President Trump Warns: “If Iran Strikes any Americans” We Have 52 Response Targets Identified…

On the day the administration briefs congressional leadership about the details of the strike that killed Iranian terrorist Qasem Soleimani, President Trump warns Iran about consequences for any retaliatory strike against Americans:

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544 Responses to President Trump Warns: “If Iran Strikes any Americans” We Have 52 Response Targets Identified…

  1. WSB says:

    Michael Morell, the worthless piece of skirt, tells us there are Iranian sleeper cells in the US…well, WTH Michael were you doing as CiA Deputy Director? Leaving them there to make sure they were able to do damage?

    Working with a foreign government to take down the US, Michael? Treason much, Michael?

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  2. Phil McCoxwell says:

    The democrats are behind this whole slight of hand. They screwed up on the impeachment farce and need to change the dialogue. So, if the Iranian mullahs want to keep getting pallets of cash from democrats they better step up and create a little skirmish so they can try to claim Trump is taking us to war. He took the POS out with a reaper drone. That alone should make the election a lock.

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  3. Hanuman says:

    Sir: have you seen this Codevilla piece?

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    • RJ says:

      I did and it is very worthwhile one’s time to read it and digest what the author presents.

      Just look at those pictures of Iraqi citizens mobbing the casket, crying over this guy’s death. Note the American cars that transport the bodies, the American military uniforms these shia people wear.

      Now, recall all those pictures of Iraqi citizens showing their purple fingers as a result of voting some years back, the smiling faces, the pride. What happened?

      Obama happened. Lucky for him Bush was more interested in getting closer to his beloved Jesus than winning wars…unconditionally.

      Obama was more interested in “transforming” America because we had become “bad” in his warped mind…he still believes this and will till the day he dies and muslim prayers are said over his body.

      Keep in mind that President Trump starts off by asking others to come to a table and negotiate with us on problems we feel need correcting. Muscle is not his first option, it is closer to the final options and generally in response to those who use muscle against American interests…like Iran has been doing for 40 years.

      When you look over the land we call the United States of America and see what we have created and shared with all who seek our values, when you realize that Americans come from every part of this planet, then you begin to know who America really is and what we stand for.

      Freedom to pursue what we seek. Like a cure for cancer…get my drift? Seems to me one could say the leaders of Iran are a cancer.

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  4. Everett Miller says:

    Please don’t confuse the Iranian Islamist Jihadist tryanical government with the Iranian People. Just as here in America there is a Yuge difference between We The American People, and the American Government; in Iran The People en mass Hate the Ayatollahs and the repressive Muslim extremist government. The Persians were NOT historically Muslims; they were subjugated by the Moslem invasions. The Persians are a proud and wonderful people–not to be confused with their tyannical masters. I know them personally; I’ve visited with a grandmother who traveled here from Tehran just this week. Pray for the Persian peoples’ safety and that any US missile strikes will be carefully targeted to NOT injure the innocent civilians!

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    • Rudy says:

      They are not all nice. In college, in 1979, I made the acquaintance of one who was rabidly supportive of his government, and arrogant to the point of threatening me when I cooked pork chops in the communal kitchen (we were both renting rooms in the same house, in college). He was loud about what a great ‘feat’ ‘his people’ had accomplished by taking the ‘great satan’s embassy over’. Real rah rah patriotic he was, and not too bright to boast that way in East Tennessee, of all places. Incredibly, he lived long enough to leave that winter…
      That said, I somewhat agree. They don’t deserve to be turned into a glass parking lot. Lot of pretty women in Iran, unlike some populations over there. And without a doubt the site of a great deal of history and heritage. Just don’t try to sell them all as ‘wonderful people’. In my experience that is simply not true. If Rasar was anything like a typical Iranian….
      IF it comes down to them or us, let the missiles fly.

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      • WSB says:

        Indeed. I happened to live in the town next to the University of Bridgeport, when many Iranian students were expelled. And they should have been. It was like a terror cell.

        Iran was not sending its best.

