President Trump Tweets About The Pelosi/Schiff Anonymous Complaint Impeachment Plan…

The reason why Nancy Pelosi didn’t hold a Full House vote to initiate an ‘Articles of Impeachment’ inquiry is simple: if she did follow the formal process, the minority party (republicans) would have rights in the process; so too would the executive branch.

By subverting the process, and just arbitrarily decreeing the opening of “an official impeachment inquiry”, Pelosi allows the committees to proceed without any representation by the minority in the investigative process.  This approach, in combination with the 2018 rule changes, is a feature of the impeachment plan – not a flaw.

Against that backdrop, this set of tweets by President Trump have much more meaning:

The House of Representatives cannot construct articles of impeachment through the utilization of anonymous accusations (ie. ‘whistleblower), and hearsay.  These tweets are not just POTUS lashing out; these tweets have a very material purpose…

MORE HERE and more to follow.

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164 Responses to President Trump Tweets About The Pelosi/Schiff Anonymous Complaint Impeachment Plan…

  1. youme says:

    Raising money for the whistleblower now

    Your contribution will go to to MoveOn Civic Action, which will transfer one-half of all donations, net of credit card processing fees, that we receive in response to this solicitation, to Whistleblower Aid. Contributions are not tax-deductible for income tax purposes.


    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Let the democrats fund raise all they want. They outspent Trump 3 to 1 last time around not counting the endless contributions of the crooked Fake News media.

      OK then, let’s dance!

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    • Spooky says:

      Dear Youme,
      Eff of you treason weasel clown. Take your phony “whistleblower” donations and stick em where the sun don’t shine (which is definitely not between your ears, where light goes in one side and comes out the other, completely unaffected by the vacuum therein).
      We all know that you leftard hacks get your funding from corrupt oligarchs and foreign dark money so you don’t need to crowd fund anyway. Whatever money you raise just pays for child prostitutes, drugs, bribery, graft, bathhouse antics and who knows what other sick fantasies you degenerates celebrate and practice.

      You just inspired me to send donations to Trumps reelection campaign and the NRA-ILA. Every time one of these clowns shows up begging for impeachment money we should all do the opposite.

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  2. harleyd says:

    I believe we are focussing too much on Pelosi and Schiff who are just useful idiots in this scheme. They are being used, whether they admit it or not.

    I think there is a much bigger play here.

    I believe Her Thighness, the Hildebeast, is behind this with ample funding from Soros.

    Think about it. By creating and releasing this scam, Hillary simultaneously:

    1. Insures (at least in her mind) that PDJT will be smeared for weeks, or months, right up to the election. The mechanism for these smears will be the House “inquiry” which will, weekly if not daily, make new and outrageous claims that will be broadcast by the MSM. They needed new ammunition after the Russian hoax was exposed. So now we have a Ukrainian hoax. Their only hope to win in 2020.

    2. Second, it essentially kills the Biden campaign, leaving room for Hillary to rush to rescue the Dems from the jaws of Warren or Sanders socialism (or so she’ll say). By tarnishing Biden, she opens the door to her “reluctant” entry into the race to save the day.

    3. And, finally, by becoming a candidate she will make it even harder for PDJT to expose her seditious behavior. She will just scoff it off as PDJT trying to damage a competitor.

    Clever play, if I might say so.

    The only defense now is massive offense.

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  3. Johnny Boost says:

    A president accusing a sitting congressman of treason is not something done lightly. It’s not something done in a fit of rage. I’m sure Trump had this statement reviewed by his legal team and close advisors first, and have a plan in motion.

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:


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    • Judith says:

      T-R-E-A-S-O-N. All of them. The death penalty is back too. Perfect timing! Let’s get this show on the road.

      I only pray that they sincerely seek God’s forgiveness. After all, we are not the ones who dance with the Beast. They are. And he cannot win. So it is written.


  4. dustycowpoke says:

    Just a thought here, the President outlined more than the gossiper he wants those who fed the gossip also. Many have posted here without looking at just what our President wants … full transparency and for the leaks to be plugged.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      The President has both the right and responsibility to find out who it was that informed the fake whistle blower of what they thought was in that conversation.

      He should find them; fire them; and, if laws were broken, prosecute them.

      It us past time to start assessing accountability.

