Lengthy Interview – Lee Smith: From Spygate to Impeachment “The Plot Against The President”…

Journalist and author Lee Smith sits down for a lengthy interview with Jan Jekielek about his new book “The Plot Against The President”:

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84 Responses to Lengthy Interview – Lee Smith: From Spygate to Impeachment “The Plot Against The President”…

  1. David says:

    Cocaine Mitch makes a good point.

    “There’s no small amount of irony associated with the fact the president is apparently being impeached over in the House for holding up aid to Ukraine and at the same time Democrats are going to filibuster the defense bill, which would provide for the assistance to Ukraine,” McConnell, R-Ky., said last week.

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  2. Elric VIII says:

    Jacket and tie with jeans and brown shoes? Definitely unconventional. And that may be exactly what is needed these days. The conventional way of doing things has got us into a fine mess.

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    • Elric VIII says:

      I’m a bit hard of hearing, and I can read faster than try to listen to someone. Is there a transcript of this interview available?


      • I have a hearing issue as well (too close to artillery) – the “Closed Captions” works most of the time.


      • Raghn Crow says:

        Do you have hearing aids? Or an aid? You can get a device called Compilot II and it uses bluetooth to hook you up to your phone, etc. But I also use it with a audio cable to plug into my laptop, so I can listen _perfectly_ to these interviews. And I’ve only got one ear that works and it’s down to less than half functioning.

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      • bkrg2 says:

        Elric, here is what I do to read instead of listen (my wife hates overhearing anything political…)

        Click on the video that Sundance has posted.
        In bottom right there is a YouTube link. Click on that
        YouTube should launch in a new window.
        Just underneath the video to the right will be “Share, Save and 3 little dots”
        Click on the 3 dots. Select “Open Transcript”
        The transcript will open to the left of the video.
        You can pause (or mute) the video and just read the transcipt.

        I think the words are automatically generated, so sometime they don’t make sense (especailly for people with heavy accents or interviewers who like talking over thier guests)

        This only works for videos that are posted to YouTube (which about 95% of what is posted at TCH).

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        • Elric VIII says:

          Excellent! Thanks for the tip! When I studied computers in college many years ago we had to make punch cards on a machine the size of a piano. I’ve tried to keep up over the years, but it’s impossible to catch all of the subtleties.

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    • willthesuevi says:

      Kind of a western thing. I do the same thing only with cowboy boots.

      Love my old corduroy jacket.

      (OK, OK, I know, and yep I even have elbow patches, and sometimes wear a Bolo.) 🙂

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    • Ludo says:

      Amen. Patrick Byrne is another unconventional guy. See his latest spygate related post.


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  3. Ernie Hemway says:

    Why is it when I visualize the end game for the democrats I see Jerry Lundegaard trying to escape out the motel window in his underwear at the end of Fargo?

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  4. JohnCasper says:

    Today’s illiberal and regressive democrats have hate on the hoof, a plethora of platitudes, demagoguery by the demijohn, corruption in the coup, lies on the lips and bats in the belfry — that is what they offer America and it is all they offer America.

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  5. But all these plots will not work in the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election where the only winner is Mr. Donald J Trump without any doubt.

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  6. joeknuckles says:

    The thing I like about Lee Smith is that he doesn’t tip-toe around the truth of what happened. He comes right out and says it in plain english. That’s rare for reporters, even the few that are actually covering this story.

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    • Newhere says:

      It’s the mindset of a real journalist. I love how plainly he calls out the major media establishments as clearly coordinating to effectuate the coup. It’s only hard to see if you’re determined not to admit it.

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      • beach lover says:

        He not only calls out the media.. he names names. Making the point that it doesn’t have to be such a large group.. just a few at the chosen papers and the rest eagerly want to believe it is true and will spread the word.

        I hope these “journalists” will be shunned but, Im sure, their rights will be protected. So even more important to get Brennan, Comey, Clapper and the rest for feeding false stuff to them.

        He’s right also about the scope of this thing. I was skeptical that these people are too big to bring down, but after reading the magnitude of this coup.. Barr has no choice but to bring it all out and punish those exposed. Our Republic is worth it.. .they aren’t.

