Prime Minister Modi Introduces President Trump, “Friend of India”, to Historic Crowd…

Earlier today President Trump was introduced to by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to an enthusiastic crowed at a historic Houston event.   The introduction is the culmination of two-years of strategic geopolitical alignment within Trump’s new “Indo-Pacfic” strategy.

The introduction by Prime Minister Modi was effusive in praise for the partnership that has been developing ever since the 2017 global economic alignment began.  WATCH:


Long before the term “Indo-Pacific” was used by the administration, the trade reset strategy within the ASEAN nations became clear. President Trump positioned the fulcrum of the strategy around a trilateral alliance consisting of Japan, India and the United States.

It was November of 2017 when President Trump traveled to many countries in/around southeast Asia discussing trade, when a clear picture began to emerge. The ultimate target of the reset was China; however, President Trump had to navigate through a maze of independent interests – and specifically work through China’s exploitative use of their strategic proxy province, North Korea.

Following the tour of Asia and the ASEAN conference, the President began assembling a coalition of economic interests who would ultimately be benefactors if the U.S. confronted China directly. Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia and ultimately India would all play a significant role following a U.S. confrontation with China.

Once that alliance was assembled; and once the center of that alliance (PM Shinzo Abe and PM Modi) was organized; President Trump then began more directly warning the U.S. multinationals of what was likely to happen. The Belt and Road initiative of Beijing is being disassembled through the strategic leverage of economic influence by President Trump and his trade delegation. It is a remarkable global trade reset that is still ongoing.

It is unfortunate that almost the entirety of U.S. media have been blind to the strategy President Trump has successfully executed. This global shift will far outlast Trump’s two terms in office.


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95 Responses to Prime Minister Modi Introduces President Trump, “Friend of India”, to Historic Crowd…

  1. Coco Mama says:

    This was more impressive than an Arabian Sword Dance.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      It’s so unfortunate how many will miss this, due to the bias of the fake media. Once again, a yuge moment to be celebrated by those of us in the know. #Privilege.

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    • Shop says:

      Yes. This is a much more consequential set of relationships than the one we’ve had for decades with the head-chopping Wahabbi Islamic radicals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who are the biggest sponsors of the liver-eating Al Qaeda and ISIS. And the majority of the terrorists who attacked our homeland on 9/11.

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    • Vince says:

      This has got to be a very concerning weekend for China. Early in the Trump administration, China more or less asked Australia to choose between the US and China. I don’t think the phrase “100 years of mateship” was picked randomly, if anything it was a message to China. Now we have Modi and President Trump together.

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      • bertdilbert says:

        It has to be a very concerning weekend for democrats. Trump just ripped a huge chunk of democrat voters in his largest campaign rally to date.

        Now suppose Trump calls Mexico and sets up a deal like Modi just did addressing Mexican Americans? Suppose Trumps suggest that maybe we can follow up with a State Dinner…..

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      • Bob Guzzardi says:

        Exactly The ChiComs have competition. India has real elections and is not a police state nor has its government ever murdered its own people.

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        • Vince says:

          There were several times this weekend where “shared values” were stressed and “between democracies” was said, almost to emphasize that the Chinese government doesn’t share a lot of values outside its border.

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        • cali says:

          @Bob Guzzardi: India does have a black mark some time ago. It involved the Sikh community during the 80’s where countless Sikhs were murdered while more than thousands were displaced. They wound up erecting tent cities in the end where they lived and encountered even more hardship.
          In the end India elected a prime minister who assisted the Sikhs rebuilding their community.
          Times have changed and although the caste system remains in place the Sikh communities made their homes in the Punjab province hostilities subsided.

          Prime Minister Modi gave an inspiring speech here in Houston in a crowded stadium and the presence of president Trump was also welcomed by the attendees.

          President Trump duly has the ability to exert warmth, resolve and his overall business experience that assist other countries to dream big. His ‘Make America Great’ or “America First” is infectious and well understood by countries likewise.

          @Sundance – as always great op-ed!


    • bertdilbert says:

      Anyone want to challenge what I said before Trump was even elected? I said Trump will be the greatest leader the world has ever known.

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    • RJ says:

      President Trump should find out if PM Modi’s speech writer wants to come work for him or if there is a relative that can write as well as Modi’s. What an introduction!

      Take note to realize PM Modi may just have shown the way to talk to the people of Planet Earth in a voice that all can hear and just possibly relate, each in his/her individual manner.

