Mission Accomplished – Chaos Created – The Pompeo, Esper and Milley Iraq Operation…

If they think Iran is attempting to bait the U.S. into military action in Iraq that will facilitate the agenda of Iran… then why would Pompeo, Esper and Milley take the bait?

The most likely answer is because they (DoS/CIA) wanted to take the bait… then stage an overreaction (DoD)…. and call it “defensive” (DoS)… which makes matters worse…. and draws us in deeper (DoD/DoS)… which is the excuse for war with Iran…. which is ultimately the end goal.

Only this time it’s obvious…



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314 Responses to Mission Accomplished – Chaos Created – The Pompeo, Esper and Milley Iraq Operation…

  1. sunnyflower5 says:

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  2. Skidroe says:

    I certainly don’t trust Nikki Haley! Do the opposite of what she says Mr. President and you will be fine.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Haley, and include little Marco, are ideal “reverse barometers”, I agree 100%.
      They tried to entrap him, into firing mueller team,
      Then, they tried to engineer a recession,
      Then, they tried this Ukranian nonsense,
      And now they are trying (for at least the SECOND time, the first being the drone and oil tanker attacks) to suck him into a QUAGMIRE trap.

      None of it has worked, in fact it has failed utterly, and PDJT’s support has grown, AS A DIRECT RESULT OF HIS ENEMIES ACTIONS, and yet they keep digging themselves deeper.

      They won’t learn, they won’t stop, they will just keep coming. At the least, they all must be utterly and completely discredited, if not outright destroyed.

      THEY are the ones making it clear, by THEIR actions, that “Unconditional Surrender” is the only acceptable outcome.

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  3. Reserved55 says:

    An Iraqi official reveals .. the handover of “Al-Hussaini” the security of the Green Zone by order of Soleimani

    “A senior Iraqi security official revealed on Thursday that the appointment of Lieutenant General Tahseen al-Aboudi, nicknamed “Abu Muntazer al-Husseini,” responsible for the security of the Green Zone in central Baghdad, was made under direct orders from the commander of the Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, in a plan aimed at intimidating diplomatic missions in the country.”

    The official, who asked not to be named, added that “Al-Aboudi assumed his duties as commander of the special squad immediately after entering Iraq in the stage of constitutional vacuum last Sunday.”

    “He added that the reason for this is due to “Iran’s determination to tighten control of the Green Zone, which includes the offices of the three Iraqi presidencies and the buildings of the American, British and Saudi embassies, and the rest of the embassies and diplomatic missions.”


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  4. MaineCoon says:

    Here ya go. Straight from POTUS.

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    • C-Low says:

      Exactly as a US president representing the US people and their interest should be. Attack the US and response WILL NOT be meaningless shows of force but measured with high cost to the aggressor. Wanna escalate well we don’t wanna go there (don’t have to) but don’t be fooled we know were the aggressor orders flow from, and have full ability and will to go directly to source if so forced.

      God I love Trump. The “this is not a Warning, it is a Threat” spoken like a true American. The poliitick elite must just be riling with how the wording is so un-cultured. A two page word soup of convoluted apology, threat/innuendo, question, escape nuances, would have played much better.

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    • Sunshine says:

      No later than one week ago, I saw videos out of Iraq with so many anti-regime protestors chanting themes such as ”No Islam, No Christians, We want democracy”.

      The high majority of the protesters are in their twenties. I figure they are fed up with Islamic prohibitions and Iran’s takeover of the area. It’s one hell of a ‘religion’. Many people don’t understand this is a religious war.

      AS to the Prime Minister of Iraq, he’s another hostage of Iran.

      Maybe Trump’s strategy now is to spread out Iran’s forces as to make them vulnerable not only in the Mid-East but also at home. That would explain the USA airstrikes so far from Kirkuk.

      P.S.: The guy Hannity was talking with, I don’t trust.

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  5. mtg50 says:

    It seems that in this analysis the weakness of the articles of impeachment and the obvious corrupt nature of the whole process has been forgotton. There is no credible impeachment being held over the President’s head. He is holding all the impeachment cards as well as the Durham/Barr cards over the Democrats and deep state players. President Trump is not in a bind and he will easily play this to his and America’s advantage. This can be seen already by his actions and yes his tweets.It’s not clear that this is a ploy, but if it is, it is quite ineffective.

