Rand Paul Stands The Gap – Senator Paul Blocks Senate vote on House Resolution Condemning Trump Syria Withdrawal….

Great job by Senator Rand Paul. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer attempted to bring the anti-Trump House resolution to the floor.  However, because the procedure for a single senator to bring vote to the Senate Chamber requires unanimous consent, the maneuver can also be blocked by a single senator.
Today, Rand Paul stood up and would not allow Chuck Schumer to advance a Senate vote on the House resolution condemning Trump.

(Washington DC) […] Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) tried to get consent Thursday to bring up the resolution, arguing that “we’re in real trouble.”
“The most important thing we can do right now is send President Trump a message that Congress, the vast majority of Democrats and Republicans, demand he reverse course,” Schumer said.
The resolution passed the House on Wednesday by a wide margin in 354-60 vote. All 60 votes against the resolution came from Republicans.

Under Senate rules any one senator can try to set up a vote on a bill. But because that requires unanimous consent, any one senator can block it.
Paul, a libertarian-leaning GOP senator, objected to Schumer’s request for a vote, arguing that he was trying to sidestep the Constitution.
“He should come to the floor and say that we are ready to declare war. We are ready to authorize force, and we are going to stick our troops in the middle of this messy, messy, five-sided civil war where we would be ostensibly opposed to the Turkish government that has made an incursion,” Paul argued. (read more)

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276 Responses to Rand Paul Stands The Gap – Senator Paul Blocks Senate vote on House Resolution Condemning Trump Syria Withdrawal….

  1. MTeresa says:

    Rand Paul makes me crazy sometimes. He can be unpredictable.
    But this time he came through! Woot Woot!

    • Senator Paul is NOT a team player. He does, however, stay true to his own beliefs.

      • Life Coach says:

        He’s on Team Constitution, as inconvenient as that can be at times.

        • Yes – I have to give him credit for that also.

        • cheryl says:

          So, are you saying that Trump’s emergency order was unConstitutional and that’s why Rand Paul vpted to override?

          • MNcarrypermitholder says:

            The Constitution places all funding authority in Congress. Congress has abdicated that duty by passing a series of laws giving the Executive Branch authority to spend government funding on things other than what the most recent spending bills specifically say the funds should be spent on.
            If you believe that those past laws are unconstitutional, what is the correct way to vote on this topic?
            I haven’t heard Rand’s reasoning on that vote, but I can see a plausible way for a reasonable person to get there.
            Personally, I don’t expect the Constitution to be any more revered in the future than it is now, so as long as an action is not __worse__ (constitutionally speaking) than the present dysfunction, I’m thrilled to see any and/or all funding diverted to protecting our borders (which is both an explicitly enumerated power and an implied power),

        • JunkerGeorg says:

          This is it. Upholding and being upheld by the Constitution. Everything and everyone, including Trump and MAGA, should take second place to that. I mean, this is in the very oath of office which Trump himself took. I get annoyed seeing a potential cult of personality favor Trump over the Constitution. That makes you no different than the Democrats. You vilify Rand when he opposes Trump, regardless of whether or not you consider what the Constitutional has to say on the matter. That is dangerous and just puerile. Now, you may disagree with Rand’s reading of the Constitution as it applies to the border wall funding (i.e., Congress alone holds the purse), but to simply deride him for not automatically supporting Trump on every matter regardless of what the Constitution may/may not have to say is scary. That mindset is partially to explain why much of the GOP base was so easily NeoConned for 30 years while principled men like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan were laughed at.

          • Raghn Crow says:

            I have this friend who has no liking for Abraham Lincoln, and this friend can list off from memory all the things Lincoln did that were unconstitutional per se, but which Lincoln did to save the Union and thus the Constitution. President Trump is in exactly the same sort of mess Lincoln was, only without the regional/sectional open war/open secession. It’s technically, I believe, called an “asymetrical war”. So I respect Rand Paul AND President Trump, and am rooting for a return to Constitutional rule for the U.S., and I support the President (as I would have Lincoln).

      • icanhasbailout says:

        Rand is very much a team player. If he’s not on your team, you should probably consider switching sides.
        He’s got his priorities in order: respecting and restoring the Constitution, and the Rule of Law established by it, is above all else. The legitimacy of policy is directly derived from adherence to this framework.

      • noswamp says:

        Paul IS VERY VERY VERY PREDICTABLE. Think about the Constitution when you ask for his vote.

    • icanhasbailout says:

      I find Rand to be at least 99% predictable, with that last percent being opportunistic stands like the filibuster that forced Eric Holder to say he would not use drones to kill Americans on US soil.

    • Jhn1 says:

      Shyster (and Sen Paul) has a really solid point here.
      Even if you accept the 90 day waiver inherent in the War Powers Act, it has been a whole whopping load longer than 90 days. We get out or Congress declares war on somebody (or somebodies) is what the actual Constitution requires.The AUMF is at best only used for getting Congress behind a war effort before actual war is declared but the aforementioned Pre-authorized-by-Congress War-Powers-Act-90-days is running. I am not sure, was the last actual declaration of war WWII or Korea? Authorization to Use Military Force should never have been allowed to replace an actual Declaration of War by Congress.
      Congress, while attacking PDJT for getting out of the Syrian mess made no effort to declare war on anyone but PDJT himself.

      • Dutchman says:

        I believe WW2, was the last constitutional war the U.S. fought.
        Korea was a U.N. ‘police action’, ostensibly. We went in with 5-6 other countries,…’allies’, who funnily enough haven’t been manning the Korean DMZ, since the,cessation of hostilities in Korea; just US.
        It was the first ‘sham war’, in which Congress shirked their responsibility.
        And then it just got easier and easier.

        • The Boss says:

          FYI – The Turks were in Korea with US in some areas, and they had an effective way of warding off attempts to infiltrate the outer defenses of their encampments. NoKos and/or Chicoms slithering in on their bellies would find the heads of their less fortunate colleagues on stakes, placed strategically on likely paths into the camps. The Turks slept well at night.

    • mopar2016 says:

      I just sent him an Email thanking him.

    • Magabear says:

      Takes your wins when you can get them. This is a pretty big win.

    • RJ says:

      Rand Paul is a trained dentist by profession. Think about it…every dentist knows the potential patient will come in when pain arrives in his.her mouth!

    • americalsgt says:

      Rand Paul has an evil twin who shows up periodically.

    • JunkerGeorg says:

      Oh, actually, like his father, Rand Paul is very predictable. He will vote according to what the Constitution dictates/allows, that is, as he reads/understands it. Again, he is perhaps the most principled man in the Senate in terms of trying to always stick with the Constitution even if it means going against his own party. Like his father, he sometimes does go against his own party and/or Trump. But it is never personal. It is always principle. Now, one may disagree with how he reads/understands the Constitution as it applies to such and such a matter, but I do believe he earnestly wishes to always uphold the Constitution. I love that about him even if I might disagree with him on a matter (about 10% of the time). I think he may be the ideal, most trust-worthy supporter Trump has in Senate, precisely because Rand will be Trump’s most vocal supporter on a Trump position/decision Rand thinks passes Constitutional mustard, and yet Rand is also willing to be one of the most vocal critics of Trump on a position/decision Rand thinks doesn’t pass Constitutional mustard. It is never personal. It is always Constitutional with Rand, that is, as he reads it.

      • Gary Thomson says:

        “…Rand thinks passes Constitutional mustard”. – I think you mean “muster”. Comes from the military meaning pass review. Not trying to be a jerk just thought you might want to know the actual idiom in case you didn’t.

        • JunkerGeorg says:

          Lol. Thank you. Given my BA in English Lit back in 1994, I should know better. So all these years I’ve said mustard. Ugg.

  2. TwoLaine says:

    Bravo Rand!

  3. Michael Kunz says:

    Interesting guy, but invariably honest!

    • bofh says:

      Except when he endorsed Mitch the Bitch in 2014?

      • elizabethross1776 says:

        The Turtle was the only candidate in the race at the time. You were expecting the Republican Junior Senator from Kentucky to endorse the Democrat instead?

