Sunday Talks: Steve Bannon Discusses Senate Impeachment Trial and Connects to Bigger Picture…

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon joins Sunday Morning Futures to discuss rising support for democracy around the world and connects the movement to the impeachment effort against President Trump.  Big Stuff. Big Ugly type stuff.

A fired-up Bannon looks at the Senate impeachment trial as the “trial of the century”, where the professional political class gets brought into the trial and the framework becomes an expose’ on how President Trump is willing to take down the system.

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164 Responses to Sunday Talks: Steve Bannon Discusses Senate Impeachment Trial and Connects to Bigger Picture…

  1. Perot Conservative says:


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  2. Jim Smith says:

    I actually like the idea of POTUS delaying the SOTU until after the Senate disposes of the impeachment coup, assuming that goes well.

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  3. Jim Smith says:

    I actually like the idea of POTUS delaying the SOTU until after the Senate disposes of the impeachment coup, assuming that goes well.

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    • California Joe says:

      I tend to agree with that and then after it’s over make the SOTU a triumphant march of destruction calling out by name the enemies of America!

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    • Jan says:

      Graham again said on Judge Jeanine that he expects the Senate trial to be a quickie. Sen. Collins wants witnesses & is working her contacts to get them.

      I don’t see any Democrat Senators joining Republicans except maybe Manchin. I don’t see Collins, Romney, Murkowsky or Gardiner going w/a short trial. And you can’t trust McConnell.

      So….we may get a barn burner trial or a dud. But it won’t stop the Dimms from continuing on w/another impeachment….probably on war powers next.

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      • Tl Howard says:

        Collins, as usual, seems to think she’s found herself between a rock and a hard place. Perhaps she feels that witnesses will embarrass the Dems and that such testimony will prove to her constituents why she CAN’T side with the Dems —because they’re effing crooked.

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        • GB Bari says:

          Susan Collins hates DJTrump, make no mistake. If she could have torpedoed Kavanaugh she would have but IMHO Graham and McConnell pressured her or made some back room deal. That long speech she gave to approve Kavanaugh was cover, so that her leftwing progressive constituents would not hang her.
          She is a lefty socialist RINO masquerading as a Republican.

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        • X XYZ says:

          Collins is the equivalent of Pelosi in the R party. Another old hag clinging to her seat.

          The only difference is that Pelosi isn’t a RINO.

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    • QCM says:

      You know, at first, so did I because of horrible optics. However, if PDJT keeps to the SOTU speech schedule, and it occurs during the Senate trial, the SOTU would give PDJT another way to present his side, and his evidence, before a world wide live TV audience.

      Could come in handy if there is some shennagains going on WRT what PDJT can do and expose in the Senate trial.

      Makes sense to keep STOU and play that card as needed at that point in time. Maybe use the STOU to declassify and present everything Treepers have been looking for.

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    • Burnt Toast says:

      SOTU –

      – Economy is GREAT!
      follows with detailed itemization

      – Enormous Corruption.
      Or the appearance of corruption. Which is just as bad if Government will not police itself.
      Detailed itemization –
      – We known about Joe Biden’s family? Well, to remind you…
      – How about the Pelosi Clan? (turns around and looks right at her…)

      The same, short trial or long, before or after.

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      • grumpyqs says:

        What if our President Trump knows and has planned to be FULLY impeached as a way of DEMONSTRATING to the world how corrupt and evil our Congress and Deep State has become. A SOTU address while days away from an impeachment vote while the military assures release of ALL necessary classified documents. In one stroke, DJT becomes the worst and best POTUS America has ever had. He sacrifices himself to save America’s true souls. Now that’s reality TV we won’t soon forget!


    • Magabear says:

      I agree with that too. Leave Nancy sit there in complete defeat while an acquited PDJT stands there in the House chamber free to say whatever the heck he wants. Hopefully that includes turning around and calling Piglosi a disgrace right to her face. 😁

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  4. speaking of the Senate. Here is a list of Senators who voted for the confirmation of John Brennan as Director of CIA…. note the Republicans, it’s pretty telling.

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  5. Mark L. says:

    I’m hangin on by my fingers.

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  6. CharterOakie says:

    Good stuff indeed.


