House Calendar Doesn’t Align with Speaker Pelosi Talking Points, and House Resolution on Impeachment…

Within the only impeachment resolution put forth by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to open an “impeachment inquiry” the resolution outlined a process.  With only eight legislative days left in 2019; and considering the resolution as adopted; the calendar doesn’t match the democrat talking points.  Here is a walk through of the timeline:

Congress returns from the Thanksgiving break on December 2nd and recesses again on December 12th.  That leaves eight days in December to accomplish all the House tasks.

Democrats have said they anticipate an impeachment vote in mid-December, but a review of the House impeachment resolution calls for a transfer from HPSCI “inquiry” (Schiff) to HJC “investigation” (Nadler) as an outcome of a report from Adam Schiff’s intelligence committee.

Even if we assume the HPSCI report is being written during the Thanksgiving break by HPSCI/Lawfare staff there would still need to be a period where the report is reviewed by the congress members on the committee.  Normally there would be a minority section to the report; and under all committee processes there would be a vote to advance the report.

Again, there’s only eight days in December and presumably HPSCI committee members would need to review the report prior to advancing it to the House Judiciary Committee (HJC).  Once the report lands in the HJC, again – according to the prior resolution, that’s when President Trump would be able to call rebuttal witnesses and have White House counsel challenge and cross-examine HJC witnesses.

As noted above, in previous comments by Democrat leadership they have said they are targeting an impeachment vote for mid-December.

There is absolutely no-way the HPSCI can generate a report, have members authorize the report, transfer the report to HJC, schedule witnesses in coordination with the White House, organize opposing counsel, complete a HJC inquiry, assemble articles of impeachment and hold a House vote on those articles in eight days, mid-December.

Even with the partisan railroading on overdrive that schedule is an impossibility. Remember, they still have to pass a budget because they punted a continuing resolution into December.

The best the House could hope for would be a HPSCI report completed and a House vote to send the report to HJC in December; changing the process from an official “inquiry” into an official “investigation”.  If accurate (more sensible) that puts the HJC impeachment process into January 2020.

Given the need for Chairman Nadler and the HJC to coordinate schedules with White House lawyers and rules, etc. etc.   HJC hearings would be mid to late January under the best of circumstances; and article assembly with a House Impeachment Vote in late January to early February 2020.

[Keep in mind throughout this Dec/Jan process the Democrats will be getting pummeled by President Trump and the GOP in media and that will show in polling.]

So now we’re into February, and here comes the Senate…. and things will get even slower.

Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar would now be removed from the campaign trail until further notice (likely six to eight weeks).  That leaves the “three B’s” (Biden, Buttigieg and Bloomberg) with complete free reign on the campaign trail, while the Democrat Senators are stuck in DC.

[Über-cynically, perhaps that scenario is by design.  Perhaps the DNC Club wants to eliminate the far-left wing-nuts through a process of cooperation with Pelosi on the schedule.   Biden, Buttigieg and Bloomberg are definitely the DNC donor class favs.]

However, a Feb/March/April impeachment effort is just plain silly from an electoral perspective.  The presidential election is only six months away.  The effort would look like abject stupidity, it just doesn’t make sense.

Walk it through on paper, the legal impeachment process just doesn’t match with the House Speaker’s talking points.   Yet, if they don’t complete the impeachment process in the House it’s arguably worse.  By the end of the year they will have spent four months on this fiasco…. How can they not have a vote?…. and yet what would they be voting on?

…..This schedule just doesn’t add up.

And then consider the legal challenges on a parallel track:

Nancy Pelosi and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler need a full House authorization vote to gain the authority for the HJC to penetrate the constitutional firewall that protects the separation of power in the “official” impeachment investigation.

Any loss in three currently pending cases will undermine the validity of the prior impeachment inquiry…. that’s obviously an issue.   There are three cases, each of them appears heading to the Supreme Court; one is already there.

♦The first case is the House Oversight Committee effort to gain President Trumps’ tax returns as part of their impeachment ‘inquiry’ and oversight.  That case is currently on-hold (10-day stay) in the Supreme Court.  Written briefs soon, arguments perhaps in early December? Outcome pending.  There is a very strong probability Pelosi will lose this case because Oversight doesn’t have jurisdiction and the case began back in February.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. granted the administration’s request to stay the federal appeals court ruling against Mr. Trump until “further order” — for now — as the high court decides whether or not to hear the president’s challenge.