  4. Robert Smith says:

    Thanks, Rand.
    You would think all congress critters would be in favor of withdrawing from an undeclared war…

    • AccountabilityPlease says:

      They don’t have the balls to declare war or authorize the use of military force because they would have to explain the justification to the American people: “Umm, we got nothing. Sorry.”

      • Robert Smith says:

        They don’t want to go on the record for many things. They’re almost all scum. Still looking for someone that will break the recess appointment logjam.

  5. Alex Pazzo says:

    Scalise should take notes

  6. Robert Smith says:

    In lieu of actual accomplishments for Nancy it will have to do.

  7. Thank you Senator Paul!!! You stood up for President Trump when it counts!! This Georgia girl will not forget that!!!

  8. The Red Pill says:

    Thank you Rand!!!

  9. This has been Rand Paul’s week. Meanwhile, there are a lot of House Republicans left holding their proverbial dicks in their hands who’ll be BEGGING, BEGGING POTUS to come and campaign for them next fall. Our President now has a list of “OH NO HOs,” and you can be damn sure he’ll be checking it twice before he agrees to back those who STUPIDLY failed to back him. Moreover, Trump-supporting VOTERS will have access to that same list, and will be telling their Reps to go fund themselves.

    • Tl Howard says:

      These GOP sharks feel emboldened by knowing there are those in the Senate waiting to pounce.

      • zorrorides says:

        It won’t be long now…
        President Trump will answer a question, it’s coming soon. Bye-bye Rinos.
        “What are you looking for from your Republicans, Mr President? All the Representatives and a third of the Senators are entering primary season soon.”
        “Well of course I want a unified Party, one that’s ready to finish the agenda the American people have given to me and I believe in the people’s agenda, by the way.”
        What do we want? First, Build The WALL Now. Second, Immigration Reform to benefit America. Then continue to Simplify and Reduce Taxes and Regulations. Build American and Buy American, bring our factories home, Raise Incomes. Trade and market agreements for the USA, not for China and the globalists. End the Endless Wars.
        Drain the SWAMP. Washington must live up to the laws they pass for us; if not, they’ll see the same fines and jail time we do.
        All over the country incumbents ignore and roadblock what Donald Trump is doing. Who are these no-name Republican challengers?
        “Vote for Me. I’m with Them – The People and Donald Trump !”

  10. theresanne says:

    Thanks for the laugh, those are great captions~

  11. wodiej says:

    Bravo RP! PT has it right when he says its not our fight.

  12. jeans2nd says:

    Rand Paul spoke with DCNF’s Stephanie Hamill about just this subject today
    “This is 10 times messier (than Iraq)” 6:24

  13. AccountabilityPlease says:

    I find myself agreeing with Rand Paul more and more.

  14. meow4me2 says:

    I hope you can tweet those. Let’s use the tactic of ridicule on these good for nothing politians.

  15. CNN_sucks says:

    Thank you Rand Paul for standing behind PDJT. If Congress wants war go ahead and vote. These malicious cowards does not want to be on record. PDJT is exposing them as fraud.

  16. suejeanne1 says:

    Thank you, Senator Paul!

  17. AnotherView says:

    Rand is and odd bird and ticks me off sometimes, but I admire him standing up for what he believes in. And one thing he has always been adamantly against is sending US troops to fight some other country’s war. Bravo.

    • ALEX says:

      He voted against the National Emergency declaration and while I disagree and believe the border is an emergency, I do understand his point and in his philosophy it is closer to this action.

  18. ALEX says:

    Bravo. After the Iraq war I couldn’t vote for the McCain-Romney interventionist foreign policy anymore and I fly my flag as proud as ever.
    I’m a Trump republican and an independent at heart. I find the Chamber of Commerce and neocon part of these republicans as repulsive as much of the left. Thanks Senator Paul.

  19. H.R. says:

    Rand Paul: ““He should come to the floor and say that we are ready to declare war. We are ready to authorize force, and we are going to stick our troops in the middle of this messy, messy, five-sided civil war […]”
    Exactly. Rand is calling them out on the fact that President Trump is removing our military from a region where they were never really authorized by Congress and the Senate to be in in the first place.
    In effect, “Declare war or shut up!”
    Woot! Woot! Rand Paul. Two scoops of ice cream and a cookie for you. Oh what the hey… and a slice of cake.

  20. stats_guy says:

    here’s the YT of Paul’s speech

    • ann says:

      Thank you to the sensible voters of Rand Paul’s district. ?

      • warrprin1 says:

        Rand Paul is a US Senator, which means that every voter in Kentucky was able to vote for or against him. This is the same voter pool which continues to re-elect Mitch McConnell.
        I am not casting aspersions on the good people of Kentucky, just pointing out that U.S. Senate candidates / senators represent the entire state; not districts within same.
        You may all cast aspersions on me. There was a time that I helped elect Pat Toomey as one of the two U.S. Senators from Pennsylvania. He is still crawling around, with Mitch, in the Senate Chamber, embarrassing us and being one of the GOPe a??wipes.
        Thank you, Senator Paul!

        • Redzone says:

          It’s OK to cast some aspersions at Kentucky folks. They have had ample time to rid our Senate of the plague that is McConnell. Quit pulling the lever because you recognize his name and put in a true PDJT supporter. This is a huge box on the list that needs to be checked.

        • ann says:

          If you read my comment as criticism, I wasn’t cleR.
          No room to cast stones, here, warprints,
          my Senator is patty murray. :).

  21. Bogeyfree says:

    We should take Rand’s verbiage and send it to the 129 republicans who voted to condemn PT with the words………
    This is what intestinal fortitude is, this is what integrity is, this is what standing strong is and this is what you should have done.
    The 62 Million who voted for PT will never forget your vote against our President and us.
    I guess you never really understood what MAGA was all about.

    • oldschool64 says:

      Oh, I think they know what MAGA is all too well.
      And their puppet masters are terrified!

    • warrprin1 says:

      The 129 in the House got it handed right back at them today, with VP Pence and Sec’y Pompeo’s success obtaining a cessation of hostilities agreement in Turkey. Take that, Wipes!
      And now we know whom we cannot trust on the GOP side of the House.

    • donna kovacevic says:

      The man I respected, not now, was at the rally tonight Ratcliffe. John has the nerve to be there after voting with the D, shame on him. I am so glad PDJT did mention about the 60 that stood with the President. I bet Ratcliffe wished he could have sunk under the chair he sat on.

  22. jello333 says:

    Despite occasionally wanting to punch him in the face, for the most part I like Rand. He sometimes shows real bouts of courage. I felt the same way about Daddy Paul… sometimes I REALLY liked the guy. (Oh God, here comes that ear-worm again… Baby Paul do do do do do do, Daddy Paul do do do do do do… :/ )

  23. Bert Darrell says:

    Now we know how many republican “representatives” sold themselves for 30 pieces of silver.
    Dems sold themselves for less, hatred is cheap.

  24. Maquis says:

    Well done.

  25. Hmmm,
    Well good for you Senator Paul on this one,
    Politicians are by nature corrupt cowards, with their wetted fingers perpetually raised to find the wind,
    Looks like Rand saved the Senate from making the same ridiculous, stupid mistake the House did,
    Shame, shame on every one of the Republicans in House and Senate who were ready to STAB our President in the back ONCE AGAIN
    Oh ye of little faith,
    And, once again, our VSPDJT, by assessing the situation instead of listening to craven advisors pulled off a STUNNING SUCCESS with no bloodshed and no lost limbs or eyes,
    Somehow, in God’s wisdom, he found for America a WARRIOR who weeps for those in need, and in war torn areas,
    AND who is OBVIOUSLY the Most Honest President we ever have had save George Washington, James Polk, Calvin Coolidge and Lincoln.
    Amazing the energy and insight this man has, simply AMAZING!

    • 56packardman says:

      … I would add Reagan to your list of the bare handful of honest Presidents. ?

      • railer says:

        Reagan unilaterally invaded Granada, which gave the go ahead for all neocon invasions to follow in the decades since. Now they do it as a matter of course, in Libya, in Syria and anywhere else they choose. The Clintons, Bushes and Obamas have simply swept aside the Constitution, with a poodle neocon Congress going along with it.