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      • California Joe says:

        Many third world foreigners think Americans are idiots because of the careless way our financial institutions and government agencies throw money at them. I know from personal experience investigating and prosecuting financial fraud. I’ve worked bank fraud, credit card fraud, IRS refund fraud, student loan fraud, identity theft, bank account takeovers, UI fraud and more. In 90% of the cases the defendants were third world immigrants. Haitians, Cubans, Nigerian, Iraqi, Albanian and various Hispanic varieties all of whom they were smarter than the prosecutors, federal agents and police officers investigating them. You could see their arrogance and invincibility in plea negotiations. Some laughed and said we wouldn’t be offering them a plea deal if we had a strong case. Of course, we always had a strong case and never lost at trial. The one thing that stuck with me was that these ungrateful foreign invaders though the I was as stupid as the people who so easily gave them the money they stole!

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      • vfm#7634 says:

        A majority of Iranian Americans, and I suspect Iranians in Europe too, are non-Muslims. Unfortunately, they do tend to be liberal Democrats unless they’re Christian converts, like the Catholic Sohrab Ahmari at the New York Post. Armenians are regarded as their Christian cousins in fact.


        • S Snyder says:

          Agreed. I work for two Persian engineers in GA. Both are secular. One calls himself a Zoroastrian and the other was raised Muslim but is non-practicing. They are more closely aligned with Democrats. They have been witnessed to by some good Bible-believing Southern Baptists but are reluctant to embrace the message. Their God is the almighty dollar! However, they are very proud of their Persian culture but definitely don’t support the mullahs in Teheran.


          • 180daysofkindergarten says:

            We are friends with a very proud Persian whose family was expelled in the 70’s. He is 100% aligned with the Dems and is a huge lib. I’ll never the lib aspect. He is all about money making and a good friend. I hope for a better Iran.


    • X XYZ says:

      You can pray for them if it makes you feel better. But why should I or any American pray for them? Why should we care about “the Iranian People”?

      Your last statement says that we should pray “that any US missile strikes will be carefully targeted”. That implies that they wouldn’t be less than carefully targeted.

      Now why would anyone think such a thing?

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    • American Heritage says:

      There’s no need of anyone anywhere to be concerned about the “nice” people of any particular group. It’s those who hate us and want to harm us whom we find alarming. It’s simplistic to assume we Americans object to all Muslims and are so ignorant as to blindly condemn them as a group. That fatuous premise subtly supports invidious charges of “racism.” Presumably, that is not what you are implying.


  5. navysquid says:

    I told my unit buds the first time these “new IEDs” called EFP’s went off against our troops and we learned where they came from that we should hit a location for every time one of these went off on our patrols. It’s about time…

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  6. dufrst says:

    I have been thinking about Trump’s kill shot on Iranian lead terrorist Qassem Soleimani, who the Dems and the media are mourning. The anti-war factions are now out in force, even though they were dead silent during the Obama administration when he escalated the Afghanistan war, took out Gaddafi in Libya and got the US involved in the Syrian civil war. Trump now is suddenly a warmonger, which is absurd, since Trump has withdrawn troops out of Syria after he decimated ISIS, has withdrawn troops out of Afghanistan and has an actual cease fire in place with the Taliban, refrained from going to war with Turkey on behalf of the Kurds, after its incursion into Syria (in fact also negotiated a rather effective cease fire that has held) , and has engaged in direct diplomacy with Kim Jong Un, even as Obama told him that NK was going to be his greatest foreign policy challenge.

    So Trump has been very effective in the foreign policy space (a very tricky space indeed!). In the case of Iran, it’s clear to me that Trump has exercised restraint to Iran’s many provocations over the past year. I don’t see this decision by Trump as him finally retaliating against Iran. Remember he has placed severe sanctions on Iran and has resorted to escalating the sanctions for each new provocation that Iran has done, whether it was shooting down of the drone, the bombing of oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, or the direct attack on Saudi oil refining facilities. All of these provocations were met with increased sanctions and the very people who are now criticizing Trump on his decision to whack Soleimani, were questioning why Trump backed away from military engagement as a response before. It’s clear that Trump redline to engage militarily was not broached with those actions by Iran.

    Trump’s redline is now clear. Iranian attacks on US troops or bases in the region will be met with swift and decisive military action. It’s really that simple and because of how rational this redline is compared to the nonsense peddled by NeoCons/NeverTrump (who are in a quandary now that Trump has struck Iran harder than any president since Reagan) about pre-emptive wars or wars to protect Pax America in the Middle East, I can support this action, without believing that Trump gave in to the NeoCons! While the decision by Trump to take out Soleimani can be seen as disproportionate by some, it sent a loud and clear message to all around the world that Trump has a big, bright redline when it comes to harming US citizen or trying to engage against the US military. The mullahs in Iran now have to determine how they will retaliate to possibly save face. What’s clear to them is that if they retaliate against the US military or any US persons that they will face a disproportionate response by Trump that could imperil their very existence.