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      • PET says:

        Lee has been following this from day one and while he initially didn’t believe the government had stooped to this level he very quickly reconciled that and then went and began doing real research and writing about what really happened.

        His articles at Tablet Mag regarding the downfall of the media are fascinating. Lee has captured how the media went from a left leaning organization who put some spin on the facts to a full-blown propaganda arm of the Democrats in an effort to stay viable in today’s electronic information age.

        His book is far more in depth in calling out exactly which media persons were in bed with the plotters and when they were being fed leaks by the IC…if he had included a timeline in the book that would have been even better but at is it you can look at who was doing what and when and run that in parallel with the government side of the story which he overlays nicely.

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      • GB Bari says:

        The press has served as a platform for a conspiracy theory (Trump-Russia) for the past three years……. For three years, the press has been the platform for an enormous and disgusting lie…. I see it as an extinction level event.”
        “The Washington Post and the New York Times, the prestige they had earned.. is no longer there.

        Lee Smith over the target and scoring direct hit after direct hit.

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    • theresanne says:

      I am actually on a plane right now and have just finished chapter 11 of this amazing book (audio version). The amount of detail is breathtaking. My admiration for Devin Nunes has skyrocketed. Please read/listen to this book! You too will be amazed and shocked at the plot against our President! Thanks

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  7. noswamp says:

    Lee Smith is amazing. Succint. To the point. Honest. I only hope that Barr and Durham were listening. Those are the players Lee Smith wants to address.

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  8. “I think that…..”
    “Let us suppose that …..”
    “I hope that ……”
    “In an ideal world we would hope …..”
    “If this is true, then ….”

    We should be well past this. I would not buy a buy that tells me what i already know and then realise that while there are quite a lot of facts, there is nothing definitive.


    • fabrabbit says:

      Stuck: My takeaway from the video is that everything is known just as Sundance has outlined for the past two+ years I have been following. I think Lee Smith is very definitive about the facts as has been Nunes. The evidence is all there. I am optimistic Durham will put it all all together and AG Barr will do what is best for America. Remember it is a criminal investigation.

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      • MVW says:

        ” I am optimistic Durham will put it all all together and AG Barr will do what is best for America. Remember it is a criminal investigation.”

        Accountability, successful prosecution AND substantial, commensurate punishment is what Lee Smith is saying is what must, absolutely must happen. He also ‘thinks’ Barr and Durham are in the process of fulfilling this through criminal investigation. We will only know our country’s fate, that is in their hands, in time…Just have more patience. LOL

        Most of the key criminal actors are known, some actors that were key avoided criminal behavior by careful participation so there is no real blowback possible(IMO, such as Sessions who participated by NOT doing his job at key times, or Pence by trapping Flynn in a blind sighted ‘gotcha’ question, whoops, sorry…).

        & the ‘press’ or ‘media’ has destroyed. themselves.
        What a crooked mess.

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  9. MVW says:

    Flynn was the key person to take out. Pence was key to do this. It, so far as I can tell, was the only time he was used. He was too valuable to the deep state to use again. It was no accident.

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  10. glissmeister says:

    Laurie Milroie testified that the post-perestroika “bloat” in Russia specialities was out of control. As one of the few longstanding ME specialists, she noted that Russia was where the careers were at. Post-peristroika the need for them collapsed, but their need for salaries and careers did not. The implication now is that did not change from the 1990s. The implication now is our intelligence services and DOS are gravely overstaffed and bloated with obsolete specialists looking to sustain their employment and preserve and grow their bureaucratic fiefdoms.

    Add to this the power and self-interest of SES staff, their spouses, the many married couples and relatives employed across this bureaucratic infrastructure it becomes readily apparent there could be deeply intense and malicious intent to deny Michael Flynn his office and drive Trump from the presidency before the clearing out of waste and overstaffing began.

    The main plot still seems to be all evils Hillary, but there are other agendas in play as this phenomenal interview makes provocatively clear.

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    • Toenail says:

      glissmeister – Very true comment. Multiply this times 1000 for the other people in our bloated government and you begin to understand a portion of America’s problems.


