President Trump Impromptu Presser Departing Joint Base Andrews – China/Impeachment – Video and Transcript…

President Trump held an impromptu presser prior to departing JBA for Alabama.  This is one of those mini-pressers that reveals important aspects to the *direction* of the U.S-China trade discussion from the POTUS perspective.  The financial pundits always miss these little tell-tale remarks.  President Trump is managing the trade and economic program at a granular level; this is his priority… every little part of it, he is directing.

President Trump notes the value of the tariff strategy, and infers (not so subtle) that no deal is preferred within his ongoing plan: “you’ll see what I’m going to be doing.”  This is what the financial pundits ignore. President Trump has gamed this out, he’s stringing the process slowly to keep boosting the stock market…. but his goal does not include a deal.

[Video and Transcript below]


[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: I look forward to seeing a lot of things. But on Monday, in particular, our stock market has just broken another record, as you see. Our economy is doing phenomenally well. Our jobs numbers just broke yet another record. They’re higher than ever before. Our country is doing better than it’s ever done. Our military is rebuilt. It was a mess when I took over.

And a lot of good things are happening, and now I’m going to watch Alabama-LSU, and that’ll be a lot of fun. So, we look forward to it.

Do you have a question? Go ahead.

Q Mr. President, what’s your next step for China trade talks? There were some —

THE PRESIDENT: They’re moving along. They’re moving along. They’ve moved slowly. Much too slowly for me. But they want to make the deal much more than I do. But the trade talks with China are moving along, I think, very nicely. If we make the deal that we want, it’ll be a great deal. And if it’s not a great deal, I won’t make it.

But the trade deal is moving along, and China wants to be there.

Q And do you want to lift tariffs then? They said that there had been a —

THE PRESIDENT: Well, there was a lot of incorrect reporting, but you’ll see what I’m going to be doing.

Q Can you clarify that?

THE PRESIDENT: But we’ve taken in tens of billions of dollars of tariffs. I gave $28 billion — 16 and 12 — to our farmers. And it’s been pretty amazing what we’ve done. Our farmers are very happy. We have to make the right deal for the farmers, manufacturers, for everybody. And if we don’t make that right deal, we’re not going to make a deal.

Q But if you get the phase one deal, will some tariffs be lifted?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, you’ll see. There’s a difference on tariffs, but we’re going to always get tariffs. We never got anything. Just so you understand, China, forever, never paid us 10 cents. Now we have — literally, we will soon have, literally, hundreds of billions of dollars coming in from China. We never got anything from China. So, a lot of very positive things are happening. I think that people will be amazed.

Just to say, again: I’d like to make a deal, but it’s got to be the right deal. China very much wants to make a deal. They’re having the worst year they’ve had in 57 years. Their supply chain is all broken, like an egg. They want to make a deal. Perhaps they have to make a deal. I don’t know. I don’t care. That’s up to them.

But the reports were incorrect.

Q How about lifting tariffs?

THE PRESIDENT: The level of tariff lift is incorrect.

Q You said the impeachment hearings should not be held behind closed doors, but now you say you don’t want them to be public. So —

THE PRESIDENT: No, no. I don’t care if they’re public; they should be public. What I said — it was misreported, as usual. What I said is very simple: There shouldn’t be anything. There shouldn’t be impeachment hearings, is what I said. So maybe they misconstrued it.

But what I say is: Read the transcript. It’s all about the transcript. They’re having people — I never even heard of some of these people; I don’t know who they are. And, by the way, it’s all third-hand knowledge. But regardless of what anyone says, read the transcript.

Now, they want to have a transcript of the other call, the second call. And I’m willing to provide that. We’ll probably give it to you on Tuesday. Monday being a holiday, we’ll probably give it to you on Tuesday. But we have another transcript coming out, which is very important. They asked for it, and I gladly give it. There’s never been a President who’s been so transparent. This is a witch hunt at the highest level, and it’s so bad for our country.

