Kudlow Discusses USMCA Ratification Against Backdrop of Pelosi’s Impeachment…

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow discusses the forecast for ratification of the USMCA against the backdrop of Pelosi’s announced focus on impeachment.

Additionally, Kudlow discusses the status of Chinese trade negotiations and the recently affirmed trade deal with Japan.


 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. House of Representatives is proceeding with efforts regarding the Trump administration’s trade deal with Mexico and Canada, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters on Thursday, saying House Democrats had discussed the pact a day earlier.

“We’re moving ahead on the U.S-Mexico-Canada agreement,” Pelosi said at a news conference. “We’re, again, hoping to be on a continuing path to ‘yes’” to approve the deal aimed at replacing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). (link)

“Deal”? ….THAT was before you smothered yourself in shoe polish, Justin!

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138 Responses to Kudlow Discusses USMCA Ratification Against Backdrop of Pelosi’s Impeachment…

  1. delighteddeplorable says:

    Sundance! Those images are over-the-top hilarious! OMG Ok, now I’ll read the article. 😂

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  2. Eric says:

    “Deal”? ….THAT was before you smothered yourself in shoe polish, Justin!


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  3. MM says:

    Sundance pictures are worth a thousand words……

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  4. MAGADJT says:

    Suspicious Cat. Why would Pelosi be doing anything to help Trump get a win? Is it because the unions are pressuring her?

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  5. Publius2016 says:

    45? Everyday, night, 24-7-365.25! A Machine…Sad Clown knows its over…Pocahontas will be like Mondale plus Dukakis plus…USMCA gives the Dimms a chance at holding the House…

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  6. Sofa King says:

    Does Pelosi know sumting we don’t know???
    Is that why she did impeachment talk, to cover for this…??????

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  7. In the Land of Poz says:

    The bigger the text of the bill, and the surer Congress is that Trump will sign it, the more and worse are the riders that can be hidden inside.

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  8. Mark1971 says:

    They’re moving forward with USMCA in an attempt to counter any accusations that they aren’t doing anything and just want to impeach. This might be the price Pelosi pays for winning support for impeachment from moderate Dems.

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  9. WIVoter says:

    If Pelosi supports the USMCA I most certainly don’t support the USMCA.

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    • underwhelmingposter says:

      Most likely as stated above, there has been nothing accomplished by the House since the Dems took back control except impeach, impeach, impeach! So since this has been ratified by Mexico and seems to be good for the Canadians, it is a no-brainer to get this out of the door. No discussion needed. Just vote. Then back to impeachment. Not a winning strategy, IMO.


  10. screwauger says:

    “mood music” lmao hahahahahahaha Great interview from Koala


  11. 804hokie says:

    thanks for nothing, dems.

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  12. nerveman says:

    I’m suspicious. Is this a test to see if Trump thinks he is on the ropes and to gauge what he will give away? Do the Dems feel vulnerable that they get no real work done? Will they back out saying Trump is irrational and lie about him?

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  13. Elric VIII says:

    Pelosi has egg on her face from the Ukraine fiasco, so she is desperate to do something to make the Democrats look good.

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  14. FPCHmom says:

    I want PDJT to replace Brennan’s puppet Gina Haspel with one of his wolverines.

    They need to clean house bigly at the CIA.

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    • bessie2003 says:


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    • Herbert Kroll says:

      Few people realize that the CIA has waged a cultural war, simular to identity politics in the US, all over the world. ‘Soft Power’ and ‘Smart Diplomacy’ are the keywords. BigTech and BigMedia were partners in crime. Identity politics have been the weapon of choice to divide and conquer the working class against the backdrop of a shrinking workforce worldwide.

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  15. Scott Lyddon says:

    Kudlow is funny as hell. I like him and his optimism.

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  16. Sparky5253 says:

    Justin is losing in the polls with an election coming quickly. He needs something to take to the voters to save his sorry, socialist butt. Nancy is more than willing to help a failing globalist.

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  17. scrap1ron says:

    More Socialist Democrat taqiya. Since when haven’t they stalled, undermined, strove to sell out American citizens on anything and everything. They are stalling for time just like their Chinese supporting globalist paymasters on Wall Street.

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  18. dustahl says:

    some dems might have said OK I will back you but to get my backing the USMCA must be passed, because I will have a big fat zero to run on in 2020

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  19. LCPUSA says:

    this is a big win for Trump. Its also a loss for China. It helps Trudeau, but maybe not enough.

    Nancy must feel like she needs to save the house. THEY’VE DONE NOTHING.

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  20. MaineCoon says:

    I never realized how photogenic Trudope is🤣🤣

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  21. davidberetta says:

    This Article and (especially the photos), immediately brings this “feeling” –

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  22. rustybritches says:

    One of the creep Dems said yesterday that even if they impeach the President they expect to be able to work with him, NO sorry, You are a traitor to this country
    President Trump should now tell Justin and Polosi that he will do nothing until after the 2020
    election and that is also a trade deal with China From now on its the hammer instead of the carrot and the Dems need to see that he is not messing around with these jerks any more and the Poor Pathetic republicans should be put on notice Keep stabbing him in the back and that will wind up with you leaving sooner than later..

