President Trump Extensive Interview With Bill O’Reilly – Epic Trump Response to “China Deal”…

Bill O’reilly had an extensive and semi-casual interview with President Trump a few days ago. Mr. O’Reilly released the full interview for Thanksgiving.  They cover a lot of ground.

O’Reilly is a decent interviewer, but doesn’t understand the complexity of the President Trump’s strategy in the geopolitical realm.  The underestimation is not an O’Reilly weakness; the apparatus of ‘media’ do not grasp the full context of the background work POTUS has put into a global trade reset.  The global reset is a massive and ongoing plan.

Specifically as it pertains to China, O’Reilly is stuck in the traditional financial perspective that no U.S. President could ever walk away from China; which is exactly what President Trump is doing. So at 19:00 of the video below, O’Reilly asks: “what’s holding up the China deal?”  To wit, President Trump pauses and matter-of-factually says:

….”ahhhhhh, ME!”

It’s a hilariously Trumpy moment. LISTEN:

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74 Responses to President Trump Extensive Interview With Bill O’Reilly – Epic Trump Response to “China Deal”…

  1. Elric VIII says:

    President Trump has China cornered. There is no way out. Like the dentist elf in “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” he has pulled the teeth from the Abominable Snow Monster of the North.

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    • Cousin Eddie says:

      But never for a moment lose sight that China owns many members of both “the establishment” and “the resistance”. One happens to be the Senate Majority Leader. What is the price attached to a Senate acquittal? They don’t give those away…

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      • Elric VIII says:

        True. But if it goes that far it would be too obvious to everyone, and the intrinsic value of the Decepticons would evaporate.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Yes, a point I have been making for some time. The Decepticon/Republicons value, and power is chiefly in their,stealth nature.

          Take the stealth away from a stealth fighter, and its just another warplane.

          Turn, and SEE the robber sneaking up behind you to hit you on the head, instead of being distracted by their partner, standing in front of you and talking, waving their arms to distract you, and you foil their plot.

          And the exposures keep mounting, and the # of red pilled Americans SEEING their true natures keeps rising.
          And once you SEE it, you can NOT unsee it.

          And, you can NOT drain the,swamp, without addressing the Decepticon/Republicon Congressional leadership, for they are at the center of it all.

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          • Judith says:

            In essence, both political parties are a sham. There is only *one* UNiparty construct behind the wizard’s curtain and they are, as you say, puttin on a show.

            Not even a one, in that entire putrid, swampy soup, had voted to allow their President his recess appointnents. To a man, both so-called political “parties” have denied our President his own cabinet. These TRAITORS have essentially denied the American people their fair representation in a peaceful transition of power. This is called a COUP.

            American citizens need to ditch both of these so-called parties and get on with the business of electing true and fair representatives, posthaste, if we are to preserve our Constitutional Republic and our God-given rights therein, and avert the great fall that is New World Order globalism.

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            • Dutchman says:

              Is there a Trump supporter, who wouldn’t leave the Republicon party in a heartbeat, and switch to the new America First Party, if he were to announce it?

              Unfortunately, after Perot, the Uniparty put all sorts of procedural roadblocks in the way, for new parties.

              Speaking of which, the Uniparty quickly destroyed Perots party, after the election.

              And, the Uniparty controls the only 3 rd parties, capable of getting on the ballot.
              IMHO, 2016 exposed this, when they brought out Jill Stein and that Libertarian phony, to muddy up the waters.
              Anyway, I trust God, and DJT. He has thought this out, and is using this to expose and eventually purge the Republicons from the RepubliCAN party, I assume.

              And yes, the recess appointments thing is only ONE, of a myriad of ways the Decepticon Republicons have exposed themselves.
              Want more?
              Funny how Mitch ‘can’t control’ his caucuses votes, on key issues, like thhe Democrats do, (a ruse) and yet since it only takes ONESenator to vote to recess, he gets 100% unanimity on that.
              McStain is NOT the reason Obummercare R&R didn’t pass.
              Mitch didn’t WANT it to pass, and had McCain been too sick, another so called ‘squishy’ would have thumbed it down.