But here’s the deal: Read the transcript. You’ll see the call. Now I’ll give you a second transcript, because I actually had two calls with the President of Ukraine. So you’ll read the second call and you’ll tell me if you think there’s anything wrong with it. But never in history has anybody gone through this. It’s a witch hunt, and it should never happen to another President.

Thank you. Thank you.

END 12:55 P.M. EST

I’ve said it before and I’ll emphasize it again, the global trade and economic reset is President Trump’s number one priority.  Everything else, including impeachment, is chaff and countermeasures… deployed to stop his priority.

President Trump knows the ‘impeachment’ agenda is a means to an end. His opposition, the sum total of his opposition, needs to stop him from deconstructing a global economic system that was created over decades to the benefit of an elite ruling class.

The Big Club, the multinational system, is throwing everything at him in an effort to stop his ‘America First’ economic program; but incredibly, Trump retains a focus on the big picture and keeps taking apart the globalist system bit-by-bit.  It is remarkable how focused President Trump is on this objective.

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  1. Conclusion of Presser:

    What part of “Read the Transcript do you not understand?”

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    • stripmallgrackle says:

      Okay. I think we’ve heard the same questions enough times now, and he may have been in a hurry this time, but the impromptus seem to be getting shorter with reporters wanting answers to two points, basically. Why are you destroying America, and when will you wake up to the fact that the democrats have you cornered?

      Trump should start having press conferences with inquisitive supporters, or even a mix of voters. Dollars to donuts that a small group of citizens with no background in journalism could come up with better questions than the paid professionals.

      One of the great information superhighway dividends was supposed to be freedom from the tyranny of editors and program managers.

      Trump has Facebook and Twitter, as do millions of others. Use ’em.

      Asking the president in veiled terms, “You do know that you’re going to be impeached or defeated next year, don’t you?”, isn’t very informative. Citizen pressers, with no scripted questions, once a week. Trump could handle it with confidence, while getting the chance to answer questions that people are asking everyday, and that the press won’t.

      Informed citizens. Liberal heads exploding. It’s a twofer.

      Oh, and reporters screaming some gibberish about freedom of the press. Bonus.

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  2. vikingmom says:

    And everyone needs to understand that when China doesn’t back down (which they can’t and won’t) and it becomes clear that there is not going to be ANY deal, then the markets may take a temporary hit while everyone adjusts. President Trump understands that the US has danced to the tune of the Globalists for 30+ years and he is not interested in being a part of that EVER again. Once the dust settles, all of the companies who have moved their operations oversees to try to placate the dragon and enrich their corrupt backers in Congress will come back to the US and we will finally be able to truly rebuild our middle class! Heck, maybe Boeing will actually be able to build a decent plane again when they don’t have to try accept poorly made parts from Asia as a condition of making sales and they can tell the Climate Change wingnuts to leave them alone!

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    • Skippy says:

      Nice post vikingmom. RE: Boeing, and the MAX, i’ve followed along the entire time on my pilot site as well as Boeing and it doesn’t appear to be “parts” for the 2 accidents but the computer coding. Just a couple day’s ago Boeing admitted at Max simulation almost ended in crash. I agree Boeing never should moved to coders (some discussion of underpaid computer coders) or oversees parts production.. Thats why Trump says MAGA and Made in the USA (MITUSA)

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      • vikingmom says:

        Yep – my understanding of the MAX issue is that they were trying so desperately to make the plane “lighter” (and thus more fuel efficient) that they redesigned it with the engines further forward. (Not positive but that’s what I have heard.) However, the new design was causing problems on take off and rather than admit it wasn’t going to work they rushed production to appease the “all fossil fuels are evil” crowd.

        My reference to poorly made foreign parts referred to the Dreamliner, which had most of the components made in China and then shipped here for final assembly. People who work at the Everett Washington plant have told me that they basically had to retool half the stuff that they received because it wasn’t up to standards but China insisted on that as a condition of buying the planes – so they stole our jobs AND stole our technology! But hey, a bunch of corporate types and Congresscritters got rich so what’s everyone so upset about?! /sarc

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        • Mike says:

          This explains engine placement.