[…] Douglas Letter, general counsel for the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, had sent a letter to the court, agreeing to a brief 10-day stay while the parties filed their court papers debating the need for an injunction while the case is being considered.  (link)

Probability of loss to Pelosi 90%.

♦The second case is the House Judiciary Committee (HJC) effort to gain the grand jury information from the Mueller investigation.  The decision by DC Judge Beryl Howell was  stayed by a three member DC Appellate court.  Oral arguments were November 12th, the decision is pending. [Depending on outcome, the case could will also go to SCOTUS]

[…] the appeals court in a brief order said it would not immediately release the documents “pending further order of the court.” The court also asked the House and the Justice Department for more briefings and set a Jan. 3 date for another hearing.  (link)

Probability of SCOTUS 100%

♦The third case is the HJC effort to force the testimony of former White House legal counsel Don McGahn.  Issue: subpoena validity.  The HJC has asked for an expedited ruling. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has announced she will deliver her ruling on Monday November 25th.

The House’s letter to federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in Washington points out that it is considering impeaching Trump for obstruction of justice, for which McGahn would be a key witness since he spoke to special counsel Robert Mueller for the obstruction investigation, and for lying to Mueller, after testimony at Roger Stone’s criminal trial raised questions about Trump’s written answers to investigators about Russian interference in the 2016 election. (link)

Probability Appeal 100% – Probability SCOTUS 90%

Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and Lawfare are hoping a full House vote to authorize impeachment will help them retroactively in any judicial decision (court, appeals or SCOTUS).  The only case where that seems possible is the last one; and that has a long way to reach SCOTUS.

Remember, the Supreme Court has not yet ruled on any ancillary case that touches upon the validity of the unilaterally declared House impeachment process.  The Supreme Court has not ruled on any case that touches the impeachment “inquiry”.

The issue at stake is whether the legislative branch can penetrate the constitutional firewall which exists within the separation of powers.

If the House loses the Tax case in SCOTUS (likely), and/or either HJC case in appeals or SCOTUS it will mean there was no constitutional foundation for the “impeachment inquiry” upon which they have built their legal arguments.

Without the constitutional recognition of the judicial branch Pelosi and Schiff’s HPSCI status as a constitutional impeachment process would be fatally flawed. The product from all of that effort could be considered invalid; and possibly the Senate could ignore any House impeachment vote that uses invalid evidence gathered in the fatally flawed process.

Pelosi and Schiff are racing the court for their legal foundation; and simultaneously facing the IG FISA report release which will likely challenge the foundation of their narrative.

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284 Responses to House Calendar Doesn’t Align with Speaker Pelosi Talking Points, and House Resolution on Impeachment…

  1. Bubby says:

    If Pelosi decides to extend the current session of the House to December 24th to get everything down and all the Republicans leave town on the 13th because nothing has been accomplished what happens then? It would be a straight Democrat vote on impeachment? The Republicans can’t do a damn thing because of all Pelosi’s rule changes so why stay in Washington? Just curious.


    • kevin m miele says:

      thats the plan because to impeach requires 2/3 of all SENATORS PRESENT seems like the old playbook when the federal reserve act was voted in while every body was away….

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      • littleanniefannie says:

        The House impeaches. The Senate holds the trial.

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        • De Oppresso Liber says:


          Pigglosi didn’t have the votes in September, she didn’t have them in October, and she sure as hell doesn’t have them now. If she had the votes, she would have voted to impeach before now.

          Pigglosi is in a helluva bind, and she’s hoping and praying an activist judge will bail her out before SCOTUS puts a steak through her heart. But, it ain’t going to happen…..

          Take it to the bank — the house will NOT vote to impeach President Trump.

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          • Lou Foxwell says:

            A trial in the Senate will allow the majority to litigate the entire Russian/Ukranian debacle. This will bring all of the FISA players into the Chambers for cross. Republican leadership will turn the impeachment proceedings into a scorched earth attack on the Obama administration and the Clinton candidacy.


            • Mr e-man says:

              A Senate trial will also have Don McGahn testifying that Trump told him to fire Mueller, which will then be called obstruction of Justice, an impeachable offense. Enter Pierre Delecto.