    The mullahs at this point only are able to retain legitimacy despite their demonstrable failures by portraying themselves as being oppressed by the West. But they prodded the US too far when they decided to launch an attack against our embassy in Iraq, killing an American. Trump sent the message that one American contractor is far more valuable to him than the highest ranking general being left alive for the sake of keeping things kosher with Iran (a lie from hell by the media and the Dems!). The Iranians have been at war with the US since the 1970s. The US has tried to de-escalate this state of affairs with engagement and a ridiculously slanted deal negotiated by the past administration and with Trump recent entreaties to renegotiate that same deal to make it more balanced, as he has of many other deals in the area of trade, NATO commitments and military alliance commitments by our “allies.” This is what Trump has set out the to do on a global basis, yet Iran thought it could get the better of him by seeing if they could get away with killing Americans.

    My prediction is that we will see Iran bide its time and try to affect the 2020 elections with a well timed attack that they hope will be used against Trump politically. The shameless and shallow Dems and their media allies have already signaled that they would blame Trump for Iran’s actions. If that is not election interference and collusion with a foreign entity then I don’t know what is! In the end, I believe Trump will have the support of rational American citizens, the majority in this country, who understands the malignancy of Iran and who will properly place blame for any attack by Iran where it rightfully belongs….With Iran!

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    • Payday says:

      Historically, Americans rally around the President during times of conflict. And near election assault will bring he’ll down upon them…and secure a PTs election. In my mind…that would be a best case scenario.

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  7. Ruckus Tom says:

    Love this President. It’s either black or white; yes or no; up or down; on or off. 2 choices. Make your choice wisely.

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    • Super Elite says:

      Binary yet on a continuum. You hit me once I hit you twice. You hit me twice I hit you three times. You hit me three times I hit you five times… Eight… Thirteen…Twenty-one… Kinda fibonacci.
      Always remember the only thing in the middle of the road are yellow strips and dead skunks.

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      • yucki says:

        I like it.

        Numbers have symbolic value in certain cultures.
        The “52” for Iran’s threatened “36” said we understand symbols too.
        We remember the 1979 Embassy hostage-taking, an act of war that was never avenged.
        The retaliation business is a two-way street.
        So think twice, you murderous devils.

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  8. Hans says:

    I see this all as a win win for President Trump. The Iraqi government voted for us withdrawal. The Kurd want the US to stay. We will withdraw from the southern portion of the country and secure the Kurds ho wants us to stay. The Kurds will have the oil revenue to support their government.
    Iran supposedly offered 80 million dollars for the head of PDT. This sort of rhetoric cuts the democrats argument of appeasement.

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    • gabytango says:

      Sadly, we know that the LIBS will use this $80M Bounty on every talk show saying our President asked for it by “assassinating” the Terrorist. I can hardly read the news anymore, watching our country be destroyed by their evil.

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    • navysquid says:

      Hans…”Iran supposedly offered 80 million dollars for the head of PDT. This sort of rhetoric cuts the democrats argument of appeasement.”

      Iranians = Democrats both have “shown” they want the head of PDJT. Sickening.


  9. Hans says:

    I also watched Sen Holland this morning on Fox News. He looked giddy at the news of the US attack. Expect the Democrats to get together with some Rinos and use this as a reason to impeach PDT.


  10. Pardon in advance the length. I mentioned up here a few weeks ago POTUS’ possible role as the preparatory Wolf King figure spoken of by The Family.

    There’s a curious article out today in the NYT (Chicago Tribune link attached) that reads like preemptive Pentagon ass-covering. Yes Soleimani’s name was on the list provided to POTUS, however:

    “In the chaotic days leading to the death of Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s most powerful commander, top American military officials put the option of killing him — which they viewed as the most extreme response to recent Iranian-led violence in Iraq — on the menu they presented to President Donald Trump.

    They didn’t think he would take it. In the wars waged since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Pentagon officials have often offered improbable options to presidents to make other possibilities appear more palatable.

    After initially rejecting the Soleimani option on Dec. 28 and authorizing airstrikes on an Iranian-backed Shiite militia group instead, a few days later Trump watched, fuming, as television reports showed Iranian-backed attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, according to Defense Department and administration officials.

