Jim Jordan and Elise Stefanik Lead a Republican Press Conference….

Representatives Jim Jordan (OH) and Elise Stefanik (NY) delivered some of the most powerful congressional questioning today during day-two of the House impeachment hearings.  At the conclusion of the hearing the two leaders were joined by Republican members for a press briefing.  WATCH:

It is clear why Jim Jordan was added to the GOP team for the impeachment hearings. Additionally, Ms. Stefanik is not only a sharp representative, her disposition has made her the greatest threat to the Pelosi, Schiff and Lawfare impeachment effort.

Jim Jordan:


Elise Stefanik


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335 Responses to Jim Jordan and Elise Stefanik Lead a Republican Press Conference….

  1. sDee says:

    Wow. Elephants stepping into the fight. Strange new territory.

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  2. jus wundrin says:

    What about the tweet!, What about the tweet!, What about the tweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

    I think the only reason for this hearing today was for schiffty to feed the fascist prog ministry of propaganda ‘the tweet’. Once I heard him bring it up, and say that it was live witness intimidation, I knew exactly what the dims strategy was for today. Damn everything else.

    They are lower than the bacterial slime that collects at the bottom of a septic tank.

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  3. alliwantissometruth says:

    Yeah, this whole thing is utterly ridiculous, a total scam, an obvious illegal coup

    Yeah, there’s absolutely no evidence of any crimes whatsoever

    We know it, and every honest, free thinking American knows it

    But so what? None of that matters. It’s not like we have an honest, honorable and law abiding government

    The crime syndicate posing as the American government can obviously do whatever they’d like with total impunity. They don’t care what the American people think

    This isn’t a court of law, but it’s a corrupt and criminal rogue government making up the rules as they go along, and this rogue government wants the peoples President out, and it seems they don’t need a legitimate reason

    And I’m not placing any bets on what the Senates going to do. The Senate is saturated with corrupt Deep State puppets

    When you’re dealing with immoral, utterly corrupt criminals with the full power of a government with basically no rules or guidelines, the reality of no evidence and no crimes means absolutely nothing

    These miscreants have had this planned out for many years, with every angle covered. Again, they don’t care what it looks like. They’re going for it

    The President and his allies have to be careful and start getting a counter punch going before the unthinkable creeps up fast

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    • Zy says:

      Exactly. What the accusation of the day is really doesn’t matter at this point. They will remove POTUS on a parking violation. With the all important help of the media propagandists, who without none of this is possible, they will impose their tyranny no matter how nonsensical.

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    • WSB says:

      This charade has been planned for EVERY outsider President we have managed to elect.

      This time they didn’t get a patsy President to roll over.

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  4. Nealthewheel says:

    Elise is my rep in upstate NY. I have personal interest because my decorated Marine uncle represented Gerry Solomon when he held that office. I hold a town council position as the only Republican in an all Democrat town. We are in support of Elise.

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  5. Sherri Young says:

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  6. markm says:

    It’s as though half the Left doesn’t care that it’s a farce and the other half will accept anything that the media or the Dems feed them. Then they tell each other that we are the crazy ones that believe anything we are told! It’s really strange. You should check out their comment threads. They think Fox News is brainwashing us — instead of themselves getting brainwashed by their media outlets.

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    • MelH says:

      But you can’t blame them. They don’t know a shred of what we know. It’s not strange. It’s willful ignorance. “The Plot Against The President” (by Lee Smith) makes our “brainwashing by Fox” clearly “the biggest political scandal in US History”. But what good does that do us when the ruling class believes it a conspiracy theory?


  7. frances says:

    What is interesting and someone brought it up in another post; the Ambassador perjured herself when she said she never heard about Hunter Biden. Yet later on said that Hunter Biden was an issue the State Dept provided her direction on in writing saying that if it came up she was to refer any inquiry to them. Now if Roger Stone justice applies, she should get ten years for that …..

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  8. tyshab says:

    There is no longer any law or justice. Having just finished the Gulag Archipelago, I can’t tell you how cold my blood runs watching all that has happened in the last several years. At some point soon WE must act before we cannot. There is little difference left btwn our current situation and that which occurred in Russia under Stalin, in Germany under Hitler, again under Mao and most recently in Venezuela. If we remain sheep we will be slaughtered like sheep.

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  9. RAkin says:

    Stefanik is impressive and earned a nice little donation to her campaign fund. We need more like her.

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  10. TrustyHaste says:

    Stefanik is a pistol!! Talk about She Persisted. I’d love to get that hashtag going again. Should it be #StefanikPersisted ? Any thoughts?

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    • Sherri Young says:

      I had expected the Republicans to hand over much of their time to Stefanik today. Apparently Adam Schiff did too because he shut her down when Devin Nunes tried. Nunes had to hand his time to the attorney Castor.

      If Stefanik could have gained time over and over, she could have thanked the ambassador for her service one time and one time only. That would have freed up more time for questioning.

      That would have headed off talking points about mean old Republican men picking on the poor distressed female who had been moved out of her post to a nice job at Georgetown.