              Fast/Furious was an attempt to circumvent 2A, a horrendous scandal for the Obummer admin.
              Politically, it could have been dynamite. And yet, the REPUBLICONS did their investigate to exhonerate, which can only logically be explained if they were COMPLICIT, and couldn’t expose Obama without exposing themselves.
              Ditto IRS, BFENGHAZI, etc

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      • Kent says:

        ..our national treasure has bought the Chinese…much..not the world, yet….but much….

        and if we don’t stop them they will rule…

        brzenski..or however it’s spelled…..jimmy cahtah…they set us up but good for a real hard fall…

        luvin them jihadis and red chines….

        bush….Clinton, bush…..bammster…..they may have taken us down…..the jury is still out but I’ve got my doubts….

        lobbying equals bribery…..witness the wealth of our congressional ‘leadership’……the Chinese will finish us off with our own money…thanks to our own congressmen/women.

        one can stop them…only one….but even he needs help

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        • Elric VIII says:

          “thanks to our own congressmen/women.”

          I say traitors.

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        • Adele Virtue says:

          He has help from the One who got him elected, God! God is in control, that is what keeps me going when I start to stress out, it is what helps me through the days when nothing seems to be happening and it is what will help this country.
          Pray as if your life depended on it because it does, our country’s life does also.


      • Linda K. says:

        The reelection of McConnell is very important too McConnell.


        • Larry Charles says:

          I don’t like Mitch much, but if he will keep ramming judges through confirmation I will support him. That is extremely important.


  2. It really helps to scroll down from the video a little, or to the comments.

    Just sayn.

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  3. sir4576 says:

    Was talking to my brother in law at dinner today. His financial guy has him 30% Iinternational exposure going into 2020. I’m at .5% dur to my belief around the global reset. Turkey day dinner in about 3 years may be interesting to say the least. 😎

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    • Yy4u says:

      Sir4576 and everybody else —wondering what y’all think. I have absolutely no expertise or knowledge jn economics or finances, however, for years now (since 2001) I have wondered if “financial guys” working in big firms have more loyalty to the “market” than they do to individual investers. I didnt know about Globalism then, but now I wonder if these big companies controlling gazillions of dollars understand if they dump all these international stocks, that in itself influences the market…so they remain 30% in “internationals” because if they dump them, then that causes a global recession. Do they use USA investors’ capital to prop up their pals’ investment?. As I said, i have NO expertise…just a healthy dose of skepticism about globalism and those who have been ripping us off for 3 decades. Anybody have an opinion on this?


      • luke says:

        “I have wondered if “financial guys” working in big firms have more loyalty to the “market” than they do to individual investors” ….Absolutely yes they do. The wealth advisors are usually privately owned franchises but trust and believe the marching orders come from the top down. Just because you own a McDonalds doesn’t mean you can start serving whoppers; you get the drift.

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        • Snow Patrol says:

          As a former financial guy, I can tell you that it depends on the firm. The more independent, the less demanding are the “marching orders”. That being said, many independent financial guys do recommend a large allocation to international investments, and it has nothing about being anti-American. It is math. Something called correlation. The idea is to create a diversified portfolio with some stuff that zigs, while the rest zags. This will smooth out volatility in your portfolio, and delivers a higher terminal value. The reason international equities can have a low correlation to the S&P is another topic, as is what about when correlations change, and everything starts moving in sync (2008). But the gist is, diversification is smart asset allocation. Harry Markowitz won the Nobel Prize in economics based on proving this point.

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      • sir4576 says:

        I think they do. They want the money to stay “global” and not concentrated in the U.S.. It’s all part of the outflow of money from the States and their refusal to see the reset that’s happening. To see the reset and to recommend a move of client money back to the States is to admit that Trump is right, and that they can’t have.

        As someone once said, there are TRILLIONS at stake.

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      • California Joe says:

        Safest play in the stock is and has always been the S&P 500 Index Funds! The 500 biggest and most profitable companies in America constantly rotating out the losers ( Kodak) and replacing them with the newest like Apple. If you’re going to roll the dice this is the best way to go!


      • The Dark Lord says:

        stock markets can’t cause recessions … stock markets are downstream of economies …

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      • HellInAHandbasket says:

        Yy4u – you really should watch this video that I’ve linked below. A former Dutch financial “handler” for global wealth, who left the game approx 25 yrs ago because the nature of the beast almost physically killed him, but he speaks of the economic cabal of approx 8000 people at the top who funnel dollars all over the world, same people funding and profiting off of everything/everyone.
        Ronald Bernard, Real Big Money:
        There are 5 videos in the interview he did for Dutch TV, and the 1st video above is the most important, the subsequent parts are where he goes more in-depth. But, I think you’ll get a better idea of what’s really going on in the world, it’s much different than what we’ve been taught to believe. Mr. Bernard speaks Dutch and the CC english translation is included in the video.