  26. YvonneMarie says:


  27. Walt says:

    Another caption:
    “He FARTED!”

  28. cthulhu says:

    Baby steps…..
    Now withhold unanimous consent from the Senate “remain in session” BS that keeps the POTUS from making recess appointments…..

  29. luke says:

    Wow when did the Democrats become so infatuated with foreign intervention? What a bunch of mixed up world of shook up fools…..haha ?

  30. luke says:

    Wow when did the Democrats become so infatuated with foreign intervention? What a bunch of mixed up world of shook up fools…..haha ?

  31. TreeperInTraining says:

    I Stand with Rand.
    Horrible presidential candidate…principled Senator. Too principled for some, but I dig it.

    • ann says:

      Rand Paul only seems like a singularity in Congress only because he is a responsible steward. A normal functional Congress would have a preponderance.
      Resist Congress sows toxic seeds, cultivates paranoid myths. They are individually unfit and the Legislative branch is no longer illegitimate, for when was the last time we were represented?
      Are we supposed to vest this Spectacle as our legitimate body, and respect its authority?
      For I see zero respect for us . their actions are game playing, gambling away our futures without any fear of personal risk.

  32. Bogeyfree says:

    So did Rand just happen beat all 53 Other Republicans Senators so no one else needed to speak or was he the ONLY one willing to speak up?
    If Rand was the only willing to step up then we have a HUGE problem in the Senate.
    Our RINO patch is much bigger than we originally thought!

    • livefreeordieguy says:

      Until further notice, I will maintain we have a HUGE problem, BF…

      • Yeah, “metoo”. It’s becoming glaringly obvious to even the most ill-informed and busy trying to survive and keep a family afloat these days.

      • CountryDoc says:

        Yes. Huge RINO patch in both the house and the Senate. The upside of Rands stand is that the senate didn’t vote to condemn POTUS Syria withdrawal. The down side is that they didn’t vote and reveal who the RINOs were like we now know in the House. Its not over, however — Rand is essentially saying — no we’re not going to let you get away with a mere condemnation. If you are going to condemn POTUS withdrawal, then you must vote to authorize the military action. It will be interesting to see what happens next

    • 56packardman says:

      “Our RINO patch is much bigger than we originally thought!”
      This is correct, sad to say – and as I wrote above in another comment, Mrs. McConnell REFUSES to enforce ANY party discipline. That’s why McVAIN got away with many of his stunts.

      • livefreeordieguy says:

        Mitch IS the problem 56P… I’ll give him some due on judicial appointments… But, other than that, he is not helping our president or our country… Like Paul Ryan in the House, Mitch needs to go…. Imagine what a House and Senate leadership that was truly aligned with the president could accomplish…

        • warrprin1 says:

          Mitch is the Senate Majority Leader of the GOPe #Resistance – at least he is the face of it. The real powers that be, behind, and controlling every move of the Senate GOPe #Resistance, keep themselves closeted away in Boardrooms and on gas guzzling private jets.

      • Dutchman says:

        Its NOT about ‘party discipline’, thats McConnells ruse.
        He has the same airtite and absolute control over his caucus as Schumer has over the,Dems.
        If McStain had been to sick to thumbs down Obamacare repeal, McConnell had several others,who would have cast the NO vote.
        When Murkowski or Susan Collins ‘breaks ranks’, its with McConnells blessing,…ALWAYS.
        By having squishy repubs like them, Romney, Flake,…he can put legislation up he knows WE want, and he and the Globalists DON’T want, and when its defeated, all of his,Senators can campaign that they ‘tried’.
        Its,a RUSE, a CON. DON’T fall for it.

        • ann says:

          Oh, Okay,
          Good catch, Dutch.

        • CountryDoc says:

          Dutch, that’s depressing, but likely true. Could it be that McConnell said to Rand Paul, “Hey Rand, if we Republican Senators have to vote on this, we will have reveal who the RINOs are. Why don’t you use your Libitarian stand to oppose this measure. It will make you look courageous, and keep us from having to expose our alignment to the military lobbyists like the house repubs did”
          I think there needs to be a vote forced in the senate.

          • Dutchman says:

            I think Rand is able to assert SOME independance from McConnell.
            However, his going along with blocking recess appointments (it only takes ONE Senator to vote to recess, and they are outa there) seems to fly in the face of his ‘adhere to the Constitution, which CLEARLY allows for recess appointments.
            Yes, forcing Senators to vote WOULD have exposed those who are undermining PDJT, which is why McConnell avoided a vote.
            Actually, detirmining who are Republicons are isn’t that complicated, but actions which openly expose them to the broader electorate, individually, like this vote would have done, is something McConnell is trying to avoid.
            I really think Scalise and some of the others were surprised by the responce to their vote.
            I think they saw it as “Pro-forma”, and ‘no big deal’; you can see it in the Dobbs interview.
            Scalise not only had no answer, he DIDN’T ANTICIPATE THE QUESTION, …..OR the vehemence of Dobbs questioning.
            Dobbs was basically saying “WTF is WRONG with you?”
            I HOPE this was a wake up call, to both Senate and House Repubs that the ‘go along to get along’, and ‘the electorate doesn’t pay attention to what we are DOING, just what we are SAYING’ is OVER.
            Its like the “no amnesty” pushback, some years ago, generated by talk radio.
            Every once in a while, if they stumble on an issue and position that causes a STRONG pushback from us, they DO get a glimpse of the pitchforks, and so back off.
            However, notice how Grahamnesty has CONTINUED to try to work Amnesty into every immigration negotiation since.
            In other words, they don’t truly change their position to align with us,…they just focus on ‘optics’, and try to figure out some underhanded way to accomplish the original goal.
            Be it “Ooops, we were outsmarted/outmanuvered by Dems, AGAIN!” Or the vote in the middle of the night, when no one is paying attention,…
            They are GLOBALISTS. They HAVE an AGENDA. They have NO, -0- intention of abandoning that agenda, or of truly representing OUR (Deplorables) interests.

  33. @ChicagoBri says:

    Senator Paul may sometimes vote against President Trump, but we can rest assured that he does it on principle, not for the money. He is the only R Senator of which that can be said.

  34. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Thank you Senator Paul. Watch your back. The swamp may send another attack your way.

  35. Tiffthis says:

    I like this move. Seems he learned something this week

    • botchedcasuality says:

      Ann, This is my upvote since WordPress does not ptovide me the ability. Thank you for your comment.

  36. 56packardman says:

    Part II of the vote on funding the wall is Mrs. McConnell REFUSES to enforce any party discipline to support the President. McConnell has NEVER enforced any party discipline in voting. To do so would usually be against the orders of his paymasters at the U.S. Chamber of Crony Capitalists. OTOH, the ‘Rats all turn on a dime and march in the same direction Soros wants them going. Mrs. McConnell is one of the principal poster children for Term Limits.

  37. frances says:

    Sundance, regarding their impeachment efforts, have you seen this?? https://rootsaction.org/trump-articles-of-impeachment
    Apparently they have come up with quite a number of issues to impeach him on, I was shocked by what I read on this site above, they have lost their collective minds.

    • Heika says:

      Just read that. Its all just made up, as if their ‘opinion’ is a reason! Truly lost their minds.

    • Revenant says:

      They better be careful about what Articles they draft.
      Trump doesn’t want to be impeached. But, if he is — and McConnell doesn’t get the charges dismissed outright — Trump is going to put on a defense.
      Think of it — everyone in the country — will be glued to the impeachment trial, which will become a venue for Trump to lay out his defense. There’s the potential for Trump to turn the thing into a gigantic campaign ad, lasting for weeks, which the media has to amplify.
      To say that Pelosi’s playing with fire here is a real understatement.

      • livefreeordieguy says:

        I love the vision, Rev… It could go SO right… But it could go wrong… So many duplicitous snakes in the equation… The risk of backstabbing and corruption is high… In a fair process, I would love our prospects… But…

        • Revenant says:

          I hear ya. Its a high-stakes situation. The Senate GOP are not trustworthy.
          If they convict Trump, its the end of the Republican party. The senators may hate it, but its true. McConnell won’t let it happen — not when he is up for re-election.
          If it moves to a trial, the Democrats will be looking to peel off 51+ votes, just so that they can say that a majority of the Senate wanted Trump removed. They may get a few GOP votes. But they won’t get a conviction.

