Lee Zeldin Discusses House Impeachment Fiasco and Adam Schiff Hiding Testimony to Shape a Narrative…

Representative Lee Zeldin appears on Fox News to discuss the ongoing House impeachment inquiry and how HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff is manipulating the release of transcripts that are adverse to his political agenda.

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98 Responses to Lee Zeldin Discusses House Impeachment Fiasco and Adam Schiff Hiding Testimony to Shape a Narrative…

  1. Johnny Bravo says:

    How worried are the lead democrats? They are taking risk after risk, banking on the public giving them a free pass on holding a kangaroo court v the President.

    Something appears desperate about their activity. Could it be the house of cards is creaking and about to fall? Boy I hope so🙏

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    • fanbeav says:

      Schiff called President Trump a “charlatan” in the oval office and Pelosi called him an “imposter” this weekend.

      Why would you openly show your bias while trying to impeach him? Something is happening that they seemed scared about. We can only hope and pray!

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    • YeahYouRight says:

      The Republicans played it right at last week’s hearings, taking a page from the leftist playbook by using a little play acting to demonstrate for viewers the unfair schifty process, forcing him to gavel everyone down and asking him if he’s still going to block Republican witnesses and access to transcripts, etc. I hate that we have to drop to their level, but it gets the point across and flustered schif for brains, who expected the Republicans to do as they always do and politely sit quietly and get hosed. A picture’s worth a thousand words,l alnd this waps a helpful picture.

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    • Boknows says:

      They have backed themselves into a corner that has no way out.

      If their only strategy ar this point is to scream, ‘political retaliation’….it will hit them in the face the minute they say it.

      Their crimes perpetrated years ago is what we are talking about with their prosecution.

      Further the investigation into these crimes started months ago, not just now.

      If Attorney Barr does what is right, only facts and evidence matters.

      They can scream like 8 year olds all day.
      They need the practice for the prison choir every night at 2am.

      I bet the acoustics are great.


    • Brian Colley says:

      Sorry to say i am watching a great country becoming a laughing stock with no end in site.The republicans in the senate are cowards, as they could stop this in its tracks if they wanted to. Also POTUS needs to start firing Vindman , Taylor et al and charge all and sundry with treason. AND by POTUS i mean Barr.


    • Jederman says:

      That is what I’m having trouble figuring out too. Are the dems under the impression that when this all collapses and they’re exposed there will be no retribution? Do they actually think the other half of the country will forget this and go on like it never happened?

      What I think is they don’t give a rat’s and in fact will continue the resistance. Which is the reason that severe punishment needs to be handed down, without hate but with righteous (cold) anger. If not they will continue with re-doubled efforts.

      We can not continue like this. We can not have two competing views on governing systems. This is not, nor will it become a socialist country. I believe they have a right to there opinion but advocating for, agitating and conspiring for an overthrow of our system should land them in prison.


    • Paul_instl says:

      Even if the host of cards falls, they’re still at 48%. The true independents note mashed up just a sliver of the electorate. Even a shift of 20% in the independents is just a minimal (but important) change in the overall voter percentage. Sadly with “team politics” and the small percentage not on a team. It all comes down to mobilizing a higher percentage of your team. There are always moments if paradigm shift, but they are always transient as long as the education system continues to churn out brainwashed young adults.

      Three push for the judiciary,the economy and immigration are worthy immediate goals, but without education reform were are just rearranging the deck chairs. In my opinion, shool vouchers to make available a free market option for all should be an absolute priority. Add a bonus it would disproportionately benefit minorities in a productive way which might break the pattern of government dependence and associated Democratic loyalty.


  2. bessie2003 says:

    Bill Hemmer sure has perfected his ‘concern’ look.

    Question – Hemmer mentions the testimony that Sondland was keeping Mulvaney abreast of things. I thought during that time that Mulvaney was still at OMB and not Chief of Staff. Is my timeline memory wrong?


    • Jan says:

      For a short time, I think Mick was doing both jobs plus still keeping eye on. Warren’s Consumer Financial Center…whatever its bame is. Unlike most of Congress & the government, Mick can multi-task.

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      • annieoakley says:

        He was doing both jobs and he might still doing both. The people at the Consumer Protection Agency work against him too. He says they are impossible (almost) to fire.

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    • snarkybeach says:

      I went home for lunch today and FNC was in heavy impeachment mode, breathlessly yapping about tomorrow’s audition winners. nauseating.