    • Cik says:

      The house needs a 2/3 majority to advance Impeachment to the Senate, which they don’t have.


      • Bubby says:

        A simple majority of the House of Representatives (at least 218 votes) is required to impeach a U.S. President followed by a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate (at least 67 votes) for removal. The question is does Pelosi have 218 Democrat votes? Further only Democrats voting for impeachment makes it look partisan which of course it is.


  2. rmramerica says:

    Just my thought, it seems the Dems are more interested in the spectacle of an impeachment trail and the televised event (which has failed) – with a censure vote easily accomplished afterward. This would / placate the base and allow Pelosi the Solomon like heroin act of pulling the country back from impeachment and saving the country from a very divisive, partisan vote. Hence, a censure. All sides declare victory and go home.

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    • alonzo1956 says:

      Hillary’s buddies will never agree to anything other than impeachment.

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      • bo cat says:

        Great chance for every Dem local office and home address that votes for any of this farce to get hit with protestors from our side. Time to go to war…………… Throw bird seed everywhere they live work and park, the fun will follow…………….

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  3. dd_sc says:

    That leaves the “three B’s” (Biden, Buttigieg and Bloomberg) with complete free reign on the campaign trail, while the Democrat Senators are stuck in DC.

    Golden opportunity for Representative Gabbard who will have already voted in the House.

    Same logic would apply to Representative Castro, but he appears to be done.


    • Raghn Crow says:

      Biden, Buttigieg, and Bloomberg are absolute disasters. Joe is mentally incompetent, and visibly failing fast (and will probably be indicted), Buttigieg — the Blacks simply won’t vote for him, nor will anyone outside the overheated Dem Bathhouse. Bloomberg — couldn’t be remotely taken seriously outside the Dem Hothouse (somewhat bigger than their bathhouse, but not too much larger). The Convention will be brokered and they’ll put an outsider in. Hillary will be looking too bad by then — legal wise — to be a possibility. They might even choose George Clooney or someone as far afield as that.

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    • jbowen82 says:

      What if Sanders, Harris, Klobuchar, Booker, and Warren recuse themselves because they would be voting in a case involving their political opponent, then just go back out and campaign? One of the five has to figure that out at some point, and when he or she does, the others will follow suit. Being stuck in the Senate in a losing cause is the worst possible outcome for them.

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  4. The Devilbat says:

    If the democrats can simply change the rules, what’s the next step? How about the house voting to put the United States under UN control? I am of course joking but Is such a thing any more far fetched than what they have already done?


  5. I love all these peoples comments Right here The conservative Treehouse is The Best Than anywhere else,

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  6. railer says:

    You had to figure Trump would be impeached at some point, and so did he no doubt. He chose the timing and the reason, that phone call, which he knew Deep State would be forced to confront for fear their entire corrupt enterprise in Ukraine was about to be exposed, thus forcing them into this compressed timeline at the end of the year just before election season.

    Trump forced the action to suit his own needs and encumber his enemies’. Brilliant strategy, and further it takes impeachment off the table forever. You just know McConnell is giving impeachment his tacit approval and using it to intimidate Trump, but that threat goes away now.


    • bluebongo says:

      McConnell is a lifer, and what better way to extend his reign than to bait Pelosi into thinking that the Senate will actually take up her steaming pile of Frisco and then drop it the moment that it arrives.

      This would accomplish 2 goals, it would kill Pelosi and the Democrats in the House, and also ensure his own reelection. Which gives him courage to bring home the bacon for the infrastructure bill the House would surely pass immediately upon the Republicans taking over in 2021….thus cementing him for 2024.

      The conniving Senate, it’s theme taken from the Roman Empire .

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      • Raghn Crow says:

        Indeed, the temptation to completely blow up the Democrats will be too strong — even assuming all the suspicions about “RINOs” and “Chamber of Commerce” Repubs, Globalists and One-World lovers the Senate Repubs might have. Or so one would imagine.


    • Maybe true – the issue of impeachment – Ukraine could have been chosen by the President. Knowing was not gonna lead to anywhere but #Biden and the #democrats.

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    • jbowen82 says:

      I’ve been arguing for some time that PDT wants the trial, rather than a procedural dismissal. With the eyes of the whole world watching, he will lay out the corruption of the Democrats before a friendly forum in putting on his defense case. Pelosi has got to be able to see that and will walk back from the brink.


