Multiple Reports: Trey Gowdy Joins Trump Legal Team – Impeachment Defense…

The initial reports came last night indicating that former South Carolina republican congressman Trey Gowdy has joined President Trump’s legal team. Reporting today confirms that Trey Gowdy is no longer a Fox News contributor.

Specifically it appears Mr. Gowdy has joined the team as a proactive measure before a House impeachment vote which then leads to a trial in the Senate.

Given Gowdy’s specific legal skillset, and considering he is well known amid Senate chambers, I would surmise Gowdy would be the primary defense orator during a senate trial.

In that regard this is a good pick.

We do not yet know who House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will select to be the House “Impeachment Managers”, for all intents and purposes the House impeachment prosecutors.  However, given recent court positioning it seems possible Lawfare member Douglas Letter -current House counsel- will be one of the two impeachment managers.

Mr. Gowdy has a rather mixed past in the political sphere. Heck, to be direct, his history of purple ties and political fence-positioning has been more than a little annoying. However, the 55-year-old former prosecutor is a strong litigator known for skilled oration and quick thinking in verbal arguments.

A smart chap with a disarming southern drawl is an asset in court. Considering the public spectacle of a Senate trial, this strength outweighs his prior shortcomings.

Additionally, another benefit to Trey Gowdy is there’s no need to bring him up-to-speed on the central issues. Mr. Gowdy was one of two House members who has reviewed every bit of classified documentary evidence gathered during the republican congressional investigations of the DOJ and FBI conduct.

House member John Ratcliffe and former member Trey Gowdy were selected by their colleagues to represent their interests. As a result Gowdy has seen all of the classified intelligence that lay behind all of the known events; and as a consequence all security clearances are pre-established. That could become an important benefit considering where this ridiculous impeachment path is heading.

CTH would not expect to see too much of Mr. Gowdy as the House impeachment battle continues.  In the background Gowdy will likely be absorbing information, reviewing every document, process and witness, along with helping coordinate the aggregate defense strategy.

My hunch is Gowdy’s profile strength will be saved in the event a Senate trial becomes a reality.


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235 Responses to Multiple Reports: Trey Gowdy Joins Trump Legal Team – Impeachment Defense…

  1. Big Jake says:

    So these idiot Dims are really going through with this?

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    • jello333 says:

      The Dems/conspirators KNOW that if it reaches the Senate, all bets are off. The witnesses called by the Trump Team, as well as the cross-examination of the other side, will not only exonerate Trump, but will absolutely destroy his enemies. And most likely would bring about a bunch of indictments once it all comes out. Therefore, I don’t believe this will get that far. Here’s my prediction:

      The House Dems will keep on with what they’re doing until they think they’ve reached the point of diminishing returns. And then they’ll stop, and plan for the “vote”. So how do they NOT pass impeachment? Easy… the Dem leaders calculate exactly how many votes they have, and determine who their most vulnerable members are (for next election in Trump-leaning areas)… and they tell those members to vote NO on impeachment. But not all of them. Only enough that impeachment fails by just one or two votes. That way, even though it doesn’t move on to the Senate phase, the Dems can keep pounding, “Oh look, we came THIS close to impeaching Bad Orange Man! That just proves he really IS bad, Bad, BAD!”

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      • Chump Change says:

        Maybe. And perhaps Ba-Nanners Pelosi is trying to rustle up enough Never Trumpers to impeach and call it “bipartisan”.

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      • Lester Smith says:

        There are a few ways Nasty Nancy may looking this. One keep this crap up and keep holding off vote to inflect maximum damage to Trump hold last minute vote. congressmen of districts trump won to vote no. Why well simple hold sets dems stay in power.

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  2. TwoLaine says:

    I just heard tonight that the gossipblowers attorney has an intelligence community security clearance.

    Do we give them out like candy?

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    • BitterC says:

      I think his lawyer is a former CIA whistleblower that feels he wasn’t treated fairly. Am surprised he retained his clearance.