  11. Retired IG says:

    Loved this interview. Particularly at minute markers 34:17, 48:35, 57:29, and 58:13. Just going to by the book whether I can ever read it or not, Just to support.
    Last night I had a dream that Hilary concocted this whole scheme against Trump because she wanted revenge for her forking husband and HIS IMPEACHMENT TRIAL.
    Don’t know what that dream was about. But can’t comprehend how a woman would defend her husband sticking a smoking cigar in the nether places of another woman and still be proud of him;
    It was my dream.
    Then I thought of all the books (GONE UNREAD) such as the “Hunting of the President” etc, etc. I am GUILTY of buying on Amazon.
    Unread is a book by Sydney Blumenthal, ” The Hunting of the President,”
    Hope I don’t sound like a really big DOPE, but I did buy into the Clinton victim schmaltz. WTF was I thinking?
    During the Clinton years,the Internet was just coming into existence.. So please excuse my feeling like I was reading “real news.”
    Since then I found Cliff High at Half Past Human, Catherine Austin Fitts at the Solari Report,, Kevin at Cryptogon, Franklin Sanders,Greg Hunter, Zero Hedge, and The Last Refuge. I don’t need “No Doctors.”
    Believe there are very exciting times ahead. Got a blast from the man I buy wood from last night. If that 45 minute blast I got from him last night is any indicator, good luck to anyone opposing Trump. We are living in interesting times.

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  12. Annie says:

    I am right in the middle of the book..excellent..and Devin is a hero….

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      Lee is clearly a brave and brilliant man. Think I’ll order the book just to thank him for being a hero, along with Devin, of course. I’m puzzled why this post/video hasn’t gotten more attention here.

      The news media is ostensibly dying, but indifferent to their fate. That strongly suggests their incomes/livelihoods are not dependent on TV ratings or print circulation or internet page views: the factors we’re told matter. When Bezos bought the Washington Post the mask may have dropped; the news media is in place to be the megaphone and information filter for the rich and powerful. If Post reporters keep Bezos happy, the readers (and the truth) are a trivial afterthought.

      It’s also hard not to suspect that bribery is widespread within the news media. We know Fusion GPS was in large part a money laundering operation between the Democrats (and other sinister forces) and the news media. The Fusion bank records were supposedly going to be revealed, and the names of reporters on their payroll, but we’re still waiting. The intimate relationship between the FBI and Fusion certainly suggests government money is routinely being funneled to Fusion: and then to whom?

      Listening to Lee I felt embarrassed I hadn’t realized how essential the Democrat Party Presidential nominee is to the Deep State. Biden’s main asset is his reliability to the Deep State. Now that even their sinister power can’t drag Sleepy Joe across the finish line, of course Hillary, another reliable Deep State tool, has re-emerged. And if Mayor Pete is being talked up, he must have passed some covert evil litmus test. Tulsi would surely be more electable, but she must be unacceptable to the Deep State, as Hillary has broadcast.

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      • zimbalistjunior says:

        looking at tulsi’s background, id venture shes a cia asset from her youth
        beto and mayor pete too

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      • Ma McGriz says:

        When the US was attacked on 9/11, congress had the patriot act all ready to go. It sprang full-blown and was voted into law virtually overnight.

        As I recall Joe Biden played a leading role in that process.

        How interesting to see him now play such a prominent a role in the manifestations of so many of the correctly predicted evils and abuses of that law.


      • Peppurr says:

        Good post. First I have to see what Bar and Durham are going to come up with. Second, Trump has to crush them in 2020. My biggest concern is the polling stations. It’s coming down to the fact that there are problems every time, going back to Bush/Gore chad fiasco in FLA.


    • LadyLibertyII says:

      Very informative interview. Offers new (and startling) information regarding the three-year plus crusade of our intelligence community, DOJ and media cabal (and let’s not forget – foreign governments) to bring down our duly-elected 45th President.

      Smith also dives deeper into things we already knew about.

      Well worth watching – twice even. Share it with your friends and family.

      Barr and Durham, American citizens are reading Lee Smith’s book. We are watching and waiting to see what you will do to bring down those who attempted (and continue to this day) to bring down our President!

      End this travesty and drain the SWAMP!

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    • 2Alpha says:

      Got the book Saturday. A friend stopped by yesterday and as we were discussing it, she was EXTREMELY interested in reading it… so… I let her borrow it with the condition she return it in one week… fingers crossed… I have everything stored on a remote 2Tb HD anyway.
      Friends and I have been on this for 4 years… We always wanted someone to put it all in one place – THANK YOU Lee Smith!


