmond Virginia tomorrow.

      The news reports are already written, teleprompters pre-loaded with the official narrative.

      Hopefully those attending in good faith stay safe and out of trouble.

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      • Dixie Sugarbaker says:

        I wish that the Pro-2A groups would publicly cancel their events tomorrow morning, so if there is violence by Antifa they would not be there to be blamed. Of course, the fact they were not there and not participants would not keep the Dems/media from blaming any and all violence on the 2A groups, but it would make it more difficult.

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        • jonhabart says:


          It seems the plan is to have Antifa align themselves with the pro-2A & pro-Trump participants and dressed in MAGA and NRA branded attire. There will also be anti-gun protesters (Actors) who will be attacked by the Antifa (Actors) mixed within the Trump/2A crowd with 20 different camera angles ready to capture NRA/MAGA people brutally assaulting innocent Democrat non-violent protesters.

          This is what I’ve heard from several sources and it makes perfect sense.

          They pawn Antifa off on the Patriots therefore all of the violence will appear to come from the right.

          It’s a sick but very clever plan.

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    • Blind no Longer says:

      Triple AMEN!!! When you want power so bad you are willing to screw innocent people to further a narrative, (orange man racist) then in my opinion you’d do anything. Lie, cheat, kill, starve people and deprive them of goods and supplies they need while they suffer through the destruction of their homes and lives—THERE IS NO REDEMPTION FOR YOU!!!
      This is not just corruption and greed, it’s pure 100% evil, soul less, demonic people who are running the governments of many countries.

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  15. James Carpenter says:

    One could say that government is a necessary evil.
    But when that government is just plain evil…
    Corruption in PR, corruption in the US, nobody seems to have a monopoly on it.

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    • Les Dee says:

      True, but it’s a matter of how low. Here they weren’t hoarding, they were selling and dispensing stuff as favors. Hadn’t heard? Just wait a while, many of the Municipality’s mayors (that position is like a Gov of a State mainland) were doing the same thing in the weeks after help started arriving when Maria hit in 2017. This is the same only larger-100 semi’s size. In an a/c’d warehouse. The Mayor of Ponce where the warehouse is says she had no clue. Please. There are 12 full time people employed, whether they show up is another thing, ghost pay rolling is a Nat’l Past Time as a matter of right. The Mayor knows everyone of them and their cousins by their first name. They all kept the secret because they all were in on it. It’ll come out.
      And don’t forget about the hidden warehouse on the other side of the Island discovered about 8 mos after Maria–loaded with 100’s of the power poles the electric line repair crews were desperately waiting for from the mainland. Had to get the FBI to let them in.
      If you’ve been to PR, you need not ask why 90% of their humble homes have wrought iron over the windows and doors–they steal from each other, also a Nat’l Past Time and matter of duty.
      FEMA didn’t know that so nobody looked for 100 truckloads of goods. The only Q I have about this warehouse is where was the FEMA oversight

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  16. noswamp says:

    Miany many years ago I thought that Puerto Rico would make a great US State. Since then I have “woken” up. No way! It will never change. Just democrats voting themselves into office and stealing from the people in the name of big government. Disgusting.

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    • WSB says:

      Never. Remember, the values of someone from Puerto RICO and the values of someone born into a Judeo-Christian family contributing to the US for seven generations…have absolutely nothing in common.

      Period. Full STOP.

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  17. Put Puerto Rico under martial law and shoot the bastards. After a fair trial of course.

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  18. trapper says:

    Uh ….

    “officials were unable to provide information she requested about other collection and distribution centers. ‘They weren’t able to personally tell me specifically where these centers were located, what they contained and whether an inventory was completed,’ she said.”

    Distribution centerS. Plural. They couldn’t (I read WOULDN’T) tell her where the CENTERS (plural) were located or what THEY contained.

    So, the warehouse Sundance has put up pictures of is just one of how many? Two? Five? Fifty?

    Plane loads of FBI, US Marshalls, forensic accountants, US FEMA, and assistant US Attorneys should be landing in PR tomorrow to take possession of these materials and begin distributing them, as well as examining the shipping and receiving documents to determine where they came from, what other warehouses were shipping destinations, and who gets arrested.

    Come on, AG Barr. This is a big one. This has “career ender” written all over it for anyone who lets this fall through the cracks.

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  19. CNN_sucks says:

    These news should be sh0ve right to demon rats faces. You know these politicians are all hacks. PDJT is the only politician helping us out.

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  20. John Logsdon says:

    It is also probable that this was part of an initiative to get people migrated to FL to influence future elections.

