President Trump Delivers Impromptu Remarks Departing the White House – Video and Transcript…

Chopper pressers are the best pressers. Earlier today President Trump delivered impromptu remarks to the media as he departed the White House traveling to Austin, Texas.

The President Trump is traveling to Austin, Texas to tour the Apple Manufacturing Plant. Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, Ambassador Gordon Sondland testifies before the House Intel Committee. [Video below, Transcript Added]


[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: So, thank you very much. We’re going to Austin, Texas. Apple is opening up a fantastic facility. They’re spending a tremendous amount of money. And I’ve been asking Tim Cook from the day I got elected — from the campaign, I’ve been asking Tim Cook to, if they would, we want to see Apple build here; that way, you have no tariffs. There’s no tariffs. When companies come to our country and they build, there’s no tariffs.

The economy is doing unbelievably well. We continue to talk to China. China wants to make a deal. The question is: Do I want to make a deal? Because I like what’s happening right now. We’re taking in billions and billions of dollars.

I’m going to go very quickly — just a quick comment on what’s going on in terms of testimony with Ambassador Sondland. And I just noticed one thing, and I would say that means it’s all over. “What do want from Ukraine?” he asks me, screaming. “What do you want from Ukraine? I keep hearing all these different ideas and theories.” This is Ambassador Sondland speaking to me. Just happened. To which I turned off the television.

“What do you want from Ukraine? I keep hearing all these different ideas and theories…What do you want?” “What do you want?” “It was a very short and abrupt conversation” that he had with me. They said, “He was not in a good mood.” I’m always in a good mood. I don’t know what that is. He just said — now he’s talking about what my response.

So, he’s going: ‘What do you want? What do you want? I hear all these theories. What do you want?’ Right?

And now, here’s my response that he gave — just gave. Ready?

You have the cameras rolling?

“I want nothing.” “That’s what I want from Ukraine.” That’s what I said. “I want nothing.” I said it twice. So, he goes — he asks me the question: “What do you want? I keep hearing all of these things. What do you want?” He finally gets me — I don’t know him very well. I have not spoken to him much. This is not a man I know well. Seems like a nice guy, though. But I don’t know him well. He was with other candidates. He actually supported other candidates — not me. Came in late.

But here’s my response. Now, if you weren’t fake news, you’d cover it properly.

I’d say to the Ambassador in response: “I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky” — President Zelensky — “to do the right thing.” So here’s my answer: “I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky to do the right thing.” Then he says, “This is the final word…from the President of the United States.” “I want nothing.”

Thank you, folks. Have a good time. I’m going to Texas.

END 11:40 A.M. EST

[White House] Ambassador Sondland’s testimony made clear that in one of the few brief phone calls he had with President Trump, the President clearly stated that he ‘wanted nothing’ from Ukraine and repeated ‘no quid pro quo over and over again.’ In fact, no quid pro quo ever occurred. The U.S. aid to Ukraine flowed, no investigation was launched, and President Trump has met and spoken with President Zelensky. Democrats keep chasing ghosts.”  ~Stephanie Grisham

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88 Responses to President Trump Delivers Impromptu Remarks Departing the White House – Video and Transcript…

  1. Publius2016 says:

    obviously he’s guilty!!!

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  2. Shark24 says:

    God bless him! 🙂

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  3. Publius2016 says:

    Where’s the blue dress…oh that’s right, Schifty Schiff is wearing it…SAD!

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  4. Eyes Opened says:

    “I’m always in a good mood!” lmao best President ever

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  5. sparel says:

    We should rename our nation the United State of Washington D.C.

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    • YY4U says:

      United Soviet Socialist America (USSA) would be more appropriate since the Bolsheviks in DC behave just like their ancestors in the USSR from Beria’s (show me the man and I’ll show you the crime) to Obama’s purging top military officers during his eight years, to show trials (going on now), to secret police (Comey’s FBI), to ….. fill in the blanks. Not a lot of difference except that 100 years have gone by and we are a lot more sophisticated technologically than they were.

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      • TheOtherSean says:

        It’s hardly original to Beria and the Bolsheviks. By the 18th century people were attributing to the late French minister Cardinal Richelieu the phrase “If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.”