  7. clulessgrandpa says:

    Anyone notice that the Merkles are holed up in Vancouver in Frank Giustra’s house. Yes, the Uranium 1/Clinton Cash Giustra.

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    • Duke of Cumberland says:

      The Big Club, that we ain’t in.

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    • donnymo says:

      Very interesting. People need to keep their eyes on these royal outcasts…

      Their official statement only says they are leaving to pursue a “progressive role”. Just what will that progressive role be this game of power?

      Remember their secret meeting with Hillary Clinton in England just a couple months ago? I’ve thought since this time that they would be looking to start their own Clinton Foundation. Too much heat on the Clinton Foundation recently, need a new shell company.

      And of course they’re moving to Justin’s Canada….out of the reach of the US Prosecutors . Another lesson of the Clinton Foundation.

      Now they’re living at Giusta….

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    • Mr. Morris says:

      Dutchess Meghan has returned to Canada and in living in Frank Giustra’s house. I wonder if baby Archie is a hostage. Yup, the woman is a planner, and seems dissatisfied with all things British except $$$$.

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  8. Sammy Hains says:

    Michael Bloomberg has pledged to spend $1,000,000,000 (one-billion dollars) to remove Donald Trump. People like Bloomberg only spend that much of their own money when they’re trying to avoid prison.

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    • Ausonius says:

      Shrillary spent $1.4 Billion: President Trump and the Republicans c. $900 million.

      SO let Bloomberg spend his money: I suspect most Americans still have no idea of who he is, or what he represents, and if or when they do, I suspect a majority will reject him.

      Let him spend $3 Billion: when he starts getting crowds like the one in Toledo, let me know!

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      • Dave Sanderson says:

        Don’t worry about Bloomberg, regardless of how much money he spends.
        Bloomberg is only 5′ 7″ tall …in the age of TV nobody that short wins elections. He’d look like a midget on any debate stage with Trump …he’s a lot shorter than Trump’s teenage son, Barron …and next to Melania (her in heels!) would be the epic photo of the decade!
        I know that logically height shouldn’t matter, but being human we make plenty of unconscious, emotional decisions based on appearances …Bloomberg is too short to win.

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        • X XYZ says:

          Remember Bill Clinton’s cabinet? They were all the height of trolls or midgets – literally. Robert Reissssch had to stand on a box to reach the podium.

          Boob-berg is not so short at 5′ 7″. But he has a nasal, whining, carping voice, that sounds like nails on a chalkboard. It befits him as being the Nanny state politician from hell that he is. (Dare we say that he acts like the Jewish mother who nobody really likes?) His repulsively annoying voice is why he never says anything in his campaign commercials. Besides, he has rotten teeth…

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        • Peppurr says:

          Speaking of Baron. I noticed his growth spurt recently. He’s 6’2 and only 13 yrs old! Could grow even more over the next few yrs!


    • QCM says:

      Or death.

      What is the penalty for treason?

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    • Tl Howard says:

      Or avoid losing all his billions…..his deals with China.

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    • Deb says:

      Spending money of campaigns is basically giving handouts to the media companies. It’s basically money laundering.

      The media support Dems for the most part because they are Dems. And the Dem politicians help make sure the talking heads can get big paychecks even when the ratings tank.

      Bloomberg owns a media company, don’t forget.

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    • Landslide says:

      He had 50 people show up in San Antonio a day or two ago. No one cares about him. He bought ad time for the Superbowl, but…….so did the Trump campaign. I can only imagine which one will be most popular among the citizens.👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸

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      • Sammy Hains says:

        The interesting thing about Bloomberg’s pledge is he says he will spend that money from his own pocket on WHOEVER win the Democrat nomination.

        For starters, that sounds like a massive campaign finance violation.

        But beyond that, it strikes me that Bloomberg must be a terrible investor with zero business sense.

        His ONLY leverage in the race is his money. By saying he will spend it on anyone, he frees voters from having to vote for him to get his billion-dollars behind the Democrat nominee. Thus there is literally zero incentive for anyone to vote for him. He’s investing a billion dollars to get literally nothing.

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        • Ausonius says:

          Ego and Hubris feed each other: please, Bloomy, spend all of it on the black hole of a failed campaign.