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    • Doug Amos says:

      He has not lied and never stolen a dime; compared to the rest of the garbage, how can he be in trouble?

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    • GB Bari says:

      Both you and Doug Amos have apparently forgotten that the Senate is full of corrupt politicians who would very much like to remove President Trump from office.

      They don’t need hard, irrefutable evidence to vote to convict. They can convict on the flimsiest of “evidence.” Despite the CJSCOTUS presiding, the Senate trial is not a judicial branch legal proceeding. Impeachment is 100% political and subject to all the corruption that exists.

      McConnell is likely holding the threat of conviction over the Presidents head if PDJT tries to expose the corruption among the NeoCon war mongers and defy their wishes.

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      • MGBSE says:

        Except…the filthy RINO traitor, never-trumper Republicans know President Trump knows their secrets…and will reveals ALL of their criminal secrets – like Romney’s son – if they betray him.


  6. C-Low says:

    I don’t agree with this post. This doesn’t seem like a conspiracy.

    1. This is not the first missile attack on US bases, (its the first to draw US casualties and the first death.)
    2. Trump has refused response to above attacks and others i.e. the drone downing under the direct stated condition that no US blood was shed. Adding the caveat that if US blood is/was shed response will/would come. While measured it will be scaled to the value of US blood.
    3. Those missiles, launchers, and vehicles were abandoned prior to launch to avoid the response. Pretty easy to assume just like the local units heading the attack more than likely went to ground aswell. If we only responded to US blood spilled with blowing up a few dud missiles and empty equipment or buildings that would just not be Trump style. That is some BS Obama the pansy would do, a meaningless show of force. I would be pissed and I imagine many others would be. It would encourage further attacks with more US loss. Very simply if you don’t have the nut to back the troops sent overseas don’t allow them to be sent PERIOD. The US doesn’t have sacrificial pawns.
    4. The response was measured 5 US hurt 5 Iranian allied militia bases eliminated. 1 US killed, response 25+ dead one major leader some Iranian agents. Personally I am a 1000 fold type but Ill take it, its a hell allot better than our last 20+years of politicks can swallow.

    Its like when we first had to lay the marker with Russia in Syria. They sent Wagner and a large group of militia across the Euphrates to attack the US forces/SDF forces we called for their pull back Russian hot line said not their forces (lie later proven) we took off the chain and their rear bridges blew up preventing retreat or reinforcement while US air obliterated the force. No such further action taken.

    Trump is anti war but at the sametime he is no dam pacifist pansy. You spill US blood expect response in fold. US citizenship especially a US flag on a deployed US soldier should be well understood to mean if you scratch it blood will pour from your side. It is exactly what many have been screaming and Trump answered, soldiers will not be punished for doing what they must in battle i.e. Trump actions, and every soldier carries the full vengeance potential of the US military i.e. Trump actions.

    Note the Iranian response was unarmed but uniformed Iranian controlled militia. They didn’t roll in with any explosives or heavy arms to penetrate the building and the Apaches overhead made sure they didn’t misunderstand.

    I think this is Trump directed action it matches his thinking and prior actions. We cannot just give up on the rest of the world (chaos is just as bad for business as open war) but at the sametime we are not fighting their battles for them anymore albiet we will support viable allies in their fight while at the sametime you mess with our forces expect measured response in fold.

    Now its the Iraqi gov turn. You kick US out fine we will leave happily with all our toys, assistance, and money. If you don’t then accept the reality we will respond to any aggression to our forces. Don’t like it control your own people, we do. Iran you wanna fight in open warfare (see above tweet not targeting some militia but Iran directly) well we are able can and will, if not well we will continue to economically strangle you while supporting our allies vs your proxies, all the while leaving open the door of your joining the civilized world rules of play.

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    • Loggerman says:

      Great posts, it’s the presidents decision to respond tomthis attack that killed one of our contractors. To think somehow he was deceived by Pompeo et al just takes away from his great and reasoned leadership.

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    • Somebody's Gramma says:

      I agree with you, although I do not understand all the in’s and out’s of the wars in the Middle East. I do know and most Americans know, at some level, that the endless wars (military industrial complex) are by design and must be stopped. Trump was all over this in spite of Sundance’s criticism, later retracted in a way via tweet. Yes, only a clear eyed, level headed, full blooded patriotic American would react the way Trump does. I am grateful for it.

