President Trump Responds To Speaker Pelosi Announcing Assembly of Articles For Impeachment…

Earlier today President Trump responded to the House Judiciary Committee farcical construct of a constitutional academic panel:

Moments later, Speaker Pelosi announced her instructions to the House Chair to assemble articles of impeachment for House floor vote consideration.  In response to the Pelosi announcement President Trump tweeted:

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204 Responses to President Trump Responds To Speaker Pelosi Announcing Assembly of Articles For Impeachment…

  1. Brian Carey says:

    Trey Gowdy joins as legal counsel to the President in January. Let’s see if ‘Rooster-Head’ has any cattle on the ranch since leaving the House. He had no real authority to do anything against those he knew were corrupt. If nothing else, his questioning was probing enough that once in a higher profile position Trey might be able to deliver at least a decent shaming to those deserving of jail time. AG Barr must be aware of the consequences of this sham, the laws are already on the books and unless heads roll, he’ll lose his own.

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    • Jederman says:

      As designated leaker, (or does he have an actual function that doesn’t require positive results)?


      • Brian Carey says:

        Trey can redeem himself quite a bit as the President’s legal counsel in asking questions along the likes of which Jordan, Gaetz et alia back in the House were asking. Actually, I suspect if the threats of ‘Arkancide’ against his wife and children were neutralized, he’d make eunuchs of quite a few posers. He’d make a far better appointment than Chris Wray to clean up the FBI.


    • LouisianaTeaRose says:

      Say what you want. Trey Gowdy is spectacular in cross-examination.

      There ain’t NO WAY I would wanna be on the receiving end of THAT.

      He is brutal and very quick. Demoralizing to any witness who’s got stuff to hide.

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    • noswamp says:

      Tough metaphors. But people do not understand that we all know what they are doing now. And many will not tolerate the political game to continue as is. Protests will begin against the Republicans if they try to screw Trump in the Senate. And they will be huge.

      They have no idea how angry some people will get politically. Trillions are at stake they say, but the peoples’ voices are at stake and the lives of our families are at stake as well. Those of us posting on CTH, and the thousands of others that read this silently will not tolerate politically, the CoC to continue to throw the USA under the bus anymore. McConnell is the CoC’s puppet. We know. He will be stopped politically out of the gate. Guaranteed. As a Texan, I love Kentucky folks for that very reason. They will not tolerate this for a second. Kentucky folks understand what is at stake.

      I hope that everyone that reads this post contacts McConnell either via snail mail, email or phone to let him know that he should force people to testify. And that he should NOT protect the swamp or CoC. The old days of making money off USA taxpayers are gone forever. He needs to protect the President, not the swamp.

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  2. Mike in a Truck says:

    Hey! Remember that “Binding Spell” those stupid witches around the world were supposed to put on POTUS? Looks like it worked-on Nancy! Bwahahahaha.

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  3. FPCHmom says:

    This is so depressing –

    I think Sundance is right. They relish having the power to end his presidency in their hands.

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    • A2 says:

      They may not have a choice if someone starts one first.

      I have been following Rocketboy and he is making direct threats again. Went up the sacred mountain on a white horse, something he does before he launches a surprise.
      The WPK is having a special meeting near the end of December, just before Kim3’s redline to the US.

      Then this👇

      “ KCNA’s translation of North Korean official’s comments on Trump now out: “If any language and expressions stoking the atmosphere of confrontation are used once again on purpose at a crucial moment as now, that must really be diagnosed as the relapse of the dotage of a dotard.”

      “ DPRK Vice Foreign Minister for U.S. Affairs Issues Statement
      Date: 03/12/2019 | Source: (En) | Read original version at source
      Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) — Ri Thae Song, vice minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK in charge of the U.S. Affairs released the following statement on Tuesday:

      Drawing nearer is the year-end time limit the DPRK set for the U.S.

      However, the U.S. is keen on earning time needed for it, talking about the “sustained and substantial dialogue”, far from acting in response to the measures taken by the DPRK first.

      The dialogue touted by the U.S. is, in essence, nothing but a foolish trick hatched to keep the DPRK bound to dialogue and use it in favor of the political situation and election in the U.S.

      The DPRK has heard more than enough dialogue rhetoric raised by the U.S. whenever it is driven into a tight corner. So, no one will lend an ear to the U.S. any longer.

      The DPRK has done everything transparently and openly so far. It feels no need to hide what it will do from now on and therefore, reminds the U.S. once again that the year-end time limit comes nearer.

      The DPRK has done its utmost with maximum perseverance not to backtrack from the important steps it has taken on its own initiative.

      What is left to be done now is the U.S. option and it is entirely up to the U.S. what Christmas gift it will select to get. -0-”


    • California Joe says:

      They will also end the Republican Party if they do and they know it. Self-preservation is a very strong motivator.