    • “I caught the swamp. I caught them all. Let’s see what happens. Nobody else could have done that but me.”

      Past tense will become present tense shortly it seems. To think Trump is working alone or limited to Rudy’s help feels hopeless unless you see The Son Of God moving them along by his own agenda. Instead, besides these just mentioned, I think you have Pompeo, Barr and Military Intelligence personnel working deliberately and discreetly to wreck the work of the traitorous turds.


  7. Ellis says:

    Pelosi is boxed in with no crime and losing the political battle. Hyper-partisan censure is her only option.

    Swing districts are let off the hook and Pelosi can save face and tell the fringe left she tried.

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    • railer says:

      Nancy has 31 districts that Trump won in her caucus. No vote is really secure, given that, not even House censure. And she doesn’t dare send this pile to the Senate, because exposure there would be devastating. She may just have to eat this and go home.

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      • I’m beginning to wonder if our President isn’t for the Senate to go into impeachment hearings in order to bring into the light facts and subpoenas for all involved from FISA abuse and spying on the Trump campaign all the way back through Ukraine bribery including Hunter Biden and not forgetting Fusion, Nellie O, Strzok and Page, McCabe, Yates how about the missing Hillary emails and the Weiner laptop. I think a whole lot could be brought to light during the process of clearing our President of any and all impeachment charges.

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    • MACAULAY says:

      I feel like stopping Impeachment in the House at this point would make the Democrats look so vile and foolish, that the American people would be disgusted en masse. After the 2 years Mueller Fiasco; the Kavanaugh Lynching..

      They would have to accept that Trump Derangement Syndrome has become official Democratic Party Policy.

      But it looks like events might be conspiring to leave them looking like fools in any event.

      So much depends on Horowitz, Barr and Durham.

      Possibly the most interesting political times I have seen.

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  8. James F says:

    Maybe they will try to claim they are being forced to put it on hold until after the election because the “rigged senate is obstructing” and use it to charge up their base for the election.

    That way the unresolved issue can hang over President Trump’s head and the dems can campaign with slogans like “we have to take the senate for justice to be served!”.

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    • NJF says:

      Very plausible. Hubby is convinced they won’t vote to impeach, instead declaring “we need to keep investigating” aka smearing POTUS with unfounded accusations that he can’t, by design, defend against.


    • Raghn Crow says:

      Possibly, but people would be so sick and tired of it by then — out of sheer boredom if nothing else — that they’d vote the Dems into oblivion … a very well-deserved oblivion.

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  9. zombietimeshare says:

    “The effort would look like abject stupidity, it just doesn’t make sense.”

    Democrats: “Oh yeah? Here, hold my vegan, free-range, gluten-free, non-GMO, locally sourced beer.”

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  10. Zippy says:


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    • Raptors2020 says:

      I love Tucker’s closing sentences here. Peggy Noonan was thrilled by the testimonies of the diplomats George Kent and Bill Taylor last week. She called it Old America reasserting itself. Peggy couldn’t be bothered to disguise her elitism, her strong anti-democratic feelings. America should be ruled by rich white men from the Northeast, with Ivy League educations. Now and forever.

      There was quote recently, I forget the source, that Trump wanted to fight the Civil War all over again. What could that possibly mean? Then I realized, the North won the War, so in the writer’s opinion, the North won the right to rule America, forever more. The same conclusion Peggy Noonan has reached.


  11. Hans says:

    The democrats have a real problem. IMHO Rudy has been the fly in the ointment. He has become such a threat that they a circling him like the Indians in a old western movie. Mention Rudy and his Letter to Sen Graham exposing the rampant corruption/kickbacks in the State Department comes to mind. Yes his life is in danger.

    They (deep state and democrats) are planning to indict him (most likely the SDNY on aiding foreigners interfere in elections) and they will try to shut up Rudy with a illegal gag order.

    If that fails The democrats will say that due to the lack of time, and the decisive nature of impeachmen it is best for the election to punish President Trump and drop the impeachment farce.

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  12. Nom de Blog says:

    If the Court of Appeals stops the revelation of grand jury materials, I do not think the Court will take the case. Which four justices will vote to grant cert? Why would they need to grant cert when the case was properly decided?

    And will Ginsburg be available as the fourth vote for cert?