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        • Roland Woltman says:

          It’s just the money he skims off our 401ks anyway. He’ll get more.
          It’s good to have well designed algorithms and direct access to Wall Street’s CPUs. By the time a working class American retires those billionaires have siphoned probably 10 + thousand dollars from the average 401k investor.


    • snarkybeach says:

      Tiny Tyrant Bloomberg did an ad buy for today’s NFL playoffs. It was a couple of the same commercials, run back to back, about how he’s a fighter or something … he was fired from his first job, blah blah blah

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      • G. Alistar says:

        I saw them as I watched them as the Texas played the Chiefs today. Not very inspiring, nor convincing IMHO. On the other hand, the football game was exciting and very entertaining. KC, other than the first quarter looks invincible….but so did Tennessee last night in Baltimore.

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    • PVCDroid says:

      He’s already spent $100m and I think I’ve seen one commercial. Have at it

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  9. scrap1ron says:

    Democrats committing the “crime of the century”, indeed.

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  10. jnearen2013 says:

    With Justice John Roberts having just appointed David Kris to oversee improvements to the FBI’s use of the FISA court, what odds do you give that Trump gets a fair trial with Roberts presiding? I would say 50:1 against Trump. The coup is alive and well.

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    • GenEarly says:

      If President Trump demands a trial, who will publically say no???
      If we fail to fight and win now, then when??? Under a future democRat president???


    • Thinblueline says:

      President Trump will get a fair trial, and it will ultimately be handled in the manner he chooses. Period. What people continue to fail to understand is that President Trump is a billionaire businessman. He doesn’t need this BS. He does it for love of country. President Trump can destroy any Republican’s political career in one tweet. He knows it and they know it. He doesn’t need politics to get rich, he already is. They need to keep their seats. Their bank account needs it,

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    • Roland Woltman says:

      Which means that Lawfare is now in charge of fixing what the 4 DNC front companies did to illegally search the NSA Database…
      Roberts is either more inept then could be possibly feared or is CLEARLY COMPRIMISED.


  11. this is all a bunch of wishful thinking. There is absolutely zero chance that the US Senate with John Roberts the presiding judge will in any way allow a deep state trial to occur. No way.

    John Roberts is a fundamentally weak, contradictory and flawed person. He was put in place for moments just like this.

    Doubt that? Look at how the FISC has behaved under his “leadership”. Look at who the FISC just appointed to oversee implementation of “reforms”

    This guy David Kris is a Lawfare member.

    Chris Wray, the FISC are all just laughing at the American people.

    Anybody think a Chief Justice Renquist would have put up with this? I don’t. But, W appointee CJ Roberts does and he will use all of his obfuscation skills to prevent anything resembling a trial in the US Senate. He will do all he can to embolden Romney, Collins and Murkowski. And, McConnell will fret.

    Most practical solution is a quick presentation, rebuttal and acquittal. There will be no “trial”.

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    • redgrains says:

      Unfortunately, you are most likely correct. W was a disaster –essentially setting the table for a Marist takeover(Obama) of our government and nominating a very very weak man in Roberts.

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    • X XYZ says:

      Mitch has said in recent interviews that what happens in the senate really isn’t a trial, per se. It’s a political exercise.

      The chief justice who gave us Obamacare is perfect for this role.
      He will sit back and say that it’s whatever you want it to be. He will probably be smiling, too.

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  12. Genie says:

    Poor Bernie. He woke today hearing Bannon’s explanation of how the Democrats are conspiring against him again in this election. “Sit in your Senate seat and be quiet for the trial while Sleepy Joe tells Cornpop stories in Iowa.”

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    • G. Alistar says:

      LoL, forgot about the “Corn Pop” guy…you give Sleepy Joe too much credit. He normally doesn’t have a clue which state he is in. Go Hawks!


    • bentley1blog says:

      Steve Bannon is right on target. Imagine what a blowout this approach would be if DJT postponed his State of the Union speech.


  13. MaineCoon says:

    Bannon’s Big Picture assessment is phenomenal. I agree with his strategy. This is President Trump’s time during the Senate trial to put the bad guys on trial. The world is watching. All those protesters in every single country are looking to him for their strength to continue fighting.

