Sunday Talks: Secretary Pompeo -vs- John Roberts…

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appears on Fox News Sunday to discuss the latest act of aggression by Iran and the Trump administration response.

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40 Responses to Sunday Talks: Secretary Pompeo -vs- John Roberts…

  1. CTH Fan says:

    It is so absolutely disgusting the way media tries to frame things and put words in people’s mouths.
    My prayer is that someday they face personal scrutiny of their own for complicity in trying to defame and obstruct a sitting President from doing his Constitutional duty, thereby putting our nations security at risk.

    The media should not escape responsibility to present only the truth. They get away with so many lies.

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      I actually don’t mind the challenging questions
      the rhetorical ones
      or the ones framed as coming from the opponents.

      It the damn ARGUING with the answers once you get them
      and the constant
      “Well what if they don’t work?”
      “Well what if they don’t work?”
      what if they don’t work

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      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        John Roberts did his best Chris Wallace “But, But, But” impression
        summarized as….

        “When is Trump going to War?
        So we can blame him for a war that will be totally awful and involve the entire region!”

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    • mike says:

      Obama et al funneled the billions of dollars that manufactured those Iranian drones. It is past time for some life time sanctions for O et al. Really we should rip the Iranian ayatollahs’ US enablers out of bed, all the way back to Carter.

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  2. janie says:

    Sec Pompeo sounds great as usual. But looks tired. Who wouldn’t be? Can you imagine, jetting around the world like he does, back and forth across all the time zones, and continue to do the high level, challenging work that he does to keep the country safe? Bless you and thank you, Sec Pompeo and to your family in supporting you. Now, if we could get the lower level State Dept de-swamped…

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  3. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    I do hope if VP Biden engaged in behavior that was inappropriate,
    if he had a conflict of interest or
    allowed something to take place in Ukraine that may have interfered in our elections in 2016….
    I do hope we get to the bottom of that.

    Translation: he did.

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    • Hoosier_Friend? says:

      Indeed you’re correct. Biden bragged about withholding $1billion in American aid if the Ukrainian prosecutor, who was investigating his son Hunter, wasn’t fired. Biden was fully engaged in criminal operations (bribery) to cover up his and his sons illegal dealings/bilking of the Ukrainian people.

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    • Lester Smith says:

      This may turn out to be very much in Trumps favor. The MSM media is covering this in hopes the digging will bury trump. The more these fools dig the more dirt is going to land on Joe. I be leave this is a plan. The Ukraine president will be here this week. The deep state hitmen are shouting a bent gun. Aim for trump and end up shouting yourself. Trumps lawyer the good mayor has been trying to get Biden but the story so far has not been covered until now. Can’t wait for Ukraine and Trumps press conference. Was this a hit or a trump set trap seems like trump dumped chum in the swamp waters.

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      • Paul Herman says:

        Don’t know Lester…someone in the Trump administration cried whistleblower. The messgae was deemed urgent by the Trump administration. Seems to me the media needs to explore and report on this. We’ll see what they come up with in terms of transcripts or facts be it FOX or CNN.

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      • Petrel says:

        Paul — President Trump has noted that all sorts of DC operatives listen into his phone calls with foreign leaders, some legally.

        We now know that the Ukrainian government attempted to speak with the President, after the election, multiple times — but were ignored / cut off / stymied repeatedly. In the end, the Ukrainians used an American lawyer to contact the office of our Secretary of State directly. Secretary Pompeo authorized Rudy Giuliani to meet a Ukrainian diplomat in Spain and talk tthe matter out directly. This diplomat explained that Vice President Biden had interrupted a corruption investigation, which involved Vice President Biden’s son, and the Ukrainians asked whether they were cleared to resume the case. Giuliani replied he had no auhority about that, but would ask the President on his return to the US.

        No wonder, President Trump was soon on the phone with the Ukrainian President, heard of their dilemma and said they were free to do what seemed correct to them . . . and no wonder someone in the State Departmen and/or Intelligence Services, busily running interference for the former Administration, screamed bloody murder to the New York Times.

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  4. The Gipper Lives says:

    I think Biden overpaid. A billion taxpayer dollars is too much to keep his kid out of Ukrainian jail. Taxpayers I know are willing to spend $20 to $30 tops, but that’s it.