          Easier to certify mods on existing Aircraft than certify a new design.

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        • felipe says:

          “my understanding of the MAX issue is that they were trying so desperately to make the plane “lighter” (and thus more fuel efficient) that they redesigned it with the engines further forward.”
          No. The more fuel-efficient jet “turbofan” engines are using larger “fans” (i.e., propellers) inside the engine cowling as a major component of total engine thrust. Boeing apparently tried to stick these new, larger-diameter engines on their existing, type-certified 737 airframe. The quick fix was to move the engines (and wings) farther forward (so the engines wouldn’t hit the ground). This forward change in center-of-gravity makes the modified airframe more “tippy”.
          This, necessitating a computer-controlled system to help maintain level flight angle… relying on a single angle sensor on the budget version of the plane, or the optioned-up version with dual sensors and alerts if the sensors don’t agree. My understanding is that the two 737MAX crashes were the single-sensor versions and where the sensor sent out erroneous commands instructing the plane to dive.

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          • vikingmom says:

            Thank you for the explanation – I admit my knowledge of aerodynamics is pretty much nil but I knew it had something to do with the engines being placed in a different area.

            Frankly, I am just always thrilled when I walk onto a plane in cold, rainy Seattle and then, a couple of hours later, I step out somewhere that is warm and sunny. I have no idea how it happens but I am always thankful when it does!

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          • Skippy says:

            Pretty much what I’ve read too given Boeing Max passenger live loss recently. Very, very sad that our once Boeing priced USA product succumb to other than #MAGA.


            • Skippy says:

              1!Sorry, “once our Boing “prised” product USA product. Btw, consider disconnection Apple “autocorrect” or other. I’ve had 3 updates in one month. I just opted out. Yes it will take me and you some time to do without but why should we do w non-sensical verbal errors?


          • Maquis says:

            Plus the training for the new system was inadequate and they literally took it out of the flight manual, a deliberate out of sight out of mind sleight of hand, as if they wanted to divert attention from the severity of the modification.

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          • WSB says:

            My post may be a bit OT, although this is all about politically correct offshore quality control.

            I finally took a good look at the model in a photo a Treeper posted a few weeks ago. While I am no aerodynamics engineer, I am in the design field, and you can just see that nothing looks inevitably proportioned on this jet. The entire construct outside the fuselage looks doomed. See how they had to flatten the underside of those engines?

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          • noswamp says:

            Dual sensors were mandatory in American Boeing Max airplanes, but optional in foreign airplanes.


        • joshashland says:

          VM, Thank you for your post. Clears up some questions I’ve had for a while.

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      • Boeing 787MAX: they outsourced control software writing to India, where thousands of $8-per-day Indian graduates wrote millions of lines of code for it.

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        • Greg1 says:

          Yeah, but, you know, diversity and such, right?!

          NOTHING to do with saving large amounts of money. Nope.

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        • noswamp says:

          “Boeing 787MAX: they outsourced control software writing to India, where thousands of $8-per-day Indian graduates wrote millions of lines of code for it.”
          If true, would not surprise me.


      • I’m interested to know what is your pilot site? I follow YT “blancolirio” channel – Juan Brown is a retired 777 pilot and A&P who reports on crashes, mishaps and related – NTSB, FAA, US Military, Boeing – all aspects of aviation issues. He lives in the Sierra Foothills so also reports on California wildfires.

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      • Athena the Warrior says:

        The MCAS software (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) and cheap, foreign coders.


      • yucki says:

        MIT !! USA !!


