London Bridge Terrorist Kills Two, Five Wounded – Knife Wielding Jihadist Stopped by Public…

Two people were killed and up to five more stabbed as a terrorist used two knives to attack the public in London, England.  The attack happened near (and on) the London Bridge and the terrorist wore a dummy explosives vest.   Members of the general public tackled and disarmed the terrorist until police arrived moments later and shot him.

British authorities have confirmed the attack was a terrorist incident.  London Mayor Sadiq Khan has promised the British people he will write a strong letter of condemnation.

(Via Daily Mail) – Two innocent members of the public have died after a knifeman went on a rampage this afternoon in London.

Armed police shot dead a knifeman wearing a fake suicide vest today after he stabbed up to five people in a shocking terrorist attack as frightened crowds fled the scene.

Witnesses on the scene said the man had been brandishing two knives and had attacked people on the north side of London Bridge before running into the centre at around 2pm.

Dramatic video footage showed he was tackled to the ground by at least six heroic members of the public. Seconds later police told people on top of the suspect to move away, before dragging the last bystander to safety and opening fire. Officers were heard shouting ‘stop moving’ twice before shooting the man at close range.

One of the brave heroes was on the other side of the bridge and ran over to help, tackling the man and wrestling the knife off him. The suspect lay on the ground still moving as officers backed away – clearly fearing they were still in danger. (read more)


Note the date:  2018…. Apparently something went wrong with the prior policies put into place to stop refugee jihadists from using knives to kill people.

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206 Responses to London Bridge Terrorist Kills Two, Five Wounded – Knife Wielding Jihadist Stopped by Public…

  1. zekness says:

    well damnit…if this isn’t proof that american military soldiers on vacation need to roam all over europe in leave..then what is.

    seriously…it’s not some joke.

    half way arcross the planet, us military personnel ON LEAVE ON VACATION have done more to protect citizens that the very countries they are visiting..

    why am I getting this gut feeling in a few years american forces are going to be pulled into another european war?

    what is it about these countries they cannot seem to do basic math?

    United States: watch and learn..this how it happens…this is how you fail to recognize the threat that will never assimilate any of your values…

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    • iwasthere says:

      Wait. What? US soldier on leave is credited with the take down? Where are you seeing that reported?


      • zekness says:

        it was a reference to the

        it was tongue in cheek, and yes misleading in some ways as I did conflate two completely separate events that have little to do with each other.

        the point was to point out that the weakness of the political body in europe as a whole to recognize the consequences of mass immigration and an “open society” policy….One has to be a fool not to understand the direct link between incredibly dumb political decisions and the nature of embedded terrorism…

        It was admittedly a poor example to use and the logic is flawed to make the point.

        But I am not going to withdraw it…It sells the idea that is necessary to get people to start taking the matter seriously..and in a way of attributing respect for strong american resolve.

        perhaps I could have been more clear with this:

        allow known convicted terrorist out on early parole and get stupid answers.

        ps…you do know that the 2015_Thalys_train_attack terrorist have something in common with this recent terrorist in the UK? known radical islamists…documented and tracked and monitored by europol…look it up..and weap..

        the point here is …this thing was avoidable, just as the train terrorists in france..these are the facts…europe has a failed policy.

        it’s entirely too reactive…that enables it..makes it a weak target.

        so, yes, it makes perfect sense to imagine US military soldiers do what european law enforcement seems incapable of doing….of course, its not realistic..but the point demonstrated the problem.


  2. Ausonius says:

    Islam, as opposed to the Judaeo_Christian tradition, rejected any kind of rationalism in the interpretation of its theology about 1000 years ago. Islamic theologians who proposed some sort of rational analysis of obscure and contradictory aspects of the Koran were eliminated.

    Anti-rationalists won and have remained in control of the religion:


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  3. I Hear You Now says:

    he was a convicted terrorist “released on license”

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    • Justin Green says:

      Londoners voting for this garbage are clearly willing to sacrifice the life of one citizen for Islam totalitarianism.