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      • The Call for Honesty says:

        The NYT has made Pravda proud by the way they reported or rather did not report on the terrible famine in the Ukraine (1932-1933). It has continued to twist the truth calling brutal murderers of certain missionaries in Rhodesia “guerrillas” or simply not even reporting on some of the horrific killings. Trump is wrong to label the NYT fake news – it is far worse. It has been a source of propaganda for the worst of murderers for many years.

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    • gitmo4crooks says:

      Should just get the handful of great patriots out of there and level DC and the 7 swamp counties around it……start over after we level it with a few moabs

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  6. Mark L. says:

    We demand Justice.

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  7. toocoolus says:

    Slowly but surely, he’s taking down the Dems, the Swamp and the corrupt media, all at the same time…he’s the ultimate dragon slayer!!!! Love him!!

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  8. Dee Paul Deje says:

    2:29 “Now here’s my response. And if you weren’t fake news you’d cover it properly.” LOL

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  9. MelH says:

    Looking at Twitter, you would NEVER guess impeachment isn’t going to happen next Tuesday if not before, for SURE! They’ve got him on bribery, insulting witnesses, and a few million other things. The Democrat vitriol is unprecedented, and censoring is unprecedented also My Twitter account is no longer usable unless i answer a long string of Security questions which ALL compromise my OWN security, so in effect, i have been locked out of Twitter permanently. i can still read and urge you to go to the White House Twitter site and respond positively to what our Senators are posting, a push to get the NAFTA replacement done post haste. it’s great for our President and We The People, but Nancy is dedicated to not letting it happen.

    To punish me for not answering all the Twitter Security questions, they have blanked all the photos that you will be able to see with each Tweet. There are a million ways to sensor and Jack Dempsy must own the “Censoring for Dummies” text book.

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  10. jrapdx says:

    “I want nothing” means “I’m making no demands”, but PT hopes “Zelensky does the right thing”.

    This is the absolutely ideal ethical stance to take. No arm-twisting at all, PT simply presents what he’s willing to do and then says the next move is “up to you”. No threats, coercion involved, it’s all positives on both sides as far as PT is concerned.

    This is a great way to conduct foreign policy, or for that matter interactions with Congress which so far as we can see isn’t showing anything like the high ethical standards of PT.

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    • amazed treetop downlooker says:

      #@!&!Congress is among the worst, most recalcitrant, near-foreign countries VSGPDJT has to negotiate/deal with….SLIME de la slime😖

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      • jrapdx says:

        Gross dishonesty is definitely a deal-killer. Even horrible foreign regimes are often better when it comes to being up front about what they want, or what they’re willing (or unwilling) to do.


  11. MelH says:

    I always thought the Washington Examiner was kind of neutral, but obviously that was wishful thinking. They and all the other Democrats are positive The President is teetering on the thin edge of impeachment.

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    • Chieftain says:

      RINO paper

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    • yy4u says:

      Didn’t read it, but I can tell you what it says. “Donald (we won’t call you president), here’s the skinny. You can’t beat the Democrats without the Republican Establishment. So listen up and do what the Establishment Republicans around you tell you. Like maybe you could govern like Jeb! would. Or Marco! Or better yet Paul or Pierre Delecto. You know, one of US. That means you don’t make the Democrats mad, you star a little war or two in the Middle East so our military-industrial complex gets its just rewards, If not, well then,you know, we’ll just sign on with the Democrats and impeach you so we can have Mike Pence as president.”
      (sarc. I think).

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    • Anonoma says:

      No, the Washington Examiner is very much Never Trumpers. I used to subscribe to the Weekly Standard, also Never Trumpers and run by the infamously Never Trumper Bill Krisotl, and they were less Never Trumper than the Washington Examiner who sent me issues for the remainder of my subscription period after the Standard shut down. The Standard was well written, funny and witty. They had an amusing endorsement of Michael Bloomberg for 2020. In between the Trump hate they often had keen insights and their criticisms of Trump were at least well reasoned, if very much just the standard Neocon, “He’s cutting into our crony capitalist profit margins!” The Examiner just has a nebulous antipathy towards Trump. My impression is they are neoliberals who happen to be registered as Republicans. I read the Standard because they gave a good impression of what Neocons and Never Trumpers really thought and why they think it. The Examiner, to my great disappointment, simply tells you why Republicans who act like they are Democrats are the least influential faction in all of Washington. These are people who wholeheartedly agree and trumpet for “bipartisan” proposals that have three or four backers in the entirety of Congress and expect all America to bow down to their wisdom then quietly disappear into the ether when literally no one else supports their bill.

