Lee Smith Discusses Impeachment and Connection to Ongoing Swamp Defense Efforts…

Lee Smith has a new book about “The Plot Against The President” that is selling like hot-cakes.  Today he appeared with Maria Bartiromo to discuss how the ongoing impeachment effort is actually just another step on the removal continuum.

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177 Responses to Lee Smith Discusses Impeachment and Connection to Ongoing Swamp Defense Efforts…

  1. Rynn69 says:

    It is NOT an impeachment inquiry. Nor is it a “cult” as Lee Smith stated. It is a slow-moving coup orchestrated by the Swamp against the American people. Every American must stand with President Donald Trump against this because it is a dangerous soft tyranny that has no place in a free country.

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    • The coup effort is the product of a cult, the cult of radical and anti-American “transformation” brought in by Obama/Soetoro in 2008. The coup is just one theatre of battle in what I have, since 2010, called “The War of The Insane Left”; another such theatre of operations is the “global warming/climate change” mass delusion hoax. Obama’s primary allegiance, as his actions as President and afterwards show, has been to the ideology of the Black Muslims; by the way, that, and his single-minded hiding of his true self and past from the public, explains his determined effort to distance himself from the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright (and his “Liberation Theology” rantings) in 2008.


      • YvonneMarie says:

        He won twice.
        A lot of Americans voted for him.
        True…the GOP didn’t offer much…
        They’ve been brainwashed for 80 years.


      • As a man thinkth says:

        Harry…Recently I have read that these coup zealots are mentally consumed by the similar mindset of that of a mass murderer…no sense of balance or reality much less Justice…We jokingly refer this mental state as Trump Derangement Syndrome…but it is much more serious conditiion than most realize…The full blown Antifa rage is the physical manifestation of this unchecked mental condition.


  2. spoogels says:

    By stepping down he allowed the plotters to keep on plotting and reval their whole plot

    “Sessions was put in place to Smoke out all the Deep State Tactics and used as a sacrifice to see how the Deep State was going to play their cards. Sessions took it on the chin in public opinion. Whereas Flynn actually fell on his sword. Both are patriots. ”


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  3. Honey Bees says:

    The swamp monsters are coming out in plan site even the Rebs. swamp monsters are showing there evil little heads…Soros is backing Warred , that is why they told all of America about Trump investigating Biden was to hurt Trump and Biden in one swoop…. Trump didn’t tell the American people the Dems.did


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