President Trump Responds to Ongoing, Failing, Politically Partisan Impeachment Effort…

Previously Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann attempted to prosecute President Trump, the fictitious horse-thief, for attempting to obstruct his hanging; now Adam Schiff is inferring guilt because President Trump didn’t present alibis for his whereabouts when the fictitious horse wasn’t stolen.

Earlier today President Trump responded:

An interesting use of the word “wolves” considering the recent attempts by the DC Coup-group to metastasize the impeachment effort into the military. Subtle like a brick through a window.

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60 Responses to President Trump Responds to Ongoing, Failing, Politically Partisan Impeachment Effort…

  1. tax2much says:

    I’m ready to bring my Joe Biden approved shotgun to DC.

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  2. scruffyleon says:

    IMO No one should respond to Fake Subpoenas issued by this attempted coup – doing so just gives it legitimacy it doesn’t deserve. The same goes for President Trump responding to Nadler’s letter.

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    • Jan says:

      The President’s appearance w/counsel at this illegal hearing is still subject to producing documents and turning over witnesses that Congress asks for. If he doesn’t cooperate, he can be barred from attending & “participating.”

      Because we’re going to get a “How to impeach outside of the Constitution” lecture by activist Constitutional lawyers, there wouldn’t be a reason to attend. I would like to see Jay Seculow take them on though. Fortunately, Doug Collins as ranking member is top-notch & I believe John Ratcliffe is on the committee as well. Maybe they swing Jim Jordan & Stefanik over to Judiciary as well

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    • Matt Bracken says:

      It’s time for the White House / DOJ to send some equally (in)valid subpoenas to some bogus so-called federal judges (AKA leftist SJWs wearing black robes as lawfare camouflage)

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      • ann says:

        Stipulation to the facts in a courtroom is WAY OVERDUE,. Resist relies on KNOWN falsehoods & crimes to wage war on our body politic. We need a forum that integrates all the facts and daylights the communications between COUP Leaders.

        America needs to face reality, and confront the truth, our Nat Sec,;Courts, DoJ are filled with malice and contempt for us. They are disqualified by former actions & inactions for serving in critical posts: security, clearances, USAID, Public corruption, intell, and foreign relations.

        The counteroffensive, which SHOULD have come from DOJ counterintell & NSI is nonexistent. IF we had an honest Justice Dept, this toxic mess would have been stopped by the command , and it certainly wouldn’t be allowed to go viral for three plus damn years

        Undue weight and unrealistic expectations are offloaded onto the AG’s IG ..
        The IG does not have the authority or investigative purview to interview the numerous actors who left (Yates, Lynch, etc) or particpatants from Senate, “interagency”, presidential staff, and iforeign intell.

        This pattern of using pending IG Reports as an excuse to defer actual arrests is very fishy , in my opinion..

        Wouldn’t dramatic reform in personnel, structures and procedures be necessary if the DOJ was prepared to confront the perpetrators and inform Americans of the BIG PICTURE?

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        • Pa Hermit says:

          Must be careful with “In God we trust, all others we monitor!”

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          • ann says:

            Pa, ur grounded sensible views came to mind reading this quote from Ike:
            Here in America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionaries and rebels,- men and women who dared to dissent from accepted doctrine.
            As their heirs may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.
            Ike. ♥️


  3. Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

    Everyone shoud just watch silently while demoncats, crazed as they are, burn down their own house as more and more of the coup conspirators raise their serpent heads up out of their holes.

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    • Ann Thomsen says:

      they don’t mind burning down the house – so long as a president UNDER IMPEACHMENT doesn’t name a Supreme Court Judge – during the proceedings. Ginsburg is goners. Talk to people who treat her condition… even nurses know the downward spiral at this stage of her cancer.

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  4. A2 says:

    I suspect he used the word ‘wolves’ by contrast, as he just had hero Conan at the WH. Good dog vs bad dogs.

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  5. necsumadeoinformis says:

    What is the crazed Orange Man Bad brigade going to do after getting shellacked next year?

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    • FrankieZee says:

      Hopefully they commit suicide.

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    • I wouldnt mind if they all ate their guns!!!