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  21. Janeka says:

    Have a reliable contact that lives in Dorado PR, he told me this morning this is not the only one. Look for more secret warehouse discoveries in the not to distant future..
    Well maybe not, the political criminals and their media shields might not report it..

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  22. jeans2nd says:

    We may recall, during 2017 Hurricane Maria the fine Communist (yes, Communist, there is no question they are Communists) truck driver labor union decided to go on strike.
    Fake News lied and claimed that was false, but only 20% of the PR truck drivers showed up.

    New York AFL-CIO truck drivers went to PR on their own dime and, while claiming “support” for the PR truck drivers, those New York Teamsters drove the trucks distributing what supplies did get out throughout the island.

    Who drove the trucks carrying those goods to the warehouses?
    Guarandamtee you it was NOT our NY Teamsters.

    May Our Lord bless and keep our Puerto Ricans safe from more human evil.

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  23. doofusdawg says:

    Np doubt some of the aid money was used to pay rent on the warehouse that hoarded the supplies. Follow the money.

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  24. auscitizenmom says:

    It’s an island. No way many many people didn’t know where all these supplies have been all this time. Probably everybody on that island is connected in some way to everyone else. Despicable!

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  25. vfm#7634 says:

    Mexicans tend to complain about how much territory we took from them… I have an idea in mind as to something we can give them back.

    And from all indications, it would have the bonus of being more culturally compatible with them than with us.

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    • zorrorides says:

      Oh that is 4-D chess diabolical deviousness. Puerto Rico doesn’t want USA to set it free as an independent nation?

      Fine. Puerto Rico belongs to Mexico now. I’m aghast that this tickles meself.

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    • Abolition Man says:

      Can we give them Los Angeles County as a way to sweeten the deal? I’d love to see all the liberal heads explode when they become proud Mexican citizens! Viva la raza!!

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  26. Mike in a Truck says:

    Besides we taxpayers cutting of all aid- which wont happen, I see only one solution: let the U.S. Military distribute,control,monitor,guard, all relief supplies in the future. Turning relief aid over to Corrupt Communist Democrats never works out well.Thats the deal from now on- U.S. Miltary controls it or learn how to fish.

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  27. I S says:

    These DemonRATS are disgusting, it makes me so angry to think the most vulnerable are taken advantage of in this way.. for corrupt government to put money in their own pockets and then turn around and blame PDJT, when he has done everything he can to help them. To be honest it makes me so angry and so sad at the same time!!!

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  28. auscitizenmom says:

    I wish one of those Representatives would stand up on the floor of Congress and spill this to the world.

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  29. Guyski says:

    …The blogger, Lorenzo Delgado, said he had received a tip about the warehouse but did not specify when…

    ….When inspecting the building for quake damage the hidden relief supplies were discovered…

    Odd. Sounds like someone got ‘screwed’ out of their ‘cut/percentage’ and got even. 🤔

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  30. Perot Conservative says:

    Should we halt the $8.2 B in new funds?

    Where is the accounting of the previous monies spent? Where is our President / builder ? Does he have to send Jared or Hunter Biden to get to the bottom of it?

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  31. alliwantissometruth says:

    There will be no repenting for these officials. To repent means a person feels guilt and shame for their actions, but you can bet those involved only feel bad about getting caught. Only scumbags, the bottom of the humanity barrel, would do something this low

    And fired, that’s it?

    I’m getting real sick of government officials being let off the hook when they abuse their power. These scumbags and every person involved should be arrested, prosecuted and jailed for many decades

    There’s no excuse for governmental abuse, but it won’t end until there’s real consequences for it

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  32. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    To hell with those people. You can’t fix stupid even with warren Buffett’s money.

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  33. Gary says:

    This breaks my heart. My brother lives there and he needed the help. I ended up sending him a food package. These corrupt ppl just go to jail. Their 80percent Dems there, but not my brother.

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    • Guyver1 says:

      My sister is still there too. The irony of this whole thing- in their effort to make President Trump look bad, the communists like Yulin (she seems to be keeping her mouth shut about this- gee, I wonder why 🤣?) ended up making him look good, and themselves bad. The President Trump boomerang effect strikes again 🤣🤣🤣🤣!!! His popularity down there will go up!!!

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  34. mazziflol says:

    Why does the AP article frame the firings as having something to to do with a warehouse break in? 🤔🤔🤔

    “2 more Puerto Rico officials fired after warehouse break-in”

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  35. This is why 3rd world countries are 3rd world countries. Their culture produces this behavior.