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      • C-Low says:

        I don’t pretend to be no expert of Arab politics. But I do know some basic history. They have been conquered and occupied by almost every great power through history. They seem to have no loyalty past survival, or maybe easier to the strong arm of the moment (guessing by necessity of being conquered multiple times).

        -The ME is the economic energy center of the world. Even at full exploitation here and everywhere else that production could not be replaced.
        -US historical interest is US Economic while at sametime working to maintain balance in different regions so no single power can rise to challenge US global interest. NOTE this is not the resent politick elite’s convoluted version of gun boat democracy, nation building, and humanitarian war clap trap.
        -Allowing Iran or Turkey or the GCC or Russia or anyone or even just chaos to control the ME and its resources would be very bad for the world economy and by extension US economic interest.

        Trump is not a pacifist he is a business man that is a patriot and wants to protect US economic interest. He is ending the previous policies and returning to policies of supporting viable allies to promote balance in the regions of the world. i.e. pushing Japan others to build up their military to check China, NATO to meet requirements to check Russia, Ukraine actual weapons to protect themselves vs Russian meddling. At the sametime he is avoiding fighting their wars for them i.e. the resent Syrian Kurd issue vs Turkey we directly supported them against ISIS but we are not going to fight their century plus conflict with Turkey for them it is not in our interest, we offer diplo support for a viable ally. All the while we are the US we don’t look for direct confrontation you can talk, you can fight our friends, but don’t mess with our forces we can and will respond to whatever level you wanna go to.

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      • Sunshine says:

        Mid-East wars are all religious wars. Islam has many factions and, once the Jews and Christians are wiped out or of no value, they kill each other between factions. That’s why they need dictators.

        Iraq will never know peace until the country is partitioned: Shia, Sunni, Khurds. The Kurdish area has the oil.

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    • Drogers says:

      C-Low –

      Agree. And while I’m neither as wordy as you nor as smart as SD, my fallback position since SD has been beating the Pompeo, Esper and Milley conspiracy drum is as follows:

      PDJT has no hesitation in calling out those that would be crossways to his plans. It’s that all three are still gainfully employed that leads me to believe all three are operating well within set parameters.


    • icthematrix says:

      Agree, as I can’t see any situation where elements imitate action like this without full consultation with, and approval by, PDJT. Is he being led astray? Possible, as the fishy smell with this is strong. But agree that the response fits his policy approach.


  7. Johnny Dollar says:

    A presidential tweet 38 minutes ago

    “The U.S. Embassy in Iraq is, & has been for hours, SAFE! Many of our great Warfighters, together with the most lethal military equipment in the world, was immediately rushed to the site. Thank you to the President & Prime Minister of Iraq for their rapid response upon request….
    .Iran will be held fully responsible for lives lost, or damage incurred, at any of our facilities. They will pay a very BIG PRICE! This is not a Warning, it is a Threat. Happy New Year!”

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  8. jrapdx says:

    To be sure I can’t say I know more than anyone else writing here. But “the big picture” in the middle east shows the corrosive effects of Iranian support of terrorism throughout the region. Furthermore Iran has been a disruptive element in Iraq and Lebanon where extensive protests have been occurring against the malign Iranian influence. The brutality of the Iranian dictatorship against their own people has been horrendous.

    While it could be argued Iran’s aggression is none of our business, IMO that’s a shortsighted, head-in-the-sand stance. The resulting instability is bound to be adverse to US interests, hence action against Iran or its proxies may well be justified.

    The current controversy will be settled most likely sooner than later. The President is tweeting about the matter today, it’s evident he knows what’s happened. My impression is he remains in charge of the situation.

    I doubt there will be a general war with Iran. Bullies like Iran back down when confronted, and likely that’s what will occur in this case. Though I suspect the war of words will continue unabated.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Let’s say Iran miscalculates and earns a full-on strike.

      The US responds and destroys much of Iran’s foreign adventures. Just like that — and then the US refuses to engage further. As they always have, Iran still has their terrorism threat but if they made their move then, it would be foolhardy to the extreme. I’ll note that it would be a great time to harden border controls of all types. I’m not commenting on the wisdom of being engaged in the middle east, much less getting in even deeper, but rather the relative ease at with which we can eliminate Iran’s (or anyone else’s) “tools” of alternative diplomacy.