      • Zorro says:

        The media doesn’t have to do Schiff. Haven’t we learned that yet?

        • Revenant says:

          They can’t avoid the Impeachment trial. They can try to spin it, but they can’t avoid it.
          To make things worse for them, the Democrat charges are flimsy and will fall apart upon scrutiny.

      • warrprin1 says:

        I’m hoping and praying that she’s going down with the ship.

      • Linda K. says:

        Hopefully, the Durham indictments will drop soon.

      • CountryDoc says:

        Revenant, you just made my day. And I suspect our VSG PDJT has that principled media campaign locked and loaded.

  38. annieoakley says:

    So happy that someone finally stood up to Schumer. Even “leader” McConnell is afraid of Chucky.

    • warrprin1 says:

      Nah, he’s not. Mitch and Chuckie are on the same team. The worst thing is that the Senate GOPe is demonstrating that they don’t give a rat’s a?? what we think, or what we may do to counteract them.
      When do we finally acknowledge that the runaway train of a bona fide Constitutional crisis is barreling full speed down the track?

  39. Heika says:

    George Bush… STFU you dirty war mongering liar – what a joke…Millions of people have died horrible deaths as a result of George Bush being born, millions.

    • JoeMeek says:

      Islam brings hope and comfort to millions of people in my country, and to more than a billion people worldwide. Ramadan is also an occasion to remember that Islam gave birth to a rich civilization of learning that has benefited mankind. Islam is a faith that brings comfort to people. It inspires them to lead lives based on honesty, and justice, and
      compassion. Islam is a faith that brings comfort to a billion people around the world. It’s a faith that has made brothers and sisters of every race. t’s a faith based upon love, not hate. Mohammad’s word has guided billions of believers across the centuries, and those believers built a culture of learning and literature and science. All the world continues to benefit from this faith and its achievements. The Islam that we know is a faith devoted to the worship of one God, as revealed through The Holy Qur’an. It teaches the value and the importance of charity, mercy, and peace.
      – George W. Bush !!!
      Bush used America’s own troops as disposable Lab Rats in his leftist All Cultures Are Equal And Want Freedom Just Like Us Sociology Experiment from Hell. And he continued it year after year after year after year, apparently utterly incapable of learning anything, ever. He is just lucky that Barack Insane-Hussein Obama came along or he, Bush, would be the worst American President in the nation’s history.

      • Matthew LeBlanc says:

        Damn him and the horse he rode in on for that abomination of a speech. What a total doofus.

      • jebg46 says:

        The 10s of thousands of our maimed warriors wounded in the endless wars is despicable because of the rules of engagement. Either we declare war and fight to win or we stay home.

      • dustycowpoke says:

        Joe you nailed it! And the 9/11 crap is his to own as well.

      • Nathan Hale says:

        It wasn’t about religion, it was all about oil, and protecting those globalist investments.
        Nothing has changed, it’s only worse. Money buying votes crosses party lines. Going after Biden only exposes how corrupt both sides are.

    • Another Trump win here. He isn’t just exposing “democrats”, he is exposing globalist tools of all kinds.
      Moar Winnamins please..

    • Dixie says:

      A quote from the article at gatewaypundit:
      But George never attacked Socialist President and the architect of current Middle East catastrophe Barack Obama. George Bush said he didn’t think it was a good idea to undermine a current president.
      Guess it’s only socialists and globalists who get a pass from George Bush.

  40. JoeMeek says:

    Like President Donald Trump, Senator Rand Paul sees America’s troops as fellow Americans, not as an endless supply of disposable lab rats for the depraved Endless Wars Cultists like Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Ben Shapiro, Marco Rubio, Bill Kristol and Max Boot.

    • Yep, and special Americans willing to risk life and limb for what they think is protecting our nation from foreign enemies.
      Many of them are fully woke at this point though, I’ve been fortunate to have quite a few in-depth conversations with some of them.
      They are woke and with us… BIGLY.

  41. Troublemaker10 says:

    Rand Paul pointed this out in one of his interviews. Turkey was planning military action against the Syria Kurds whether we had troops there or not.
    “The defense secretary recounted that Turkey, one of America’s NATO allies, was warned the move would greatly damage its relations with the U.S.
    Esper told reporters once Turkey made it clear the incursion was coming, he ordered American soldiers out of the area of conflict for their own safety.
    “I will not place American service members in the middle of a longstanding conflict between the Turks and the Kurds,” Esper said. “This is not why we are in Syria.”

  42. meadowlarkspring says:

    Yes he did. There was going to be an evil narrative if they got this through the Senate.
    Such as this…

  43. Zorro says:

    Smucky would put our sons and daughters in harm’s way to keep their coup going. Despicable.

  44. Julia Adams says:

    Thank you, Sen Paul. You done good. Now, keep it up.

  45. George 1 says:

    Glad to see Paul do the right thing here. The attached is an article by Retired COL. Tom Kratman concerning the supposedly angelic Kurds that Washington and CNN are so concerned about, if anyone is interested.

    • Dixie says:

      That article includes a descriptive excerpt about the Kurds which someone in the military who spent time with them wrote to clear up misconceptions Americans have about them. I would post it here due to the significance of it but it would take too much space. And easy read and well worth the effort.

  46. Drogers says:

    Senator Paul tics me off about once every two weeks.
    But say this for the good Senator – he always stands by his beliefs. Much to admire in a man like that.

  47. jus wundrin says:

    Like what others on this thread have eluded to, had not Paul done this, how many repubs would have voted for it?

  48. Sentient says:

    Kudos to Sen Paul! Today I sent a handwritten letter to Congressman Tom Emmer, care of the National Republican Campaign Committee (which he currently chairs). I told him that I’d voted for him for MN governor in 2010, but in light of House Republicans voting for their little resolution on Syria, I won’t be giving a penny to anything other than the president’s re-election campaign. I also told him to go to h*** and that he can f*** off while he’s on the way. Not particularly Christian of me, but what’s done is done. These bastards need to know where we stand, even if that means some intemperate language.

    • warrprin1 says:

      There is a world of difference between the use of salty language, and the use of cursing by taking the Lord’s name in vain. I believe the Lord appreciates the difference as well, and understands that there are times when only certain vocabulary can convey the message accurately.

  49. Guffman says:

    Real story here should not be Rand Paul stopping Schumer from bringing this grandstanding vote to the Senate floor, but where all the OTHER Republican senators were who should have ALL been lined up to stop seditious Schumer! Where the hell were they?

  50. Sentient says:

    By the way, ex-Senator Jim Talent has an article on National Review.com defending the president’s actions regarding Turkey and Syria. It being National Review, I expected all of the comments to be from warmongers taking issue with Talent. A few comments were such, but more of the comments defended the president. And the comments that supported the president had a lot more upvotes than did the comments from neocons. I hope the dumbass politicians take note of that.

  51. jrapdx says:

    Several comments above credit Sen. Paul with consistently sticking up for his principles which in some sense is true. However adhering to “principles” isn’t necessarily good or bad, it all depends on what they are and how and when they’re applied.
    We have seen a number of occasions arousing the ire of conservatives when Sen. Rand voted against the interests of President Trump and the MAGA agenda. Criticism of Rand centered around an opinion that he was clinging too rigidly to “libertarian principles” betraying the greater good of passing legislation at hand.
    It comes down to the nature of “principles”. We certainly see the destructiveness of leftist ideology. But what makes any other shade of ideology any less potentially harmful? Look closely at President Trump’s approach to contentious issues and it’s plainly obvious he’s a pragmatist concerned with solving vexing problems and not concerned with conforming decisions and actions to one or another theoretical model of how things should be come hell or high water.
    OTOH President Trump is a highly principled man. All evidence shows he is thoroughly imbued with a sense of ethics, and respect for the Constitution and laws of the land. While he’s willing to follow any of numerous paths to solutions it hasn’t been acceptable to him to operate unethically. IOW flexibility and pragmatism doesn’t require unprincipled conduct that’s been common among 99% of the political class in Washington DC.
    Based on examples raised in this discussion we might think Sen. Rand’s actions aren’t merely “principled” but reflect being too wedded to an ideology. The contrast with President Trump’s success and productivity without compromising ethical conduct casts doubt on the merit of casting votes for ideologues of any flavor.