    • alliwantissometruth says:

      Correct vikingmom, but it becomes a race for time

      The Deep State and the enemy of the people “media” will spin any temporary economic setback as a reason to panic, and the (pick one) ill-informed, brainwashed, naive, perpetually dumb people will be fooled yet again

      The biggest problem is it’s going to take time to reset our economy from a corrupt rigged game back to an engine that benefits the people who’s money and labor pays for it all

      That doesn’t happen overnight, although Trump is certainly bringing it about quicker than we thought possible

      It takes an informed and educated populace to understand the implications of all this and the guts to weather the storm until fruition

      We’ll have to see how many Americans are still on the ball

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    • Chuck says:

      This is true, but remember also that China has a market of 1.2M people while ours are 330M or so. Companies will still stay in China, but only by selling their souls, because China will own their IP and everything else.

      One demographic that I’d be interested in seeing… a national income breakdown. How many folks in the US are low/middle/upper class vs how many in China. I suspect China has a TON still in the lower class in rural areas. Not sure though, just speculation.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        You are correct based on what I’ve seen. We won’t be able to get an honest number on this out of China. Their middle class has exploded and they have a huge millionaire/billionaire class but the number of poor and rural is enormous. This is why we have been able to manufacture there for so long for so little. Think about those real numbers – the people with factory jobs, even at low wages, are still considered to be “wealthy” in China bc it is relative to a huge number of impoverished.

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        • The Devilbat says:

          The Iphone factory had to have suicide nets installed on the sides of the building as so many workers were jumping off the roof to their death. That does not describe a group of people who are earning a decent wage and are happy with their lives.


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        • WhiteBoard says:

          and the billions of people they have currently programmed as good citizens.. ARE ONE STEP AWAY from the american virus getting injected into them AND them wanting more out of life…

          Then its like all times before (revolution or the dictator slaughters his people).


      • Cliff Indiana says:

        China would be 1.2 B, not M…


    • Jimmy Jack says:

      It’s only a small family business but our family has basically moved all of the business we had with China into a totally different industry based in the US. We see the writing on the wall. China will have to acquiesce.

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      • vikingmom says:

        For the late year, I have made it a point to contact numerous businesses, both large and small, that are based in the US but do most of their manufacturing in China. I am always polite but I tell them that I will not purchase their products until they are made in the US again and that I am perfectly willing to pay more for a well made product. For the most part, I have had really positive responses and several have indicated that they are trying to return all of their operations to the US.

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        • Bigbadmike says:

          Good for you. You need to keep doing this. It really blows their minds I tell my Steel Vendors to submit a Domestic Melt Cert with every shipment. But they claim they haven’t processed foreign steel in 3 years. Unfortunately, most of the Foreign junk is sold by Amazon and other Internet Vendors. It’s small potatoes, but it adds up. US Manufacturers can’t make products that sell for $19.99. Anything that costs more than $200 can be made better in the USA and will last 10 times longer.

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          • vikingmom says:

            We were recently on vacation and I saw some really well made, beautiful table runners in the gift shop adjacent to one of the restaurants where we had eaten. I asked where they were made and the clerk proudly said, “Right here in our valley, by local seamstresses. We don’t deal in that cheap crap from China!” I bought it on the spot!!

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          • Tim Tarr says:

            Like a toaster?😁


    • WSB says:

      Or engineers from Vietnam.


    • Linda K. says:

      I agree that Trump wants to crush China. It is the only way to get along with them.

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  3. All Too Much says:

    Announcing the second transcript will be released will help Schiff and company to have an interesting weekend.

    And the all US veterans hanging out on this tree, bless you and thank you.

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    • H.R. says:

      All Too Much: “Announcing the second transcript will be released will help Schiff and company to have an interesting weekend.”

      LOL! Interesting, indeed. They are going to need fresh sheets Saturday and Sunday due to the night sweats they’ll have.

      Last time out, they made up crap never expecting President Trump would release the transcript.

      Will they ever learn? No, hell NO!

      I’m guessing that the first call was to tell President Trump that *Named names!* were being investigated. “Are you OK with that?” POTUS: “No problem.”

      I predict that the Dems will forever regret demanding the transcript. But as President Trump always says, “We’ll see.”

      If I’m right, the Democrats will never again demand a transcript if President Trump says, “You want the transcript? Sure.”

      In that case they will say, “Please Mr. President. Burn that transcript and never let it see the light of day.”