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  5. The Gipper Lives says:

    I think Hillary’s spies heard the word “CrowdStrike” and then went out a recruited someone to be a “whistleblower” under the crooked new rules.

    They may have had the entire transcript, but to hide the Deep Mole spy, they said it was second-hand. Even the inclusion of mistakes such as which ambassadors were in on the call were probably included to mask the real spy and maybe even shift suspicion to an innocent staffer.

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  6. PinotNoir says:

    Schiff’s public execution on the steps of the capitol would remind legislators that We the People do not take treason lightly. Could prove instructive for freshman Congressmen and Senators in the future. Make “Schiff’s last step” a mandatory part of orientation.
    Hang the rest of the plotters on federal installations in their home states.

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  7. Send in the Secret Service. The President has been attacked. Place Schitt under arrest and grab the fake ‘blower’. They must protect the President. They are creating an atmosphere of hate that could result in something worse. Act now! (I know…just getting emotional…or am I)

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  8. Deplorable Canuck says:

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding Sundance here, and I am happy to be corrected but it does seem that the Demtards will at least get a congressional vote of impeachment? That seems a foregone conclusion judging from the above? The only issues are, if I understand correctly, will the Senate offer up the 2/3 vote to convict? and if there is an appeal to the supreme court, will they confirm. Judging from what I have seen from these mostly passive Repub senators, a conviction is not an impossibility. A long shot maybe? I would be glad to be disabused of this and be shown to be out to lunch, because I love this President. I remain hopeful that God has a purpose for Trump that will override the Demtard fabrications. Praying for all you patriots and for President Trump

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    • shirley49 says:

      The Senate already said they would not even consider an impeachment vote. Of course the Clinton crime family may remind them of what would happen to their families if they didn’t.


  9. ristvan says:

    Lurking Lawyer here.
    Repeating a not so good news previous thread comment to a comment, after going and getting my written notes again today on the subject. And slightly paraphrasing, since Treepers can look up the precise constitutional language and figure the simple legal logic themselves:
    A1§2.5 gives the House sole power to impeach.
    A1§3.6 gives the Senate sole power to convict an impeachment by 2/3 vote.

    But A1§5.2 says, “Each House (meaning both House and Senate) may determine the Rules of its Proceedings.” Meaning also House impeachment proceedings.

    So the traditional impeachment process was blown up when Pelosi constitutionally but surreptitiously changed the House rules for the 116th session over which she presides. Proof only that this plan to get PDJT is not new.

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  10. Blind no Longer says:

    Nancy and team can’t afford for this to go to trial. Every person on the plant earth would be tuned to every TV, radio, newspaper, will be covering this. The amount of evidence that President Trump on the Deep State and every Congress member would be revealed in front of the largest audience in the history of ever!!!

    President Trump is just warning them, GO AHEAD MAKE MY DAY!!

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  11. Jani says:

    Drudgereport is spreading as his biggest headline a news article by CBS which contains a LIE by Pelosi that Trump said on the phone call with the ukrainian president:
    “By the way, can you help me with my campaign,”

    Drudge archive:

    CBS news article archive where they let Pelosi spread a LIE without a fact check:

    This is journalistic malpractice by both Drudgereport and CBS.

    Drudgereport credibilty just dropped to CNN levels and same with CBS.

    The journalists at CBS who allowed this LIE to be spread by Pelosi need to be fired.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Drudge site is a has-been. Best days way behind him and the place hasn’t been worth visiting in more than 5 years. Some much better sites available these days.

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  12. Janeka says:

    Hum.. Nanzi should be careful what she wishes for, she just might get it..

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  13. Ausonius says:

    Shrillary did a long interview with daughter Chelsea on CBS this morning.

    Coincidence? No, with the Left it is a never a coincidence.

    Shrillary is riding – or staggering – to the rescue of the DEMS, saving it from Biden’s corruption and the Wild Leftism of the present candidates.


  14. ezgoer says:

    The votes are there in the House to vote to impeach on a party line vote plus 3-5 Never Trump Republicans. Dems will probably allow a dozen Dems in at risk CD’s to vote no. It’s highly unlikely the Senate would come anywhere near 67 votes to remove from office (though you could see 9-11 Never Trumpers vote with the Dems). The goal is not really removal. It’s to tar Trump so badly and leave a cloud over him so he cannot win re-election. You can also expect the GOPe to attempt to pressure him to not run for “the good of party” who he will drag down to defeat. The real question is will McConnell back Trump to ensure the vote or assist the Dems in bloodying him. Turtle knows the blood can’t be on Republican hands or Trump supporters will abandon the GOP and they will lose 2020 in droves. But many think he would like to assist the Dems in damaging Trump so he can’t be re-elected. We’ll be watching closely.