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    • BitterC says:

      Mulvaney was involved in Ukraine with his OMB hat. He has been named as a member of the “irregular channel”. I believe he was included for the financials/fraud is Ukraine too corrupt for military aid

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  3. lansdalechip says:

    Congressman Zeldin wouldn’t follow Pencil Neck into combat. Neither would anyone else in their right mind.
    Doesn’t say much for the majority members of the Committee, does it?

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  4. Howard Owen says:

    Getting old. I swear I first read the headline as *Led Zeppelin* Discusses House Impeachment Fiasco… I was sort of looking forward to it.

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  5. Paco Loco says:

    The public has already tuned out this farce of an impeachment inquiry. The polls are showing that the country sees this for what it is…a media hyped witch-hunt with out a crime having been committed. The longer this charade goes on, the more it’s going to hurt the Dems.

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Maybe it is that both sides are dug in so there is no mystery to be solved and no minds to be changed.


      • RePete says:

        Minds WILL be changed once the message is discovered to be a fraud. This is precisely how/why President Donald J. Trump has risen to the Presidency and become our fearless leader. There is no fraud in his message. Nothing sneaky. No mental gymnastics to decipher hidden meanings. Minds entrenched for generations were changed overnight upon his entrance. And the number of newly Woke have more than doubled since the last election. First generation immigrants who barely speak my language now understand what many here have known for a very long time. I see it in their eyes, and I hear it in their voices.

        This website is unique, in that it readily posts pictures and clearly identifies those who have abused the People’s trust and seek to usurp power. This ensures that every card in the deck will have face when it goes to print.

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    • Mr e-man says:

      As has been pointed out, they need to take a vote in the House. They can not do so until they have the votes. The votes depend on D’s in Trump districts. Those D’s rely on public perception in those districts. They are doing what Dems do best, using the full force of the left wing media to drive that narrative that Trump should be impeached.

      Problem is, the narrative is so false and so overblown that it is not fooling enough people. Sure, it “fools” the diehard left wingers and rabid anti Trumpers but it isn’t selling to rational people. And that doesn’t appear to be changing, especially in the Dem led Trump districts.

      That means that about 15-20 Dems must be willing to die on their swords for AOC, Maxine, and Pencil Neck. That’s a tough sell. Congresscritter is now a lucrative profession.


      • mikeyboo says:

        Also when they ask for 8 years worth of tax returns most tax payers can see that is harassment -particularly since Pres Trump has only been in office for 3 years.

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      • Creedmoorkid says:

        Absolutely correct. They don’t have the votes and the people have seen this game before. Something needs to be done about the biased media. Don’t know what but something. I deleted their channels from my cable box. Anything I watch is over the air.


    • Lack is not all says:

      The hate in Shiff ‘s face is so huge. How can a person hate so much for no important reason? It must be tormenting his soul to incredible pain. Probably equal to being invaded by hot red ants. I feel sorry for the people who had to interact with him daily

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  6. Shari says:

    IT looks like piglosi dentures are about to fallout of her mouth!


  7. burnett044 says:

    For some very evil men …it seems their last stand is in a bunker..

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  8. LouisianaTeaRose says:

    This isn’t a comment on all things legal, but it IS an observation from a small elevation overlooking this bizarre bazaar: Democrats and TDS victims have nothing but failure, after failure, after failure to show for the plethora of transgressions that have been assigned to Candidate-and-President Donald J. Trump, and this is rapidly eroding the patience of fair-minded people along with disintegrating the credibility of the haters. Their motives and “cover” are more transparent than his administration, really, really thin…..

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  9. TarsTarkas says:

    They mean to win by any means possible. Because they know that once they win they’ll never have to conduct another circus like this. They will simply be able to pass Bills of Attainder (not called as such, of course, that might offend the sensibilities of some NeverTrumpers), without all this fuss about appearances of legality.

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  10. citizen817 says:

    Four facts that don’t change.

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  11. Heika says:

    Its all here in ‘The Vindman’ factor it seems

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    • Jederman says:

      In a just world vindman would be at the inverted tip of the pyramid on his next oer, holding up the world. Morrison already said his judgement is suspect. Kiss of death.

      Maybe he can have bad brad’s old cell.


  12. covfefe999 says:

    I love how near the end Zeldin says instead of submitting testimony Trump should submit a signed copy of Don Jr’s “Triggered” book. lol Zeldin is great.