    President Trump should go full-blown kick-ass-take-names-later strategy.

    No one else is fighting for him (other than the lone voices of Nunes, Jordan and a few others), but they are powerless as the minority party. Doj/FBI/FISC and IC is against him. This is his chance, his moment. It’s now. Take it. Grab it. Full-blown frontal attack. No holds barred. It’s now or never. It’s your turn, your time, and do the SOTU afterwards. You have everything to gain. Deplorables in the entire world are behind you.

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  14. Boots says:

    In her 231 years so far, off all the nations around all the globe, only The United States of America has fought belligerents, dictators, and communists across the globe….and won*….by the sheer willpower, tenacity, guts, and grit of her fighting men and women. Men who lost eyes, hands, legs, arms, fingers, teeth, faces, feet, and more. Men who went ‘over there’, fought, and came back ‘over here’ to become productive men who started businesses, went to work, and raised children to be truthful, righteous, and morally straight. They never asked what their country could do for them, only what they could do for their country.

    In the short 75 years since those men and women returned from the last world war, the strongest, safest, and most free nation on earth has become a shadow of it’s former self through a thoroughly corrupt, evil, dangerous, and vile banana republic style of government. The vile, filthy, evil heart of which is the Deep State, populated in great part by SES and, moreso, the Demo-Communist Party.

    Daily are we shown there’s no limit to the power and evil of the DS. There’s nothing they won’t do, try, lie about, manipulate, or deceive to murder The United States of America. Wholesale importation of third world foreigners who never had and never will have the values of conservative America. The seeding of rural America with murderous muslim fanatics who, following the Muslim Brotherhood’s Memorandum of Understanding, are 5 years ahead of their 25 year plan to conquer America from within, and the Demo-Communist party has willingly facilitated this stealth jihad in their satanic rage to destroy America.

    America has never before faced an enemy so deadly, so dangerous, so cunning, and so close to home as the Demo-Communist party. The Demo-Communist party will never, ever cease their effort to murder America. From open borders and entitlement programs, to ever expanding the surveillance state, to the Gestapo tactics of the FBI and DOJ, conservatives and America are being slowly strangled into oblivion, with the Media being chief facilitator of the Holocaust of American conservatives.

    With the impending impeachment trial, the DC party is well within the wire, closing in on their goal of removing POTUS from office. The options are extremely limited. In war the CO would gather his men to the Alamo and call in airstrikes on his own position. Should POTUS be removed that, then, is the only option that has any chance at all of America surviving as the conservative values nation that she once was.

    You cannot negotiate with an enemy whose entire reason for living is to kill you. The leaders of Demo-Communist party, blinded with hatred by their master Satan, would willingly kill every conservative in America, believing they’re rendering a good service to the country. Surely our surrender means one and only one thing. Imprisonment, degradation, and forced servitude to those who view us as untermensch, less than human.

    May God intervene on behalf of His praying children in America, and deliver President Trump from the snares and traps of Satan, set by Satan’s agents in America, the Demo-Communist Party. And should He see fit to not save POTUS, then let Americans gather and do whatever must be done to rid America of her domestic enemies, and save the Republic.

    *America wasn’t allowed by her government to win in ‘Nam

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    • 6x47 says:

      In a word – yes. America went to war in Vietnam with no intention of “winning” because there wasn’t really a clear mission or desired end state. What’s really galling is to realize that prior to the large-scale American intervention, the South Vietnamese were led by a hard-nose strongman Diem with an aggressive military. The first thing the ARVN wanted to do after the US secured their rear against Ho Chi Minh’s Viet Cong proxy? Invade North Vietnam!

      So of course Johnson and McNamara overthrew Diem and drummed the fighting spirit out of the ARVN.

      An army of lions led by sheep.

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      • TarsTarkas says:

        Kennedy was President when Diem was killed, not Johnson. Seemed to have not expected the Diems to be killed and regretted that they were. Of course he was killed shortly after that before he could do anything about the new situation in Nam.