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    • Ann Thomsen says:

      they have too many plates in the air… If Trump is exonerated, they tarred him with the Scarlet “I”….. but that’s not what’s at stake … it’s Ginsburg. There is plenty of commentary on the web by those who work in medicine – surgeons, oncologists… they know the downward spiral she’s in. This last trip to the hospital is just another symptom of someone on their very very last weeks. or maybe a month.

      Impeachment – which they will also drag out… is going to be used for the purpose of putting off Trump’s pick to replace her. they are ready to argue that no sitting president under impeachment should be naming a Supreme. I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t giving her fetal blood and tissue [their favorite new commodity for the anti aging industry]
      switching out her blood and giving her the fetal tissue injections.

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  6. Beigun says:

    Not a coincidence that a retired Navy SEAL Admiral penned an OPED in the New York Times titled, “We’re Under Attack by the President” on October 18th. It reminds me of another “October Coup” but that was Russia and the Bolshevik Red Guard. Retired Admiral MacRaven’s article is a dangerous step over into political fields that few American military have ever attempted. The open endorsement to remove the President, “the sooner the better,” is outrageous in a national paper from a retired Flag Officer.

    Should there be an investigation into any communications between the former and current SEAL commanders (MacRaven & Green) to ascertain if there was prior coordination regarding the Commander in Chief?

    From: SECDEF

    1. Effective immediately report for ACDUTRA at Fort Leavenworth, KS.
    2. Rank reduced to Ensign.
    3. Per Diem not authorized.


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  7. Ann Thomsen says:

    THIS IS ABOUT GINSBURG …. not successful prosecution. Ginsburg has weeks, maybe a month. There were great insights on Free Republic and other sites when she went back to the hospital. Doctors and medical people all commented on the progression of her condition.

    A president under impeachment CANNOT NAME A SUPREME COURT JUDGE IN MONTHS BEFORE AN ELECTION ….. that’s what’s coming. Ginsburg is goners.

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    • Who said a President cannot name a Supreme Court Justice nominee?

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    • Screaming Eagle says:

      I’ve felt all along, this is where the traitors are focused, an impeached president must not be allowed to recommend SCOTUS candidates. Their only play left is to someday, get back in full power and reverse everything. It marries up nicely to their ultimate mission of Trump is illegitimate, therefore, eventually, they can sweep away all of his appointments, laws, and deeds. They will never stop the illegitimate cry. God forbid……. But, it aint gonna work. McConnell will disregard or rapidly tidy the Impeachment trial up. However, make no mistake, Mitch will leverage this to his and wifey’s benefit. Overall, looking ahead, all prominent Dems recent behavior will have them out of power for years to come. DJT has exposed them for what they are traitors and sellouts.


  8. JohnCasper says:

    Wolves or snakes ?


  9. Coast says:

    “Previously Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann attempted to prosecute President Trump, the fictitious horse-thief, for attempting to obstruct his hanging”

    That opening statement made me laugh. Can you imagine if ABC, or CBS, or NBC had said something to that effect during Mueller’s fake investigation? And by the way, I saw a copy of the Mueller report today at the library…I placed it in the fiction small print section (s).

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    • LouisianaTeaRose says:

      “Obstruction of Injustice”, a phrase he coined, and one of the few things Geraldo ever said that I could appreciate, and the only thing he said the President was guilty of.

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  10. jeans2nd says:

    Hillary Clinton was kicked off the committee to impeach Pres Nixon for attempting to prove Pres Nixon was not entitled to attorneys to present his defense.

    Yes folks, we are following the Watergate playbook to the letter.

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  11. JAS says:

    Now in my sixties, I sit on my comfy recliner reading the latest political news and ponder….. How in the world did these people (Congress) get elected to run our country? And further, empower them to appoint the bureaucrats that actually run the country for them?

    At present, most all of these elected people are in my view “the least common denominator”, the gutter. Of what remains, and except for a very well qualified few, the rest are just real time crooks. How could we let that happen?

    Face it, It’s no ones fault but ours. And as such, we are the only ones to blame, and the only ones that can fix it. It’s time we admit this and take the bull by the horns, whatever it takes, and straighten this whole thing out. We ARE THE MAJORITY for crying out loud.

    Makes me want to vomit (from my balcony as the crooked politicians walk below it)

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    • swissik says:

      And I am in my eighties and I gave up wondering a long time ago as I observed the political scene in these United States with a jaundiced eye since at least the sixties. Things are turning just like I predicted and expected, much to my family’s distress as they accuse me of too much negativity.

