Impeachment Trial Next Steps – Senate Leader McConnell Establishes Briefing Schedule…

Adopted today by unanimous consent:

  • A Summons to the White House notifying them of the impeachment trial will be issued by the Senate and delivered by Saturday January 18th, 2020, 6:00pm,
  • The House of Representatives (impeachment managers) have a deadline of 5:00pm Saturday, January 18th, 2020, for the filing of their impeachment brief to the Senate.
  • The White House (defense lawyers) have a response deadline of 5:00pm Monday, January 20th, for their response to the House impeachment brief.
  • The House of Representatives (impeachment managers) have a deadline of Noon Tuesday, January 21st, for their rebuttal brief to the White House defense brief.
  • The Senate Trial begins at 1:00pm Eastern, Tuesday January 21st, 2020.

Senators will not be allowed to bring their cell phones or any electronic device into the Senate chamber while the trial is underway.

Following Thursday’s senate swearing-in and administration of oath, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said he will try to force votes on witnesses on Tuesday.  Democrats have called for subpoenaing four witnesses including former National Security Advisor John Bolton and acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.

However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is keeping the construction of the senate impeachment resolution, laying out the rules, quiet.  As of this moment no-one knows the details of the resolution being assembled by the Senate majority.

CTH has been warning those who are interested, since last year, not to underestimate the scheming and planning of the Democrats and Lawfare in the Senate phase.  The entire apparatus of the resistance network within government is aligned with the impeachment effort.  Nothing is happenstance and everything unfolding in the media is pre-planned.

Just like the media worked hand-in-glove with the DOJ, FBI, CIA and intelligence officials to construct the fraudulent Russia conspiracy case against Trump; and just like those same administrative state officials and media worked hand-in-glove with the Mueller investigation to advance the fraudulent special counsel effort; those exact same participants are working together to frame the appearance of criminal conduct within this impeachment effort.   Same people, same purposes and intents.

All of the media headlines are pre-scripted by narrative engineers who have been given advanced notification and copy of the needs.  All of the players within the headlines are working in unison; this includes the resistance operative inside government offices such as the DOJ.   All media stories are pre-engineered, sequenced, and scripted with a template provided by political operatives.

It took a long time for President Trump’s allies to realize the 2018 Pelosi rule changes were directly connected to the 2019 activity and the construction of a fraudulent whistle-blower complaint.  Many people, unfortunately including most on our side, just don’t grasp the amount of time and energy the resistance operatives put into the pre-planning.

The recent discovery of Mary McCord working on behalf of the impeachment effort should have been a bucket of cold water in the face of those who keep downplaying the risk.  I hope the independent researchers and new-media have awakened to the reality that surrounds all of us.

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395 Responses to Impeachment Trial Next Steps – Senate Leader McConnell Establishes Briefing Schedule…

  1. DesertRain says:

    I see Republicans For the Rule of Law group is targeting tv ads at Arizona Senators. Campaign to force Bolton testimony. McSally doesn’t care for cnn hack reporters. Perhaps she will think the same of hardliners interfering with AZ citizens.


    • BitterC says:

      That really strikes me as a waste of time and money. All this fussing about putting Senators on the spot. It is Jan. Do you really think any voters will remember these details in Nov?

      Even if they run ads in Oct/Nov, not many voters care now, doubt they’ll care later


    • lftpm says:

      The Dems picked a very bad hill to fight on. Trump had the high ground and cover, the Dems had to climb up open hillside.

      Impeaching PDJT because he asked Ukraine’s president to look into the Biden pay-for-play graft-and-kickback scheme with Burisma was the worst mistake they could have made.

      This empowers PDJT to call H Biden, Joe Biden, a half-dozen Ukrainian officials interviewed by Rudy Giuliani, and Rudy himself. Mitch McConnell would be seriously stupid to try to prevent their testimony.

      Why do I say this?

      1. President Trump is a defendant in a matter of grave national importance. He must be granted due process, which is enshrined in the Constitution. Innocence until proven guilty must be the standard for judgment here, and the defendant must be allowed to call witnesses whose testimony would exonerate him.

      2. SCOTUS would prefer to not get involved. However, a trial which denies the President his Constitutional rights would be a mockery of the Constitution. The few words in the Constitution do not give the Senate the power to remove the President from office just based on not liking his tweets, or his efforts to expose corruption. Treason, bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors have meanings. These are the only grounds upon which a President can be removed from office. If the Senate were to vote 2/3’s to remove Trump from office without any finding of treason, bribery, high crimes or misdemeanors, that would be a violation of the Constitution, and SCOTUS could overturn that removal.

      3. Running this particular president out of office might seem doable to Beltway swamp-dwellers, but that would be overlooking serious facts. This President is Commander in Chief of our armed forces. A big supermajority of our enlisted and junior officer personnel will obey their CIC if the higher officers issue countermanding orders. This President also has the support of the vast majority of county sheriffs and small-town-to-midized-city police chiefs. He has the support of 100 million gun owners and their 300 million firearms. His rural supporters will shut down food shipping and fuel shipping to the Marxocrat-run mega-cities, starving them and shutting down their transportation.

      So, attempting to railroad Trump out of office would be a very foolish gambit.


      • kurt72 says:

        I also doubt if any Senator would make it home alive.


      • cantcforest says:

        Your logic depends on (1) the Senate looking at the Constitution and (2) interpreting it as you do. I’m finding it difficult to believe that Congress cares about anything other than the graft from foreign aid and the infernal lobbyists.