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Those traitors can dream on…PDJT will go into full revenge mode and I will support that.

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      • ristvan says:

        He already has. But is prepping the battlefield more that executing revenge to this point. The election is still a ways off. No hurry.

        The revenge mode switch was turned on after Barr stopped Mueller and then got from PDJT personal declass power for the twin Spygate criminal probe tracks Barr has going: Horowitz on FISA, and Durham on EC predicate.

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    • withacloth says:

      Nancy tried that once before when she called him a criminal before showing up at the White House for a negotiation. It didn’t end well.

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  23. rcogburn says:

    “Brown” face Justin – hilarious!! Hang onto that one Sundance, it’s a keeper!!!!

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    • MightyMustardSeed says:

      Rcogburn – Sundance serves up classic ‘just desserts’ to top off his gourmet facts. Flambe ala Trudeau!

      Things have a way of blowing up in your face! Thanks Justin for bringing your own gas can.

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  24. Summer says:

    So, Trump hammered the “DO NOTHING” Democrats hard enough for them to realize that they are digging their own grave by postponing the NAFTA funeral. Their own voters probably demanded action. Can’t ignore during the primary season,

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  25. Sentient says:

    Pelosi has to defend against the (true) charge that the House is wasting everyone’s time with this “impeachment Inquiry” bullcrap. So she HAS to start moving USMCA.

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  26. Blender says:

    What would the House have to do with the passage of a treaty? That’s a Senate function.

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  27. snellvillebob says:

    Maybe Pelosi’s plan is to rename USMCA to PMCA (Pelosi Mexico Canada Agreement) to deprive President Trump of a win?


  28. Mike on a Truck says:

    Maybe dingy headed Nancy, even in her state of on coming dementia realizes that PDJT isnt bluffing when he says we will return to pre- NAFTA? Lose small or lose big Nancy.

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  29. ristvan says:

    Pelosi is between a rock and a hard place. She cannot remove Schiff and Nadler, who are hell bent on impeachment with support from AOC+3, Al Green, Maxine Waters, and the like—whether or not she approves.

    She tried the fiat move Tuesday to prevent her 40:plus ‘newish’ reps from districts that PDJT won in 2016 from having to vote on starting formal impeachment proceedings. Minority leader McCarthy used his ‘privileged resolution’ invalid impeachment gambit last night to force a vote to table his resolution—in effect a vote to proceed with the irregular impeachment process she blessed Tuesday. 231 Dems voted to table, i.e. proceed with the process. Able but three who did not vote. That by name forced Dem vote puts her House majority in grave jeopardy in 2020.

    So passing USMCA is an attempt to save her speakership while deflecting the ‘do nothing except crazed impeachment’ criticism PDJT is rightfully leveling. She really has no choice now, since PDJT can unilaterally cancel NAFTA if she doesn’t get the replacement done. She knows he knows he has her trapped into handing him this win, and that must be grating her dentures.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “that must be grating her dentures”

      Nervous Nancy is thrashing to and fro so violently that her dentures just might fly out of her damn mouth. Nowhere to turn. Nancy DID NOT sign up for this.

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    • willthesuevi says:

      ristvan, agree with everything you wrote here. I will add that this move by SanFranNan took AOC+3 completely off the headlines for a while.


  30. Ma McGriz says:

    The dems are quaking with dread over this USMC deal.

    They appear to be TOTALLY willing to sacrifice the good of us all rather than face the improved GDP numbers the deal will produce on POTUS’ watch.

    They’ve painted themselves into a corner.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “They’ve painted themselves into a corner”

      To be fair, given the state of the Democrat Party, their “leadership” doesn’t have too many options at this point in history. It basically comes down to a choice between “bad” and “not good”.


  31. frank field says:

    The USMCA is so transparently good, Pelosi is using it to garner votes for impeachment.

    Also, she won’t get the votes for impeachment without it.

    Kinda sick.


  32. 🍺Gunny66 says:

    This if what remains…………screw them………..they want war…..let’s give them war….

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  33. tozerbgood8315 says:


  34. tozerbgood8315 says:


  35. Eric says:

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned it or not, but John Kerry served in Vietnam. And John Kasich is the son of a mailman.


  36. tozerbgood8315 says:

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    • Ron Jaeger says:

      LOL, I watched Guilliani refer to him as the republican’s version of AL GORE in response to a question about him from Bill Clinton of all people.


  37. Ausonius says:

    Whether Pelosi is incompetent because of arteriosclerosis, incipient Alzheimer’s, or because of a low I.Q., or some combination thereof, the result is the same: a severe inability to think logically, morally, and an inability therefore to recognize the insanity and the Orwellian DoubleThink mentality which are now hallmarks of her so-called political party.