        This is link below is to the channel where you can find the additional 5 episodes if you want to watch them, others have posted it to YouTube, but the links I’m providing are directly to the entity doing his interviews, so there’s no outside additions/subtractions to the videos. I found all of Mr Bernard’s interviews very enlightening, and at the same time…. absolutely disgusting – evil runs the world unfortunately.
        (DVM Dutch-TV)


  4. Skidroe says:

    So many people believe that GOD put Trump in as President. I do not think GOD put him in just to make trade deals and the economy of the USA stronger. Doug Wead even said that the swamp is much bigger and worse than Trump originally thought but I have NOT known him to NOT keep his promises. Trump has a plan to reduce the size of Federal Government and return the power back to the States. He will have to be re-elected though to do it.

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    • After his next election, he will have much more flexibility Skidroe. Much… more.

      But, since I believe that phrase is definitely familiar to ALL Treepers, as we know his flexibility will be used for the right reasons.

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    • jus wundrin says:

      It is Biblical

      Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.

      I struggled with this verse during the 0 years, but came to realize that my human mind could never comprehend the perfect plan of the one who exists outside of time.

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      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Daniel 2:20-21 “Praise the name of God forever and ever … He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings.”

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        • Skidroe says:

          I too believe GOD is in control but there is also an evil devil (dems, socialist, Hitler, Obama, Soros, etc) that work 24/7 against good. A constant battle of good vs evil or light vs darkness. We must also work hard to fight the evil and realize that evil does win sometimes. Keep praying and keep working hard to over come evil temptations. Always be prepared to watch your back and FIGHT. May GOD bless Donald J. Trump!

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      • Gotterdammerung says:

        I’ve always taken that to mean “authorities” as opposed to “those in power”. The word authority means righteous and just authority, either appointed directly by God and/or by the will of the governed. The communists had power but not authority as they had no actual Right to rule, only force of arms to force their rule onto others. The Roman empire had authority, the Queen of England has authority, the Nazis had only unjust power.


        • squattybody says:

          I like the thought but I don’t believe it is aligned with the bible. One of your examples, the Roman empire, definitely ruled by force of arms but were obviously put in place by God to do His will. Unfortunately for my limited mind I don’t understand why God would put some people in power (Hitler, Obama, etc.) but I believe He does. Our job is to accept that authority where we can, take a stance where it’s immoral or wrong-headed, and push back through prayer and our walk before God, always giving thanks that our laws include the Second amendment!


          • Gotterdammerung says:

            The word authority itself means legitimate power to rule. There’s no such thing as illegitimate authority. Parents have authority over their children, a kidnapper does not. All authority comes from God because all authority is legitimate per the definition of the term. Yes the Romans ruled by force of arms. But also had a lawful power structure that was more even handed and elected by the people of Rome than any comparable nations, including Greece.


          • dawndoe says:

            I believe God is in complete control, however, some of what He allows is due to the people. If they’re an evil people, they will elect evil people. Our country has largely turned its back on God. There are a remnant who have not. I believe God has given the remnant a reprieve and I’m hoping there will be many who will repent and turn their hearts to the Lord. We shall see if He has more mercy in the coming years. Time will tell. In the meantime, we should be out spreading the Gospel of Jesus exhorting people to repent and believe and follow God through Jesus Christ.


      • jebg46 says:

        God always has his/her own time.


      • Dutchman says:

        Look at it this way, painful as it is for me to say. Without Obummer’s 8 years, DJT probably wouldn’t have been elected.
        Gods plan? I believe so.

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    • MAGADJT says:

      He has been anointed by God. Anyone can see that vis a vis (1) His defeat of 15 seasoned primary opponents against all odds. (2) His election win despite the extreme media gaslighting. (3) His election win despite his 6:1 campaign funding disadvantage. (4) His election comports with the prophesy of more than one religious leaders. (5) His election comports with the many people praying for him to win.

      There are no coincidences. There is no other explanation for overcoming all the obstacles for an election win.

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      • Dennis Leonard says:

        And I said three rosaries that night ,my wife and I stood in our living room and cried that night when he won.

        “His election comports with the many people praying for him to win.”