      Byron York is the only guy worth reading in the Examiner. I do stay on their e-mail list, because it tells me what Lindsay Graham is really thinking.

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      • MelH says:

        Wow, I didn’t know any of that, except Byron York is one to believe. Thanks! Oh and Bill Kristol has always been among the top five on my Hate List.


        • Rosemaryflower says:

          you can add “judge” andrew napalitano. He is pathetic. I never realized how vacant he was. I used to believe he was a brilliant guy, but wow, that all went out the window. I can see clearly now


          • MelH says:

            What stunned me is that his difference AFTER he spent a year in exile was sooo dramatic. Brilliant one year and a total dud the next. The same thing happened to Neil Cavuto. A real reporter before open heart surgery and a complete Never Trumper when he returned to the air.

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          • glissmeister says:

            It’s as if they’ve been “turned.” They seem broken compared to the men they used to be. They act like angry, broken men.


          • JAS says:

            Ditto! Nothing worse than selling your soul for money. FOX money.


    • hokkoda says:

      Lol, did you see the “by line”…it’s some honeypot former intern from National Review. Current headquarters of NeverTrump since “The Weekly Standard” imploded. A LOT of Conservative Inc. is down to glorified paid interns writing hit pieces on behalf of the oligarchy. I laughed when I read it, especially the part about Mattis and Syria…Trump has been prove 100% correct about his Syria policy and the drawdown of forces.

      Washingon Examiner needs to generate content, so they’ll take paid promotional ads from NeverTrumpers if they have to.

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    • dickl33 says:

      If it’s a newspaper, you can be 99.9% certain that it is sympathetic to liberal causes. It can be from a city as big as NYC or as small as Apple Creek Ohio. Wherever it is printed, it will be as truthful as Pravda.

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  12. TwoLaine says:

    And now a dramatic reading by… President TRUMP.


  13. hokkoda says:

    A good rule of thumb to spot who is lying and who is being truthful in any controversial situation:

    As yourself whose story keeps changing. For example, my wife’s car was hit awhile back while she was parked in a parking lot. The truck had backed into her car caving in the rear end of our car. When it was reported, that’s the story my wife gave. The other driver lied and said that my wife was backing out and hit THEM.

    As the insurance companies continued to interview and investigate, our story did not change. It was truthful. The other driver changed his story to say that, “Well, she was backing out and I tried to drive behind her.” But if that were true, the damage wouldn’t have been where it was. So they changed their story a couple more times, each time adding some new wrinkle.

    Our insurance company called us periodically to update us, and all I told the agent was “Whose story keeps changing?” We won, and their insurance had to pay for everything.

    As you watch the fake impeachment, ask yourself whose story keeps changing? So far Schiff alone has changed his story several times:

    1. We needed the whistleblower’s information, now we don’t.
    2. Trump actually outright bribed the Ukrainian President on the phone call. He had to retract this claim when the transcript was released.
    3. It was a quid pro quo, no it was bribery, no it was extortion, not it’s obstruction of justice…etc etc.
    4. Multiple “witnesses” have submitted multiple revisions of their testimonies
    5. The Army guy who testified yesterday claimed Trump had “demanded” a Biden investigation. Yesterday, he withdrew “demanded” because it was his choice of words and Trump never said it.

    And so on and so on.

    President Trump’s story has NEVER changed. Not freaking once.

    We know who the liars are.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Not only that, but remember that he warned Congress not to go down this Ukraine road or they might regret it. They are and they will.

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      • hokkoda says:

        I’ll tell you what, that IG FISA report might be a real stunner if they or Durham uncover that the entire Russia hoax not only started in Ukraine, but they’ve tracked the money back to Clinton, members of Congress, DNC, etc., and “oh by the way, we found out that Crowdstrike never did any forensics on the DNC server, and so there is no evidence that Russia “hacked” the DNC’s emails.”

        Ka boom.

        I can dream.

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        • TwoLaine says:

          Right there with ya’!

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        • glissmeister says:

          There’s a sleeper that popped out of the testimony today about “quid pro quo” and the sycophants in USDOS planting a ticking bomb to later blow up on Trump. It also strengthens reasonable suspicions this entire fiasco is a “set piece op” that is far more seditious, devious and even more far-reaching among Democrat insiders.