      Or maybe they are stuck on stupid and will say, “Thank you, sir! May I have another?” ;o)

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      • WSB says:

        I don’t know why PT is even giving a heads up?Unless his team is looking for searches.

        Weren’t all of these calls placed outside the normal IC reach after his first callls were surveilled?

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  4. ALEX says:

    ‘’This is what the financial pundits ignore. President Trump has gamed this out, he’s stringing the process slowly to keep boosting the stock market…. but his goal does not include a deal.’’

    Indeed Sundance and great work keeping up on all of this. Charles brings up another excellent point about the globalist

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    • The pundits screamed that the American consumer would pick up the tab for tariffs. PDJT said no, the Chinese would pick up the tab. Clearly PDJT is correct.

      Reading here has been a class in global economics 400 … only this time I think I understand.

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  5. The last three paragraphs of your post are stunning in their clarity and pure truthyness.

    I’m so proud of our President.

    What a great time to be alive!

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  6. Perot Conservative says:

    1. Pass USMCA. This is where POTUS seems to get off track, unless he is playing more 3D chess.

    2. Joe diGenova seems to agree with me. Last week on WMAL radio, he said everything is about the Supreme Court.

    If Trump wins re-election, he at least replaces RBG, and possibly gets to pick 2 more Supremes. That’s why they’re trying to dirty him up.

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    • OSP says:

      How can USMCA be passed with a Dim House?

      They know it’s a winner and will not give POTUS a win.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        I believe that, in the end, Democrats will pass it because they need to be able to point to something that “they” did.

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        • stripmallgrackle says:

          That train left the station January 2nd. Pelosi lied about not pursuing impeachment to get her majority back, and was having strategy sessions to do just that before the ballots were even in. The democrats have no intention of presenting their legislative agenda when they have no chance of getting it signed and made law. Undecided voters would be running for the exits if they did.

          The only priorities now are: 1) Trump has to go, and 2) we have to make sure this can never happen again.

          It’s that bad right now. We can call them stupid, deranged, obsessed, or psychotic, you name it, all we want. What makes them most dangerous is their belief that they can accomplish this. What the Supreme Court and the DOJ are willing to do about it is anybody’s guess.

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          • Robert Smith says:

            On your last paragraph, yes, they want it bad. And they don’t care how they get there.

            But just as I felt with the Mueller SC being total crap, but a danger as long as it was ongoing, the same with impeachment.

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      • They don’t have a choice. The Dems are getting hammered as “do nothing”. They will pass USMCA so they can say they did something.


        • Sherri Young says:

          Nancy has said that the Dimms have all kinds of wonderful legislation that is being held up by the Republicans. Nancy wants her $2 trillion infrastructure package (that did not include a border wall). PDJT wants the USMCA.

          Looks like a standoff (unless something has changed).

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    • Mbr says:

      Can you imagine Trump running on the dems failure to pass USMCA? We would take back the house.

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  7. nimrodman says:

    “Their supply chain is all broken, like an egg”

    “Now they have to clean it up, like with a cloth”

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  8. Donald TRUMP is an example of that rare and exceptional American that bursts forth only once every several generations, and shows that divine Providence still favors our greatest nation on earth.

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  9. railer says:

    i THE PRESIDENT: The level of tariff lift is incorrect.

    I think Trump is saying here that there will be a tariff lift, and it’s just a matter of what he gets in return.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Or he’s planning to institute the higher tariffs.

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      • Stillwater says:

        Depends what the POTUS means by “lift”. A play on words perhaps.

        Media thinks by “lift” that POTUS is referring to diminishing or removing the tariffs.
        But perhaps by “lift” POTUS intends to raise tariffs or “lift” them higher.

        I know that could be stretching things a bit but sometimes POTUS likes to play word games with the media just like the media likes to do with the public.

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  10. A2 says:

    I’m waiting for the President to announce China is part of Taiwan.