    • Jan says:

      IMHAO, state government is worse. For example, Colorado now has a super-majority Democrat majority in both houses and a Democrat governor, a Republican Senator who votes like a Democrat and mostly Democrat representatives in the House. We are on our way to becoming California, it not for the Tabor limit requiring excess taxes collected to be returned to the taxpayers. We are on our way to forcing people to put their kids in school–radical teachers–all day, including day care. That is Gov. Polis’ goal (and all Dimms): take parents out of our kids’ lives. Oil and gas operation regulations are now in the hands of uneducated city councils. And the Colorado legislature voted to join the interstate compact to follow the “popular” vote even if Colorado popular votes go to the other party.

      I have lost faith in “state” government rule, thanks to our radical, communist Communcrats who are invading state and local governments as we speak.

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      • MelH says:

        Jan, in the late 60’s, we were stationed in Salt lake, and joined by many from Colorado who told us of the wild Liberals in the process of changing Colorado. During the 2016 election, wasn’t it Colorado that chose not to count any Republican votes? Colorado and California were once such gorgeous States, then along came the Liberals and Obamas’ gift of scores of immigrants, proud of the fact that they had NO intentions of assimilating.


      • Dennis Leonard says:

        Jan,you and I know whose fault that is.Remember I am too busy,I have better things to do.All the while they started in little city councils and worked there way up.And that is not worth the paper it is written on,
        “Colorado legislature voted to join the interstate compact to follow the “popular” vote “


        • Bill says:

          “Colorado legislature voted to join the interstate compact to follow the “popular” vote “

          Just imagine when, on election night Our POTUS gets the lead in the popular vote and runs away with it. With New York and California now as RED states! The pundits heads will be exploding like the fourth of July fireworks!!!
          So my prayer is: that the nefarious plans of the wicked would be thwarted.
          To GOD be the Glory!!!

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  5. DiU says:

    Not that your Wonderful PDJT needs advise from my perch on this little branch here in Aus, but I’m waiting for the President Trump interview with the Masterful interviewer Jan Jekielek. His probing questions to Doug Wead the US Presidential Historian have set the stage for a tell all from President Trump.

    The Legacy Media, and a lot of their people are simply not able to compete with the Awakening Political Intelligence all across the globe.


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    • Payday says:

      Just think where we’d be if Schillery appointed those 50 SC and Appeals court judges. I shudder to think about it….


      • Everett Miller says:

        These Authorities are not necessarily the Establishment Governments. The “authorities that exist. . . appointed by God” are those with the True Authority, like is says, although not necessarily the apparent pretender illigittiment authorities. Mitch McConnell for example appears to be an “Authority” but is not. He is a charlatan, a Grifter, a Globalist traitor, without true Authority from God; he only has the “power” granted to him by men of the same ilk to act as the figurehead conspirator in their illigittiment efforts, such as thwarting the VSG DJT, at which they are bound to fail, as Trump has the Authority of God and will therefore prevail.

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  6. cyberfoy says:

    Just what I needed to wrap up my Happy Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving y’all.

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  7. Kent says:

    ..o’reilly isn’t that obtuse…he’s a smart guy….

    a compromised smart guy….

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Good interview IMO.
      O’Reilly is a smart guy, but every now and then he says some strange stuff.

      Not long ago I heard him say: “The only two people that could’ve won the White House in 2016 were Donald Trump or Oprah Winfrey”.

      IMO I just don’t see Oprah as ever being able to win the presidency.


  8. bayrat65 says:

    Bill is to much of a good old boy to suit me. Deep down, I think he has good intentions. But is to much of an insider to suit me.


  9. davidberetta says:

    The more I witness/learn what is going on over the pat 3 years…. Well.

    I’m favoring the concept that Donald Trump was “asked” to run. I pondered this theory 3 years ago and kept it in mind.

    Now it makes much more makes sense.

    Obama fired all Patriot Military Leaders over the 8 years he was destroying the USA.

    Patriotic Military Minds clearly focused on a person who can “Fix” the problem – Donald Trump

    WE are witnessing the “repair”…and its massive

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    • Sporty says:

      I believe he was too. I also believe he has the knowledge that the best people we have are on his side with all th info he needs. It’s coming soon.

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      • davidberetta says:

        Agree. The corruption in the USA was (maybe still is), so obscene that it became out-of-control. The Congress and the thousands of the “affiliates” have been pilfering this Nation (the middle class), for decades!

        Many Congress-members and a variety of other Government employees (along with their staff & families), have been stealing MILLIONS of $’s every month!

        Hangman Facilities NEED to be constructed to deal with the greedy Animals of Politics!