      Not so much candy, but they don’t have a process to on exit to remove them & appears they keep renewing them without any consideration if it’s of some benefit to USA. We know it’s a big time bennie for recipients. Just another perk

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    • Lester Smith says:

      Schiff lied again said they had to wait for weaselblowers attorney to get security clearance. Well! we’ll! well!

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  3. THEY will impeach. They have nothing else .. nothing. They will burn down the nation in order to save themselves, They don’t care about U.S.

    Gowdy will become a key player in this drama.

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  4. Very nice post by Sundance. Extremely civilized.

    I forgive Gowdy his prior shortcomings if he gives his all to the defense of our President Trump.

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  5. Snow White says:

    I would have never guessed he is 55. He looks more like 40.

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  6. Michael says:

    Did PDJT change Trey to become a Courageous Hero?

    PDJT has created and starting to create many more Courageous Heroes to fight the Coup/Criminals.

    Is/was Trey Gowdy afraid of the Deep State?

    Is it possible PDJT can change Trey Gowdy to become a Courageous hero?

    May 2017 Trey Gowdy talked about James Comey and Hillary Clinton.

    The facts below is from my best memory going back to year 2017.

    My Observation from 2017: Fox News Martha Maccallum and Guest Trey Gowdy back in May 2017.
    Trey Gowdy implied James Comey could not prosecute Hillary’s Emails because there were many “entanglements” between the Clinton’s and the Justice Department. Even Martha was showed a shocked expression with Treys reply. I personally was beyond shocked.

    IMO Trey Gowdy Statement was beyond shocking.
    1. Trey Gowdy stated he had no interest in being the Attorney General during this time. Was this because there is so much alleged corruption in the FBI/DOJ and Trey was “scared” and did not have the courage of trying to take down the Criminals in the Deep State.
    2. Did Trey imply; History is going to say it was alright to destroy the Rule of Law because the entire Justice Department was entangled with the Clintons and the Justice Department?
    3. Even today on Fox News; Gowdy chooses his words very carefully…seems scared and worried about offending the Criminals/Coup.
    4. Trey is not attacking the criminal/Coup like Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow etc. on Fox News.
    5. Why did Trey leave Congress; did Trey leave Congress because of the corruption and was scared to act?
    6. Or is Trey just a Globalist?

    I watched Several of Trey’s speeches before year 2016; I was drawn to his words/stories. My first impression is that he is a good guy…

    When Trey did that great job of questioning James Comey; was this a show or was Trey scared to go any further?

    After Martha Interview; at the time I was relieved when Trey withdrew his consideration to be head of the FBI….he would not have investigated Hillary’s emails, Clinton Foundation or the coup; IMO he was too scared and doesn’t have the courage. It’s either Trey Gowdy is a Globalist or there is so much corruption he did not want to be at personal risk.

    In either case Treys comments to Martha Maccallum were disrespectful to the Rule of Law and the Constitution. I lost a lot of respect for Trey at that moment.

    I believe Trey is an Excellent Attorney and would be able to be an invaluable asset to PDJT legal team to help PDJT win these Legal Battles to help win this Legal Civil War; if Trey is no longer scared.

    Did PDJT change Trey Gowdy into becoming a courageous hero like PDJT has done with so many…

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  7. roddrepub says:

    Oye! I was not sure at first, but I remembered that he’s seen a lot of classified documents. I don’t think it will make it to trial (Senate). The Democrats are about to reap what they have sown.

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  8. John Rawls says:

    trump has to win in the court of public opinion…
    gowdy = mr. benghazi in the eyes of dems…

    plus the guy retired from congress for no good reason, suspicious.

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    • Bill Hollinger says:

      And that is worrying because there is a non-stop avalanche of negative lies spewing forth from almost all of the media in this country. Hopefully Durham quickly drops some bombshells on the criminals, and they somehow filter out to the masses who are being inundated with the left’s lies.