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  11. tyshab says:

    There is no cavalry, we are all that is left. Stand now. Hoping we can turn things around through the legal and political system is a pipe dream. Waiting for them to hold rigged elections will be too late. Our liberty is nearly gone and our country will soon follow.
    People are afraid they will lose their job and businesses, their children will be targeted, their families targeted…..yet we will lose it all if we continue to stand and just watch.

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    • Carol Cuevas says:

      True. Many people feel helpless when they look at the big picture. Me included.
      But one thing that is less threatening, and potentially more powerful, is to address corruption and/or constitutional issues a local level.
      Five old ladies, including myself, went to a local council meeting to address one of our neighbor’s property ownership disputes with the city. She applied for permits to cut down 2 trees so she could build a house. The trees are protected in some cases, but the permitting process can overthrow the protection status if the reason to remove them serves the property owner in a positive way. She was granted the permit, and hired contractors to remove the trees.
      One hour before the contractors were to start, a city official was dispatched to the property with a Stop order. Activists, including a state Supreme Court Judge, were publicly involved in getting the stop order.
      We ladies were afforded our 5 minutes each before the council. They were polite, we were polite. Each of us argued that although we wouldn’t like to see those trees cut down, but it is not our decision because it is not our property. Our neighbor complied with the law, and in fact, her family planted those trees 200 years ago. Another fact is the trees are not seen from the road. One would have to trespass on her property to be effected by their removal.
      The council meeting was covered by local news.
      Believe it or not, Five Old Ladies can exert their power as voters, taxpayers, and residents. The Stop order was overturned due to our efforts. All of us Old Ladies own our property and may want to make improvements in the future.
      The point is, the victory was empowering. We each learned that stepping up, even in a small way, can make a huge difference in our lives.

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    • botchedcasuality says:

      It’s a major task for me to upvote, requires a full log in. So here you are.


  12. Johnny Dollar says:

    Stefanik is young, energetic, smart, outspoken and, plays smash mouth when necessary.

    I’m glad to see the Republicans are putting her in front of the cameras.

    I think she’ll get over the Tweet hangup.

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    • Bendix says:

      She needs to get over her Trump hangup.
      She just had to get in her personal disapproval of the man.
      She is not what people think, she’s a Paul Ryan protege who picked up some very bad ideas from the man.
      She bears watching on more than one level.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        I am glad Stefanik tried to put the topic of the tweet to rest and redirect the press (and their audience) to the gravity of impeachment. Pop culture should not drown out the Constitution. I groaned when that tweet hit. It provided the talking heads something else to jabber about and avoid what is going on.


      • Ms. Stefanik invited President Trump to her district in New York about a couple of months ago. He accepted and traveled to Fort Drum where together, they signed the FY’19 National Defense Authorization Act. It seems like they’re getting along.

        My views are pretty extreme. I may be the most hard core, right leaning Conservative in the Universe. Suffice to say that Ms. Stefanik and my positions don’t usually find themselves in the same orbit. But for a young millennial female from New York who was educated at Harvard, she didn’t turn out too bad. I know she’s doesn’t have the same views about LGBTs as I do, and she was Pro-Paris Accord. She opposed PDJT’s moslim travel ban and I understand why she was against PDJT’s tax bill. There was no way a Congressperson from New York, New Jersey or California was going to support that tax bill, though.

        She is pro-life and pro-military. She’s anti-impeachment. These three things matter the most to me, so I sent her a donation for campaign funds. If we can have Representatives like that, in New York– imagine what we anticipate in the remainder of the nation!

        Stefanik ignored questions about the tweet for the first five or six times the interviewer asked about it, stating that they were there to concentrate on fighting against impeachment. Then she made a comment. In hindsight, we almost always could do things better if we were given a second chance.

        I don’t want to appear argumentative, and written posts are an awful way to try to communicate. I’m genuinely curious about what you describe as “… her personal disapproval of the man.” What have I missed? And when you say, “She bears watching on more than one level.” What should I be watching for? I’m an Arizona voter, so my knowledge of her may not be as in depth as yours. ‘Preciate it, and I’ll look forward to your response.

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    • The Third Man says:

      I agree. “Smash mouth” indeed !
      (BTW: I’ve listened to every “Johnny Dollar” episode available.)


  13. JonS says:

    Which tweet are they referring to? I don’t recall anything threatening


  14. John Rawls says:

    William Barr characterized the “Resistance” starting around 29:30.

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  15. Epstein didn’t witness-intimidate himself.

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  16. California Joe says:

    Jordan should have directed this rhetorical question to the news media and America public: How bad did Hunter Biden have to be to get fired from the Navy after six months of service when his father was Vice President of the United States?

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  17. Lucille says:

    Hahahaha! “Comments are turned off” at the PBS video with Rep. Stefanick. Where would I get the impression that if the comments were overwhelmingly in favor of our leftist Dem blatherers that they would have remained open? Mmmmmm!

    Stefanick is much kinder than I would have been…no thanks and no “job well done” type of commentary from me would have gone in the record.