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  5. Paul B. says:

    MP has definitely lost a lot of weight. Looks great. Hope he’s doing it healthily. I also hope Stable Genius would do likewise.

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  6. Pa Hermit says:

    The cover up is going to be more painful than the sin. Thank God that Net Neutrality thingy is not going to become effective. It’s bad enough we have Google and You Tube that are playing politics, the net is our source of info that the MSM refuses to report on! Let the Left control that and the Conservative voice would almost be snuffed out.

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    • Bob says:

      Mike Pompeo for President in 2024.

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    • Moe Grimm says:

      +1 ! first lines of a
      goolag search ‘ and mind you with the wors Trump and/or President
      trump left out returned: 1. Modi, Trump and protesters converge on Houston’s NRG 2. Thousands gather at NRG Park to protest Modi-Trump rally.

      So, today’s test of Goolag’s algorithms as follows:
      networkdriveCdiag: set param=Function Test Search
      networkdriveCdiag: set= param=#Propagandaakafakenueze
      networkdriveCdiag: setparam=9-22-2019
      networkdriveCdiag: status=PASSED

      Absolutely obvious to anyone who witnessed the coverage knows full well the powerful affinity both PM Modi and the massive crowd of Am-Indian folks there earlier have for PDT.

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  7. LafnH20 says:

    bidens son did not suggest “and Recieve” a quid pro quo… e.g.
    “YOU (Ukraine) do this for US, and WE, in return (Obama administration), will do this for Ukraine.”
    AKA (a favor… a BILLION dollar FAVOR)

    BIDEN, As Vice President, DID!! …
    Taped for the Whole Cosmos to see.
    Available for the Whole Cosmos to watch.
    Defininitive in its Clarity for the Whole Cosmos to discern.

    The Whole Friggin COSMOS!!!

    Yet… Roberts (and the rest of the traitorous Global Corporate Media)


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  8. MicD says:

    So far, I’ve know only 1 Iranian in my life.
    We were classmates in tech school, class taught by an FAA instructor.
    The instructor failed him on his final exam.

    He went into the break room and threw the ping pong table across the
    room into vending machines. When that didn’t get the response he was
    apparently looking for he left the building.

    Shortly we heard a loud boom and shouting.
    He’d gotten into his car to leave and had “pedal confusion”.

    His car went airborne over a parking barrier and through a brick wall
    into the Dean’s Office.

    True story, and I’m sticking to it – never saw him again.

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    • Moe Grimm says:

      ’bout five mos. back Tuck Carlson did a series on the FAA’s hiring practices and its entrance “testing” which were (GULP) changed during the 2009-2016 Muzloid’s era. Put simply, the disaster which is “affirmative” action. This has been verified:

      If you’ve ever been to one or more engineering departments of Boeing, NG Aerospace Systems, GE, Rolls-Royce, Airbus, etc. you’ll not find any AA entrants. Amazingly, building highly reliable jetliners that won’t kill passengers between points A-B still trumps virtue signaling. (When the communist chine designs/builds aero/weapons systems, with pirated U.S. proprietary technology, they do just that. Here in the U.S. we’re now too busy with:

      1. reducing the number of White men on design teams
      2. monitoring everyone to make sure they use the right pronouns
      3. Me-too hashtag recruiting those who weren’t pushed out for some other reason/s (ranging from nefarious associations through previous misdemeanors and sometimes previous felony charges)
      4. ensuring enough women (though women in gender “transition” is preferable), racial, aboriginal, marginalized, cultural and sexual minorities (aka the perpetually aggrieved) are present in every project phase
      5. retrofitting restrooms to be gender neutral at least until a kinetic transgression has the potential for one of those nasty multi-million law$uit$ with the potential to capture the attention of even the normies transported on their airplanes
      6. insuring project plans are culturally sensitive and not “heteronormative”
      It’s amazing anything flies anymore. Dieversity™ is our strength.