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    • cattastrophe says:

      Maybe I’m not remembering right but I think even before Benghazi Gowdy was talking about not liking Washington (paraphrase) didn’t want to run again, etc. My impression always was he didn’t like the job or was disappointed with it. With his former job he could see a result not so in the Fed gov. where it was endless work with no result. I do consider him a fence sitter and probably more liberal minded than I care for but I don’t think it’s out of some kind of fear as many have speculated. Why would he go this high profile if he was fearful about some personal or professional problem that could be used against him.

      I’m assuming President Trump interviewed him personally and was satisfied so nothing to do but wait. My hope is he doesn’t even need to be used but not because of him but because the Dem impeachment dream needs to go down the drain.


  9. Wingman says:

    I am only hoping that Gowdy’s bite is as strong as his bark. So far he hasn’t proven that it is.

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    • NC Patriot says:

      BE REAL PEOPLE. In congress he was never in a position to bring charges—only to ask tough questions. Congress can;t indict people. And Congress can’t be judge and jury. NOT their role. To question and gather facts is their job. Gowdy did all of that.

      I am not sure the Senate wants to get into a full fledged trial. MANY in both chambers would be exposed. And the whole nation would watch.Turtle has to dispose of this quickly and he and Graham want to keep their jobs so they can’t convict.


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      • cattastrophe says:

        NC patriot. Your first paragraph to me, explains exactly why Gowdy was disillusioned with his job in DC. His previous job was just the opposite. You work hard and get a result. In Congress you work hard for no result unless everyone agrees and comes together to do something about it if that’s even possible. I never blamed Gowdy personally for the non-action concerning Benghazi but some of his other remarks on TV left me fuming. I hope like everyone who supports PDJT that Gowdy does the job he’s been hired for, if it comes to that.


        • jebg46 says:

          I believe that Paul Ryan blocked any further action by congressional committees. Many Representatives were very frustrated because they did risk it all without any support from leadership. It was sickening to have the majority and not use it. That’s why we lost it in 2018 and why we are in this mess now.


  10. TreeClimber says:

    I don’t have a good feeling about this. Here’s hoping he’s a Mulvaney not a Haley…

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  11. mtk says:

    Just today Hanity was arguing the Republicans should fold in the House and sit back and let them write their Articles.

    No I say, fight this all the way in the House, get them to have The Judiciary vote to pass it out to the Floor, and then have the Floor vote on whether drafting Articles of Impeachment can proceed.
    Thus allowing the Minority a say and the Executive able to have Representation and Consul during the drafting of the Articles.

    IMHO the way only that is going to happen is by going before the SCOTUS.

    That is where Mr. Gowdy would be best used… Presenting before the SCOTUS.

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    • mtk says:

      Thanks WordPress for kicking back this post from deep within the thread and getting me to think about how to better state my observation as it relates to discussion.

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    • Chump Change says:

      Agreed…never stop the fight. If there is one thing I have learned in life, love, children and career, it is never, ever give up…especially in a fight. Just when you’re ready to fold, the other side is often also at the brink…keep going until they collapse.

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  12. Chump Change says:

    I don’t trust Gowdy…and what’s with the purple Bill Clinton tie?

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    • Vegas Guy says:

      “I don’t trust Gowdy…”

      Can’t really disagree with that. IMHO they probably “hired” him so as to get him off of FOX as a ‘Commentator”… he could not innocently “comment” POTUS into a compromising position as he “defends” him….LOL

      This move keeps Trey out of the NEWS cycle & keeps him from presenting folksy narratives ….. Ya’ll know what I mean….Don’t ya now….Those rambling analysis where the listener isn’t quite sure where Trey stands when Trey stops speaking….Understand?? Yes Ma’am…Yes Ma’am…

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  13. AvengingAngel says:

    I would like someone to ask Pelosi and the gang of eight whether they were involved in any way with the intelligence coup . They should tell us now before documents are declassified and the truth comes out .

