Good News / Bad News – Horowitz Report: Likely No Classified Appendix / Review Phase Has Not Started…

A letter from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz provides both good news and bad news.   The goods news is Horowitz letter says likely no need for a “classified version” which means AG Bill Barr likely declassifying a lot of it.

However, the bad news is on page #2 where Horowitz says the final draft assembly is still ongoing, and the “review phase” has not yet begun.  Which means the report is not likely to be made public before Thanksgiving.

Knowing how carefully the OIG chooses words when describing inter-agency discussions and contacts, a note of caution is also warranted for this part:

Instead of “redactions” and/or the need for a classified version (or appendix), the FBI process for a full release could also be requesting “removals”.

Lastly Horowitz notes the “review”, “accuracy” and “comment” period, which we customarily know as the “Principal Review Phase”, is not “anticipated to be lengthy”.  In general the principal review phase under Horowitz has been around two-to-three weeks.

During that phase the sections of the report that pertain to specific DOJ and FBI officials will be sent to them (w/ a required NDA) for review and their feedback.  The feedback may or may not be included in the final report as published.  If principal feedback is included, the IG will generally provide additional rebuttal evidence.

When the principals get their copies, despite the non-disclosure agreement, they will undoubtedly start leaking to their media allies and lawyers on their behalf will begin the process to undermine any damaging information within the report.

Based on today being October 24th, I wouldn’t look for the final report until after Thanksgiving.

Once the DOJ (Rosenstein and Mueller) made the 2018 intentional decision to cover-up the FISA leak by Senate Intelligence Committee Security Director, James Wolfe, they set themselves upon a path where truthful disclosures would be adverse to their interests.

Think about it….

Think about what would have happened in mid 2018 if the DOJ prosecuted James Wolfe for leaking the FISA application….  Think about what would have been revealed about the role of Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele…  Think about how damaging that would have been to Robert Mueller…  Think about all the ramifications four months prior to the mid-term election.

Remember, Rod Rosenstein authorized the second Scope Memo in August 2017 specifically so Weissmann & Mueller could investigate the claims within the ‘Dossier’.  Think about what would have happened to the institution of the DOJ if they had proceeded with the prosecution of James Wolfe for leaking the FISA application; and all of the connections around the Steele Dossier and the FISA application came into light.

Don’t just do a cursory thinking about it, really think carefully about it.

Think about what would have happened to the SSCI and Mark Warner, if James Wolfe had been prosecuted….  Think about all of the April ’17 through 2018 media reporting on the FISA application; the Jan/Feb ’18 media arguments about the Nunes memo…. Think about every narrative the media was selling about the Steele Dossier and then later the FISA application….. and then think about Wolfe’s prosecution proving the media has the actual FISA application in their hands when they were writing all those false stories about it…

The ramifications of prosecuting Wolfe would have collapsed the entire Russian Collusion-Conspiracy narrative; and destroyed the reputations of the SSCI, the Mueller investigation, the DOJ, the FBI and the media.

Now do you see why they covered it up?

Once the DOJ and FBI leadership made the 2018 decision to cover-up the Wolfe leak of the FISA application, they set themselves on a path of no retreat and no return.

People often ask me why I changed my perspective in July/August 2018 and dropped the outlook of optimism toward accountability.  Well, there ya’ go. I just explained why.

Put on your memory cap and think about the downstream ramifications for prosecuting James Wolfe.  What would have changed?…..  EVERYTHING.

Now, think about the downstream ramifications from covering-up the Wolfe leak of the FISA application.  Think about all the officials who have first-hand knowledge they covered it up…. Think about the political participants that know the DOJ covered it up… Think about the FBI officials who investigated Wolfe, and who know their institutional leadership made the decision to cover-up what they found….

So what exactly will this same DOJ and FBI do in 2019 with an IG report that is specifically focused on the Carter Page FISA application?

Think about it carefully, and please share your thoughts.