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  11. pyromancer76 says:

    As A2 hints above (China part of Taiwan!!!), our President has been amazingly prescient and powerful in resetting world economics for America first – in a free and open competitive setting. Sundance has helped all of us understand President Trump’s vision and ability to bring about a reset.

    I loved your last three paragraphs, Sundance, like other readers, and I send your wisdom and research on to those I know.

    These sentences stand out for me.

    “I’ve said it before and I’ll emphasize it again, the global trade and economic reset is President Trump’s number one priority.

    “Everything else, including impeachment, is chaff and countermeasures… deployed to stop his priority.

    ” [He is] deconstructing a global economic system that was created over decades to the benefit of an elite ruling class.

    “The Big Club, the multinational system, is throwing everything at him in an effort to stop his ‘America First’ economic program; but incredibly, Trump retains a focus on the big picture and keeps taking apart the globalist system bit-by-bit.”

    Thank you. Thank you. November’s appreciation is on its way. And so is my monthly appreciation to our fabulous political and economic genius of a President (and in other areas too).

    I hold my breath and say my prayers that the American Constitutional system of government survives, prospers, and increases exponentially.

    I want all marxists declared unconstitutional and banned from the U.S. of A., too. Dang! That’s the entire Dem Party these days.

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  12. CM-TX says:

    Ok here’s The Plan – (No, not that Larp one under an unmentionable letter that promotes complacency)– I mean for 2024…

    The Republicans or the Lion Party (doesn’t matter which) will run Candidate “Jerry the Janitor.”

    This is Jerry:

    *(Thx /r/T_D for image)

    I predict Jerry will WIN… & CNN is already panicking!

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  13. Doug Amos says:

    Lots of CO’s in America suddenly heading for the exits. Seems like the partying around the world on the ass of the little guys has come to an end. Even the N Y Slimes has admitted that the E U benefits only a select few.

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  14. MD says:

    China has recently upped their oil imports (they have to import about 85%). They never were transparent about the amount of oil they have in reserves but it was estimated to be 800 million barrels or enough for close to 90 days usage. I am wondering if throughout this whole process they have been drawing on their oil reserves due to less US dollars being available to them to purchase oil.

    Their major oil tanker company was recently (2 months ago) blacklisted by Trump for trying (in violation of sanctions) to import oil from Iran. If they were to purchase extra from other countries, it would show up as an inventory drop or increase in demand which would raise prices which would be counter productive. If they have dropped their oil inventory too low, they may be in a heap of financial trouble.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      I thought the US Strategic Petro Reserve was supposed to be the largest in the world at approximately that same size – 800 million barrels. I would be surprised if the Chinese were able to get a reserve that big with nobody having a clear idea of its size.

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      • WhiteBoard says:

        Trump deal with Russia (via Russia India Artic pipeline) will solve Russia’s worries or Europe cutting them off via the ISIS pipeline (that is currently checkmated by Assad).

        Economic power is how PDJT is balancing the global world – verus how Globalism did it through manipulating markets and making everyone dependant upon each other.

        Artic deal Artic –

        israel deal Israel deal

        those both keep isreal and russia from freaking out – and makes them feel safe (trump is isolating China – until North Korea and Iran stop the Nukes….

        Europe is being corrected on their greed without seeing the outcome of it – Europe will get energy through BREXIT – via many points. so that secures England feeling they are safe

        Stabilization is achieved – Russia, Israel, UK…. the only worry horses left are Germany and France, Italy . . keep and eye on them.

        nov 11

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        • Sherri Young says:


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          • I am not intentionally looking for your posts, just to hit the ‘like’ icon; you simply seem to have a perfect response to so many messages. Almost everyone has forgotten about Venezuela.

            If a country isn’t ‘acting up’ (Turkey, Syria, China, North Korea, Germany, Ukraine, Mexico et al…) then they leave the impression of having disappeared and are no longer on our radar screens. And, Venezuela hasn’t been getting much press in the past year, or so.

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  15. Ellis says:

    This other call transcript that Trump has inserted into the discussion all of a sudden, what do y’all make of this? Did the president play the democrats? I have not seen any reporting about it.