        Also recall the fear of Chinese intervention had we gone north of the Vietnamese DMZ. Recall how the Chinese responded when we crossed the DMZ in Korea (of course much closer to Beijing!), a dozen years earlier. Also Kennedy et al might have been aware how close the Chinese were to having nukes (their first successful test came in 1964). Containment, after the ‘success’ of that doctrine in Korea (which ‘succeeded’ only because Stalin died and his successors shut the war down because they had more important things on their mind) was the preferred policy for dealing with Communism. Anyone commenting on the subject needs to be aware of these terrifying facts before making dismissive judgmental hindsight calls about what should or should have been done at the time.


        • 6x47 says:

          Thank you for correcting the timeline re Diem. However, history has shown that “containment” was a bad policy. Namely, because it resulted in “wars” that weren’t “winnable” because there wasn’t any desired end state other than maintaining the status quo.

          Never take the counsel of your fears – and the US leadership in Vietnam was absolutely paralyzed by them. The practical result was to squander blood and treasure for no purpose whatsoever, eroding the morale of the military send on the fool’s errand and fracturing American society back home.

          Splendid doctrine, Truman.


    • pyromancer76 says:

      Maybe, but my conspiracy theory smoker says putting us in ‘Nam” was purposeful – not just our government preventing winning. That effort killed and chewed up a lot of American soldiers, divided our country, went on indefinitely without the will to win (although our military did, they were not allowed to follow through), and gave us, the strongest nation in the world, the black-eye of “loser.” The latter was/is precious to all our enemies both within and without. No longer America the invincible. The Bushes put the icing on the loser-cake.

      President Trump is absolutely transforming America’s place in the world. Gladly ring out the old era; joyfully ring in the new. MAGA and KAG and KTWSAAS (Keep the World Sane and America Safe).

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      • X XYZ says:

        President Eisenhower knew this. He called it the military-industrial complex. Both military and industry profited, and America lost.

        Now we have the government-media complex. It’s the next step.

        “The Bushes put the icing on the loser-cake.” So true. And Obama, who came next, ran the bakery.

        Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake, baker man. Make me a cake as fast as you can…

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    • Fionnagh says:

      Extraordinary post. Am betting it was painful to write. It was certainly painful to read. Often I don’t want to acknowledge what’s going on. But then I read a post like yours and think, “Yep. This is what we’re up against. Stay strong, stay true.” Thank you for the reminder.

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  15. burnett044 says:

    there are many in the swamp that will do all they can do get the trail over with quickly…cause if witness are called much could be exposed….this is a case of cover ya ass…
    no one in DC wants to lift the rug and see all the dirt that was sweep under it…
    I guess we can talk about corruption or do something about it.

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  16. 6x47 says:

    I cannot look at Steve Bannon without thinking of how Scaramucci characterized him.


    • Jim Smith says:

      Scaramucci? He’s likely the bigger problem IMHO.
      I know that many here have had issues with Bannon.
      My first exposure to him was when he was hosting Breitbart News Daily on SXM Patriot prior to the 2016 Election.
      Many of the posters here denigrated him for his previous Cruz support.

      I can tell you that Steve Bannon’s support and clear analysis was instrumental in convincing me to support PDJT. I like others was disappointed in the palace drama surrounding his exit from the admin. I also say a lot of things quoted that troubled me. I’mm not sure how much was real, and how much was Michael Wolff BS.

      Either way, he appears more lucid and sober now. Perhaps he did have some alcohol issues, and maybe he’s tamed his demons. I hope so. He’s a very bright guy, and we can use that on our side.

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    • bentley1blog says:

      Scaramucci??? Really??? Little puke!


  17. Linda K. says:

    What a dynamo Steve Bannon can be when he is on a roll.

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  18. Brian Carey says:

    The President’s remarks on who he’d like to see as witnesses was cut prematurely as POTUS referenced “the second whistleblower.” It seems Faux News would have us forget about that one, too. There is too much corruption in the Senate to allow the President to call his witnesses. So much for the right of the accused to confront his accuser.

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    • Robster says:

      Not only the second ‘whistleblower’ was cut out by shortening the replay. PDJT also included the IC Insp General Michael Atkinson and pointed out his sketchy role in allowing the original whistleblower complaint to go through.

      The President wants answers from him.