  13. k4jjj says:

    It’s important to realize a massive Trump victory next November is NOT GOING TO STOP THESE LUNATICS. I see a very dangerous path ahead.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      Our Presidents no longer ride in open cars, after JFK. The failed assassination attempt on Teddy Roosevelt in an open car, and other close calls, were not enough to change procedures, until Dallas.

      Our Presidents rarely mingle with unscreened crowds anymore, and the Secret Service wishes it never happened. I recall Trump mingling with unscreened American military members on a refueling stop in Alaska. The Secret Service guards were clustered around the President, all clutching their jacket lapels. I’m told this is their gunfighter pose: ready to draw.

      Hinckley got near to Reagan by mingling/hiding within the news media scrum. With the angry, hostile attitude of today’s news media, trusting them to do the right thing (pointing out interlopers/suspicious people to the Secret Service) is even more foolish today than it was in Reagan’s time.

      With the swarm of leakers and spies now apparently composing the White House staff, it is extremely naïve to assume federal bureaucrats to be friendly, or even benign, towards their President. The executive residence should be exactly that, not a federal office building. In this age of electronic communication, office workers can perform their duties from almost any location. It’s time to drastically decentralize the federal bureaucracy: the President’s safety is just one reason on a long list.

      The news media’s whimsical desire to use the White House as a daily backdrop is a poor reason to allow this hostile force close access to our President. Let’s take them at their word: they don’t want Trump to be our President. Why assume the hostility they incessantly express will never be acted upon?

      The Left conflates words with actions? Fine, let’s play by their rules: angry reporters using angry words are guilty of violence. Get these dangerous people out of the White House!

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  14. Raghn Crow says:

    I think it is important to mention that this Lee Smith is the same Lee Smith who published in 2010 “The Strong Horse; Power, Politics, and the Clash of Civilizations, about the Mideast. It is an EXCELLENT book, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in that subject. So I was wondering if it was the same “Lee Smith” and looked him up, and it is the same man. Very interesting. He used to write for the execrable Weekly Standard. Clearly, he’s a journalist who goes the distance and can “think outside the box” of the closed-minded, boxed-in Never Trumpers.

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  15. Marina Sapir says:

    I love this guy to pieces. I read all his books, starting with the “Strong horse”. Where I disagree with him is when he is saying that cooperation between WaPo with CIA is a completely new thing. Actually, WaPo was a platform for CIA all along, since inception. I knew it well before Trump story, from the well researched book

    I believe, WaPo was part of the CIA operation leading to Nixon impeachment. And the same WaPo “journalists” are now trying to push for Trump impeachment.

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  16. Bulldog84 says:

    Has anyone else had trouble getting the book? I ordered on Amazon, waited days — nothing. Then I see that the estimated delivery could be as late as Dec. 5. I cancelled the order and was going to wait to see if used copies start becoming available. Either that, or I’ll have to drive to a brick-and-mortar seller and see if they have it in stock.


  17. Shyster says:

    Quite interesting the way he re-characterized Stephan Halper’s role from that of an overly bold and aggressive confidential informant to an architect and part of the foreign control group masterminding the European and Italian ground game. Until I heard this interview I had always thought of him as an over the hill not so secret junior varsity player whose moves could be seen coming a half a mile away had you cared to look. Instead, Lee lays out out the premise that Halper was basically a station chief running a larger operation. Wheels within wheels!

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  18. covfefe999 says:

    Well worth watching! I had it running at 1.25x speed because I don’t have a lot of free time this morning. I was glued from the start. Thanks for posting this! And thank you Epoch Times.

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  19. We the people know says:

    Smidgen, as in “not a smidgen of corruption”


  20. Louisiana Tea Rose says:

    “I see plans within plans….”

    Luv me some “Dune”!

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  21. DSP2 says:

    It is CIA subterfuge and the media’s “Truman Show”. What a fricking reality. God help us.