      Think of it: A Global Voice that reaches everywhere!


  2. Pa Hermit says:

    How could there be so much hatred for a man that is doing so much for this world? The Left is absolutely unhinged! Politicians had better stand up and take notice! Policies of the past have become obsolete.

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    • Revelation says:

      The left as usual are just fools being manipulated by the establishment rich and powerful, who are discovering they’re not as omnipotent as they once thought.

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    • dr. D says:

      The democrats (pols, educators, media, et al.) have for decades “conspire(d) to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry”. That’s a quote in an email from a high ranking dem to John Podesta.

      They’ve succeeded, at least with about half of the citizenry.


  3. Pyrthroes says:

    DJT is a most unusual world presence, doing what should have been done decades before. To have this vision of mutual political-economic advantage in defiance of EU, Saudi, Sino-Russian autarchs is a quintessential –dare we say, “exceptional”– American ability.

    Leveraging the neglected U.S. domestic economy (“Main Street” prosperity) to long-term advantage represents the definitive end of ossified elites’ 72-year Postwar Period (1945 – 2017), a generational sea-change already introducing a 21st Century New World Order at radical odds with credentialed dirigistes’ self-serving Entitlement Mentality.

    Over the next 36 – 72 years, as hyperlinked, self-emergent Cloud Minds evolve sentience, Earth’s already 670-year post-Holocene Interglacial phase drives humanity en masse off Planet Earth to giant intrasolar refugia dispersed about the plae of Sol’s ecliptic, Trump’s truly global vision will enable more change through AD 2125 than in the previous four centuries.

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    • Alligator Gar says:

      I love this comment. My 14 year old son dreams of going to Mars. He has the desire to be a mechanic, but he also has interplanetary ambitions. Our youngsters with vision seeded the wold, now the stars. The same restless spirits that made America will now create something even better on our solar system neighbors!


  4. Mncpo(ret) says:

    If you didn’t watch Modi’s intro, you are truly missing out. He said, “You are watching history before your very eyes”. Geez, I got goose bumps on my only remaining leg!!!!!!!!

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  5. DAVE CRAIN says:

    Only one word can possibly describe this wonderful event, including the fantastically appreciative crowd, heartwarming messages from both PM Modi and the best President of my lifetime!


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  6. CoffeeBreak says:

    That was very moving. I feel great joy having viewed it.

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  7. dufrst says:

    Modi made a power play today, showing the type of political cache he has in the US that could make a difference in 2020. Watch the results of Indian American voters in 2020. In 2016, it’s reporter that 70% of them voted for Hillary. I believe this time, based on this reception and Modi’s effusive praise of Trump, that will flip. There are reportedly 4.5 million Indian Americans in the US. That’s a significant voting block!

    Back to the power play. It should not be lost on anyone that the biggest applause Trump received was when he talked about fighting radical Islamic terrorism. Pakistan is India’s number one preoccupation and Kashmir is the main conflict point. Having the US side with India is atypical to what it has traditionally been in history. Historically, the US and Pakistan had closer ties than the US and India. Modi is looking to change this definitively and its looks like he has.

    Pakistan on the other hand has turned to China but China has been buffeted by the US in trade. It appears with Trump, Pakistan made a bad bet on China (in the Obama years) and now is looking to get back its relationship with the US. Trump needs to see resolution in Afghanistan before that relationship can improve but Trump seems to like Khan.

    In all, India is rising. I believe we are entering a 20 year period where the talk will be about India more so than China. China had their miracle run from 2000-2020, but I think 2020-2040 will be India’s turn as the US decouples from China and embraces the Indo-PAC alliance of Japan, India and Australia.

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  8. The Gipper Lives says:

    This is the Asian Pivot that the Gaylord Administration only promised.


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  9. mylabs5 says:

    Do it in Silicon Valley and the rest of the tech corridors……

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  10. MfM says:

    I’m very concerned about the enormous influx of Indian H1B Visa holders that have come to the U.S.. They have been undercutting the tech market for years. They aren’t better, they will just work more cheaply.

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    • Chris K says:

      Direct threat to recent college graduates and older IT professionals (e.g. ME). I apologize, but I do not see this working out well for the skilled workforce and may cost votes.