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      • jrapdx says:

        If Iran does something extremely foolhardy I agree the US will respond strongly and more or less proportionately. That is, “proportionate” along the lines of the recent strikes, 5 dozen Iranian/proxy fighters for one American life lost. And of course in the process the US inflicts definitive loss of military assets.

        But no all-out, extended war with Iran. Iran will be left to pick up the pieces, but after their capabilities are devastated they’ll not be able to sustain supporting terrorism.

        Consequently the people of Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and even Gaza will have a shot at establishing real freedom and self-governance. With any luck it might apply to the Iranian people as well.


  9. Johnny Dollar says:

    For all you posters with your war panties in a bunch , Presidential tweet 26 minutes ago sez – relax, and asks you:
    “Who had the best KO of 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣?”

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    • Dutchman says:

      Its obvious the enemies of PDJT are trying ANYTHING they can, to bring down his Presidency, and regularly ordering out of the Acme catalogue.

      And one way to try to damage a Presidents reelection, is by getting him involved in a foriegn military engagement.

      So, I think its POSSIBLE this may have been an attempt to engineer something.
      Doesn’t mean it will WORK, anymore than the last,…who knows how many failed attempts by his enemies.

      I agree PDJT has,”got this”; he saw it coming, and has prepared for anything they could try to throw at him.

      It remains the BEST analogy, he is the roadrunner, they are wiley coyote.
      They can’t win, and THATS what drives them batsh*t crazy.

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    • TMonroe says:

      Gotta go with Howie Kendrick for best KOs against the Dodgers and Astros


  10. I have zero problem with taking out 5 Hezbollah positions after warning them that killing Americans was a Red Line. Obama set down a Red Line and crawled away. Should we let them drive us out of our Embassy, too?

    I do think Mitch is using impeachment for leverage. But I don’t think the Deep State wants a war with Iran–certainly not the Obama/Brennan Deep State. Hell, they surrendered to Iran. Mitch barely objected to the Iran Deal. Brennan let them do Khobar Towers and Barry gave them everything they wanted including Iraq. McCain and Obama created the Free Syrian Army aka ISIL to conquer Syria as a gift to the Ayatollah. The rabble-rouser outside the Embassy today was Sotero’s dinner guest.

    They may be trying to thwart an Afghan or Iraq withdrawal, but even they know America is sick of these shithole wars.

    You know you’ve been at war too long when your former detainees are serving in Congress.

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  11. Liberty Forge says:

    It goes something like this: Either you trust our President Trump 100%, or you don’t.

    For some unfathomable reason, I trust this man 100% — and I am not a religious person — and by that I mean I have a real problem with organized religion.

    That said, there most definitely is EVIL and GOOD. Both exist.

    But, there is something unique and remarkable about this one man. He is evidently “hearing” things we just don’t hear. He apparently has an insight & touchstone we just don’t have.

    They — and the “they” encompasses a lot of varying forces — have been and are throwing every single obstacle (evil) they can throw at this one man — yet he remains unscathed.

    With each dilemma that occurs, my very first reaction is — oh my God! (not religious, still that is the reaction). And that reaction is what “they” want us to keep & cling to.

    Let it go. It all somehow works out.

    Our President has this. Trust him. Come back to peace.

    If you stay in that “oh my God” mode, you’re not helping — and you’re lost.

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    • TWOHAWK says:

      Belief, and faith in our creator is nothing to do with organized religion. We are tasked to prove all things, not blindly accept what another man says, because truth out of the mouths of men is rare.


  12. listingstarboard says:

    This country does not agree on much but the two issues that most do agree on are NO MORE WAR and NO MORE ILLEGALS.

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  13. Last CT Conservative says:

    Sundance, you are a savant when it comes to reading the political winds in today’s headlines.
    Kudos for seeing the plot behind Pelosi’s delay.
    Here however I think you may be getting ahead of the cart. There is an interesting pattern in President Trump’s twitter page recently. From late Dec. 27, until late Dec. 31, all of his tweets have been either retweets or one liners. This is not normal, someone else has been tweeting for him. My theory is President Trump had some kind of minor procedure performed, or his handlers took away his twit-box.
    Interesting, no?