    Predictably, Schiff is rejecting gop witness list confirming to America this is a farce. It was shrewd political move by the republicans and if they follow through they will change the entire narrative.

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  16. Skippy says:

    Nov 8

    Firing Line with Margaret Hoover Retweeted Firing Line with Margaret Hoover
    Former NYC Mayor @MikeBloomberg, who is expected to join the 2020 Democratic primary race this week, told @FiringLineShow in September that “China is doing a lot” to address climate change. “Xi Jinping is not a dictator,” Bloomberg said. “He has a constituency to answer to.”

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    • The Devilbat says:

      Bloomberg is a joke.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        Seat Bloomberg between Kyle Bass and Steve Bannon for however long it takes until he quits saying such stupid things.

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        • COlibertybelle says:

          Oh, no, he should keep saying stoopid stuff…very entertaining for the rest of us out here in flyover country. And President Trump will have a ball with it if he ever has to debate this kook.


    • Bigbadmike says:

      Remember when she was one of O’Reilly’s bimbos on Fox? Remember when Allison Camarotta was a fake Rino on Fox & Friends? Remember when Nicole Wallace was a hard core Conservative? These hypocrites are such Tools. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and All of the people some of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people All of the time”, said the 2nd Greatest President – A. Lincoln. The Greatest President attended the LSU-AL football game today.

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      • COlibertybelle says:

        Spot on, B-B-Mike!!!! But I think even little MaggieMooShooHoover was sorta confused by the BBS (BloombergBulls–t). Priceless!!


  17. rayvandune says:

    I have only a recreational pilot’s understanding of basic aerodynamics, but moving engines forward would seem to naturally move the center of gravity (CG) forward, which if kept within limits is usually not a bad thing. A forward CG can actually INCREASE stability. What designers and pilots traditionally want to avoid is moving the CG AFTWARD. Can someone clarify this business of moving the engines forward?

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    • billrla says:

      rayvandune: A web search on the terms “737 Max and MCAS” will turn-up explanatory articles, many with excelent graphics.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ordinaryman says:

      ??? Where did CG come from? Rio Linda?


    • WES says:

      Ray: There are some good comments about this further up this thread.

      Basically the new more efficient engines have bigger fans thus increasing total engine diameter. Placing these new engines on existing 737 engine wing pods placed them too close to the ground. Boeing not wanting to redesign longer landing gear plus new wings, decided to move the engines forward and slightly upwards i.e. design new engine mounting wing pods instead. This shifted the center of gravity of the 737 forward and up.

      Boeing then decided to fix this change on the cheap by using a software fix. Then they stupidly decided to to use just one sensor to feed the software. Then they decided not to tell anybody about it! This was an incredible act of stupidity.

      Traditionally aircraft have always had 2 or 3 back up systems in case one system goes down. What we are now seeing is the effort required to try and fix compounded “stupidity!.

      Boeing should have designed new longer landing gear and new wings. Boeing however still wants to fix this using software! It is very hard to fix stupid not to mention loss of trust! If it is a Boeing I am not going!

      Liked by 2 people

    • WSB says:

      I did post a couple of pictures up top. Tell me what you think by just looking at them.

      When I first looked at these, it seemed visually rather obvious this was not a software problem to begin with.


  18. The Devilbat says:

    Earlier this year it was reported that President Trump offered to buy the country of Greenland from Denmark. I am wondering if he might try to buy China?

    Liked by 1 person

  19. dufrst says:

    Trump has the ChiComs in a vice. They want the tariffs off so that they can regain leverage, but they dare not leave the table now, else Trump will slap tariffs at a higher level. Trump today is signaling that he’s not going to allow China to delay Phase 1 any longer than necessary. I believe Trump’s timetable is before Thanksgiving. Any delay beyond that and Trump will walk away from the table and increase his leverage with tariffs levied at the higher levels.

