House Impeachment Hearings – Day Three – 9:00am Vindman and Williams / 2:30pm Volker and Morrison – Livestream Links…

Today the House Impeachment Committee (HPSCI) begins day three of public hearings toward their goal of removing U.S. President Donald J Trump from office.

The first hearing begins at 9 a.m ET with Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, the Ukraine usurper on the National Security Council who leaked to Eric Ciaramella for the construction of a fraudulent ‘whistle-blower’ complaint; and Jennifer Williams, the executive usurper/aide to Vice President Mike Pence.  Both were on the phone call between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky.

Then at 2:30pm ET Kurt D. Volker, the former United States special envoy to Ukraine, and Timothy Morrison, a Europe and Russia expert for the NatSec Council will testify.

CSPAN Livestream LinkPBS Livestream LinkFox News Livestream Link



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1,278 Responses to House Impeachment Hearings – Day Three – 9:00am Vindman and Williams / 2:30pm Volker and Morrison – Livestream Links…

  1. Zachary Navarre says:

    Did Vindman really just read a letter to his deceased father as part of his opening statement?

    How do you know they have nothing?

    Appeals to emotion.

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  2. dufrst says:

    Can you imagine Vindman taking a lie detector now?

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  3. sundance says:

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  4. sundance says:

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  5. covfefe999 says:

    Why was Vindman advising the new Ukraine President of anything? Without first running it past Pence or Pompeo? Sheesh, these snowflakes sure were making a lot of decisions that weren’t theirs to make.

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  6. Patience says:

    Vindman just answered that “corruption” was part of HIS recommended topics to the US President for the phone call.

    WHAT kind of “corruption” needs to be clarified.

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    • Vindman decides what is “corruption” based on what fits “The Narrative” …..same as what is then appropriate or inappropriate…..what fits or doesn’t fit “The Narrative” ….regardless of what is objective truth


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      i cannot readily put this in context.

      Trump may have been guided by Vindman and Vindman’s allied conspirators to make sure Trump said “corruption,” and possibly to mention “Biden” specifically?

      In my opinion, the deep state / coup colluders have known about vulnerability if when Burisma/Biden would get discovered.

      Corruption investigation was already underway. The coup collaborators may have known Biden was toast, and the Clinton bags of cash and so on would eventually be revealed, unless something was done. So, they provoked a “corruption” call, and guided it to include mention of Biden? -as a means to contain and diffuse Burisma / Ukraine collaboration / corruption?


    • iwasthere says:

      I agree corruption needs to be defined. Loans were made to develop the Ukraine oil and gas industry and Barisma used to money for crony contracts and overpaid board members (Hunter) as the kickback for the money?


  7. bullnuke says:

    Vindman = Sedition

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  8. numbersixdance says:

    Not a good advertisement of our military…

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  9. Ferret2 says:

    Schiff’s eyes look like they are going to pop out of his head any minute and roll across the floor. What drug causes this?

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  10. sundance says:

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  11. Tseg says:

    Schiff: “… you mean US Politics?” Literally rehearsed. Vinman had trouble reading his presentation because he did not write it. Schiff wrote it.

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    • beach lover says:

      I caught that! It was obvious because the follow up question refers to his response using the word “politics”!! Good grief can this be any more of a circus full of clowns and monkeys?

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    • fixintostand says:

      Caught that one. Vindman says he warned Ukrain to stay out of US domestic policy. Schiff leads by saying, “you mean politics”. Vindman responds, “Politics, correct” A difference between policy and politics.

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  12. covfefe999 says:

    Vindman’s having a hard time remembering his script.

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  13. sundance says:

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    Vindman was only doing his Howdy Doody.

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  15. todayistheday99 says:

    NSC = National Spy Council

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  16. Reserved55 says:

    DEMAND investigation contradicts his closed door testimony


  17. Bryan Alexander says:

    Watching Vindman answer questions, he looks like a 5 year old lying to his parents. No eye contact, when talking. This guy is setting my “LIAR” radar off like a Christmas tree. i have never seen a person testify before Congress that set off this kind of bad vibes.

    This guy comes across as a total liar. TOTAL LIAR.

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  18. bullnuke says:

    No doubt Vindman will crack under republican questioning.

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  19. Niagara Frontier says:

    Half of his testimony so far seems to involve his ability to read minds and determine motivations. And how often he talks about “our Ukrainian policy”. Who is “our” exactly? Names please.

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  20. Reserved55 says:

    “My impression”

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  21. mylabs5 says:

    So far the deep state has caused the loss of the American public’s support and trust in the FBI, DOJ, CIA (as if there ever was any), State Dept (ditto) and now the US Military. The media is a given.
    Great job there.
    Methinks they are doing it on purpose apart from TDS.
    At the same time they are trying to get rid of the Electoral College and controlling law enforcement at the local and state levels.
    That means they are purposefully causing chaos.
    Now who has made $billions off of causing societal chaos in other countries who is up to his neck in all of this?
    I wonder if Treasury is tracking him.

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      Get with Ukraine and audit all the state department US AID program dollars sent and the NGO’s.

      Also who was in charge of dispersing these funds appropriately?