  14. 335blues says:

    I have a great idea.
    Let’s just take out the ayatollah, a few key others,
    and arm the Iranian people. I believe the Iranian people
    would love to have a fighting chance to take back their country.
    It would be a win/win/win outcome.
    None of our brave men and women soldiers get killed
    in another useless Mid East war,
    the war machine in America gets to use
    tons of munitions and arms that of course would
    have to be replaced thereby insuring lots of profits for those companies,
    and as a bonus, all of our military leaders get to fight
    another war by proxy, which they love.


  15. trnathens says:

    To me, BIG PRICE (his CAPS, not mine), means he’s about to tank their economy instantly. Will cause MASSIVE internal strife. Mullahs gone quickly.

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  16. MaineCoon says:

    Here’s a short clip of the Marines landing at the Embassy.

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  17. Screw it. Stop messing around in Iraq and take the battle to Tehran. Bomb THEM when their proxies attack Americans anywhere.


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  18. California Joe says:

    Why is it that Democrat Presidents don’t have traitors and saboteurs in their Cabinet? I’m speechless that SD would call out Pompeo and Esper as deliberately lying to President Trump about the Iranian attacks! Shouldn’t Pompeo and Esper have unquestioned loyalty to the President of the United States who appointed them to their positions? What’s the end game for Mike Pompeo after his betrayal becomes evident to President Trump? An unceremonious firing by the President along with public ridicule! Who would want such a disgrace!!!

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    • arsumbris says:

      Because a Democrat president would naturally be a traitor and saboteur, bought and paid for, elected as a figurehead to rubber-stamp the agenda of the Deep State.

      It does get a little haphazard around here on CTH, where the president’s entire cabinet is assumed to be Deep State traitors until proven otherwise. That being said, we can prove that the DoD, IC, and JCOS are Deep State, and work against the president no matter who Trump installs to reign them in.

      Flynn might have been the only Trump appointee that would have aggressively and unambiguously fought the Deep State. There are indications from Barr that he might be of a similar stripe, a loyal soldier, but he’s a Sphinx and a bureaucratic chess player, so he leaves us guessing as to his true alignment.

      Bottom line, the fight against the Deep State coup will probably span our lifetimes. It won’t be completed while Trump is president. He’s just the beginning of a long war to clean out the swamp.

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  19. Reserved55 says:

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  20. not2worryluv says:

    Iran using our tax dollars sent to them in the middle of the night by the Obama Administration to attack the USA.
    Obama, Hillary, Kerry, Brennan, Jarrett, Clapper and the whole Democratic Party have blood on their hands.

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    • Our problems in the ME stretch back DECADES, even prior to our support of the Shah. But, I believe a HUGE MISTAKE was made when we allowed those religious zealots to hold out diplomats hostage for over 400 days with no serious military response. One SURE way to embolden an inferior opponent is to allow him to hurt you, but do nothing in return.


  21. Arrest Soros says:

    Too much is being made of, and too much is being read between the lines in the events in Iraq.
    If the warmongers (be they US DS or Iran) wanted a firefight, the protestors outside the US embassy would have been armed with AK 47s and RPG and such. THEY HAVE STICKS AND STONES.

    As for claims that the US hit a target many miles away from the initial militia rocket attack that killed a contractor, that’s because that’s where the weapons were stashed. The US destroyed a weapons dump belonging to Iran proxy.

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    • The Iranian agitators outside our Embassy Gates would love nothing more than to provoke a deadly response and then claim the dead were “unarmed civilians”


      • TWOHAWK says:

        No, they are pawns in a war to make POTUS look bad! The Iranians really really don’t want PDJT attacking the homeland. But, they know we would concentrate on hardware and military personnel. Plus, there’s some other stuff going on, and there is no one accurately translating that, right now.


        • The workings of the ME are always complex, but I do believe the Iranian Mullahs believe we don’t have the cajones to take the fight TO them.

          underestimating THIS President is a serious mistake.

          Unlike Jimmy Carter, HE won’t let them hold out nation hostage for 444 days. And, unlike Obama, he won’t send them billion$ in cash.

          I DO hope he sends Tehran BILLION$ in ordnance, though. Even if he has to wait until AFTER he’s re-elected.


    • TWOHAWK says:

      Hear Hear! They had matches and a battering ram. No teeth!


  22. James W Crawford says:

    Once the embassy is secured, President Trump is going to respond to the US Embassy attack by destroying Iran’s Uranium enrichment facilities and Plutonium production reactor. No boots on the ground, just Stealth bombers and cruise missiles.