    • CountryDoc says:

      Well said jrapdx, I think it boils down to faith in the constitution, and faith in the principles of God and wisdom of history that went into the framing of the constitution. Both POTUS and Rand Paul are principled warriors with a faith in the constitution and its principles.
      Who is being wiser (POTUS or Paul) is a matter of opinion.
      POTUS however is restraining his fighting to respect and preserve the structure of our nation as much in line with the constitution as he can. In doing so, he is more restricted than the lawless disrespecting democrats (but at least they are transparent), but he always has the consistency of Truth, wisdom, and the constitution to back him up.
      The RINOS and GOPe, however, are the real snakes. They are more hypocritical. They are wolves who pretend to be nationalist, patriotic sheep. Their deceptive deeds are more cleverly hidden, clothed with laws, rules, and economic smoke and mirrors. With respect to military spending and payoffs that come from abusing tax dollars to line their pockets, they beat the war drums of patriotism for false pretenses of war, while thinking nothing of the harm done to our warriors who, once ordered into battle, are duty bound to obey.
      “The safety of the people of America against dangers from foreign force depends not only on their forbearing to give just causes of war to other nations, but also on their placing and continuing themselves in such a situation as not to invite hostility or insult; for it need not be observed that there are pretended as well as just causes of war.” —John Jay (1787)

      • jrapdx says:

        Thanks for your excellent comment. The Jay quote is exactly on target, there’s no merit in provoking wars without clear cause. We know no real distance separates RINOs from Democrat Unipartisans, what purports to be difference is merely costuming and creative “positioning”. Traitors are the worst enemies, but President Trump has the ability to deal with them more than any living person has seen. With such leadership I’m confident we’ll prevail.

  52. TreeClimber says:

    I cannot help it, every time I see Rand Paul I think of Danny Kaye… terribly unfair to the good Senator, but there it is. Something about the hair, I think.

  53. Texian says:

    Congress is playing the American people like a fiddle..
    The reaction to the House vote put the senate in the hot seat..
    It turned into a hot potato and the senate decided to not go on record.. elections are coming up..
    So Ron Paul was the perfect one to pull this off and fool the American people..
    Hook.. Line.. and Sinker..

    • Linda K. says:

      It sometimes seems like the good congress people don’t have any critical thinking ability. They are worse than sheople, once they get to Washington. What do the polls say? What do the people think?
      Congress found out after their resolution vote, that the people are with Trump. I don’t think they play us like a fiddle, not anymore, not after all their failures…hard to ignore the IRS scandal, but they did.

      • oodeluph says:

        You are correct, for the most part.
        The Democrat run Congress is in glassy-eyed lock step but for a reason. They never intended to do anything they were elected to do. Their sole mission, from the outset, was to destroy President Trump root and branch. And they have long since dropped any pretense about it. They don’t care who or what else gets destroyed in the process; whether it be the truth, the people they are supposed to serve, the Constitution, our very system of government or even their own careers…in Congress, that is. They are now all but guaranteed lucrative employment in the very swamp they are desperately trying to preserve.
        They are doing everything and anything, however outlandish, to remove Trump and to suppress every one of us that had the temerity to vote for him. They are so crazed and desperate that they are chewing off their own political legs to get free of him.
        The Jackass Party has unleashed a scorched earth policy. If there is any justice, the only thing to go up in flames will be themselves in 2020.
        There isn’t a sane person in America that should vote Democrat, in any capacity, ever again.

        • Danimal28 says:

          I respectfully disagree… Their sole purpose is to forward the economic goals of their donors thereby enriching themselves. Both actions work against the interests of the rest of us and the American experiment.

          • sir4576 says:

            You’re both right. The reason they want to get rid of Trump so badly is the fact that he highly threatens their, and their donors, way of life.

            • I add a third element. A very very brave reporter has not let go of ‘Pizzagate’, the quickly dismissed issue during the 2016 that ties Hillary and the Clintons to Epstein and to Weinstein and the child sex trafficking. Apparently there is at least one video of Hillary doing something to a child that is so revolting that tears and vomit were the reactions of those who saw it.
              Lizcrokin. Her website is still on 2017 but you can find her on instagram more recently.
              I am awed that this woman is still alive, though blasted from here to Christendom as you might imagine. She points out the stark truth of at least two people who were JUST on the verge of formally testifying who died quite suddenly by ‘suicide’ and by a boat drowning (when nobody else died).
              It appears that the uniparty has been providing cover, profiting from and apparently indulging in the logical next progression of evil after you have sold your soul and clapped for the murder of children actually born – or having them born alive so that their organs can be ‘fresh’ and serviceable for ghoulish research.
              if you DO have a child live and they are conveniently vulnerable (like being used as pawns to be part of an instant family to cross the border over and over) , they are migrated to the next level of use as sex toys for the perverted.
              THIS, exposed, would be the one truly irreversible disclosure that would drain the swamp and likely tailspin us back to where the ‘sleeping giant’ could be demanding lynching.

          • Pale rider says:

            I would add that the democrats are there to usher in a new world order. That means our government must be so compromised that it cannot stand. With Hillary it would have been easy, now we are seeing plan ‘B’ which is obstruct, impeach, replace, either way they push forward and are destroying our constitution in process.
            Our president is right, they must be destroyed. They are not up there for our country or us, only for the world order agenda.
            I guess their motto is “it’s better to rule in hell than serve in heaven” what they purpose would and is destruction to our country.
            Which brings me to another thought: I’m very surprised the population hasn’t ‘picked up arms’ on this overthrow. 40 years ago maybe less I believe they would. People knew back then what great atrocities rulers were capable of. It was fresh in their minds and eyes and maybe people were just a little more uncivil.
            Trump not being in office would probably make a difference in that aspect of an uprising. And his being in office is not enough, we must have people prosecuted and removed. Labeled as traitors and exiled in some manner, immigration must be stopped and illegals must be removed or the damage will be done, democrats know this too.

            • This is absolutely true and the point I brought above, about their primitive and savage attitude toward the ‘non-elite’ (an example of people of zero character and integrity who are legends in their own minds, but when tried in the court of humanity are perverted nihilists, on par with history’s most notoriously demonic, sadistic and cold blooded psychopaths and homicidal maniacs – Mengeles and Marquis de Sade come to mind), ties into this rather than takes anything away from it.
              They use the term ‘compassion’ when they verbalize their plan to develop a small segment of the world’s population that meets their standards for extended survival, while chillingly shrugging about their complete lack of intent to do anything to rescue or support the 6.5 BILLION people who do not meet their standards.
              From the mouths of one of them directly said to me and I know I’ve said it before but you don’t forget that conversation when it’s with someone you once loved…and still do, but now in a pitying way as you see the rot of a soul and hope that they wake up before it’s too late.

            • redridge45 says:

              A generation has been indoctrinated by the school system; we’ve much to undo…

        • Dixie says:

          The operative word in that last sentence is “SANE”.
          Has there ever been a more appropriate name for the dems than “The party of Jackasses”?

        • Issy says:

          What about the republcans in the House that voted for the resolution? Were the votes recorded since it was non-binding? I have been looking for a list of republicans who voted against Trump and can only find articles.

      • Zippy says:

        “What do the polls say? What do the people think?”
        What do our globalist donors (owners) say?

      • Nathan Hale says:

        The toughest job our politicians ever have to do is chew a $200 steak at Charlie Palmer’s paid for by a pocket stuffing lobbyist.

    • ?Gunny66 says:

      Yep…..They chose Paul to cover for the entire Senate.
      They should have voted so we “know”?who the traitors are.
      I ain’t buying it. A condemnation vote?……Pfffft.

