Mitch McConnell Warns President Trump Not to Remove Troops from Syria, Or Else….

The back-story here is likely worse than the obvious.  In a tweet today Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announces his resolution warning President Trump not to remove troops from Syria or Afghanistan.  [Not coincidentally the two countries visited by Speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff last weekend.]


Of course the obvious, albeit unwritten “or else” part, is Senator McConnell threatening to join with with Senator Lindsey Graham and support President Trump’s impeachment.

We cannot say we were not warned [ SEE HERE ] it was obvious immediately after the Democrats won the House in 2018 that McConnell was breathing a sigh of relief.  [Also reminder, the SSCI doesn’t run an operation against the President and the Leader of the Senate not know about it…. just sayin’.]

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525 Responses to Mitch McConnell Warns President Trump Not to Remove Troops from Syria, Or Else….

  1. Nathan Hale says:

    Take heart, the battle has only begun!
    Romans 8:31
    What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who is against us?

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    • rich hahn says:

      But who will lead? Trump is out there with no organized support from the grassroots.


      • Deb says:

        Organizations are the opposite of grass roots.

        Grass roots means spontaneous and individualistic.

        Community organizers like Obama get the sheep to show up and protest.

        Deplorable think for themselves.

        But we do need to work hard to win. Call the Senate and let them know you see through their garbage.

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      • Yes, someone needs to pull together a core group of people to start organizing and acting in defense of our President. The other crucial factor is having a means of communication that we can use to get out the ideas, words, actions, thoughts….we don’t have any mainstream media, but there has to be a way to consolidate in some way “talking points” and decimating thing to Trump’s supporters. Of course, there is Brad Parscale …

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        • Somebody's Gramma says:

          Dear littleflower481, I respectfully disagree. Our movement is powerful, just as it is. They don’t even understand who we all are. We aren’t a single demographic located in a single place in a particular substrata of the population. We are the magnificent We the People from all walks of life. We vastly outnumber and outweigh the “blue blips” on the edges of our country. If we organized and put a label on ourselves, other than our beloved Deplorable label, they would be able to more effectively attack us, as a group and individually. No, it is better this way. Trump and Parscale, and Sundance, and others are doing a great job of communicating. “Word of mouth” has always been much more effective than any organized marketing scheme. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of private websites, blogs, emails, text messages, etc etc where we communicate, share, and encourage one another. It’s truly a distributed computing model wherein a weak link in one spot doesn’t bring down the whole network. In my humble opinion.

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          • Bugsdaddy says:

            Well said Gramma.
            We The People, need to stay in their faces. Let them know that we know. Let them know what we know. That scares them more than you or I can even imagine.


      • Phil Bacon says:

        The time to draw down forces in Syria and Afghanistan matured some time ago, so the President should have no difficulty with Sen. McConnell’s caution.


  2. Daniel says:

    Best counter: Hint at criminal indictment of someone connected with mcconnell. If he doesn’t get that spot across his bow then he’s actually more stupid than he looks. All that said, many are increasingly likely to fall on their swords before they let Trump won without a fight.

    I firmly believe we have been in the big ugly zone for a short while now since Trump and Giuliani have been making unprecedented noise. And it’s going to get far, far worse.

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    • tarheel69 says:

      Let me tell you what is really going to happen. Mitch McChonell is going to the White House to tell our very stable genius of a President, that my Republican colleagues have come to the conclusion that you Mr President have committed high crimes and misdemeanors , so if you leave quitely . I will see to it that you will not see no legal trouble.I will give you my word ,and you know Mr President know how honorable of a man I am.
      Our great President is going to pick up the phone and have everything , and I mean everything declassified, he’s going to hang up the phone ,and say ,by the way cocaine Mitch can I help you with anything else.
      Now there is one thing I know about our President he’s know quiter. President Trump has the goods on all these criminals.
      It’s just like Rush L. Said Friday . If our President felt like he did not have all this mess under control , that there was no way he could be so happy and self-confident you just can’t do what our President does .and not know for sure he’s got this ..
      The only place our President is going is where ever he damn well pleases.

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  3. Patience says:

    Is the “or else” a threat –as in–, blackmail or a type of quid pro quo?

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  4. omyword says:

    Now, the deep dreges of the swamp begins to surface. Its like hunting ‘gaters. They lie on the bottom hiding, lurking looking for that opportunity to strike and death roll. Just hang a rottin carcass on a limb with a hook in it. And its a ick shot between the eyes and its over. We hunted ‘gaters when I was a kid.