    By late Thursday, the president had gone for the extreme option. Top Pentagon officials were stunned.”

    That’s right. The Pentagon was stunned –STUNNED I tell ya– that POTUS would select THAT name off THEIR menu. Nobody’s ever picked liver and onions before, exclaimed a prominent Pentagon chef. We really had to scramble in the kitchen to find liver! Yecch! But you know, we’re the Deep State and our job is to toil uncomplainingly for our beloved Commander-in-Chief. So liver it is!

    What Neocon POS put that name on the list and why wasn’t POTUS exhaustively appraised of the implications of such an assassination target, if he wasn’t fully appraised which I would suspect he wasn’t?

    Remember, the Pentagon stresses (always helped along by the NYT narrative engineers), we were in ‘chaotic days’, the fog of war and all that.

    I would submit that Soleimani was more than simply a State Actor. He was a Transcendent Actor, the Head of the IRGC, NOT even in the formal Iranian military chain-of-command which is an altogether separate military entity with an explicit (secular) State mission to defend the Islamic Republic of Iran as our military is ostensibly tasked to defend the United States of America.

    So what is the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (note no mention of Iran in its name)? Yes of course, the IRGC and its Quds Force is inextricably bound up in Iran, however its allegiance to such Sykes-Picot exactitudes as western nation-state primacy is cursory to say the least.

    The reason I define the key IRGC demarcation/mission as transcendent (of nation-state lines) is because its war is defined as Dar al-Islam against Dar al-Harb, Islam against the Enemies of Islam. We define this sprawling and impervious mission with explicit spiritual/non-scular coordinates as being inherently terroristic. I don’t want to delve that POV here.

    What I DO want to say is that Soliemani is perhaps the one figure on the planet whose assassination possesses the emotional power to galvanize the heretofore ‘un-galvanizable’ Sunni and Shia divide. That’s quite a trick.

    Already we have Leon Panetta diving in to say ‘he was never on one of OUR lists.’ Well, he wasn’t on Trump’s list either. He was on a Pentagon list presented to Trump. Whoever put that name on the list may have opened what the Muslims like to call The Gates of Hell.

    Even if Khamenei wanted to tactically ratchet back the escalation dynamic in closed-door negotiations, he is powerless to do so. The gasoline is split on the streets now. Soleimani is the Che Gevara of the 2020s.

    This chickenshit CYA leaked to the NYT is evidence someone knows they’ve opened a generational can of exploding worms. If Trump brushed aside sage counsel and went ahead anyway, let him weather the political storm. My guess is he was helped along by less-than-comprehensive counsel. Somebody wants the war to end all wars.

    The ‘stupid endless wars’ of the last 20 years (as Trump characterized them and probably the key reason I voted fro him) were hardly mistakes it seems, but mere prelude to something worse. Trump’s degree of knowing buy-in may not matter much anymore.

    Who would want a quasi-spiritual figure such as Soleimani assassinated? Why, fellow (and diametric) Christian Zionist military-religionists, Pence and Pompeo (as the NYT article suggests). Panetta is sketching out the opening volley of Impeachment part 2. President Pence anyone?


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    • Hans says:

      I believe that there is the Iranian Centifuges issue. It was only a matter of time till that issue needed to be addressed. It became obvious the Obamas Nevil Chamberlain appeasement act had failed to change Iran’s nuclear ambition.
      I also believe Israel had some input to this decision and with Democratic impeachment there was little deterrent to action.
      I also believe the democrats impeachment initiative emboldened Iran. The current unrest in Basra Iraq can be attributed to the Atlantic council and George Soros.
      Gen Suleimani said he was going to take care of the issue in Baghdad then follow up with straightening out Basra.

      So I come to the conclusion that there are many issues and factions in action. We are in uncharted territory. Democratic undermining our President for the last 3 years have not helped our nation. We are here because of political corruption/globalism

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    • RhoTheta says:

      I don’t necessarily subscribe to the above theory, but it is interesting. It purports to say that, by accident, the Pentagon’s menu of options included one that was wildly extreme – Assasinate Islam’s proto-messiah. They never though Trump would select it, but he did. They hadn’t planned that far ahead, because that choice, though they proffered it, was inconceivable! Therefore, they had no after-action plan to exploit Trump’s choice.