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  36. California Joe says:

    Having visited most of the Caribbean Islands more than once I can tell you that the islands still under European rule with White police and military are by far the safest and best to visit. The French Islands like Martinique, St. Martin and Guadeloupe come to mind as well as the B.V.I. where we saw a British Frigate docked at the main pier with Royal Marines disembarking. In Martinique we drove from Fort De France up through the mountains to the volcano following a French military caravan. Each truck was filled with French soldiers in combat gear and armed. Same thing in Guadeloupe with a hundred French paramilitary police at the dock all loaded for bear! The black run islands are virtually lawless and going there is very risky. Same thing with Puerto Rico. It’s a very dangerous place!

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  37. CNN_sucks says:

    I think this being setup holding all the supplies to make PDJT look bad again. The first demonization works. These politicians does not care. End justify the means. PR people should rise up and demands that their government resigns.

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  38. We either cut PR off completely, or send the military there to declare martial law and start over, firing the entire government and putting under governance of a military tribunal, and professional management by private corporation. Koch Bros and Halliburton will do, at first, then outsource to Walmart.


  39. Dances with Wolverines says:

    I want to know what U.S. agency and the person (s) in charge of assuring the aid that hard working American taxpayers so generously provided, is used appropriately

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  40. MaineCoon says:

    President Trump: Send in the Marines to surround the building and take charge of distributing all products.

    Criminally prosecute all officials.

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    • Blind no Longer says:

      AMEN!!!!! Then go on national TV and tell all the American people what corrupt +++++POS these officials are!!! Explain why the Trump policy of making sure aid goes to the people and not corrupt government officials is needed!!! JUST LIKE WITH UKRAINE!!! IMO, this revelation is perfect timing for the Dems little impeachment sham!

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  41. kaf says:

    Does this mean taxpayers paid for the warehouses to store the stolen goods the taxpayers also paid for?

    Icing on the cake would be to discover that taxpayer-funded trucks are being used to deliver the taxpayer-funded stolen goods to whatever criminal organizations receive them.

    Kind of seems like an actual story here. I’m sure we’ll be seeing some deep dives from the networks any minute.

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  42. Sparky5253 says:

    Hmmmm, interesting the governor doesn’t know where supplies are warehoused. Really? The entire government is probably on the take and selling those supplies out the back door. They got ratted out so governor had to have some fall guys.

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  43. jeans2nd says:

    Oh well this makes a heluva lotta sense.
    Organize groups tasked with distributing supplies to those in need? Nope.
    Demonstrate and go on strike. Gee wiz

    Striking Puerto Rican Communist Teamsters helped cause this mess to begin with.
    So they do more of the same? smh


  44. Alfred Brown says:

    I’m sorry but I disagree on the culpability of the people there is Puerto rico, the Same way I disagree with the culpability of the people of New York, of California, of Oregon, of Washington, of Washington DC, of New Jersey, and etc., and now Virginia.
    They voted for them.
    And if there was fraud, vote harvesting, vote stealing, they allowed it by not turning out in numbers that swamp such activities and make them moot.
    Puerto Rico has been a one party government for many years, and the people there have not complained, and agreed to it, because they have enjoyed and agreed with the beggar-thy-neighbor kleptocrat socialist ‘policies’ being sold to them.
    If we don’t take our heads out of the sand and start seeing things as they are, and saying we see them as they are, we will never be rid of these thieving monsters.
    We see officials in 3rd world S___Hole PR stealing from the public and we say well, yeah.
    We see Billions going overseas to Ukraine and other bottomless pit S___holes and we don’t think our politicians of BOTH PARTIES are there scooping out their share? We see “No-Name” delivering pallets of Cash to the Iranians for Obama, with Soleimani smiling in the picture, and we don’t think the Senators aren’t getting a kickback?
    We have heard for years that “we want common sense gun controls, but we don’t want to take your guns.” Now, look at the truth in Virginia, where they want to pass “Red Flag” laws at the same time their statements equate Gun Ownership with Mental illness.
    What we have asked but not made them answer is if you want to ban guns in your state, fine, let your people live like that if they are stupid enough to vote for you, but why do you want to come hee and ban ours?
    Now ask and make them answer the same question about abortion.
    I am telling everyone and won’t stop, when you think about abortion, look at gun control.
    They are not interested in YOUR right to choose.
    Otherwise they would accept turning this over to the states so that about 15-20 Big Blue States full of Liberal Progressive Socialist women would have the right to kill generations of future voters.
    That’s not their long term goal.
    These people are only interested in THEIR right to choose FOR YOU.
    They want to limit OUR future voters. It will be part of their global depopulation plan that people that value their freedom and guaranteed God given rights will be the ones they want to prevent from breeding.
    Until the places like New York who have significant enough suburban and rural population that they have in recent memory had Republican Governors and Mayors start going to the polls enough to stop this shift, then I am not sorry for them, I hope it only gets worse, until they get the same “snoot-full” we Southern Boys talk about that was described when the Israelites rejected God’s Manna. HE said “I’ll send them Quail until it runneth from their nostrils.” I hope every voter in these states has every kind of filth and injustice heaped upon them until it runs from THEIR nostrils. Then maybe they will change THEIR ways and things will be different for them and us.