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  13. Sherri Young says:

    Well…the harpies are flying.

    Evelyn Farkas, Chrissy Teigen, Christine Blasey Ford, and now Samantha Power all have weighed in. Cannot wait to find out who the next one will be to embarrass other persons with ovaries. Maybe Stormy Daniels will circle the block — or the drain — again.

    Toil and trouble.

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    • jrapdx says:

      In the same play Shakespeare gave the witches the line “Fair is foul and foul is fair/Hover through the fog and filthy air.” Perfectly describes the upside down, inside out Kafkaesque “hearing” (or “trial”) conducted by Schiff, Pelosi and their evil cabal. To be sure calling it exceedingly foul barely says it at all.

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    • Toenail says:

      The harpies are flying. Wow What a great choice of words. Thanks

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    • willthesuevi says:

      I like your phrase Sherri.

      The thing they are missing is the only ones who care are the super lefties who will never entertain a different narrative and want POTUS gone no matter what.

      Normal people out in the world do not care. The Democrats have cried wolf too many times to resonate with anyone outside of the NY/DC bubble.

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    • i'm just sayin'.. says:

      It’s like the last Seinfeld episode….

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  14. Heika says:

    Oh my my… this reminds me of Sidney Powell’s ‘work on the side’ – cutting things from the side with a sharp knife can be far more effective than trying to punch your way out from in the guts of it. Shifty Shiff and his circus of lawyers and media sycophants might just get ‘whacked’ by another lawyer. https://www.foxnews.com/media/white-house-official-sues-politico-targets-schiffs-role-in-impeachment

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  15. FishtheDish says:

    I keep hearing the questions of how can you hate someone so much that you behave as the democrats have been behaving. While there is hate, the hate is coming from fear of what is being uncovered. They have no choice but to do this because it is all that they have now.

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  16. Mike Robinson says:

    If any man in the town of Fleabag were accused of stealing a horse, we’d have a trial. We’d give him the 5th, 6th and 14th, and read him his Miranda rights. Before a trial by jury. All this for a common two-but thief. But not, apparently, for the President of the United States.

    A bunch of this man’s Fleabag neighbors gather in the local hotel cafeteria, already certain he’s guilty. They demand to see his tax returns, hoping to find something more to accuse him of. They go into the town’s fallout shelter and there hold secret meetings that he isn’t allowed to attend, and they issue press releases every day, all of which are immediately published by the Fleabag Rag. A group of carpenters is set busy constructing an ominous-looking scaffold in the town square . . .

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  17. hokkoda says:

    This is why it was not enough for Radcliffe to point out that CBS was using an unreleased transcript and then sort of “move on” with the interview. He should have stopped the interview on CBS, stated that CBS had illegally obtained sworn testimony from behind closed doors, and announced for the cameras that CBS News is involved in a criminal conspiracy to railroad President Trump.

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  18. Bogeyfree says:

    Why can’t AG Barr say, I am concerned and have seen some evidence that may imply this impeachment hearing is nothing more than another political exercise against the President of the United States so I have launched an investigation on how the predicate of this impeachment hearing began and if we find that there was deliberate and planned malice to harm the President we will look to indict any perpetrators.

    Especially after the speech he gave about the relentless attacks by the Judiciary and Legislative Branches on the Executive Branch.

    Unprecedented yes, but necessary absolutely.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      Good question. I could be all wrong but I think it’s because the AG is part of the executive branch and the AG reports to the Presiden so he cannot intervene on a fight between the executive and legislative branches. I’m going to do some reading.

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      • Unsk says:

        But Barr could appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the corruption by American Officials in the Ukraine, and then request testimony under oath by all the people brought before Schiff thereby getting a full hearing on what went on.

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      • covfefe999 says:

        I might be wrong. According to a document from the DOJ about separation of powers:

        Many specific aspects of the Constitution’s separation of governmental powers embody the founders’ “profound conviction … that the powers conferred on Congress were the powers to be most carefully circumbscribed” and the founders’ recognition of the particular “propensity” of the legislative branch “to invade the rights of the Executive” (Federalist No.73). Executive branch lawyers thus have a constitutional obligation, one grounded not in parochial institutional interests but in our fundamental duty to safeguard the liberty of the people, to assert and maintain the legitimate powers and privileges of the President against inadvertent or intentional congressional intrusion. https://www.justice.gov/file/20061/download

        Executive branch lawyers have a constitutional obligation to assert and maintain the legitimate powers and privileges of the President against inadvertent or intentional congressional intrusion.