      MY belief is, that if Trump made this choice, God was guiding that choice, and the result is up to Him. This choice might have shaken up the power structure in Iran, but probably way beyond that. If Trump will do that, what will he do to Little Kim? What would he do to various cartel leaders in Mexico? What about China concerning SK or Hong Cong?

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  11. Hans says:

    The Gateway Pundit has an article about Iran/Muslims looking for “lovers of Martyrdom” and to strike around the world. So much for the religion of peace.
    Now I know that I might have offended some but then look at all the bombs going off EVERYDAY in Sweden. I learned long ago it only takes one side to start a war.
    I know there are those who will want to put this all on PDT. This started long before his term in office. I do know one thing… I FEEL GOOD PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DEFENDING OUR NATION AND CONSTITUTION.

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  12. Ausonius says:

    Michael Oren, Israel’s former ambassador to America, during an interview on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show last week, commented that MAObama’s payment of $150 Billion was a shock to Israel, and that it was completely predictable that the money would go to finance terrorism against Israel and the Western World, and that it would not go for kindergartens, infrastructure and rainbows and unicorns in Iran.

    It is time to remind America about that massive mistake, that Iran’s continued plotting around the world is the problem, and that socking the bully – or killing him – is precisely what must be done.

    No more Mafia-style “insurance” payments, no more ransom payments, no more accommodations to make sure the bully is happy.

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  13. Frank says:

    I don’t want any more foreign wars. If it comes down to armed conflict, let’s just use nukes this time. Let’s turn entire Iranian cities into massive radioactive craters. No US troops on the ground.


  14. Gerry says:

    PDJT did the right thing by eliminating Solimani when he had the chance. They had intel of future plots and he violated the UN sanction travel ban. He was protecting Americans and American sovereign soil/the US Embassy.
    Hopefully the President and his staff can now formulate a coherent message regarding terror cells and pallets of cash that are being used for terrorism. If our intel knows about these terror cells then round them up. Where the hell was the Intel community to track down these bastards. Give these under employed intel”specialists” something useful to do instead of tracking and setting up political adversaries and law abiding Americans, instead of instant messaging themselves hundreds of times a day about the resistance, and protecting the country from a duly elected President as well as developing “insurance policies.” If we do get hit by a sleeper cell, I hope PDJT is able to put the onus right back on the intel county, yes you, FBI agents and CIA anal-lists, who were not doing your job and wasting resources that should have used for real national security. He should do it now before it could happen to put the deep state on notice. It is on them if something happens, not PJDT.
    If the cash is parked in overseas financial institutions lock them up and shut them down. But remind them that the cash came from Obama and no one in Congress, yes both Dems and unfortunately feckless Republicans, did not challenge or prevent it from happening. Obama appropriated funds without the Consent of a Republican lead House?? Funny, they get all upset about a few hundred million for a wall but didn’t say squat about paying off Iran with no questions asked. Yes, thats on you Nancy, Chuckie, Linsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Steve Scalise and McCarthy. Now that should have been an impeachable offense.

    And finally, PDJT needs to personalize this. The President needs to remind his critics of all those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines and the Gold Star families who have been killed or maimed by IEDs that we knew were coming from Iran, that this action was justified. We’ve known this FOR YEARS, but our leaders were cowards. That includes you, Rep. Slotnik, from Michigan, who stated she had friends and colleagues killed or hurt and felt it was not worth it to take action. Talk about appeasement, well this is the current day version that was seen in WW 2.
    If they disagree have them talk to these families and all those wounded warriors horrifically maimed. Instruct them to take a trip to Walter Reed National Medical Center to visit these people. It’s eye opening. I work at Walter Reed Hospital. I have treated some of these special individuals. It breaks my heart to see what has happened to them and at the same time it infuriates me that if we knew who was supplying the material and know how to make the IEDs and that we did not take the required action previously. Finally, we have a leader willing to make the tough calls and do the right thing.

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  15. USA Citizen Trump Supporter says:

    Our enemies are laughing at the Democrat Party for trying to impeach President Trump.
    Our enemy would love to see Biden or all the other Democrat become President, then our
    enemy would take over the United States. If that’s what you want Democrats, go ahead
    and vote a pathetic Democrat candidate, but you better be ready to join the enemies
    rules, cause you won’t be free anymore, or you won’t be alive. If you want a free and
    prosperous country like the USA has due to President Trump’s great leadership, then vote for President Trump. He cares about you, the Democrat party doesn’t.


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