    The ayotollahs are going to be distraught.

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  23. The ante is about to be upped:

    The U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division’s alert brigade has been issued orders to deploy rapidly to Kuwait amid the unrest in Baghdad, three U.S. defense officials told Fox News on Tuesday.



  24. alliwantissometruth says:

    “The greatest thing America can do for the rest of the world,” George Kennan once observed, “is to make a success of what it is doing here on this continent and to bring itself to a point where its own internal life is one of harmony, stability and self-assurance.”


  25. I don’t trust Secretary of Defense Esper or the Joint Chief of Staff nor a former CIA head Pompeo…mostly Esper seems like a snake and so does Milley…Pompeo is probably a snake also, but I like to think he isn’t.


  26. Bth says:

    Great analysis here in the comments…


  27. Bth says:

    Great analysis here in the comments…


  28. Nothing has changed with Iran since 1979. The only difference is we now have a kick-ass President. A weak president like Carter was controlled by the deep state. Yes, they were there back then too. Trump is not a weak President, so I fully expect the outcome to be entirely different. For now, the deep state is doing its damnest to wage war. Trump will not rush to war. What he will do is turn this situation around, expose our enemies, and embolden our allies. A few airstrikes at the heart Iranian military may be in store, but you know DJT. He will give them no choice but to make the first move.


  29. Tom Jones says:

    All those years losing blood, sweat, years and treasure for nothing. NEVER AGAIN. The neocons and neoliberals should NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HAVE POWER AGAIN! Traitors. All of them. From now on politicians kids should automatically be drafted into the military if they start a war. The Bush GOP was an incredibly evil group of BS con artists. I can’t believe I ever voted for Bush or Romney. Makes me sick to my stomach.


  30. WES says:

    I think SD has called this crisis correctly. The problem is not in Iraq nor in Iran. They are the symphem!

    The problem is walking down the hallways of the US government! The unelected deep state.

    The deep state wants President Trump out at all costs. There is nothing they won’t try.

    Most Treepers know the deep state tried to “will” a recession into being. That failed.

    Most Treepers are not aware that the deep state tried again to create a recession. This effort was spearheaded by ex-Fed of NYC, Dudley. He called for his former staff to create a recession by using the powers of the Fed to trigger a crisis in the overnight Repo market. Powell has spent the last 4 months putting the fire in the Repo market out. This Repo fire was likely deliberately caused by Dudley’s former staff still working in the NYC Fed office. What happened in the Report market has deep state’s finger prints all over it!

    Having failed to create a recession, the increasingly desperate deep state has now tried to drag President Trump into an unpopular war with Iran, so he will lose the 2020 election.

    So we need to be on guard for more future desperate attempts by deep state to remove President Trump.

    Hopefully President Trump is aware of these threats and is able to contain them.


  31. Rj says:

    Osama allowed the Iraqi government to be filled with Iranian terrorists after sacrificing over 3000 American lives. Extortion 17 was a direct result of Osama giving up more Americans for the killing of his brother bin laden. Glass parking lots should be a plenty in this part of this earth to silence all of them.

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    • LouisianaTeaRose says:

      Had to think about that “glass parking lot”


    • Vicus says:

      OBL died from kidney disease in 2006.
      Soetoro seeking reelection in 2011 announces Osama dead (no evidence, no pics, no body).
      Prevent Seal Team Six members from speaking “we were not involved in such an operation” taken out in ~2 months later. Given the US military almost seems to have facilitated the shoot down of Extortion 17 and denies there ever was a “black box” (after stating there was).


  32. Rynn69 says:

    We are NOT going to go to war with Iran no matter how much the neocons push it. PDJT is not stupid. There are many ways to respond to a conflict.


  33. Arrest Soros says:

    Did we all forget that an Iranian consulate was burned to the ground (consulate staff escaped via back door) in Iraq just a month ago?


    What’s happened today is just a bit of temper tantrums and retaliation by Iran and the Quds leadership.
    Nothing to do with coup plots, impeachment, Deep State actors or subversive Trump cabinet members.


  34. fred5678 says:

    Analysis of Iran’s recent failures in Iraq:

    Iran’s back-to-back defeats in Iraq

    And Iran backed attack that started it all:


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