[Here’s The Background]

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278 Responses to Good News / Bad News – Horowitz Report: Likely No Classified Appendix / Review Phase Has Not Started…

  1. Payday says:

    Rose stein led a counter known intelligence hoax investigation. Now Barr heads a real criminal investigation, in my mind, this tips the scales in favor of justice coming. MAGA!

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  2. littleanniefannie says:

    Mark Warner—you might want to lawyer up—you’ve been caught


  3. islandpalmtrees says:

    Horowitz FISA Report expected out in about a week.


  4. saywhat64 says:

    Everything that happened after Wolfe was Pre Barr and Pre Barr-Durham. Barr’s got the power now and so far the little things he”s been telegraphing has been promising. I’m still believing Barr is going Scorched earth until he proves otherwise.

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  5. islandpalmtrees says:

    Horowitz FISA Report expected to contain few redactions, confirmed.

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  6. For Eyes says:

    The whole story is about intelligence tools, sources, and methods being mis-used.

    If the report is scrubbing all of that out so as to no have redactions, can there be anything left worth reading?

    I guess we will see. In some year.

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  7. islandpalmtrees says:

    Durham will have power to subpoena, file charges.


    • California Joe says:

      Durham wouldn’t need grand jury subpoenas to access any FBI, DOJ and CIA records including email accounts and text messages from any of the suspects. The rule is Durham provides a letter to the agency head requesting whatever records he needs. The request wouldn’t be refused.

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  8. Kevin O'Shea says:

    I always wonder about Rosie – white or black hat. I suspect he was overwhelmed but then got on the white hat train in order to save his ass.


  9. So what exactly will this same DOJ and FBI do in 2019 with an IG report that is specifically focused on the Carter Page FISA application? Think about it carefully, and please share your thoughts.

    Well, they would help construct a phony Impeachment Narrative and dole it slowly. Maybe frame Guiliani. They would leak helpful info to defendants and keep Lynch, the Clintons and Obama informed. Since Justice Roberts had to know about wiretapping the campaign–and since he sits on Impeachment in the Senate–they would try to get to him. And maybe another Vegas.


    • ps; The WeaselBlower Fraud was specifically constructed for this day that they all knew was coming. It was manufactured to specs to say President Trump was illegitimately using prosecutorial power on his opponents in Ukraine–and now in the Durham Probe as well.


  10. Sundance, I believe that the public perspectives on this have irrevocably changed since the Wolfe decision was made. I am also not nearly as sure as you seem to be that the consequences that you describe actually would have come to pass.

    Today, I think that both the American public and the law enforcement community fully realize that “(a) this is criminal, (b) this is all the way to the top, and therefore (c) this is very big.” As we see from today’s article about Durham’s criminal investigation, I think that this whole thing has shifted and expanded to go after very big fish. And, quite honestly, I think that this is the right approach to take. Don’t waste time going after people who lied on a FISA application: go after the people who put them up to it. And, so on.

    I flatly do not believe that the DOJ will cover anything up. Bill Barr did not have to return to the AG’s post – thus becoming only the second person in American history to have done so. He did it with a purpose. Ditto Mr. Durham, with his proven track record of busting government corruption.

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    • I had the rare (for me) experience of sitting down with one or two ordinary, employed “folks” yesterday, and one of them was trying to get people to tell jokes. Long story short, he told a political one, and the punch line was an earthy dismissal of ALL politicians. I don’t think he, or the other 2 or three around the table, was on the President’s side; I think he just didn’t like the whole “mess”. Kind of a reverse elitist, too wrapped up in his immediate life, to care about “the country”…

      So I am on the same side as Sundance in the present circumstances. It’s not so much about how many of us have woken up to the truth, it’s still a matter of how many have NOT…and how determined anyone in Washington is to uncovering all of that sewage eating at our foundations (it’s a ghastly sight, and you know, somebody’s going to have to clean it up once it’s revealed… who will bell the cat?)


  11. islandpalmtrees says:

    Will the Durham investigation put an end to the impeachment lead by Schiff?


  12. KnowSERENoFear says:

    Central governments have NEVER, and will NEVER, downsize/censure themselves without the governed putting a knife their throat.