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      • JAS says:

        Same here about the sixties. And God bless you.. I pray I make to your age, and able to take my grandkids fishing, and most of all, with a clear mind. Odds are not on my side but I will keep hoping and fighting for this to be the case.

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      • Pa Hermit says:

        I have concluded that the age of “60” is the new “40”!


    • Jase says:

      Voters asleep at the wheel, with RINOs supplying liberal doses of Valium.

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    • mugzey302 says:

      There is some debate about whether or not it is the deep state REALLY running the country, and those we “elect” in manipulated voting machines are just paid-off/blackmailed puppets. We thought we were dealing with a swamp, but it’s MUCH bigger. An international bureaucracy with an army of rogue intelligence community devils with unlimited tools and equipment. The concept is mind-boggling, and they depend on us being too stupid to grasp it (Strozyk’s comment about Trump supporters in Walmart shows how bigoted and arrogant they are. But, hey, he’s still on the job getting paid for being a treasonous rat!). This is a fight that is much bigger than a presidency.


  12. Magabear says:

    Rush made a great point today about Pelosi not wanting to have an impeachment vote where she only wins it by a narrow margin. If a dozen or so dimms vote not to impeach, the only bipartisan vote will be against the resolution, which makes her scam look completely like a partisan witch hunt…..which of course it is.

    Pelosi and Pencil Neck appear to be running out of runway for their impeachment scam.

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  13. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    Wolves hunt in packs…. too cowardly to hunt alone….. and are not always successful even when all of the pack participates.

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      Reference the “Orca” as they hunt together like a well oiled machine! Don’t look down your nose at wolves! Even the despised cockroach has a purpose! Ever watch a lioness pack hunt?


      • KMD says:

        Anthropomorphizing wolves as “noble” is ignorance in our form. Incredible animal they are, no doubt. But, if one studied how they ‘kill’ large ungulates, one would note there is nothing “noble” about it. Disembowling a deer, caribou or elk, on the run, so that the animal trips & stumbles in its own entrails. As the rest of the pack catches up, they proceed to eat the prime organs first….from the still living & breathing prey animal…

        Similarly, at times wolves have a (rarely discussed) penchant for ‘wanton waste’. I.e., killing prey animals in numbers much larger than required for sustenance. In short, they kill for fun, and leave dead and/or wounded prey animals to rot/suffer.

        Apologize for the sidetrack, but we’re all here to learn. The above facts counter the logic that many ‘tree huggers’ hold when they choose to elevate a wolf to an unrealistic, yet idealistic status…

        Wolves are supreme predators, amazing & beautiful creatures. “Noble”, they are not.

        Still, calling the coup facilitators “wolves” is a compliment. These people are sick!

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  14. Fundamentally, I think that Trump must file Trump v. US House of Representatives before the SCOTUS, expressly and formally challenging the (non-)Constitutionality of this whole thing, in order to protect himself and all future Presidents.

    Our Constitution is built on “checks and balances.” Our Founders well knew of the problems inherent in the power of Impeachment, based on past European experience, and they expressly intended that both the President and the Supreme Court would not “serve at the pleasure of Congress.” Impeachment is not “a political act,” but must be in response to “high crimes and misdemeanors” which Congress, lacking judicial powers, cannot “find.”

    Our Founders anticipated that Congress would one day attempt to do what it is attempting to do now: pass a Bill of Attainder. It would seek to – purely on its own authority – declare that an officer was guilty of “some crime or another,” and punish that officer for that crime, all without benefit of trial. “Textbook attainder.” They first structured the powers so that “Congress is not a Court of Law,” then expressly forbade Bills of Attainder at both the Federal and the State level.

    But this matter has to be forced. No future President or Supreme Court Justice will be free to exercise the duties of his or her office if this is not done.

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    • ann says:

      The responsibility lies with the Justice Dept, not President Trump.
      Major crimes, conspiracy and the DOJ is integral to what is the ongoing partial blockage of peaceful transfer of power.

      Refusal to relinquish power is a grim indicator of a failing state, and breakdown of respect for ethos and civil society at the very top levels. .