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      • vikingmom says:

        The other concern that I have, from personal experience, is that for every one H1B Visa granted, we not only get the tech worker (who often takes a job from a US Citizen) but we also get their spouse, and BOTH sets of parents! And the parents are usually over the age of 65 AND have no source of income so they go onto SSI (the salary of the Visa holder is not considered, although it should be!) AND they immediately go onto Medicare/Medicaid, even though they never paid a dime into our system!

        So the tech worker is able to take a job that pays $75K, instead of the $125K that the US worker was getting, because the whole family lives together in one house, and each of the parents/in-laws bring in $1500-2000 per month in benefits, AND they do childcare for free so the mom can go get a job as well. This cycle has driven up the cost of real estate and property taxes in my area so high that many families who have lived here their whole lives are having to leave the area…

        (BTW, my husband is the son of legal immigrants so I am NOT anti-immigration. BUT, when his family immigrated there was no family reunification policy and they had to sign numerous documents that said they neither they, nor their family members, would be eligible for ANY public benefits!)

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    • mikeyboo says:

      I am depending on Pres Trump to be a true patriot and protect American workers.
      ( Friend who owns tech company says foreign tech workers are better educated/trained and work harder.) I know, I know cynics will say the real difference is foreign workers are cheaper and can be more easily bullied if they want to stay in US.

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    • GP says:

      It’s too late-the damage is done and it will only get worse for IT workers…and it’s why I retired early. I got out just in time.


    • bruzedorange says:

      Is it possible that the result of this Indo-PAC alliance will be new career and lifestyle opportunities at home, so that Indians are not financially motivated to move to the US?


  11. Gaius Gracchus says:

    It is nice to see that a few leaders get Trump. Yes, PDJT is disrupting the world, reworking the systems, changing things up.

    Those that benefited from the previous system that crippled the lower and middle classes don’t want the change. China, Europe, Iran, and the American oligarchs and fake elite are fighting with all they can, but Trump changes the world around him no matter what they can do.

    Their fears are justified because Trump is out to weaken the cosmopolitan classes with loyalty to each other and not to their own countries.

    I wish he could just throw these looters all in jail and seize all their assets as ill-gotten gains.

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  12. wasabibobby17 says:

    Wow, Modi is good!
    It is ashamed the the other party could not get behind DJT’s work and ratify USMCA. Now I see how much better it would position USA in trade talks. I am looking forward to ridding our corrupt and selfish representatives.

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  13. permiejack says:

    I can’t think of a better time to post this video.

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  14. buckeyejames says:

    Isn’t it amazing what can get be accomplished with a God-fearing, truly patriotic VSG at the helm?

    The man has obviously thought long and hard about what he would do if he ever became President. Words fail when I try to fathom everything he’s accomplished in the face of 360° opposition here and around the world.

    Now he’s not just POTUS–he’s the top dog, the head honcho, the big cheese, the man in charge, the leader of the world! Modi gets it. A few other foreign leaders bought tickets early and are on board the Trump Express. Their countries will prosper as a result. Others will just be run over.

    As Sundance (and now Modi) says, this is history in the making. And we get a ringside seat!

    God bless and keep our VSG President Donald J. Trump, and God bless the United States of America!

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  15. Maquis says:

    Utterly Epic introduction.

    God Bless PDJT & PM Modi

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  16. yucki says:

    Energy sector CEOs:

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  17. yucki says:

    Sound familiar?

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  18. yucki says:

    “While the media is trying to paint Trump as a racist…”

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  19. Pete says:

    Count the Philippines and its murderous President Duterte out of the group of countries that will work with the US to confront China whether economically or otherwise. Duterte and a few officers of his military are clearly in the pocket of China. The US should cut all ties to Duterte’s corrupt regime. President Trump should stay away from Duterte until he is toppled from power by his own people and by majority of the military that remains loyal to the Philippine Constitution.

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  20. KAR says:

    Modi is quite an orator. Looks like Indian Americans love him, contrary to what the Paks say.

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  21. Alex Pazzo says:

    Ya, this is pretty huge

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  22. sunnyflower5 says:

    President Trump retweet

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  23. P.F. Chang says:

    Gabbard is Samoan — not Indian. She is a Hare Krishna cultist… though she prefers the term “transcendental Hindu”.

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  24. Mike in a Truck says:

    Maybe it’s best the Stupids in the MSM havnt taken notice of what PDJT is doing. They along with the Communist Democrats would try to sabotage the whole thing. Not that they could.