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        • MelH says:

          When you think of the massive salaries of all the people involved with the Impeachment hearings, you get busy devising a way to make your income tax-free! It doesn’t take genius mind….Get Busy!

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  10. TradeBait says:

    All of the RINO’s in the Senate and House were put on official notice relating to China at least 2-3 years ago. If they knew PDT at all prior to his campaign, they had to know where all this would go beginning on 11-9-16. Which is why they tried to undermine him for a couple of years before getting out or giving in. Cocaine Mitch knows along with all of the rest of the serpents. They also know just how strong of hand PDT holds, which will continue to get even stronger. They have all had time to make their moves and those who have chosen to side with PDT will be given cover IMO.

    My own education regarding the media has grown bigly. A half dozen years ago I thought O’reilly had it going on. Now I realize it was my own immaturity that caused me to believe that.

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  11. sir4576 says:

    I think they do. They want the money to stay “global” and not concentrated in the U.S.. It’s all part of the outflow of money from the States and their refusal to see the reset that’s happening. To see the reset and to recommend a move of client money back to the States is to admit that Trump is right, and that they can’t have.

    As someone once said, there are TRILLIONS at stake.

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  12. rondo123456 says:

    Tucker: Left hates when Trump tells the truth

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  13. GB Bari says:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever heard O’Reilly stay so silent for so long in ANY interview. He really did give the President maximum leeway to expand and go tangential and even totally off-topic on several responses. IMHO, that was a very courteous and gracious decision he made on the fly.

    Two eyebrow-raisers in this interview: declaring war on the homeless & street filth in CA, and declaring the Mexican drug & human trafficking cartels as terrorists. Sundance has kept us aware of the China dynamics enough to not be surprised (despite chuckling) at PDJT’s answer to Bill about wha is holding up the deal.

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  14. mtk says:

    Read the following for what it is…..

    All I can say is, “What makes America great?’ that is, ‘What makes for American Exceptionalism’, is for the Federal Government to get out of the OUR way!”

    That is our refain since Ronald Reagan…

    Just imagine what, “This Administration COULD BE ACHIEVING if the DC establishment was pulling in the same direction!”

    It would be buckle your seatbelts, put your tray into the upright position and enjoy the ride.

    Nope!!!, cAN NOT have any of that according to…

    If the DC political chatting classes were the extras in the ‘Hitchers Guide to the Universe’, they would be the components of the space fleet that were purposely crashed abandoned for their irreverently to the mission.

    Mr. BRAD PARSCALE are you tuned in….

    Millennials, won’t understand the above reference, however it does not diminish their scope of understanding what greaves the current DC climate…

    The MsM successfully pits the Boomers(as fuddy-duddy’s) and a significant portion of GenXers(as angry trash) towards the Millennials and the Founders(an unnamed generation waiting in the wings)

    As someone, who had worked along side many Millennials (nearly 35 years in the work force, seeing all that comes and go)
    I see the gleam in their eyes.

    This is to say, “I am about to make a measured statement on Millennial values.”

    Millennials, contrary to MsM reporting place GREAT value on optics above all else, this is to say, “As long Millennials see the MsM script as an US vs THEM narrative.
    IDENTITY politics will always sway the day towards progressive identities.
    This does not mean Millennials have totally drunk the coolaid of the Progressive Identity Politics.

    No matter how loudly the MsM claims to speak for them, “There is element of observation to be made, they reject shallowing the pill.”
    They can not quite place the reference point as to why, but Millennials are certainly aware that, “Something sinks in Denmark”

    So Brad, “What I am saying is the common denominator to the Soul of Millennials are is, “Their highten sense of measuring FAIR PLAY.”

    They been casted(taught/brought up) as a generation in contrast/conflict(ie they are contrasted/conflicted in the identity being proscribed ONTO THEM due to unalienable TRUTHS of Human Nature) to those that have come before them by the MsM.
    Such that…
    As long as the Msm is able to dominate this space of messaging, Millennials will see the generations before them as part of the political problems facing our Nation.

    Mr. PARSCALE, the crux of the problem facing our Nation, is not finding a formula that ecks out a Political win… The problem is finding the formula that reverts the Identity Political landscape to back onto itself.

    The key to the such change IS GROUNDED in politically identifying the metrix that binds Millennial thinking towards ‘FAIR PLAY’.

    Conservatism can’t win all souls in this environment, but many millennials are ripe to this MESSAGING.