      Simple question from the audit. Did 100% of the USAID funds get into Ukraine hands or is some of it unaccounted for??

      Start there and this house of cards tumbles IMO.

      Ukraine was their piggy bank to wash American taxpayer monies IMO.

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      • Linda K. says:

        Nancy has been very much “nervous Nancy” lately. I wonder if Trump is using that name to taunt her about her wrongdoing that is about to be exposed? Would explain her sudden desire to do this impeach inquiry…Is she going to be under investigation?

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  22. mauiis says:

    Vinny struggles to remember his script.

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  23. bullnuke says:

    The democrat lawyer will ask nothing but leading questions to Vindman. He is way to nervous to answer anything under oath otherwise.

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  24. sunnyflower5 says:

    Who is ‘asking’ Lt. Col. Vindman or as he claims ‘demanding’ that he leaks and provides testimony?
    What is his chain of Demand —err command?

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  25. ale81inn says:

    Oh this is definitely rehearsed. Vindman is going to be the witness that is going to sink this….he is having a difficult time recalling the script properly and he is clearly VERY nervous. Schiff could have done better to just sit with a set of sock puppets and act the whole thing out on his own. And this girl from VP’s office is bringing nothing to the table

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  26. pucecatt says:

    Wow these people can’t even speak a coherent sentence, they are representing the USA? What a farce ..

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  27. booger71 says:

    Not Vindeman’s job to advise Zelensky of anything

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  28. Bryan Alexander says:

    Don’t know why Williams is there. She knows nothing, has no direct knowledge.

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  29. covfefe999 says:

    Oh my gosh, Vindman’s going to guess why Zelensky brought up Burisma?

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  30. gsonFIT says:

    Adam Schiff is one creepy MoFo

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  31. Ken Maritch says:

    Vindeman feels its his responsibility to correct the transcriptionist.

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  32. willthesuevi says:

    As I was heading out the door, I watched Fox for a minute right before the hearings started.

    I was struck with an impression while listening to the Fox personalities. This whole farce today reminds me of the Macy’s Christmas Parade TV program. The breathless anticipation of the personalities and their vapid comments. People making exclamations as if the shiff-show participants are floats and balloons.

    How embarrassing for our country.

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  33. bullnuke says:

    HA! Zelinski wouldn’t know about Barisma? You’ve git to be kidding me. Must have been coached to say it.

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  34. booger71 says:

    Is Vindeman also getting paid by Burisma?

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  35. KAM says:

    So well groomed and rehearsed!! From their prepared and coached statements verbatim! Only thing missing are some facts!!!!


  36. Patience says:

    So, asking for a favor means, “demand” to Vindman???
    >He used his military life to interpret the meaning.
    ~~~>Does he know the difference between a demand and a command???


  37. Bryan Alexander says:

    Wow, Vindman will get CRUCIFIED on his answer on policy. Who does he think he is?


  38. sundance says:

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  39. covfefe999 says:

    Why should President Trump stick to Vindman’s talking points? lol

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  40. sundance says:

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  41. sundance says:

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    • KAG says:

      Not sure what’s worse…. the insubordination or continued employment of idiots like these two! Neither were aware of VP Biden’s threat to the former President of Ukraine to fire the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma? Ya, right!!

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Who allowed him to get away with it? Why was he allowed to get away with it? He obviously was allowed to so much it became a habit.
      His bosses should be removed from positions of power as well.

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  42. bullnuke says:

    Keep digging that hole, Vindman.

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  43. covfefe999 says:

    I feel like Goldman’s going to give Vindman some doggie treats at the end of this segment. 🙂 Good boy!

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  44. burnett044 says:

    geez……what a weak puppet this Vindman is…..

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  45. gabytango says:

    Shifty asking why President Zelensky brought up BURISMA FIRST….becase, Shifty, Zelensky won his landslide election because he vowed to root out corruption….and BURMA was KNOWN as one of THE MOST CORRUPT companies in the Ukraine! Hopefully people are using their heads when listening to Schitt’s slanted lies!

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      The Lawfare people can’t be so dumb not to know how weak and duplicitous these ‘witnesses’ are.
      The Lawfare people have to know how much of a useless tool Schiff and Nadler are.
      They’re still letting the circus go on.
      Conclusion: They don’t care. The outcome is predetermined. This is all just for show, to satisfy the base that the ‘legalities’ were followed. Impeachment will occur, there will be a trial in the Senate, followed by conviction. That’s their belief and plan and they’re sticking to it.


  46. bullnuke says:

    Vindman very unhappy the president didn’t use his talking points with Zelinsky.

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  47. Leon Berton says:

    Could someone with recent military service tell us whether those ribbons on this wimp’s uniform were pinned on him because he supposedly showed up for a minute or two near a zone when something was happening and others were taking the heat, or maybe whether he just got them for drinking lattes in Washington D.C. and traveling back and forth to Ukraine?

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  48. sunnyflower5 says:

    Biden was not a political opponent in 2016. Thanks.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Democrats are always political opponents of Republicans even if they aren’t running for office. And therefore above the law now and forever.


  49. Bryan Alexander says:

    Not aware of any evidence????? These folks must live on Mars and commute without communications. They have never seen the video?

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