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  13. Pa Hermit says:

    At what point do the files become declassified? I see this as the aces up POTUS’s sleeve, no?


  14. Magabear says:

    Who knows, maybe this is just how Pelosi wants this to end. She needs to appease all the wacko squad types in her party by going thru the whole impeachment charade, but she knows actually going thru with it will lose her her precious House leader position when the dimms lose the House in 2020 due to impeaching an innocent PDJT.

    Evil people often get caught up in their own web of lies and deceit.

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  15. Garavaglia says:

    Why not just call a vote a day or two after they get back from Thanksgiving? Rules are not pertinent in this House scenario. as has been shown to this point.

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  16. Fringe Dweller says:

    If the process gets fatally hamstrung by the courts (rightfully, of course), the dems and the media will say that Trump got away on technicalities, and that Trump’s SC picks are covering for him. They’ll continue pushing the current narrative even though more and more evidence is coming out showing Biden’s corruption in stark detail. This is their plan if their current actions fail, and they’ll find some other ant hill to turn into Olympic Mons come early next year. Desperation is all they’ve had for years, and nothing will change that.

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    • Raghn Crow says:

      They could try that, but the “boy who cried wolf” axiom comes into play. Or to put it another way, they’ll lose the “suspension of disbelief”. I suspect they’ve lost that, now. They’ll look like total “freaktoids” far, far too removed from reality for a majority of Americans to take them seriously. Look at their presidential candidates. Not a ONE of them is electable. Their convention will be brokered and they’ll choose someone outside of this group of idiots, if they want a remote chance of making even a half-way serious show of beating the President.

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  17. Since the shampeachment has not gone well, maybe losing one of the court cases is their back door exit strategy. If they can lose one of the court cases and be forced to restart with a formal vote to authorize or abandon the effort due to election time constraints then they could try and salvage some benefit by using that defeat to rally their base. They could claim the court is now biased against the rule of law which has made it impossible to conduct impeachment before the election. “We tried but were defeated by unfairness” seems like an excuse their side would buy. This places the blame on the court even though they were trying to run the impeachment through a back door sham the whole time. Then they can campaign on the importance of keeping RBG’s seat liberal.

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  18. Bogeyfree says:

    Why does the HJC even need to call witnesses?

    They make up the rules so why can’t they hand it off to HJC and they immediately take a vote?

    This way they get there branding on PT and can knock it out before the 12th easy.

    Nothing is beneath these people.

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  19. Jim in TN says:

    So what was Lawfare’s plan in the first place? Why rush the Schiff Show if it is too late? I was of the impression that they thought they still had time.

    Is it their intent to initiate Nadler impeachment hearings that will last throughout the primaries and allow them to breach all those firewalls to make Trump look bad? What if they impeached in May, July or September, allowing their candidates to compete, but undermining Trump (and Pence) for the General election? What if they say they will respect the people’s choice and impeach only if he is reelected? (Democrats don’t have to be honest or consistent. )

    Does an impeachment die at the end of a Congressional term like unpassed laws and unconfirmed nominations do?

    Anyways, it could be they gave Schitt his chance, and now that he has hit the fan, they will back off. Starting to hear very weak indicators of that happening. But that reeks a little too much of reality for today’s Democrats.

    They have a plan, a long, complicated and drawn out plan, and they stick to their plan, even after it has clearly failed, only changing when they think they have another way to make their plan come true. So knowing that plan will be the best predictor of what they will do next.

    The only thing I can be sure of is that we won’t like their plan. Nor will we like their plans B, C, …. And the only way to stop this is to beat them real bad at the ballot box. President, Senate, House, and State and local elections too. Real bad.

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    • Mr e-man says:

      Something tells me impeaching Trump in September, so close to the election, with flimsy evidence derived from an illegal, unconstitutional, partisan process will not go over well.


  20. mopar2016 says:

    But the paperwork looks legit.

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  21. Lt Col Covfefe999 says:

    I really do not understand why the Dems decided to initiate the impeachment push. If I may make an Everest comparison (because it just popped into my head), they are at Camp 3 now but have not departed for Camp 4 yet let alone the summit. 🙂 Incredibly poor execution of the laughable “inquiry”, incredibly poor timing, and they have virtually ZERO chance of seeing their ultimate goal realized. Meanwhile the Dem base is getting frustrated. Right before the primaries. lol

    Someone I saw on video yesterday, can’t remember who, said we should not assume that the Dems have a solid plan or really know what they’re doing. If somehow they manage to advance this mess to vote to impeach and the Senate takes over, the Dems aren’t going to have any control any more.


