IG Horowitz Senate Testimony on FBI FISA Abuse During Election – 10:00am ET Livestream…

The Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearing entitled “Examining the Inspector General’s Report on Alleged Abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act” will be held today at 10:00am Eastern.

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1,794 Responses to IG Horowitz Senate Testimony on FBI FISA Abuse During Election – 10:00am ET Livestream…

  1. mikeyboo says:

    Sure wish we could have cloned Adm Mike Rogers.

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  2. Justah says:

    Sure wish even ONE CongressCritter would have asked Horowitz about the 2 step process – which would allow the politically incorrect term “spy” on any person that Carter Page talked to, met, had ANY contact with ….. in other words, anyone on the Trump Campaign,

    We all know that was the point of the illegal FISA Warrant …. Why didn’t the GOP CongressCritters know that? Or ask about it?


  3. Ackman419 says:

    There it is in black and white. Not that any trump haters will care.
    No collusion, per Mueller and his death squad.
    Clear falsification of evidence AFTER it was determined that no evidence was found that could justify a FISA warrant.
    Even perp walks won’t fix this.
    These are the stinking guts of our govt, law enforcement, and courts spilled out on the ground for anyone to see. I’m not suggesting this, but they should have Kennedied PDJT when they could, because this is the kind of shit which will radicalize people who already HATE the govt, LEO, and courts.
    I’m not a “civil war” guy, but what other conclusions can one come to if this isn’t corrected?
    Our Lion can only do so much, and the entire apparatus is against him.

    Hint:it won’t be corrected. The same congress people who are asking the questions are in on it in a variety of ways. Shit is not looking good.
    God Bless and protect President Trump


  4. free2313 says:

    Am I the only person who believes Lindsey Graham is completely drunk???


  5. FPCHmom says:

    They all knew it was a hoax, including senators like Lindsay Graham –

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  6. Republicanvet91 says:

    I symbolically add this comment just to make it 1776 on this impeachment farce.


  7. CTH Fan says:

    I turned the hearing off after a while, especially after the Dems kept asking about investigation into AG Barr’s decision on the Mueller investigation.

    Two things stood out to me with regard to IG Horowitz:

    1). His body language and facial expressions were very telling. At times I had the volume turned down when the Dems were asking questions. The IG was much more animated and cheerful when responding to the Dems. Decidedly much more wary when responding to GOP Senators questions. He did not want to agree much to what they were asserting.

    2). He was downright gleeful on one occasion when being told by both Dem and GOP that they were going to remedy his being blocked from investigating senior law officials. That comment was made in reference to the Dem request that he investigate AG Barr and his response that it was not clear that he would have the authority to do so. I assume his reaction was in response to the question about AG Barr.

    AG Barr sir, please watch your back.

    I do not have much confidence in the Senate with regard to the impeachment trial. I see an elitist club of people who think they are superior to the people that put them there. The impression I come away with is, the President had better assert his legal authority to bring forward whomever he wishes in his defense and they had better put forward and assert by their presentation that they are equals to the people they are addressing.

    I am not at all impressed with the GOP Senators I heard today with exception of Lee, Cruz and maybe Graham.

    Be careful Mr. President and God Speed.


  8. bullnuke says:

    Congress says FISA needs to reformed. Show me the loophole that allowed the lies and deceit to take place. The only thing they need to do is jail those who broke the law to send a message. Jail time is a great deterrent.


    • Republicanvet91 says:

      Well, according to Comey and many in the leftist media, the only thing bad that happened in the entire IG report was that a low level lawyer changed an email causing a FISA to be issued, which made spying on a Presidential campaign possible.

      …and those same leftists will argue the FISA law is as robust as ever with many safeguards in place to prevent abuse.

      While ignoring many in senior FBI leadership being duped by that lawyer.

      Yeah, they should be looking at repealing it entirely.


  9. Retired IG says:

    Thank you for providing the live link to the Horowitz testimony CTH. I had to quit watching/listening because of Lindsey Graham who just wouldn’t STFU. Drunk or high on something (probably his ego), he just wouldn’t quit interrupting Horowitz.. The last thing I need in my life is more anger to digest and resolve and so I had to quit watching./listening. Just because of Lindsey. I desperately want put down his crack/ego pipe with his un-ending inanity.
    Think about it. Both Horowitz and Lindsey – are ” our US taxpayer dollars at work.” Yep. We pay both their salaries and will pay their pensions. I’m over the top okay with that re Horowitz. Lindsey not so much. Maybe drug tests and psychological evaluations ought to be required before a Senator can retire at U.S. taxpayer expense. Just saying.


  10. Troublemaker10 says:


  11. Troublemaker10 says:


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