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      • The President himself can be the plaintiff in this proceeding. He is extremely aware that he is fighting not only for himself but for all future Presidents. This is why I believe that the matter should be presented to the nation’s highest Court of Law to obtain a ruling that “the Constitution says what it actually does.”

        As I’ve said many times (and as Bill Barr wrote in his legal analysis), our Government consists of three co-equal branches which do not “serve at the pleasure of Congress.” The Democrats seek to pass a bill of attainder, without calling it such, and from this to set a dangerous precedent which the actual wording of our Constitution was expressly intended to prevent. (Based on actual writings, in The Federalist and elsewhere, by the authors themselves.) To protect the interlocked system of our three-Branch government, we should directly and formally challenge in Court what this Congress is blatantly doing. It is expressly unconstitutional, and we should force the issue.

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        • ann says:

          Ok, I follow your posts, Mike, & value your legal expertise.

          What I’m saying is that our problem i# larger & deeper than our ability to address within the legal system AS IT PRESENTLY is.

          FOR me, the DOJ devolved into a failed institution, the proof being Clinton, DW Schultz, Atkinson were & are not shunned or punished. As monopolistic occupants of our means of redress, the former & current command chain is directly responsible for the degenerate mess of Congress.

          Another point: if we had have an impartial vigilant a counterintell division & domestic security, Russia Hoax would have been quashed, not nurtured & releassed like a toxin by AAG Yates crew.

          At best, I don’t believe AG Barr has control of his department.
          Its run rogue.
          No arrests of the operatives who victimised Kavanaugh & the primary witness.
          Yet we know DOJ staff had peripheral roles in the secondary rumour mills. Why no accountability ?

          I truly believe we need a parallel replacement unit that is firewalled , w competent patriotic recruits whose loyalty is to our country, constitution, not their clan, or Transformative Mission.

          Grave harm is done to our nation’s and our international prestige is shredded by routing remedial action through a sluggish, compromised and incompetent institution.

          Perhaps the arena to address this is larger than what fits into these pre fab obscurantist boxes, protocols & existing structures.

          Lawyers & courts don’t “own” this. We all do.

          In my humble and respectful opinion. 🇺🇸🙋🏼‍♀️⚖️🤺

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  15. I agree no president should be treated the way the progressives in government and outside government have been treating Donald Trump. However, I would like to see you reverse course and begin to limit the power of the president back to original constitutional boundaries..every president since Wilson has taken liberties to the point where the division of powers has been radically changed…else we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in in the first place!

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  16. I agree no president should be treated the way the progressives in government and outside government have been treating Donald Trump. However, I would like to see you reverse course and begin to limit the power of the president back to original constitutional boundaries..every president since Wilson has taken liberties to the point where the division of powers has been radically changed…else we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in in the first place!


  17. I agree no president should be treated the way the progressives in government and outside government have been treating Donald Trump. However, I would like to see you reverse course and begin to limit the power of the president back to original constitutional boundaries..every president since Wilson has taken liberties to the point where the division of powers has been radically changed…else we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in in the first place!


  18. sunnyflower5 says:

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    • GB Bari says:

      That’s right.

      POTUS also pressed home the issue that NATO countries aren’t paying enough.

      He has also pressed hard on the problem that UN nations aren’t paying theor fair share of costs into that organization.

      He has said from the outset that his trade goals are fair and reciprocal trade deals

      He is 100% consistent in trying to get American a fair deal in every foreign relationship that exists, but the despicable lying frauds in the media hide that fact.

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  19. Seadoc66 says:

    TO: President Trump
    cc: All Americans with an IQ above 55

    RE: Mount Corruption has fully erupted!

    Mr. President, before we get too far in this discussion I think we should all thank Mrs. Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chucky Schumer, Georgie Soros, and all of those players in the Congress, the bureaucracy, the media, etc… who have participated in what I will simply refer to as a ‘Resistance Movement’. They have validated without a reasonable doubt not only the 12 lessons learned (see below) that I introduced to the citizens of my community in 1989 after 26 years as a military officer and into my third year as their police chief, but the four I have added since you came down that escalator. Also, their actions have started an avalanche of information revealing a level of corruption far exceeding what most of us old cops came to know over 30 years ago (see next paragraph). Between watching you select the music and the resistors desperate attempts to select the appropriate dance steps to most effectively manage damage control, I am having more fun than a Delta Force Trooper parachuting into a platoon of sleeping terrorists!