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        • But the Founders also wrote much more about this all-important “separation of powers” principle. Specifically, they observed that the fundamental reason to deny the Congress any Judicial powers was because … well, we would get precisely what we have here. Any action would de-evolve into a Bill of Attainder, which is specifically prohibited by §1.9.3.

          “A bill of attainder is an act of a legislature declaring a person or group of persons guilty of some crime and punishing them, often without a trial. […] Bills of attainder passed in Parliament by Henry VIII on 29 January 1542 resulted in the executions of a number of notable historical figures.” – Wikipedia

          Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are right now trying very hard to pass a Bill of Attainder against the President, bypassing House rules to do so and denying the President of the United States the rights that we would grant to any common thief. And they don’t seem to perceive any problems with this. Instead, they believe everything that “Lawfare, Inc.” tell them, and now they want to give them even more money. 🙄


  19. eguthr3 says:

    The democrats just aren’t interested in the truth or to bring this country together or to even allow it to heal. They are about dividing us, and they aren’t even the least bit interested in bringing this country together. But not only dividing us but to increase the difference between us. They want to pour salt on a gaping wound. I’m not surprised by them at all. The last 6 republican president the democrats tried to impeach 5, the only one to escape their wraith was Gerald Ford. This is what the democrats do, when they lose national elections. They can lie, slander and defame them and there is no legal recourse as Congress has given themselves immunity from legal torts and slander and defamation lawsuits.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      They want so badly to win in 2020 and even if they can’t impeach Trump they can brainwash the idiot public to think that Trump really did do something wrong. Reminds me of the Traythug debacle.

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  20. namberak says:

    Sorry for the pointless discursion but every time I see Congressman Lee Zeldin’s name in print, my brain fills in “Congressman Led Zeppelin.” Rock on dudes and dudettes. 😉


  21. Mike in a Truck says:

    Hear that? Hear it? Yeah me neither- nothing about hearings in the Senate.Oh widdle liddle Lindsey, come out come out wherever you are. Phoney fake Republicans hiding under their desks. What despicable creatures.


  22. joeknuckles says:

    Trump should submit written answers to all of the Democrats questions. Ok, actually just one answer to all the questions:

    “Read the transcript!”

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  23. hokkoda says:

    Lee gave a superb explanation of the tactics of Adam Schiff last week. He pointed out that Schiff read excerpts of Trump’s tweet – leaving out the Ukraine President saying that Yovanovitch was terrible – selectively leaking the parts of the information that appeared to make his case and leaving out the part that was ESSENTIAL for understanding Trump’s point. Schiff is a liar and I was thrilled with Lee’s explanation of why Schiff is a liar.


  24. hokkoda says:

    Also, Trump should agree to provide written testimony in exchange for Adam Schiff being sworn in as a witness and the GOP minority gets unlimited time to question him on the origins and conduct of the fake impeachment probe. Schiff is a liar, and needs to be put under oath.


    • Rhoda R says:

      Won’t make any difference. If Schiff is on the floor of the House or conducting official House business he is exempt from all rules governing speech. That’s how he was able to get away with his lying Ukraine transcript. In the House he’s untouchable.


      • hokkoda says:

        Not if he’s sworn in as a witness. This is easily flipped around as “what is Schiff hiding?” It doesn’t have to result in testimony, only the optics of the guy who has been lying refusing to testify.


  25. All Too Much says:

    Zelden has the perfect amount of respectful Schiff. None.

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  26. Harry Nipples says:

    There is no way I would ask the President to testify in any form if I were his lawyer. I would cuff him to his chair and say it’s for his own good and the good of the country. Every time he says or tweets something the Democrats twist it into more nonsense. I would ask him to reconsider for the benefit of the Nation and after this all gets tossed in the Senate if he still feels he has to say something in his defense then he can say I told you so. Democrats have gone off the rails and they will drag anyone down with them whether they are honest or not. PASS Mr President. Don’t go near this with a ten foot pole. It will only come back to bite you and cause more damage to the American people. We’re tired of this nonsense and want it to end now, not later. Your agenda is much more than this and you can do so much more for our country if we move on from all this. PASS


  27. romy911 says:

    How many times have we heard President Trump say that he would “consider” or “think about” doing something his base and advisors oppose? Remember For example, the Paris Accord?


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