    So it’s a test. WHEN they impeach President Trump (because he is incompatible with globalism and he WILL be reelected if not impeached), what will we do? Only two choices: we accept his impeachment or we don’t. The globalists must end our exceptionalism….our thriving economy, OR globalism fails. They probably see win/win. If we accept Trump’s impeachment, then they install the next globalist POTUS. If we don’t accept Trump’s impeachment and revolt, then we ruin our economy and China/EU economies can continue globalism.

    Andrew Jackson took on bankers and the National Bank and “they” tried to impeach him as well. However, at that time, State sovereignty was intake and there was no income tax for the federal government to gloat on. For many reasons, “they” failed.

    A strict return to the Constitution, AS WRITTEN, is all that will save us.

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  13. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    My guess is that there will still be some big redactions. Most probably in relation to the criminal Durham investigation.


  14. kittylenoir says:

    It’s all so complicated. If there is accountability and justice, will it be so complex that everyday Americans will understand what’s going on without getting really into the weeds, which of course will allow democrats and the media to claim all of it is part of a right-wing conspiracy.


  15. islandpalmtrees says:

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    • dallasdan says:

      If the report is properly sanitized by the FBI/DOJ, there will be no need for redactions. It’s pretty simple.


    • tozerbgood8315 says:

      The possibility of Hillary running is just click bait. I wish Sean Hannity would just give it up. Nobody wants her to run except Trump Supporters.


  16. islandpalmtrees says:

    Note: extract taken from larger article
    Caution –
    Federal investigators need only a “reasonable indication” that a crime has been committed to open an investigation, a much lower standard than the probable cause required to obtain search warrants. However, “there must be an objective, factual basis for initiating the investigation; a mere hunch is insufficient,” according to Justice Department guidelines.


  17. Doppler says:

    One consequence of the sweetheart deal/ cover up for Wolfe is more than a year of concerned citizens/Trump supporters obsessing over the loss of our Republic. With no apparent recourse, except to read and comment on blogs like this (actually, no other is this good, but a few others seek the truth), and contemplate, futilely, how it happened and how to make it right.

    Another consequence is that the Democrats are less likely to have retaken the House.

    Another consequence is that, perhaps, the MSM would not have been so united in its relentless Big Lie narrative.

    The only way this turns out well is that the “17”-predicted Big Ugly is delivered in spades, as large numbers of FBI DOF CIA and other agency resisters, Deep staters, plus current and former Congress persons, political operatives, media operatives, their funders, get arrested, perp walked, convicted, and imprisoned.

    The only way this turns out okay is if someone in a white hat has been overseeing everything, giving the perps more rope with which to hang themselves, and that mass hanging is now a bullet train going 100 mph. But look at the unaccounted for sins: U1, IRS targeting conservative orgs, while allowing the Clinton Foundation to do $2.5B in pay to play, CI Campbell gag-ordered to stay silent on U1, Fast & Furious, thousands of US citizens illegally surveillance by our government and their ridiculously overpaid contractors, Benghazi, false flag attacks in Syria and elsewhere. Etc., etc., etc.

    Trump says he’s a better counterpuncher, but sitting on all this corruption for this long is only redeemed by the biggest KO ever seen.

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    • Yes. I left out of my other longer comment on this thread: Declassification of everything should have been done long ago. That is what I think about “what could have been”, instead of what could have been if Wolfe had been properly prosecuted and etc. as Sundance brought out.


  18. I am hoping that both Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham have around-the-clock armed guards.
    I would wager that the orders are ready to go out to the Arkancide operative agents.

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  19. Troublemaker10 says:

    It’s beyond my understanding that a simple investigation into fisa abuse took almost as long as a the two year Mueller investigation into Russian interference and collusion with a campaign.

    It is even more of a mystery that declassifying it will take five times as long as declassifying the Mueller report.


  20. Troublemaker10 says:

    You are about to see a Dem/media smear on Barr and Durham (possibly Horowitz) unlike anything you have ever witnessed.

    Pray for truth to come out, and pray for the truth tellers (who ever they are).