      Not terribly smart. The Spanish stopped the Moors almost 1000 years ago from their advance across North Africa. Now, we’re going to have to clean them out of the whole of Europe. That won’t happen until their degeneracy claims millions of more lives, however.

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      • Realist says:

        Islam does not come to ASSIMILATE or to INTEGRATE Islam comes to DOMINATE and the VIOLENCE and rampant ELECTION FRAUD they engage in is all part and parcel of their agenda.

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    • mugzey302 says:

      Report them back to the sh*t hole they came from!

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    • Esperanza says:

      Apparently got 16 for belonging to Daesh, did 5. Been out a year already. Attacked women.

      Some of the guys wrestling him down were ex cons, at the rehabilitation conference. Talk about being ready to go back into society, thanks guys!

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  4. 2013gti says:

    “ London Mayor Sadiq Khan has promised the British people he will write a strong letter of condemnation.”

    Hmmm…sounds like he called Miss Lindsey to ask for advice on best way to respond.

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  6. XO says:

    Who is this guy’s imam? Sadiq Khan?

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  7. jeans2nd says:

    Prayers for the people of London and the families of the victims.
    May they find peace in the solace of Our Lord.

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    • Justin Green says:

      I’m not a Catholic. However, I appreciate the intellectual tradition of the Christian faith and Edward Feser is a great Christian philosopher. This is a great post.

      Christianity has been turned – too much so – into the “turn the other cheek” religion. That’s not how it started. Worth a read. And also worth remembering that if Christians do nothing, we will simply go extinct. We have to assert political and actual pressure on society – in a positive manner – to ensure a positive future.

      The goal should be to eradicate Islam – not by the genocide of Muslims – but by the defeat of the tenets of Islam worldwide. Islam is morally wrong, intellectually abhorrent, and politically devoid of any redeeming qualities.

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      • ltravisjr says:

        Yes, and when Christ said the gates of hell shall not prevail against his church, understand that gates were to secure an entrance from the attackers. They were defensive, and therefore the Church was to be on offense – and be victorious.

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  8. Just to show you how lame the UK cops/government/Islamo-fascist sympathizers are, come to find out this guy was a known terrorist who had been in jail, been released and was running around with an electronic “security” bracelet. WTH is wrong with these people?

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  9. I Hear You Now says:

    not only a convicted terrorist, but recently a guest at Cambridge University …. and ….

    retweeted by both @The_War_Economy and @Barnes_Law

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  10. Greg1 says:

    To any Brits who post here I respectfully ask…….

    If someone attempts a knife attack on a victim in London or anywhere else in Great Britain, and it turns out he has attacked someone with a greater skill set and higher motivation level than anticipated, and said victim acquires the knife and uses it to good effect against the attacker who tried to kill him………will the intended victim be prosecuted for defending themselves with the weapon originally intended to take their life?

    I sorta think I know what the answer will be, but I wanted to hear from someone there for a correct answer.

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    • The Devilbat says:

      I was born and raised in England before coming to the US way back when as a young man. I can tell you that although legally the person defending themself would be justified, I would NOT like to be in their shoes after it happened. If however the person attacked was a muslim and the attacker white, he or she would be judged as being a hero.

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      • Greg1 says:

        Thank you for your response. I sorta thought it would go as you say.

        I can’t wrap my head around such a rapid demise of logic, common sense, and even a sense of self preservation.

        I’m an Army veteran. I would like to think British veterans would act as necessary to eliminate any threat, much like any of us here would. Sad to think that in so doing, their own government would become a bigger threat than the attacker.

        I am thankful to God Almighty to be an American living in the USA.

        I’m sorry Great Britain is falling like this. Sounds like the loss of men like you is detrimental for them. Their loss, our gain. Welcome here.

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        The Daily Mail comments are disheartening. Many Brits are so terrified of guns that they don’t want their own police to have them. And the PC bullying tactics employed to shame people into not speaking the obvious truth is sad.