      • Pokey says:

        We cannot win any kind of election without at least dragging Republicans to the polls, some of them kicking and screaming, to vote. Trying to sort them out for public humiliation will not help us to destroy the Demcommie Party in 2020, even though that is what many of them will richly deserve at some point in the future. If we can fracture the Demcommies into 3-5 competing factions, with at least one decent size group demonstrating enough allegiance to our President to publicly oppose the Demcommies, we can attempt to sort out which of Repugs must go. The Commies have to be marginalized first, because they are the most committed to the outcome they want.
        Trying to push the Repugs over the cliff before we can get a hold of something to prevent our own fall would be foolhardy. PDJT is doing a masterful job of holding these losers at bay for as long as we need their support. Political reality is always a difficult thing to swallow at times, especially since we are trying to preserve a Constitutional Republic. If we just blow things up, we will be doomed to replace this mess with the only mess most of us already know.
        I hope that made sense and I apologize for circling around my point too much. I am old and not as interested in precision as I used to be.

        • Exactly. HOw many of the greatest triumphs of our military, humanitarian and saving the world, had us allies with people of more than questionable character.
          The Kurds are well paid and many if not post are self described communists AND on terrorist scale.
          We pulled out either 28 or 50 men – that is all, after a 30 day stint turned into a 10 year hell for them. A 10 YEAR stint among a battle that has been ongoing for the better part of 1000 years.

      • dr. D says:

        I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think Paul was chosen to cover for the Senate. Paul is pretty independent politically and isolationist militarily. He’s been consistent for years about getting out of this type of conflict.
        And though I don’t always agree with him, he’s not afraid to stand up to this kind of BS. Just the other day he publicly called out Lindsay pretty harshly (about being wrong on every ME policy..).

        • dr. D says:

          I think Paul did the right thing. Get that bullshit out of there.

        • Amy2 says:

          Senator Paul was only reiterating what he had already said in a Fox interview a few days prior. We should cut him some slack. He’s a free thinker. I think PDT respects that.

    • gvillewill says:

      Your so clever that you don’t even know the difference between Rand and Ron.

    • John-Y128 says:


    • jeff montanye says:

      insightful. thanks.

    • stella says:

      Since RAND Paul called for a declaration of war, your supposition doesn’t hold water. He’s right.

      • Linda K. says:

        I think Rand wants Congress to put up or shut up. It is past time for these “incursions” where we play war games with our soldiers and no politician is really held to account.In fairness, this is Rand Paul’s signature issue.

        • dd_sc says:

          And Tulsi Gabbard’s; but she is noticeably absent.
          Media blackout? Too busy campaigning?

        • De Oppresso Liber says:

          Rand Paul is an enigma to me…..sometimes his foreign policy is just as wrong-headed and convoluted as his father’s, sometimes he’s correct, other times he votes against the president, but in this instance is the only “republican” (spit) willing to stand up for the president.
          He is most definitely a difficult man to either understand, or accurately predict, how he will vote on a particular issue(s).

          • Rick says:

            He’s not an enigma. Rand Paul has consistently stood for federalism and the constitution. I disagree with his vote against the emergency funds for the wall, but he was acting on the same principles he’s always stood for, maintaining the balance of power among the 3 branches of Government.
            While Rand voted against defense funds for the wall because of his overly rigid view of the Constitution, I OTOH believe the diversion of funds is satisfied by it because of the immediate threat to our borders..
            He is no RINO, he is not beholden to special interests. So, I respect him for that. And no one adheres more strictly to constitutional principles, so in a sense he’s a good buffer to have against the plethora of constitutional deviants in Congress.

          • Libertarians ARE an enigma. On the one handed federalists, on the other isolationists to the point of narcissist indifference.
            They are the epitome of those who don’t get off the fence if it’s not safe to put your money and your life where your mouth is.
            All too often lots and lots of left leaning, but since Trump prior to his presidency had some of that in him I think he gets Rand.

    • sharon goodson says:

      Do you know me?
      I am James Biden, Joe’s brother. I have no experience i construction but was awarded a $1.5 Billion dollar contract to build houses in Iraq.

      • Well congratulations! Coming from SUCH an upstanding family I am sure they saw greatness in you that you yourself just hadn’t realized yet/sarc. 🙂

      • G. Alistar says:

        Hi James, IF ya get caught in this corruption scheme, I’m sure that Adam Schiff will talk to you about blaming any criminal or political embarrassment on President Trump.

    • fhb says:

      russian asset russian asset russian asset…….thrown around so much now …is it deflection from the real assets(s) ??? kinda like in the movie NO WAY OUT .
      trump an asset jill stein an asset tulsi gabbard an asset what about bernie sanders aoc billclinton john kerry john brennan obamams parents obammas mentor obammama hisself an ass I mena an asset

      • yep, add it to the racist, white supremacy and toxic male epithets hurled so frequently that it’s a dead giveaway of soulless fiends who have nothing but animus and lust (both carnal and political) to sustain them.

    • The Demon Slick says:

      (D)Schumer pushing war, (R) Paul killing the deal. You may be right. Still…. I’ll take that.

  54. WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.
    – Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, USMC-

  55. JunkerGeorg says:

    So if put in a position where you’re forced to choose between supporting President Trump and supporting the Constitution, you apparently would support President Trump. Got it.

  56. Seabee4Trump says:

    Thank You Rand Paul….if Congress wants to keep troops in Syria, then declare war and tell President Trump whose butt they want kicked….the Constitution does not give the Congress the power to use US troops as a human shield. That is all that the 28 troops were providing in Syria.

  57. noswamp says:

    Rand Paul made a brilliant statement that some on here noticed. He told Congress: if you want to go to war with Syria, get on the floor and make a declaration of war, and put your name on it for all to see. Stop the political attacks on the President which mean nothing, but stand for your “convictions” about what you SAY the President supposedly should have done, which was go to war.
    CRICKETS. (From the cowards that would have our sons and daughters die in Syria, but never have the guts to officially sanction it).
    Thank God we have a fighter as POTUS in our WH. We need him for these times.

    • farrier105 says:

      Another objection to military action against Turkey: We are “allies” (no treaty) with this Kurdish bunch in Syria to fight a common enemy–ISIS, and probably to overthrow Assad. We are NOT allies with those Kurds to protect them while they raid across the border into Syria. We are NOT obligated to protect them after the Turks have enough of their crap and try to hit back at them. Not when we have a treaty (NATO) that requires us to HELP the Turks against the Kurds.

      • TheOtherSean says:

        We are only obligated to help defend NATO allies attacked in Europe or North America. IIRC, this was because when NATO was formed nobody wanted to get forced into defending colonial holdings. And whether it applies to non-nation-state actors is open to question – the Brits didn’t invoke NATO to deal with the IRA, for example.

        • 4EDouglas says:

          Exactly. Also the Kurds are awash in communist sympathizers. The “Good” Kurds are in Iraq.

        • farrier105 says:

          Once upon a time there was only an Article 5 that limited NATO alliance response to Europe and North America, but there is now an Article 6 to cover the interests of Turkey and Greece, who joined later:
          The “out-of-area” debate
          This article is complemented by Article 6, which stipulates:
          Article 61
          “For the purpose of Article 5, an armed attack on one or more of the Parties is deemed to include an armed attack:
          on the territory of any of the Parties in Europe or North America, on the Algerian Departments of France 2, on the territory of Turkey or on the Islands under the jurisdiction of any of the Parties in the North Atlantic area north of the Tropic of Cancer;
          on the forces, vessels, or aircraft of any of the Parties, when in or over these territories or any other area in Europe in which occupation forces of any of the Parties were stationed on the date when the Treaty entered into force or the Mediterranean Sea or the North Atlantic area north of the Tropic of Cancer.”
          According to one of the drafters of the Treaty, Theodore C. Achilles, there was no doubt in anybody’s mind that NATO operations could also be conducted south of the Tropic of Cancer3. This was confirmed by NATO foreign ministers in Reykjavik in May 2002 in the context of the fight against terrorism: “To carry out the full range of its missions, NATO must be able to field forces that can move quickly to wherever they are needed, sustain operations over distance and time, and achieve their objectives”. (Extract from the Reykjavik communiqué).
          The principle of providing assistance
          With the invocation of Article 5, Allies can provide any form of assistance they deem necessary to respond to a situation. This is an individual obligation on each Ally and each Ally is responsible for determining what it deems necessary in the particular circumstances.
          This assistance is taken forward in concert with other Allies. It is not necessarily military and depends on the material resources of each country. It is therefore left to the judgment of each individual member country to determine how it will contribute. Each country will consult with the other members, bearing in mind that the ultimate aim is to “to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area”.
          At the drafting of Article 5 in the late 1940s, there was consensus on the principle of mutual assistance, but fundamental disagreement on the modalities of implementing this commitment. The European participants wanted to ensure that the United States would automatically come to their assistance should one of the signatories come under attack; the United States did not want to make such a pledge and obtained that this be reflected in the wording of Article 5.
          Article 6 has been modified by Article 2 of the Protocol to the North Atlantic Treaty on the Accession of Greece and Turkey.
          On January 16, 1963, the North Atlantic Council modified this Treaty in its decision C-R(63)2, point V, on the independence of the Algerian departments of France.
          Documents on Canadian External Relations, Vol. 15, Ch. IV.