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    • Vince says:

      Just remember, we have the power to end the republican party and start our own.

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    • Texian says:

      It’s not depressing.. they have normalcy bias.. they probably will inadvertently start a domestic one..

      it’ll be alright.. it will be over quickly.. after it starts you will be amazed by the overwhelming spontaneous conversion to conservatism among the populous..


    • I worry abut them taking a SECRET vote to impeach him in the Senate…they are losing millions of dollars with PDJT in the presidency

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    • jello333 says:

      Of course Sundance is right that there are some in the Senate (on both sides) who’d like to start a war somewhere. Partly to hurt Trump, and partly just because they’re bloodthirsty. But there’s a way to drastically decrease the chances of that happening. How? By doing exactly what Sundance did: Pointing out that very fact! The more such speculation is made public, and the more people question if it could really happen, the LESS likely it is the scumbags will actually try to pull it off. Sunlight.

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    • noswamp says:

      SD is right, but Trump will not take the bait, even if it involves the Senate removing him. Because in that event, Every Senator will have to answer to a very angry electorate as to why he was removed from office. And every Republican Senator will be voted out of office starting with McConnell.


  4. A2 says:

    I think this may have been posted, looks like Shiffty was dialling the wrong number.

    “ White House: Adam Schiff Has Wrong OMB Number”

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  5. Ivehadit says:

    A word to Nancy et al and that includes some republicans:
    You are impeaching US. THIS is how we are going to interpret your actions.
    Now you obviously think we have no power and you can act with impunity. We shall see. We know a thing or two about community organizing, too.

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    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      Ivehadit, Exactly. We also don’t wear masks and we don’t “aim small, miss small.”
      That noise you hear on your roof NanFran isn’t reindeer. hehehe…

      Merry Christmas to all deplorable Americans!

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  6. Bill Durham says:

    Trump has too much support, sells out arenas, and put a billion in RNC coffers. No double cross. If the uniparty really exists it will force Nancy to stand the vote. Too much risk in a seat trial. They can’t remove Trump. No way. Nancy will stand down. Uniparty goes both ways.

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  7. Do Nancy Pelosi’s comments at the Madrid Climate Summit amount to a violation of the Logan Act?

    Doed the SoH have the authority to contradict the POTUS on treaty matters?

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  8. Ned Zeppelin says:

    May you live in interesting times.

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  9. David mitchell says:

    James Rosen did himself proud by asking Empress Nancy a question that triggered her…whole bunch of Democrats are living on the edge right now with that heightened of sense of fatality they are in the crosshairs of an apex predator…I really believe some of them are about to snap.

    Push ‘em over the edge I say

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  10. David mitchell says:

    John Solomon ought to get himself some congressional press credentials and go to a Schiff presser and ask him directly under what authority did he get Solomon’s phone records. Schiff prolly would walk away from the question, coward that he is…

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  11. trapper says:

    Pelosi is stuck with this impeachment albatross, this red-headed stepchild, this three-legged camel, jinned up by the radical left wing of her party. If she abandons impeachment the left wing may sit out the election, or worse, send radical leftist candidates up against democrats in primaries all across the country. Her only way out is to mouth the platitudes, hold the vote, and send the whole stinking hot mess across the hall for the Senate to deal with. And in the Senate maybe they take down Joe, and Hunter, and perhaps some other democrats who no longer hold office. So what? That’s their problem. Hey, she did her part [wink wink].

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  12. czarowniczy says:

    I like Pelosi’s comments when an audience member asked if she hated the President. She screwed her wrinkled self up, marched back up to the podium and launched into a diatribe on how she prays for the President,prays for him every night and then launches an attack into how people shouldn’t play with words with her.

    I do believe she prays for the President. I have visions of her pouring goat blood onto a virgin tied to a stone altar as she prays for Donald Trump to drop nine miles into hell. Come on Nancy, do you think we actually believe you pray, never mind pray for anything positive for the President. If you believed in God you wouldn’t do or say half the things you do.

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  13. noswamp says:

    If we even “think” that they will try to leverage impeachment hearings against Trump in this way, those Senators will have HELL TO PAY politically. Trump will quickly tell us via Twitter and those Senators will go the way of the dinosaur. Lets start with Romney.

    Senators do not understand that they are dealing with a brand new day in American politics.

    I agree with SD though, Pelosi is pushing this with some understanding from the Senate. I just don’t understand what it is. But McConnell knows. Hope I am wrong. BUT, KEEP AN EYE ON WHAT MCCONNELL DOES from here on out. He is the possible snake in Trump’s poem.


  14. dallasdan says:

    The President has accepted the inevitability of being put on trial in the Senate, and Pelosi is setting the stage for the prosecution. The Deep State plan continues to move forward with the President being no more than an observer of the proceedings. Not good.


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