    This Syria business is the rotting carcass that brings them out. This is their trap. And… reveals to all who is doing what. There are pictures of McCain in Syria with the leaderof ISIS Bagdadi, also lets remember, Erdogan was buying oil from them through his son about the same time. The EU had refused to take back their people who were mebers of ISIS so t make it Trumps problem. This Syria move just stirred up the swamp. Bigly!

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    • cali says:

      @omyword: That’s only part of it!

      McCain met regularly with ISIS in their safehouses as he entered quietly via Turkey!
      With the USAID in tow labeled after Cindy’s ‘Smiles’ McCain delivered uranium to Syria for the deep state to built their nuke to be used later during a HRC admin and framing Putin and Assad attacking the US homeland via nuke attack.

      Guess who was the military/mercenary escort of the USAID hidden uranium? None other than Eric Prince who worked with our own military patriots and taking notes.

      What president Trump is doing is removing our military men to enable Turkey, Assad and Putin to mob up the remainder of the deep state and ISIS.
      It looks like cocaine Mitch got spooked since he is not so clean and his wife and her family shipping container company located in China may have something to do with it.

      McConnel is a compromised snake and like a weathervane goes whichever the wind blows that benefits him and his wife.

      The Kurds they are talking about are PKK who are indeed terrorists and deep state mercenaries.

      Always remember Syrian president Assad never requested or petitioned for any US troops nor did he approve their presence. Congress never voted to send them there either and Hussein did what he wanted to do. We practically invaded Syria. President Trump is correcting that misdeed leaving open only the deep state mercenary forces to be routed.

      After 19 years in Afghanistan its time for our men and women to return home. Let the deep state patrol their poppy fields. Enough of that misadventure.

      They can hold impeachment over the presidents head all they want but he will go nowhere. If anything we are reaching a boiling point where traitors and seditionists within getting their comeuppance.

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  5. islandpalmtrees says:

    Trying to come up with something useful in the defense or President Trump.

    Could it be time to visit the insurrection act?

    Now is the time for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and stop the lawless, treasonous left
    October 21, 2019 By Ethan Huff

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  6. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  7. Ausonius says:

    The Democratic Underground is an old-fashioned chatroom where DEMS share their delusions, conspiracy theories, and hates.

    Consider this scenario from them today:

    GOP 2020 ticket will be Romney/Haley

    Romney will lead the “coup” in the Senate.
    He will go to Trump in December along with Murkowski and a few others and tell Trump that there are the necessary 20 GOP Senate votes to join the Dems and remove him from office.
    Instead of being humiliatingly removed from office, he will broker a deal for a full pardon from President Pence and resign.

    The GOP’s 4 states that have already cancelled their GOP primaries will reinstate them.
    Romney will win their nomination easily.
    He then names Haley as his running mate.

    The Dems will counter with either Biden/Harris or Warren/(Booker or Castro) as our ticket.

    In November 2020, many MAGAts loyal to Trump will stay home angry at Romney & GOP.
    We will win 300 electoral votes and popular vote by 5 million.
    We will increase our House margin and reclaim the Senate.

    I have seen the future.
    If you’re smart, you will call your bookie today and bet the mortgage.”

    What say ye?

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  8. Everett Miller says:

    If there were any Republican Senators beyond 5 who support America rather than the Global Leviathan, who are Patriots who put America First instead of K Street and the CofC traitors, then, they would fire McConnell (whose immediate family takes millions in Communist Chinese Cash) and put Rand Paul in as Leader, and start to get -er done.

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  9. TheGoodDoctor says:

    I’m wondering if this all has to do with the pipeline that is it Qatar wants to build to Europe? Seems to be a bit much over less than 100 troops? Who has financial interests in this? Are there other shenanigans going on like rat lines? What is the big deal here?


  10. cedars rebellion says:

    If you check the last votes on the budget in both Houses that failed to include funding for the Wall, there were more than enough votes to override a Trump veto, especially in the Senate. Which means there are more than enough votes in the Senate to remove Trump. Go examine who voted aye on that bill and you’ll find who will likely vote with Pelosi.


  11. Deb says:

    Call Mitch and all the Senators.

    Let them know that if they expect our young people to die in Syria, they should have the courage to vote to send them to war.

    It’s the least they can do for our men and women in uniform.