  19. burnett044 says:

    Tear gas in Tehran…

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  20. Mike in a Truck says:

    I want to see a trial. Drag them all in and make them testify under oath. The coup plotters, Bidens(s), HRC, BHO, all of them. This is how you drive a stake through the hearts of the Communist Democrats. They will be finished for a generation. But we are talking Republicans here. They specialize in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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    • Boots says:

      Go MaineCoon!!!
      “This is his chance, his moment. It’s now. Take it. Grab it. Full-blown frontal attack. No holds barred. It’s now or never. It’s your turn, your time, and do the SOTU afterwards. You have everything to gain. Deplorables in the entire world are behind you.”

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  21. visage13 says:

    As much as we would all love to see a trial with all the swamp rats there is no way McConnell will allow it.

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      Exactly right. Not a chance in hell… Bannon is doing a good job (as is President Trump) of articulating what the trial should be to exonerate the president — a designation he deserves. But if Itchy Mitchy allowed the swamp rats to be interrogated, it wouldn’t be long before the whole corrupt bunch of them — in both parties, including Mitch — would be implicated. Think Itchy Mitchy is going to take that risk? Me either.

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      • Roland Woltman says:

        No one in Congress wants the State Department facilitators to be under oath. What if one Senator decides to start asking how many in Congress get help from the State Department getting their personal business interests up and running anywhere America gives aid?
        Obama gave blankets to Ukraine when they needed anti-tank missiles…

        Go look who owns those blanket companies . There you’ll find the Mitt Romney’s of the world.

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  22. Skidroe says:

    I just really don’t understand. I was always taught “a man must be able to live with his self”. Isn’t there just one honest person in DC? He/She would be a real hero if they came forward and spoke the truth.


  23. cheryl says:

    I have no interest in, ever, of anything Bannon has to say.

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  24. sunnydaze says:

    Bannon’s a smart enough guy, but not the world’s best strategist…(understatement).
    Witness his going all-in for Roy Moore in AL. w/ rallies and all kinds of sh*t. Then we LOST AL. to a DEMOCRAT.

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  25. dustahll says:

    Only bad kicker is Roberts, he is a bad actor


  26. Battleship Wisconsin says:

    Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams makes the point that a majority of voters already understand that the Democrats are perpetrating a sham impeachment strictly for partisan political purposes. From this perspective, the president has already won the argument as it might apply to the public’s perception of his innocence or guilt.

    According to Adams, to hold a lengthy Senate trial knowing that the voting public already understands there is no basis for impeachment is selling after the sale — something that highly effective salesmen never do because it opens up the transaction to more questions that might cause the sale to fall through.

    The Senate should hold a one-day trial. Grant each side of the question just two witnesses. Schedule the vote for the end of the day. At which point the president will be quickly acquitted. If the House decides to pass more articles of impeachment, let them play that game and then let them suffer the consequences in November, 2020.

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  27. mtk says:

    A public message to Mr. Bolton.

    A life time of hawkish advocacy for American interests around the World, often under the political climate of personal attacks of your character, and more importantly often in direct outright 5th column undermining from the MSM. These people are positioning you to make you the savior of the DNC.

    They will never love you, nor revere you, or come around to your position. In their eyes you are but a tool, a means to an end.
    Everthing you have stood over the years through the visceral hatred to the air you breath is now seeing you as the savior to taking down the President.

    Kind of ironic!!!

    In a way, I am hoping you go into the Senate and start aiming well directed broadsides against the corruption, the cronyism and the stacked deck of massive MSM minipulation. This is as they say, “Your Moment to prove you are a man of steadfast principles.”
    How can not you see the President under assault by the very people who have spent a life time nipping at your heels, circling like sharks.
    The MSM have promoted a policy of, “Damned if you do, damned with don’t” from day one. They have railroaded any action this President takes via foreign policy, and seemingly put you in the middle as their outcast savior.

    So my message is suppress ‘ego’ impulses and go into the Senate firing from the hip, open the door and extract some ‘cold anger’ from these politicians. Make them rule the day that they thought you would turn coat from your past.

    How funny it would be for you defy the President only to open the door and expose the corrupt processes that keeps foreign policy from exercising actions you have long advocated.

    Now, that would be ironic!!!

