Beware Senator Mitch McConnell…

Sometimes we must call the baby ugly.  CTH has followed and mapped how Mitch McConnell operates for over a decade.  Here’s the deal as we see it…

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has one major career alliance that has been unbroken and unchanged for well over two decades.  That alliance is with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and specifically with CoC President Tom Donohue.  [SEE HERE and SEE HERE].

Mitch McConnell is stealthily working against the efforts of President Donald Trump.  The effort is to support his primary Wall Street financial benefactor, Donohue. However, Mitch McConnell cannot directly be connected to underhanded efforts against President Trump because it would lead to: (A) questions about a confrontation; and (B) public exposure. [ex. think about how McConnell is blocking President Trump from recess appointments]

Mitch McConnell is up for election in 2020; in the exact same cycle as the reelection of President Trump.  If it became more obvious what McConnell is doing, there’s a strong, heck, guaranteed, likelihood Trump would be empowered to turn against McConnell.  Therefore Mitch McConnell has to be very careful about the visibility of how he undermines the President. Everything must have built in plausible deniability.

McConnell has a history of getting caught. However, fortunately for him people also have a tendency to forget [see McConnell’s scheme in the Mississippi 2014 Cochran race as an example].  Almost no-one remembers that U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, the founder of the Senate Conservative Fund, quit the Senate specifically because of the schemes and internal Machiavellian power moves of Mitch McConnell.

So when the carefully constructed, pre-planned, pre-scheduled, and pre-organized public op-ed by incoming Senator Mitt Romney was deployed in the Washington Post… for those who have watched McConnell work; we knew exactly who orchestrated it and why.

Senator Romney will be one (not the only) visible face of the opposition.  However, just like former Senator Corker and current Senator Sasse, the instructions (direct and indirect), and/or the approvals, will come from Leader McConnell’s office.

Through his power structure McConnell directly controls about 8 to 15 republican senators; we have called them “The Decepticons” for years. [Cornyn, Thune, Porter, Blunt, Portman, Burr, Barasso, Crapo, Murkowski, Gardner, Roberts, Sasse, Tillis, Graham and now Romney]

McConnell needed to test Romney’s commitment to the Decepticon club.  Romney passed the test.  Romney was rewarded with placement on the Senate Foreign Relations committee.  Those Senators who sit on this committee get the most financial benefit from foreign lobbying.  To understand the financial process think: Qatar & McCain Institute etc.

That’s what is going on internally…. and no, I doubt President Trump knows the scale of it; or maybe he does, and he has to pretend like he doesn’t to navigate his agenda… but somehow I doubt it.

To remind ourselves how Minority and Majority Senator McConnell took down the threat of the Tea Party revisit these old articles CNN Part I and CNN Part II  both showcase how McConnell works.   Then do some research on how McConnell worked with Haley Barbour in Mississippi [SEE HERE].

Yes, Democrats are the opponents.  However, the far more urgent MAGA enemy is Mitch McConnell.


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451 Responses to Beware Senator Mitch McConnell…

  1. Steve Herman says:

    Just a reminder of how McConnell chased Senator Jim Bunning (KY) out of the Senate. McConnell is a snake, as a Commonwealth voter I’ll vote for his primary opponent. But McConnell is the 800# gorilla in KY politics, which means I’ll have to vote for his Dem opponent also.
    Before everyone does the Commonwealth voter hate sh!t, in 2014 when McConnell was up for re-election, everyone on here said to vote GOP because it was more important to win the Senate than forced retirement of McConnell.

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  2. auntiefran413 says:

    Thanks, Sundance! You’ve confirmed my thought that McConnell is a leader in the Deep State!


  3. Rex says:

    It was Barzini all along..

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  4. Issy says:

    Yes, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is mcconnell’s piggy bank for donations to senate campaign’s he approves. I have never had any doubt he works against The President. I knew he would from the beginning because the senate is the heart of the swamp. Just look at the way he rushed to protect his fellow swamp creature jeff sessions when Trump should have fired him the day after he effectively recused himself from running the doj.

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  5. Duhders says:

    I think a lot of you might hate me for saying this, but give it a chance to marinate…

    I was reading up on Tulsi Gabbard and would love to see a Trump/Gabbard ticket for the simple releshing fact of the fear that would sweep through DC at the thought of anti-establishment conservatives and liberals joining forces. I can think of nothing else that would force them to show what they truly are faster.

    I know it won’t happen, but man would that be sweet.

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  6. RDB says:

    Yeah, I don’t really think McConnell is very stealthy. Its obvious he opposes Trump and that agenda. Look how little got done during 2016-2018 when -R’s controlled both the House and the Senate.


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