CNNi Becky Anderson -vs- State Dept. Spox Morgan Ortagus

CNNi  (CNN international) via Becky Anderson, based out of Abu Dhabi, attempts to push a false propaganda narrative against State Dept Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus.   Things didn’t work out as planned.  The pontificating Anderson was left speechless.  Funny.

Ms. Anderson intentionally ignored the E-3 Statement of support from earlier today and attempted to push a narrative of the U.S. being isolated within the international community.  Mrs. Morgan Ortagus shredded the CNNi narrative engineer.  WATCH:

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162 Responses to CNNi Becky Anderson -vs- State Dept. Spox Morgan Ortagus

  1. Keith says:

    1) Great job Morgan Ortagus.
    2) The narrative on this blogpost’s comments that Europe only listens to CNN for US news is completely false.
    It is true that a lot of the media is anti Trump in the UK and in Spain, for example, but lots of us get our news from a broad spectrum of sources. For just 2 examples:
    a) the people of the UK voted in 365 Conservative members of parliament in the December election (out of a total of 650).. That didn’t happen without a lot of people having alternative news sources, and a big majority of people making up their own minds despite the collective narrative engineering of the left.

    b) Boris Johnson visiting UK members of the armed forces on Christmas day is taking a leaf directly out of the Trump playbook. Do you think that would be positively viewed if people only saw CNN re US news?

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    • eagle931 says:

      Can you name another American news outlet that is broadcast in Europe? All I know is that in my many years of travel to Europe, and as recently as my travels to Berlin, Prague and Budapest two months ago, the only American company broadcasting in Europe on a consistent basis is CNN. In addition, there is the European-printed American newspaper, the Herald Tribune (owned by the NY Times) whose only motive seems to be to put the U.S. in the worst possible light 24/7. You are right that you have other media sources (Sky is one) that are not anything like CNN, but the point remains that the average European seeking American news from an American source is stuck with CNN and the Herald Tribune since both sources are ubiquitous throughout the whole continent.

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      • ATheoK says:


        Nor are the in-country news sources across Europe broadcasting honest news. Every one appears to recycle NYT, Reuters, AP, BBC, Grauniad news articles.
        The only thing one gets from listening/watching to the various foreign news sources are the anti-American biases of the news sources.

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  2. Pew-Anon says:

    Good find. Give Ms. Ortagus a raise.

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  3. mylabs5 says:

    CNNi was a founding member of the Intel school out of Italy that Misfud is connected to. I believe the Atlantic Council was another member. Of course Soros is the sugar daddy of the Atlantic Council which Brennan is part of.

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  4. willthesuevi says:

    Nice to finally see a defense of President Trump’s policies from a State Dept. employee.

    Euro news chick didn’t fare so well in this exchange. hehehe

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    • mac says:

      You have a talent for understatement. Euro news chick got her ass handed to her. Only way that interview could have gone better was if Ortagus had been in the same studio and, upon conclusion, stood up and slapped Euro news chick out of her chair, saying, “That’s what lying bitches like you deserve!”

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  5. Ray says:

    I just listened to Fredos commentary about the Soleimani operation.
    It was loathsome vitriolic and inaccurate. The media is pushing this anti Trump propaganda 24/7.

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  6. TwoLaine says:

    Very deftly HANDLED. 🙂

    Now that, my friends, is woman power. Not playing a victim card, just the fact ma’am.

    I will await seeing, with joy, how she handles it when State Department officials begin going down, past and present.

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    • Adon says:

      I m not sure, but, I think Ortega was brought into State Dept. after Trump won, and is , unlike most ? in State D. pro- trump.Very intelligent and not hard to look at, either. An excellent choice by Trump . He can trust her !, unlike most in State!


      • TwoLaine says:

        Agreed, she was a former contributor at Fox. Most likely she was picked by Pompeo & team. I wasn’t insinuating she was in trouble, only that sooner or later she will have to cover for those who are, at State.