  22. Zippy says:

    In that excellent video, he mentions news web sites he also writes for. One of them was this one which I’d never heard of before – Tablet Magazine:

    Spies Are the New Journalists
    And with the help of big names in media they’re turning journalism into an intelligence operation
    By Lee Smith


    How Russiagate Became Israelgate
    It’s not about Vladimir Putin anymore
    By Lee Smith


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  23. This is the Biggest Scandal in American History, far out-stripping Watergate or Benedict Arnold’s treason at West Point. And most of the Corrupt News is suppressing the story for their Team–when not actively engaged in the Coup themselves. Amazing,

    Mr. Smith has the field almost to himself, our host and a handful of others excluded.

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  24. Ma McGriz says:


    What an excellent interview.

    That’s something I’ll watch again.

    One of the points raised by Lee Smith is the attempt to spin the Barr/Durham investigations as a so called “counter-impeachment probe.”

    The counter argument to trump that phony claim is to point to Operation Medusa.

    It’s become evident that a greatly perturbing percentage of the public really are illiterate enough about process and law that they’ll believe it if told that investigations like Barr/Dunham are conducted and reports written in a month’s time.

    They’ve been eating the phony peach pie like it’s going out of style (just like they sucked up all that hopeychange koolaide), while the press continue to freely dish it up and pass it out in unlimited quantities.

    Work like Lee’s helps further the President’s hard-won progress of denying the press the platform they’ve used to help bring about this coup.

    This is well worth the watch. Among other things it’s really gratifying to see the work of Devin Nunez and his people being explained. I think “Objective Medusa” is a name we’ll see more of and be able to say more about going forward.

    It’s also great to see the kind of steady minded and intelligent focus being brought to bear on the enemy, and to witness the clear-eyed call for those behind the coup to pay for their deeds.

    The truth will out.

    I’ll stand with Donald Trump.

    We’ll see what happens.

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  25. jeans2nd says:

    It was nice for Mr Smith to give credit to the few journalists who have been following this story truthfully.

    But i am old enough to remember, before all the “real” journalists were covering Russiagate and Gen Flynn, was Sundance, who provided the original research for the “real” journalists to follow.
    Heck, i can even remember Sundance promoting Dan Bongino’s very first speech on Russiagate, after which Bongino’s fan base soared. Same for Jeff Carlson, way before Carlson joined Epoch Times.

    Showing my age, i guess. Good times…

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  26. dawg says:

    This part of this interview set off a lightbulb for me.

    Smith talking about how Stefan Halper was used by the Reagan campaign in 1980. He was hired to be on the lookout for a possible October surprise by the Carter campaign.

    This makes me look at all this differently now.

    Think how many crimes the Clinton syndicate has committed over the decades. Clinton herself knowing that more than anyone, she had to be wary of what the Trump campaign may come up with, at the last minute.

    They needed to be aware of it ahead of time and be prepared to respond.

    Conventional wisdom was that they were spying on Trump to get dirt on him. But something about that has never really sat well with me.

    Considering the sheer number of epic scandals the Clintons had been involved in, was the PRIMARY reason they were spying on the Trump campaign in order to get a heads up on whatever the Trump camp may come up with at the last minute, so as to be ready for it?

    Isn’t that basically what Watergate was? Rs breaking into the DNC to find out what they had? Hillary was of course familiar with that.

    Was the Russia concoction initially planned to be used to counter Trump’s October surprise, but then when he won, they had to use it to justify and legalize the spying?


    • dawg says:

      “Halper’s job was to be able to defend against possible October surprises”

      What we are just now finding out is the extent to which Hillary, the DNC, the Bidens, the Kerrys, etc, etc, etc….. all COLLUDED WITH UKRAINE.

      What would be the BEST DEFENSE to have if the Trump campaign comes out with HILLARY-UKRAINE COLLUSION?

      Wait for it…..

      Trump-Russia collusion.

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      • dawg says:

        Hillary, the Deep State, the Bidens, etc, etc, etc….have all been worried that Trump would find out about their involvement with Ukraine since he was just a candidate.

        So when they heard him say “Crowdstrike” on the phone with the Ukrainian president, they immediately went to DEFCON-1. When he brought up the Bidens on the phone call, they collectively defecated in their pantsuits.