    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Rest assured, if Senate republicans join the democrats and vote to convict Trump that little 2020 Election will be the least of their worries. . .


    • Nancy Pelosi is conspiring to deny her colleagues representation in their own institution, and is seeking to deny the accused the right to confront his accusers as they now make accusations that are quite literally fictional. She seeks to convict a person of a crime according to her own interpretation of law when actual due process finds no wrongdoing.

      This is not only “flatly unconstitutional, but brazenly criminal: an abomination of her institution and of her sacred role within it. She, too, should be formally censured by her colleagues, then expelled. The Congress Must Come Clean!

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  15. This is criminal. This is an abomination of the United States Congress. And of the Government itself.

    Rep. Schiff should be immediately and formally censured by his colleagues, then Expelled. After this, he should face severe criminal charges. He has gone beyond any line of legitimacy and has decimated the Institution that he is a part of.

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    • This source is no whistleblower: he is a Liar. But “the due process of law” and the integrity of whistleblowing has been recklessly sacrificed. Rep. Schiff perjured himself before his own committee.

      As an American citizen I will not tolerate criminal behavior anywhere in my Government. And no, I don’t have to.


  16. Magabear says:

    Here’s my theory on the “whistleblower” construct. It may well be that this faux whistleblower never heard any 2nd or 3rd hand info but instead just presumed, likely in Schiff’s office, that PDJT must have said inappropriate things in his Ukraine phone call, because afterall, they think PDJT is an idiot. Now, after it’s revealed that there was nothing wrong with the phone call, the dimms are left with having to make things up to fit what they thought would be their smoking gun for impeachment.

    Just a theory.


  17. Sherri Young says:

    PDJT tweeted quotes from Pastor Robert Jeffress, also on Fox & Friends this morning. Dr. Jeffress had no conciliatory words for Nancy. Oh no, he did not.

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  18. Gary says:

    We need to do like Hong Kong people. Let these communists know we won’t tolerate this.
    We love our President and we will stand by him!


  19. stepping says:

    Could the whistle-blower and the anonymous article writer from be the same person?


  20. Troublemaker10 says:

    Lindsay Graham thread Sep 29

    Lindsay said he has no problems with the President’s phone call with the Ukranian president then drills down on the problems he sees with the whistleblower complaint. “Every American has the right to confront their accuser”….

    Full Reader App thread:


  21. Larry says:

    Let’s keep in mind the big picture. President Trump has ALL THE POWER. The Democrats have been reduced to firing off blanks hoping to live another day and outlast Trump. They failed when they had ALL THE POWER. How will they succeed now?

    President Trump looks positive, aggressive, unworried. So does Rudy and the rest of the President’s men. The Democrats look worried, hostile, and panicked. Making it up as they go along.
    Sending out Antifa to beat up old ladies. Not a good look to the very aware public.

    The very idea that Schifff would read a fictional account of the President’s leaked phone call in an official setting is a big tell as to who is winning this war. The Democrats are fully dependent on the media who the public distrusts mightily to carry their message. 70% of the citizens are on our own internet channels now, communicating freely despite attempts to censor. 8 chan is coming back online this week. The globalists are on Plan Z around the world.

    This impeachment bulls**t is just annoying if you let it, fascinating and thrilling if you step back from the minor details.


    • For a Member of Congress to bear false witness against the President, and by extension against the foreign diplomats with whom he speaks, is a “high crime” calling for: first, formal censure; then, expulsion from the House; and finally, disbarment as an attorney. Followed by criminal charges. (It’s called “perjury,” as well as “libel” and in this case, “sedition.”)


  22. Atomic Hillbilly says:

    The entire swamp, with only a few exceptions, has become entirely lawless and illegitimate.

    It’s a “long train of abuses and usurpations” that is trending towards “absolute despotism”…

    They’ve become insufferable and it’s been going on long that it can no longer be considered a transient situation. It’s the new “normal”.

    Rather that lose faith in the system, we should be pondering whether or not to cast them all aside.


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