  7. Brant says:

    Hmmmmm, it is quite obvious to tell when certain govt agencies have offloaded never Trumpers and other riff raff Obama holdovers and brought on good folks. Let’s just say it’s quite obvious when a spokesperson is NOT a never Trumper.

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  8. Lenny says:

    she better put ice on that lip….

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  9. Mike in a Truck says:

    Wont the people of Europe that listen to those fake news turds be shocked when PDJT is re-elected by a landslide.

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  10. Shyster says:

    Morgan is unbelievably hot!

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  11. howardrichman says:

    This whole situation reminds me so much of the media’s over-reaction to Trump’s tweet to North Korea about having a bigger button and his button works. The media predicted nuclear war. The actual result was peace talks.

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    • SWOhio says:

      Libs WANT WWIII. Then they can blame it on President Trump.

      They will never understand that their stupidity isn’t getting them anywhere. Too stupid I guess.

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  12. jogreggre says:

    CNN is venomous and pointedly anti-American (“bias” is euphemistic). And, recall, the Left has been pumping misinformation and misguided political policies, especially in regard to national security and foreign relations, for as long as the Left has been in existence. They pose a real danger to America. And good for Morgan Ortagus for slamming down the (poisonous) Leftist commentator’s narrative/misrepresentation with facts.

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    • corimari2013 says:

      B. Anderson: “with respect, I haven’t finished”
      This snobby scolding after Anderson had rudely, disrespectfully talked over Morgan more than once in the interview.
      The USA CNN personnel act the same. UGH

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  13. Don says:

    Global Fake news all around… Isvestia has gotta be pissed everyone’s coopted their model….
    and btw….Didn’t Merkel decline to criticize the President for taking out Solami….. and in fact support the decision to do so…. albeit quietly????

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  14. ferguson051 says:

    “Narrative engineer” – what a great term for all the msm dummies. This term should become the common descriptor used when referring to them.

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  15. jat says:

    Morgan is wonderful. That little Fox weekend jerk Leiland was way worse to her though. A couple of Saturday mornings ago, every time she was getting to the meat and potatoes of the story, he kept interrupting and spewing lies and criticism of Trump .. she finally did shut the little weasel down and schooled him on what’s what.

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    • shevee says:

      That little creep (Leiland) is one reason among many why I don’t watch FNC as much as I used to… especially on the weekend except for a few of the evening shows.

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    • Lani says:

      Leland is an example of Fox going to the left and assuming that loyal viewers will tolerate the shift. After a while, it gets old changing the channel when the lefties take over on the weekend and also during the week. Tucker went way over the meltdown border yesterday, reminds me of when Glen Beck went into meltdown at the end of his Fox career.


  16. ballgame17 says:

    Not only are conservative women smart , factual and articulate but they are also usually beautiful women.

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  17. Bob says:

    Quick, give that lady a promotion!

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  18. why is some foreigner lecturing us again ?
    we hated when piers did it ….


  19. Phloda says:

    Gawd, does Anderson have an emminently slappable face, or what?

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  20. konradwp1 says:

    That highly entertaining segment could be considered evidence in support of the conjecture that there are multiple universes.

    The video appeared to show Becky Anderson being bitch-slapped into the next one.

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  21. teabag14 says:

    Funny how the truth & the facts always leave ’em speechless. Great job, Ms. Ortagus. 👍❤🇺🇸


  22. Sean Supsky says:

    Very good response to the filth that was being spewed.

    Cute, articulate, and fiery.


  23. Linda K. says:

    Becky Anderson appears to be the comic relief in this interview. Plus, she looks and sounds quite school marmish.


  24. Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:

    This is one of the best propaganda media clips EVER! lol I love Morgan Ortagus! She was extremely well prepared to combat the BS spewing out of this miserable CNN liar’s mouth. I gotta watch this again. 🙂


  25. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    It Was Obamas Iran Deal That Mades Israel & The World More Dangerous


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