    Brad, Charge forward on ‘Fair play messaging.’.


  15. bluenova1971 says:

    This interview preceded by the Wead interview was just what the doctor ordered to beat back my turkey tryptophan overdose.
    TY sundance

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  16. Skidroe says:

    Jan, I am sorry but if it were me I would have to move to a red state.


  17. Troublemaker10 says:

    ”ahhhhhh, ME!” was my favorite part, by far.

    I have to say though, that was a really good interview overall. I also hope he means it when he says now that the military is built up (and other things like the wall) that in his second term he would be willing to take on the national debt.

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  18. Dazza says:

    What a fascinating evening of viewing and listening with this interview and the Doug Wead one. Very interesting stuff. I never get tired of hearing the positive stories about VSGPDJT and the background happenings.
    Happy Thanksgiving all you great Americans on here, from the Great White Cold Socialist North.

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  19. Mike in a Truck says:

    What the MSM cannot grasp including Long Island Bill, is that we do not need Red China.They all think that America cant survive without the Chicoms- for some reason.Oh, now I remember- theyve sold out to them.


  20. Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

    Perhaps our wonderful CIC never intended to deal with the chicom.
    Hope so.


  21. thesavvyinvester says:

    He fixes everything. Maybe the Nixon/Kissinger move to have relations with China wasn’t such a good idea, even if it pressured the USSR Kissinger must fume daily, good. Next up, undoing Jimma Carter’s biggest Fubar when Iran collapses & is free in this 2nd term. Am I an optimistic pollyanna? Sure, but what hasn’t PDJT done that didn’t amaze you.


  22. GGHD says:

    Bill O’Reilly needs to pay attention to TheConservativeTreehouse Website. On this site one of President Trump’s trade advisers, Peter Navarro has been featured in a number of videos, discussing how President Trump wants Communist China, to give up its economic usage of The Seven Deadly Sins. (Here are the 7 deadly sins committed by China.) =

    1. Cyber hacking.
    2. Intellectual property theft.
    3. Forced technology transfer.
    4. Goods trade imbalance.
    5. China state-owned subsidies.
    6. Currency manipulation.
    7. Sending fentanyl to kill countless Americans.

    From this TheConservativeTreehouse article. =
    “Specifically as it pertains to China, O’Reilly is stuck in the traditional financial perspective that no U.S. President could ever walk away from China; which is exactly what President Trump is doing. So at 19:00 of the video below, O’Reilly asks: “what’s holding up the China deal?” To wit, President >Trump pauses and matter-of-factually says: ….”ahhhhhh, ME!”

    [The 7 deadly sins, were copied from the NewsMax site. … Peter Navarro often repeats this list. It’s said by him on a number of TheConservativeTreehouse embedded videos.]
    Me: = Maybe >Communist-China >can’t change. Under the face of the friendly Panda is always lurking the ferocious Dragon. (Learned from reading this site and watching the embedded videos.)

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  23. railer says:

    I can’t see a good exit ramp for the Chinese, not one that holds all their priorities.

    They are under extreme pressure and are absorbing all of the costs of this trade war. Their favored tactics of waiting are costing them heavily, and the losses are going up every day. Trump has hit them right where they think they’re strongest, and he ain’t budgin’.

    If they open their markets to US goods, it might give them leverage over time, when they choose to exercise it. It’s likely the simplest thing for them to do. It’d help their consumers and that might help the CCP mollify them in the short term, but if the CCP later chose to cut off that trade, those consumers might backlash. Plus they’ve devalued their currency, so buying foreign goods is more costly now.

    Doing nothing hurts them. Doing something hurts them. It’s quite a situation.

    Trump called this an “easy one”, and it really is, if we remain steadfast. We planted their orchard, now we’re harvesting our fruit. The globalists are terrified of this, they want the fruit for them and their globalist buddies.

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  24. Bill says:

    There was the beginnings of a Trump rally in HK last night.
    With all the US flags, and singing our national anthem, thanking POTUS DJT for the legislation he just signed.
    Potus now has the tools to really put the squeeze on the mainland.

    Go Donald Go, Just tighten the death grip on the dragon a little more

    and Keep HK Free


  25. TwoLaine says:

    Reminds me again why I do not miss O’Reilly, at all. I am actually quite pleased that he is reduced to radio and doing his own commercials. His condescending tone and attitude towards Americans is that we aren’t near as smart as him. He belongs on a CNN or MCBNC, but even they don’t want him.


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