          • Pokey says:

            Just as I have always thought, NATO is pure bullshit and has never been any use to the USA. Plus, a treaty like this seems unconstitutional to me. Only our Congress can declare war, not our so-called allies in their times of need.

    • And as was heavily pointed out yesterday there was ZERO outcry about the slaughter of thousands when Obama was handing out lives to be killed like raffle tickets.
      The kurds are not angels, they were well paid (better than our soldiers) to be allies against ISIS, but they have not only communist ties but terrorist ties. Turks HAVE suffered under some of their violence.

  58. Rynn69 says:

    Rand Paul, like him or not, is not a Senator that can be bought, corralled, or coerced into the lock-step wishes of lobbyists. He has been consistent on his views in the area of foreign policy. This was no great orchestration by Mitch.

    • Mike in a Truck says:

      Congress can declare war on the Lilliputians but only the Commander In Chief can send troops to war. So Chuck E.Cheese Schummer and those cowardly Republicans over in the House can saddle up and go fight if they want to.

      • NC Nana says:

        Mike in a Truck, in the case of President Donald J. Trump it gives me great peace that he is the only one who can send our children and grandchildren to war.
        As a supporter in Texas said last night: Honest Donald!

        • I loved his comment about how more ‘presidential’ involves being a ‘stiff’ (and then mimicking that) and not being able to be more presidential than Abraham Lincoln because of that hat of his. 🙂 He was on fire.
          Just thinking about what has happened to those who have supported him (especially the egregious red haired harlot judge’s treatment of Manafort and the horrendous SWAT raid on Roger Stone AND Barron Trump being TERRORIZED by Kathy Griffin’s severed head made to look like Trump) makes my blood nearly lava level boiling.

    • Joshua2415 says:

      Chip off the old block.

    • Chimpy says:

      Agreed, Rynn. Anyone who thinks that Rand Paul can be coerced into anyone hasn’t been paying attention to the entire body of work from this guy.

      • Chieftain says:

        Two candidates in 2016 campaigned in Iowa and said get rid of corn subsidies; Rand Paul was one. I do not always agree with him, and yes he sometimes does things for pure political reasons, but here he has been very consistent and often alone.

    • MelH says:

      Rand Paul is admirable for being maybe the only politician who thinks through a problem as if he favored all sides before he determines what’s RIGHT , according to the Constitution, which is what makes him consistent, as opposed to Lindsay Graham who often just considers the politically-correct (from his viewpoint)options, Constitution be damned.

  59. Aintree says:

    Sen Paul had a very good day today that Trump supporters will appreciate.
    Schumer failed to get “consent” to bring up the Resolution thanks to Sen Paul but as “The Hill” reported the Senate Resolution was sponsored by Sens. Bob Bob Menendez (Dem and pro Mueller letter writer to the Ukrainian gov’t) and Todd Young (R-Ind.)
    With the early ceasefire in the Turkey/Kurd/SDF etc conflict, GOP RINO Young looks like a fool and a back stabber of P Trump. Sen Paul saved the other GOP Senators from having to decide to support or not PT. A few like Romney might be disappointed they didn’t get another opportunity to oppose him like the House GOP did.

    • Flabbergasted says:

      Agreed Aintree. Senator Paul showed how the upper House is supposed to behave. The more mature, wise, and slow to act body. The House lurched, as by design, and got it wrong, and Senator Paul applied the brakes in an appropriate manner and, thankfully, in defense of our President. The thing you have to respect about Senator Paul is his consistency in his defense of the Constitution regardless of which side of the issue he ends up. Personally, I would like for him to revive his stance on the 4th amendment against the deep state’s incursion into the lives of US citizens – especially for political reasons.

    • Romney’s statement of this being a ‘bloodstain’ on America ought to make it into some future video of President Trump’s when he moves on from campaigning to nailing the traitorous uniparty.

  60. wightmanfarm says:

    Why doesn’t Trump call their bluff?
    “Ladies and Gentlemen, I have seen that the House is overwhelmingly in favor of a war with Turkey. I today am placing before Congress a bill to declare war on Turkey, due to overwhelming support from Congress.”
    If they don’t vote it through (and they won’t), they can STFU.
    THIS is WAR. Right here, right now.

    • farrier105 says:

      If they voted for war, or just passed a “war powers resolution,” and aimed it at Turkey–as pointed our yesterday–what becomes of all of our military personnel at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey? All of those Americans are still stuck INSIDE TURKEY. It’s incredible this has to be pointed out to these stupes in DC.

      • 4EDouglas says:

        That would mean we would have to go in and get them. We would win but under
        a Gallipoli like cloud….
        Turks unlike a lot of Islamic nations fight.

        • farrier105 says:

          When there was an attempted coup on Erdogan in 2016 (probably Obama’s regime change swan song) he blamed the Gulen Group that is headquartered in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and the United States. Power was cut to Incirlik Air Base, which went on generators until things calmed down, but it was one of the first things the Turks did which sent a clear signal to DC the jig was up. Don’t try anything else or you’ll have the world’s biggest hostage crisis if you do. Erdogan is still in charge of Turkey.

      • trump20162024 says:

        You mistakenly assume that the dhimmikkkrappers care about our armed service members and their families. The dhimmis only care about finding a way to impeach 45.

        • farrier105 says:

          The reason I posted the information is because it would take the Neocons by surprise. I don’t think they thought about Incirlik at all.

    • mainecoonman says:

      I understand your anger but don’t even think about it happening. US military lives would be lost because of a local conflict that, most likely, will not be resolved in our lifetimes.
      The Dems and RINO’s are so blinded by hate for the President that they would actually do that.

    • If you read the transcript of Rush from Yesterday he gives a very good explanation of it. I part it’s because if the bluff was called right now it could disappear into the media cauldron of news, but as we get closer to when more people, voters, have to be looking at the situation it will resonate far more strongly and enduringly.

  61. Sammy Hains says:

    You are woefully misguided.
    Democrats want to use any situation to condemn our President, especially when they can get the RINOcons to give them “bipartisan” cover so they can gleefully announce “even Republicans disapprove of this president.” But what they are denouncing is the President getting troops out of a war Congress never authorized.
    Senator Paul told the Democrats and neocons alike to put up or shut up. If they want war then they need to get on record declaring it and stop hiding. What he did is the exact opposite of what you claim.

  62. T2020 says:

    Excuse my French, but Schumer is a POS, which is proven by the sh**hole he and Cuomo created out of a beautiful, historic state. Thank you, Senator Paul.⭐️????

  63. Bigly says:

    Are we dumb? Obama’s redline(s) go ignored. Trumps very serious solution solving gets condemned.
    It’s disgusting. Like the entire system is built for mediocre representation.
    Thank god for Rand Paul , geeeeez.!

  64. railer says:

    Romney is a degenerate. I’m so glad I refused to vote for this creature. During the Vietnam War, he fled the country and hid out, in France I believe it was, and then returned after the coast was clear and had the nerve to demonstrate on campus AGAINST the anti-war movement. and in favor of the war.
    He’s doing it again today. Romney is amoral filth.

