Rep. Jim Jordan Discusses the Process of “Impeachment by Anonymous Complaint”…

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan appears on Fox News this morning to discuss the current democrat plan to impeach President Trump via an anonymous complaint.   It seems ridiculous the democrats would advance such a proposition, yet here we are.

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35 Responses to Rep. Jim Jordan Discusses the Process of “Impeachment by Anonymous Complaint”…

  1. He’d make a good VP.

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    • Caius Lowell says:

      He’s doing God’s work, which has to be frustrating…

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      • GB Bari says:

        You can hear the frustration in his voice and slightly in his facial expressions as he describes the crimes he knows about but that have not been prosecuted.

        He speaks so fast about the incidents, the facts surrounding the incidents, and other related information that you can tell he has reviewed it many, many, many times.

        That he is still hanging in there speaks a lot about his perseverance and character; the people in his district in Ohio are very fortunate. My Rep is just another Swampunist.

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    • gnome says:

      Or a good President in 2024. Tucker probably needs to spend a period as VP before taking the top job.

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  2. I love Jim Jordan! Hes a true patriot and fights hard!

    On a side note, does anyone know how tall he is? Yesterday when he was talking with the group who were yelling about Schiff, he was the shortest one there!😎 Just wondering….

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  3. Fishelsea says:

    Would be a great potus. Genuinely a good man. Jordan, nunes 2024. Although trump should get 4 more to make up for the raping of america.

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  4. Shyster says:

    Not any more ridiculous than a FISA warrant granted and then extended 3 times with no verified evidence in it other than the players names, or a special counsel being appointed based on an unverified dossier and the head of the executive branch firing of an inferior officer. Ridiculous, please, this is just another day in our nation’s capitol and par for the corrupt swamp.

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  5. montanamel says:

    When Rudy gets done cobbling up his court cases vs the Dem’s et al….calling out “interference with a Govt official (PDJT) in the performance of his official duties” there will be firm grounds for demanding a “replacement term” via the court ordered findings….ie: “repeat the 1st term without the illegal interference”….
    Buggy whip them all, down Penn Ave and into the river… shot any that try to crawl out.

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  6. I just donated to Jordan’s re-election campaign; I want to donate to Nunes’ also.

    One comment on Durham: he sure keeps a tight ship. No leaks at all. Probably he is hiring investigators from outside DC.

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  7. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    I just received a survey from my congresscritter Anna Eschoo.

    Do you support impeachment proceedings against President?

    Yes or no?

    I checked no on survey and wrote back that they should bring it on! POTUS wants you to. Discovery baby. Bidens’ are guilty and bragged on video at CFR!

    They are losing their marbles! I’ve never received a survey from her, just emails with blah, blah, diversity, blah bs……

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    • Learning Hand says:

      I am willing to bet these polls are used to gauge how much rhetoric they need to spew. Information is precious and expensive. I ignore and refuse to communicate with Democrats such that they are left in the dark.

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  8. willthesuevi says:

    Did you see Representative Jordan light up when he was asked about Mueller’s truthfulness? He could have lit up a room.

    Wonder if Rep. Jordan has studied at the CTH? He sounded very prepared. Glad to see this confidence!

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  9. JoeMeek says:

    Hearsay ‘evidence’ is the stuff of lynch mobs, so the Democrats have returned to their KKK like days.

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  10. Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired says:

    Nancy, Adam, and Gang: Suggest all you guys need to go out and get Donald a big fruit basket,a country ham, anything…. you think the President may like enough to at least let you guys form up in the parking lot at the White House and render your apologies. His letter telling each of you to “Sod Off” has done more than you know. For your information, one again the President has saved your behinds (well, not your actual behinds,Adam [know how you will blow any little remark out of sight]). But, once again the President’s actions are the only reason an army of veterans have not ascended on DC and started the process of cleaning the swamp. Our very first action was to be sorting through all elected members of Congress. Those found complicit in any manner in the impeachment fiasco (to include those hiding under their desks) were to be loaded on buses and sent to California with instructions providing that if they ever leave the state it had best be on a sailboat (must consider climate change/global warming you know) bound for China. Have a nice day. Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

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  11. Carrie says:

    I don’t know who that female reporter is on Fox (it’s been a long time since I watched) but it looked like her and Bill Hemmer had been sucking lemons all day 🤣🤣🤣 Someone was very sorry to report all of these dubious activities surrounding the Democrats!

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  12. 2013gti says:

    So the Dimtards still plan on going down this road? I knew yesterday’s WH Counsel letter would fall
    on deaf criminal ears.

    I say we hang them all now, and have the trials post mortem.


  13. Ackman419 says:

    IG FISA telephone book >>> Barr/Durham indictments >>> impeachment vote >>> 2020 election
    I might have the indictments and impeachment vote switched around.


  14. Heika says:

    Oh Ho Jo! $900,000 is a lot of money…. the poo is getting deeper. Keep it up Demwits. Kind of reminds me of struggling in quicksand. The more they wriggle the worse it gets

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  15. Edm says:

    An idea..Republicans in the house should state publicly that they will vote for an impeachment inquiry only so that the Republican minority and Trump will have a voice! Or else, Dems will drag this thru 2020. This will force Pelosi and Dems either to vote no which effectively shuts down bogus investigation or yes and allow Republicans and Trump to fight back. Other than conservative websites and conservative cable news which a lot of people do not watch, everything in MSM is anti Trump.


  16. Here is the thing. They may have an army of lawyers but they still are working with a pile of crap. The Constitution is the ruling document. Those who stand on it will not fall. Dems have no answer for the Due Process Clause. It’s the Achilles heel of their bogus case against the President.

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  17. steph_gray says:

    Impeachment by anonymous complaint – but only after they failed their attempted ouster from office by fictitious accusation.

    If any of the deep state swampster coupsters dares to say again, “No one is above the law,” we need signs and teeshirts showing PDJT’s picture emblazoned “No one is BELOW the law either!”

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  18. It is long past time that this can be settled amicably, or politically. That’s all; you fill in the rest.


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