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Bolton is a trap….doesn’t sound remotely like he will be useful to democrats at the Senate impeachment trial. Make them look even more foolish and like the coup it is…


  28. Shyster says:

    Yeah, I love Steve Brannon but disagree with some long witness scorched earth trial. Because the articles of impeachment aren’t reflected by any of the grounds for impeachment specified in the constitution, bribery, treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors, and none constitute a crime,

    I don’t believe they are constitutional and once the trial starts, POTUS and his legal team should move to dismiss the case on the basis that the grounds are unconstitutional, I.e., not grounds specified in the constitution. If dismissed, the Dems May or may not appeal to the Supreme Court. If not dismissed, POTUS appeals to the Supreme Court.

    The argument being, the House doesn’t have unlimited power to define what an impeachable offense Is and it must be for the grounds laid out in the constitution or an actual crime under Federal law, I.e., other high crimes or misdemeanors.

    If this isn’t taken to the Supreme Court on a motion to dismiss and a trial is held on non crime impeachments the presidency will be ruined from this year forward. Every president in the future will be impeached by the majority oppo party that holds the house which will basically break our democratic republic. But if it goes to the Supreme Court on a motion to dismiss for unconstitutional impeachment grounds, the Supremes can rule the house doesn’t have unlimited impeachment power and that impeachment is limited to bribery, treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors which includes actual federal crimes and not this made up abuse of power and obstruction of congress for merely going to court to challenge subpoenas based on executive privilege. So for our country, I want a dismissal and not a trial as Bannon advocates.

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  29. tav144 says:

    I would prefer they dismiss it prior to witnesses being called, but it also seems that Pelosi’s fall back is to use a Senate GOP dismissal as a rally cry to takeover the Senate for the Democrats. They do that, and it’s over.

    For legal and precedent value, it NEEDS to be dismissed. For political value, it needs a trial. At this point, it’s in God’s hands.

    If there is a trial, the Senate can also vote to change the rules to automatically dismiss impeachment articles that do not have a criminal statute cited as broken or that fail to follow due process procedures (such as provided in the Clinton Impeachment).

    Has anyone seen Trey Smith’s video on Kim Clement prophecies regarding Trump? He recently did the one on Impeachment that Kim Clement spoke about several years before Trump was even running (Kim passed away from a stroke as I recall, within a few weeks of seeing Trump elected). If you haven’t seen it, you should have a look.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mimbler says:

      witnesses, or no witnesses, when PDJT is acquitted, the media and the dems will blame corrupt republicans. IMO, it is cleaner to just dismiss, and not muddy the water. Americans already no there isn’t anything in the charges.

      Liked by 2 people

  30. Reserved55 says:

    History making tweet.

    Trump Doctrine spreads to Lebanon

    Liked by 2 people

    • Tl Howard says:

      Wow. Now, will our media cover it? Probably not.

      Liked by 1 person

      • G. Alistar says:

        They can ignore but it is 2020 with all sorts of media, technology and ways to share information. This genie is outta the bottle …. no putting her back in.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Reserved55 says:

      Liked by 2 people

  31. There should be no “trial of the century” when there is nothing to try!

    Our Founders were politically knowledgeable Englishmen who had specific notions of what impeachment was, and was not. And what they expressly intended to outlaw was precisely what we now have here: a charge of “maladministration,” brought by means of a Bill of Attainder. The Senate should not honor it with a trial – at all. Any Court is allowed to dismiss any case that is brought before it without trial if the case is defective, and “unconstitutionality” is the most blatant defect of all.

    Yes, we are setting new Constitutional precedent here. “Therefore, act wisely.” The House has, after 230 years, finally gone and done what the Founders anticipated. Maybe this is why they said that the Senate shall “try all impeachments,” not “try all parties who have been impeached.” The House is blatantly and deliberately attempting now to re-write the Constitution to suit “Lawfare rules.” The Founders intended the Senate to restore the rule of law.

    And – mark my words here – the House is perfectly capable of concocting one or two new Bills of Attainder every week until November 2020, demanding that the Senate do nothing else. If the Senate now gives them one inch of legitimacy, they will take ten miles.

