U.S.T.R. Robert Lighthizer Discusses China “Phase One” and Enforcement Tripwires…

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is a smart, serious and deliberate professional on a very specific and important mission for the United States.  In my opinion Lighthizer is the most under-appreciated member of an exceptionally good economic team. Everything about Lighthizer’s approach is based on enforcement.

Ambassador Lighthizer has been consistent over multiple years, on his intention to create enforceable trade reform between the U.S. and China, or, if needed, decouple the two economies if China fails to accept the necessary structural reforms.

Tonight, as the Chinese delegation arrives, Lighthizer discusses the U.S-China ‘phase-one’ agreement with Lou Dobbs. WATCH:

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32 Responses to U.S.T.R. Robert Lighthizer Discusses China “Phase One” and Enforcement Tripwires…

  1. MVW says:

    These trade deals are so important for our country’s recovery. Such massive progress has been made.

    Meanwhile, the festering mortal wounds from FBI & DOJ continue untreated, and if not lanced, drained, and the poisons removed will leave the soul dead, but a healed financial body.

    Both need recovery.

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  2. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Love the Four Patriots (or Amigos or cowboys or westerns or rebels or Heroes or or or)—
    They really are the REAL Americans…the Heroes of our Times

    I wish you would print them on T-shirts and sell them, Sundance.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      They could’ve put Pete Navarro in there too.

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      • dufrst says:

        I agree about Peter Navarro. He’s given Trump the ballast to remain firm and tough on China.

        Big kudos as well to Larry Kudlow for the messaging to Wall Street and generally being a loyal player throughout the negotiations. It was against his own orthodoxy to defend the tariffs, yet he remained steadfast while trusting that Trump would deliver the goods.

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        • Stillwater says:

          I could be mistake but I think Navarro was a big help in identifying and documenting all of the different ways China was cheating the US and our companies in China.

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        • gymcy81 says:

          What happened to media’s seemingly repetitive argument or question…
          “…tariffs on another countries exports (to the US) will increase the cost of the products in our country… and cause increased inflation …”

          [ while the Fed raised interest rates to slow a potential overheated economy, and thwart inflation ]

          Months, or a year later, the Fed stopped raising interest rates…and actually cut the prime rate… [ while not admitting that the media was wrong, and Trump etal, had it correct…in the attempts to begin balancing the trade, via negotiations, then raise Tariffs and then more negotiations… ]

          before long,
          the dems will start claiming that the economy is because of their ideas and their influences.
          (hint, they, dems, media, were previously (mis) claiming that the economy was the affect of bo prior smart policies ).

          in part, the dems count on people having short memories…and many do.
          but, not all.

          “Prove all things,
          hold fast to that which is good.”
          Thessalonians 5:21

          i.e. ‘do not take any wooden nickels”
          And there are many of them being handed out, in a wide variety of (mis)words, (mis)actions.



    • Stillwater says:

      Wilbur Ross was actually an expert marksman when he was younger.

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  3. Ninja7 says:

    Tongue in cheek from Lou about the CoC giving advise🤗🤗. Ligthizer didn’t take the bait. GREAT Answer about the Critic and the participant. MAGA-KAG

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  4. Chip Doctor says:

    Thank you Lou for asking the right ____ing question about the chamber of commerce. Priceless answer from Lighthizer. KAG

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  5. sundance says:

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  6. romy911 says:

    Thanks to you, Sundance, all of us here at CTH
    appreciate Lightizer’s role in President Trump’s economic team.

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  7. dufrst says:

    We shall see if China will keep this agreement. I am very happy to know that Trump has considered and has in the back his mind decoupling from the Chinese altogether, which is my preference in all of this but I also recognize the political realities. With that being said, Wall Street, the Chamber of Commerce and the media were all wrong about Trump, as they have been on issue after issue after issue! It’s stunning to witness such a rout in terms of one man’s vision and actions against those dire predictions of his opponents and critics!

    Anyhow, major victory for Trump 2020! Congratulations to Trump and his entire economic team that will go down in history for the great work they’ve accomplished these 3 years, with potentially still more to come in 2020 with US-UK, US-Japan Phase 2, US-EU, and perhaps trade talks beginning with India, Brazil and ASEAN nations such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

    This is a very exciting time and you tell how invigorating it must be to work for Trump on the trade front from Robert Lighthizer’s comments and body language. I eagerly look forward to after the election to see what Trump has in store for global trade (reciprocal tax?). MAGA!

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  8. trialbytruth says:

    I still beleive the end game is a near total.decoupling

    They. can buy our food we will buy……. chachkies.
    That way we will never be dependent.


    • Dutchman says:

      Agree, TBT.
      One ? I have; if China stops manipulating their,currency, HOW are they going to ‘offset’ the $250 Billion in tariffs that continue?

      Will they further discount their products, and at what point are they eating their seed corn?

      I expect them to reneg, its just the,way they roll. With PDJT and his team ‘on the case’ for the next five years, China,WILL be caught.
      THEN decouple. I don’t believe there,are any ‘reformers’ in China government, any more than there are in Iran’s.

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  9. mopar2016 says:

    You got to love our team.
    Lighthizer, Ross, Navarro, and Mnuchin are all ringers IMO.
    Mr. Lighthizer said that “decoupling wasn’t realistic”.
    I think it is, but at the same time I’m optimistic because I like the way it’s being done in “phases”.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      He meant decoupling at this time. 😉

      That’s how I like to read it. As the Chinese try to cheat they will give ammunition to the next steps. Or, in the off-chance they don’t cheat during the Trump-era then the trade agreement worked to greatly improve things from where they were before Trump.

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  10. Heroic Dreamer says:

    Thank you, Sundance for the updates on these so important trade deals. Without CTH, I would know so much less about what is actually going on. Thank you.

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    • Ninja7 says:

      YES, Thank You, Sundance, for the economic lessons, and all the rest of the Treepers for their additional insights and comments. This is how I usually am able to introduce “Thinking People “🤔 Hard and sometimes they look over everything else🤗🤗. Again Thank You Sundance for for making it simple to understand.

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  11. Jan says:

    Sundance: this is the best trade team ever created. This will be one of Pres. Trump”s greatest achievement. Thank you for keeping us up-to-speed & from this sad old broad who never took an economics class, a special thanks for ‘xplaining it to me.

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  12. Stephen Robert Coss says:

    Even the NYT, begrudgingly, had to give Trump credit for Iran’s tepid response to the death of their terrorist. He is winning on all cylinders but needs our help even more so.


  13. CountryDoc says:

    I like the T-shirt idea.


  14. In the Land of Poz says:

    Paul Krugman will be hospitalized when Q1 economic data come out, and put on suicide watch after Q2. Cannot wait for his meltdown as election approaches and he has to face the interviews.


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