    That she and other patently incompetent, divorced-from-reality DEMS are continually re-elected is an indictment of democracy. There are times when the majority – or a large plurality – go completely awry, and if you need an more proof, three names will prove it: Alexandria Occasional Cortex.

    When people are too busy to pay attention, the vacuum will be filled by any piece of trash, by any old potato-chip bag blowing down the street.

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  38. History Teaches says:

    Wait until AFTER the Canadian election in three weeks. It would be obscene for baby Trudeau to use this to spin his way.

    The President hasn’t forgotten his snubs and insults. Timing is everything.

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  39. sarasotosfan says:

    I read this as the Democrats have received an advance copy of Justin Trudeau’s political obituary.

    I didn’t think they could read anything.

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  40. Doug Amos says:

    Dave Rubin and the leader of the People’s Party, Maxime Bernier, are debating in Canada sunday evening. Every Canadian newspaper has denounced the People’s as a racist, far right, extremist group that should not be allowed on Canadian soil. This was all Antifa needed to hear and they have promised a very real confrontation; you know the rest. This small event, seemingly, could actually become a turning point in Canadian history. The country is currently hamstrung with perceptions and distractive rhetoric. True to form, every Canadian paper adopted CNN, MSNBC distortion of the facts regarding President Trump’s conversation with Ukraine this morning. Just another i.e. of why, in truth, the People’s Party of Canada may, in fact, represent the only chance the Canadian economy has to survive.

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    • john good says:

      Well, I am so Fu*kin’ Sick of all the Socialist Liberal Crap up here in Canada since Turdeau was placed in power by the Globalists, that I AM voting for Bernier & his PPC!
      After seeing that Bernier is NOT being allowed to participate in any Political Debates up here & he is not even mentioned as a candidate in ANY MSM news, I fully support him, as ALL the other candidates are the same & will just let things continue as they are here in Canada!
      Maybe we will have a “miracle”, but I think it will be hard to change anything up here, as we do not have an Electoral College based system as you have in the States.
      I am hoping that Donald J Trump can change America for the better & it rubs off on the rest of the World! (other than us Trump Supporters of course!)

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  41. Janice says:

    Treepers have the best humor! Thanks all!


  42. Deborah Fehr says:

    say for one crazy moment that they were successful in impeaching him, crazy…. but stay with me…they cant remove him from office right? I mean Clinton didnt go when he was impeached. But can he run for a second term if he’s been impeached?

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  43. mr.piddles says:

    Did Donald J. Trump sshhhwhack Sparkles in the face with one of those famous Mar-A-Lago Chocolate Cakes? Or maybe just a fancy Mud Mask.


  44. Ish Kabibble says:

    The current phony scandal is giving cover to House leadership to move ahead on this without ruffling their lunatic base very much. The unions want this and they pay the freight in lobby money to the Dems.

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  45. mylabs5 says:

    We’re going to put the stopper to this agreement and lie about the poison pill we’ll put in to keep it from passing.


  46. mikeyboo says:

    The Democrats and Romney Republicans may well have overplayed their hands. I believe that their lies/smears/calumnies are quickly becoming static/white noise as the public tires of their antics.


  47. thedoc00 says:

    A few days ago, the President tweeted that Pelosi was “no longer the Speaker of the House.”

    The looney lefties went crazy and took him literally as if he fire Pelosi.

    Pelosi got the meaning of the message and this may be her way of demonstrating she is still in charge. Plus, a hard NAFTA exit would not go down well with her globalist puppet masters.


  48. john good says:

    I was thinking earlier today about all the BS President Donald J. Trump has to put up with on a daily basis & it doesn’t seem to phase him at all! I am not that naive’ to think that it does not affect him at all, BUT in spite of everything, he is getting the job done as far as what he promised when he was running for the job.

    I have been following Mr. Trump since the early 80’s & I always felt that he would excel at anything he tried, & he has not disappointed me at all!

    “This is not simply another 4-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not We The People reclaim control over our government.” I used to have this as my Gmail Email Signature, but I was getting a lot of hate up here in Canada, so I stopped using it, for the good of my own health & well-being!

    SO IMO, I feel that Donald J. Trump will go down in History as “the greatest Man that we will know” in our lifetimes, next to Jesus!

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  49. fangdog says:

    What the average dumb democrat does not understand, What happens to their retirement program after Trump is impeached. The values of these assets will plummet at the very least 50%. Yes, they will get their most wanted recession and in fact a depression without Trump at the helm. Democrats trying to get rid of Trump makes as much sense as refusing a glass of water because you can’t swim.


  50. spren says:

    The Dems have now held the House for just under a year. What do they have to show for it? All they have done is engage in TDS on steroids and empower the crazy socialist wing of their party. Pelosi obviously understands the politics involved don’t favor her party next year and desperately wants to look like some legislative action, benefiting union members, has taken place.

    She obviously heard one of Trump’s operatives state the other night “If you want to know what Pelosi will do tomorrow, just listen to what AOC has to say tonight.” That must really stick in her craw and she knows she has to do something to counter that growing perception that she is but a figurehead as Speaker.


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