    Liked by 1 person

    • GB Bari says:

      There were a lot of crimes committed. Trials of falsely charged defendants sometimes do result in the real perpetrators being exposed.

      The problem is that several Republican Senators also guilty of unethical and possibly criminal actions supporting the coup so that is a major disincentive for McConnell to proceed with a trial. He has to make another back room deal with Collins to shut down her yapping about witnesses.


    • Justin Green says:

      There’s no bill of attainder. Can you give us the bill number – both House and Senate versions?


      • Of course it’s a Bill of Attainder. Look up the legal definition in any law dictionary, or for that matter WikiPedia, and you see an exact match. There is nothing in these so-called “charges” which would be of interest to any Court of Law. Nothing for which he would “face indictment, trial, conviction and punishment.” Nothing but “maladministration,” which our Constitution does not allow. If you can’t point to a specific violation of the United States Code, as any actual Court would interpret it, you have no grounds for impeachment proceedings even to commence. Here it’s just pure attainder: “you’re guilty of an offense that we made up, and we intend to punish you for it by throwing you out of office.”

        Purposely, no “judicial powers” are vested in the Congress.


  32. TPW says:

    The witness thing is a dance between Pelosi and McConnell ….Neither wants witnesses……Just cant figure out who they are trying to fool us…. or PT….surely PT and his team are way to smart….so how they gonna play it……McConnell must be making PT a deal he cant refuse…..or so he thinks…..Pelosi knows this so she is trying to play this to her and the idiot dems advantage…it is a game of chicken….Thats why she was holding back on the articles ….trying to force McConnell to deal. Just haven’t figured out what has changed her mind at this point. I guess maybe the backlash from her base who want blood and mitch wasnt gonna deal……they think they are so smart but have come off as a group of idiots…Can you imagine these are the crooks running our country….they must be the laughing stock of other countries.PT really had no where else to go but up.


  33. Justin Green says:

    Trump is smart to demand a trial. He knows it won’t happen. He knows McConnell won’t allow it. But he asks for it and the public sees that.

    A Senate trial will not expose the Bidens. It won’t bring down the deep state. The proper place for an investigation of the Bidens is in Trump’s branch by the DOJ. That’s actually their job. Unfortunately, Trump has Barr, who won’t do a thing about the Bidens.


  34. LCPUSA says:

    if we don’t put 3 million men in the streets of DC during this trial….you might kiss this nation good bye.

    what if telling us “we’ll dismiss this quickly” is the ploy to keep us on our couches? it’s working i’d say.

    once he’s tossed out its too damn late to do anything.

    had we massed in front of congress for the impeachment vote, they’d have chickened out. the ploy for impeachment was that we didn’t know when it would actually happen until the night before it did. thats why it had to be done so quickly, so we couldn’t show up and toss them off the roofs.

    do we really trust mitch with the fate of this nation? even if its a 1% chance they toss him out, do we want to risk that? really?

    we’d best be pounding on those doors during any votes. loud enough that they hear us inside.

    these are my opinions, and i’m scared for my grandsons futures.


  35. dawg says:

    Wow! Go Steve go! He was really on fire. Very interesting interview. I will always wonder what the reason was for the falling out between him and the White House.


  36. dawg says:

    I dont know how it actually works, but if it were allowed to go to trial, I just cant imagine Trump being allowed to call the witnesses he wants. I foresee the Dems and Uniparty rigging the process like they did in the House to the point where the Dems get to call who they want, but PT doesnt.


  37. Don’t look for “the trial of the century.” Lawfare wants a nice second Bill of Attainder. Or, failing that, for the Senate to agree to hear their unconstitutional Articles at all. Even if they are dismissed, Lawfare will instantly kick into high gear and turn the House of Representatives into the House of Impeachment, fixated on precisely one outcome. Congress will pursue no other business other than one Bill of Attainder after another after another, now that Sec. 1.9.3 has been shown not to actually be a part of the Constitution at all. Supreme Court Justices will also find themselves summarily impeached for reasons known only to the House.


  38. Spryte says:

    No matter what, trial or no trial, both Pelosi and Schiff et. al. are ready to call foul. Gives her an excuse for holding back the papers.
    Btw, if Trump wants a trial doesn’t he trump McConnell? No pun intended.


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