    If not they need to shut up and start treating the problems of the American people with as much concern as they treat the Kurds. Do something about the border crisis, health care costs, the damage done to the first and second ammendment, pass the USMC.

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    • Kaco says:

      Not to mention the fact they want us to go to war defending the Kurds against TURKEY? A supposed NATO ally? What a joke! They need to support POTUS’ economic sanctions against Turkey, that’s what!

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    • foodog says:

      Turtle needs to pay attention to flyover country. I dont think most care about the Kurds, but they do care about their kids coming home in coffins, over some stupid spat between various subsets of the MoonGod that havent stopped beheading one another since the 7th Century.

      Trump is the first POTUS to try something different, and its working- starting with finally keeping the US promise on Jerusalem.

      Trump naming the defense-industrial complex as the enemy is more Main St vs Wall Street, and its resonating. Eisenhour and Truman were right.

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  12. Let me offer a different option. Maybe the internal polling on impeachment is horrendous and would be great for the GOP, so McConnell is toying with Nancy, daring her to impeach….I know it’s giving McConnell credit…just trying to find a different angle.

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  13. Sparky5253 says:

    Mitch should keep his mouth shut. Trump may just start investigating the McConnell’s connections to China. I’m sure Mitch is filthy corrupt and would not wish his dirty laundry exposed. Two can play that game!


    • foodog says:

      Yup. I think Xi is calling in his marker now. Elaine and family are under the gun.
      Whats a good turtle to do?


    • ms doodlebug says:

      None of the impeachment crazed democrats and RINOs want their dirty laundry exposed. That’s why they’re trying to find a way to get rid of PDJT.


    • GB Bari says:

      Before the 17A, state legislatures chose their senators. Since 30 states currently have Republican legislatures, and 2 states are split, but only 22 have Republican governors, we can speculate that the Senate would probably have 60 Republican senators and possibly 2 to 4 more than that.


  14. ezgoer says:

    If McConnell moves to convict Trump it will be the end of the GOP as a major party. Half the base will abandon the GOP and their Senate and House candidates will lose in droves in 2020. Including McConnell who will not be re-elected. And we all know Mitch wants to stay in his cozy office until he croaks. Trump and his surrogates just need to make sure traitor Mitch understands this.


    • Rynn69 says:

      The WHOLE BASE will abandon them – there are not enough GOP in the beltway to elect a crumb.

      If the GOP think we will vote for a Republican just to avoid a Democrat – THINK AGAIN. When you start with nothing, you end with nothing. The GOPe will be nothing.


  15. Raquel says:

    I believe PDJT has selected Elaine Chao, McConnell’s wife, as Transportation Secretary for a reason, as leverage, in case it is needed.

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  16. 6x47 says:

    Two things occur to me:

    First, he wars in Afghanistan and Syria are perfect little wars: They’re far away, horrendously expensive, but result in few casualties with absolutely no US vital interest at stake, and no plausible scenario for ending them or declaring victory. Money pits to enrich the cronies with virtually no risk or downside.

    Second, the unity of Congressional Republicans and Democrats opposing any change to the status quo in Syria and Afghanistan, coupled with the recent mysterious overseas trip of Pelosi and Schiff (Hatch Act ! HATCH ACT!) makes me think there is another frame up to represent anything President Trump does to wind down our involvement as corruption. At the very least Pelosi was undermining the President on foreign policy.


  17. Mike Carrasco says:

    Well we all need to face it, most if not all of the Senate on both sides of the aisle are compromised and or complicit making them full fledged members in the DS.
    In all honesty I can think of one, two, possibly three Senators who I feel are still on the up and up. Not to say that those two or three are always in lock step with POTUS, but you pretty much can believe that their stance is based on their principal beliefs not some nefarious backroom deal or worse yet another scam to enrich their masters and themselves at our expense. So with that clearly understood President Trump is supremely confident in the outcome. How can that be, how can the president be so confident in yhe outcome when there are so many swamp dwellers waiting to decide his fate. I see only one explanation for POTUS s confidence. That is he now holds the same comprising intel that was being used to leverage and control those same swamp dwellers, not the hard core members but all of those fringe players. More than enough to insure that it is impossible for those hard core DS members to ever gain enough votes to convict the president. So where does that leave thos hard core guys? Stuck in the middle without enough support to gain the conviction the secretly crave and few other options but to stay mostly in their lane and go along with the acquittal of POTUS.


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