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        • aarmad says:

          The cracks are already beginning to show. It looks like Mitch has already determined there will be no motion to dismiss. This is a big mistake if true. Then it also looks like no motion to dismiss after both sides present their cases. If true again not good. Then the witnesses issue. The dems want 4 witnesses, and no mention of the Presidents team calling any. What does this resemble??? The House basement chronicles and no due process. If the likes of romney, murkowski, and susan collins go along with this no due process for the President the trial will linger for months, just like the House fiasco. The graft appears to be winning so far. AGAIN…….I hope the Republicans will wake up before it is too late. Just heard what I think is a good sign. Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz added to Trump team. I think this is very good!


  2. morphius says:

    These fools don’t realize exactly how the common folk see through their lies. You lay it on a little thick Sundance although I appreciate it. The tree of liberty may be close to needing to be watered just saying.

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  3. Tree Knot says:

    Why are these Senators speaking publicly about the impeachment trial and disclosing their political bias?
    They have been sworn in as Jurors. Jurors do not make public statements during a trial.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      Because they are Senators. Don’t forget that they have been champions for decades with exempting themselves from the legislation that they impose on us “little people”.

      The same rules and standards do not apply to them, in their world.

      IMO the biggest farce today, except the bogus parade to deliver that “impeachment” dung, was that swearing in ceremony for the Senators. The obvious ones did not recuse themselves, their “word” is as meaningless as their lack of personal integrity and intellectual honesty.

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    • aarmad says:

      They speak publicly or leak everything. It is their nature. They care little what their constituents think, or the consequences which are usually NOTHING!

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  4. Dizzylizzy says:

    Ok…just had dinner with my liberal friend. She said trump has to be impeached b/c he broke the GAO law. Can someone update on the latest? Her son works in the GAO department in Washington and says trump is guilty, has to be impeached. Never heard of GAO until today. ( I work fultime) could not respond to her. Can someone enlighten me?


  5. Dizzylizzy says:

    Yes! You are correct….he has been impeached. Thanks for clarification. She was saying he has to be removed from office b/c he broke the law. Thanks for help. I will share the above article and be on the lookout for GOA news!

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  6. Amy2 says:

    Thank you Mr. Sundance for the reminder that everything we are seeing/hearing reported right now is “scripted.”


  7. Baby El says:

    So we have a trial for one of the very few in Washington that is NOT corrupt.

    This is what happens when actual criminals are not prosecuted.

    Jeff and Bill – ROT IN HELL!!


  8. Madi says:

    Who controlled the politicians? How can children/sex trafic/pedophilia can go on unpunished?
    Epstein come to mind. « THEY » have everything,embarassing about all of them.


  9. trapper says:

    I expect the White House lawyers, when they file their brief on Monday, to file along with it a motion to dismiss the articles of impeachment for failure to state an impeachable offense. It would be malpractice to NOT file such a motion. White House lawyers could then begin the trial with a demand for a vote on their motion. It would force all the weasels out of their holes on day one.

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    • “But, wait!” This is not a Court of Law! The Fifth and Sixth Amendments do not apply here!”

      Here, the Jury magically gets to control the entire so-called “trial.” The accused has no power to “compel the production of witnesses in his favor,” etcetera. The Senate can simply choose to be another Kangaroo Court to pass a second Bill of Attainder after “choosing” what both sides can and cannot say. This is not justice. This is not politics. This is a Palace Coup d’Etat!

      “We, the US Congress … House and Senate, yes … now smell blood.” Thanks to our wise counselors at “Lawfare, Inc.,” we see that even the US Constitution is, yes, “just a Weapon of War.” We can, with a single vote, functionally eliminate both the “high crimes” requirement and the “no Bill of Attainder” provision, and by with that one vote permanently establish “maladministration” as a permissible cause for impeachment. And yes, with that one vote(!), we establish the pre-eminence of the United States Congress as the supreme Branch of our government, able to purge itself of both Presidents and Justices “at our pleasure.”

      Yes, we smell blood now. We can, with a single 51/49 vote, transform the United States Government for all time. Through the magic of “precedent.”


  10. askandgettruth says:

    these socialist like PIG-LOSI shifty SCHIFF and fat boy NADLER do not care if they destroy this once great country as long as they leave their govt. job filty rich. in the end they will be hunted down like after ww2 and put to justice. a terrible storm is coming


  11. askandgettruth says:

    i wrote susan collins and told her she must go and will not get my vote ever


  12. Fundamentally, it does not matter in the slightest what people who have now been dead for 200+ years wrote on a piece of vellum that you now have chosen to build a massive marble temple around … if, when the moment comes, you do not choose to obey it.

    Unless Jesus is suddenly very accommodating, none of them can rise from their graves and demand to know: “WTF?!?!”

    None of them, despite their wisdom, can compel you not to actually accept “maladministration” as a valid cause for impeachment, while simultaneously denying their requirement for “high crimes” that would actually result in subsequent criminal prosecution and punishment. None of them can, from their graves, force you to do what you should now do: to reject these Articles outright as being “unconstitutional.”

    “Lawfare, Inc.” believes that “the Law is a Weapon of War.” That it means whatever you want it to, based on whatever slicing-and-dicing of the United States Code you happen to dream up, or even (as in this case) a simple Bill of Attainder that ignores the Law completely. “Anything’s fair in love and War, as long as you get your way.”

    And it would very lately seem that “the US Senate just doesn’t GET IT .. yet.” Exactly as “Lawfare, Inc.” calculated that they would.

    Looking backward, we now know that George Orwell correctly forecast the future, even though he missed his date by 20 years and he lacked technical imagination. Today, it now appears that our Founders did the same. Yes, they correctly prognosticated the dangers. But they never thought that even “the Supreme Law of the Land” would be turned into a Weapon, fair game to be interpreted in any way one pleased, in order to ultimately achieve a purely-political objective that might be utterly contrary to it.

    Oh, yes. Wait. They did foresee that, and they had a name for it:


    What they most feared for our nation … has now arrived.


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