        One commenter lamented that the police resorted to shooting the terrorist, and couldn’t understand why tazers weren’t the weapon of choice. Dumb lefty!

        (BTW, I feel so silly – I always thought you were a girl bat.)

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        • Esperanza says:

          Actually I suspect police have been given the order to shoot- surprisingly few survive to turn their trial into a reality show.

          Not sure how I feel about that. In our smaller countries where we would all be glued to the daily proceedings a lot of eyes would be opened.

          Otherwise.. Meh. Have At your raisins frère.


    • Right to reply says:

      You are jailed in the UK for defending yourself. The criminal also has the right to sue you for daring to defend yourself.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Before we get all smug about the UK’s response to self defense I’d like to note that the VA assembly is contemplating outlawing self-defense classes of all sort up to an including Tai Chi and other unarmed self defense systems.

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  11. uk has highness terrors territory,


  12. Eric says:

    Aloha, snackbar


  13. iswhatitis says:

    There are already laws against carrying knives there. This person violated that law.

    How dare he!

    Obviously what is needed is a new law that states it is illegal to not follow the other law.

    That, along with some wagging of fingers, stern looks, and ofc, strong letters of condemnation; should stem the tide of lawlessness there.

    In the meantime, keep inviting the conquistadors in; keep turning a blind eye, and keep sticking heads in the sand.

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  14. F that guy. He is complicit. I’m sure it is too long an explanation for the comments section but can someone post a link? How politicians know they can risk the safety of big city populations by ignoring laws and encouraging barbarians And unassimilated foreigners in?
    I understand the not in my back yard way of thinking, But in many cities it’s in their front yards. What is wrong that these schooled, affluent people refuse to vote right? Why do the pols know they can create chaos unencumbered?


  15. Harry King says:

    Sadiq Con-man, threatens to write a nasty letter to whom ever. When will the People of London realize this domestic terrorist is playing them for fools? He is totally incompetent, and is doing everything possible to bring in more Muslims, and at the same time, reducing the rights of the English People to defend themselves from these Muslim fanatics. If Sadiq Khan is not kicked out of office ASAP, then Londoners deserve everything they get.

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  16. Davey says:

    A nasty letter of condemnation……..classic.

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  17. John says:

    The endless repetition of the same creatures, trained in the same murderous hate by the same death cult,
    murdering innocents has jaded me into a cynical boredom.
    If they want to stop this, the Europeans know what must be done.
    They are just too spineless in their cowardice to take the necessary actions
    though I hear that the French military may be the exception.

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  18. Les Standard says:

    He was subdued with a 5′ Narwhal tusk. Humanity may survive after all…

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  19. todayistheday99 says:

    Maybe if you had to live in London you could wear a wild board skin as a coat of protection. The boar’s head would be really nasty looking with great big teeth and you could soak it in fake pigs blood dripping and splattering everywhere you went.


  20. PinotNoir says:

    At first I thought the police chief was a joke- Cressida Dick? If I were her I’d change my name – to Cindy, don’t like Cressida.

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  21. Boots says:

    The ones who tackled him should’ve cut his head off and stuck it on a fence post. Then claimed temporary insanity as a defense.


  22. Boots says:

    England. The country that stood alone against the entire Nazi war machine. Led by The Lion of England, Winston Churchill. Has been subdued and overtaken by another, far more insidious and malevolent, invader and mortal enemy: The Moslem.

    If only the people had guns they could organize like the WWII underground, resistance; and do house to house sweeps through every Moslem stronghold in their country, eradicating the deadly virus that if left unchecked will indeed kill them, their children, and every heir of those children.

    Sometimes you have to strike first or you die.


  23. Richie says:

    Hes not British.


  24. Les Standard says:

    England, you are the stupidest country in the history of stupid countries:

    London Islamist Stabber Was Previously Convicted for “Islamic Terrorism”, Was a Guest Lecturer at Cambridge U on “Prisoner Rehabilitation”

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  25. Jimmy Jack says:

    It’s a shame they didn’t go ahead and slice his throat when they got the knife but this is at least a good start to Brits refusing to be bystanders to terrorism.

