Troublesome – Key Republicans Unaware of Intent Behind Pelosi’s Thursday Impeachment Vote….

Very worrisome.  As we feared representative Doug Collins and representative Jim Jordan have no idea what Nancy Pelosi is doing on Thursday or why she is doing it. [Outlined Here] This level of naivete’ is why republicans always lose.

The House GOP and the Executive branch do not have skilled lawyers insightful enough to see behind the moves that Speaker Pelosi is making.  They are clueless. WATCH:


Jim Jordan was on Fox Morning:


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296 Responses to Troublesome – Key Republicans Unaware of Intent Behind Pelosi’s Thursday Impeachment Vote….

  1. youme says:

    Statement from the Press Secretary Re: Resolution
    Issued on: October 29, 2019

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  2. Phil aka Felipe says:

    “Troublesome – Key Republicans Unaware of Intent Behind Pelosi’s Thursday Impeachment Vote….This level of naivete’ is why republicans always lose.”

    Why should the Islamic Movement and the Marxist Movement use bombs and bullets when they have the Dems and emasculated Reps accomplishing their goals with more subtlety and effectiveness? – Civilization Jihad by our own hands.

    The Islamic Movement and the Marxists tell us what they plan. They are accomplishing their plan; but we don’t believe they are actually that evil.

    God has warned us. But, “hath God said?”

    “A prudent man sees the evil and hides himself, the naive proceed and pay the penalty.”

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  3. alliwantissometruth says:

    We’re spoiled here. We get the best information and insight, and it’s easy to forget so many people aren’t nearly as informed as we are

    Sundance is pretty much writing the script of this coup as more info filters in, putting all the pieces of this degenerate, whacked out puzzle in place. As you can imagine, it ain’t easy

    Any true patriot in a position of power needs to follow the TreeHouse, because Sundance does all the legwork and the thinking, leaving them to concentrate on using their power and influence in more constructive ways, like, I don’t know, maybe actually doing something to fight back

    The President and we the people don’t have many allies sitting in the seats of power, but there are a few, and they should spend their time getting the word out and getting competent lawyers and other movers and shakers involved in the good fight

    No need for them to spend valuable time trying to comprehend and figure things out for themselves. They’ve got help in the form of people like Sundance. Use the resource. Start fighting smart

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    • DebbieSemms says:

      Although Sundance does incredible research he is not always right. He is only human.

      The fact that you think Trump’s team doesn’t need to comprehend or figure things out because they have Sundance is in my opinion naive at best.

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      • alliwantissometruth says:

        I wasn’t referring to Trump’s team as in his lawyers and strategists, I was referring to the politicians who have the power to strike back. Republican politicians are the thrust of this piece

        Of course Sundance can be wrong at times. Sundance is quick to point out some thoughts are strictly opinion and conjecture, but so what?

        The body of work here is about the only site I’ve found that delves into the gist of the matter from all angles, and coming from someone I assume isn’t a part of the Washington insider club, I’d say Sundance has done one hell of a job here, better than any other I’ve seen

        Try understanding what I’m trying to convey before calling me naive

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  4. Harlan says:

    “Key Republicans unaware.”

    No sh!t, Sherlock. This IS the stupid party we’re talking about here.


  5. Roger Duroid says:

    It’s a nail biter, though, watching to see these sob’s try to encircle him like a python. I trust he will have some dramatic ending to this without it going to the farce of an oj “trial” in the senate.

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  6. John says:

    Just sent a comment in but can’t find it. I guess it wasn’t accepted. I was asking what will or should Trump supporters do if the democrats in the house pass this resolution that’s is not a resolution and then claim it to be the impeachment inquiry vote. I know someone will say that’s illegal, they can’t do that, but they don’t obey rules or laws. Does anyone think McConnell will do the right thing and reject it? I remember the Obama care vote that was deemed passed and numerous other lawless actions by these communist.

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    • cantcforest says:

      Trump is threatening Mitch’s Chinese income stream. Remember Elaine Chao.

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    • DebbieSemms says:

      I think McConnell will reject it since it’s close to election season. I also think an appeals court may rule the administration doesn’t have to cooperate which would nullify any obstruction case.

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      • shirley49 says:

        I think it was Rush that said the Senate would not go along with is since the $$$ going into the Republican coffers because of Trump is the most it has ever gotten in many many years. They need him because many of us stopped giving them a dime before Trump.


        • jonhabart says:

          President Trump’s re-election campaign has effectively merged with the RNC for the 2020 election, there will be no funny business as Brad Parscale and his staff will be working along side their hand picked RNC leadership team which is packed with Trump loyalists. Anyone seeking re-election in 2020 will need to support the President or be replaced by a MAGA candidate committed to President Trump and the future success of the country.


  7. The Devilbat says:

    Can someone please email these two idiots and provide them with a link to this post?

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  8. Baby El says:

    Just follow these simple rules…
    1 – Presume the democrats are up to no good
    2 – Figure out what they’re up to… Now you’ve discovered the ruse.
    3 – Eliminating 2, figure out what they’re up to… Now you’ve discovered the decoy
    4 – Eliminating 2 and 3, figure out what they’re up to. Now you’ve discovered true evil.