  45. sundance says:

    Interesting interview. At least two warehouses (though the contracted size doesn’t match the warehouse in Ponce). Some interesting information in this interview.

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    • Blind no Longer says:

      OMG. Washers, dryers, generators, baby food, pampers, tents..and on and on. Now the REAL level of this corruption is revealed about the government paying each other for the rental of warehouse space!!
      Unbelievable! One giant ponzi scheme to rob the taxpayers and pad the pockets of corrupt politicians!!

      Liked by 3 people

    • bessie2003 says:

      Really nice interviewer, asked good questions. Thank you for this. This is a huge story. Can only imagine if Ukraine hadn’t come along the Dem’s would have thought to use the accusation of Pres. Trump withholding relief aid to PR as an excuse to impeach.


    • MaineCoon says:

      Interviewer David Begnaud’s tweet,

      BREAKING: Ponce Puerto Rico's Mayor calls for govt officials to be prosecuted for not distributing aid that was sitting in a warehouse in Ponce. She said she's demanded the aid be distributed today. She claims she didn't know the warehouse was stocked, but the central govt did. https://t.co/iq2ZwCW6QU— David Begnaud (@DavidBegnaud) January 19, 2020



    • JL says:

      The PR Government owns more than half a million square feet in Ponce, divided into many units that it rents out.

      Scroll halfway down to see the total space available for rent:


      Here’s a listing of space that was available in 2018. The PR Goverment owns 5 buildings in SD’s photo. Here’s a listing of the available rental space. The space in yellow is office space in the Government admin building that SD pointed out. The rest is all warehouse space:

      The exact spot where the video was filmed was the western side of the northern wall that is shown in the video, which you can see here:


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    • Guyver1 says:

      Sundance, you are absolutely correct. Having seen the Ponce warehouse in the past with my own eyes, the size that is quoted in the ‘contract’ is an absolute lie. It is much bigger. Which brings up another interesting point… 🤔🤔🤔. Did they also lie in the ‘contract’ about how much the government of PR is paying to rent them 😠😠😠? Sounds like the ‘contract’ is nothing more than cover for a typical corrupt PR government money laundering operation. No document coming from the PR government can ever be trusted 😧. Not in total amounts of money, but in terms of corruption the depth of the swamp there makes the swamp here look like a kiddie pool…😧.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Alfred Brown says:

      Sounds Like part of this interview is to CY the Governors A.
      Meanwhile, when does @POTUS plan to exert control over this obviously corrupt US Territory, Fire all state officials and Mayors, and send in US Military Governance until the corruption is uncovered, prosecuted, and exposed to the people, certain people are banned from future government service in PR, and new elections are held.
      It may be time not to make PR a state, but to cut them loose and let them find their own way, if the insist on re-electing socialist kleptocrats. We can save the money going to that sink-hole for people that won’t insist on putting thieves in power.
      A GREAT question is “who signed these documents?”
      Those people (if they exist) need to be found, put under investigation, and made to in the legalese, “intestino expurgito” or in other words “spill their guts.”


  46. sarasotosfan says:

    Those supplies were acquired with our tax dollars. Trump should empower FEMA to take control of the situation.

    Liked by 2 people

  47. jeans2nd says:

    Well, phooey.

    Recall all the trouble the former PR Governor was in, the island protested, the Guvner was removed, and then-Atty Gen Wanda Vasquez assumed the Guvner’s office?

    The rumors that the Feds/FBI was on the island asking questions?

    Apparently then-AG Vasquez knew about the aid in warehouses, and asked the then-Guvner’s Chief of Staff not to make a report.

    Vasquez knew. She knew the whole time.
    There are text msgs, and there is an investigation by the Feds currently ongoing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • CNN_sucks says:

      Good news. Cut off the money laundering operation of the demon rats and their PR proxies.


    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Click on Begnaud’s tweets above.

      Go to the one that he posts 10 hours ago.
      Regarding a congress critter’s reaction to
      Donald Trump Jr’s tweet.

      This is good expose’ work, but I have the
      feeling that he’s doing the usual presstitue
      bit, and smirching Trump. As is required by
      The Law of All Who Are Assholes.


  48. Jimmythefreak says:

    You claim that the people are not to blame, but they vote for their corrupt leaders year after year.


  49. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    So stuff is old. They may need to throw away outdated cases of water and tooth brushes.Diaper expiration dates.


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