          Present statue requires anti-corruption measures routinely be taken. There is a process that requires certifications and documentation about who gets the funds, and how, and where they go. This is supposedly common to most large dollar US funding, like the USAID funding that flows billions out of USDOS into foreign governments.

          Quietly imbedded in today’s testimony was a disclosure of a preexisting “extra” condition specific to Javelin missiles where Obama left for Trump to release these missiles to Ukraine. Apparently the special caveat was buried deep in the controlling paperwork.

          Also apparent in Sondlein’s testimony, Trump completely ignored (it if he ever actually knew about) the lurking caveat quid pro quo buried in the deep state details. Sondlein testified Trump wanted nothing from Zelinsky. No quid pro quo; that Trump directed Sondlein to tell Zelinsky to “Do the right thing.”

          So Trump let the missile deal roll without obstruction. Trump ignored if he ever actually knew about the caveat quid pro quo buried deep in the deep state details. Yet the Ukrainians discovered it when they got the Javelin paperwork to process. The testimony today made reference to alarm from the Ukrainians that there was a quid quo pro buried in the requisite documents that was new to them and was an unexpected requirement.

          Trump’s people assured them to not worry about it, promising to “get it fixed” which it appears they most certainly did.

          Yet senior Democrat insiders seem to have widespread prior knowledge about the lurking and obscure caveat quid pro quo buried in the deep state details setting the procedures of the Javelin missile hand-off started but arrested under Obama.

          We need to think about the depth of this; the premeditation; the magnitude of sedition and scope of planning among sycophants and conspirators to remove a duly elected POTUS by fiat of seditious device created with apparent criminal intent.

          Think. Re-Think.

          This is still unfolding. We are just starting to get to the depth of depravity that has been been maliciously unleashed, in bad faith, with apparent seditious intent, by a hardened culture of criminality that is desperate for power and its consolidation in their corrupt favor.

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          • hokkoda says:

            Well, that’s interesting, but why should the Democrats go to that much trouble when they appear more than satisfied just lying their asses off, making stuff up, refusing exculpatory witnesses, and inviting Trump-haters to pass along rumors as evidence?

            They don’t need “proof”. They just need to lie, let the media lie, and count up the votes. They’re going to impeach no matter what the facts are. It’s locked in at this point.


          • glissmeister says:

            And there’s more. Senior Ukrainian government insiders are talking about USAID funding to Ukraine: Particularly. three consecutive years of $1 Billion USAID disbursements made during the second term of the Obama Admin.

            They talk about missing documentation. Lost certifications. They talk about distribution of the $3 Billion among key members of the crooked prior administrations of the US and Ukraine. All this is entirely separate from Burisma. All this is much bigger than Burisma.

            Ask yourself. If true, would the hiding of multi-billion dollar embezzlement of USAID funds be just a Ukraine problem? Could Ukraine be the most complete example of how a longstanding embezzlement pattern has operated among collaborating Democrats and foreign government members?

            It would seem Democrats need to hide this in plain sight. To my mind, this provides a compelling motive for the incredibly outlandish bad faith and self-destructive behavior of Shiff and Pelosi and their sycophant party cohort. They lie without remorse. They have no shame nor depth of untruthfulness to which they are willing to descend. They are champions of a most cruel and malignant incivility.

            I think the following link explains much about the why. I think this and things like it are what it being hidden by the unrelenting distortions, lies and distraction theater.



    • amazed treetop downlooker says:

      AND we KNOW WHO the father of ALL lies is as well, with whom these traitors have long been inextricably in bed with…
      may they all repent & “180” or meet, in some form or another, their justly deserved “Judas-fate”…

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  14. Ellis says:

    Drops mic…and walks away.


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  15. GOD Bless you president Trump,you are a Great president ever Had,

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  16. Marygrace Powers says:

    POTUS just edged out Michael Corleone ….. LOL

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  17. Kerry Gimbel says:

    When Trump stopped talking and walked away it was body language meaning” you are not worth wasting good oxygen on

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  18. Will says:

    Every day I’m reminded of why I voted for this man. Providence is indeed upon him.

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  19. Tiffthis says:

    Short and sweet. He left with a mic drop. Love it 🤣👍🏼

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  20. Paul says:

    and the media still controls the narrative almost completely. Cable TV is a monopoly DNC PAC that has no competition and can not be held accountable. Change the laws. Make them file as PACS , since they act like them. Break up the corporations that control cable TV. Scream at your congress and make them understand.