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  18. GTOGUY says:

    I love Elise Stefanik. She is one of the smartest people in the House on the Republican side. I wish they would have obtained some of the documentation that Rudy G has and fact checked it and asked Yovanovich some questions about it. I was watching Glen Beck today and for the past wee or so, his timeline of Ukraine is outstanding and looks like all the facts line up.

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  19. Bendix says:

    It still burns me that Rep. Stefanik is being treated the way she’s been, because she’s a girl, and no one has spoken up for her.
    Someone needs to put Georgie-Porgie Schitt in his place.

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  20. Bob Parker says:

    GOD BLESS THE FREEDOM CAUCUS!! And it is SO ENCOURAGING & UPLIFTING to see Congressman Zeldin and Congresswoman Stefanick joining our SUPERSTARS Jordan & Meadows & contributing mightily against this witch hunt impeachment sham!! And Congressmen Matt G, Louie G et al, I add you all to my post of tribute, thanks, & admiration for all that you do for us, this Country & President Trump!!

    THESE CONGRESSMEN & WOMEN ARE ALL FEARLESS & give me hope that there are even MORE of these type of PATRIOTS out there who will answer the call to serve in Congress & to PLEASE!!! SAVE OUR COUNTRY FROM THE LIBERAL, LEFTIST/SOCIALIST/MARXIST SLIME THAT LIVES TO DESTROY OUR BELOVED COUNTRY!!


    I am sure that President Trump takes much satisfaction in knowing that these God-sent Congressman & women have his back & are fighting to the best of their abilities for him in this sham-wow of a farce impeachment!!

    To quote from 1 of the Late Knute Rockne’s half-time talks to his Notre Dame football team

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  21. armie says:

    In order to tamper with or threaten a witness. the communication has to be conveyed to her. She wasn’t reading Trump’s tweets while she was testifying, so the conveyance came after the fact, and the individual who told her about the tweets was Adam Schiff. So, even if the tweet constituted tampering (it didn’t), Schiff committed collusion.

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  22. cbjoasurf says:

    I hope Barr looks into and holds Ms. Yovanovitch for her blatant act of perjury.

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  23. Carol Cuevas says:

    I remember when Twitter came out. I decided not to post much because someday, someone would say I “tweeted” something. I thought to myself, if I ever posted something there that was substantive or important, its meaning would be reduced to a term used in kindergarten coloring books. How absurd.

    Case in point: A journalist asks congressman about the President’s “intimidating” TWEET. If there are aliens monitoring us, they are up in the mother ship laughing their butts off.


  24. ltravisjr says:

    So 2019 will be the year each party had one of their young women earn newfound fame. For the Republicans it will have been Elise Stefanik and for the Dems it was Katie Hill. That about encapsulates everything.

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  25. frances says:

    Sundance, have you seen this article? http://www.thepostemail.com/2019/11/14/impeachment-illusion-antidote-ukraine-received-half-of-the-250-million-in-security-aid-by-july-31-2019-potus-never-had-the-ability-to-cancel-any-of-the-funds/

    From the article: “POTUS had absolutely no legal authority to cancel funds granted to Ukraine. Therefore, he could not have threatened to withhold any funds in a quid pro quo. Trump had no carrot to dangle. And without the carrot, there could be no threat, no intimidation, no blackmail, no bribery and no extortion. The funds granted by statute could never be unilaterally canceled by the President. Only Congress has the Constitutional authority to cancel those funds. Trump released the funds exactly as was required by law.”

    This is wild, the article goes into chapter and verse as to why Trump could never have withheld the funds.
    Do you know if the Freedom caucus is aware of this??

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  26. Hanuman says:

    Not able to tell if Jordan has cuffs rolled up?
    Jacket is off!


  27. Owl says:

    ———and she is going to be intimidated by a TWEET? Oh, the agony!


  28. Owl says:

    ———and she is going to be intimidated by a TWEET? Oh, the agony!


  29. MDNA I says:

    1st chance I got to watch this. Believe me, a friend & I were texting throughout the day Friday about this & about Stone

    These House Republicans are heroes. This is as close as it’s probably ever gonna get to our image of patriots in Washington’s time. This group is unified. & my new nickname for Stefanik is “The Rainbow of House Republicans” as homage to Evita

    Personnel: It made good sense for Leader McCarthy to only move one member to HPSCI, & he chose the right one, not just the Ranking on another Cmte, but Jim Jordan. I almost think McCarthy only had one shot at this considering Spkr Pelosi can technically veto any audible he wants to call

    So yeah I’d love to see Zeldin or Meadows join, maybe sdown the line that’ll be appropriate, but ff you only have one clean shot & it’s Jordan, take it b/c he & Stefanik look into the camera & at those reporters like they’re ready for a fight

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  30. zaq123 says:

    She’s awesome. Very well spoken and seems to have a very firm grasp on the rules and the information. Comes across as being rather grounded, for now. Hope she doesn’t gut sucked in to the abyss like so many others. I bet she’s hell on wheels at a family argument over Thanksgiving dinner.


  31. moe ham head says:

    isnt funny how they all talk about how corrupt the ukraine is some of these dem might want to take a look in the mirror


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