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      When it goes to the Senate the first 4 people PT’s lawyers should subpoena and have to testify in public under oath are:





      Get they on the record first before anyone else IMO.

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      • AvengingAngel says:

        Agreed . In 2018 when Trump was going to declassify , the four dems wrote to Rosenstein and reminded him to keep their docs secret as he promised .

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  14. palafox says:

    Gowdy, as Sundance points out, is a clever thinker and speaker. In that capacity he can help the President. I also think Gowdy has been more and more strongly supportive of Trump every time he has appeared on TV lately.

    And, I don’t doubt Bill Barr has no plans to spend 6 years as AG. . . . Just sayin’, not endorsing.

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  15. PinotNoir says:

    Imagine you are Gowdy and have put up with Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Cummings….for years on end. This job is a dream come true!

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  16. Liberty ONE says:

    Here’s the line up for the DemonRAT “House Impeachment Managers:…Moe, Larry & Curley from The 3 Stooges fame, Abbott & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, Bozo the Clown, The Unknown Comic AND for good measure ALL the cartoon characters from Looney Tunes.


  17. MrACC says:

    I don’t trust swampy Gowdy. All one needs to look at is his net worth BEFORE becoming a US Rep and compare to his net worth after being in office a few years. ‘Nuff said.


  18. Ackman419 says:

    Rooster Head is kind of like a mid season free agent pickup for a baseball or football team.
    He’s got talent. But he hasn’t ever hit a stride which makes a real difference in the big picture.
    Big picture meaning MAGA.
    He’s always held back at the exact moment when all his rhetorical work and talent could be most leveraged.
    Nonetheless, The move seems low risk/high reward for us.
    Let’s see if PDJT and his boys can utilize him to our best advantage.
    As I posted in the PDJT general thread; I’m optimistic about this move.


  19. WSB says:

    And Hannity had Solomon on tonight, expressing that there may have been some monitoring of Solomon’s communications, public or private…not certain. This may involve the fired US American Ambassador to Ukraine.

    So things are heating up in any event.

    As far as Gowdy being part of the team…not sure what to make of this? Did Gowdy spill any beans of blackmail or other in order to assist the President? Do these new alligations of monitoring investigative journalists uncovering the coup escalate the need for legal counsel who know where the bodies are buried?


  20. tominellay says:

    I like Gowdy; I think he’s an excellent choice.


  21. dwpender says:

    I am extremely dubious that Gowdy and/or Ratcliffe have seen anything close to ALL the (full and complete, totally unredacted) documents reflecting the planning and execution of the plot to prevent Trump’s election, and then to overthrow his Presidency.

    Does anyone really believe Gowdy has seen ALL the Comey memos (or even knows how many there are)?


  22. Padric says:

    There’s actually a very simple and compelling reason to trust why Gowdy will give his all in defense of the president:

    He wants to be AG.

    Defend the president so he serves a second term and when Barr hits the happy trails, Gowdy gets nominated.


  23. CountryDoc says:

    What do you mean get his app? There is an app?
    Maybe we can develop a suxnet type virus for iPhones that slowly filters incomoming information to facilitate the transformation of awakening starting at a point determined by whats already in the iPhone history. You know the liberal techies are already doing that.


  24. CountryDoc says:

    Deleted by request…..


    • CountryDoc says:

      AdRem, I hope you can delete the above post and replace this corrected one: My dictation should have been proofread.

      I do not know what to think about Trey Gowdy on the Trump legal team for impeachment defense

      Without extensive knowledge of him I seem to recall clearly:
      –He has knowledgeable, articulate, skilled, and effective as a prosecutor
      –He clearly had enemies of the constitution and this country against the ropes and then they good position to prosecute but he did not. In my mind, the fact that “he never lost the case” is not true, because when it most mattered to the country, he pulled back
      –The tracks of his actions as a congressman clearly, on the surface, were not in line with what we needed.

      If this was his true behavior then he has duplicate tests then is not to be trusted I do not care how short leash he is on.