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  25. BoknowsB says:

    The Prime Minister of India just gave the most impassioned introduction to President Trump I have heard to date.

    His enthusiasm and the enthusiasm of the crowd built to such a crescendo. It was worth the watch.

    You will not see this from the national media. Thank you Sundance.

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  26. Kokanee says:

    Wow! Just Wow!

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  27. 335blues says:

    The man has been spectacular, he has delivered beyond my hopes.
    Donald Trump in the greatest President in my lifetime, that I am sure.
    I also believe he is one of the greatest in our great history.
    But, he has been, and continues to be, savaged by the communist democrat party.
    Because he is crushing their dreams of creating a communist slave state in America.
    It is about time some on the world stage are stating the obvious, stating what they
    know, Donald Trump may yet save the world from the scourge that is the
    communist conspiracy to rule and enslave the world.
    I sincerely appreciate your words Mr. Modi.
    And thank GOD for Donald Trump.

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  28. Bob Lynch says:

    We all owe Sundance many thanks for his extraordinary writing. He is more than a journalist, he is a real time electronic historian.

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    • boogywstew says:

      I tend to be flippant but Sundance should have a Pulitzer Prize. Not because I share most of his opinions but because he/she is journalism excellence personified.

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      • Alleycats says:

        The Pulitzer Price has been so cheapened as to now be worthless. I said a long time ago we are blessed to be witnessing firsthand, tectonic levels of history being made.

        The media and the educational system will not tell them the truth. Ever.

        I think the rightful prize should be The Sundance Award. For Sundance and His Merry Band of Researchers are writing the history books my grandkids’ children will be reading.

        And I sure as hell intend to tell them the stories of how it all went down, with pictures from rallies and inauguration.

        God Bless you incredible people who had the courage to build this magnificent Treehouse.
        (Special high-five paw to Ms.Puddy, Most Thoughtful Admin.)

        Love to all, Alleycats.

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        And it’s not just the quality of the material which is impressive, but also choice of content. It’s a privilege to see things here, that no one else would cover. CTH brings some fun stuff, never shies away from the tough stuff, and always exposes the hidden stuff.

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  29. jmgreenwell says:

    Sundance: Thank you so much for posting this introduction by PM Modi. I was so moved (nearly to tears) hearing it live and just listened to it again. What a historic moment in the sea of change we are witnessing as we ride the Trump train! I cannot recall another similar moment in history where a foreign leader addressed 50,000 people in the US with millions others watching around the world and addressing and honoring a US President as Modi does. Wow! What a bond these two leaders have formed!

    And following meetings with his friend PM Abe recently, with PM Scott Morrison these past few days and now this event with Modi – – all I can say is it’s breathtakingly awesome!

    Winning indeed!

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  30. Bob Guzzardi says:

    ChiComs have to alarmed; they have competition. India is NOT a police state and it does not and never has murdered its own people. India has real elections.

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  31. cthulhu says:

    After reading the descriptions here, I had to watch.


    Just Wow.

    *shakes head* Wow.

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  32. Deplorable Canuck says:

    Hatred is causing the MSM to miss the biggest story of the month with a 50,000 turn out in Texas. Sheer blind hate. This was a huge event on so many levels!

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  33. Magabear says:

    I’m watching Modi address the huge crowd in Houston on C-SPAN, and while I like having good relations with India and it would be great if Indians became MAGA people, I am a bit troubled by leaders of foreign nations holding rallies here in the USA among their fellow countrymen.

    But PDJT seems to be having fun and the crowd seems to like him, so the left must be having sploddy heads…….and that’s always good. 😎

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  34. lorigoldsmith says:

    The love of the Indian people around the globe for PM Modi was felt today!
    The love for President Trump by the Indian people and PM Modi was huge!
    It felt like a Trump rally! Here’s to our alliance of Trump & Modi!

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  35. lorigoldsmith says:

    The love of the Indian people around the globe for PM Modi was felt today!
    The love for President Trump by the Indian people and PM Modi was huge!
    It felt like a Trump rally! Here’s to our alliance of Trump & Modi!

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  36. Bendix says:

    Modi sure is merry.

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  37. Pretty much spot on ….. the scale is also tilted to ensure the support of Indian origins when elections set in over a year and a half from now.. The Indian diaspora has slowly established itself as a considerable minority and with the Modi association these votes could very much dive in Trumps favour and vice versa…


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