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    • spoogels says:

      Impaled him with the Narwahl Tusk!
      I would have done that
      Through the neck, seeing he had the so called bomb vest on
      Vlad the Impaler!


  26. James Street says:

    Refugees welcome!
    Michael Savage not so much.

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  27. scottmc37 says:

    promised the British people he will write a strong letter of condemnation…

    Oh great, thats great…

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  28. Harry Nipples says:

    Deport them All…They are not Welcome as the Mayor seems to think. They have assaulted many people and raped women and children. This may seem harsh to some but the alternative would be much worse for them…My family still lives there and they have said locals want them gone or they will rid them en masse. A revolt is coming. Worldwide. No one feels safe anymore where it was never a concern before. Our children are at risk and we tell them it will be OK until it isn’t. This is insane…

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    • 7delta says:

      The mayor knows what’s what. It doesn’t matter what the Brits want. His job is to facilitate the hizrah, to advance Islam. He’s a liar and a cultural jihadist. There are more ways to perform jihad than committing violence. Mr. Mayor is fully compliant with his shariah obligations. He’s as easy to read as a roadside billboard hawking snake oil.

      Europeans have been wholly betrayed by the very people in government who have been entrusted with putting their well being, protection and rights first. They’re not alone. I agree it’s worldwide betrayal and the natives are justifiably fed up with the lies and liars.

      I want to know what these traitorous leaders expect to get out of destroying their own countries and power. If they’re expecting more power, more money, more whatever, they’re not just evil and cruel, they’re pathologically stupid. In the grand scheme of things, they’re completely dispensable.

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  29. dallasdan says:

    “London Mayor Sadiq Khan has promised the British people he will write a strong letter of condemnation.”

    The humor is hereby recognized as admirably hilarious.

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  30. spoogels says:

    Release of UK terror suspect was ‘mistake,’ PM Johnson says


  31. Andy L says:

    Holy smokes when are the people going to say “We Had Enough”


  32. Merkin Muffley says:

    We need to close the QVC loophole for all knife purchases.

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  33. Rick says:

    He was known to police, and to have terrorist connections.
    PC at it’s finest.


  34. jbrickley says:

    Well at least it’s good to see real men willing to stomp on a terrorist in the street to stop him hurting or killing anyone else. It is regrettable that two innocents were killed and a few others wounded. Several good men took it upon themselves to knock him down and disarm him. One was a plain clothes police officer who ran across traffic, jumped the median and tackled the guy taking one of his knives away. Another grabbed a Norwhal tusk on display and used it as a weapon. Others stomped on the guy and kicked him in the head. Armed police showed up and they saw he had a bomb vest, then people scattered and the officers shot the terrorist dead. Had this occurred in certain areas of America where concealed carry is a way of life, I think more than one civilian would have shot him dead long before the police arrived.

    Unfortunately, one of those good men turned out to be a murderer of a disabled woman reporting to trial that day. So he’s no hero, perhaps just a psycho looking for any reason for a fight.

    The British legal system is very distressing. They let this known terrorist walk with an ankle bracelet and having to check-in frequently and have continuous monitoring. But they obviously were not watching him close enough. It is absolute lunacy to allow such a danger to society to walk the streets no matter the surveillance and monitoring. It’s clear that was a huge mistake.

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  35. Imagine a region was engaged in a Civil War today between slave-holders and abolitionists. If you governed another country, would you let both factions into your country? Would you only let in the good guys? But what if you couldn’t really tell the good from the bad? Would you say come back when the good guys have won?

    The King of Jordan says Islam is having a Civil War. And the UK–and the West–are letting in both slavers and abolitionists.

    Have you heard one official ask the Emperor’s Clothes-question: Why are we importing this in the first place? I think it may be literally illegal to ask. And insane not to.


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