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  21. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    The President is in high spirits!


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  22. Taffy says:

    Apple plant or Flex plant? Does Apple own Flex?


  23. Patience says:

    >Swalwell is talking to Cavuto (fox)


  24. They got him this time…………..



  25. Patience says:

    Those reporters never learn… asking about the Schitt-show while he is at the Apple plant in Texas
    >President Trump just called out some specific networks, “fake”
    called out the left and “shifty-Schiff”

    >Free self dense on live tv

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      He called out the Fake News big dogs, now just noisy little Chihuahuas of course; NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, the Washington Post and New York Times in particular.

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  26. Publius2016 says:

    Remember when the Ryan House sanctioned Rep. Nunes for going to SCIF by silencing Nunes for 8 months…Shifty Schiff lies lies lies and gets 24-7 Fake News…45 blows up story with “NOTHING”


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  27. StanH says:

    A man in charge folks…no fear.

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  28. JohnCasper says:

    Which are you going to believe, the President and your own ears, or Psycho Shiff and Popinjay Vindman ?

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  29. clipe says:


    1 man salute?

    A breath of fresh air?

    The Wind in the Swillows?

    Hey, did you fart? Because you blew me away! (pick-up line)

    A turd whistling for the right of way ?


  30. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    There were dueling protests near the Apple site separated by 5 lanes of busy roadway. Happy pro Trump patriots gathered on one side. The usual suspects on the other; an angry mishmash of leftwing grievance groups from the Sierra Club to La Raza to the Communist Party USA. Air Force One just took off about 5 minutes ago and is safely out of Austin Travis County airspace.

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  31. JAS says:

    Question. Isn’t every single dealing with other countries predicated (or should be) on “quid pro quo”?

    Take China. Hit them with tariffs until they agree to terms? Don’t see the Stalinists dims jumping all over that. I don’t see why this quid pro quo BS With the Ukraine is an issue and haven’t since the beginning.

    But this Ukraine thing has lit a fire within these Stalinists. Why is that? Where there’s smoke……



  32. The most important thing to keep in mind is that The Ukranians are investigating. They elected a brand-new President – a professional comedian – by an overwhelming margin because he promised to “drain the swamp.” And, much to the shock of the US Congress, he’s doing just that.

    Now, we have a ratified treaty with them which promises mutual law-enforcement cooperation, particularly concerning corruption. And this American President, unlike all of his predecessors, is making that agreement be more than just words. Law enforcement agencies in both countries are cooperating.

    And – “Joe Biden is [allegedly …] guilty as hell.” He isn’t just a political candidate: he’s a felon. And the Ukranians are hot on his tail, but not just his tail. You see, every one of the big players in this Impeachment fiasco has also been hip-waders deep in Ukranian corruption! Until 2016 it didn’t matter – the POTUS (“call him”) always had your back. Not anymore.

    And that, good friends and neighbors, is why they’re now trying to impeach him. (And they’ll try to eject Pence at the same time, so Madame Presidente Pelosi can “fix things.”) It won’t work, but that’s their wet dream.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Peppurr says:

      Thank you!

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    • janie says:

      Well said Mike Robinson. Hopefully (fingers crossed, prayers said) the worst case- that my inexperienced political eyes can see- for us to prepare for is that the House at max votes to impeach, most DemoRats and some flake Repubs in the Senate vote to convict- not enough to actually do so, but even only one makes it “bipartisan” and they can say there is bipartisan support for President Trump to be removed from office- hoping to pressure him to walk away, (not going to happen) and also to really try and milk it against him in 2020 election campaign, exploiting the impeached aspect. But as Mike predicts, it won’t work and he’ll get re-elected. Again, this impeachment scenario would be worst case- hopefully, actual will be something short of that, like they abandon the effort earlier…

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  33. jd says:

    Ukrainian MP Claims $7.4 Billion Obama-Linked Laundering, Puts Biden Group Take At $16.5 Million
    MPs demand Zelensky, Trump investigate suspicion of U.S.-Ukraine corruption involving $7.4 bln

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  34. dustycowpoke says:

    Halloween is over and the Dems are still chasing ghosts. Like what Stephanie said.


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