    • Pokey says:

      I’m sure you did, railer. I voted for Romney because I already knew Obama was a Communist. I did not like Romney, but I didn’t know he was in the hip pocket of the Global Cabal at the time. Romney was not the only incompetent nincompoop I have voted for in my life, but I hope to get at least two more tries to tip that scale more in my favor! 🙂

  65. ivanthenuc says:

    Yawn. Talk, talk, talk. We know that many of the GOP reps and senators are corrupt members of the liberal uniparty and have known that for a long, long time. So what. They don’t care anymore. They will never care until we consistently hold them accountable by kicking them out of office and having them leave with their tails between their legs.
    We, the conservative voters, need a way to track which of these people is against us and then we need to be organized enough to find and support a serious opponent in their primary.
    We have to be wary of splitter candidates put up by the GOP leadership – mcconnel is an expert at this.
    We have to be wary of the concern trolling about how we might get someone even worse – who cares? The idea is to get the traitor out as a message to the other traitors. If the replacment is bad, get that person out in the next election.
    The key idea is to keep these traitors from being reelected time and time again and screwing us over every time. A good place to start this time would be with all of the reps who signed this trash and any senators that have gone on record siding with the libs.

    • Julian says:

      Who are the Republican Primary opponents for the following RINOs in 2020?
      Cory Gardner (CO)???
      Ben Sasse (NE)???
      Mitch McConnell (KY)???
      Lindsey Graham (SC)???
      Susan Collins (ME)???
      Martha McSally (AZ)???
      Jim Risch (ID)???
      Wyoming Open Senate Seat???
      Kansas Open Senate Seat
      Tennessee Open Senate Seat
      It’s been known for few years these RINOs are up for election in 2020 so who are the MAGA Candidates Trump has endorsed?

      • Bogeyfree says:

        I believe [email protected] has put together a list.
        We really need a digital file that shows the 129 who voted to condemn PT where you can sort by state and it lists their MAGA opponent in 2020 if there is one.
        Think of it as a simple cheat sheet that could go viral to MAGA voters that they can pull up on their phones so we can all zero in on voting these anti-trumpets out in 2020.
        I’m no excel wizard but IMO tools like this help organize us so our actions can be more unified and impactful.
        Plus if these 129 know we are sending out this cheat sheet and their name is on it maybe they will think twice about voting against our President and the MAGA cause.

      • Darn. Is Murkowski safe?

      • Pokey says:

        As long as we know we have the power to keep the Demcommies from taking over the Senate in the process, It wouldn’t take many Demcommie breakthroughs to put a permanent end to Constitutional Conservative justices on the SCOTUS, among many other things. We could win a few battles and lose the war, this way.
        Politics is a blood sport, and who would prevent the third party candidates from popping up from the Tom Steyer gopher hole to spend millions to defeat our insurgent Republicans. We don’t have enough billionaires out there to overcome that scenario. Maybe we should primary the Demcommies we don’t like, instead.
        Every election issue exists because of yin and yang, not because of yin, yang and a third choice. The third choice is up to the legislature to figure out, if possible. Just throwing that out there, but I hope it sticks. 🙂

  66. Dixie says:

    An attention seeking uncontrolled emotional female making a fool of herself at a table full of puzzled men.
    Real impressive, Nancy.

  67. aProvider says:

    Rand Paul is all about Rand Paul. He’s a snake that will bite when you really need him. Not as bad as McCain—yet. So today he’s your hero. Just wait for the next Libertarian Act on the moral high ground ( which is BS). He’ll turn on Trump.

  68. Trumpeter says:

    Let’s not forget that every time the Senate recesses, Rand joins with every single senator in voting to deny President Trump the right to make recess appointments.
    Every Single Time!
    What an independent iconoclast.

    • AND against the wall. His views on illegals are mind blowing. This is where the narcissism of libertarians comes into play.
      Since Trump used to have some of Rand’s opinions before the witch hunt knocked some sense into him, I think he has a soft spot for Rand.

  69. Kristin DeBacco says:

    Yes Senator Rand Paul, it is lonely at the top. But you have the gratitude of the American people. Especially the families who wear the uniforms.
    Thank you!

  70. bentley1blog says:


  71. The system is entirely broken. Rand Paul’s “stand” is political propaganda, allowing Congress critters to pretend the system is working, with checks and balances and all. It should not be good enough for those with the proper “cold anger” (remember that, sports fans? How easily you forget.)

  72. Sherri Young says:

    Mitt’s 2007 position on the same stretch of the Syria/Turkey border.

    • tozerbgood8315 says:

      2 faced Flake McCain

      • I defy anybody to look at Romney’s eyes now – compared to when he did such a beautiful job overseeing the Olympics in Utah (a level at which he ought to have stayed, except of course the Olympics are now moving towards as much political and transgender lunacy as the Academy awards) – and not see the same darkness that you can catch in stills of Obama when he is in meetings with his fellow terrorists (and yes I DO call Obama a top grade terrorist, along with most of the uniparty) and globalists (same same here).
        Same thing if you look at Romney when he was at the RNC election for W’s second term vs now.
        They have been gotten to…not a surprise given the no holds barred permission to invade every level of our privacy; and the non-existence of any depths to which these jaded and depraved sink as they do their deals and compromises with the filthiest and most degenerate to secure their positions of power with no accountability to the citizens

        • Correction: I was referring to RYAN at the RNC election for W’s second term. That speech that he gave and his mother there…he is simply not that good an actor and what is more he visibly had passion, whereas now you could think he’d just had an enema.

  73. Luke of the D says:

    The last American patriot in Washington, DC, is President Trump. As others have pointed out, every single Democrat is insane and purely motivated by hatred of America, and every Republican in the House and Senate is a corrupt coward (Rand included). I do not trust a single person in the House or Senate any longer. And I am no longer confident that America will survive past 2020. President Trump stands alone, with everyone -Democrats, Republicans, unelected deep-state traitors, MSM propagandists, academic idiots, hollyweird hypocrites- standing in opposition. Even if President Trump wins in 2020, what about the House and Senate? Republicans are doing EVERYTHING they can to LOSE both chambers! The Deep State is becoming more bold! The Democrats have fully embraced COMMUNISM and FACISM and are beginning to resort in outright TERRORISM! Even if President Trump wins in 2020, who will stand for the normal Americans who simply want to live and be happy? We have lost the media. We have lost entertainment (hollyweird, NFL, NBA, for God’s sake even Nascar is slipping!). We have lost social media. We have lost academia. We have lost lower levels of education. We have lost control of the borders. We have lost control of what it means to be a citizen. We have lost the courts. We have one champion, President Trump, and he stands alone. I hate to be wholly negative, by my God we face enemies everywhere! And the future of freedom and prosperity is not looking bright. Prove me wrong, please.

  74. Mike Robinson says:

    Military industrialists don’t want to declare war, because that would require the House to re-authorize spending every two years. They want undeclared, vaporous fighting that never, ever end$.

    • …and of course under cover of war they can farm out weapons and sneak in enemies and smuggle in vulnerable children and women for sex trafficking…because these criminals pay our elected traitors really really well

  75. tozerbgood8315 says:

    Not a Libertarian, and I don’t often agree with Sen. Paul, but this time I do.

  76. yy4u says:

    I might not always agree with Rand Paul on everything, but he is consistent to his Libertarian views. I can deal with a politician who is what he claims to be. It’s those who claim to be A and turn out to be B (Ryan, Romney, mcCain — all those who run as conservatives and are anything but). For that matter, I respect Pelosi Galore and Schmuck Chumer more than Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan. At least Pelosi and Chumer are TRUE to the people who sent them to DC. They’re elected by left wing moonbats so they promote leftwing moonbattery. “Our” politicians run as conservatives and then get to DC and run like left wing moonbats.

  77. Fools Gold says:

    Perhaps my letter to McConnell and Blackburn influenced some R’s regarding elections brought Rand out. It was really very easy for Rand to step forward with no elections consequences providing cover for the rats in the senate. But we all know Trump Win is key for their jobs like those reps who showed their true colors and are now ripe for the picking in primaries.

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