        Ever since that initial report of the some official being “deeply disturbed by what transpired on the phone call”, I was convinced that is 100% correct. I am quite sure they WERE deeply disturbed by what they heard on the phone call. They’ve been worried about it for almost 4 years now. Its the reason they started spying on Trump to begin with.

        Just a working theory that makes sense to me, anyone else?

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  27. volman13 says:

    The most important one-hour interview in the 21st century.


  28. romy911 says:

    Thank you Sundance for posting this excellent interview. Well worth an hour of my time. The Halper info was especially interesting.

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  29. yy4u says:

    Thanks to Sundance we all know just about everything — it’s putting it all together w/o frying someone’s brain that is the problem. Smith nailed it when he said many Americans just don’t want to believe this kind of thing (coup) can happen in America. Denial is a strong defense mechanism. People practice it all the time especially when symptoms suggest cancer…they tend to ignore the symptoms until its too late. This is a cancer on our country. Smith is right. If people are not punished, it bodes the end of the United States. My guess is Barr is trying to figure out how not to tear down the whole government by indicting the fewest number of people possible (to indict all those involved would probably show the government is too far gone to be saved).

    We are NOT a nation of laws anymore. We haven’t been since at least 1993 when the Clintons moved into the White House and proceeded to sic FBI on innocent government workers (Travelgate), keep raw FBI files on political opponents (Filegate), rip off the taxpayers in the S and L fiasco (Whitewater), lie under oath (both of them), etc., etc., etc.

    Obama cannot be held accountable. He is the first black president. That is a coat of mail protecting him. My guess is Brennan, Comey, McCabe are all using that protection to save themselves. Someone will have to take the fall. They’re setting up Clapper (dumbest of the lot) and maybe Strzok and Page.

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    • yy4u says:

      Forgot to point out the Clintons sicced the IRS on political opponents, too. Obama merely took up where they left off. But none of this could have been done had we had a REAL opposition party. The Republicans have been worse than useless. The Republicans give the Democrats cover. We have Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House ONLY because we had Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House. The Dems in 2018 could HONESTLY point out that the Repubs had the House, Senate and presidency and DID NOTHING about Health Care, infrastructure, borders etc. Ryan is okay with that because he’s back in DC and living the high life. Until Congress critters pay some penalty for enriching themselves by their office nothing is going to change


    • jeans2nd says:

      Second para in your first comment could not be more on point, especially when combined with your second comment.
      Thank you for saying it, and saying it so well.


  30. Smith on the Steele Dossier and the FBI: “The FBI, on behalf of the Clinton campaign, broke into the Trump campaign.”

    That is utter nonsense. It was at the behest of, and thus on behalf of, President Obama/Soetoro. Just as H. Clinton herself acted on behalf of Obama when she went along with his grotesque lie about Benghazi. Obama suborned everyone, including Hillary, because he was the new power for the Democrat party, alias the Insane Left of anti-American radicals and Muslims.

    “This is about Hillary Clinton”, Smith says. This sounds like a final defense, against anyone getting at Obama’s central role. Remember “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing…”

    Smith is full of it on this. He can’t be so stupid, having written such a sterling book of truth.
    I will wait to read his book, but I don’t trust the narrative he apparently wants to spin, leaving out Obama.

    I don’t like the interviewer’s manner either; he reminds me of Peter Vinckman (in “Ghostbusters”)


  31. I watched this last night…all of the Thought Leaders interviews are really good. I ordered Jim’s book from Amazon; price changing daily on it..I ordered it for $18, it was 17 the day before and $25 the week before!. I hope his writing skills are better than his speaking skills. He was finding it very hard to stay on topic and not bounce all over the place. I finally got what he was trying to say, based on already having an understanding per SD/this site. But overall, very good and I hope many who do not visit this site will listen to it.


  32. Mike Colbenson says:

    Been reading Plot to Destroy Trump, followed whole thing closely. Did not know what a scumbag company Fusion GPS and Simpson truly are. They helped Chavez and Murdro repeatedly by planting lies on protesters and destroy lives. Big ties ti Russia instrumental in covering about Lawyer beat to death in Russian prison.
    No White Collar Co. they are doing to Trump what they do world wide for Russian Criminals or all takers, plant evidence and lies. Mainstream media kills stories about GPS because they are personally afraid of Simpson.
    I am a retired Fed this book connects so many dots.


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