  22. Jaap Titulaer says:

    Is ‘Censure’ some lame duck form of impeachment?
    A bit like saying: “we deplore your actions and now we continue as before ” …

    Asking for a friend.

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  23. Buanadha says:

    Still think the IG report will be disappointing, but bad enough to move things ahead nicely for Barr/Durham. But, I think it must be bad enough (and the Barr Durham threat bad enough) to make them desperate enough to push a dead in the water impeachment effort.

    To me, this calendar and the moving ahead spells desperation by the Democrats and the Deep State


  24. thedoc00 says:

    Just like Mueller’s report, all Impeachment Reports required are already written as is the House resolution, articles of impeachment and any other documents needed. Nancy has the option to gavel the whole thing through in 1 committee (Nadler’s) and 2 House Sessions.

    There is actually no rush to impeach.
    Republican Primaries begin, 3 February 2020.
    Republican convention is 24-27 August 2020.

    To cause maximum disruption, the House could throw the impeachment over the wall to the Senate at about the Republican Primary mid-point or just before the Republican Convention.


  25. ATheoK says:

    Did the democrats change the quorum rules by any chance?

    “Democrats have said they anticipate an impeachment vote in mid-December”

    Offhand, I believe Peloi plans to call a special session; after Republicans and democrat “Nay” voters leave town.
    Pelosi’s special rules that require a Congressperson to vote before they can read the impeachment will also be in force.


  26. gphx says:

    ‘There is absolutely no-way the HPSCI can generate a report, have members authorize the report, transfer the report to HJC, schedule witnesses in coordination with the White House, organize opposing counsel, complete a HJC inquiry, assemble articles of impeachment and hold a House vote on those articles in eight days, mid-December’.

    Unless the script was written a long time ago and they’re just now acting it out.


    • Pokey says:

      The script was written a long time ago and none of the authors have even been questioned. I am sick of all of this nonsense, but it will, no doubt, continue. fubar.


  27. cambee99 says:

    Pelosi will extend Congress. She will argue that they need to get USMCA through before the recess per the request of POTUS.


  28. hokkoda says:

    I’ve felt for a few weeks now that the only way they can get over the hump while maintaining the illusion is to continue to deny the GOP witnesses and to deny Trump representation. That means whatever HJC does must be some sort of pro forma proceeding where they adopt the HPSCI’s report AS the HJC report. Deem the hearings completed, and pass the articles of impeachment straight to the floor. Even then, the calendar works against them. Pelosi does not want to expose her caucus to multiple impeachment votes. They’ve already had one, and it was only “bipartisan against” not “for” her gimmick. So, why not just do what she did last time: deem the investigation completed? They go before the compliant media to say their case is such a lock, and that Trump presents such a danger to the Republic, that they have no choice but to abandon the usual rules (which they’ll simultaneously deny are precedent).

    They’ve already written the articles of impeachment, perhaps months ago. The rules are just a pesky contrivance getting in the way. She has been more than willing to throw them in the trash for a bigger goal. Besides, who cares if it’s not a “real” impeachment? They’ve been running around claiming letters of request = legally enforceable subpoenas, and that their fake inquiry is a real impeachment. In for a penny, in for a pound.

    Democrats are repeating the mistakes of Obamacare. They’re not gloating quite as much, but the basic “screw the American people” totalitarianism remains.

    The real question is can she get 218 votes…which we’ll know shortly after Thanksgiving.


  29. Leslie Smith says:

    They have to pass it before they can read it.


  30. Dutchman says:

    So gratifying, to see Congresspeople actually ‘working’ and even putting in (for them, anyway) OVERTIME.
    Now, if they could put in the same nose to the grindstone effort to do the peoples business (USMCA, INFRASTRUCTURE, IMMIGRATION, DRUG PRICING) maybe, just maybe they could come close to matching PDJT’S lightspeed, on accomplishments.