    I’ve said that Phase 1 of this China deal is all that the US could want from China. It includes intellectual property protections (Silicon Valley), financial services in China for our banks (Wall Street), and major agricultural purchases beyond what our farmers are producing today (Big Ag). These are the most influential interests there are in Washington. Trump would have delivered for them and only would have given up the threat of raising tariffs higher. Plus all the deal will have an agreed upon enforcement mechanism, so that when China cheats, we can recoup the losses. Magnificent.

    Once Phase 1 is inked, there is no urgency to make a deal on the rest because we would have settled the big issues. Now, if China wants relief on the rest of the tariffs, Trump could and likely will put North Korea (NK) on the table. Complete verifiable denuclearization. With denuclearization, North and South Korea can finally be on the road to reunification (China opposes this). China will have to make a decision on whether they are willing to give up their strategic buffer of NK (in their minds) in exchange for tariffs being removed. With the tariffs in place, investment from the US (and foreign companies accessing US market) is drying up and supply chains are being relocated out of China. Don’t be surprised that shortly after a deal is reach in Phase 1 that a deal is made with North Korea on denuclearization.

    In the meanwhile, as Sundance said, impeachment is the latest scheme of the globalist opposition to subdue Trump’s agenda. If that fails, Trump will be triumphant. I have a feeling that Bill Barr and Durham have something cooking. I sense another decisive win for the president that will set his opponents on their backs and lead him to a landslide victory in 2020. MAGA!!

    Liked by 2 people

  20. A2 says:

    You wrote, “ I’ve said that Phase 1 of this China deal is all that the US could want from China. It includes intellectual property protections (Silicon Valley), financial services in China for our banks (Wall Street), and major agricultural purchases beyond what our farmers are producing today (Big Ag).”

    That is the exact constituency in the Senate that is delaying the vote on the Hong Kong Democracy and Freedom Act. They don’t want to interrupt the gravy train.



    None of this will happen, just like the IMF propaganda campaign, oh, the tariff war is causing a global recession.🤣🤣🤣

    The truth is the PRC domestic state controlled economy has created its own slowdown, well documented statistically before the so-called trade war, dept and demographics baby.

    The Trump administration just piled straw on the dragon’s back.

    There are costs to be counted in confronting an Authoritarian regime that wants to fundamentally change the capitalistic, free trade, freedom loving world order.

    US wins and allies, or we have neo-1984 big brother calling the shots.


  21. Everett Miller says:

    It’s been a continuing source of amusement to watch “the boy crying wolf” in the wall street press trumpeting the “given” that the Trump Tariffs will cause increase in inflation and recession; or “are causing” recession to appear on the horizon; or “are increasing cost to consumers”, or “being paid by the American consumer, not China” etc–even while non of the above ever actually has happened or is happening–yet they continue to spout this nonsense on CNBC: by Cavuto, Gasparino, McDowell and Clayman on FOX BUSINESS; etc. As they represent the desperate gasping of the Chamber of Commerce Kstreet Globalist cabal hoping that Trump (and by extension the USA) will fail at Making America Great Again.
    Trump in a Landslide. Still, AG Barr simply must put these criminals in Prison so Trump can really cut loose in his second term.


    • Linda K. says:

      I would like to see Admiral Flynn back to help Trump with the intel community problem, if he is willing. I am sure his case will be dismissed at least, and hopefully with the release of the Brady material Sidney has requested, he will be exonerated as well.


  22. Superman says:

    Trump says they are asking for the 2nd call. Who is asking? This is the first I have heard of it.
    I surmised when this whistleblower stuff started coming out…there was something up. Then Rudy goes on all these shows talking about corruption and Biden and that he had finished his investigation in March…I believe that is what he said.

    So I immediately thought…well if Rudy already had everything why would Trump make a call to Ukraine’s president asking for assistance?

    That is when I concluded Trump must have made the call to bait them into showing their hand and basically out the leakers and the criminals.
    I could be way off base but it sure seems like this is Trump getting everything set….and now he says there is a second call…….looks like he was waiting for the right time to release it.


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