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  21. kevin hanover says:

    Get a grip people, the amount of corruption is unfathomable, of course its gonna take some time to get this done right, the concern trolls need to go away just like the RINO’s, justice will be done TRUMP will make sure of it, have a little faith in President Trump

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  22. Retired IG says:

    I for one cannot think about Wolfe. Yet another long ago loser who gave top secret to his sex friend. In the future, he’ll have to settle for being a traitor by having to do with himself. If you catch my drift.
    And the IG report, I read somewhere that it is a thick as a former NYC telephone book. In that case, out for comment is a hoot for me. Am thinking that everyone will just say “I concur- no matter the consequences, just so I don’t have to read the damn thing.” Hence, no redactions or classification necessary. Just laughing out loud to think about it. Sorry, I crack myself up sometimes.

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  23. rebelinme2 says:

    I have faith in President Trump to root out the deep state. My concern is that the people investigating this will drag it out so long that when we finally get to the bottom of it, the statute of limitations will have run out and the criminals won’t be convicted of crimes they committed. I believe all the time the Mueller investigation, the dragging out of everything by congress, and the impeachment efforts have all been to obstruct justice being served until the statute of limitations has expired. I hope that doesn’t happen.


  24. Paprika says:

    I believe the biggest disappointment for me is contained in the 1st paragraph of the letter. I had hoped for a true investigation of overall FISA abuse, but that is not what this is. This is an extremely narrow focus about just the FISA applications “…relating to a certain US person”.

    Think about how narrow that is and how it eliminates the need to investigate any and all other FISA applications, general patterns and intent, and the underlying reasons/process/schemes for the application and 3 renewals in the first place within the context of an entire rotten system.

    Will it even mention or be correlated to all the other FISA abuse and the corruption of the whole FISA ball of wax?

    We’ve had numerous direct reports from judges over many years that this system is abused and many more anecdotal as well as 1st and 2nd hand reports of abuse. And yet, here we are with this narrowly defined focus to only look at just one case, relating to one “certain US person”. And was that one certain US person even examined or invited to come in and talk with the IG?

    Meanwhile, before, during, and after the time frame of the Page FISA application and the 3 renewals, 1,000’s of applications per year were and are still being submitted on a pace of about 3 each and every day. If the judges’ reports are correct, more than 2 out of 3 of those applications are illegal or improper at the least.

    “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help you.”


  25. FishtheDish says:

    “So what exactly will this same DOJ and FBI do in 2019 with an IG report that is specifically focused on the Carter Page FISA application?
    Think about it carefully, and please share your thoughts.”

    This is a tough one. While Sundance does point out DOJ/FBI behaviors that would indicate continued cover up, there are new players and some old players gone. Rosenstein gone is a big deal. What I don’t get is Christopher Wray. Too much odd behavior, obscuration, to not be noticed and still he lives on. Curious.
    It does feel to me like the momentum has swung in our favor – the truth will come out. Maybe we won’t get all the convictions we want/need – but I think that we will get some.
    It is strangely interesting that in the big picture the two things that Trump has done which are the most important is 1. exposing the existence of the deep state for all to see; and 2. Exposing the flagrant Fake News msm. We the people – now know.


  26. tozerbgood8315 says:

    Because when HorrorWitz says it won’t be lengthy, I’m pretty sure that means it will be lengthy.


  27. Craig Hill says:

    They know & understand that the black hats want to distract the masses, so If you give a CERTAIN TIME for this to drop. The MSM & THE DEEPSTATE WILL DROP ANOTHER STORY INTO THE USA MEDIA BLOODSTREAM to take up the Oxygen.

    So you must keep them on their heels & using their bullets. Example: they thought it was coming on Oct. 17th. What happened at 2:30 am that date? Elijah Cummins DOA. Just a coincidence? The next untimely death? Jimmy Carter sure has been around for a long time. Didn’t he just slip and fall this week? I hear he’s doing fine… What? He may have ANOTHER ACCIDENT? WHEN? Some time around IG REPORT DAY? STRIKE UP THE BAND!


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