      Toyota too learned the hard way hiring an American woman, one Julie Hamp, who they desperately hoped would triple sales of Lexus hybrids to California’s unbercucks and shrieking leftist whyte wimin to virtue signal globull warming sentiment/s. But Julie presented an instant problem upon her arrival when Japanese customs discovered she was carrying “unauthorized opiates” into the country. Hard Stop Julie’s tenure with Toyota. Tough Toyo cars are still designed/built by Japanese men, Toyota desperately wanted an image of peak emasculation (cuck) to boost sales. A Lexus Hybrid’s MSRP clocks $98.485 Large.

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  9. William Murphy says:

    Under Trump, had we not ended our reliance on imported oil and become energy independent, our military could well be engaged with Iranian forces right now.

    Think about it.

    Thanks Donald.

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  10. Moe Grimm says:

    To me fellow CTH Brother’s & Sister’s… the 2nd segment with Rudy G was even better. Not to be missed. Epic stuff man. And is not John Halle Jackson Roberts the per-fect sit in for Christine Wallace? The irony is almost too much. If you missed it it’s repeated later in the Fox Sunday teeve lineup, their website, and elsewhere. Towards the end of Giuliani’s segment, chock Full of Facts, several new to me at least, you’ll witness John H-R Jackson state through a facial expression barely concealing his shock on the receiving end this: “We’re out of time” – which by that time John Halle Jackson seemed on the verge of speaking in tongues. Epic.

    Earlier PM Modi with PDT at NRG Stadium in Houston. NRG is a huge arena and it was P/Packed. We have a big American Indian family across the street from us. The salt of the earth, but had no idea the affinity the greater Am-India folks have for our president. also epic and not to be missed. About 10 mins. in i flipped to check cnnmslsd to see if they were covering it. mslsd pounding “The call”. cnn the same though with a small soundless corner of the screen.

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    • Moe, I totally agree. For a long time now I have been saying that Roberts is the field version of Wallace.

      Been wondering where Roberts has been since WH no longer does the indoor pressers. Figured Roberts hubris was too great for outdoor chopper pressers.

      The Texas Indian Forum, of which PDJT was an invited guest, was amazing! There is genuine friendship and respect between the two leaders. Similar to Friday’s visit by PM Morrison. PDJT is firmly the leader of the free world. Not ruler.

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  11. Payday says:

    My feeling exactly!

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  12. wessyl says:

    Checked out the Rudy interview. OMG, the best I’ve seen, Roberts was slightly overwhelmed. Great points, facts, and conclusions. Can’t wait to see it replayed on Mourning Hoe.

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    • Mr. Morris says:

      Rudy as usual was magnificant, factual and determined to deliver all the facts. John Roberts attempted to cut Rudy off but Rudy would ,have none of it, he kept talking and challenged Roberts to be objective and investigate Ukraine and it’s involvement in the 2016 election. Investigate Joe Biden and his son Robert Biden.
      VP Biden was involved by instructing the Ukrainian president to fire the prosecutor investigating his son by threatening to withhold US millions in aid. The prosecutor was fired, the investigation of Robert Biden, a cocaine addict who made millions of dollars from Ukraine from several companies where he was a principal was terminated and Ukraine got U.S. Millions.

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  13. Peoria Jones says:

    Unfortunately, Mr. Pompeo missed the boat with me. We could have had beautiful, conservative children who would go on to change the world. 😉 I shall keep a candle lit…

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  14. Bruce_Dern's_Finger says:

    Stupid 20 questions from a stupid reporter from a stupid news outhouse.

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  15. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    America is in good hands with Pompeo. Rock solid. Understands Trump. No foolishness.

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  16. Patricia Dolan says:

    John Roberts is a war monger NWO robot!

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  17. ChampagneReady says:

    All of you Pompeo fans, he’s Secretary of State right? Isn’t that the Department Clinton committed espionage in? NUMEROUS felonies of espionage? Why does Tom Fitton still have to go to court to FORCE every single document they try to pry out of there in their unparalleled quest to still see Clinton put behind bars ? Why is he perpetuating the same cover up? Why is he hiding the same things they were ? He’s in CHARGE !!

    If Guliani was Secretary of State he would have had every file, every document, every record rushed over to Judicial Watch by Special Courier and a FedEX truck.

    Pompeo is dirty. Something is mighty damn weird.

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