    The lessons learned were to be the preface of a yet to be published book titled: Rape, Pillage, Plunder; America, You’ve Been Had! To date the book has not been published due to the large amount of still classified information therein. I will reveal that the book discusses the results of a Senate requested investigation as to the actual relationships between the governments of the United States, Panama, China, Russia, Turkey, Japan, Greece, other nations, certain international banking organizations, and the international drug trade/money laundering ring operating in/around the Panama Canal. The investigation was requested to address concerns of senators regarding issues related to turning control of the Panama Canal over to the government of Panama. For your information; in addition to the names of several officials in the Carter Administration, one first term senator (J. Biden) and one state attorney general (W. Clinton) made it on to the list of individual subjects.

    Please, let me ask for your tolerance for one final comment from an old retired cop. The events surrounding and/or occurring within the parameters the so-called Special Prosecutor (Mueller) Investigation of Russian/Trump collusion/obstruction of justice in/around the 2016 National elections were by no stretch of any DOJ and/or other federal government statutes/laws/regulations/SOP’s/etc… an investigation. It was crystal clear that all of the activities before, during, and after the Mueller affair were/are a collection of grossly screwed up attempts to maintain the power of the long established oligarchy and distract from learning the real facts surrounding the 2016 election and post election efforts to negate the 2016 presidential elections.

    A Soldier/Cop’s Lessons Learned

    1. Soldiers (ground combat soldiers, that is) do not fight first and foremost for their country, the flag, motherhood, nor apple pie. Before all else, soldiers engaged in ground combat fight for their fellow soldiers and their unit.

    2. The Seven C’s of Leadership according to a 1980 survey of 1646 of Vietnam era ground combat veterans listed of the order of their importance are; Candor, Competence, Consistency, Commitment, Courage, Compassion, and Courtesy. The reason the soldiers in the survey chose the word “candor” is because to them candor encompasses both omission and co-mission. To a combat soldier lack of absolute candor, be it co-mission or omission, are equal sins! In short, soldiers expect/demand absolute candor from their leaders before all else.

    3. The most cost effective personnel management tool for incompetent personnel assigned to leadership positions in combat units (and probably elsewhere) is “Fragging!”

    4. The American people are the most effectively lied to people in modern times thanks primarily to the American political class, the American bureaucracy, the American media, and American academia.

    5. Arrogance coupled with ignorance equals stupidity.

    6. The greatest threats to the American people are the corrupt and/or incompetent politicians/bureaucrats/academicians found at every level of government/academia, and the majority of the American so-called media.

    7. Most of the politicians/bureaucrats/academicians I have encountered during my years as a soldier/cop I most kindly refer to as; self-serving, witless, cowards.

    8. The American Profession of Arms and our brothers/sisters in blue have failed to protect the American people from all of their enemies, both foreign and most especially domestic.

    9. My guns were always turned in the wrong direction.

    10. Washington, DC is the most target rich environment I have encountered in all of my years as a soldier/cop.

    11. If recalled to active military service the only position I will accept is; Commander, Revolutionary Forces.

    12. There are only two primary requirements to be a career soldier and/or cop in America. One must be smart enough to do the work and dumb enough to take the job.

    13. American soldiers and police officers must in addition to mastering all of their professionally mandated tasks, learn to accomplish the same with at least one arm tied behind their backs and their vision impaired 50% or more. (Added 2019)

    14. After carefully watching the whole of the political class since Donald J. Trump walked down that escalator in Trump Tower to date, I can say without reservation that most of the group will sell their souls and our bodies just to remain in power. (Added 2019)

    15. Want to see what the United States of America will look like if the left takes control of the government? Take your pick, New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or the complete package; California. (Added 2019)

    16. If the so-called resistance movement continues unchecked a number of able veterans are going to be presented with a challenge/decision. Are the American people worth another drop of our sweat and/or our blood? (Added 2019)

    Charles W. Lauderdale
    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired
    1. Character is to man what carbon is to steel.
    2. A man who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away!
    3. An ounce of gold cannot buy a second of time.
    4. It is far more difficult to judge one’s self than to judge others!


  20. Les Standard says:

    Found this from several years ago, notice anyone familiar?

    Low level employee….my azz

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