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  9. youme says:


  10. youme says:

    Impeachment Inquiry Procedures in the Committee on the Judiciary
    Pursuant to H. Res. 660


  11. Betty says:

    This level of naivete’ is why republicans always lose.- OMG !
    When I saw that press conference this morning with Liz Chaney taking the lead, all my warning bells went off in unison.
    Here is what I wrote then and I if anything this Naivete nonsense they are ringing again.

    5 hours ago

    Did any of you watch the press conference that started with Mary Cheney. Any time a Cheney tries to maneuver into a leadership position I say we must look to our defenses because something evil this way comes.

    Watch out for her, in that news conference she stood there and spewed the SSDD crap they have used to con us for as long as I can remember (11/22/63). Cheney condescended to all of us telling us we mustn’t behave as the Democrats do, we are better then that, Meaning: don’t fight back, it is so tacky just lay back and take it.

    The recent charging of the Star Chamber by loyal Republicans must have shaken the RINOs, so they called Cheney in to get control.

    Cheney told us the guy who spied on President Trump’s phone call is “not to be questioned because he is a decorated vet” same as we were not to question the frump with a hippo campus, “because she is a woman”.

    Mary Cheney appears to me to be inserting herself as the head of the “move along folks, nothing to see here” and “it is time for the nation to heal” enablers.

    Which tells me that the backstabbers are going to go along with impeachment.

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  12. Eaglemom says:

    Per Chad Pergram of Fox news: a DC federal appeals court is issuing a stay, blocking the release of the Mueller grand jury material to the House Judiciary Cmte, pending a DoJ appeal. Yes! At least that slows down their plans.

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  13. El Torito says:

    It’s been about the Senate since Trump was elected. House was always going to impeach.


  14. Mal Reynolds says:

    Truly “The Stupid Party”. Unbelievable!

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  15. Julian says:

    I would hope you would have a direct line to the offices of these gentlemen – at least to their Office Manager (?) to alert them when they’re having a blue or a mischaracterization of something.

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  16. gymcy81 says:

    ” if there was no injustice act,
    how can there be an occurrance of a credible obstruction of justice.”
    Ans. by having an unjust, judge(s). (current House majority, committee mis-leaders)

    Similar to Salem PA., eventually the culprits of the Salem witch hunts developed a strong case of “obstruction of (MIS)justice” upon themselves, the blamers. Justice arrived.
    (the 4 pinochio – per newspaper – AS mis-claim / blame of ‘obstruction of justice’ by the mis-accused looks like a culprit.
    Is tyrannical President Snow of hunger games AS behind the scenes, hero? free choice, for him.)

    Lord help everyone, it that unfair bias, jealousy, envy, fear (not virtues) ever, becomes a convoluted equal justice for all as part of the pursuit of happiness.

    And / or / maybe,
    there a few dems, or high paid attornie$ that missed the 5 minutes of school when the teachers taught the difference between;

    ‘ impeccable ‘
    in upholding the oath of office in solid, positive regards
    – which the current U.S. WH / Senate /some House leaders are…via promises made, and engaged in accomplishing many good deeds, and congrats to the voters for getting them in place.

    ‘ impeachable ‘
    in Not upholding the oath of office
    – which some a few prior U.S. leaders were, and some others have resigned before that time arrived.

    ( equally )
    ” prove all things,
    hold fast to that which is good. ” [ hint, impeccable is good ]
    Paul to Thessalonians 5:21

    Congrats to all for helping to make a better place.
    Keep up the good works.
    If it was easy, anybody could do it.

    President Trump and company develop positive news
    Others, seem to desire making negatives, not accomplishing equal legislations …

    James 2:22

    Love thy neighbors


  17. Schmitty says:

    I must say, If the Lord permits this to go all the way and Trump is impeached. Then it would truly seem that “Ichabod” is clearly written on America’s door posts as this would seem to signify that the glory of the Lord Amighty has departed… and won’t be back any time soon.

    Watch & Pray

    1 John 4:10

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  18. Where is it written in the constitution that the SCOTUS has to bs reactive and not proactive. They should stand for the rule of law and issue an injunction against this charade until a ruling can be handed down.

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  19. Doug Cowdrick says:

    There’s nothing to “Realize” here. Nothing will stop this Impeachment. They know it will lose in a Senate vote, this is nothing but a policy dispute, not a crime.

    Why do it then? They can’t use anything to do with “Russian Collusion”, or the Mueller Report and “Obstruction”. Then all the illegal, immoral and counter to agency procedures happened in that “Investigation” would be tried in front of the whole world in the Senate.

    The know Chief Justice Roberts won’t let in what is not charged. So they invented ‘Ukraine”. This is all to distract from Durham’s investigation and all the revelations that’ll come out.

    Between that, and cries of “Conspiracy Theory!”, and “It’s Political Revenge by that criminal AG Barr” they’ll distract from the whole saga. They have to cover the butts of the “True Believers” who tried to take out Trump for them.

    They will throw one or two people under the bus for this as sacrifices, and the “Deep State” folks are safe. The election looks bad for them, but they know as long as the keep all their people buried in the bureaucracy, they can sabotage and be ready to spring into action the minute the Administration changes.

    Unless a suicide bomber gets in the same room as the entire Democrat leadership and takes them all out, the Impeachment wil proceed. They have to coverup now, so this Ukraine Impeachment farce is the best way.


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