Jim Jordan Discusses Conclusion of Two Weeks of Impeachment Testimony…

Representative Jim Jordan appears with Bret Baier to discuss the last two weeks of impeachment testimony.  Baier, the evolving human cabbage patch doll, attempts to protect the DC impeach narrative.


Jim Jordan is exceptional. At the conclusion of todays testimony Jordan also held a brief press conference (below).


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36 Responses to Jim Jordan Discusses Conclusion of Two Weeks of Impeachment Testimony…

  1. UberRight says:

    Pompous a$$: Have you ever wore a jacket.

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  2. noswamp says:

    I love me some JJ. As to UberRight, why post? Nobody cares about your smears.

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  3. Payday says:

    I used to watch his news report every night long before Baier ever took it over from Hume. I quit cold Turkey 4-5 months ago. Switched back to ABC news, which I hadn’t watched since the war in Iraq. I had to. I spent an hour every night yelling at the TV.

    Sure…ABC is even worse…but I expect it from them. If I’m going to raise my blood pressure, I may as well do so due to the real deal. ABC is up front and in your face with their dishonesty, FOX News is now the pretenders.. In that respect, I guess FOX has become the real Fake News.

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    • CarolynH says:

      Lot better than ABC or Fox afternoom.iseitch between Beck and Newsnax.
      Becks been outstanding lstely.

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    • Spooky says:

      Just wondering why you waste your time getting any news at all from the boob tube. There is this amazing medium called the internet which I am told was invented by someone named Algore. It’s full of interesting news that isn`t vomited out of an overpayed idiot’s mouth.

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    • Steve in Greensboro says:

      There is nothing for us on pay cable that is worth paying for. I cut the cable 10 years ago because the only thing I was still watching (Kudlow’s show on CNBC) got to be populated by leftist jackwagons to get “balance”.

      Besides Sundance (who is at the top of my list), watch Steve Bannon’s Warroom at warroom.org for impeachment TV show news and commentary.


    • Dick_Turpin says:

      In that respect, I guess FOX has become the real Fake News.

      Yes, controlled opposition.

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    • Pokey says:

      I like the TV anchor who sits perfectly erect in his chair behind a fake desk, with a dark trim cut suit and on, combs his hair straight upward to make himself look too tall for his body, and his hands always placed unnaturally flat on its shiny surface. He speaks in the very measured style of all highly convincing TV anchors these days. He is so cartoonish that I am often reminded of the Blues Brothers from the old SNL days.

      I laugh at this somber news production from start to finish. I am laughing right now. I can’t even commit the name of this guy to my aging memory, but the show is most entertaining when I turn the sound off and imagine what he is saying. As an added bonus, I can’t get nailed by another My Pillow pitch from Mike in Minnesota when the sound is turned off.

      Levity is how I try to get through my interfaces with the bizarre symbiotic worlds of Big Media and Big Government. 🙂


      • Pokey says:

        I forgot to mention that Brett Baier seems to be striving to find that elusive place among the top TV anchors and is becoming more entertaining without sound his own self!


    • Pa Hermit says:

      I quit TV 3/4 years ago and never looked back! I have a nice telly that’s still in it’s box!


  4. TwoLaine says:

    Sundance, I’m gonna’ need a Cast of Characters list for all the media and others idiots you have dubbed with your special brand of nicknames.

    Baier, the evolving human cabbage patch doll. Love it!

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  5. 1 Observer says:

    Gee, I wonder who’s going to be the Leader of the House when the elephants take it : )

    Gotta’ love a fighter.


  6. evergreen says:

    Baer: dems playing commuting every foul imaginable, and he accepts as, well, perfectly acceptable. Not a hitch of reservtaion pondering the totality of unfairness. Then furrows the brow and asks the skeptical question implying presidential guilt. The actors in Airplane were less straight-faced in their gags.

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  7. I liked the end of the interview where it was just the press hanging around looking arrogant. It is those moron millennials with their quaffed goatees and Talbots business suits who are running the press – I am so glad I no longer live in the DC area


  8. Buck Turgidson says:

    I agree–Jim Jordan has impressed me and is one of my favorites (granted, a very small set). I think hed make a great president. He is smart as a whip, loves this country, gets bettter in his job every day, and can put pesky news ppl or congresscritters into a guillotine hold (ncaa wrestling champ now that is ba).

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