    Nah, even if they did, no way they could catch up, now!
    MAJOR /S, …


  31. Mikal Dene says:

    If I were a betting man I would say all the cases get nullified and Pelosi gets removed as Speaker. Of course Nadler and Schiff would lose their chairmanships and slither back into their holes till voters lose all confidence in their ability to handle any matters in the public’s best interest. If I were a betting man…


  32. John Lott says:

    I suspect they will come back after the break and announce they have put their vote on hold because it is obvious that Trump has intimidated the GOP into NOT doing their constitutional duty. They will have a willing press to help them hammer on republicans for obstruction between now and the election. Their hope would be to flip the senate and maintain the house, they’ve realized they can’t beat or impeach Trump so the hope to render him ineffective. I can’t imagine they’re dumb enough to force a senate trial.


  33. ChampagneReady says:

    You saw the first evidence of it today when Schiff–when asked directly will there be impeachment, he WOULD NOT answer. That’s because it is a bluff. It always HAS been a bluff.

    When Trump blew their minds and released the transcript, Pelosi knew she was screwed. But she was too far out over her skis already and just used the hearings as a Hail Mary fishing expedition HOPING that somebody would reveal something that COULD warrant impeachment. Now, with the hearings a disaster she knows it is even worse. There is no choice but to let it die, and to SPIN it so that it will look like with such short time remaining to the election, that they have decided not to put the country through this tortorous excercise and further divide the country. Rather to let the voters decide to remove him. She will try to take this pig and put pearls on it so save her own ass.

    If there is a trial in the senate, she knows they will get pulverized, Trump will become a symbol of even greater strength, she will become ex-Speaker guaranteed and the trial will provide the golden opportunity to show that BOTH Bidens are dirty, corrupt, money launderers and that Joe did the same thing as VP that Clinton did with the Clinton Foundation–he sold his office for favors

    She has two options if she pushes this farce–disaster or worse than that.

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  34. jeans2nd says:

    Never believed Pelosi had any intention on holding an impeachment vote.
    Pelosi’s intention is to continue dirty-up Pres Trump, and make him unelectable.
    Pelosi’s underlings are just too stupid to realize this.


  35. Pokey says:

    Pelosi may be trying to keep her tits out of the wringer. Ukraine was a gold mine for corruption during the Obama Gangs tenure. Now the worm has turned and all the skeletons are falling out of the closet, including hers.


  36. MikeN says:

    HSPCI minority is allowed at least two business days to submit a minority report in the committee’s findings.


  37. Gary N. says:

    I find it plausible that in the bowels of Pelosi’s mind, she is hoping this thing goes away without a single vote taken. Someone in the high ranks of congressional leadership (oxi moron) has to know how this will end up, a blood bath for the progressive’s. Defeats in the courts can save her bacon from being fried crisp.


  38. dbobway says:

    All this stuff with all the abbreviations makes my head spin.
    Ultimately The Democrats want to give mystery meat to the media to show on video 24 hours a day. That is all they are doing.
    They would have to have ‘turtle’ on their payroll to have a vote of impeachment sent to the senate.
    Otherwise there would be no way to stop the Republicans, we have left who care,
    From putting the Democrats attempt at overthrowing our government on trial, in “PUBLIC”
    I have yet to talk to a Democrat friend who knows anything about the criminal enterprise,
    The very Democrat party they support. Would it matter?
    I think it would matter enough!


  39. Lactantius says:

    Nancy Pelosi is doing what Mark Twain wrote about when he told the story of a worker in a carpet mill. The man accepted a bet that he could ride the huge spinning flywheel. He was thrown off with his parts and pieces being woven into 100 yards of Axminster carpet. The family of the deceased, Twain noted, did the right thing and bought all 100 yards.

    The Democrats will be clearing out desks and offices after Nancy rockets off the flywheel she has tried to ride. Lipstick, broken pumps and scattered and busted pearls will be what’s left.


  40. letty bromenschenkel says:

    Fun to watch them convince the voters they have to remove TRUMP
    2 months before the next election because they can’t beat him in the election.
    I am laughing already.


  41. Prharden says:

    In other words, the DumbocRATs are screwed!


  42. Pat Thomas says:

    I smell swamp gas…. Barry, is that you?


  43. Peter Christian says:

    Removing the crazies from the campaign trail may be a favored DNC strategy, but it will may provide openings for Gabbard and/or Yang (the only reasonably sane candidates) to gain traction


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