      If he has always been a white hat, maybe he pulled back in order to set up a broader kill later on. Maybe this allowed him to act as a mole between then and now, rising as an always white hat patriot who drew some swamp rats and RINOs, and cheater CoC people out of hiding and got them to expose themselves. I recall some CTH commenters saying that a long line of damning questioning he was able to do with ( I can’t remember – Comey, Mueller, Clinton) — while he didn’t go for the kill, established many facts under oath, that will be useful now.

      If he has had a conversion from wolf in sheeps clothing to true patriot — it may be that is a a conversion to the core of his heart, or just a realization that the white hat team is a safer place to be and he can salvage money making opportunities on this side.

      Or perhaps we are just converting his behavior and using his skills, because someone has exerted leverage that his dirty deeds or lack of faithfulness to the constitution or the people of the republic will be exposed if he doesn’t do his assigned job, or that he won’t be prosecuted for something really bad.

      All in all, it does not build my confidence to see us giving someone like Trey a critical role on a critical team that we have clearly derided in the CTH. It is a withdrawal in my bank account of faith in Sundance, the CTH community, and POTUS and the very very small team of patriots that I do trust.

      I continue to pray Gods blesssings on this country, and pray with Grandma.

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  25. askandgettruth says:

    you gotta ask yourself this about gowdy. why was he all bark and no bite in congress? was this his goal? we will just have to see !!


    • cattastrophe says:

      When he was a prosecutor his bark had bite. As a Congress your bark has no bite unless everyone there (or a majority) agrees to go along with it. Quite a different set up. He went from a job with total control, especially with outcome (good or bad) to a job with no control over the outcome. It must have been very frustrating to a prosecutor used to winning.


  26. dawg says:

    “We do not yet know who House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will select to be….”

    Sundance speaks as if the House voting on impeachment is a foregone conclusion. Im just not convinced that Nancy will ever actually have a vote.

    Is that not why she has gone to such lengths to change the rules?

    She wants to get the goods that a formal impeachment could produce (classified info and testimony that can be spun into negative innuendo, etc…) without having a formal impeachment.

    Its because she either doesnt have the votes to impeach or she is aware of the political toll it will take on the D party that a House impeachment would take.

    1. We know that she will not hold the vote unless she knows she HAS the votes. An unsuccessful attempt would kill the entire impeachment drive. Destroy morale of the base, etc…

    2. Even if she HAS the votes to impeach, she may not hold the vote because of the damage to the party.

    3. Even if she’s willing to take on the damage to the party, its not gonna pass the Senate, so theres no upside.

    I just cant envision a scenario where Pelosi holds the impeachment vote. PT, Lindsey Graham, and others have been daring her to hold the vote. This is effectively giving her an “out”. (Pelosi says some BS like ‘we arent going to be pressured into anything, we will do this by the book’)

    As Van Jones recently said, the Dems are in a lose-lose situation right now.


  27. mathwins says:

    Trey Gowdy did not impress me with the Hillary Clinton questioning during the Benghazi hearing. The Republicans were so unorganized in their questioning, it seemed like they really didn’t want to get to the truth. It was rather dismaying. So am I excited about Trey Gowdy joining the Trump team? No.


    • cattastrophe says:

      The point being it wasn’t all about Gowdy or his questioning. You can’t fault him personally for the ineptness of other Republicans. Gowdy was part of a group. The outcome was not dependent on him alone. I still don’t understand why Gowdy is the fall guy for what the Republican House members didn’t do about Benghazi. If I have any doubts about Gowdy it’s because I didn’t like some his personal opinions given on TV. Those can be directly attributed to him.

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  28. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    I’m not sure that this works out. Gowdy is Gowdy. Remember his super respect for Mueller’s integrity, yada yada.


  29. FatManHandSyndrome says:

    There’s Trey Gowdy sporting the purple tie.


  30. jmuniz1 says:

    if it makes you feel better you will see the great American pac which is our President donated to Gowdy


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