Antifa Leftists Riot in London Following Massive Election Loss…

Following a major election victory for conservatives in the U.K. the Antifa-left start rioting in the streets again.  Proving once more that socialists do not accept election outcomes.

The vitriolic response from the British socialists resembles an almost identical response following the 2016 election victory of President Trump.  Same groups, same political ideology, same behavior, same violence, rage and expressed anger.

The inability of the progressive left to accept the outcome of an election is identical in both the U.K and the U.S.  Calling Boris Johnson a racist and attempting to delegitimize the election outcome has a ring of familiarity for Americans.

The decades of their united globalist efforts to tear at the very fabric of nationalism is being eliminated. The radical socialists have nothing to lose; the media is sympathetic to their objectives; their desperate need for a collectivist society is visible within their apoplexy.  They are afraid of the individual accountability that comes with freedom, and they’re damn sure displaying it.

Do not look away.

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392 Responses to Antifa Leftists Riot in London Following Massive Election Loss…

  1. RLTW says:

    AR 15 rifles. Imagine what would happen if the protesters in Hong Kong had Second Amendment rights. What if they were all equipped with assault rifles?

    4 hundred million privately owned firearms are the only reason that the US Government can’t align with ANTIFA and round us up. Those rifles are at your disposal President Trump.

    If the time comes you but need give the order.

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  2. Pokey says:

    Easy to see the George Soros open borders money flying around the streets of London. He thinks he is changing the world for the aristocratic class. He naturally assumes his 25 billion buys him a membership in that club. What an idiot. Time for a big boat to blow up in the Atlantic Ocean.


  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    Look how these scum suckers hide their faces like they do but once the police arrest them and unmask them and take them off the jail


  4. Kerry_On says:

    No one is covering it because there is an absolute NEWS BLACKOUT over here, but Ireland is going through much the same thing. Antifa and NUMEROUS other Soros/EU/UN funded NGO groups pushing every Cultural Marxist, Progressive agenda item facilitated by a totally corrupt and inept Leftist government headed by our “FIRST Openly Gay Taoiseach (Prime Minister). He makes Trudeau look positively macho! He can’t blow his nose without direct instructions from Brussels. They are still able to silence most of the native population with threats of calling them “Racists” if they dare oppose the “Open Borders” policy that is used to crush opposition.


  5. Zippy says:

    Warning: very small amount of foul language. Excellent video from PJW as usual:

    Leftist Losers React to UK Election


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